Wii64 Beta 1

It’s out!
Downloads are available for Wii64, Cube64, and the source.

We’ve put a lot of hard work into this, and we hope you guys will have as much fun playing as we have developing it. If you’re feeling generous, we’re always accepting donations to keep this site running and to purchase any hardware we need for testing. You can donate here.

A few notes about this release

Wii64 users (Wii build):

The emulator can be controlled with any combination of GC controllers, Classic Controllers, and Wiimotes with Nunchuks (sorry, Wiimotes must have nunchuks). See the included readme for details on the controls. You can load ROMs (only uncompressed) and saves from a FAT formatted SD or USB (details on the folders required are in the readme).

Cube64 users (Gamecube build):

Due to memory limitations, there is no expansion pak support, it uses TLB cache, 2xSaI and FB Textures may break things and of course ROMs will run slower.

Fellow Developers:

We don’t want to discourage other people forking and working on the emulator; however, any unofficial builds must not be called “Wii64″ or “Cube64″ nor use the Wii64 or Cube64 logo in order to avoid confusion. For now, we’re just releasing a snapshot of the source used to build Beta 1, but we’re planning on updating the public repository with each commit we’ve made to our private repository so that everyone can see the progression of the code. This process will begin soon. Public SVN is up to date with beta 1 code.


Finally, there is a support forum located on TehSkeen, so if you are having trouble with Beta 1, please seek help there before submitting issues to the Google code tracker. You can also join in and discuss the project with other users there.

Sadly, TehSkeen is no longer around, it served as a great website for the GC/Wii homebrew community, for now, you may post any issues you have on the GoogleCode tracker.

139 thoughts on “Wii64 Beta 1

  1. First. And oh my god, AWESOME!!! Too bad I’m at the university right now, but as soon as I get home Ill try this baby out. Also will you continue development? Like fixing Goldeneye and stuff like that?

    Great job you guys!

  2. Thank you so much Wii64 Team!!! This is the best Wii application ever, alongside with WiiSX which is also made by you. Your work is magnificent, I’m pretty sure everyone appreciate it. Cheeeeers!!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so happy, im sorry i was mean in the last posts, gonna dowload in a minute, i will be donating my paper route money that i saved up thanks!!!!

    p.s. i love robin

  4. Great work guys, I’ve been looking forward to this release since you announced it way back! I’ll be giving the emulator a go tonight, should be good fun!

  5. So is the compatibility list up-to-date with this build of Wii64? Because Banjo-Tooie doesn’t show graphics properly in the actual gameplaying mode.

  6. It’s up to date as of a few revisions ago, but you can imagine that I didn’t have a lot of time to test all the (288) games very in-depth.

  7. Amazing work! I have only one request for next beta; add forwarder prefix support, so that we can make shortcuts to a spesific rom that autoboots.


  8. Before anyone asks about Perfect Dark on here, I suggest you check the compatibility list, only one specific version of it will work for now until beta 2.

  9. Auto update would be useful., network code could also collect and print some intresting stats in the emulator menu ;

    -number of users currently running wii64
    -list of most played roms, (live, monthly, all-time)
    -etc etc I love stats :p

    -most played games


  11. im shocked and amazed. i player sm64 and oot, sm64 runs perfect, oot intro is perfect, in game close to perfect. amazing and i cant believe i ever doubted you.

  12. You guys have made obvious HUGE leaps and bounds since the versions that were out before. This has turned from a sampler/joke emulator to a fantastic one. I’m proud of you guys! Keep it up!

  13. @ peppedaman:

    We put effort into trying to make things like that quite obvious even for people who neglect to read the documentation. I suggest you read the README or at least our wiibrew.org wiki page.

  14. oh i couldnt do that becuase i had to leave my house, dl’ed early in morning tested it out with sm64 and oot and left, sorry i usually read these things, ill get to it this evening.

  15. I’m giddy with excitement! And manly enough to feel secure with my use of the word “giddy” in this instance because YOU GUYS HAVE JUST MADE THE GREATEST APP EVER!!! Way to raise the bar for future homebrew! I tried Conker (didn’t work, but I hadn’t checked the compatability list until I left the house this morning), and I’m very impressed with the app’s gui, and I look forward to trying out the games it is compatible with this evening. Thank you for all your hard work, and I hope we’ll continue to see great things from you in future.

  16. same here Streetlight Shaman, cant even concentrate on my work, im still giddy with excitement to test the games later. Pokemon Stadium is 480p!

  17. @emikidid:
    Great work! Will try to test the GC build tonight. On a different note – is there any hope that a GC build will be able to support expansion paks and possibly hi-res texture packs sometime in the future? Possibly by utilizing other GC memory areas? According to Wiki, GC main system RAM is listed at 24 MB, video at 3 MB, and another (slow) 16 MB of DVD/audio buffer… N64 RAM w/ expansion pak is only 8MB… Or are there limitations in addressing some of the available RAM?

  18. @Fennec:
    We’re always trying to squeeze as much memory out of the system as possible, but its possible we might never see expansion pak on the GC. The 16MB of ARAM is not directly accessible, but currently in use for our ROM cache. The entire 8MB RAM must be contiguous and in main memory, also. Between the N64 RAM, the recompiled code cache, the texture cache, and other data structures like the TLB, we really are cramped for space on the GC. Hopefully, as we optimize the code generated by the dynarec, we’ll be able to scale back the size of the code cache, and thus have some more memory available.

  19. I just got a code dump when approaching the Treasure Trove Cove jigsaw puzzle in Banjo Kazooie, however I’d like to say that the emulator far exceeded my expectations. Nice work once again

  20. This is very good work, fellas. Keep it up!

    Question: What does ‘infinite loop in player 1′ mean, specifically for Mystical Ninja?

  21. Some games freeze the Emulator (like Mario Kart 64) (or atleast takes longer to load than I allowed it to load), I have seen one code dump on a different game, but I didn’t take a look at the compatibility list yet. So far, I have played a little LoZ:OoT and plays almost perfect (slows down a tad with sound and fps – but well playable). Colors are more detailed than originally expectected, Playability is Wonderful, and I am looking to get my Goldeneye game on with my former college roommate while we watch Futurama waiting for that New season to start.

    Thank you for all of your hard work and showing your code under the GPLv3. I have enjoyed geeking out reading the details of your progress while I look for another programming job.

  22. Hi,
    just tested the gamecube version for some time and here is my first report.
    Speed is very good but most games (All PAL) i tried didnt quite reach fullspeed, but mario ist fullspeed ingame as it seems, but i also have to report that it froze when i tried to enter the first world.
    F-Zero is also almost Fullspeed (43 Vi).
    Wave Race was unplayable, it was slow but the emulator gives an error message about in unimplemented audio code every 3 Seconds ingame and the emulation goes down to uner 1 fps.
    Mario Kart ran very well but a bit slow.

    are you still trying to improbe the GC version so that i will run most games fullspeed or are you focusing on the wii version?
    Also it would be nice to configure the Buttons of the GC Controller, N64-Z on Gamecube-Z is not very usable in most n64 games.

    Anyway, GREAT WORK!!!! never really thought Homebrew N64 emulation on the gamecube would become that great :)

  23. It seems that sometimes stuff works better than other times. I loaded Mortal Kombat Trilogy and the screen just blanked out. I re-loaded it again later and I could see everything, although gameplay was still slow.

    I’d recommend working on the compatibility list. A lot of games are under blue (game works) when in fact, they’re crippled. It’s a bit misleading.

    Regardless, fantastic job. I can’t wait to see where the future of this emulator takes us.

  24. @emukidd,

    While looking through your code in your /src/main/main_gc.c file in the int main() section under the while(TRUE) section, I noticed that you read the romfile from a different location than what your README states. Is this file an old file reading from the “dev0:\\N64ROMS” location insead of the new wii64 location noted in both cube64 and wii64 README’s?

    I hope that I am reading this right and not looking at an outdated file or an outdated source code.

  25. I´m mourn for the ilusion… This is… perfect (the GUI not the emulator but great work) XD.

    I´t not accep USB FAT32, damm it.

  26. Hey widescreen 16:9 mode doesn’t work correctly on my NTSC widescreen TV. It adjusts the screen but I still have black bars on the sides of the screen. Please fix in next version. Tantric can probably help you if you are having trouble with this. Thanks!

  27. Great release! And thanks for your all your great work!

    Just one small request though, any chance you guys could be using Tantric’s libwiigui? I think it would be good considering the emulator would fit in line with the other Nintendo emulators that use this GUI.

  28. @Someguy:
    The widescreen support doesn’t apply any hacks to the games and only adjusts the aspect ratio of the menu. A few games have native 16:9 and that setting is primarily so you can play those games in 16:9 without having a stretched out menu when you do. Also, to the best of my knowledge, its impossible for televisions to detect whether the source image is 16:9 or 4:3, so its up to you to manually change your TV settings appropriately.


  29. congrats on the release guys. Everyone (who matters) appreciates all your hard work…it’s lookin’ fantastic

  30. So, You guys will be working on fixing up Wiisx before you continue on wii64? I remember you saying that somewhere I think, or will you fix a few bugs on wii64 and then do a full focus work on wiisx?

  31. Just did my intial tests.

    Great work guys :)
    Playing Banjo on my Wii felt so unreal :p
    Looking forward to further development and I will keeping an eye out for any updates. And we’ll this might sound kinda lame but if you are looking for any testers or what so ever just let me know.

    Great project!

  32. Wow! Congratulations! It’s finally here huh? Well, like I said, once I find out if Body Harvest, Blast Corps or Hybrid Heaven are playable I will donate that $20. Just give me a paypal account and I’m there. Again, great work guys. The Homebrew scene is extremely appreciative of your contributions.

  33. The God of Heaven and Earth has truly blessed these developers with talent. Great Thanks goes to them, and a donation as well!

  34. This is really amazing:)

    One question though, does loading roms from the DVD work? I always get the message ‘An error has occured’…. I can’t fit roms on my SD so i just burned them all to a DL DVD…. could it be because its DL?

  35. Great work. Tried the GC build and it all looks great, though I would imagine it will edge closer to full speed on GC as more progress is made.

    I noticed that the textures seem to be missing on the ships in-race in F-Zero, but as I remember pretty much all the PC emulators used to have this problem too.

    One for emukidid – it won’t load from sd-boot RC4, it crashes. But from sd-boot RC3 it’s fine.

  36. Aaahaaaa gaaad

    if my sister wasn’t whoring the wii this week I’d be all over this.

    Someone tell me if mystical ninja works.

  37. Oh man

    just read the compat list.

    waaaaaai sakuraaaaiiii

    Well, I’ll have to wait then. I’ll still probably test it though….

  38. Oh my god. You guys are amazing.

    You think it’ll ever get to the stage where it runs as smoothly as N64 VC games?

    Here’s hoping. Good work!

  39. This is amazing… but I would really like to be able to edit the control mappings in the next release. The default game cube setup is not very good for smash bros.

  40. @tehpola

    All I care abut is getting rid of the black bars. Who said anything about applying hacks to the games? I just want Wii64 to do the same thing that all the other major emulators do and that is to have proper widescreen support. Thanks for your reply.

  41. Been playing this all night so far. It’s pretty incredible. I even got the Mario 64 hack “The Missing Stars” running on it. A little laggy here and there, but still quite playable. I’d like to commend you guys for this.

    I also have a question. I was wondering if it was possible to also emulate the N64 Transfer Pack. I noticed it wasn’t on your to-do list, and I was wondering if that was something you deemed impossible or deemed it not worth the effort or just didn’t even think of it. Obviously, not anything that has to be done, nevermind even being a priority. Just curious if there ever were any plans for the Transfer Pack though.

    Now back to re-living the mid-to-late 90′s!

  42. Very nice, SM64 runs better on Wii64 than it does on Project64 v1.6. I did notice that a few games on the “compatible” list crash, but overall it is very impressive.


    I believe what tehpola means is that the 16:9 setting only affects the Wii64 menu, not the actual game itself. If the game you are playing does not support 16:9 resolution, then you will either have vertical bars, or image will be stretched out and distorted.

  43. @tehpola
    actually some of the better TVs can tell if the source is 4:3 or 16:9, but its actually has to be 16:9 and not just 4:3 with the image squeezed, that also means it only works with component since composite cables can’t do 480p

  44. No, and you won’t be able to if you update to the DVDx which comes with the latest Hackmii installer. We are planning to release an updated version to address this DVDx update in the very near future.

  45. Just a hint…..although San Francisco Rush and Rush 2 are playable, they still need improvement (sound glitchy, some slowdown). But of course, this will get better as they keep improving the dynarec. Beta 2 is gonna be even better.

  46. Hey guys just checked out a batch of N64 ROMS and man do they work well. You have made quite the progress, I think you guys deserve a break now.

    anyway great job and hopefully we will see the day where it becomes an ultimate N64 emulator

  47. Just wanted to inform you guys, in Earthworm Jim 3D, their are texture issues with the colectable marbles and minor slowdowns when screen gets crowded. I noticed in compatibility issues you had it as the game worked really well in the speed and graphics

    anyway hope it helped

  48. sorry for the triple post but speed is accurate on the compatibility list.

    sorry for the mix up

  49. Bobstar,I would like to add that exactly the same thing happens with Rayman 2.The collectable looms are invisible… :-(

  50. Here is my impressions for several games,posted already in the Tehskeen forums.

    -Banjo-Kazooie:Almost perfect.Very playable with occasional glitches but nothing major.
    -Super Mario 64:Perfect!
    -Wave Race 64:As soon as you start a race the screen turns black.
    -1080:Unplayable.It seems that it can’t load polygons at all.
    -Excitebike 64:It’s playable if you can afford texture breaking and slow speed.
    -Banjo-Tooie:My excitement was very high seeing all the intro flawless.Unfortunately,as soon as the game begins,there are no textures at all in the game.Unplayable. :-(
    -Donkey Kong 64:Unplayable.Crashes at the intro.
    -Jet Force Gemini:Black screen everywhere.
    -Yoshi’s Story:Unplayable.Again it can’t load textures at all.
    -Rayman 2:Totally playable BUT the game is PRACTICALLY unplayable as the emu cannot show some vital parts of the gameplay.Such as the looms that are spread throughout the worlds.They are invisible.
    -Eartworm Jim 3D:Same as Rayman 2.It plays at good speed and sound but you cannot see any of the collectibles required in order to advance in the game.
    -Hybrid Heaven:It seemed very stable and playable.After the intro,in the first 5 minutes the game crashed.Maybe it is random.
    -San Francisco Rush:Playable.
    -Ridge Race 64:Playable.
    -Turok 1:Playable (but practically unplayable due to the controls.:-)
    -Batman Beyond:Playable.
    -Body Harvest:Playable but SLOW…
    -Doom 64:Textures crashes.
    -Duke Nukem 64:Playable but the textures seem corrupted in the hero’s hands and guns.
    -Duke Nukem Zero Hour:Totally playable.
    -Mega Man 64:Totally playable.
    -Glover:Black screen everywhere.
    -Mario Tennis 64:Again black screen.
    -Quake 2:Unplayable.Textures don’t exist.
    -Silicon Valley:Playable with occasional glitches here and there.
    -Sin and Punishment:Totally playable.
    -Winback:Unplayable.Textures crash.
    -World is not enough:Playable with no sound and with texture problems in the hands and the weapons.

    As a note,I would like to say that a lot of games that seem to work well,as soon as you pause the menus are glitched or just a black screen.

  51. Well, I tried Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 which worked perfectly. I’ll report back later with more, but its looking great guys! Well done!

  52. Will Donkey Kong 64 be playable someday? I’ ve read that Mupen64plus can’ t boot that….

  53. Will you guys make a snes emulator for the DS? I would donate a lot of money to get a good snes emulator on the DS. Or even a 64 one but i think that would be impossible lol.

  54. Lolausaurus,I tried Lylat wars too and while it plays perfectly it seems that the textures are darker than normal.At least for me…

  55. It seems that some of the games cause the emulator to freeze. Anyone know if it’s because of the file format or just a random thing? StarFox 64 seems to load but whenever I click “Play Game” It freezes. Same thing with several other games.

  56. I should’ve mentioned that San Fransisco Rush has missing textures and other stuff in most of the menus, and like I said earlier, is a little buggy in the sound (kinda stratchy) and there is slowdown. Rush 2 is stratchy with sound and has slowdown. Of course I’m playing on the Wii. Ether way, this emulator is only Beta 1, so lots of room for improvement! Good luck guys with the next Beta!

  57. Thank you very much for sharing all the hard work you’ve put into this project.

    The result is a beatiful thing, indeed. I played Super Mario 64 a bit and it’s hard to tell from the Virtual Console version, which I own. The only exception is on the initial screen where you can pull at Mario’s face. Here, the emulation slows down quite a bit but this is pretty unimportant.
    In some ways, it is a little better than the VC version since it supports antialiasing, stave states, more controller options and most of the things that emulators offer.

    Would you consider an additional screen mode, 16:9 with side bars so that the user can keep the display in widescreen mode but keep the correct aspect ratio?

    Also, when loading the ROM it would be nice to have an option to start playing it automatically instead of having to hit the “Play ROM” button.

    Best Regards.

  58. Here are a few more games that I tried:

    The World is not Enough (E) [!] (v64): As per the compatibility list, the game works perfectly except for the fact that there’s no sound. At all. Its got subtitles though.

    LEGO Racers (U) [!] (z64): A little slow, and the sound is very…odd (probably related to the speed issue), but it plays fine. No graphics issues.

    Super Smash Bros (U) [!] (z64): Works awesomely, except for the occasional graphics glitch (such as with explosions; they’re not visible and cause the game to slow down a tad).

    Banjo-Kazooie (U) (!) (v64): Some minor graphics issues at the beginning and its a little slow, but its very playable.

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day (U) (!) (v64): Nothing. Wont load at all.

    1080 Snowboarding (JU) [!] (z64): Severe graphics issues that render it unplayable. You can’t see the players or the boards in the menus, and once you get into playing its completely black. Unplayable.

    Paper Mario (U) [!] (z64): Weird texture glitches mean that its pretty much unplayable.

    F-Zero X (U) [!] (z64): Works 100% perfectly.

    Star Wars – Shadows of the Empire (U) (V1.2) [!] (z64): Gets through the opening sequence okay, but stops at the menu. Unplayable.

    Rayman 2 – The Great Escape (U) [!] (n64): Nothing. Didn’t load at all.

    Star Wars Episode I – Battle for Naboo (U) [!] (z64): Same as above.

    Yoshi’s Story (U) [!] (v64): The initial menu is fine, but from then on everything becomes black except Yoshi. Unplayable.

    Duke Nukem 64 (U) [!] (z64): The game only appears in a small box in the top-left hand corner of the screen. Unplayable.

    Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.1) [!]: Menu works fine, but in game graphical issues make it impossible to play. Unplayable.

    Mario Tennis (J) [!] (v64): I only got a little way into this because I managed to get the Japanese version, and hence couldn’t understand anything. But it crashed when I actually got into a match and started to hit the ball.

    Lylat Wars (E) [!] (v64): This worked perfectly. Anyone having trouble with any Star Fox rom should try this one.

    So here’s my list of 100% playable games thus far:

    Super Smash Bros.
    F-Zero X
    Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64

    Here’s my list of somewhat playable games:

    LEGO Racers
    Paper Mario
    The World is not Enough

    The rest are, obviously, fairly unplayable.

    I’m not saying that this emulator isn’t awesome, because it is. And I know that its going to become even more awesome in the future. These are just how things are at now.

    N.B. I’ve only tested one version of each ROM; since there are different versions of each, it would probably be useful to post which version of each ROM you’re using, though I don’t know how useful my notations are.

    N.B. I only briefly tested some of the extra options which didn’t make a difference the times that I did try them, but obviously if anyone has any luck with them, then it would be good to post them too.

    N.B. I tried all the games on Dynarec. I’ll try all of them with Pure Interpreter some other time (in a few days, definitely not tomorrow).

  59. I must say, considering that this is still in the beta stages, and though the wii may not be the most powerful console in existence, the results are truly impressive! I’ve tried a some games (10) and here are the results:

    Bomberman 64-2: The Second Attack (US): Title screen will show up and the intro cutscene mostly showed up, but after he gets sucked into the black hole, the game locks up.

    Goemon’s Great Adventure (US): Shows title screen and does have audio.
    crashes after character select

    Hybrid Heaven (US): Playable, near full speed with crackling sound,
    minimal graphics glitches.

    Jet Force Gemini (US): Would not even show the Rareware logo.

    Kirby 64 (US): Perfect audio and 95% speed. At least this emulator shows the HUD properly, others don’t.

    Megaman 64 (US): Playable, full speed and perfect audio

    Mystical Ninja 64: Starring Goemon (US); Not playable, it does show the title screen and intro without problems, though.

    Ogre Battle 64 (US): Somewhat playable, managed to get to the graduation cutscene, but the background graphics do not display,
    near perfect audio

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (US); playable, 90-95% speed, near-perfect audio, minimal graphics glitches

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (US); playable, 90-95% speed, near-perfect audio, minimal graphics glitches

    If the emulator is already this freakin’ good at beta release 1, I can only imagine how much more impressive beta release 2 will be! Keep it up!

  60. @Lolausaurus Rex: Rayman 2 worked for me.

    @the randomizer:Jet Force Gemini showed rare logo, and intro and put in name but couldnt see letters, game didn’t work because of major graphic issues, bright blue shiny flickering background

    Star wars shadows of the empire: Didn’t work graphic Issues, Unplayable
    Banjo Tooie: White background,major graphic issues, unplayable
    Glover: Sound but no video, Unplayable

  61. @Naveed:

    Snes emulation on the DS? Why would you want to pull us away from our Wii/Cube projects? Besides, SnemulDS works surprisingly well on the underpowered handheld. Your best hope is to petition SnemulDS’s author to work on SnemulDSi. :)

    To those requesting widescreen support:

    For Beta 1, the widescreen option only pertains to the menu. You’ll have to wait until a later release for in-game widescreen support. However, you can just use your HDTV controls to choose between a stretched image or to have your TV place black bars on the side of the image.

  62. Just want to say, very nice work. It is a beta people, don’t expect it to be perfect.

  63. Thank you for the emulator. However, the lack of customisable controls makes playing smash bros uncomfortable with a gc controller. Otherwise, the game is almost perfect. Some visual effects don’t show up however. Like the evil invisible tornadoes in hyrule caste. Pretty funny though :D
    Thanks again

  64. @sepp256

    Not everyone’s TV can do that. Mine can’t. IMHO it would be best if the software had some kind of adjustable overscan in the future.

  65. T.I., How did you get the missing stars working??? I tried and failed!

    T.L. Says:
    September 30th, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Been playing this all night so far. It’s pretty incredible. I even got the Mario 64 hack “The Missing Stars” running on it. A little laggy here and there, but still quite playable. I’d like to commend you guys for this.

  66. Man you users are on the ball, great testing job.

    BTW to those who have played Majora’s Mask, how far are you into it?


    The part where you get link’s Ocarina off the skull kid and play the song that brings you back to day one (I forget the tune name) The entire screen is not viewable and the screen flickers alot, so I had to trial and error the tune until I got the right notes.

    The scene I am talking bout is the flashback to Zelda teaching link the song. If you need more details let me know

  67. I’ll admit that my expectations were a tad high… but you guys still met them! :D I mainly wanted to play Megaman 64 again with a save function, but I got a few other games to work as well!

    I’ll probably not look back for a response, but you guys are going to continue to work on this right? I’ve seen too many promising beta’s die after the first release. Hey, if I wasn’t scraping to get end’s meet, I’d donate… Maybe next month guys, Until then, keep brewin’ up the fun and never look back for too long.

  68. Ok, I got the missing stars working. For whatever reason it doesn’t wanna save that game. Then again, I never really saved so far.

  69. @Bobstar
    Instead of jumping around to a bunch of different ROMs, I thought it would be fun to play a game all the way through to the ending while the Wii64 is under development. The one I picked is Majora’s Mask, which I’ve never played.

    Yes, I got to that part last night, except for me the screen went totally white–not even partial video. Audio was OK. I don’t even know how I made the right key presses, even figuring out that I was supposed to be playing the Song of Time at some point, but luckily I did!

    As soon as the “Zelda daydream” was over, the graphics came back and I could finish beating the Skull kid. This should probably be entered as an issue.

  70. I think a simple “Thank you” is in order. Your work on Wii64 and WiiSX (which I think we all hope to see soon…) is remarkable.

  71. hey guys, just wanted to say that the Beta is awesome, and you guys rock for making it.

    my only complaint is not being able to play Diddy Kong racing, or donkey kong 64. I hope that these will become playable sometime… hopefully by the next update.

  72. @ devs: now that the core of the dynarec is complete, do you anticipate more frequent updates to the beta (will optimizing go faster now)?

  73. @ peppedaman
    They work fine for me. A few small glitches and slowdowns here and there, but they’re completely playable. (I haven’t gotten very far at all in them, so there might be some other bugs I don’t know about.)

  74. Wait…that part in Majora’s Mask…doesn’t that use a blur when played on the real N64? Perhaps it didn’t show up because of framebuffer effects not being turned on.

  75. @ZeldaDD
    I have “FB Textures” set to ON as default. Is that what you were talking about. Whatever the problem in MM is, it’s not that. :-(

    (I used to be HappyPants)

  76. Lost My Mind Says:
    October 1st, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    T.I., How did you get the missing stars working??? I tried and failed!


    You need a rom of Super Mario 64 NTSC, and then you can look for “Super Mario 64 the Missing Stars”. It should be the first result, with the name “messiaen” in parentheses. Follow the patching instructions there, and then just run the .z64 rom the same as you would any other. It lags a bit here and there, as do most games that are ~25 mb in size, but it’s still quite playable and, more importantly, enjoyable still despite the slowdown.

  77. This is great! i sat and played goldeneye running at about 6FPS for almost an hour lol. it was fairly good for an early release, it seems to me there is a problem with the joints.
    any estimate when we should expect to see a v2?

  78. Nice work!
    Btw, pokemon stadium has graphics isues when pressing A ( you cant see those skills when choosing a pokemon from the list )
    Pokemon Stadium 2 got same issue as pokemon stadium 1.
    Going to test more roms.
    Anyway, the roms are running faster now, goodjob!

  79. I wanted to report on a few roms I have tried:

    Snowboard Kids: Choppy audio, slight slow down (about 90-95% speed), and menu when selecting boards/buying board does not show up (not a problem). Very playable otherwise and would just need customizable controls in order to play even better.

    Snowboard Kids 2: Unplayable. All menus are black screened (except for of course the text to select where you want to go). Character select screen is also black with only the 1P icon showing. I didn’t pick a character to see if the HUB world would load or if it would be black/freeze as well so I stopped playing at that point. Intro also flickers black constantly.

    SSB64: Lags in 4 player FFAs, some graphics don’t show up, and controls are wonky (need controls to be customizable).

    Mario Party: Freezes after you pick the pipe and start your adventure. Unplayable.

    Mario Party 2: All menus are black screened (except title screen). HUB world icon is shifted into the bottom right corner, Toad flickers constantly when selecting rules for the board game. Got as far as starting the board where, what is usually a white screen with the name of the board on the top and the characters laid out is black with the title at the top and freezes at that point. Unplayable.

    Mario Party 3: Didn’t try it but, given the first two, one can assume that this too is also unplayable.

    Mario Tennis: Got through all the menus to try an exhibition match and there are just too many graphical errors to play it. So before I served the ball, I turned it off. Unplayable.

    Those are all the ones I tested that are new that nobody really has seemed to test in this comments section. I’m assuming all graphical errors will be fixed in Beta 2 but, just to be safe, I posted big culprits for you guys to look at. Thanks for all your hard work and I am thinking of donating pretty soon!

  80. Motion smoothing effects in games like Majora’s Mask aren’t fully emulated yet if at all. Heck, Pj64 didn’t emulate those effects for a long time if I recall correctly. Then again, the funky dissolve alpha blending effects in Mario 64/Mario Kart 64 aren’t even emulated in the Virtual Console, yet emulators get them. How they have it is beyond me. We can hopefully expect to see these effects implemented in the near future (maybe in beta release 2?) But don’t wrong, I don’t expect Beta 2 to have the alpha blending dissolve effects or the motion smoothing, if one of the programmers would maybe be so kind as to explain what I’m talking about. If it looks like I’m going off on tangents (as I’m often accused of doing so) please let me know! Again, keep up the good work Wii64 team!

  81. Just a question for emu developers.
    Is the emu perfomance affected by the region of the rom?
    For example,when I booted Wave Race 64 PAL it was unplayable but the NTSC version works perfect.
    Again,it seems that the NTSC roms have somehow better compatibility.
    Any official response?

  82. @Damien, I have a few roms which say they are European when my machine is USA. Not sure if that is your issue, but they (both versions) seem to work fine for me. If I am off, let me know.

  83. I’ve tried 3 games so far:
    - Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon: Title works with graphical glitches and slowdowns as well as the intro (here Goemon is invisible – you can only see his shadow). After the intro the game hangs with a black screen. X+Y doesn’t work anymore.

    - Pilotwings 64: Playable but a bit slow. And some graphical errors.

    - Shadowman: You can’t see any text in the title screen and because of that I didn’t figure out how to start the game.

    But great work so far! Looking forward to Beta 2 :-)
    (Now where is that donate button…?)

  84. Thanks for the awesome release, a truly great day for the Gamecube and Wii Scenes, just one sad note, you chose tehskeen with that cry baby drama queen brakken as webmaster to host your forum, im sure theres many more forums with a less hostile webmaster than him

    emuholic.com would be a great place

  85. Hyrule0513, perhaps the problem is a dump rom.I don’t know.
    The strange thing is that some games seem to work fine for some people and for some others not.Another example is Cruis’n'Usa and Cruise’n’ World.Both roms work fine for some testers,but for me they are glitched and unplayalbe(and I tried both PAL and NTSC versions).
    Finally Starfox 64,while running fine for me,it seems way darker than the original,(and also tried different versions,all with the same problem).The strange thing is that I have not seen anyone to report a similar problem for Starfox 64.What is going on?

  86. @Damien,

    are these plays “Crusin’n'usa” and the World one first plays for the session? (ie start your system and load upto the n64 rom?

    On the color issue, I have noticed that a little (early in LoZ:OoT) that the colors seem a little bright or more so than in the actual game. I turned down my color scheme on my tv (because while watchin Family guy on regular tv, Peter had too bright of a green pants.) and it toned things down for both Wii64 and TV watchin. Have you tried to turn up the Color Tint or other settings?

  87. I got the missing stars working, but it won’t save. Always says “Failed to save”. Mario 64 saves. Missing stars does not. Eh???

    BTW: Troy Aikman is trying to play NFL Blitz 2001??? xD

  88. Hyrule0513,I tried to load Cruis’n'Usa from the begenning with again the same problem.After an internet search,i discovered that there are multiple versions of the game(1.0,1.1 and 1,2).What version do you use?
    And my bad,I mistaken Cruis’n World with Exotica.Actually Cruis’n'World runs very good and Exotica is the unplayable one.
    For Starfox 64′s problem,I don’t think that adjusting my TV’s settings will solve the problem because for the 30+ roms I tried, only Starfox is way darker.

  89. I just played Cruise’n'USA from CoolRoms (whatever version that is, i don’t know) and it is playable, but slow (visually and audio) and some graphics are glitchy, but mostly viewable and playable. It doesn’t get the full affect of playing it on the N64, but is playable.

    It is good to know about Starfox 64.

  90. My friend tried it out and it gave him a black screen. Is there a way to make this channel friendly so that it can be made into a channel and not have to go threw homebrew?

  91. Lost My Mind Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 1:09 am

    I got the missing stars working, but it won’t save. Always says “Failed to save”. Mario 64 saves. Missing stars does not. Eh???


    As far as I’ve tested with The Missing Stars, it won’t save a regular game file (SRAM?) for the rom. However, using save states seems to work.

    Unfortunately, the Zelda’s Birthday hack for Ocarina of Time quickly froze up on me after attempting to leave Link’s treehouse in the beginning of the game. Maybe I’ll give it another attempt before I truly give up on it though.

    Turok Rage Wars also seems to crash after a certain amount of time. Maybe 15-30 minutes? Runs a tad slow, but it’s still very playable until it crashes, though with wonky textures here and there.

  92. First of all, I have to say: Great job!! For sure I’ll be playing old wondergames for a long time!!

    I have to report a problem that I have with Ocarina of Time: I can’t finish the forest temple because when I complete the 3rd poe’s puzzle, it doesn’t happen anything, so I can’t beat him.

  93. Great work guys!

    Noticed some sound problems on Starfox though, but thats about it. I mention that because it was stated as running fine. Most other games have a few graphical bugs to iron out (Ocarina of Time has a coloured bar on the right side of the screen, Rampage and Episode I Podracer have texture problems), but I’m sure that’ll be addressed later on. If theres anything else I can do give me a shout. Is it even worth mentioning bugs here?

  94. Ran into a DSI ERROR when saving at the Woods in Mega Man 64, Which runs great by the way, as long as it doesn’t have to load a lot of stuf from far away…

  95. Ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt!!!
    Man I love you guys! Finally it’s out! I’m at work right now but as soon as I get home I’ll try it! :D

  96. I still love how this was released on the 29th. Both an anniversary for the N64, and my birthday. Team Wii64 is the only people who got me something for my birthday this year. At least it was an awesome present!

  97. why game like leg of zelda oca run fast and other games like snowboard kids run slow ???

    and also rare games not work like gimini jet force…etc

  98. Excellent emulator, but you guys need to try and get Resident Evil 2 working. It only gives a black screen.

  99. One thing that’d be nice is if the 1+2/X+Y button press had as high a priority as RESET on the Wii. I can’t remember how many times a game froze and the Wiimote combonation wouldn’t work, while RESET did.

    Also, if you’re in Treasure Trove Cove on Banjo-Kazooie for around 30 minutes, the game will freeze, I have NO idea what it is.

    And, to all the people saying Banjo-Tooie has no textures, it does! Enable FB Textures.

    REMEMBER: If something doesn’t work, play with the settings instead of whining.

    To the Devs: It’s a good day when the Jigsaw minigames on Banjo 1/2 work better on Wii64 v1 than Project 64 v1.7.

  100. I think you guys should know that in ClayFighter – Sculptor’s Cut the game crashes when Ickybod Clay uses his teleport attack. I haven’t played ClayFighter 63⅓ so I don’t know If It happens in that game too. But It probably does.

  101. Hey Guys Great Job!! I knew you guys would pull it together, to get this thing working! I’d like to submit my findings to the compadibility list! I have the rom set for the 64! Trying them one by one! Theres alot of games that work %100! Can we get an update to get perfect dark working correctly! message me back with instructions on how to add to the compadibility list, and I will contribute some data! Thanks again guys!! Keep up the good work!!


    i’ve almost cried when heard the intro of banjo kazooie, and perfect dark running at a playable fr.

    THANKS, and keep the awesome working that you’re doing.

  103. Very nice emulator. I’m glad this was finally released. :D Now if we can just get games like Bomberman 64, Mario Party, and DK 64 fixed of their graphical/freezing issues, then this will be even more amazing. :)

  104. Okay this is awesome,but conkers bad fur day.v64 or.z64 will load.they will freeze or just go to a black screen.but its still awesome i played banjo kazooie and it worked then froze after 1 or 2 hours.you no what would be even better.is if you could change the wiimote controls so you can play games like pokemon stadium 2.

  105. Question:
    Is there any plan to, in the fairly distant future, support gameboy transfer packs?
    I know it isn’t a priority, but if it ever becomes a feature this will be undeniably the greatest N64 emulator.

    Second Question:
    An update was mentioned, that would fix a lot of small things to make for better running of games with hiccups here and there, when can that be expected, or how far along are you.

    Sorry about all the questions, I’m just really excited by how awesome this emulator already is in it’s first beta release, and there hasn’t been an update in a while. I know it’s not unusual, for long periods with no updates, but I am craving more information.

  106. It doesn’t seem to work for me it keeps showing a screen in the sky that says wii64.PLZ help!!

  107. I want to show my sincerest gratitude, not only does this help make the Wii a better platform than it was, you did an -awesome- while doing it.

    Thanks for having such a great hobby ;)