WiiSX/CubeSX Progress & Beta 1

As you may recall, WiiSX was put aside for us to all focus on Wii64. However, I picked it up again over the past weekend and made a few improvements along with a bit of help from tehpola. I ported over the pcsx-df code which is an updated and less-buggy pcsx codebase which instantly gave us great compatibility results in the Interpreter.

However, I then got the PowerPC recompiler (Originally from here coded by Gil Pedersen) working. It didn’t take much to get it into a operational state, just making it not mess with the GPR r13 to comply with EABI standard got it working, as well as some other small tweaks here and there. I also added some more functionality to it (recompiled all loads) and gave it 8MB of memory to keep recompiled code in (this is 7MB only for GC), but will gradually get bigger as I move things to MEM2/ARAM. There’s quite a bit to be improved within the dynarec, and quite a bit to be coded still, but I’m quite happy with its performance all things considered.

The GUI is non-existant apart from two options and a text based file browser. You can choose between the Dynarec or Interpreter and a Standard Controller or a Analog Controller. The analog controller is broken in some games, and so is the Dynarec (Final Fantasy VII battles).

Of course there is quite a bit to do, such as XA audio, CDDA audio, a GUI, Save states, .iso support, and much more, but this project will go on the sidelines again until the Wii64 beta is released. We hope to see positive some contributions to the code in the meanwhile whilst we work on Wii64 and not just controller config hacks :)

The full source (now updated with my latest changes) is available at http://code.google.com/p/pcsxgc/.

You may download CubeSX and WiiSX beta files from the pcsxgc GoogleCode site.

Instructions are provided in the readme.txt file in each respective archive.

Status update: 4th Jan ’09

Just a tiny status update about the progress within the last few weeks to bring us into 2009.

I finally realized what was going wrong with a couple of games, we weren’t using 16Kbit EEPROM type saves for certain games that require it. A fix should make its way to the SVN in the next few days for this. Notable games that are now booting thanks to this fix are: Banjo Tooie, ExciteBike 64, Yoshi’s Story.

As for some news on the dynarec front, I coded up a few rough demos and a bug a two was revealed to us from these demos. Also, tehpola has been working hard at debugging the emulator on his PS3 to correct & find solutions to the bugs we’re finding (see article below to see why it’s done on PS3). Every little bit gets us one step closer to the finished recompiler.

Also, the soft graphics plugin has been updated to render the framebuffer through hardware to aid us in debugging (with a faster framerate).

Seasons Greetings.