No news is good news?

We don’t really appreciate the negative comments on the site. It is obvious that there is a lot of anticipation for homebrew N64 emulation on the Wii/GC. Believe us when we say that we are equally excited to see Wii64 enter public beta stage. We have devoted a lot of our free time to this emulator for nearly two years, which is since the days before Wii homebrew was even possible. Many of you who are complaining are simply being impatient because you want to try something that you would only complain about more until we have worked more bugs out.

We have entered a private alpha stage, and we have made many improvements/bugfixes to the emulator in the last few weeks. However, there is still a substantial amount of work to do, and a couple of us are very busy with schoolwork right now. We won’t give any release dates, but we hope to be able to release a public beta as soon as possible. Please don’t ask for a release date or to beta test.

113 thoughts on “No news is good news?

  1. Don’t listen to nay sayers. Take as much time as you need. Just with as many emulation projects as i’ve seen disappear off the map, its nice to see some sort of an update to show you’re still alive.

  2. As much as I hate to say it… school is more important, haha. Thanks for the update!

  3. Why would we complain about a release? If the Tiizer video is real it appears that there are many working games that would give most of us time to enjoy (it’s sure as a hell of a lot better than the current “official” release or even the R474 compilation).

    Have you ever thought about that maybe Snes9x GX went about emulation the right way by releasing a ton of builds? I’d rather see a ton of builds with progress than NOTHING for an entire year. Because I’m sorry, waiting for over a year for a release is being patient.

  4. T, it’s comments like the one you just posted that piss off devs. If you want a release, build it yourself. These guys take time out of their lives to work on something that we all might enjoy one day and in the mean time you bad mouth their progress. It’s shit stains like you that push devs out the door and make them drop projects that could be great. Don’t be such a dick….oh yeah, keep up the good work guys

  5. Kinda a day late and a dollar short on this one. Most of the good N64 games have already been released via WADS, which run PERFECTLY on Wii, and the rest of the games (i.e. Rare) you said you can’t emulate anyway.

    I don’t really see the point of this project anymore. Why spend all this time to get Rampage to run at 55fps?? Does anybody really care about that? Focus your attention on something that people actually want. This should be a dead project….stop wasting your talent on something pointless and put it to good use on something people want.

    I don’t mean to be a hater or anything but you dudes seem to be really working hard on this project. At some point you have to realize that the end product wont really be all that special. As I said before, most of the games have already been released, and the ones that don’t will run crappy.

    Why not focus on the PSX thing that actually has some potential. Or something that people can’t already get….

  6. Wow, a lot of the people commenting on this site ARE being jerks. People, you aren’t entitled to anything, and you probably shouldn’t be telling the devs what to do (or telling them how you think their work is useless…yeah, that’s constructive). Just back off and relax. If you don’t like this emulator or are tired of waiting, then don’t. Don’t use it. That’s about it.

  7. @Point Less

    you are the typical kind of guy that usually pisses developper off
    who are you to decide what they should work on ? it’s THEIR free time and their CHOICE to work on what THEY want, they don’t owe us anything

    what you don’t seem to understand is that those people don’t work hard on stuff like that because some people like you are going to enjoy it or can’t wait playing N64 games for free, they do it because of the fun and challenge it is to code an emulator on another system, that’s all.

    I sincerely hope you will (someday) understand that and be a little less focused on your OWN interess, like 80% of people on the internet

  8. @Poi
    Actually, most of the games I want to play haven’t been released via the VC; in fact, only a small handful of N64 games have been released at all. You must fit in the crowd that only wants to play Goldeneye and Majora’s Mask.

    I’m really looking forward to this emulator. I don’t mind waiting. My own life is too busy to sit around and play games all the time. I can’t even imagine finding time to program an emulator.

    Looking forward to an eventual release. :D

  9. @T

    for your information, SNES9x requires FAR LESS work to be ported on the Gamecube or Wii, in fact it didn’t required much additional work apart taking the original code, removing some stuff to make it compile and adding the usual video/audio stuff.

    and believe it or not, it runned at fullspeed from the start without ANY modifications/optimizations to teh original code, which is why public beta were immediately available

    it’s all about challenge to emulate a very complex system like N64 on the Wii, emulating 16-bits system is not comparable at all

    and at the end, it’s up to developper to decide when we can start bothering them with bug reports on public releases

  10. lol total jerks? How about I start my own web blog and claim to be making a wii64 build & then procede to never release a build, but “i’m working very hard on it.” What a joke! Why are you so quick to compliment and pat these guys on their back for releasing nothing?

    Like Poi Ntless said, I don’t need to make a build myself, I have most of the WADs on my wii and I still have my N64.

  11. Sorry, Sepp256, but you guys brought this on yourselves. Here’s why. You released a teaser in April and haven’t made ANY comment since. A teaser is designed to get people stirred up for an imminent release. Your teaser did what it was supposed to do!

    Where you guys failed was on simple PR. All you had to do was log on here every couple weeks and say what you said above: “Thanks for your interest. We’re still actively programming and killing bugs. We have more to go. No release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.” Just four short sentences every couple weeks and that’s all you need for crowd control. You guys may be programming whizzes but you’re a little short on PR!

    P.S. Thank you so much for the effort you’re putting into Wii64. I’m very excited about the progress you’ve made.

  12. Thanks for the update. I can’t wait to get a hold of the official release. ^_^

    Also, thank you guys for keeping on working on this. I am glad that some of the negative comments didn’t kill your want to complete the project.

  13. School is far more important than this, focus more on that.

    Sorry for being impatient I was an ass I admit it.

    Don’t listen to any of the impatient people though (myself included)

  14. Reasons I’m looking forward to Wii64:

    1. I have too many game consoles hooked up to my TV. So while I might still have my n64, I’d much rather use one of the game consoles I already have.
    2. Goldeneye emulates fine on the PC but some levels have graphical glitches (frigate) that I’d like to see ironed out for wii64.
    3. VC n64 emulators lack support for rumble and the controller memory pak, as well as wiimote+nunchuck support. The only games that didn’t use rumble/mem pak were the release games like mario 64. Well we already have mario 64 on the VC, it’s the rest of the games I’m interested in. Like rumble in Goldeneye, the ability to save ghost data in Mario Kart and Waverace, etc.
    4. Rare games probably will never be released on VC. Rare was bought by Microsoft. Microsoft and Nintendo fighting is why Goldeneye was not realeased for XBLA and subsequently Wii VC. Rare games like Banjo, Jet Force Jemini, Perfect Dark, and Goldeneye were some of the best on the system.
    5. Looking to the future, high resolution texture paks are already released for PC emulators and would be an awesome addition to the wii.
    6. I believe an emulator on the Wii would be better than PC emulators because it will remove many variables. For example, on the PC the speed of your computer and video card can make some games playable or not. Every wii has the same hardware so you will know if a game is working or not.

    So to all the naysayers who say this project is pointless, SHUT UP. I have been waiting patiently for this, don’t piss off the devs! Maybe you don’t have a want/need for a an n64 emulator on the wii but there are plenty of people who do and really want this. Keep up the good work Wii64 Devs!

  15. So your college or university maybe high school students now it makes sense why it’s been taking so long. If your we’re done college/university or high school than I don’s see an excuse. Now I have nothing against you guys.

    P.S. What subject are you taking? (Probably something to do with computers) Also you do you think you guys can do a Sega CD emulator? (Probably the worst time to mention this) Then you would complete the 32 bit era of emulating for the wii/gamecube.

  16. You know, thinking about it now, the bright side to all of this is that all the pissy 14 year-olds who gave up and left will no longer be here to be self-righteous. Silver lining, amirite?

  17. I laugh at the fact that one day they’re gonna’ read the negative comments and be like “F*** this, we’ll just ditch the project and let them suffer.”


    I’m down for waiting, there’s a ton of awesome Wii games and homebrew and I have an N64 emulator; I think I can wait, rofl.

  18. Thank you for keeping us updated on your work devs! I for one am really looking forward to this emulator, from the video i see you have made some great progress and it can only get better and better.

    People who think rare games wont run on wii64 shouldnt doubt so much, i mean if you have doubts then how can mario 64 run pretty well on psp these days? im sure this will be a perfect n64 emu eventually, just give it time and you will see the rewards for your patience people :)

  19. Wow, if I were you guys I wouldn’t have even told us about the alpha. Take time with school and put the emulator away. Considering you’ve probily gave donater’s access to the alpha, your TRUE supporters have something to fiddle around with, now go out and enjoy a beer and some jagerbombs. Come back to the project in a few weeks or months when your fresh, and the work will be much more refreshing =].

    Alotta people who post on this site need to realize that you shouldent fucking bite the hand that feeds you, if you fucking dare use this emulator after you talk shit about it, you truly are a waste of flesh.

    ***SUGGESTION TO THE EMULATOR*** Before the emulator boots, you should have a screen that says all the negative posters names are whiny bitches.

  20. Seriously, the devs are working to the point of pulling their hair out for this project and WiiSX, which also looks like a freakin awesome project! Take a look at the VC, the games are often 10 dollars, which I don’t think is worth paying for games like Mario Kart 64 or Yoshi’s Story. WADs, I have a problem with since there’s a huge chance of bricking your Wii when you load banners and they end up being the wrong size. It’ll be out when it’s out, people need to stop pestering the devs. They have lives, too.

  21. Yea good job guys dont worry about the naysayers. Doing something for free in your free time is awesome in itself. Thanks for keeping the project alive^^

  22. I admire your work guys and antisipate the next release. People are just impatient and foolish these days! Keep up the good work guys amoungst the ungrateful fools is a lot of people like myself who are paciently waiting.

    The winy, noisy select few are always the one that is heard but the quiet majority support you in your excellent work that most of us could never achive!

    I’ve been using homebrew for many years and this is my first post on any homebrew project ;)
    Keep up the good work

  23. Just concentrate on your school work and work on this stuff when you have time if you still enjoy it. None of these bozos are going to pay your bills when you are on your own.

    Also, disable comments on your posts so that you don’t have to read through discouraging crap.

  24. *Brae Hah Says:
    May 27th, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    “So your college or university maybe high school students now it makes sense why it’s been taking so long. If your we’re done college/university or high school than I don’s see an excuse. Now I have nothing against you guys.”

    Ever heard of a job? Even if they weren’t going to school, they (like me and most people out there, maybe not you) don’t live off air. Trust me, programming something takes a while, and this is big enough as it is. I’ve been waiting patiently ever since I heard of this project. Sure, sometimes I get impatient, but I never curse out this team- Mainly, I’d curse myself out for not being able to code my own emulator.

    Anyhow… I’m greatly anticipating this emulator; whenever it comes, I’m going to play Super Robot Wars 64 on it and I’ll see if I can finally try out that (supposedly not-so-good) SRW fighting game, Super Robot Spirits. I’ll also have Jet Force Gemini… it’s been a while since I last played it and I really can’t anymore since I lost the cart…

    Anyhow, to the naysayers in this site: If you don’t need this project, then just move on and do play with your WADs and stuff (I recall WADs being illegal because it uses copyright information for it work, y’know, besides the rom). Leave the rest of us anticipating this emulator. Heck, more power to you, you can play your N64 games before anyone waiting for this emu can, so go on ahead. Just don’t screw it up for the rest of us.

  25. …dear god folks

    Can’t you give it a rest for a minute? This is why very few people even *begin* emulator projects. The minute your program calls itself an emulator, it draws crowds of “fans” like flies to the scene that scream for compatibility updates and releases like you’re their slave or something.

    This makes me more than a little bit angry. I want to play around with their emulator just as much as anyone else does, but I also want them to be able to relax, lead normal lives, and have a lot of *fun* with the project. Having to swim through negative comments like this sure isn’t much fun to anyone.

    Anyway, devs you have my full support, and that includes a pledge never to send a negative remark your way, even if your emulator never gets released. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the project, I’d *love* to help on it but it seems that the code is no longer open source, so I’ll be content with checking back every few days. If I were to request anything, I’d ask only for a bit more information about the development progress as it happens (I like reading the technical info) but I understand that you’re busy folks and I won’t pressure that or anything.

    Good luck, and have a great time. ^_^

  26. Man, there’s a lot of anger on this site…

    Anyways, keep up the great work guys (but let neither the project nor us stand in the way of your schoolwork).

  27. hai liek i dint pay monees for diz but liek u shuld stop feedin ur kids and letme play goldeni=[=[=[=[=[

  28. Keep up the great work guys ive been following you guys for a good bit and its always fun to see an update because to me it only means one more step closer. Yes im one of those people that mainly want it for Goldeneye, to test out perfect dark, and pokemon stadium but thats just for the minigames. Well anyways you guys are doing great and ill keep waiting and dont listen to Poi Ntless he doesnt know what hes talking about. Half of the best games arent even in VC yet, and keep working on it because no matter what you will get recognition. Keep up the work and only real fans of Wii64 understand that you guys have jobs/school/lives, etc. So everyone whos dissing them backoff its harder than you think to code an emulator for a complex system.
    Cheers and good luck :D

  29. Are you freakin’ kidding me? It’s people like you that give devs a bad name. Seriously, the people who are posting these retarded demands and/or requests need to get a life and shut the he** up. I can’t wait for it to come out either, now that many games are running fullspeed and have audio!

  30. Zack Tanner, you do realize that Sepp clearly said “We do not appreciate NEGATIVE COMMENTS”

    Yes, your comments apply as well. Quit arguing like a little baby and get a life.

    If you truly were a supporter, you wouldn’t be here every second looking forward to being an ass on these forums. Obviously you are NOT waiting patiently. GTFO hypocrite.

  31. I don’t see the point in all the people bitching the devs out… If you really don’t care about the project, why do you keep coming back to comment you’re hateful remarks? Leave. For the people that are saying screw the 64 and work on the wiisx, do you really think it would be any faster to have a working build of wiisx than the 64? I don’t, let them finish the project they wanted to do and stop thinking you have the right to tell them what to work on just because you have nothing better to do. Be patient, play something else, live your life the way you did before the project started and wait. They’re doing this on their free time, they owe you nothing. Show some respect.

  32. Zack Tanner, you do realize that Sepp clearly said “We do not appreciate NEGATIVE COMMENTS”

    Yes, your comments apply as well. Quit arguing like a little baby and get a life.

    If you truly were a supporter, you wouldn’t be here every second looking forward to being an ass on these forums. Obviously you are NOT waiting patiently. GTFO hypocrite.

    Funny, seems by saying this your guilty of the exact same thing I am. And at the end of the day, In my mind im standing up for the devs who are being attacked at no reason while your defending the spoiled kids who are doing the assault.

    And btw, the get a life comment can make you look pretty stupid, Alotta people have sites they browse through while they check facebook ;p

  33. There is like 5 negative comments out of the 40 posted…
    And about 25 being heroes chanting “hw dares u!!111″.

    People get pissy over delays in vid-ya games all the time, it’s only natural that it would happen to homebrew emulators too.

    I’m getting really pissy, but I sure as hell know my bitchin’ won’t change anything. It still feels good to spam the internets letting the devs know that their work is in high demand. Go Team Wii64! Work Harder!

    Zack Tanner, you are SO damn manly! :)

  34. Before opening your mouth Zack Tanner, you should read all the comments I think you forgot what I said:

    “School is far more important than this, focus more on that.

    Sorry for being impatient I was an ass I admit it.

    Don’t listen to any of the impatient people though (myself included)”

    I’ve already admitted I’m guilty of this. But at least I don’t come in here pretending I support the devs like you do, you stubborn asshole.

    No, I’m not defending the people who come in here whining about the emulator being released.

    I’m offending the people who claim they “support” the devs.

    But to the devs:

    If you didn’t want people whining, you should not have released that teaser. It’s inevitable that people are going to whine, theres no stopping it.

    Anyways, good luck to you and I hope you guys get praised a lot for your huge contributions. I hope we have not discouraged you to continue working on your emulators

  35. Anyways Zack Tanner, no hard feelings we should be getting along :)
    After all, we all get to see an Nintendo 64 emulator running at full speed!

  36. Look – the differences between the 200 build and the 474 build were awesome, sure there were still bugs and glitches in the 474 build, but it wasn’t even an alpha.

    Progress IS being made. If this page is the only page you check for updates, then sure, once a month seems a little sparse and could look like they’re not working on it. Check the google code page! It has every update they make to the SVN tree.

    And for everyone that wants the current bi-weekly RC or whatever your ridiculous demand is – learn how to use a makefile. You can have the current build every time an update is release, it just requires YOU to do something a little more than place a dol on your SD card – devs can’t do it all for you.

    Keep up the great work guys, take your time and keep it fun.

  37. I have been following this project since day one and for some reason there has always been retarded 5 year olds constantly barking orders at the devs like they have paid money for this!?!?!

    The devs are not developing this for anyone but themselves and at the end of the day you are lucky if they ever decide to let the public know that it exists, nevermind actually letting you use it.

    I hope this project is helping the devs progress through college as a project or somin and i hope that one day it will be considered stable enough for public release.

    And for all of you have given up on this project, why do you keep comin back to the website to see the progress?

  38. Cant wait to see Mario Party work on Wii64. Me and my friends wanna play it so badly :( It have destroyed all my N64 controls so cant play it atm..

  39. Thanks for an update, guys! Good luck with school – it always comes first :) You seem to have rather high standards for a Beta release, I guess – a rare work ethics nowadays… Keep up the good work, however long it takes.

    @Android: this feature already has been requested & accepted for both GC and Wii – just have a look @ Google Project page. Same goes for Netplay, however this one does not have an “owner” yet. But as you can imagine, the emulator itself needs to be reasonably stable & bug free before extra features can start to be added.

  40. @T

    Dude, Your a moron. WADs are “The Big N’s” Property, witch means every single wad you install, whether you pack your own shit into it or not, is illegal. There are about 2 WADs out there that are actually legal, and both of them are useless to the general public. Its because of people like YOU that do illegal shit and pirates that all the video game company’s want to kill homebrew on their systems. Why complain here? Go program your own emulator, oh, but that’s right, we all know your not nearly intelligent enough to do that, right?

  41. LOL Erik maybe you didn’t know that ROMs are illegal as well. So Have fun playing no N64 games on your N64 emulator.

    Good try douche-bag

  42. emukid close the option to add comments… these ppl just do random flaming, and childish comments. :( Its a pity that people can’t wait for the emulator. Did you guys know that the original took around years to get an “stable” release? Just my two cents…

  43. AR-15,
    the fact that they’re not working from scratch suggests that it shouldn’t take quite as long; as TheManuel pointed out they are basing it on Mupen64 (hence Mupen64gc) which should speed up developement.

    However, the Wii is a very different beast to a PC and, by comparison, lacks a lot of power, so perhaps that has been a major hurdle for the devs (which obviously cannot speed up the proccess). Besides proccessing, the Wii has major memory limitations (as everyone already knows) which can’t be very helpful either!

    Luckily, it looks as if the project will soon be nearing completion so we shouldn’t have to worry.

    (Sorry if I’ve simply stated the obvious).

  44. @TheManuel, and Yomigami

    Well, I was trying to make a point here… [emulators take time], but thanks for correcting me. :D

  45. Well… you guys are awesome…
    i mean you are in school, have lifes and you are porting the n64 and the PSX on the wii?
    i only can say that is a miracle having people like you doing these sort of things…
    i would never dream having a n64 emulator in the wii…
    you are awesome!!

  46. @oppman: no, Mupen64 is perfectly legal, it does not contain any copyrighted code, contrary to WAD files which contain copyrighted ROM images.

    Seriously, if they wasn’t don’ you think ALL emulators website would have been shutdown long time ago ?

  47. Wow! that last teaser looks very good!
    awsome project!
    thx for all the hard work, looking forward to this! (still haven’t played zelda for N64, shame on me!)

  48. WADder is an app which has recently become capable of producing entirely infringement-free WADs, so WADs are moving on a bit now – even WiiBrew has started hosting the program.

    Yomigami, I know you weren’t especially being critical so much as factual, but remember that these guys are writing a MIPS to PPC dynamic recompiler for this. That’s a huge project in itself, so even though it’s a port, there’s more work than usual to do here.

    To the haters: go away! The fact that when this is released you will have a full-speed N64 emulator for the Wii is a virtually accidental effect of this project: the purpose of homebrew development is so that the devs can learn and refine their skills, not so that they can produce more goodies for a hungry public who don’t even respect them anyway.

    To the team: I hope you are still enjoying making this. Although I’m admittedly ultimately here for the end product, it’s more important that you enjoy and learn from doing this than it is for us to get to play N64 games.

  49. Loving the progress on the wii64, but some more announcements would be nice :(
    But other than that.. if you are all busy on the wii64 and not the wiisx, maybe some more developers would want to join? are you not taking more members, or is no one putting their hand up?
    Honestly, as a lot of people have been saying, many of the big titles have been wadded, whereas i think we will be waiting a while for FF7 :D

  50. And for people who are going to complain that it is their time and they get to spend it how they want, Im not disputing that, im just bringing thoughts to the table.

  51. Hell take all the time you want (but not really). Besides isn’t this a free/no-cost-to-you (people), so obviously unless you’re funding this project (and not a dollar donation) then you have to room to whine. And not only that, but I sold my N64 a few ago (sadly), but I’ll wait to get to play them in my bed with a controller comfortably and not hunched over a computer with no kind of analog support or anything (rambling). School is more important anyway because:

    Life – Education = Probably Not a Decent Amount of Money

    And they probably want to have a life (not working at McDonald’s for the rest of your days). And then the costs of computer, internet, food, enjoyment, other… comes in… (more rambling).

    It’s all good anyway, just keep working.

  52. Could someone tell me why the size of PSX roms are gigantic compared to the size of N64 roms? One PSX rom takes like 700MB of space whereas a N64 rom takes only 15MB…. WTF?

  53. @Robin, Ps1 ISOs (Notice ps1 games are NOT Roms they are ISOs as they are disk images) are at a maximum of 700 mb

    The reason these files are so large is because of the extra padding in the file in order to fill the space up on a cd. I think. I could be wrong.

    ..Don’t you ever read anything, these guys specifically asked to to ask the magic question: “Can I be a beta tester.” If you want a build, compile it your self from their SVN repository.

  54. I once had a knack for being annoying and asking for quick releases like some people that have posted here, but later on I came to see the hard work this sort of stuff really is and appreciate ANY news as to progress.
    This is excellent work, I’m really looking forward to the release of Wii64 and hopefully WiiSX later on as these emulators will really make Wii Homebrew more popular when they’re supportive and fast enough for general use.

  55. Stop being so thin skinned? Criticism comes with any work that is available publicly, and you’re better off ignoring it than asking it to go away.

  56. @BPzeBanshee: I wish every netizen was like you. People is being annoying, if I were a dev I’ d be pissed off.

  57. Keep doing what you guys are doing. Yeah it sucks that there are people being jerks but you will always have the haters and the doubters. Just know that there are MUCH more people who are rooting for you guys. I can’t imagine how much hard work this is but I do know it is not an easy nor simple task so take all the time you want. Also, like I said before, if you guys can get either Hybrid Heaven or Body Harvest working I would gladly donate $$$ towards the project.

  58. The Googlecode page stopped being updated in Februrary. Bleh. And yes, the whiners are annoying, but so are the brown-nosers and white knights who assert that the owners of this blog can do no wrong. I’m going to have to echo HappyPants’ sentiments on this one; this kind of reaction is to be expected when you set up a blog to hype a project, and only update once in a blue moon. Even if you’re taking a (well-deserved) break, just make a quick post on here once a week and let us know you’re still alive and haven’t forgotten about the project.

  59. Like many people have said before and i am probably not the one to be repeating this but you guys have to appreciate that there even doing this for you guys! Stop whining like little bitches thinking they owe some kind of payment. They dont owe you shit.

  60. Why don’t you all stop whining like bitches.
    First of all, nobody is making you take your fuckin time to visit this site and if you do, don’t bitch around.
    Second, you are not paying shit for any one to do this.
    And Finally, don’t you have anything else to do then comment bullshit.

    If you really want this so bad, either wait the fuck up, buy a damn N64, or make an emulator yourself see if it’s that easy.
    So all you fuckin whiners stop posting bullshit and find something better to do…….

  61. Everything takes patience. They have already produced new rendering methods which greatly improve performance and compatibility. They have mentioned that they might be working with Rice’s plugin to improve compatibility and possibly add support for high rez texture packs. This is all stuff that MAY come in the future. Just be patient and let these guys live their lives, and produce updates at THEIR pace. I am a fan of devs and emulation. I love seeing new emulators in production to see the wonders of games designed to run on one system running on a system they were never designed to run on. And, as far as VC goes, they are emulators as well, however while on one hand they are made by the people who know all the secrets and processes of the system they are emulating thus removing guesswork from emulation, but on the other hand, they are barred by the limitations of licensing and legal ownership. Many great games will NEVER be on VC. To be honest, I find VC to be horribly inefficient, yet from Nintendo’s perspective, I see why they built it that way; it’s difficult to exploit as the emulator is designed to be specific to a game (though some people have found a handful of other games that will run on those specific emulators, such as Super Smash Bros on the emulator designed to run Sin & Punishment.). With a homebrew emulator made by people in their free time, more possibilities are opened. We will then be able to take our own roms and play them. It’s freedom.

    To all who read this and still feel that this emulator isn’t making enough progress, I implore you to create your own N64 emulator for Wii. A little friendly competition can be a good thing. If I had the knowledge to do so, I think it would be fun to try to create and build an emulator on the Wii.

  62. Great comment, Knux the Fox. Even though you sound like a Sonic fan(boy, girl, other…?) I’m right behind you 100%!

    Still, you should ask emu_kidididid or whatever the hell his name is if making an emulator is fun, he’d probably rather play games on his emulator than improve it…

  63. Just wondering if you guys might be able to post another video showing the current progress of the emulator….
    Wish you guys luck in the development of this emulator and hope you guys get it running flawlessy.

  64. The only thing they could do towards your requests is updating the SVN, stating that it’ s not stable, so that you could use it at your own risk.

    But people would start posting around things such as “Zomg ppl me has d0wnl04d3d teh latest SVN…it crashes evry s3c0nd it sux sh1tz OLOLOLOLO” so I’ m fine with their lack of update as far as it doesn’ t mean that the update never comes XD

  65. I guess updating the site every now and then would be nice just to state what progress is like. I think that would keep people happy instead of no news at all.

  66. Some of these hate comments are making me die a little inside…

    You all do know that the extreme level of work they’re performing would make them tens of thousands of dollars in the computer software industry if they were employed right? The least you can give them to make up for that is your patience and support.

    I mean, seriously, most of you need to stop hitting F5 so much and just go outside for a bit <_<

  67. Great job on this emulator Icant wait for the release but i really want to play Conker’s BFD and 007 on this emu cuz i have a lot of VC Games.

    Keep up the good work and don’t be put down by shit heads that post negitive comments.


  68. Just wanted to say. Looks like you guys are getting far ahead in the Wii64 Emulator, keep up the good work. I play N64 games on my computer right now, but it’s not the same as playing on an actual system. When you guys get the Wii64 emulator out, it will be an awesome day.

    congrats and keep er comin’.


  69. Yeah. Thats actually a very good point mentioned by arikado though.

    With there knowledge of software creation, they could be very easily instead work on smaller, PROFITABLE projects and wait for someone else to code an emulator. .JUST.LIKE.ALL.YOU.WHINERS.ARE.DOING.

    Anyways, these guys are breaking the rule of “If your good at something, never do it for free” and we should all be gracious that they are.

  70. Yes its looking good lol im one of the ones on here 3 times a day praying for a release. However good effort you guys but with out sounding like a windgebitch, A little “Yea were not quite there yet but its coming along” post would be nice. Good work guys!

  71. Every one here has an obligation. The programmers promised an emulator and therefore should keep updates and work on the emulator. The fans are obligated to support the team in their progress with words of encouragement donations and pretty much up their morale. Therefore the fans should stop biting the hand which feeds them and the programmers will probably feel much more encouraged to post updates and vice versa. My point is that unless we stop bitching or the programmers start to update, the whole project will be a downwards spiral until the demise of the wii64.

  72. I´m also looking for the release of this emulator. The N64 has one of the most beautiful videogame libraries… Please guys, as Matt said, it would be awesome if you say “We are getting close”

  73. Did anyone else here follow Mato’s blog during the Mother 3 translation? He posted every few days about everything (good, bad, or ugly) that was going on, and it was a blast to read. Being the geek that I am, I found keeping up with the blog and learning about everything involved in the project to be just as fun as the game itself. It definitely made me appreciate the end result more, too. I know a few (OK, maybe a lot of) knuckleheads only care about the finished product, but let’s not forget that the journey there is also something to be valued.

  74. So far the emulator is pimp. When the emulator has a the same framerate as the N64 console, the emulator will be maximum pimp.

  75. by the time they release the emulator, nintendos new system will be out thus having to create a new emualtor…

    good grif! worker faster guys!! please stop going on about your life there are people counting on u!

  76. You wii64 guys are clever. I am not debating this fact.

    What is this wii scene drama all about? Everybody wants a slice.
    Don’t moan/request/suggest anything or the .Dol gets it – Right!

    I know these projects are your babies and you’re proud, problem is, there will ALWAYS be “a substantial amount of work to do” on a homebrew emulator. Your April 1st ‘selfiish’ edition got people talking for a few minutes, until they realised you still weren’t sharing!

    If you want a good example of scene-conscious emulator development, check out dolphin’s site. It’s not just the binaries, it’s the plain english/sshots/progress reports that keep my interest.

    Im afraid that this n64 emu will become the best example of wii homebrew vaporware – after WiiSX of course! Now that IS a waste of a Wiibrew entry.

  77. To Realistic

    Their N64 and PSX emu already work!

    Have you tried the demo version… I played Tekken 3 ON MY WII with no CD at all! (Albiet it was without sound, but it was nearly running at 30FPS!) Give them some time and we will soon have perfection! :)

  78. I hear you, and yes I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching GTA (psx) boot off my sd card, but thats about as far as it got. Sound/controls/graphics were all messed. Seeing the latest ‘tiizer’ video for Wii64 just reminded me how much i’d appreciate the emulators that are on the devs sd cards right now, as opposed to ageing initial binaries I have on mine.

    Perhaps if the team were more out in the open, they’d have the secondary aspects of the emu such as the gui being improved by the scene while they focussed on the core. Surely this would speed up the project? All they’d want is a tiny mention in the game credits.

    …and nobody will have perfection until I can play 4 player Goldeneye on my Wii (and I mean properly) so you may have quite a long wait ;)

  79. Just one question, only one. (I love this and other emulators by the way, but haven’t had much time to screw around with it.)

    Does the April 1st Tiizer or any subsequent builds run Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon at a playable speed?

    That’s the only thing I could possibly want from an N64 emulator, as it’s the only game I ever had that the cartridge crapped out on me.

  80. @ culex

    i doubt it. and even if it did, you wouldn’t be satisfied as the emulator could crap out at any time. We should all just wait until a public release of wii64.

  81. All we want is to be kept in the loop, and yes, you do owe us something, if you take a project like this and put it out in the world, its not your project anymore, its all of ours, you owe it to the rest of the world to either let us know whats going on or to cancel it and give room for someone else to step in.

    Or else right now, you’re just a cocktease, which noone likes, all we’ve had is a video that we’re thinking more and more everyday was faked, and noones giving us anything to say its not. Code pulled from the SVN, no real news at all, no news is in fact very bad news, usually meaning that everyones ditched and the project is abandoned.

    We just want actual progress, even just a post or two, saying hey we fixed ‘something most of us will never understand’, it doesnt matter if we understand, we just need to know somethings happening.

    And, what you get from all this, less whining, and more time to code instead of looking at these comments in exchange for 5 minutes telling us something happening just every week or so.

  82. Realistic:”Perhaps if the team were more out in the open, they’d have the secondary aspects of the emu such as the gui being improved by the scene while they focussed on the core. Surely this would speed up the project? All they’d want is a tiny mention in the game credits.”

    Uhh… The source is all there for the most part; no one’s stopping you from doing such a thing.

  83. drama and hype is created by frustrated or bored people, not by devs

    they setup this blog to speak about technical progress because what they are doing, nobody has done it before and this damn interesting (certainly more than quickie SDL ports)

    sadly, most people only see their own interest in playing N64 ROMZ FOR FREE and can’t be patient when they are used to get everything for free immediately on the internet (poor internet generation). By acting like this and flooding the googlecode pages, you get what you desserve: no more technical reports and no more public updates on SVN.

    And for the last time, THEY DON’T OWE US ANYTHING so stop whining like babies, moaning like frustrated teenagers or begging for progress reports , release date or ETA because it won’t make the damn thing happen faster and better say nothing when there is nothing to say (especially to ignorant people like you)

  84. “i doubt it. and even if it did, you wouldn’t be satisfied as the emulator could crap out at any time. We should all just wait until a public release of wii64.”

    I was just asking if it did run, and then wait for a public release.

    I can play it in PJ64 fine (ish) but nothing would beat on my TV…

    Well, here’s to waiting for a new version! *Raises glass*

  85. To Couchy

    You say there’s nowt stopping me as the source is out in the open. True, but what about the NO UNOFFICIAL BUILDS request/demand? I have considered covering Wii64 in a tidy Libwiigui wrapper, or an adaptation of a coverflow loader (with a bit more work) for example. But I really couldn’t be bothered if I was gonna get ‘please remove download’ emails – knowing that the Wii64 chaps would most certainly not support it.

    To JikaEf. I bow down before the talents of many of the devs on the wii scene, but you – calling me a ‘net peasant?! I’ll tell you what, i’ll go up into my loft, get out all my dusty N64, Genesis, Spectrum, Gameboy and PSX games, take a nice photo and then you could shove them up your a**

    Done with this

  86. Whoa, what did I miss? lol
    Im very impressed with VbagGX’s ‘match wii control’ support option.
    Could this be incorporated into Wii64 (or other emus) easily?
    Here is the scenario I’m dreaming about:

    Load Wii, load HBC, load Wii64, load ‘Sin and Punishment’ – match wii S&P2/HotD controls in config. Yippe! Analogue stick to Wiimote zapper patch for Sin & Punishment!!
    To be honest – I would be out of my depth, and this isn’t a begging letter either. I am simply excited about the notion of refreshing some old titles in a big way. Anybody think it would be achievable?

    P.S. This page looks a bit fierce – i’ll brace myself for the cussing to start :p

  87. I still don’t see why, after all this debate has raged on there aren’t updates being made to the site. Would it really kill them to type in a paragraph or two every week?

  88. now, you are happy ?

    no point in writing something when there is nothing to say..

    also, do you have any idea how painful it could be to write full technical articles when you know most people don’t care and only want to know when the stuff will be released ? writing takes time, coding takes time, explaining things hundred of time takes time…

    I find it very disrespectful to ask for anything to devs when the only thing you do yourself is hitting F5 from time to time :-/ it’s not a fuckin’ company entitled to make weekly update reports for a product you paied, do you understand ?

  89. “it’s not a fuckin’ company…” – no, that would make them a brothel

    “…entitled to make weekly update reports for a product you paied, do you understand ?” – I think I understand. Did you mean ‘paid’? lol

  90. …shut up…..alright just shut the **** up!!!

    All you dicks out there complaning and whining….just shut up!
    making this N64 emualtor on Wii is not easy work!!!
    why don’t you make your own if your impatient?….oh of course….your not able to!

    to the Wii64 team… guys are awesome!
    i thank you for giving your time to make this emulator!
    Thank you!….really it is apperiated!

    Don’t mind all the inconserate assholes on here.

  91. i would like to say how thankful i am for every single person who puts their time and devotion into making the wii 64 happen.
    i would like to see u squash all those SMALL,ANOYING,ASSLICKING little bugs that r in ur system.
    i dont care if it takes a year to clean all of them out, just as long as you kill every single bitchy bug out there, u can take as long as you want.
    and for all those inconsiderable idiots out there talking smack,they can suck on their moms dick for all i care.

    peace out wii 64 crew keep on doin wat u do best.

  92. To all wii64 devs, keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves. that is all that matters.

    Tested the beta 1 mod 2 code of wiisx. if wii64 is furthur on than this, fing well done. wiisx (apart from a bit of scratchy sound) is running all the psx games i own pretty damm good (yes even FFvii).

    Again enjoy your work and scholl is most inportant, looking forward to any updates in the future (near or far, lol)

  93. So, I’m a little confused. Is this a donators release?

    I donated $50 right at the start of this project and never got an invite so I’d find that a little bit frustrating if that’s the case.