I’m sorry for those of you who will be disappointed that I’m not posting to talk about Wii64 or WiiSX right now, but I have another little release I’d like to announce.  A month or so ago, I was working on porting OpenJazz, a Jazz Jackrabbit 1 engine, to the Wii, and I got it in a pretty polished condition.  However, I didn’t release it earlier because I couldn’t get the network support just right.  I’ve decided to roll it out in its current state without networking and hopefully someone else interested in the project will pick it up because I’d like to focus more on Wii64.  Anyone interested should check out: the google code page.

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I am a senior at UT Austin studying computer science spending what time I can working on Wii64. I'm mainly focusing on writing a MIPS to PPC dynamic binary translator and any other tweaks to make that possible given the memory constraints of the GC/Wii.

31 thoughts on “OpenJazz-Wii

  1. I get an error “Not a Valid Wii Application” when i try to launch it from
    the homebrew channel.

  2. @Orel:
    Whoops, what a terrible oversight on my part. Apparently powerpc-gekko-objcopy doesn’t like OpenJazz. An elf version has just replaced the old version.

    Everyone who has already downloaded, you’ll have to download again. Sorry!

  3. Awesome, I remember spending quite a bit of time playing this in my younger years. thanks!

  4. I downloaded it and its nearly a perfect port. My only gripe is I cant access the pause menu with any of the buttons… I cant load/save/or just pause the game for when I want to do something quickly. Other than that, its a perfect port =)

    Btw, I read the readme that came along with it. Your controls dont quite match up with how it really plays. You may want to fix that. Also, in the setup menu, I cant really figure out any of the buttons to exit, as I’m pretty sure I’ve pressed all of them. Just tweak a few menu buttons to work is all I ask =) If I knew how to code, I’d fix this myself. >>_<<

    I’m glad this port came to release onto the wii as it definitely caught me by surprise. Keep up the great work!

  5. Awesome. I used to play this on my old Acer Aspire 100Mhz pentium :) . Loved this game. Keep up the fantastic work mate.

  6. Ah, this is fantastic. A while back I was hoping for a DS port, but I guess a Wii port is far more feasible.

    R-R-R-Rapid Fire Rapid Fire.

    You were all thinking it.

  7. Hey good work on this, could you let us know about some of your guy’s most recent projects…
    I would really like a better MVS/AES emulator for the Wii cuz the other appears to be abandoned…….

    Keep It Up….

  8. Don’t know if this is the place for bug reports, but…

    There appears to be a bug on Medivo 1, just after the first checkpoint, there’s some swinging black balls that you’re supposed to ride across a spiked pit, but they load too high, almost into the ceiling, and it’s extremely hard to get across. When I tried it, I ended up going through the ceiling, back to the previous area.

    I also didn’t get the bonus level despite getting the red gem in Diamondus 2, it just went straight to Tubelectric 1.

    Lastly, the controls can’t be changed properly, and the default control scheme for Wiimote only isn’t what the readme file claims that it is.

    Otherwise this is a pretty cool port.

  9. awesomeness.

    I can’t save my game though.

    Great game!!

    Now I want JJ2!

  10. i agree with GCH! this is stupid! i was thinking of donating 50 cents when ur done the wii64 but now its down to 25 cents


  11. GCH and jonny b, STFU. If you want a Nintendo 64 / PSX emulator so bad, go make your own…

  12. @ CHR15x94: Best thing to do with trolls, IMO, is to ignore them. When they get any kind of reaction from you, they think they’ve won.

    To the devs–do you realize that the stuff you’re just throwing out there with “unfinished” disclaimers is better than most homebrew that people finish and brag about?! Thanks for all you’re doing!

  13. Great port guys :) Im hoping some one will pick this code up and fix all the bugs..I thought i was the only one that played this game back in the day lol..I use to call it poor mans Sonic hahahah..But ya the thing is great..and for all you bashers, This is somthing they put out for us while were waiting for the upated wii64..I my self can wait as long as possible for it since i have been waiting for somthing like this since sega dreamcast days soft mod style…My meaning is that when it does come out were all gonna have a big smile on our faces when we look at wiibrew or homebrew channel and see the new update for wii64..:) Keep the good work guys!!!

  14. @ HappyBoy
    Yeah, you’re right.

    Also, awesome job devs! You guys make some amazing homebrew applications! Can’t wait for Wii64! :D

  15. GCH and jonny b good are shit eaters. Go to eat each other’ s shit and stop bitching here. PUT THIS IN YOUR TINY BRAINS: THE DEVS DON’ T OWE SHIT TO YOU FUCKFACES!

    I know…I should have ignored them. I’ ll ignore them from now to the end of time.

  16. Just an update: I’ve fixed the default controller settings. You can get the source and binary from the google code page.

  17. This is ‘close’ to the original, but I find that when I play it, I don’t enjoy it on the wii because the hoverboard doesn’t display when you are flying, the swinging ball and chain effects don’t completely work, as the chains are not visible… it needs more work. ^^ I hope that some people keep working on this because I love this game. :3

    It’s better than J2O.

    If you guys could work on a Open Source Yoot Tower that would be so awesome…

    Or maybe IWBTG…

  18. It doesn’t seem to work with Holiday Hare 95. The controls are dodgy even with the fix, and I can’t press Esc. Thus I can’t change the res, and can’t see what I’m doing. Ideas?

  19. @Tim:
    If you had first ran the original binary posted, the saved configuration will be wrong. You can delete the configuration file and run the new version and it will create a new configuration file. With a correct controller configuration, I believe Home is the Esc button. The resolution can be set no higher than 640×480 (because that’s the Wii’s native resolution). Is there an issue with that resolution? The original JJ ran at 320×240.