69 thoughts on “Wii64 Beta 1 Official Trailer

  1. The emulator looks fantastic, great work guys I will be waiting for the release anxiously……….
    Keep up the good work and i hope that you guys will achieve perfect emulation of the n64 console….
    and many people might no notice that you do this for no benefit so THANKS YOU GUYS for sharing with us your work….

  2. Thanks you guys so much! I really appreciate this you guys are GODS! I have been waiting to be able to play turok and goldeneye!

  3. I still come here every other day too see how things are going, then I saw the trailer at tehskeen, and now this! Great work! Im amazed at the progress you’ve made and can’t wait to see the finished project. :)

  4. You can’t fool me! I can tell you’re playing these off the original N64.

    haha. I’m joking. But it’s true it looks that good and maybe even better.

  5. Wow very impressive guys, on the video the Majora’s Mask opening was playing more smooth than it does on my PC. Great job on the sound emulation as well. This is going to be the greatest thing on Wii since Homebrew channel. Much appreciated guys and keep up the great work.

  6. I knew you guys would produce something overwhelming, It is true all great things take time. Excellent job.

  7. @Mikey
    Your PC must suck i can run the majoras mask intro at 3x speed on my 3 year old Laptop.

    Great work guys! I wouldn’t have thought that beta1 would play most games at full speed already. ^^
    Though I would have liked to see actual gameplay of Majoras Mask. Since the intro doesn’t take as much power I guess it runs at about or below the frame rate of OoT MQ…

  8. I noticed in the video, the clip from Majora’s Mask, there’s a white fairy and a red fairy, which isn’t the color I remember them being. Otherwise, it looked great, and if its got a better playability than the glitchy Collector’s Edition Disk version does, I’ll learn to deal with minor color issues. Great looking app guys. Cant wait to try it.

  9. Wow, thats awesome how Perfect Dark plays so well! Does Perfect Dark have the same limitation as Goldeneye? TLB or something or other?

  10. You guys are just amazing. I can’t believe how good the emulator is looking! I’m dying to try it.

  11. This is brilliant, such an outstanding work! Keep up with the good job!
    BTW, would it be possible to map the wiimote IR pointer to an analog stick input? There might be a simple calculation with dead zone to accomplish something like that… At least we can only hope :)
    Oh, and this is open source right? So people can implement other effects on top of the emulation…

  12. You know guys, I’m glad I never complained. Although the developers didn’t give updates as often as many would’ve liked, it doesn’t matter. This site was still up, so that’s a good enough sign of life for me. But now, its almost here, and looks unbelievable! Nintendo of America might despise this release, but seriously, look at the list of Virtual Console N64 games available….PATHETIC. They give many people little to no choice. I myself am really kinda shocked at how smooth games are running on Beta 1. And the rest of you should be shocked too, but happy. And here’s a little tip to all you guys……..The minute any of you download Beta 1, please donate to the project, not just because you should be thankful, but because the developers deserve it for all the aggravating hard work that comes along with this type of thing…….and also for them having to see so many of you complain. My thanks goes to the developers for this upcoming release. May the God of Heaven bless you more than ever before.

  13. To say I’m foaming at the mouth would be an understatement. Can’t wait. Great job, guys!

  14. *retrieves jaw from floor*

    Holy… Fecking… Crap…

    Wow, this is soooo worth the wait. That looks incredible! I’m amazed you got it to emulate so fast and so accurately. Wow… just.. WOW.

    Totally patiently waiting for a release, but it looks just about ready. You guys rock!

  15. Awesome work guys. The sound emulation is just about flawless which is stunning given the last public release. The work you have done on this is simply amazing, I can’t wait until the release.

    Good work! Keep it up!

  16. Looks awesome! So glad that entire time wasn’t spent on making a new logo for the source page like I had worried!, lol…hopefully down the road they or someone implements ROM loading options over wifi from your computer. Can’t wait to check it out.

  17. Is that the same build than on the video of tehskeen ??? on tehskeen the speed was barely smooth, but on this , the speed is amazing !!!
    thanks for your hard work guys!!!

  18. Holy mother of *beep*

    This is amazing progress. Although I don’t post much I am actively checking this every 2-3 days just to see new comments or progress.

    Keep it up Tehpola, Emukidid and Sepp

  19. screw all those haters that talked trashed! whos talking trash now… i was always on ur guys side… yay emulator!!

  20. Love the GUI work, a huge step forward since the last update, and of course, can’t forget the most important thing, the accurate emulation and speed! Thanks for the update, I’ll be awaiting the release patiently.

    Just curious, what would you say is the percentage of games working/loading off of Beta 1, 90%, 80%?

  21. Really. I prefer the “M” of Mupen XD.

    But great work, In advance, does work the Wiimote or only GameCube controller? Because, I see the option to change the controller in the video of TehSkeen.

  22. Well what can I say except for:
    Freaking awesome :D !!!

    emukidid together with the others has once again managed to put a smile on my face and that of many many others in the (wii/gc) scene.
    Really incredible work and to be honest I just cant wait to be able to call the Wii my ultimate nintendo console … because let’s face it that’s what it’s becoming.

    I never plan on getting rid of it anymore.
    Seeing as I can play Nes, Snes, GB , GBC , GBA , Gamecube, Wii and now even in the future N64 on it (yeah ok im not saying the vc or wii ware titles arent fun but you guys probably understand what I mean) as well as some other Non-Nintendo consoles on it.

    Guys you really made my day :) and I wish you all the best and will be making a donation soon. Dont do that that often anymore but you should give credit where credit is due.

  23. Decided to donate immediately ;)
    If in the future you need any help concerning hosting space or something feel free to give me shout guys.

    Yep Im thrilled by this news :)

  24. As I have said time and time again. If you guys can get Body Harvest, Blast Corps or Hybrid Heaven working on Wii64 I will GLADLY donate at least $20. Gladly.

  25. This is great! Love the preview, looks amazing. Just 3 questions..

    1. Is there a slated release date for beta1?
    2. Are you guys having a button mapping feature where you can set which buttons do what?
    3. Do you need developers to help work on the project?

  26. Amazing! Just please, when you guys release it, remember who doesn’t have GC controllers… pretty please! ;)

  27. cream over it all you like, the fact is none of you have it and dont know when your gonna get it

  28. Congrats guys, I’ve been watching this since you first advertised for help on tehskeen 2 years ago. If I could code better I would have offered my services but you guys have done a fantastic job and all should appreciate this. When you do release this the scene will go wild, people will loose touch with what you’ve done, how, why etc but from someone who can only wish he can code like this – thank you! I have my N64 sat in-front of me but alas it is crap on my LCD but no more thanks to you! I fully understand what you have done is not for profit but I for one would gladly donate to say thank you.

  29. well, right now EmuKidd is clearing the Issues out of the site right now and it should be anytime now. *crosses fingers*

  30. WOWZA! Nice work guys, you pulled through… and just as i was beginning to have a meltdown (this site has become crack for me lol pathetic i know, but N64 holds so many great teenage memories) Take your time, ill be donating asap!

  31. @hyrule0513
    No kiddin! It’s making for some very interesting reading!


    20 min ago issue 34 (Using just wiimote and nunchuck) Status changed by emukidid – Consider this fixed when beta 1 is released. Status: Fixed

  32. Damn, thats just slick! If you need any beta testers, PLEASE let me know. Would be happy to do this and have an abundance of beta test experience going back MANY years -(Wing Commander SNES anyone? :) -

  33. have any rare logo games been tested on this like DK64 or Banjo and Kazooie. BTW that game was turok and perfect dark, not golden eye

  34. hell yea great work i play alot of games on my pc and they never ran this good great job i hope we will be able to play one of the greatest games on the n64 conker’s bad fur day :)

  35. Nicee release! Love Perfect Dark running at 80% most of the time with 8 sims.

    But the screen layering is all wrong. Can’t see the settings… and any way to not emulatethe sound at ALL? Instead of muting it? Same goes with the size resolution, small resolution and sound not emulated = 100% speed!
    can’t wait for beta2 fixing perfect dark’s problems!

    Perfect Dark is my favorite N64 game of all time.

  36. Awesome job you guys, keep up the excellent work, i love it!

    Seeing your progress, i decided to get a beamer for christmas to play all those great games again, this time on the wii and in higher resolution :)