Progress Report: Wii64 Dynarec (Part 2)

The structure of the dynarec itself is an important factor in the performance of the emulator. In order to convey some of the changes we’ve made to the dynarec, you have to understand how its structured and how it works. You can divide my dynarec into a few distinct pieces: the translator, the trampoline, the code cache, and some run-time helper functions.

The translator is given an address at which it will translate a chunk of MIPS code into PowerPC. It uses a total of 3 passes to accomplish that. Pass 0 reads in a instruction at a time until it hits an unconditional jump, a jump register, or an exception return, which signifies the end of the function its trying to recompile. Its main purpose is to identify any branch instructions and determine where they are branching to; it does this to ensure that no branches will be branching into a register mapping. Pass 1 actually does the translation by converting each MIPS instruction to a sequence of PowerPC instructions. Branches are left unfilled because we don’t yet know how many PowerPC instructions will be between any given source instructions. Pass 2 then fills out the branch destinations now that every instruction’s position is known. The translator uses volatile and nonvolatile PPC registers in its generated code. Nonvolatile registers are used to store constants like the memory address to store the register values into, the address of the N64 memory, and a few other useful emulator variables. Volatile registers are used to temporarily store N64 registers for the generated instructions to operate on. These are mapped to hardware registers as needed, and stored to memory when changed and no longer needed.

The code that’s generated by the translator goes into the code cache. On a PC with no real memory limit this isn’t necessary. However, on the Wii, memory is quite constrained. In total, we have access to a little under 88MB of memory. However, using the larger MEM2, which is 64MB, is somewhat slower than using the 24MB of MEM1, so we have to limit the code to fit in MEM1 for it to run as fast as possible. Not to mention that the cache has to share MEM1 with all of the emulator code and static structures.

I have a few functions which the recompiled code will call in order to reduce the amount of generated code generated for complex instructions. For example, interpreted instructions, updating Count, and taking floating-point unavailable exceptions. These are just ordinary C functions which will only be invoked by the recompiled code. These functions allow for a reasonable trade-off: faster than interpreting and relatively small code generated for just the function call.

The trampoline, or dispatcher, is at the heart of the dynarec. The trampoline is responsible for determining if code at a given N64 address is recompiled, and if its not, recompiling it, and then calling the recompiled code. When the code that the trampoline invoked needs to branch to another block of code, it returns to the trampoline with the N64 address of the code it wants to run, and the process begins again: the trampoline looks up the new address, possibly recompiles, and then calls the desired recompiled code. Branches within a function don’t need to return to the trampoline, but because any function can be freed from the code cache at any time, every branch outside of the function must return to the trampoline to be dispatched.

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  1. Fascinating explanation for an amazing job that you guys are doing. Keep it up!

  2. So the code runs 2 threads:
    -Nintendo64 code for PPC
    So you run trampoline and when the Nintendo 64 code is ready you run it , until you find a branch, that’s when you come back to trampoline thread and stop’s Nintendo64. It’s much like the trampoline is the OS and the Nintendo 64 code a common program running under a OS….Is that the idea?
    How do you keep everthing sincronized? I mean the Nintendo 64 processor has certain time for each operation, but if you run all these code in the PPC full velocity, how do you keep the emulation than going too much fast or too much slow?

    Really cool blog! I always wanted to know how the emulators are made…

  3. @Maat:
    There’s actually no threading going on in the core. But the idea that the trampoline is like an OS is not too far off base. The trampoline initializes and then runs the N64 code which does some work and comes back to the trampoline with the address of more code to run. The trampoline is more responsible for managing the emulator side of things (translating code) while the recompiled code actually performs the game logic, but can only leave its little block of code by bouncing back to the trampoline.

  4. Does dynarec run on a separate thread, or do you use a fetch >> translate >> execute cycle?

  5. @tompccs:
    As I just mentioned, there’s no threading in the core: its all one thread.
    Code that has already been recompiled will just be executed; code that hasn’t will be translated then executed.

  6. my interest in coding has rocketed thanks to your well structured articles. Thank you for the input.

    My apologies for having nothing to say

  7. @tehpola
    Sorry for making you repeat yourself. Your answer to Maat’s question popped up just as I submitted mine. The work you’re doing sounds amazing.

    A second question: how do you decide how big a block of code you want to recompile at once? And do you perform any pre-compilation for a few seconds before the game fires up (like buffering)?

  8. @Lil’ Stevie:
    Great to hear I’ve inspired someone :) If you feel lost, don’t worry, this stuff is pretty complicated, and I’m still learning more about it as I go.

    It’s quite alright. Things don’t always come across that clearly the first time anyways.
    Well, I try to recompile one N64 function at a time. However, if the function has multiple return instructions in the machine code or if it lays across a 4kb boundary, I end translation at the boundary. The reason for the 4kb blocking is because that is the page size of the N64 MMU so the next instruction is not guaranteed to be in contiguous physical memory if the game is using virtual memory.

  9. Neat! I love all these blog entries you guys have been making. They’re all very interesting to read.

    Anyways, looking forward to the release of Wii64. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

  10. Once again, thank you for the update, it’s always great to hear any progress or just about anything on Wii64.

  11. Great i always love reading these.

    So i am assuming there is gonna be another release soon or are you just telling how all this cool stuff works :)

    P.S. great job guys im glad you take the time to make these fantastic emu’s

  12. Hey this is nice, so does this mean that the emulator is almost ready for a release?????

  13. Thanks for the update, tehpola. It is rare that developers take their time to try to explain the inner workings to the peons, but I truly appreciate it– blogs like this one and hackmii really make me feel involved with these projects, and I hope all of the feedback inspires you to keep writing and explaining.

    Thank you for all the hard work and dedication.

  14. everything sounds great! so how many parts will the progress report be or is that an unknown like Wii644′s est?

  15. @jonny b good: Fuck off.

    @tehpola/emukidid/everyone else: Just a few (long) questions:
    1. I have NO knowledge of coding, so I’m sorry I couldn’t draw up a reasonable conclusion on my own, but have you tested using Rareware games (Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, Conker’s Bad Fur Day (especially this one), Blast Corps, Jet Force Gemini, Killer Instinct Gold, and Goldeneye 007 are all I can think of) in your emulator?

    2. Also, are 8mb games supported yet?

    3. And, last question, there are one or two N64 games that use a microphone accessory, and there are Gamecube Mic and Wii Speak that work on the Wii. I’m not saying you guys should work on this, because few people like Hey You, Pikachu! and there are many other important things to work on, but would it be possible to implement?

    Sorry for the wall of text, and keep up the awesome work!
    P.S. I’m still lovin’ WiiSX, guys.

    Sepp256 answered some of your questions in the “April Fool’s Tiizer is Real” article. Here’s a response to all (but one) of your questions:

    1. Some Rare games aren’t working (like Goldeneye [Wii64 doesn't support executing code directly from the cartridge and/or virtual memory], Conker [glN64 doesn't support the needed microcode to play Conker, so sepp256 is going to port Rice video, that way we would have Conker and {maybe} high-res texture support]. I’m pretty sure Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie [or one or the other] are working.)

    2. The expansion pack is a no.

    3. Not a sweet clue. (Somebody? :P )

    You could always just read the article, but if your lazy like me, this is much more convenient.

    Also, could someone IP ban jonny b good. He’s just a waste of your site’s bandwidth.

    – CHR15x94

    I honestly have no clue about the mic. I doubt it would ever happen because afaik, mupen doesn’t have any support for it, and I don’t think we’re about to reverse engineer how the N64 and Wii microphones work to add support for it. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen or that no one else will be interested enough to make it work.

    A general comment: we’re not doing this for the “OMG! ROMZ ON TEH WII!” factor. Our goal isn’t to augment the VC by focusing on the titles that aren’t supported. Really, if all we wanted to do is play N64 games we’d be playing them on an N64 or our PCs. In fact, I don’t think it’d be too far from the truth to state that we’re probably going to have more fun designing and coding the emulator than we will have playing it. So, to the trolls: maybe this site isn’t what you’re looking for; I’m sure you’ll find out from somewhere else when we’ve released what you’re after (if that ever happens) because most of we’re discussing here won’t be interesting to you.

  18. I just love these meaty posts, I just nom them all up. I actually find the whole process behind self-modifying code quite interesting and learn something new in every one of these posts. My thanks to the dev. team.

  19. @CHR15x94:
    No, I read up on that before I posted, but the Tiizer Video was released two or three months ago. I’m sure the devs made SOME progress since then :P

  20. Crap, I accidently double- wait, TRIPLE-posted. I just meant to scroll one line down O.o Anyways, I don’t really care if Mic support is ever added, and I don’t think it should be. I was just wondering because the Wii has several accessories that seem to pair with previous ones (Wii Zapper, NES Zapper, Super Scope or SNES Mouse/keyboard pair, Wii USB Support), so it’s just kind of interesting.

    Uh… is it possible for me to delete my last post?

  21. What about the AKI developed wrestling games? (WWF No Mercy, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, WCW vs NWO Revenge, I think there were a few others)

    Also, I noticed that there are sites which will take a rom, and modify it to become a whole new game/expiriance. Sometimes its just stupid little things (like one of them just made mario bald in super mario bros for NES), and other times people take the time to completely re-design entire levels, add things to the game that were never there to begin with, add new power-ups, ect ect ect……..I saw a few for super mario 64, just wondering if we’d be able to play roms that have been hacked in this way?

    On an off note, wasn’t MIPS also the name of that slippery little monkey in super mario 64? Wasn’t he named after this?

  22. @Lost My Mind
    I think you’re right about MIPS, the rabbit. My understanding is he was the very first thing produced in what became SM64–he was proof-of-concept. But someone may come along with better knowledge and correct me on that.

  23. I only know that MIPS was the name given to the rabbit to “honor” the N64′ s CPU but HappyPants’ s statement may be correct as well.

  24. MIPS was a rabbit model that developers creating/testing the MIPS coding used to debug the use of MIPS instructions. MIPS, being a complete model, was then put into Super Mario 64 as MIPS that Damn Rabbit that We Can’t Catch for Sh%#. His model was also found in Pilotwings 64, the only other N64 launch title.

    So yes, HappyPants was right. MIPS was the developers’ proof-of-concept.

  25. Wow, this is really interesting stuff. How do you translate the code from MIPS (Or whatever it’s called) to PPC. Do you have a list of PPC assembly instructions that are to be executed instead of MIPS? Or do you do some crazy algorithm to convert them?

  26. @Lost My Mind:
    I’ve been making a (so-far) crappy hack of Super Mario 64, entitled Super Mario 64: Luigi’s Story, and it works great on Wii64 (the R474 one). I also tried another hack called Mario64: The Missing Stars, but that one didn’t work. It just depends, I guess.

  27. I was wondering if when you are done with the beta release if you are also going to post the updated source in your repository. The reason I’m asking is I am learning C++ and ASM, and I think this project would be an excellent example of how to implement and use both languages together. I have always had an interest in Programming as I am just starting College taking electrical engineering With computer science, and I think actually studying a stable emulated environment would be a great kick start. Great work and best wishes to all of you working on this project.

  28. RICH GUY TEH MAN Says:
    July 14th, 2009 at 11:01 am

    Holy crap, I just noticed that this entry already has more comments than the Open-Jazz one. Jesus, you guys want Wii64 THAT much?!

    Yes, I’m lurking very frequently. I can’t wait for the release to come.

  29. “SM64: The Missing Stars” by messiaen is not an ordinary hack: It uses the “virtual” 8MB Expansion Pak, therefore we won’ t be able to play that on Wii64 unless it gets 8MB expansion pak support.

  30. @Boredom:
    Each MIPS instruction gets a function in the translator which will generate PPC code for that corresponding instruction

    Yes, the code, in fact, must be included with any releases in order to satisfy the GPL. However, I’m not really sure our emulator would be the ideal project to learn with: I know there are some emulators which are written in higher level languages which are likely much more pleasant to look at than our mixture of C, assembly, and dynamically generated machine code, but if that’s what you’re interested in, more power to you.

    And regards to hacked games: in general, there’s no reason they don’t work any better or worse than the original, but if they do some really crazy stuff, they may not work.

  31. Hacked games give me a reason to want this project soooo badly. That, and hopefully being the only effortless way I could imagen at the moment to play the AKI wrestling games (please work, please work, please work….).

    Once a final release 1.0 is out, what is your biggest priority to work on, for release 1.1?

  32. Thank you for your feedback, Do you have any suggestions on an ideal way to get some example code that would be good for learning purposes? Either way I would still love to check out your code when you are done as I am very interested in how you mixed said types of languages/code together, Also I find it fascinating how you worked dynamic recompiler.

    Thanks much, and keep up the great work!

  33. “the missing stars” hack does actually do some crazy stuff, but apart from the memory expansion that should be pretty much compatible.

  34. Keep up the good work… (but as a member that has been watching this progress for over a year now, could you please make a release already? I mean come on… WiiSX got released and that hasnt been mentioned for a while now)

  35. What is the reason that u dont make the emulator in 2 phases one translating all the instructions in the N64 rom and saving this altered rom to the SD card and then just reading this altered translated rom emulation this one instead of translating everything on the fly?

  36. @JustanIdiot:
    Good question. Static recompilation would certainly perform faster at runtime, especially since you can spend a lot of time on the recompilation to improve the generated code quality. However, there’s a major problem which static recompilation: its hard to tell what is and isn’t actually code that will be executed. On top of that, some games will use self-modifying code which is actually practically impossible to detect and handle properly with a static recompiler.

  37. @Tehpola
    So basically your saying that Every single MIPS instruction like add has it’s own function? For instance, if the trampoline offset stumbles across an add instruction (in MIPS) it calls the function translateAddToPPC()? I’m just curious. Sorry for all the questions

  38. @Boredom:
    Yes, every instruction has a function which will translate. Since it translates one N64 function at a time, several different translator functions will be called for each instruction in the MIPS code to generate PPC code for that function, and then the generated code is executed.

  39. You said: “However, there’s a major problem which static recompilation: its hard to tell what is and isn’t actually code that will be executed. On top of that, some games will use self-modifying code which is actually practically impossible to detect and handle properly with a static recompiler.”
    Would it then be possible to let the emulator write a code chart of the rom while letting it compile on the run and later use this codechart to make a recompiled version of the rom? If these codecharts are properly made not including any copyrighted code they could also be shared making it easier for anyone to make a recompiled version of their rom. Well actually i am no programmer only a mere physics student and thats all i could think off when reading about you dynamic recompilation etc.

  40. @ RICH GUY TEH MAN: It’ s like that from the first release. It just won’ t boot because the expansion pak is needed.

    @JustanIdiot: You have a really good point. You’ re not Just An Idiot at all ;)

  41. @JustanIdiot:
    Yes, that would mostly solve the issue of detecting what is code and what’s not. However, we’d still have to write the dynamic recompiler to generate code that will be used statically. Also, that doesn’t solve the issue with self-modifying code: because the code can change both with time and according to the user input, there’s no way to statically recompile self-modifying code. What it comes down to is that most of the time while running the game with a large enough code cache you are almost never recompiling code because you’ve recompiled it the first time it was ran. That’s why dynamic recompilation can be so much faster than interpreting: recompile once, run many times.

  42. @tehpola: “That’s why dynamic recompilation can be so much faster than interpreting: recompile once, run many times.”

    Does this also hold for the self modifying code?

  43. What i seem not to understand is the problem with the self-modifying code since there also has to be code that modifies it so the only code that would have to cached if u had all the hardcoded code recompiled would be the alterations in code saving alot of work. Am i right or wrong? If i am right so why doesnt pre-recompiled code still work more efficient than dynamically recompiled code?

  44. @Erik:
    To an extent, yes. Games constantly modifying their code wouldn’t perform well on real hardware either, so the actual modifications are infrequent so that the time spent recompiling is still often amortized by the faster generated code.

    I’m not trying to claim that statically translating the code ahead of time would be less efficient, but rather that its not extremely practical. Basically, what it comes down to is that to detect all the code, you need to write a dynamic translator anyways, and trying to handle self-modifying code is difficult at best with static translation. Of course, if you managed to get it working, it would be only somewhat faster (really the recompilation isn’t a big runtime penalty with enough of a code cache), and you would still need a dynamic translator to handle self-modifying code.

  45. Would it be possible to leverage LLVM to optimize the MIPS -> PowerPC translation in real-time?

  46. Well i was thinking that in this case with the wii you have a problem with the size of the code cache and as such i my idea would solve this. Maybe i read it all wrong. Furthermore i thought that pre-recompiled code would have the advantage that you wont have to worry about the speed of the recompiler you use for gernerating the translated code and could just worry about how good its recompilations are. And is there really no way correct me if i am wrong that allows for the self-altering code to be the only that is being cached?
    Well i am really sorry if i am talking some kind of bullshit i havent even programmed a single thing in my whole life wanted to start to but got annoyed when i tried to compile hello world and got an error message and with such couldn’t run it.pretty pathetic. So everything i say is merely based on everydays-logics. I am sorry if anyone got insulted by my seemingly stupid ideas.

  47. One thing that isn’t sad here is that in computer programs (i don’t know games made for video games, but this is applied to ever program) is that they mostly run in a specific area of the code, in other words, is that it keeps most of the time running a loop, before running in another area of code.
    With the dinamic recompiler it can compiles once and the code can be trapped only in cache area, so for example, there’s a loop that’s gonna be run 30 times, and the loop is small enough to fit in the code cache, so you gonna run 30 times the same code before running again the dynamic recompiler. And we can’t forget that the dynamic recompiler is just compare and write on memory, it isn’t doing something really complex or really expensive in time…
    About code that it auto changes…I didn’t knew that this pratice was used in N64, because it is one of the worst pratice in the programming area, that it can only be used if you are programming in assembly and is only used if you need to save a lot of space or in case you want to make a virus…it makes a little sense, after all n64 still used cartridges….
    What i really would like to know is how you are gonna make everthing be a n64, because the mips is probably the easy part compared with graphics and the audio processor, but how you are make it run on the right times, when you need to stop running the dynamic recompiler and run the RCP and when you stop running the rcp and show the images on the screen and show the audio?

  48. @tehpola
    Wow, I love reading your technical posts. I’m learning a lot from them, good luck with your emulator.

    Oh yeah, isn’t there a more effiencent way to translate the MIPS code PPC than to create a function for each MIPS instruction?

    Like, what about just making one function that detects what instruction it is then permforming the neccessary action accordingly.

  49. @Erik:
    While it may be possible, I don’t know enough about LLVM to comment on its feasibility.

    I know it does seem like a good idea, but really, there are reasons that all major emulators which have more than an interpreter have dynamic recompilers rather than static.

    As far as the use of self-modifying code: its likely that they swap in and out some code in order to save space when a large chunk of code isn’t in use. It’s not a bad strategy when you only have 4MB of RAM.
    Actually, the translator and the graphics are the hard parts. All of the N64y stuff is handled in mupen very well so we don’t need to worry about that as much.

    Good to hear some people appreciate them. I think you may have misunderstood what I meant when I said there’s a function for every instruction. There’s a function used to generate PPC machine code for each type of MIPS instruction. For instance, when I see an addi instruction, I call ADDI which generates a PPC addi with the same operands.

  50. hi everyone. i saw ur project and its very good iam happy to hear that somone make n64 emu for wii but why dont u support
    gameshark/action reply because that a good deal for this emu.

    i hope u finish ur project as fast as u can also somone respond mee ;)

  51. I’ m with Boredom: These posts are very interesting to read and make the waiting for a release less “painful” XD I decided to compile my first “hello world” today: I’ m going to download all the necessary right now.

  52. Never thought that they would use it for swap, but now that you said it it makes a lot of more sense…..but if the self-modifing code is only for swap areas of code, then there’s no problem of static recompilation, since when you swap areas of code you don’t actually modify it, you just move the code for the ram, unless when the code pass from the cartridge to ram it suffers some kind change, like decompressing or some kind of cryptography….
    I thought when you said it was self modifyng code it was actually something like code writting instructions in the code, like injecting code while you are running the code and this kind of practice really makes impossible static recompilation…
    So you are actually porting mupen….are you porting the original mupen project or porting the mupen plus?

  53. @Maat:
    To be honest, I’m guessing about swapping in and out code; I’m not sure what they do exactly. However, supporting static recompilation is not something we’re going to be doing because the issues I’ve listed; its just not that practical for what little benefit we’d see.
    We are porting mupen64 0.5. I think when we started mupen64plus hadn’t forked yet, it was just a few people working on an x86_64 dynarec. We may look into backporting some code from mupen64plus eventually, but we’re currently just trying to get mupen64 0.5 working before we worry about bringing in much other code.

  54. Sorry for bringing the same question again, just now while in the shower i remembered that there’s still the problem with the difference of code and data…..
    But i found a way to make it, but it assume a lot of stuff that i bet in the Mario 64 already break….
    First you could translate the entire cartridge (yes i know that it would translate data) then i would have 2 roms, one translated and other not.
    Then i would emulate 2 ram’s: 1 is for code only and other is for data…
    Everytime that mips runs load and store instructions then it would only see the data ram, and only when executing instructions it would see code ram…
    I don’t know if you emulate this, but i think the mupen doesn’t since it’s a high level emulator, if the dma of cartridge and ram would be used then both rams would be filled…
    The main problem is that it assumes that swapping only happens with dma, and never, i mean never, a load or store instruction would affect a code…..Probably that doesn’t happen, they must have used some kind injection code for better perfomance or anything else…

  55. can anyone answer my questions please ?

    1-why dont you make game shark support ?

    2-if there is a problem what is it ?

    keep up good work and thank 2 all team .

  56. @Maat:
    Unfortunately, its hard to make such assumptions as all sorts of crazy stuff is done: games run code straight from the ROM itself (eg Goldeneye), both code and data will be DMAed, and of course, having 2x RAM is not an option (that’d be an extra 4-8MB). Dynamic recompilation is fairly simple, and performs damn well. Eliminating the little time which is spent recompiling at runtime is just not worth the trouble.

    Cheats are not a priority right now. We have to concern ourselves with making the games run at all first.

  57. thank u ur right, but can u tell me when it complete not Exactly about how you think ??

  58. Just wanted to ask if you guys are still perfectioning the emulator, could you guys post another video with different games running on the wii64…..

  59. about the static recompilation thing, it’s not only complicated because of self-modifying code but also because you would have to go through all possible code paths to make it efficient, which can take quite a long depending on the code complexity.. at least, this is how I imagine it ^^

    I think static recompilation is mostly used for porting single game engines to another CPU while dynamic recompilation is more suitable for generic emulation

  60. @kim:
    Okay, I’ll try to be nice here…


    See, I was nice; I didn’t curse at all ;)

  61. Now, for my question. I was looking hrough my Wii Hard Drive for crap I don’t use to delete it for my er… LEGAL Virtual Console backups, and I saw the Mupen64GC logo. It is 1 block and just says “Wii64: An N64 emulator for the Nintendo Wii” or something like that. I don’t understand what it is. I’ve never tried saving an N64 save to my Wii, and even if I did, it doesn’t even say from what game. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

    Also, for those of you that can’t wait for the next release (*cough cough* kim *cough*) you can play Super Mario 64 at full speed with music by downloading some SM64 music to an iPod, etc. and take the white and red Wii audio cords out of your TV, hook up your player, turn off music in Wii64 settings, and play the game with the R474 compiation. It works pretty well, actually.

    We don’t create our save directory until you try to load or save from the Wii’s filesystem. Unfortunately, the way the Wii saving system is set up, a game can only create one save in the manager so we can’t have a separate save file for each game. Eventually, we hope to have a detailed save manager which will let you copy/delete save files for each game.

  63. If he play’s like that how can he ever listen to the Super Mario 64 effects? Like when he jumps it should make the sound of jump, right?

    But he can still buy in the virtual console most of the games for Nintendo 64, and they probably must play reasonable…with sound and effects…

    I have other question, but it isn’t anymore about the same subject…
    You said that Goldeneye run part of the code directly of the cartridge and you said that was a problem…I would like to know why is it a problem?
    The mips pc(program counter) can only address the memory ram? If he can only address the memory ram, how the hell they made it fech instructions from the cartridge? If the pc can address the ROM then why is it a problem?



    i dont say anything wrong and iam new here .

  65. kim, please fix your english. It doesn’t have to be perfect but your posts are on the brink of being unreadable.

    Anyways, lets all be nice to each other and have some PATIENCE.

  66. iam so sorry for that please forgive me people
    my grammer so bad because iam 9 year old .

  67. @kim:

    You should be in 4th grade now, you should already know enough about writing. Besides, when you say “i´m a 9 year old” you treat yourself like if you´re very young. But if you´re so young, what are you doing on the internet? Internet is pretty dangerous, you know.

  68. @kim cuz not everybody will go
    “HI Im a Pedophile”
    lol jk

    can’t wait for this to release

  69. again never understand ??????
    can you tell me please ?
    i never stop think about that,((DANGEROUS)) WHY? HOW?

  70. This is way off topic…anyway internet is not D4NG3R0US but people you can find in certain places are. Internet is like a big city, if you keep yourself away from certain quarters you’ ll be fine, otherwise you’ ll get yourself raped (kind of XD).

    Now please let’ s stop this “ZOMFG WHY R TEH INTERN£TZ A DANGER FOR MAHSELF?”

    I’ m replying your question instead of bashing you: the team is not sure about when it may be ready: as you may have understood from these technical posts, the work they’ re doing (especially the writing of the Dynarec) requies a lot of experiments and patience: so we can just wake up in a sunny day, open a news site and hope to read “Wii64 beta 1 released”.

  71. can anyone tell me where can i learn how to make emulator please ??
    i will be very happy :) thank u all .

  72. Ok I’ m not fooling you, just talking shit XD

    BTW You need to follow some tutorial on C++ programming and learn basics on programming techniques. Making an emulator of the same level as Wii64′ s is not an easy task, but you can start programming simple applications anyway. google “c programming” and follow a tutorial ;)

  73. i know ur right i mean the other bad people who want 2 fool me.
    and thank u :) for answer my question

  74. You’ re welcome ;) Yeah internet is a dangerous place if you are a stupid or a newbie so if you know what you’ re doing you’ ll be fine :D

    c ya

  75. No one can fool you??? Hahaha
    Your math teachers do that most of the time, and your science too….hehe

  76. @kim:
    Sorry, you can’t. Well, maybe, but you can’t just look it up on the internet, and tell your Wii to play an N64 game. It’s not that easy. I’m sorry, but you need to realise something: a group of guys older than yourself have been working on this for more than a year. Not to be mean, but making an emulator isn’t something a 9-year-old can do in a week, or a month. Trust me, I’m 15, and I have no idea how to do any of that crap. All I know how to do is get a 64 game, sit on my ass, and play it.

    I REALLY wouldn’t recommend trying to create an emulator by yourself, but if you want to, go ahead.

    By the way, has anyone clicked on my username yet? I thought someone would look at my Wii hacking site if I put it there…

  77. Hey hello just asking for another update on the wii64.
    It would be nice if you guys posted a video on other games that ate not running on virtual console.
    We would like to see the progress of the emulator since the April 1st Tiizer video, after all it’s been more than 3 months….
    It would be greatly appreciated if you guys would post this video…Thanks

  78. Could you please give us an estimate when you will release the beta version of Wii64? Weeks? Months? Years? I’m not asking for a release date, but I would really appreciate it if you could give me an idea of when it will be released. Cheers mate! :)


    sure i need a lot to learn about c++
    but who know maybe in future i will make emulator :)
    3 0r 4 years thats not so bad .

    P.S: sorry for past post i said such bad words for u .

  80. @kim

    I know RICH GUY TEH MAN just told you this, but emulators are one of the hardest things to code. Not to mention, C/C++ is considered one of the hardest programming languages to learn/code in. If I were you, I’d start off a little easier than that. Maybe you could try something similar to me and my programming experiences:

    Start off with an easy, educational and fun software/game development tool. For this, I would recommend Game Maker. ( ) Game Maker includes tons of documentation, a drag ‘n’ drop system (so you don’t have to learn to code at first) and a simple, easy scripting language based off of C++. I would download and install that, then read the documentation. (The documentation can be found in the program in Help > Contents.) Read through all of the documentation in the “Using Game Maker” bit.

    After that, look at some examples, edit them, and try to make your own simple game. Once you are comfortable with the Drag ‘n’ Drop system (I’d take a few days or more to get used to this), try looking at some of the simple examples that use GML, or Game Maker’s scripting language. (Documentation on GML can be found in the Help > Contents “The Game Maker Language (GML)”.) You shouldn’t have to read all of the documentation on GML since much of it is confusing and/or of little use to you. I’d read everything up to the “Splash Screens, highscores and other pop-ups.”

    Once you’ve created a few games, engines, etc., with Game Maker in GML and you feel you know a lot about it, you might want to look at other languages like Java (you probably won’t feel 100% comfortable with Game Maker for a while. Maybe a few months to over a year? All matters how smart you are.) I personally find Java to be a mix of Game Maker and C++. It has easy to use graphics, sound and input functions and such like Game Maker, but an IDE and language more like C++.

    Once you have done all that, I’d move on to C++ (I’d spend as long as you need transferring from GML to Java). Buy a book about it (C++ for Dummies) and read a couple of online tutorials. After you’ve made some simple command prompt applications, get a graphics/game making library like Allegro ( ). Allegro is quite easy to use. Learn how to use Allegro and then move on to something more professional and a little harder, like SDL ( ). I don’t know shit about SDL, but it is used among most open-source projects, emulators, etc., and is even ported to some consoles for homebrew (SDL Wii). Create some games, applications, whatever.

    Once you’ve done all that, maybe give an emulator an attempt. Just so you know, to write an emulator will require you to know how every part of the console your emulating works. You’ll also have to know a lot about the system that will be running your emulator.

    Just in case you’re wondering, I started programming/coding/application creation when I was 12, in the summer. I’m currently 14 and will be 15 in October, and I’m writing a game engine in Allegro and C++. This should give you an idea of just how long it’s probably gonna take you to get to writing an emulator of any kind.

    Well, sorry for typing up this extremely long post. Hopefully it will be helpful to kim and others that may be interested in programming. Keep up the good work guys. Wii64 is gonna kick some much ass!

  81. My story is inverse….
    I first learned C in university at the first semester, it was simple C, just like learning some kind of script
    Then another semester i learned more about C code
    Then i made a course of Java to learn Java and Object orientation…that is a good reason to learn Java first, since it’s better to learn the object orientantion then when you move to C++ you can learn a lot of hard parts that are like in C….
    I have used some assembly programming for 8051 and motoroal 68k…
    But after some thought i would say the hardest programming lanaguge is C# and Java and the easist one is assembly…A lot of people would say that i’m worng, but if you think carefull you are gonna see it why. Asembly and C don’t have many comands, most of the stuff you use are from libraries, so they don’t count… when you go to new languges there are like a lot more commands because instead of being in libraries like the first ones, they are built-in……

  82. I’m not trying to be persistent but do you guys think this emulator will be released this summer.
    I don’t know very much about making emulators or how complicated it is but I was just wondering that since this site has been running for almost a year and the hasn’t been a release.
    Could you guys please give us an idea of the emulator release or some major improvements that you guys have done if it’s not much to ask…

  83. WOW, I am a network/sysadmin guru and I know some coding. I designed networking equipment for vendors. This is impressive. I have never heard of dynamic recompiling before as I didn’t even know that was possible. So I take it you are grabing instruction sets from MIPS, recompiling it and trowing it into memory and then the function calls itself and then executes..Over and over again! WOW! If you guys get this you will create a bridge from 64 bit to 32 bit instructions. I have compiled many programs in 64 bit and 32 bit, but this is impressive. SUN, IBM will now have a bridge if you get his!

  84. @MB

    The Java Virtual Machine uses Dynamic Recompilation… And java is made by Sun? You must be a little behind in your history.

    These guys are not the first and the best at Dynamic Recompilation. They mentioned that they are still learning about it. Pretty much EVERY emulator and virtual machine does it..

    It’s still impressive though.

  85. @MB:
    Glad to hear you’re impressed. However, what we’re doing isn’t totally ground-breaking, but difficult nonetheless. On a platform with more resources, we likely would have made some different choices. Its those restraints that make the project more difficult (not that its easy anyways).

    You’re right that dynamic recompilation is nothing new. However, to nitpick, Java doesn’t exactly have a binary translator, but a Just-In-Time compiler which compiles bytecode (a more high-level instruction set than real machine ISAs) to native code on the fly. In several ways, its much more straightforward.

    In general, we are indeed working towards a beta release soon. Keep in mind, many games will still not work, its still an early release, but much further along than previous releases. We’ve frozen the dynarec features and are working on polishing things for a release. As always, it’ll be done when its ready, but we do have some concrete milestones. We will release when those milestones have been met.

  86. Hi Tehpola, I wanna ask you a question…well I’ m almost sure about that but that’ d be fine if you can confirm that.

    As you’ re writing a MIPS to PPC recompiler, I guess that’ d be fine if the PPC versions of Mupen64 (Linux, MAC OS) included this as well…At least what I understood is that this Dynamic Recompilerworks for Mupen64′ s core, tho it is optimized for the Wii…If this is true that’ d not be hard to port (backport) this device to Mupen64 0.5 huh?

  87. @HCK:
    Although I have gotten my dynarec running in a linux environment (in the ps3 branch), I’ve rewritten the core to an extent so that I can minimize my memory usage. Thus, its unlikely that my dynarec, in its Wii64 or PS3-Linux version, will be included upstream. A lot of my code would be applicable to another PPC dynarec which fits in with the x86 dynarec, but I won’t be working on backporting the code to fit in with Mupen64-0.5. Code will be available which will run on PPC linux machines though (the ps3 branch).

  88. Tephola and crew,

    I am beggining to wonder about something you said. The trampoline. Besides your way being more fun for you, and some copyright issues, Could just dumping the in-game generated code to a part or bin file make the trampoline unnessicary? I’m just curious?

  89. @Capt_)Trips:
    If you’re talking about a sort of static recompilation (it seems that you are), then you should see my previous discussions here about it. It’s not going to happen. Otherwise, I’m not really sure what you’re talking about.

  90. Just out of curiosity, I know that there are memory limitations with the Wii and GC which is why you have to write the Dynarec to work with such limitations, but my question is did you have the same issue with the PS3? I just recently bought one and have yet to read any Specs on the system so I am unsure as what capabilities this console may have. Also when this reaches the beta stage will there be source in the PS3 branch with the same updated code as the Wii/GC versions? The last part might be a Stupid question but just thought I’d ask.

  91. @Allterran:
    No, there were no memory issues on the PS3 because the PS3 has significantly more RAM and can use lots of swap space since I’m running in Linux. The PS3′s specs are fantastic, but I’m only using the PPU (not the SPUs where the real power lies), and in Linux, there is no access to the 3D acceleration. Because of the lack of acceleration, the games run an order of magnitude slower on the PS3 than the Wii. The best hope for ever playing N64 games on your PS3 is a build of mesa which runs on the SPUs ( ) or that access to the graphics hardware is somehow enabled, and can be accessed through OpenGL. Of course, someone could write an N64 software graphics plugin for the Cell itself, but that’s not likely either.

  92. Thanks for the input, I’m going to check out this driver as soon as Yellow Dog Linux finishes downloading. 3.3GB Linux ISO @ 152KB/s, Too slow, Also I’ve been reading about the PS3 Specs and you’re right, they are fantastic, the potential for this console are tremendous.

  93. Sorry to be confused or confusing.

    I did not so much mean a full dump of the machine generated code into a huge table file for Static Recompilation.

    I meant A Pre-Cognition Engine of Modules of Trampolines into the DynaRec?

    N64 is a dead language and a dead system like Attic Greek:
    The Library and Language is of a very limited and recognizable vocabulary.

    Your way sounds much more efficient and fun (like you said.) And it ought to run previously unencountarable code.

    I’m just affraid you may have accidently found out a few trade secrets that you should not publish, and the idea of the trampoline may prove to require multiple releases of the emulator for differen carts. I like the no news is good news policy.

    I think a Precognition Engine to emulate the Cart and not the console will be the ultimate answer to this problem. Based on the first generated line of code, there must be some logic as to what must follow? Because nothing new should occur.

    That’s just my opinion. I don’t code. I don’t engineer. I don’t understand.

    That is just my layman’s opinion.

    And I must say I really admire how open and present you guys are:
    No other house of coders are so present in the community as homebrewers. I mean, almost no where else could normal folks just talk to the Engineers. That is the absolute coolest thing about these kind of projects. Working Designs was always like that too. Really good people.

    Feel more than free to edit this for clarity and content, or preferably not publish it on my behalf.

    My opinions and ideas are free to you.

    Now I’m just gonna’ let this obsessive interest of mine go and let you have fun.

    I can’t believe it’s fun: But I like Hex war gaming? To each his own: The world is better for it.

  94. @Tehpola

    Thanks for clarifying, sorry if I put you down. I’ll have to look at the source some time (Although I doubt I’ll be able to understand it all because I’ve only studied computer science a very small amount of time)

    On a side note, I love learning from your posts, keep posting :D

  95. This likely isn’ t the right place to ask but, as you’ re coding a N64 emulator, I’ ll give it a try anyway: Is it possible to speed up N64 PAL ROMs to 30FPS? I know that the ROM is internally clocked via software, and I wonder if you know something about that.

    Keep it up :)

  96. Sorry for double posting but I thought I had to be more specific: I’ m talking about the ROM-side of the thing rather than a modified FPS limiter on the emu-side.

  97. this is dumb what r u guys talking about.. who cares about numbers and stinkly stuff finish the wii 64!! im not gonna pay a dime but it doesnt matter i want it now! now! or ill get mad

  98. @jonny b good
    So get mad, The only thing that will accomplish is well, nothing. They are not making it to appease you or anyone else. If they really wanted to they could finish it and not share it with anyone, consider yourself lucky and everyone else that someone is even taking the time coding this let alone sharing their work with the public.

  99. @jonny b good
    Fuk of how about you make a emulator. You proberly could not make a game on gamemaker or scratch you don’t know shit all. What be do know is no one likes you… And im i was the developer of this I would somehow block your Ip from downloading from the website…

  100. @jonny b good: How old are you? This is a serious question.
    @developers: could you answer my question, please? Or at least show me the right path…SHINE ME WITH THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE! :)

  101. Actually I’d be willing to pay or “donate” for a running version of Wii64, I’m surprised it’s taking so long after the April 1st demo showing it running quite decently

  102. @ tehpola,

    You said earlier that Rare made games are more difficult to emulate due to TLB instructions being accessed frequently. Is this something that can be worked out in the future? What slows down TLB access so much?


  103. @Bob

    If I am correct, TLB is a register/buffer located on most CPUs to allow the use of virtual memory. In this case, the game cartridge would be used as virtual memory. Since the game cartridge’s contents (ROM) are normally rather large (12MB+), they cannot be stored in the Wii/GC’s MEM1 (the fast, smaller amount of RAM), they have to be executed directly from the storage device that is attached to the Wii (SD, SDHC, USB Flash, USB HDD) or stored in some other (large) device/area/RAM, like the Wii/GC’s MEM2 (the slower, larger amount of RAM).

    Since SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 are both very slow, using them to store or execute the dynamically recompiled code would be very slow and would probably require a lot of re-working of the emulator.

    The other option would be the Wii/GC’s other RAM, MEM2. MEM2 would be faster than SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 (I assume, considering it is RAM) but slower than MEM1, but it would have the necessary amount of space to store the dynamically recompiled code. This makes MEM2 the better option for games with TLB. But, using MEM2 would probably get in the way of future features like high-res texture packs, since the textures would probably be stored in MEM2. A good amount of work would also have to be done to the emulator to allow use of MEM2 for the recompiled code.

    I think my information is relatively accurate. Please correct any mistakes I may have made. :D

  104. what is the progress? I know you have been working hard on this and I appreciate it, just wondering where we are on the progress.

  105. It’s been 5 months after the teaser, please give us some more information. I can’t wait for the beta version. Are we getting near a release date?

  106. @jonny b good

    If you actually read some of the comments, it would seem a lot of people care about “numbers and stinkly stuff”.

  107. Hey Wii64Team! Just wanted to say I am eagerly awaiting the release of this thing. I know, who isn’t right? But I just want to let you know you got fans, and I encourage you to keep plugging away at it. You’ll be heroes when its done. I’ve downloaded several different unfinished versions, tried them all, and I like where its going, and reading the posts and everything. Don’t get discouraged by the impatient jerks who are looking for instant gratification either. The good stuff is always worth waiting for (need I remind anyone of what happens when developers rush to release, *eh-hmm*SONY*cough-cough*), and I’d rather see a polished app than slap-sloppy buggy code when this really gets all put together. As a programmer, I appreciate your dedication, and I try to match it with persistently monitoring for updates (yeah, I’m a plugger too, I only wish I understood C at all, as I am guessing that’s what you’re coding in, then maybe I could lend a hand, but sadly, I’m a dinosaur, I know QBASIC, and a little Java, tho most OOP passed me by). Goodluck with the initial release, when its ready. We all hope its soon, and thanks in advance for all the hard work.

  108. Sorry if its been asked, but has the SVN moved from somewhere besides google code? The last commit was sometime in feb :|

  109. @ GRIM.657

    Yes we’re working off a private SVN until the release in which we will update the public SVN too. What we do from there hasn’t been decided yet.

  110. Emukidid,do you mean that is it possible after the first release you quit working on the project?
    Because,we know that the first release will not support expansion pack games and will lack a lot of features you had announced also.

  111. @Damien

    I think he means they haven’t decided what they will work on first after the public release.

  112. I think he’ s talking about the source itself: I think they may either decide to update the source as they’ re improving their software or update the source @ every official release.

  113. Hey guys!

    I’m going to be completely honest, I really do want this as quick as possible. That said, I don’t want you guys to rush. Just take your time and get everything done to maximum efficiency and I for one will be very happy.

    Ignore the people who are rushing you, take as much time as you need. I can’t wait for another post/update because this stuff absolutely fascinates me. Keep up the good work!

  114. OrSomWerk:
    “…I…want this as quick as possible…[But] I don’t want you guys to rush.”

    Um… what?

  115. I think he means that, much like everyone else, he too is anxious to see the initial release, but as an intelligent consumer realizes that all good things take time and tho he’d like it “now”, he wants it done right more. Right? I think he used less words tho.

  116. hay guys im back, sorry my mum grounded me and took my computer away..

    anyways are u guys done yet? man u guys are slow. what gives.

  117. i tink these guys are lairs! im sick of being lied to, they need to stop being lazy and get to work, we should fire them and get new ones, they are slow and immature, hurry up u hobos

  118. @ jonny b good
    You know, It’s not like it’s an easy thing they are trying to do. If your so hard up to play N64 games on the wii why don’t you learn a programming language and code it yourself. This shit takes time, and the only reason Nintendo can do it so fast is they have numerous people working on one thing, There are only Three people working on this and for them to get this far is no easy feat. Remember They don’t have to share their work nor do they even have to continue with it. They choose to because it’s a Fun learning experience for them. Why don’t you learn to have some patience and wait like the rest of us.

  119. @jonny b good

    Do you realize how stupid you sound? Tehpola, sepp256 and emukidid are doing this for educational purposes. They want to learn more about programming and emulation. They aren’t here to allow you to play your pirated/downloaded N64 games.

    If you want an N64 emulator so bad, go check out Project64 or maybe even 1964 or Mupen64Plus. (Google ‘em..)

    – CHR15x94

    PS: Programming is not for nerds. It’s for people who are interested in computers/electronics and have a brain. (Or if you’re looking at the money/career aspect of it, looking for a neat job that will offer guaranteed work for years to come.)

  120. Thank you Chrisx94. I’m glad i’m not the only one who’s willing to open my mouth.

  121. I wish I knew how to do this stuff. I have a lot of free time :/

    But yeah I hope that it can play the games well. If I can get Banjo’s working on it i’ll love them forever :D

  122. im 10, but my mum said i act 18 and im mature and stuff. i did try p64 but i want it on my wii not my computer

  123. I’ve been following these updates for a while now. I think its awesome what you guys are doing, keep up the good work! Just wish I could help, but unfortunately I dont know the first thing about programming. You guys’s power levels are most certainly OVER 9000!

  124. I am sorry guys,but this starts to become frustrating.
    You said that you have exams back in June and everyone fairly accepted it as real life is way more important.
    But now,during summer with a lot of free time in your hands,you have not even updated your site for 1,5 month!Your last release was over 1 year ago,and right now we are waiting sooo long for a…..BETA release?
    I truly have started to doubt about your intentions to even release it,anymore.But,in the best case scenario,with your curent pace,your emulator will be finished at the end of Wii’s lifecycle,when nobody will care unfortunately…And that’s the last you wish to happen,I suppose.
    So,please update your site,inform us and at least give us a target release date,Please…

  125. I agree Damien and I don’t think we’re being very unreasonable here. I was well excited when I saw the Tiizer five months ago and I thought a beta release was near. Now we still don’t have a clue when they’re gonna release it and I wouldn’t be surprised if it won’t be released before the end of the year. I can be very patient if I’ve got a date I can focus on, but that is not the case now. It’s been over one year since the alpha version guys, c’mon… give us some more info. I really do appreciate that you’re doing this for us, but it is really breaking my balls this way.

  126. thats why i said too!! that its gonna be done by the time the wii is done.. i said that too!!

    i am so smart!!i am so smart!!i am so smart!!!i am so smart!!

    get to work slackers!

  127. jonny does seem to have earned his keep as the resident troll.

    Anyway, Damien: This purpose of this project is for the devs to develop their coding skills, so the public reception is a secondary factor for them.

    Robin: They’re not “doing this for us” – that’s exactly the misperception which is annoying the devs. They’re doing this for themselves, and a public release is just icing. They owe you no updates and no release.

    I want this application enormously, but it’s completely inappropriate to keep bugging them for a release.

  128. alainvey, who are you to tell what’s inappropriate and what’s not? if someone else has a different opinion than you he’s got every right to express it. deal with it.

  129. If what you say is true, then I could just call your response invalid by invoking the same logic.

    Opinions do not coexist in some utopian peace: though that may be a desirable state of affairs, what happens in practice is that they are engaged in violent hierarchical competition. The effect of this is that some opinions are valued more highly than other and the voices of the ones which are less valued are effectively silenced.

    Whether your opinion or mine is ‘correct’ is to be decided, but mine represents a challenge to yours, and one which I think would be supported by the individuals you were addressing in your first post at that.

    What is inappropriate is that people keep demanding things from these people as if they had some obligation to provide this application, which they most certainly do not.

    Also, the devs have already asked that people refrain from demanding information over and over again.

  130. What it seems like to me is we have a couple of children here who have not reached a point in their lives where they learn manners, or have enough intelligence to realize that they are demanding something from someone who has no obligation to anyone but themselves. Take into account that if the dev’s never even posted anything about this App, no one would know about it and there wouldn’t be any animosity over it because no one would know about it. So all those complaining about it need to realize that they are lucky to even have someone working on this who is willing to share it with the public. Remember, they are not getting paid for it other than donations, so they don’t have to do anything. If you keep on demanding a release and acting like 5 year olds, they probably will never produce a release. I personally would not hand over something I worked on to someone who kept constantly pestering me for it. I think the reason they moved the source to a private SVN and have not given an update is either 1: They are not finished, or 2: Too many people are pissing them off by acting immature towards them.

  131. i don’t need some white knights to tell me what to do. all i ask for is if you could give us an estimated release date, weeks/months/years. that has nothing to do with being impatient, cuz i don’t care if it would still take one year or longer as long as i’d know. i would really appreciate it if you could give us an idea of when it’ll be released, waiting without knowing if you’re getting much closer to the release date makes me a sad panda. cheers for that mate and thanks for the time and effort you’ve put in this project!

  132. I whole heartedly agree with you Robin, it would be nice to have an update on the progress made, and if they have an estimated release date or not. All I was saying is if too many people complain about it not being done yet, the dev’s might become annoyed and either purposely not respond to our requests for an update on progress or just not produce it all together, and I would hate to see that happen.

  133. Yes, and Robin, you’re not the first person to feel and act the way you do. The devs have made a point of requesting people not to bug them, and, for the reasons Allterran cites, we should respect that point.

  134. I kinda agree… an update would be nice. But lets face it, these guys aren’t our robot underlings, nor are they being paid. They are real people with real lives. Maybe they have more important things going on, like inventing time machines or the cure for Super AIDS. They don’t need children in the back seat screaming,”ARE WE THERE YET?!” Be good children, maybe we’ll stop for ice cream on the way there. Thus ends my speech. With liberty and justice for all. Amen.

  135. Well then… Anyone notice how many posts we have made in the past 48 hours? Quite a few.

    Anyways… I’m pretty sure just about everyone is greatly anticipating the release of Wii64, but like said earlier, the developers are not our personal slaves, nor are they paid. I too am very excited about the upcoming release of Wii64, and have been waiting patiently since November, but like everyone else, I too have to wait.

    Maybe we could discuss some other homebrew projects, emulators, etc., while we wait. It’s not like Wii64 is the only homebrew/emulator you’ve been keeping your eye on, now is it?

    – CHR15x94

  136. Actually, I was thinking the same. Anyone know some good homebrew games? Also, what are some of your favorite N64 games? I’ll give hint of one of mine. “Do a barrel roll!” you “COCKY LITTLE FREAKS!” All aircraft report…

  137. I’ve been watching DSONPSP (a DS emulator for PSP) and Daedalus (an N64 emulator for PSP) for the past little while. Even though I don’t have a PSP, these two emulators really fascinate me.

    I find it very impressive that the PSP can emulate the DS, considering the two consoles are from the same generation. It truly shows just how powerful the PSP is.

    Daedalus on the other hand doesn’t impress me quite as much as DSONPSP because the PSP has two MIPS processors, one for graphics and one for the main CPU/other data-processing, just like the N64. Although, the N64′s MIPS CPU that did graphics processing also had another processor (the Signal Display Processor was it?) that would have had to been emulated as well.

    Even if it doesn’t impress me quite as much as far as the coding and technical details go, I still think it’s a great piece of homebrew, as it can emulate my favorite video game console at decent speeds.

    When it comes to Wii homebrew, I haven’t seen many games that really interest me, although there are numerous great emulators available (most noticeably the GX line of emulators by Tantric) and ports of classic games.

    As for some of my fave N64 games, I’d have to say LoZ OoT, LoZ MM, GoldenEye and Kirby 64 were some of my faves, although there are many N64 games I have yet to play.

    – CHR15x94

  138. DS emulator for PSP? I have no doubt that the PSP can graphically run DS games, but doesn’t it lack a second screen(a touch screen at that)? That doesn’t make sense, but i’ll look into it.

  139. Looked up some stuff, but I still dunno how it works. I have a DS with an R4 anyway, and no PSP. I was just curious. Are there any working PS1 emulators for the Wii?

  140. Yeah, I know what you mean when you say it doesn’t make much sense to have a DS emulator on the PSP, but I find it neat anyway. (I think touch screen emulation was going to be done via the joy-stick.)

    As for a PS1 emulator, take a look at the homepage of EmulateMii. The Wii64 devs have also created a PS1 emulator, although it isn’t complete. I’m pretty sure it has a working dynamic recompiler, although it’s got it’s bugs.

    – CHR15x94

  141. Shifting back to the Wii64 emulator, when everything is all said and done, will it be possible for the Wii’s hardware to run N64 roms at 100% original framerate and with full graphics capabilities? I know that you can already run purchased 64 games from Wii shop channel, but I don’t know if Wii64 is a different case. Seriously, Nintendo, what’s up? You only have like 13 or so N64 games available? This is why I love what you guys are doing. I can’t even purchase a replacement N64 at any pawn shop anymore (R.I.P. little buddy). *grumble* *grumble*

  142. The developers are aiming for full speed emulation, and I don’t see why they won’t achieve it.

    They have mentioned that certain games, ones which used various coding tricks to improve graphics and speed, like Rogue Squadron and most Rare games, will not be supported at first.

    As regards homebrew games, try WiiSpace – it’s a twin-stick space shooter which is surprisingly fun.

  143. I would like to ask a question (in hopes the developers read this and answer it)
    Is there any time frame we can expect a release? I’m waiting patiently, I would just like to know a general guess at how much longer it’s going to take. It would be nice to have month to look forward to.

  144. I`ve been following up on wii 64 for quite some time now. However, despite my eager anticipation for a reasonable fps on the wii64 to arrive. I would like to know what the team is measuring themselves against and what improvements if any do we have to look forward to. I saw their April Tizer awhile back, and noticed they still had some graphical issues to sort out. I wont say any emulator is perfect, but wii64 seemed to be well on its way. In comparison, it looked like one of the the decent builds of an older project 64 emu I’ve used before. To be frank, I`m not entirely sure if the team at this point is trying to finish up some minor errors or really trying to “wow” us with thier new release. Whatever thier current objective for a public release are I understand the complexity that it takes to forego a project like this with memory limitations, and for that I commend the teams efforts. My only concern as of late is, how dose wii64 compare to other emulators, let alone mupen64 the emulator where the project first derived itself from? I don`t expect anything fancy, but in terms of overall appearance of visual, audio, controls, menus, saving, and loading of the wii64 how dose it compare thus far?

  145. Hopefully my magic 8-ball can answer a few questions:

    @Kintaro Oe:
    “Signs point to yes”

    “Cannot predict now”

    “Outlook good”

    “My sources say no”

  146. I come here each day hoping for an update :( , even like an ‘Hey, I’m busy, not doing much these next few days’ type of report.

    If you were to give a percent on how close you are to completion, what would you roughly say? 75%? Higher? Lower?

  147. Hell, I don’t even care about the emulator anymore, I’m more worried these guys are dead…lol, ::dialing 911::

  148. I dont understand why there arent any other groups in the wii-hack scene working on an N64-emulator. I mean patience is one thing, but this has been going on and on for months on end. And sure, you dont have an obligation to the public or anything, but if you are truly just doing this for educational purposes and dont intend to finish it (or at least it seems that way, with the lack of communication and all) then why have you started this site? Cause the only thing it has accomplished so far is giving false hope.

  149. I think that false hope only exists because of people being impatient and having no idea about the complexity of such project and more over, thinking this project is being done for them especially: this is not devs fault if you are messing a dev blog with a news website or are still thinking homebrew developpers owe you constant report about their work !

    I know that internet is the place were you get free stuff everyday but try to think a little outside than your limited person: they are not making this for YOU or because it’s “cool” to play ROMz on the Wii but because it’s a challenging project, they didn’t started a blog to keep YOU updated about a release but to put some technical articles about emulation techniques somewhere…

    They never claimed this will be released soon or that they will keep us regulary informed or even that they will be working on this each day they have some free time, so leave them alone and do something more useful than waiting for an emulator as if it was your life depending on it…

    Keep in mind that homebrew coding is a HOBBY and try to ask yourself something before crying for updates or ETA: how much time would you give from your own free time working on such a project and how would you consider people constantly bitching and complaining about what you did or what you did not ?

    I could tell you what I’d think: what a bunch of ungrateful and stupid kiddies, they sure don’t desserve anything

  150. I can tell you what Jikaef really thinks. He thinks hat the devs will lose interest in making the emulator because of critisism. By telling us that we are a bunch of ungrateful and stupid kiddies he hopes that he can prevent that from happening. what he forgets is that the devs are doing this for themselves so they dont/(shouldnt) give a toss about what we think.

    criticism comes with every project, deal with it, white knight

  151. hi i am 7 yrs old and im a pc like on the adverts on tv hee hee

    i am too little to understand all this a but i want this emulator now so i can play goldeneye which my dad says i can play on a real n64 if i was a real boy but the controller is too big for my hands lol

    my friend from next door says i only have nintendo because i am poor so he make fun of me at school for only having a wii so i would like more computers and this will be good so i can say i have lots of better games tan them on xbox3 and ps3

    its my first day back at school so i dont know if i will have time now because my teacher told me that i might have to go to a special school for boys which means i will have even less time to try this out :( but by the looks of things i might be out before its even released tee hee

    do u think you can release ths before christmas because you said you will do the same last year i saw on a site tehskeen you said wiisx will be done by christmas but it wasnt lol my friends made fun of me because i told them i can play ps2 games on my wii but wiisx only plays what looks like ugh… not ps2 games they broke my wii’s sd slot because of u i am mad

    ok i have to go an eat now my daddy is calling me he doesnt like it when im on the pc too much because he thinks i am talking to you guys who are trying to get in my pants!

    i hope you can send it my, i’ll tell santa off you if u dont roffle

  152. Been following this project for a few months now ever since i chanced on your April 1st demo. While i’m definately excited about the prospect of playing my old n64 games on the wii, its not my motivator for checking regularly. Knowing a bit about emulator programming and just what a royal pain they can be when they decide to play up, i’m impressed by the dedication and continual enthusiasm you’re showing to see this endevour through to completion. While i’d be overjoyed to have this tomorrow, a week or even a month from now, i’d gladly wait a year or more if it meant you’d be able to carry on at a speed that maintained your interest.

    At the end of the day thats probably why you started this project, because you find the subject matter interesting (who can blame you honestly, the field has a way of snagging your interest). So enjoy your work and bring this out whenever you are happy with the finished program, just remember to keep having fun on the way.

  153. Am I the only one who gets more turned on by the thought of this project being complete, then by actual porn? Gives me a stiffy!

    I just wish it were girls doing the programing, so that didn’t sound so creepy….

  154. @HCK: thats not a kid, a 7yr-old kid wouldn’t know what the word ‘homebrew’ means. Thats obviously a sexual predator imitating a kid. Lol :D

    By the way are u a “skeener”?

  155. the fuck is this shit, honestly, what kinda messed up ppl tell the masses theyre making an emulator then dont tell them about it ever, hire a fuckin PR person ffs jus so he can go around interview u guys and saying random shit honestly if itll satiate our hunger…. btw i do hope this shit is going somewhere, if it isnt just tell us, im just sick and tired of checking every week and nothing new… i kno i could just stop looking but i really am curious

  156. g I joe: Maybe you should get a life. If your current miserable existence revolves around the completion of an N64 emulator, maybe you need a new hobby. Like collecting pogs? Or huffing paint? Think about it.

  157. Yes I’ m a skeener XD That’ s the first forum I’ ve ever registered to because I thought that “no one would have tried to get in my pants” there LOL. Why did you ask that?

  158. I do have hobbies lol, what im trying to say is that they could simply grab a willing friend, who knows NOTHING about programming jus to send out msgs once in awhile and try to keep us posted… I’m sorry if i got excited for an n64 emulator, doesnt mean i don’t have a life buddy. It’s pretty stupid to try and tell people you know nothing about to get a life… but if it makes you feel like a better human being go for it.

  159. It’s very funny looking at the oldest comments, and scrolling down to the newest comments.
    As you scroll down, the people posting comments become less and less intelligent, until you get to a point where you find a person impersonating a 7 year old child begging for the emulator to be released; a person talking about how he gets horny when he thinks about the N64; somebody cursing at the developers to hurry up, and getting insulted that they don’t post updates every day; and lastly people flaming each other and telling each other to get a life.

    bravo everybody. I honestly hope the developers don’t look at these comments very often.

  160. I think this may actually be a trick my Nintendo. They have “closed” the open source code. They have not released anything in well over a year. It may actually be Nintendo trying to dissuade other developers from working on an N64 emulator, I mean why would someone when this one is so close to being finished. . . if it even exists.. . . . . .

  161. hahaha.
    sorry to speak off topic, but i was just checking up on the status of wii64 and was reading through the forum. i rekon there is some absolute comedy gold on this page. reading peoples comments on here is probably just as much fun as playing n64 games on the wii.
    for example.
    when the pedo was pretending to be a little boy.

    oh also. i’ve only just started to take interest in computers as of last year and i have switched to linux and whatnot. i was just wondering if anybody has and advice about the best place to learn c++. i am currently a apprentice diesel mechanic and i have a strong interest in electronics and want to further my knowledge.
    any suggestions are much appreciated

  162. btw
    i can see what “Lost My Mind Says” means. kinda
    all this homebrew crap it ridiculously addictive.
    remember when the first twilight hack was blocked, then worked around.
    and then everybody was waiting for the backup loaders.
    then after that people were getting moist over bootmii, and now this.
    its just like getting sucked into watching neighbors (dunno if you know this show, i’m from Australia)
    or smoking crack you choose
    i’ll shut up now

  163. The emulaton exists, it’ s being worked on. Talking more about this will only be redundant: they will release it when it’ s ready.

  164. @benno

    I started out learning C++ from a book called “Learn c++ in 24 hours”, I suggest starting with this (you can find it on Amazon if not in a book store) or if you’re strapped for cash there are plenty of online resources for learning just about any programing language online just google something like “Learn c++ easy”. I chose the above listed book because it doesn’t focus on one IDE. Hope this helps.

  165. hey, i know you guys are busy, but can you post every once in a while just to lets us know you arent dead?(lol) after 2 months theres no updates, i think this project died. i hope you guys meet your end goal…if youre still trying to reach it.
    oh and LOL at the comments :)

  166. Hey, tehpola, emukid_id, and whoever else, if you need someone to update the site every once in a while so these people will STOP THEIR BITCHING, you can just e-mail me what accoplishments you’ve made every couple of days, and I can post it on here in paragraph form in a readable language.

    If you don’t want me to, it’s cool, I’m just tired of seeing people whine and complain, but never offer to do anything to assist you guys (you know you you are).

    Anyways, my e-mail is, but if you don’t want me to, can you please let me know so I’m not fervently checking my mail? :P

    Tell me you just didn’t hand over your e-mail address to every bot on the interwebz…..

  168. Comment #200!

    @Happy… pants…(erm…)
    I wouldn’t worry, it’s a throwaway email.

    Anyway, a question for the devs… just out of curiousity, what game(s) do you use to test the changes you make to Wii64? Also, how can Rareware games be difficult to emulate if they run commands off of the cartridge that the Nintendo 64 understands and processes correctly (sorry for a stupid question). Lastly, have you added support for little things like framebuffer, audio sync, etc.?

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  169. I would love to see more updates to this blog too. For all you bitches complaining, and doubting check out and you’ll see they’re constantly working on this.

    Instructions on building from the latest code are available too, so stop whining, start building it yourself, check it out and have a blast :)

  170. When I checked that link I saw quite a few people had problems loading the roms. I also had this problem, and never even got to test the current alpha version. I dont care that much, since I figured that might be fixed with the next release. Did anyone else have the same problem? I am using the first edition wii with the Homebrew Channel and 2 GB Kingston micro SD with Kingston adapter. And yes, the micro SD works for all other homebrew applications.

  171. IM STANDING ON A BRIDGE RIGHT NOW WITH MY LAPTOP AND A ROGERS INTERNET STICK,,,,, I WILL JUMP !!! all i wannnnaaaaa dooooo is have some funnn all i wanna do is have some fun, kids jus wanna have fuuuunnn plz give the n64 emulator, save a 4 year olds life(me im only 4 yeers old plese sir can i haves some more?) ANYWAYS, yea theres alotta pretty messed up ppl on this board… I guess most of them just wanna fuck around. Keep up the good work. Btw, nintendo is watching……


    To allow the use of virtual memory would require a large rewrite of certain pieces of Wii64. The dynarec is designed to be used with the Wii’s RAM, and using virtual memory would require a rewrite and/or different dynarec core specifically for use with games utilizing virtual memory.

    The dynarec would have to fetch instructions differently and would also have to calculate [return] address’s differently as well (since the TLB register maps memory address’s to physical address’s on the cart).

    So, essentially it would require rewrites of lots of things and would be rather difficult and time consuming.


    Not try to put people down or anything but the source hasn’t been updated in almost a year, that includes any revisions that haven’t been made into official releases (like r475, the latest available revision).

    @Kintaro Oe

    Like you said, other people have had that problem too. It’s probably an old libOGC bug of some sort. I heard using LoadMii (or some app) can fix it.

    Please correct any mistakes I may have made.

    – CHR15x94

  173. k, so i’m not very good with any of the programming of this emulator as I have not been reading the very detailed reports about how it works, so sparing me the technical crap would be much appreciated.

    I just want to know, will Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie be playable?

    Thanks a lot in advance, keep up the great work. :)

  174. Hey guys, I enjoyed reading about the technical part of your coding. As a fellow c/c++/c# coder, This has perked my interest in looking at the code a little. Great Job in all that you are doing. Hope to hear something soon about the process. I would love to jump in and code with you guys but my hands are dirty in a web radio’s code my friend is working on. :)

  175. Indubitably old chap. Would you care for a brandy? How about this Cuban cigar? Jolly good sah! Righto, let me light you (holds out a flaming $100 bill). That’s the ticket, buck up sah! Never say die, and all that codswallop.

  176. Not meaning to sound nasty or cynical, but I guess the lack of news relating to the emu is the reason why everyone’s being way off-topic…

  177. To the devs:

    I just thought of something, when looking for an N64 emulator to port over to Wii, did you ever consider Daedalus? That one’s running beautifully on X-Box and PSP.

    …you guys didn’t give up, did you?

  178. Dang these guys take forever…. the thing is i dont really care, but i would like to come here and see some news every now and then.

  179. @RICH GUY TEH MAN: Daedalus is beastly on PSP because it doesn’ t need to recompile the MIPS code, as the PSPitself uses a MIPS R4000 processor. As of XBox, the x86 recompiler was written a long time ago, while a PPC recompiler was never written before. Therefore, these guys needed to code it from scratch, and Mupen64 is efficient enough to provide full speed emulation.

  180. Listen everyone, the devs havent made a sound since July. Yes, I’ve checked the googlecode page too. No reaction here or there since july. They’ve probably abandoned this project

  181. Ah, the old reverse-psychology trick, eh? THAT will get the devs to respond for sure!

    Or maybe they’re just on vacation. Maybe they took a break. Maybe they’re in beta-test phase. Maybe…it just doesn’t matter. They’ll be done when they’re done.

  182. @dhrJoost: they’ re not using the public SVN for the changes they coded
    @ The Guy: they didn’ t, the april tiizer is real and I bet that’ s much better than that now.

    Stop whining and wait patiently for a release. the devs have a life, and don’ t forget that you have a life too: go out, it’ s a beautiful day.

  183. I think there’s a chance we might have scared them off. Or possibly angered them. In which case I propose a human sacrifice in the form of a virgin maiden at the top of the world’s most hated volcano, Mt. St. Helens. Only then will they absolve us of our many transgressions.

  184. @johnny b good:

    Too bad most tech hackers are guys.

    @ Robin:

    What the fuck did he do?

    @ HCK:

    Really… well, if the devs finish their MIPS-PPC Converter, could a PSP emulator be created that plays simple 2D games with small file sizes (Luxor)? Also, does the Nintendo DS use MIPS also?

  185. @ Allterran:

    Holy crap! I’m actually finding that more exciting then an update! Why? Because, if they changed the logo while working on this and are JUST NOW showing it… let’s hope we have Wii64 Beta 1 by the weekend.

    That’ll be nice, I’m tired of playing N64 games on my PSP, with it’s broken speakers…ugh…

    If they are releasing it, I’ll make an unofficial compatability list. I’ve got every USA N64 game burned to a (as in one) DVD-R! Piracy, what CAN’T you accomplish with it?

    I just hope I’m not getting happy over nothing.

    @ HCK:

    Ignore my last question.

    Wikipedia sez: “One 67.028 MHz ARM946E-S[2] and one 33.514 MHz ARM7TDMI”

    …whatever the hell that means.


    67.028 MHz ARM946E-S[2] and one 33.514 MHz ARM7TDMI means the first is an ARM 9 Processor running @ 67.028MHZ and the second is an ARM 7 Processor running @ 33.512MHZ.

    Also the new logo caught my eye giving me hope that they will release the new build with source. My main interest is in how they wrote the Dynamic Recompiler. It’s great that Tehpola explained how it’s going to work but, I would still love to take a look at the code.

  187. Ok boys… This site needs a forum…
    second lolz the second there is some news like a new logo the comments actully are from people with a iq higher than 30 lol.

  188. About the logo guys…I heard the real reason they’ve been gone this long was to work on the logo. Spent all this time on it, yup. Now that the logo’s finished, they will actually get back to work on the emulator, lol

  189. @ Trizzoid rofl

    Everyone else the new logo means the project is not ditched so it could be out any time now. And the Jerk who said its a trick from Nintendo… WTF They have already released an alpha and releases WIISX So WTF There genuine developers!?!

  190. @ Matt:

    Thank you, I always knew I was a little smarter than a squirrel.

    @ Trizzoid:

    Damn, they suck at Photoshop!

    @ No one in particular


  191. YESSSS! Now I’ll FINALLY be able to play Superman 64! Sounds fun… naw jk but I seriously can’t wait. I’ve never played Conker all the way through, and Donkey Kong 64 was awesome. Rayman, Bomberman Hero and 64, and Glover also. Gawd, even though Chameleon Twist 1&2 got such low scores I thought they were great. Multiplayer- definitely Vigilante 8, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye. Too bad Hey You Pikachu wouldn’t work (yes I’m serious, love that game). =^-.-^= *purrs contentedly*

  192. Will there be a realease of a slightly updated version or are you waiting till everything is perfect

  193. The new logo is obviously a sign of things to come. Maybe the developers are waiting until September 29. The N64 was released on September 29, 1996 in North America. That would be a special date to release it on. I’m probably wrong, but it’s possible.

  194. Maybe they’ll release it on that date 7 years from now, to be on the N64′s 20th anniversary :P

    Ugh… we’ll probably have PS4, X-Box 720, and the Nintendo This-Used-to-have-a-Cool-Name-but-We-Changed-it-to-Something-Gay by then.

  195. YES!!! Release it on sept 29th!!! DO IT!!!! You know you want to!!!!! Sept 29th is my birthday!!!! Yes, thats right, Sept 29th 1996, Nintendo released their 2nd best console EVER on my birthday (the best is the wii).

    So, Sept 29th release date. Its a sexy release date. Plus it’s right around the corner!!!!

    Just sayin’!

  196. Great Job!!!!!!! You guys rock. Here is a couple of things I have noticed since I have started using the WiiSX. The reds aren’t right. They are pink. I have only tried out 2 games so far, Yu-Gi-Oh – Forbidden Memories and Legend of Dragoon. Both played exceptionally well except for the color variation. It only occurs in the FMV sequences. Happen like that on both games. Thanks again for taking the time to code such excellent software for the Wii. It is greatly appreciated.

  197. Actually, the N64 was released on the 26th in some stores. I had mine reserved at Electronics Boutique, along with Mario 64, and I got it on Thursday, Sept. 26 1996, I never, EVER will forget that glorious day after school. My best friend got pissed that I got mine that early. Anyway, I think the most of the big name gaming stores got it earlier, when other stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart got it on the 29th.

    @Lost My Mind: And no, your wrong, the SNES is the greatest console ever made, with the NES being a close 2nd.

  198. My top 10 favorite systems ranked by order: ( Just ones I owned or played)

    1. Nintendo Entertainment system
    2. Colecovision
    3. Gameboy
    4. Sega Genesis
    5. PSP
    6. 3DO
    7. Nintendo 64
    8. Wii
    9. Playstation 2
    10. Vic 20 ( A computer system but a cool one)

  199. It’s pretty funny how fucked up people get waiting for this…. we should have a emulatemii anonymous ffs… In other news WHERE TEH FCUK IS THE UPDATES GUYZ!?>!>!!>!>>!

  200. @G I JOE

    Ya’ don’t need to see updates to be on the day about what’s going on with the emulator. You can see all of their progres here:

    I hate when people doesn’t check the website and starts saying “WHY WON’T YOU POST ANY UPDATES!!!”. -.-

  201. @badnews

    1. How would you even know?
    2. If you actually believed it was cancelled, why do you keep coming back to the comments section of this post?

    There are other ways of getting attention… like streaking or taking the United Nations hostage. But don’t rain on my parade.

  202. i’m pretty sure they’ve cancelled it, but i still hope they’ll release it before there will be a new console

  203. That’s it! You cracked the case! These guys put up this Website, opened a page on google code, spent months refining their code, released a proof-of-concept teaser in April. wrote a couple fascinating posts on emulator development …

    …all so they could walk away without a word. Is there any way that actually makes sense to you? I apologize for sounding sarcastic. I really don’t mean to offend, but c’mon.

    If they were really going to walk away, don’t you think they’d just release what they had like they did with Jazz Jackrabbit?

    I don’t know where these guys live but the weather’s been beautiful here. My best guess and hope is that they decided to take a break and went canooing or whatever. Good on them if they did.

  204. reguardless, this is their project. I am glad they included us in the process, I just hope they don’t leave without saying a word.

  205. I gotta agree with some of the guys on here. It would be nice to at least here from the developers every 2 weeks, even if they haven’t made any progress, AT LEAST let us know, that way most people on here can shut up. An quick update like “No more progress made than 2 weeks ago, but don’t worry, we haven’t given up”, would be nice. That would shut ALOT of people up. And perhaps get some to help out.

  206. As for the project being cancelled –
    Why did they update the logo if they cancelled it? Unless badnews is one of the developers, he’s full of balogny. And didn’t someone say something about a place where you can see actual progress reports nearly daily? I think these guys might just be busy with lives and progress is slow. Or maybe they’ve hit a complex problem, and are too busy working thru it, and in the meantime ironing out minor issues, to worry about the masses who think they’ve died. I’m sure with all the work they put into this thing, they wouldn’t walk away just like that. Not without passing the torch to someone else at least.

  207. My word, these guys go a few weeks without commenting and suddenly everyone is convinced that the project is done for.

    Nobody here knows anything about the project, and I highly doubt that a project at this stage of development would simply come to a close without any indication as to why or any releasing of the latest source code.

    So this isn’t DNF or any similar analogy; they’re just a group of guys working on an emulator in their spare time. Stop pestering them and leave them be.

  208. Ever think that maybe tehpola (and the other devs) might be busy with college/university? That’s a hell of a lot more important than an emulator.

  209. I think at least one of them is a student, and being a student myself (returning to college at 27years, best way to go) I can testify to the serious lack of free time. I barely have enought time during my lunch to jump on here and get my daily chuckle at the gibberish that gets posted. I could only imagine the kind of progress I’d be making on an emulator, and its not pretty. Maybe we should start advertising to recruit for the project on their behalf? Or beat up some nerdy kids until they agree to do the developers’ schoolwork? Knowing my luck, the nerdy kids we’d beat up might accidently be the coders we’d be trying to recruit. And then it would be awkward. Did I mention when I’m tired, I ramble? I need a soda. Or a nap.

  210. it’s a common problem with people who don’t know a fucking thing about homebrew programming… they see the devs as little workers devoted to the end-user satisfaction and forget this is all about hobby AND free-time

    this guys may do what they want, they don’t owe you weekly or monthly work reports as if you paied them for that and if they don’t have anything important to say or just don’t wanna say anything on that subject, they are still free to do it, right ?

    staring at this blog evry day or elaborating stupid theories as if your life depended on a N64 emulator on the Wii is kind of pathetic, seriously

    what are you afraid of ? that this project might be abandonned and that nobody would let you play your N64 ROMZ on your beloved Wii ever ?
    c’mon, great stuff takes time to arise, you gotta accept this, might be useful in real life too

  211. Great things do take time, look a Free MCBOOT for ps2, that didn’t come out until close to the launch of the ps3. Free MCBOOT (in my opinion) was the single best exploit for the ps2 as it allows you to boot any homebrew application copied to the memory card right from the main menu.

  212. @Allterran
    How right you are! I bought my first XBox just before the end of the product line. Back then, I had to get a modchip installed (because I’m all thumbs with a soldering iron) and had to struggle to get a primitive version of XBox MediaPlayer running.

    I bought another one a few months ago when they were blowing them out used for $50. Thanks to advances and discoveries by the software geniuses, I could softmod it, throw in a new hard drive and install XBMC in minutes. Now both of them rock all the media in our house (and out–thanks to PlayOn, I use them to stream Hulu and a bazillion other things to our TVs). I’ve actually never played a game on them!

    The Wii was launched three years ago, but it’s only recently that I’ve been able to store and launch all of my (legally store-bought, thank you) games from an attached hard drive and protect myself from my own stupidity with bootmii. Currently available homebrew emulators are superb–especially the Nintendo ones that Tantric maintains.

    Software wizards. You gotta love ‘em.

  213. For those of you who are not very attentive – Tehpola’s last post is dated September 12th, 2009 in the OpenJazz-Wii section of the blog. So obviously yes – he is still alive, no – he hasn’t completely abandonned the Wii homebrew stage (or so it seems), and as far as “when will be the new release?” – it’s entirely up to him and the crew.

  214. This just in: Tehola’s alive!! Rumors of his untimely death in an unfortunate skiing accident, and then being devoured by cannible nuns who were the victims of an equally unfortunate plane crash within the same mountain region, were in fact over exagerrated. We can confirm details of a new religious movement amonst Yeti however. This correspondent feels he can speak for the entire board in saying “Thanks Tehpola for not dying.”

    As for the release date, I’m not worried. I just come back looking to see if they’ve posted any news and read what the fan base is complaining about. They’ll get to us, and the release when its ready.

  215. They have reprogrammed the entire space-time continuum to designate themselves as non-killable NPCs.

  216. WHAT!? This isn’t real. This can’t be real. Is it? If so…. WAHOOOOOOOOO!!! I LOVES YOUSE GUYS! But seriously, this isn’t a complaint by any means, but why did the eyes in Banjo-Kazooie look all funky? Just wondering…

  217. LOL@ Badnews&co. I knew that there was a big improvement:D still strange that they didn’ t inform us here.

  218. Because it’s a techie blog after all ?
    now, let’s hope this will stop all the whining and frustration posts :-°

  219. Knew you would pull through for us boys!! Im about to go To bed (Im Australian!) And all goes well i wake up to the official release on this site!

  220. I watched the new video of Wii64 on TehSkeen. It looks excellent! Love the new GUI and speed looks great too! You guys have done some incredible work! Thank you so much! :D

    – CHR15x94

  221. I don’t think anyone was expecting the emulator to look this great as a beta release. This is truly a huge leap for all Homebrew devs. Great kudos for the entire Wii64 team and also for those who didn’t lose hope.

  222. this emulator looks too awesome. they should release this to the public today! I’m itching to play diddy kong racing

  223. Don’t know why, but i got the feeling all comes down to the day September 29th.

    The emulator will have FAME! You guys have done it! That video prof will shut up everybody who didn’t count on you guys!

    Really, GREAT WORK! No doubt that you will make Homebrew Applications History! O.O

  224. Seriously, you guys deserve a drink on all of us. Can’t wait to see it. Didn’t I say you’d be heroes when its released? And yeah, beautiful GUI. Its true art, what you got there. Shake the hand of whoever drew that up for me, will ya. And thanks again for not giving up, and for taking the time to get it right. I know it still has a few bugs, but its good enough for beta.

  225. your obviously have put more effort than most have expected. Your end result will benefit all. Reduce frustration and all these complaints.

  226. BK’ s microcode set is a pain to process, but I think they’ ll manage to implement it correctly someday.

  227. This app continues to go above and beyond all expectations. You guys deserve to be commended; you also deserve a beer on everybody. Can’t wait!

  228. Isnt this the stable release? they launched it via homebrew so shouldnt it be ready for a public release now? just sayin… and how come it was anounched via techshen and not this site?

  229. Because this site is full of stupid comments who did not desserve it :-D
    I hope they will log all the IP that posted unrespectful comments against them in this topic and then makes the emu freezes for those people ahahaha would be a damn good punition

  230. I’m too tired for words like “punition”, or “the”. I do think tho that everybody who liked the video should cough up something into the donation fund. These guys deserve it. They’ve officially made the greatest application for the greatest system.

  231. @Diego
    That would be useless for few reasons:
    1. IP’s are dynamic and can easily be changed
    2. You clearly do not understand what an IP is..

    I’m too lazy to list the rest.. Sorry..

  232. Even if they did that, why would they take time out of their busy lives and tinker on their prized project just to spite a couple of nobodies? Best to shock them into speechlessness with the pure awesome that is Wii64!

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