WiiSX/CubeSX Progress & Beta 1

As you may recall, WiiSX was put aside for us to all focus on Wii64. However, I picked it up again over the past weekend and made a few improvements along with a bit of help from tehpola. I ported over the pcsx-df code which is an updated and less-buggy pcsx codebase which instantly gave us great compatibility results in the Interpreter.

However, I then got the PowerPC recompiler (Originally from here coded by Gil Pedersen) working. It didn’t take much to get it into a operational state, just making it not mess with the GPR r13 to comply with EABI standard got it working, as well as some other small tweaks here and there. I also added some more functionality to it (recompiled all loads) and gave it 8MB of memory to keep recompiled code in (this is 7MB only for GC), but will gradually get bigger as I move things to MEM2/ARAM. There’s quite a bit to be improved within the dynarec, and quite a bit to be coded still, but I’m quite happy with its performance all things considered.

The GUI is non-existant apart from two options and a text based file browser. You can choose between the Dynarec or Interpreter and a Standard Controller or a Analog Controller. The analog controller is broken in some games, and so is the Dynarec (Final Fantasy VII battles).

Of course there is quite a bit to do, such as XA audio, CDDA audio, a GUI, Save states, .iso support, and much more, but this project will go on the sidelines again until the Wii64 beta is released. We hope to see positive some contributions to the code in the meanwhile whilst we work on Wii64 and not just controller config hacks :)

The full source (now updated with my latest changes) is available at http://code.google.com/p/pcsxgc/.

You may download CubeSX and WiiSX beta files from the pcsxgc GoogleCode site.

Instructions are provided in the readme.txt file in each respective archive.

117 thoughts on “WiiSX/CubeSX Progress & Beta 1

  1. looking good got a few crashes and a few games running under interpreter the 2 I’ve tryed so far under dynarec code dump before gameplay but the FPS is high so its looking good :)

  2. update: got brave fencer musashi working with dynarec and all i can say is wow I can’t wait till this emu has time to get some more love, the game is running very smooth full fps :) good job emukidid.

  3. You write there is no .iso support but I could start resident evil 2.IMG.

  4. @ levimester

    Yes, certain formats are not working, there is a lot of confusion, between them, but true .iso format is broken (cd-xa data without the ecc and header).

  5. Quick unscientific test reveals:

    - GTA1 perfectly playable, looks great, controls ok, sfx ok. Once the cd audio is fixed, will be absolutely spot on. This is what ive been waiting for! Thnx
    -Tekken 3 as above but a little too slow. Maybe Tekken 2 works faster but cant find out as im not a pirate, and don’t own an original copy.
    Both games in .bin/.cue on sd card, ripped from PAL originals.

    …the final ‘test’ will be wipeout (im obsessed) once I find my disc :/

    I know its early days but has anyone stumbled across a matrix for game compatibility? It would be good to check one before I spunk all my cash on stoopid old psx games (that Ive bought and sold already) off ebay :)

    Fair play devs for inviting the code contribution. I bet this will pay off. Good luck with those pesky dynarecs

  6. Cool! Not any use to me but good job getting the dynarec working! Maybe someone could announce the release on WiiBrew?

  7. Symphony of the Night works on this one. Sound is a bit weird, but it coudl be because during the initial area the game was actually mostly running faster than it’s supposed to. Which is exciting in it’s own way. Also, very impressed with whatever way you are doing graphics. It handles some of those weird effects used in the battle against Dracula in the intro very well.

  8. Tales of Phantasia (with the translation patch applied) works pretty well too. Everything runs at top speed thus far, though voices don’t appear to work (though assuming they are XA, you did say XA didn’t always work). And the FMV is the wrong color, but you probably know that too. This is getting pretty impressive. :)

  9. k tried a buncha games.. i know i must be doing something wrong cause everyone else is having good results and i can’t seem to ever boot a game. What it is telling me is as follows(i’ve tried different settings dynarec/non analog/norm) it gets past the mem card thing tell me the size of the image and what type then says
    “end CDR_open()
    start SysReset(U)
    end SysReset(U)
    Execute” and then it hangs, until i shut the wii off by holding pwr down, if anyone can help it’d be much appreciated, thanks in advance and to the team, keep up the awesome work guys, when this and wii64 have a lil more work done on them, and some more cleanup, you guys really will be spoiling us all :)

  10. Just wanted to congratulate everyone on the awesome work :) Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to play through Symphony of the Night (for the hundredth time…) and Metal Gear Sold.

  11. same problem as damien and dorm3nt except the fact that some games seems to boot then i’ve a message (top of the screen, in green):
    and it hangs.
    i’ve a 1001 Bios file in PSXISOS.
    some games are BIN (these gave me the message DoClearFrontBuffer), the other are img or iso, they seem to be read but hangs on a t EXECUTE(as dorm3nt)

  12. Just one more question.How do you manage multiple cd games?
    Is it better to compile them in one file or not?

  13. Congratulations to the whole team for doing such a marvelous job on this emulator. I really appreciate the hard work you guys put into WiiSX and Wii64. You rock!

  14. I have a bios file in there, but if you think thats the issue i’ll have to check it out when i get back home, maybe i have a bad copy of the bios.. it works with epsxe on my pc though.. ah well thanks for the idea Saj, hope it fixes it :)

  15. very nice guys! can’t wait to get N64 up and running too. Keep up the good work

  16. I’m blown away.

    Star Ocean: Second Story works very well using the dynarec. I’m surprised, because Tri-Ace tend to write quite advanced stuff (going by the original Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean, plus the fact that they always cite certain libraries that they use).

    You’re all really very cool.

  17. What a lovely gift! Thank you so much for sharing the fruits of your talent with us!

  18. The compatibility was great compared to the last release. I tried Marvel vs Capcom and worked good with the exception of the choppy audio.
    I am wondering is the wii64 emulator progress was similar to this or maybe better or worse??????????

  19. Wow. I’m impressed and I haven’t even loaded it up yet. I’ll play with this when I get home, I’m on vacation this week. Great job getting the Dynarec working, here’s hoping the kinks aren’t that hard to work out.

    Thanks for actually throwing this one out there, it’s a very nice little bonus to toy with while we wait for the Wii64 release. Glad to see you’re still working hard on that, seriously like everyone here will probably buy you a beer when it comes out. You rock guys, and yes, I’m still behind you all the way.

  20. I am very impressed!I finally tried some games and I have no words for how magnificent your work is!
    My view is that your emulator is almost complete.Just add a better interface with more menu options,some bug ironing and you are almost there!
    And I suspect that your job with WiiSX is a lot easier than Wii64…
    I think that around year’s end you will have released your two babies in an almost complete form.After that,maybe your next challenge will be a proper Yabauze port to Wii,who knows? :-)

  21. Nice work!

    Spyro 1 is playable now at ~55-60fps on Dynarec and ~30fps on Interpreter. Music isn’t playing, character voices lag behind what’s actually happening, and I /think/ the Universal splash at the start has colouring issues, but I can’t remember what it’s meant to look like. Still, the actual game is playable and I’m liking it so far. Gonna try some Crash games and Spyro 2 later if I can find the discs.

  22. GREAT wiisx is the best app for wii :) hope comes soon a gui for this great app

  23. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Just wanted to say……


    *buys you an STD free hooker*

    Yep. I’m that grateful! (Unfortunately I’m also broke, so, enjoy the cyber gesture!)

    BTW: Is there a way to remove the in-game frame rate counter? I havent tried saving a game yet, but let me tell you, if i can get rid of the frame rate, and I can save, then I am very happy about this!!!

  24. Well,I made save files for over 5 games and suddenly a code dump occured.
    Now,I can’t even load the emu!I will try to delete from the SD card all the memory card saves hoping to solve the problem…

  25. I deleted the memory card files and everything returned to normal.
    What was it?A memory size limitation perhaps?

  26. @Jack: Don’t know about that one. Both had some great games and were strong in different ways. I look forward to Wii64 for Jet Force Gemini (all those games we’re unlikely to get on VC), and I look forward to PCSX for Symphony of the Night on my Wii.

  27. @Jack: The “PSX is better!” “No, the N64 is better!” battle has been raging since both systems were new. Don’t you think by now everyone would realize it is both unwinnable and silly? It’s all subjective. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the N64, particularly with games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda OoT. But that doesn’t take anything away from the PSX. I celebrate our good fortune that these guys are working on both emulators.

    @jonny b good: You can download both N64 Zelda’s as VC games for about 10 bucks each. Go clean your room and maybe your mommy will give you the money.

  28. If you really can’t wait, you could just buy it from the Virtual Console. :P

  29. i don’t want to sound like a noob but i cant even get it to boot up on my wii
    it dosnt show up on the homebrew channel and the bootmii sd loader dosnt work either

    do i need another loader or am i doing something wrong

  30. Looking good! Please add usb support in the next release!

    In The Hunt, Strider 2, Castlevania SOTN and Einhander all play fantastic on this release (with just sound issues).

    Thanks… and good work! :-)

  31. Sheesh, all these trolls on the forums….WiiSX sounds like an amazing program to be sure. If it really plays some games now (and ones with full speed) the developers must’ve really pulled their hair out at this point! Give them a break, they’re not just gonna release Wii64 right this minute, so back off! Implementing code meant for x86 CPUs to run on gamecube/wii CPU architecture is an extremely difficult thing to do! Not to mention finding out how to utilize N64 RAM to work with Wii RAM and optimizing the Dynarec core would be another very difficult thing to do, so, give them a freakin’ break already!

  32. @nintendo1889: Before the excellent thread of conversation we’ve been having dissolves again, let me hasten to point out that I’m only seeing one actual troll. The problem is he inspires dozens of people complaining about him and that’s what breaks the conversation down. I advise we just ignore and ask the devs more about their dynarec adventures, etc.

  33. good release street fighter alpha 3 works fine(withoiut music) i wait for classi controller support!

  34. @HappyPants: Amen.

    @Jack: The lack of background music is likely due to WiiSX not supporting CD tracks as in-game audio, which a lot of PS1 games like to use. I don’t blame them either, that’s not exactly an easy task. I can’t think of a single PC emulator that I’ve managed to find that can play Rayman with the music working. (And yes, Rayman the original is the best in the series imho.)

  35. HappyPants is full of win.

    I was wondering, how difficult a step is fixing the audio? Does it represent a considerable portion of the project as a whole, or is it a ‘loose end’?

  36. Just donated a small fund for you. I hope on holiday you will have more free time to work in this project.

  37. First off, congratulations on this release! Pretty amazing to see PSX games running on the Wii :)

    Second, I would like to ask something: since I don’t have a GC controller, I tried my hand at modifying the source… and succeeded on changing it to Classic Controller support (just did it on joy1).

    Would be ok if I publish this on my site, so others like me (who don’t have the classic controller) can enjoy your amazing work?

  38. Ooops, I meant on my last post “…other like me (who don’t have the GC controller)…”

  39. @ SLotman
    It’s open source, you can do whatever you please.
    As long as you have a place for people to talk about the issues (if any) with your compiled version and that they don’t fill up this place with issues found only in yours, I’ll be happy.

    @ alainvey
    We want to get audio sorted but we’ll have to re-think the structure of it for CD based audio, and then think about re-sampling it all better to avoid crackle in the audio. (We’d rather do this in Wii64 first though then port code over, so don’t expect a beta 2 soon).

  40. Slotman, you serious boy? Cuz playstation games suck with a gc controller. Please let him post it!

  41. Don’t post the link here, as before, I don’t want 100 people saying: “So I tried the build posted by blahblah in post X but it doesn’t work as good as the build in post Y, emukidid can you fix it plz”.

  42. Ok, here are my findings. Its getting much much better. Tenchu (the first one) seems to work flawlessly. Bushido Blade (the first one) runs slightly too fast on dynamic, or roughly half speed on the other choice. So far I haven’t tried saving anything yet.

    Thrasher Skate and Destroy would not load (although i’m thinking its the iso itself that is bad, so far i haven’t found another copy of it online). Which sucks too, because I remember that game being really fun. Not so much for trying to rack up points and play the game right, more for the fact that it had ragdoll physics and would let you just throw him into walls. He’d bounce off the walls and show you how much pain he’s in. Fun times, fun times.

    Wait, does that make me demented???

  43. @emukidid
    Thanks! I’ll see if I can setup something to let people complain how lame my hack is ;)

    Yup, I’m serious… it was pretty simple – even someone like me who never coded anything on Wii could do it ;)

    I was just playing Resident Evil to try it out, and it seems to be working nicely :)

  44. A beta of WiiSX, but not Wii64? Well I guess that’s fine as I can wait for the rest of my life… since I sold my N64 and PS1… oh and the Tiizer…

  45. More results from me. After playing now for an hour straight nothing but tenchu (god i love that game), I noticed i couldn’t figure out how to use my items with the gamecube controller. As it turns out, the button layout just feels so natural that I completely forgot there is no L2 or R2 buttons. There is also no select button. Meaning, seeing the map (a big part of the game) and using your stealth weapons (another big part of the game) are not accessable with the current layout.

    For tenchu only, it could be fixed by using the unused Z button as select and X as R2. Obviously that wouldn’t work for pretty much any other game, but for tenchu that would work wonderfully. So it got me to thinking how could this problem be corrected.

    Then it hit me. Custom button assignments that could be saved as named files. Meaning I save the button combo I just listed above, and then save that button scheme as “Tenchu”. Then when I go into the emulator I load tenchu the game, the game starts, I go back to the menu, and then I load button assignment “Tenchu”. Viola! Problem solved for this game at least.

    The bigger problem is going to come in the form of, which controller would actually be able to HANDLE this kind of problem. The only thing i can think of is, the user goes out and buys a PS controller, and a PS controller adapter to a gamecube slot, so you could use your playstation controller in a gamecube slot. Then using the custom button assignments, you could then map the controller to be exact, or if you wanted to, remap it based on taste!

    Question is, is this kind of scheme plausible? Obviously I’m asking for in one of the final releases, not this beta.

  46. Oh, I’d also like to point out for anyone wondering, this beta DOES work with SDHC cards. Playing it now off of a 16GB card.

  47. Just published my small changes, both .dol and sources. Just google for my nick + WiiSX and you should find it ;)

  48. Well, now don’t I look like a fool! This certainly explains why Z “wasn’t used”. HA! I’m super excited now! Tenchu can easily be played now!!! WOOT!!!!

    Although for the record, in a final release, that bit about supporting gamecube to ps controller addaptors + custom button mapping that would support as many buttons as ps controller has, would still be a good idea for the future.

    *bows to team Wii64/WiiSX* I used to be an atheist, but I think this is my religion now! Emukidid is god, and he has wisemen with him!

    Back to a serious note, I’ve also noticed Tenchu’s cut scenes have no voice acting. I could have swore they had voice acting. Quite cheesy voice acting actually. Meh, no matter I guess. It gives me an excuse to do the cheesy voice acting myself.

  49. @ Lost My Mind

    The issue with the PSX -> Gamecube controller adapters is that they don’t map all the buttons properly as they are still limited by the number of available buttons on the GC controller to map to (if that makes sense).

    Look here for example:

    They are unable to map all the L/R buttons so they map two PSX buttons to one GC button (bad design imho).

  50. Emukidid,is there any limit for save games in the memory card?
    As soon as I save 5-6 games,the emulator causes a code dump.After that,I delete the memory cards and everything runs fine again.Why is this happening?

  51. yep, I have this adaptor and it’s meant to play GC games with a PS1 controller, sadly not the other side (select button is unconnected and L/R are both connected to the same input)

    it’s not a such bad design, it’s a logical one as there was no need to handle buttons combo when a PS1 pad had more buttons than needed

    …also, they probably never thought someone would use this with a PS emulator :-)

    maybe hardware can be modified so that select would be wired to Z and Start, and L1/R1 to Z also so it matches wiisx default mapping (I doubt it will be so easy, there must be some microcontroller inside)

    Can’t wait to play Elemental GearBolt with Wiimote Pointing as a lightgun (does the original PCSX have lightgun emulation support by the way ?)

  52. would it be hard to program use of USB controllers (originally meant for PC use, just pluged into the USB ports, and then have the emulator recognize that as a controller)? Maybe that could work.

  53. @Lost My Mind: I was wondering that myself. It would be kind of amazing if support for something like that was added in. Couldn’t do it myself though, so it’s just idle conjecture from me. :)

  54. I tried it out last night for a couple hours loading the app and games directly from my USB Seagate hard drive and it works great. Other than the things they have already mentioned such as FMVs and music not by any means perfect, I managed to play through a game of Risk and Romance of the 3 Kingdoms. I also tried out SLotman’s compile that is mentioned earlier in the comments and it works fine with the classic.

    Thanks to all involved and looking forward to whatever comes next.

  55. please make a better version i really like to play the ps1!
    and i have a problem, can u fix the “insert disk 2″ bug?
    and the sounds is really bad
    and no limit frame :( ?
    sorry for my bad english

  56. HHHMMM Don’t know why but i go on it it goes into the menu i choose the dynaric etc. and then it dose some code dump and i have to turn of the power to my wii. Any ideas anyone?

  57. I had the same problem with Matt.As it seems,the beta version can’t handle a lot of games in the SD card.I deleted a few and then the code dump dissapeared.The same happened when I created 5-6 saves.I hope that these problems will be ironed out in the next release…

  58. @ HemiSync

    You mentioned that “I tried it out last night for a couple hours loading the app and games directly from my USB Seagate hard drive and it works great. …how did you get this to run off usb? …or were you talking about pcsx revolution (which suports hd loading)?

  59. YES! Grand Theft Auto at 60-80 fps! I know that’s a little overkill, but I love you guys in the least creepy way possible!

    Hopefully this kind of attention to the developers may spark a Wii64 release; this R474 is getting really old. But still, I love you….

  60. P.S. I selected Analog at the beginning before loading GTA, and when the game booted, no sticks or buttons worked. I never had a PS1, so do some games not support an Analog controller?

    87th comment!!!

  61. emukid, i dont know why did u delete my comment but i have a question
    whats the difference between Dynarec/Interpreter
    i hope u fix the “insert disk 2″ bug

  62. to RICH GUY TEH MAN:
    It’s a pcsx bug. Only one solution – rewrite SIO and PAD-related stuff. Same solution for multitap support.

    to GCH:
    Interpreter more accurate, but slower.

  63. Hey devs I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this public beta, my good ol’ PSX stopped recognizing my controllers and this comes just in time! Uhm, and talking about controllers…The analog option works for me…well: kind of XD Up and Down directions are inverted and I think (that’ s just a suspect) that the “quiet” position is a bit on the left instead of (0; 0).

    I know I should post this on code.google but I’ m not registered and i thought that you’ d read this anyway! I’ m a lazy ass unlike you….

  64. Sorry for double posting…The quiet position is correct, the only problem seems to be the Up and Down being swapped. Also, I thought you may want to know in which games I experienced that: those are Crash Bandicoot 2 and Crash Bash, which are the only ones I’ ve tried so far. Keep it up :D

  65. hello, i’ve just heard that is possible to play ps1 games on wii, i’ve tried with WiiSX emulator (i’ve put it on a sd card…etc) and when i run it from the homebrew channel, it loads , and after it loads it asks me about my controler (A)Digital or (B)Analog, the thing is that my wii remote get’s out of sync at this point and i’ve downloaded like 3 or 4 times the wii version of the emulator just to be sure i’ve got the right version any ideas ? thanks :)

  66. Hey, when I try to load Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, I get the message “Memory Card size …. DoClearFrontBuffer”.

    I’m wondering if the game is just not compatible, or if I just have a file named wrong or something. Anyone know?

  67. Yea, solved my prob a few days later. It was my sd card, it wouldnt’ let it write.. something properly i guess, noticed when using the HBB, the lil lock on the sides busted, tried with another.. now that it’s running must say awesome awesome work :)

    @Mitza already been answered i believe, but this version onyl supports GC controllers for now.. tried the other one that branched off from this, it seems slower but you can use other controllers if you have no GC one.

  68. Nevermind, had a file named wrong. But I can now confirm THPS2 is not compatible.

  69. Damn, I can’t seem to find a good MGS dump, none of them worked on WiiSX or my laptop… At least GTA 1 and 2 are completely compatable.

    I was very suprised to hear the in-game radio in GTA 2, as few games play music at all in WiiSX, let alone large amounts of it like what’s stored in GTA 2. It would be PERFECT if the FPS limiter worked (better?).

    However, GTA 1 has voice acting cut off (when the game starts, the announcer only gets to say “Grand Thef-”) and has no music support.


    Well, this is the only thing I can use to play PSX games at the moment (damned PSP…), so I guess I can’t complain.

    Keep up the great work!

  70. Would it be possible to get the CLASSIC CONTROLLER version to run Castlevania:SotN at full speed?

    The original (gc controller version) runs it perfectly, but the CC version’s frame rate is too bad to be playable.

  71. @gandhirreda: the Wii64 team has nothing to do with the PCSX Revolution port you’ re talking about. That port lacks of a Dynamic Recompiler, that’ s why you’ re having speed issues. Hopefully the next release of WiiSX will include CC support (I hope it will).

  72. Hey emukidid, do you think in the future you guys will develop a PS2 emulator and port it on to the Wii?

  73. woooooow chrono cross is working!!!! thank guy
    and rockman15 you have a big faith about ps2 in wii or maybe a dreamcast xD that good listen you pray

  74. Hey, I get a DSI Exception when attempting to use WiiSX, once /I get past the controller select screen (Analouge/Dualshock), Any ideas?

  75. @rockman15
    DUDE! They just released the Ps1 and working on the N64! It is preety much hardware impossible to acheive that! To emulate something the host needs to be like at least five times more powerful and the wii has hardley better grathics than ps2. Its impossible!

  76. cant get cubesx to work if anybody got it to work on a gamecube let me know i need help followed instructions

  77. Should i be bothered that the last svn-update was in MARCH?!

    Do you need any help ? I’m just searching for a litte thing to do whilst waiting for procrastination to pass ^^

  78. First off, Thank you guys so much for this emu. The playstation was one of the best consoles on the planet and now I can play the games on my wii. Thank You for that.

    I have tried Threads of Fate, Alundra, Legend of Dragoon, Yu-Gi-Oh – Forbidden Memories, and Thousand Arms. The only game that crashes is Thousand Arms. All others play very good with the except of the audio. But you already knew that. Frame Rate is good on all. Threads of Fate has a fluctuating FR (50 – 90), but still plays at full speed. The Reds on FMV sequences are pink. Will keep trying to get Thousand Arms to work though and will post more bugs when I find them. Happy to be a tester for this magnificent work.


  79. Just wanted to sway HI. I originate your blog a scattering days ago on Technorati and beget been reading it more than the late infrequent days.

  80. hope u guys fix the bug with dyneric and ffvii cuz when i play interpreter the sound quality is bad and the speed is sorta slow

  81. every1 is saying how great this emulator is but i can’t get it to start

    i put scph1001 and my games in the psxisos folder like the instructions say and then i get a code dump screen

    any help would be appreciated


    oh and btw you guys (emukidid and the rest of the developers) have done a really good job with these emulators i appreciate it and keep up the good work!!

  82. hey yea straight up im a noob lol but i cant figure out how and where to put the folders and roms so can sumbody plz help me out all i wanna play is final fantasy Vll