Life and Wii64 in 2012

Wow, 2012, who would’ve thought we’d still be updating Wii64 nearly 5 years after its inception. I won’t be the first to admit that we have been putting off updating this blog – but sadly there hasn’t been all too much to talk about. When Wii64 started, as a team, we were all just university students messing about with our new understanding on how hardware works. Fast forward 5 years, we have mortgages to pay, relationships, etc… and real life doesn’t have a time slot in the day labelled “Wii64 development” on most days/weeks/months. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the drive to get Wii64 to a nice and polished version, but it is taking its time now due to real life really hampering down on everything.

Now that the excuses/truth are out of the way, it’s time to actually divulge the progress (or lack thereof) we’ve made.

Dynamic recompiler re-write “rec2″

Tehpola has been working out the finer/final details surrounding the design and implementation of the new recompiler core which we’ve simply labelled “rec2″. In the interim, we’ve removed the non pure interpreter out of Wii64 as it was never working nor going to be useful for us. Rec2 is actually at the point of being coded now but not in a working state obviously as there is still the current recompiler to rip out. Once coding is complete, there’s bug fixes, potential minor re-writes if the design doesn’t cover a specific use case, etc.

Rice / glN64

There have been some minor improvements to glN64, but the big addition in the next release will be Rice, which is substantially faster than glN64 and supports more ucodes. Rice still has some combiner issues that need to be ironed out. Also, Rice doesn’t currently support framebuffer textures. We’d at least like to fix the combining issues before the next release.

Miscellaneous / Optimizations

I have been keeping Wii64 up to date behind the scenes with all the various libOGC changes/advancements. I’ve also been making minor optimizations such as saving 512KB of RAM by consolidating some memory structs, adding more previously interpreted instructions to the recompiler and other small adjustments. There are also other things we’ve picked up from other emulators that should help us gain further compatibility such as Blast Corps and DK64 intro fixes.

Before you all ask, why haven’t you released partial builds with the above features? It’s simply because, due to the recompiler changes, major parts of the emulator are unstable or totally broken when compared to the last publicly released version.


In case you haven’t seen it already, Not64 is a “Experimental Modification” of Wii64 v1.1 by Extrems over at GC-Forever. It attempts to gain performance by doing some GC/Wii specific hardware optimizations as well as integrating patches from various mupen64plus sources. It is also compiled with the latest libOGC/etc so you will have better device (USB amongst other things) support compared to the last public release of Wii64. I personally recommend it if you’re looking for something newer than Wii64 1.1 to hold you over until the next official release.

No news is good news?

We don’t really appreciate the negative comments on the site. It is obvious that there is a lot of anticipation for homebrew N64 emulation on the Wii/GC. Believe us when we say that we are equally excited to see Wii64 enter public beta stage. We have devoted a lot of our free time to this emulator for nearly two years, which is since the days before Wii homebrew was even possible. Many of you who are complaining are simply being impatient because you want to try something that you would only complain about more until we have worked more bugs out.

We have entered a private alpha stage, and we have made many improvements/bugfixes to the emulator in the last few weeks. However, there is still a substantial amount of work to do, and a couple of us are very busy with schoolwork right now. We won’t give any release dates, but we hope to be able to release a public beta as soon as possible. Please don’t ask for a release date or to beta test.

New Site

Hey everyone, we’d like to welcome you to our new site.  The idea behind this site is to have a central location for information about our project in hopes that we can reduce rampant speculation, and to hopefully avoid repeating our answers to frequently asked questions, etc.  The three of us, sepp256, emu_kidid, and I (tehpola), are often too busy with real life and doing actual work on our projects (mupen64gc and pscxgc and more) that we don’t always have time to answer everyone’s questions.  We’ve created this site in hopes of improving our communicates with the public: we’d like to be more open about what our goals our, what we’re working on, how we’re doing things, and we would like the information collected mostly in a central location.

We’d like to begin by thanking the people who donated to help us get the site running:

  • Ninth Sage
  • iSynic
  • Jason
  • And many others (if you weren’t listed and would like to be, send us an email)

We’d also like to thank the great guys at OzModChips for donating a USBGecko to help us with our debugging needs.

We’ve already have a page dedicated to the goals for mupen64gc in great detail and we’re in the progress of developing an extensive compatibility list for it which will give information on how various titles perform.  So check out our site and let us know how we can improve it.