SVN migration finished and other news

This is a quick update to let you all know what we’ve been up to.  For those who have been monitoring the googlecode project, we’ve finally finished migrating all of our code changes to the public svn!  That means the beta1 tagged code is the same code that was used to compile the Wii64/Cube64 Beta 1 release version.  We thought the migration process would go much quicker, but the length of time for the migration testifies to the amount of effort put in to get the emulator ready for a beta release!

We’re in the process of preparing Beta 1.1, which will have some exciting improvements.  We thought that we would push out a minor revision very quickly, but our wishlist for the revision grew, and we have a couple important things to add to it that are holding up the release.  Don’t worry though, as it will be worth the wait.

In parallel we’ve been making significant changes to WiiSX/CubeSX.  There is still a lot of work to be done in re-organizing and cleaning up the PCSX code base.  We are hoping that as we tidy things up we’ll be able to fix bugs in the emulator.  We’re not sure when the next release will be, yet, but look forward to major improvements when you see it.

86 thoughts on “SVN migration finished and other news

  1. Whoa, SVN migration finished and some info on progress as a bonus too, all-in-one, cool! Yeah, I can be sure it’ll be worth the wait as well, seeing as hearing the news is worth it as is.

    I have a question though, how will Netplay work?
    Will it use a patch system in the Wii64 menu that searches for people, or will it hack every multiplayer game to have an online option in-game? Or will it (insert other option here)?
    Just trying to get my head around it is all.

  2. Nice one guys, good to hear about the progress.

    Really impressed with the level of dedication you guys put in, it’s inspiring.

  3. LOL. Without haste. Your have done a great job with Wii64 and WiiSX :D .


    NetPlay went the emulator run 100%. You want play a game on-line
    with a game that is not working properly?

  4. Awesome! You guys kick ass, thank you so much. Awesome to hear that you’re still working away on WiiSX as well, that’s fabulous. Keep up the amazing work! :D

  5. Great to here! Can’t wait for Beta 1.1! :D What exactly are you planning on adding/doing, other than bugs fixes? Good luck.

    – CHR15x94

  6. @Matron:

    Ok, let me rephrase that, how is Netplay “going” to work when the emu is complete? Not to sound hasty, I greatly envy the teams dedication to the emulator now.
    Already loving the nostalgia passing through with this emu!
    Not that I would mind playing at half speed, but I guess you’re right Matron, maybe a question for a later time?
    Anyways, cheers to the Wii64 team, and Good Luck!

  7. Hello! Firts, I am not very well writing in english ;)
    Ok… Congratulations for your emulator, a use it and work very well.
    I detected some bugs in de State system (when I try to load a save state the game crashes in some areas por example Banjo Kazooie)
    Another thing… DK 64 don´t work, I think it is be cause DK requires de CIC code many times and fi it falls the game crash… it is only an idea the experts are you ;) .
    Please if you can, fix mario party 3 GFX plugins a love that game xDDD
    Ok… Cheers!!

  8. You guys fucking rock!

    Like, how do you make money? This isn’t your full time job, right?
    I swear if I was rich I would donate heaps of $$, maby one day i’ll become a millionaire….

  9. Nice, but please make getting Goldeneye to work your top priority! I always just hope there is something universal about all n64 rare games that makes them not work on the current emulator.

    That there’d be some magic fix and WHAM every single Rare game suddenly works. That’d be awesome

  10. Haha, sounds like music to my ears, :D . I would REALLY like to see a “L-Z Swap function” with the GCN controller, and some changes on the WiiMote button mapping (you know, having – and + as the B button…). Anyway, keep up the good work, guys!

  11. @MarioFan3

    I’m going to take a wild guess at how I think it might work. Don’t take it seriously though.

    When playing the any game you choose 2 player or multiplayer, but instead of using new controller ports, it executes some sort of code that searches for online players. Once it finds a player, it tricks the game into thinking it’s another controller plugged in.

  12. @Nathe

    You know, if *everyone* sent them just a little bit of $$, it would amount to the same thing. I sent in a donation earlier and now I feel a bit like part of the development team (even though I can’t program worth ass!)

  13. No offence guys but whilst it would be sweet to see Golden eye working… Id rather have the emulator running 20% better in a release rather than it be the same as beta 1 apart from it can run goldeneye. When it works great but it’s already been explained that the game communicated differently and therefore is harder to make function. when it comes it comes.

    And on a more interesting note. Whats this about net play?! Is this a feature being added so you can play online mariokart 64? lol and is it currently functining in the beta 1 and if so how can I try it out.

    And one more thing. How can i access the wii64 menu ingame without having to get of my ass to press the reset button? thanks!

  14. Matt, the netplay feature was requested by someone on the googlecode issues section, and was accepted by emu_kidid. It’s probable that they haven’t even begun thinking about how to implement it yet, and it’s certainly not in Beta 1, but it’s something the devs are interested in.

    To access the menu, just press x+y simultaneously. You poor person, I can’t believe you’ve been getting up to reset the console each time ;)

  15. Great to hear you’re still working on WiiSX! The emulation quality in the old build is already pretty damn good, it just needs some stuff ironed out and some added features and it’ll be flawless :) Can’t wait to play my PSX games with the classic controller!

  16. Thanks for the Update, I am excited to see the changes in the new release when it makes its way out!

  17. @Matt

    Agreed. Sure I will love when GoldenEye is working, but I’m thrilled with the overall progress and I can wait.

    I’m just kidding about this, but I wonder how much time will elapse between the time one of the folks who “only wants GoldenEye,” gets GoldenEye, and then asks for something else. 15 minutes? :-)

  18. You guys are doing an awesome job. There’s one thing that you should add on the compatibility list, Resident evil 2 isn’t there. it doesn’t work though. just thought you could put that there

  19. @ Hugh Verdam

    After Goldeneye I’d probably only ask about Perfect Dark and Diddy Kong Racing, then I’ll shutup

  20. @Boredom: Yeah I did, I read that they ported the beta1 code to the public SVN. What I want to know, is if they are now going to keep this updated in real time, changing code directly in Google Code, or if they will use the private SVN for that matter.

  21. Yeah, I would maybe only want DK64, just for the battle mode, it’s fast and crazy.
    ‘Quick games a good game style’
    And Goldeneye is a classic for when the mates are around.

    I’d be like “Yeah lets play some wii, how about GOLDENEYE 64!!K<!#<!#”
    And they’d be like “NO FREAKIN WAY, WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!!”
    Then I’d put it on and they’d all freak out playing goldeneye on a wii…..
    sigh…. a man can dream…….. a man can dream.

  22. I try Banjo Tooie and work on the first world but when you go on the mayahem temple and go on the door the émulator crash :( and dont want load…. and also when you fliying the émulator can crash some time…i do a video for that on youtube. i esperated you continue this emulator for wii and game-cube

    But great work!!! You can corect this bug and also try to do 3d recomplilator and other 3d issu or pluging can work for goldoneye and conker bad fur day,donkey kong 64. i

  23. Hello Again! -and sorry for my bad english again too-
    This time I poste here to say us than Now I completed my studios and Now I have a lot of free time.
    I have a TV-CAPTURE CARD con mi PC and I can record video and pictures.
    When the beta 1.1 is relased I can try games and report to us with screenshots to do the compatibility list of 1.1
    If my mesage es “understandeable” xD please confirm if you want my help ;)

  24. Love you guys! Yes! I got very excited about this when I read about it yesterday. Faaan-freaking-tastic. My wife clearly does not understand why I’m so excited, but THAT’S OKAY! I’ll show her why once Mario Party and DKR are working.

    I have the same request as PabloACZ, the ability to swap L and Z on the GC controller. The option to configure controls entirely (and save a separate configuration for each ROM) would be wonderful, but the L and Z thing would be at least 50% as awesome, and would at least make me a happy man. Forsaken AND F-zero X would be much easier!

    Keep up the good work! I have nothing but praise for you guys.

  25. Have you guys given any thought to adding classic controller support to WiiSX? I know there’s a modified version of your code floating around somewhere, but I’m sure you guys can do better than that.

    Everything’s been very impressive so far. Great job!

  26. I think there should be an option for cheats being disabled (assuming the emu produces them) during netplay when/should it be implemented. That way, if you want to play MarioKart fairly you can, or if you want to have random crazy fun with everyone having stars and mushrooms, that’s fine too. Just a thought. Love the work you guys do.

  27. @ Tim: Either cheats are enabled or saves have to be sent. Otherwise games like smash bros can’t be played online with the unlockable characters and whatnot. (well… unless the other person has everything too. Desyncs become possible, though) You can always just drop a game if you think someone’s cheating. That’s how it works on kailerra.

  28. @ alainvey

    Thanks but how do I access the wii 64 menu if im using the numchuk/wiimote combination? Ive tried every button mashing combination in the book?

    @ devs

    Wii64 Tends to freeze (Ironicly about a minute before I save) during gameplay. It’s happend On banjo kazooie ussally in tresure trove cove at randam times. i dont know if the memory goes dry or what but I have to hard reset the wii (take out plug) and also freesing can occur when loading a save state. Thanks.

  29. Hey I love love love Wii64, but I just had a quick question;

    Will Beta1.1 have the controller configure option (the ability to set buttons as you want them? i.e. Set L as Z, X as C etc). I have been playing many games on the emulator and some of the controls are just so messed lol.


  30. Matt, surely you are using (U) version, try (E) version it works better in speed and havent freezes. You must rename your save data form “banjokazooie (U)” yo “banjokazooieE” I did it and worked ;)

  31. @Matt: Menu call on the Wiimote is 1+2 (i.e. at the same time).

    Dude, I cannot wait much longer! When is 1.1 coming? This was posted 12 days ago!!!

    But seriously, awesome work. Seeing some of the updates on the SVN as you were porting Beta1 looked really sweet and promising.

  32. 2 Questions: Will beta 1.1 work with the new DVDX, and will the SVN be updated with the 1.1 code once its out?

    Its awesome that y’all have updated the SVN with the beta 1 code, its been fun to look through and play around with :)

  33. @Svin83

    I guess it is because it would be a great christmas gift :D (I wouldn’t mind if they released beta 1.1 before christmas though ;D)

  34. I remember someone important stating that the next release won’t take as long as the last. (or so I recall anyway)
    Keep in mind that there was a 14 months, 16 days wait between the two releases. Now there’s a rule, “taking less time” can mean “one less figure than last time” (in this case, the figure we’re dealing with here, is the month)

    So, by going of this rule, this could still mean that there is a 13 month wait (since Beta 1) before Beta 2 comes out.
    I know that 1.1 isn’t the “next Beta” so look at it this way:
    13 months after Beta 1 is Beta 2, so Beta 1.1 “in theory” should have been out on the 10th November (39.6 days since Beta 1).
    HOWEVER, as it sounds more like a Beta 1.5 (it should be called that) then it should be out in 198 days since Beta 1′s release.

    If you do the maths correctly, (going off the 13-month rule) you’ll not only understand where I got these numbers, but you’ll also understand that this means the next “release” should be out 15th April, 2010.
    However, this is assuming that 1.1 is actually of 1.5 quality, so I need official information from the team themselves to state their opinion on 1.1′s actual version quality.

    If you want my figures, then look at it this way:

    A theoretical Beta 1.1 should have been 10th November, 2009.
    (that date’s passed, so expect Beta 1.1 it be more than 1.1 quality)

    A theoretical Beta 1.2 would be 20th December, 2009.
    (this date sounds promising for Christmas)

    A theoretical Beta 1.3 would be 28th January, 2010.
    (another promising date for the New Year)

    A theoretical Beta 1.4 would be 9th March, 2010.

    A theoretical Beta 1.5 would be 18th April, 2010.
    (would make a neat Easter release)

    A theoretical Beta 1.6 would be 27th May, 2010.

    A theoretical Beta 1.7 would be 6th July, 2010
    (a nice Christmas-in-July gift)

    A theoretical Beta 1.8 would be 14th August, 2010

    A theoretical Beta 1.9 would be 23rd September, 2010
    (it would make a good early Birthday present for me)

    SO, “theoretically” that means Beta 2 is coming 2nd November, 2010
    (that’s little under a year away, so hopefully not)

    Now judging by the above “theoretical” dates, a Christmas release would be of Beta 1.2 quality, that would be great as a Christmas version.

    It would make a great Christmas present (it would also give me something else to do other than melting in the heat, typing on the internet) and as part of a two-way street, I’ll donate my money!

    …… that is……. if I had…. money…..

    but that doesn’t matter, that’s how I feel towards the team.

    If it isn’t released Christmas, we will most likely get more of a “heads up” as to which of the “theoretical” versions Beta 1.1 actually is, than anything else.

    I expect maybe some more donations will come within the next few weeks.
    The team does deserve a little more recognition, credit and what have you.

    Still, here’s hoping for a Christmas release!

    P.S Thank-you if you’re one that actually “read” what I have just said, because that shows that you actually care.
    Feel free to comment on these statistics, as it’ll give you something to do.

  35. A theoretical Beta 6.9 would be 31th of december, 2012 23:58:58 a second before the end of the word ;)

  36. If we see a full running n64 emulator before the end of the world, we will at least know technology has hit its peak. j/k

  37. @MarioFan3
    Woow..! I understand your point, and it sounds “correctly” (sorry for my bad english, you ll understand)
    The critical moment (core and graphics) is gone, now this guys will fix some bugs and improve a better speed (sorry for my bad english again xD) so… the releases will be easyer and faster…

  38. Aaaaaah, shoot, I contradicted myself because I said:

    “If you do the maths correctly, (going off the 13-month rule) you’ll not only understand where I got these numbers, but you’ll also understand that this means the next “release” should be out 15th April, 2010.”

    Now, I DIDN’T do the maths correctly there, because if the maths is done correctly, I was supposed to say the 18th April, 2010.
    Heheh, lol XD
    (although if you check my figures it says 18th April there anyway)

  39. Sorry for the double post, but doesn’t it make sense that Beta 2 would come out on the 1st March, as that’s the 12th anniversary for the PAL N64 release?
    Just saying, seeing as Beta 1 came out for the NA anniversary. It only seems fair.

    (OH MY PORK! I did NOT just give a delay date for Beta 1.1!)

  40. hi guys just want to say thanks for all your work so far got to say this project is very promising, i had alot of fun with the beta 1. You set your goals high for this project not happy with a standard n64 emulator, you had to throw in as many faeures as you could and for that i admire you keep up the good work.
    P.s I check back here every day hope your gonna give us something new to read soon lol

  41. @MarioFan

    You’re not taking into account:

    that unexpected future events may occur to the developers (such as vacations)

    That you don’t know if they plan when they work on the emulator or they do it when they feel like it

    That they are not writing the same code over and over again.

    The list goes on and on.. You just wasted like an hour of your life writing that post

  42. @boredom:
    Bah, I DID say theoretically though. Still, I think your name should suffice as to why I wrote it. ;) (by the way, you’re the first person to ever abbreviate my name correctly :D )

    On an emulator note, Forsaken 64 works like a dream on Beta 1, one of the few games that rarely slows down, has no code dumps (so far, and I’ve been playing it 4 hours straight) and the graphics issues are only minor (eg. no smoke) other than that it’s perfect!
    Now that Boredom mentioned it, the Wii64Team deserves a vacation over the Christmas holidays!

  43. This semester is almost over. I hope 1.1 is released soon! (at least before the next semester begins)

  44. maybe it will be able to load the floor in bomber man hero in the near future
    at least i hope so it looks good so far :D

  45. It seems that since the release of the beta, posting here has gone downhill in a big way. I’m going to chalk that one up to the beta being released right before October started. October officially starts holiday season, so…… first you have halloween, then thanksgiving, then christmas, then new years eve/day! Not to mention all the shopping in those three months, and planning for various holidays. Putting up and taking down different decorations each month……on and on this awful time of the year goes. Thank goodness they released the beta BEFORE all that happened. I’d hate to try to deal with all this going on, without my beta 1 release!

    I guess what i’m trying to say is, even though 80% of the sites visitors seems to have fallen off the face of the earth since the release, I just wanted you guys to know i’m still showing you guys love! Rock on Team Wii64!!!! \m/ O_O \m/

  46. One month has passed from the last update.
    I understand that you may work hard for 1.1.
    But is it so difficult(and time consuming)to update your site from time to time to inform your loyal fanbase?

  47. @ Damien:
    Hey, hold on now don’t say that, remember what happened last time people went begging? You don’t sound like a loyal fan to me ;)

    As Lost My Mind points out, they’ll have the 4 different holidays to cater for.
    This would mean the team may very well be on vacation, (as Boredom previously pointed out) going holiday shopping, pulling down then setting up decorations, or taking a well earned break. So why don’t you enjoy the festivities instead???
    It gets done when it gets done sheesh, but if you REALLY want something to do here are a few suggestions:
    1. Play Mother3. (if you haven’t already)
    2. Stop harassing the team.
    3. Try to finish the emu yourself.
    4. Complain to your mum.
    5. Play some other NES or SNES games eg. Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Final Fantasy, Kid Icarus, Mega Man, StarWing, Chrono Trigger the list goes on, I’m doing this myself and trust me, it makes you a very patient person after playing a NES game.
    Most masterpiece games tend to be old ones believe me.
    6. Support the Wii64Team by donating, you’ll feel better, you’ll also respect their work a lot more by actually putting up with the bugs whilst playing the emu like I do. ;)
    7. This may be harsh but….. Get a life?
    There are too many things to list, so try those or something to get you started.
    If you’re really adventurous you’ll do them all in order :D

  48. No, I agree with Damien. I don’t think it’s asking too much to know what’s happening once in a while. It would also help to have an estimate of a release date.

  49. True enough, I see your point ;) Just don’t want to push the team is all, and prevent things from going out of hand like last time, so lets keep cool basically.

  50. Right. About the absence of an estimate release, people have no idea of when the emulator is going to be released. So, the only thing to do then, is to visit this site everyday with fingers crossed. It’s kinda annoying. I’d prefer it if the developpers would just say: It’s probably gonna take at least two months. That way, you can forget about it for a while.

  51. Wow i just wanna say I was playing mario kart 64 last night with numchuk wiimote combination and it ran… Absalutly perfectly! Just as good as project 64. So Im starting to think the your port of mupen is reslly starting to get accurate. Well done Dev’s!

  52. I’ve been playing super mario 64 for the third time around!!! (if you count the DS port heh) It’s freaking awesome and I’m loving every minute!

  53. @joe_263: actually it’s not needed to visit the site. The news are published in a rss stream so all you need to do is get a rss client and add the stream. Then you’ll have all news delivered to you :)

  54. Excellent job guys, truly amazing. Can’t wait for beta 1.1 Might want to add support for Nintendo’s new Classic Controller Pro, the analogs aren’t currently working with Wii64. The day Killer Instinct Gold works good I will be one of the happiest guys in the world.

  55. Aaaaaah nuts, today is theoretical Beta 1.2 day, and no Beta 1.1
    Unfortunately, theoretical stats are never right, but always give us a rough answer as to what the actual result quality is, and roughly what time it comes out due to quality stages.
    I was hoping for it to come today… Bah! No matter, Beta 1 is my very early Christmas present this year I suppose? :(
    Now here’s hoping for that next date; 28th January, 2010. :D
    C’mon, it’s just something to hope for, so don’t rely on it. ;)
    (and it’s “theoretical” people, it isn’t supposed to be accurate, it’s supposed to be based of previous stats written on paper)

  56. If we’re going on hypotheticals, then you have to realize this development team has style. They aren’t Nintendo with their releases. Look at the virtual console for the past three years. “Oh such-n-such game that’s been highly awaited is going to come out on the week of Christmas! Its our present from Nintendo!” Then that week comes and goes. So does the week after it. The game isn’t released. Everyone’s sad.

    In America the official release date for N64 was 09/29/1996. Wii64 Beta 1 was released 09/29/2009. See what they did there? Yeah. Pure awesomeness! Considering it was like a week before that, they released a video of the emulator, and it said “coming soon”. The next week it got released….on a special day. That means they were done with it right around the time that they said “well, the Nintendo64′s birthday is coming up soon…….lets just sit on this for a bit. That’s style!

    First the Youtube hype video, then release it on an important date in the very near future while hype is still running high and everyones excited.

    I would say we’d be getting a software update soon, but I haven’t seen any youtube videos. So, spend Christmas with your family, don’t think about this site that day, because I doubt they are sitting on it right now.

    Maybe we’ll see a video in a week to hype up a New Years day release? Maybe……maybe not…..we’ll see.

  57. Or maybe it will be released with style. I agree that the Wii64Team will post a video a week beforehand for Beta 2, but I doubt it will be for Beta 1.1. ;)
    Wait a second, did you say that your release for N64 was on the 29th September???. In 96 and not 97?

    WTF? That makes me so very angry!
    June 23rd 1996 was the Japanese date, so you’re telling me it only took them 3 months to make it ready in English?
    Then why the hell did we have to wait until March 1st in 1997 for it to come to the rest of the world huh? 6 months after you!
    Sorry, but if you think I LIKE Nintendo’s marketing strategy after THAT, then think again, because the amount of times that I have had to wait 6 bloody months for something that is already out in America is extremely annoying. How many times has it happened again? Oh yeah I forgot, it has happened too many times that I’ve lost count. (Super Smash Bros. Brawl anyone?)

  58. I had a quick question when I was reading your site about the dynamic recompiler. Would it be possible to put it in a standalone app that could pre-process a rom and save it in a translated state for the emulator to run? So I would run this app on my roms folder and it would create a translated copy of each rom without having to translate on the fly? Even if certain things aren’t translated fully, would this help the speed of emulation? Since hard drive space is at less of a premium than speed/memory (esp. with USB and maybe eventually SMB support), I wouldn’t mind having a copy of a ROM tailored specifically for Wii64…

  59. Just wanted to post to show my support. I always like to check back here periodically to see how the progress is going. Looks like its going good. As always, once either Blast Corps Hybrid Heaven or Body harvest runs at playable levels I’m donating $20 to the team.

  60. @ Nico

    What you’re talking about is known as static recompilation. The actual recompilation time isn’t much of an issue for us, nor is loading the data from ROM. Static recompilation fails for emulation for a number of other reasons, mainly self-modifying code.

    (P.S. Prediction people, next version is 1.1, not 2.0 :P )

  61. Hi emukidid :p You think when the Beta 1.1 will be ready? Every day I verify if the 1.1 is here x)

  62. Hi
    Really, my only two complaints are compatibility, and (in rare cases) reliability. I was playing some Megaman 64, and I haven’t actually gone to the Wii64 lobby to save my save for about two hours. So I’m about to enter a new area, when all of a sudden my Wii tells me an exception has occured. The only way to back out? Power down my Wii and reboot. But I had just lost two hours of gameplay – a real letdown.
    Simple workaround? Have the Wii64 auto-save the save files, every 60 seconds or so (or when back to the lobby) when autosave is on.

  63. l love how flawlessly super mari 64 runs. anyway, i have noticed a few bugs espeicially with donkey kong 64 and pokemon stadium.