Merry Christmas ’09

The Wii64Team would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

We have been quite busy working on our upcoming Wii64 and WiiSX betas in the little time we can find in between our real lives and other work.

Rest assured we’re all still alive and kicking, and working on your favorite emulators, with many surprises in store.

Happy Holidays!

119 thoughts on “Merry Christmas ’09

  1. Merry Christmas! I hope enjoy these holidays any way you want, you deserve it! :D
    I too, hope your stockings are full. ;)

  2. ¡Feliz Navidad! (in spanich xD)!
    Thanks for your wii64 emulator I use It and works great!

  3. God jul! (In swedish :) )
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next release. Now take some time to relax and enjoy the holidays

  4. Joyeux noël! (In french :p)
    Good Job for the beta 1 ^^ I’m so impatient for the berta 1.1! :D

  5. Feliz Natal! (in portuguese ^^)
    Even though I’m a little late at saying this, merry christmas to the Wii64 team and to everyone else! :)

  6. メリークリスマス!

    Seriously, I mean it. :D

  7. Счастливого Рождества и с Новым Годом! (in Russian)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. Yea! havs a good christmas

    using namespace std;
    int main ()
    cout <<”MERRY CHRISTMAS!” <<;
    return ();

    (Im useless at programing thats all I remember lol!)

  9. happy holidays wii64 team! I hope the version 1.1 comes out some time soon! (and i hope diddy kong racing or DK64 works in the new version)

  10. Looks like my sixth sense was right.
    Although, I too, really want Beta 1.1, so I don’t blame you. ;)

    If you really want to know, I am anxious for at least “one” of the following problems to be eliminated in Beta 1.1:
    Banjo Kazooie has random code dumps,
    Banjo Tooie shows white when too much is on screen,
    Bomberman 64 freezes after world select,
    Diddy Kong Racing has no graphics,
    Donkey Kong 64 hangs after intro,
    Forsaken 64 doesn’t load save files, (it CAN save and the files are there though, but it hangs with music like Mario Party)
    Goldeneye doesn’t boot,
    Blast Corps also doesn’t boot,
    Jet Force Gemini has no 3D shown,
    the Mario Party games hang with music,
    Perfect Dark crashes at single player,
    Rayman 2 shows no lums,
    Super Smash Bros. has difficult button layout,
    and Tetrisphere shows no colours.

    By the way, does anyone know how to make the Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars hack save properly in Wii64?

    Even if only one of those is already fixed, just knowing will make me happy! :)

    P.S Wii64Team; Take all the time you need, we can wait, well, for now I guess, as some may get a little impatient (I myself may be included)

  11. I sense some pessimism too.I was hoping for a new year little present from the tam but it seems unlikely now…I only wish an estimate release fate for Beta 1.1.

  12. would be nice to see the wii64 play all the n64 roms as the ones i want to play cant PD/CBF/GE/wwf ones and many others and lets hope this comes soon before the end of this month :)

  13. I hope so much on Diddy Kong Racing, that’s a great game.

    But for now the N64 emu works great, i will wait for a fix.

    Thanks, Gr. Per.

  14. You guys are rocking the creative fronts!
    Just putting it out there…no one has managed to get a good version of doom working on the wii…the playstation one is so awesome and so close and there are so many good wads that people could apply.
    In any case, take your time, and we are all cheering for ya!

  15. Great work on Wii64!
    I’m hoping for a sleeker libwiigui based interface on the next release :)

  16. Oops… Yep, it looks like TehSkeen has abruptly seased to exist… :( I wonder if Wii64/GC64 team knows about this – last time I heard, the “official” support forum for the emulator was hosted on TehSkeen…

  17. @cade
    I’m pretty sure that it’s already been stated that libwiigui will not be used on the wii64 emulator. The current one is good, however it needs to be expanded to include button mapping, ect.

  18. @Fennec
    Yes, we are aware of TehSkeen’s unfortunate demise. :( We’ll let you guys know when we sort out an alternative “official” support forum.

  19. I have something to tell you. I was on the HomeBrew Browser, and I saw what I thought was WiiSX. Turns out it was pcsx-revolution. The creator just reused the icon. It even said WiiSX! If anyone else did this, make a comment saying “me too”

  20. @Chris,
    Thats been like that for a while, I guess the author of PCSX-Revolution was too lazy to make their own so they felt they had to rip off someone else’s.

  21. Just two days short of having been a month…
    Trying sooooo very hard to be patient.

    I’ve got alot of ripped (almost unplayable) roms burning a hole in my sd card.
    Looking forward to support for Conker’s and DK64.

    Thanks for this wonderful gadget.

  22. I predict that Wii61.1 is coming soon! (seriously I LOVE calling it Wii61.1 instead of Wii64: Beta 1.1)
    Is there an insane impatience virus going around or something, because I think we’re all catching it right now, including that guy in front of the computer monitor, who’s in blue jeans and has black hair, yeah YOU!

  23. Something tells me it is the holidays that is causing the wait. Now that they have passed, hopefully the developers are hard at work!

  24. Hey, can you guys give us a monthly status report
    on the emulators, so that we will know what’s going
    on instead of leaving us in the dark until they’re

    that’d be awesome of you guys :D

  25. summer… feels like the last one just ended… that’ll be AGES…

    but oh, well, that’s what I get for not knowing how to code an emulator myself. =)

  26. @Gamer:
    I already gave a prediction. ;) (you DID say “any” predictions)

    Yeah, hard at work, on their real-life jobs :)

    Hang on, what you just said implies that you think it’d be awesome if they left us in the dark until they’re released?

    @Dean_Burrito: Summer could mean anything. I’m still in Summer! So which is the “Summer” you’re talking about?

    @Wii64Team: I have a query:
    In Wii64, many games crackle up the sound when running at slow speeds, however I’ve noticed that other games, like F-Zero X, don’t crackle the sound when running slow, instead they slow down the speed of the sound with it.
    I was just wondering why that is?

  27. @MarioFan
    No, no no, you read what I said incorrectly. :)
    I said that it’s be awsome to get monthly status report
    instead of being left in the dark.

  28. Keep calm guys, you’re not exactly left in the dark, you’re visiting a web page that we run/visit too, we know you’re anxious for what’s new, and when there’s something to tell you, we will in our usual fashion ;)

    Now if this website was to disappear, that I’d call “being left in the dark” (don’t worry, it won’t).

  29. hey everyone. I realize this post doesn’t really belong here, and I apologize, but everywhere else has been dead since october 2009. This one seems to be quite active. Wii64 works great, but I can’t get wiisx to run. I’m pretty homebrew savvy, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. My wiisx hangs on “execute”. Many other people had the same problem, but they just had to rename their BIOS or put it into the wiisx folder. I’m pretty sure I have it all set up correctly.
    Does wiisx require a certain system menu/cIOS?
    I’m currently on 3.4, with wani’s cIOS38 rev 13a.

    sorry again for the off topic post, but I’m desperate to get SOTN running.
    Thank you!

  30. @MarioFan
    Oh. LOL That’s okay then :D XD

    Thanks for the reply :) I’ll continue
    to wait until more news is released XD

  31. Thats what I figured. But it just keeps hangin at execute. I’ve tried with .bins that work with epsx on the computer. Are there other BIOS that I should try? ..and just rename it to the correct one?

  32. Thanks. posted there too. seems like it simply won’t work for some people. how unfortunate.

  33. Because vc wads have individual emulators to run games, i was wondering if it would be possible to inject the wii64 emu into an n64 vc wad to run the games off that emu, so then it may be possible to have a Banjo-Kazooie wad, Would this work?

  34. @Adam: You can’t really inject an emu into another emu of the same thing with good results. I think you mean injecting a “ROM” into the WAD file.
    Injecting ROMs has been done since before the HomeBrew Channel. However, it is, unfortunately, illegal. :(
    Nintendo has have each and every right to sue you for it, and it’s dangerous territory. That’s where Wii64 comes in. It’s perfectly legal to have an emu, so nothing bad can happen to you! :)
    IMHO I feel Wii64 is going to emulate legally and effectively, and ultimately surpassing the performance of the VC versions.

    Even now with Beta 1, it already surpasses emulation by emulating the Expansion Pak, and high res textures! Not even Nintendo could emulate that, and THAT is very, very sad. They are people who are PAID to do it, and they are outdone by three guys, who do it in their spare time, for FREE! :D

    Yeah, those three guys know who they are, and they are awesome!

  35. lets just wait until beta 1.1 comes then eh. Oh and great work on beta 1, i just hope you fix all of those random freezez.

  36. Another weird aspect is that Nintendo didn’t even bother to emulate the dissolve-alpha blending effects in Mario64 and Mario Kart (the invisible/fuzzy effects). I bet anything Wii64 will have that effect emulated in the 1.1 beta. It would be nice to at least find out how the project’s coming along, but I’m assuming it’s going along as planned.

  37. Wow….. This is a really great plan guys!! I tested a beta, Mariokart64 started, looked and sounded awesome!! I couldn’t get past the selectionscreen but i’m patient.. The idea to finally play goldeneye on a Nintendo console makes 2010 allready a great year!

    Keep up the good work and good luck building!


  38. Just a second comment, we still play Mariokart64 battle twice every week! But the Virtual console version we play is really laggy (or so) with 4 players and the audio sounds like sh^t!

  39. I just looked on google code and found much more enhancements and defects have been accepted since the last time i looked a few months ago! lookin forward to beta 1.1 even more now! :)

  40. Good Sirs!

    After hrs and hrs of beta testing your newest installment, I congratulate you on your great success! It is because of you and all your hard work that we are able to have the convenience so rarely offered in todays world.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all you have done for the community. Your efforts have not gone in vain.

    Waxler Gensen

  41. Happy New Year.Wii64 supports no other Wii Remotes… Only over Gamecubeports…

    I would like to play with more Remotes and JB Goldeneye

    But its Ok for a Beta

  42. What I love the most about your work is that finally we are able to play N64 games with the wiimote and the nunchuck. I mean, it sounds basic but is really essential. I have nothing against the virtual console but really I don’t see the point not to use the wiimote and nunchuck.
    But thanks to you it is possible. Hell, I’ve even managed to play oot with it !

    Again, many thanks, hope to see further betas and such but for the moment, it really looks promising !

  43. Will the next version of wii64 be able to run roms that are NOT nintendo made?! maybe it’s just me, but the only two roms i can get working are the ones that have the publisher as “NINTENDO” So, most of the roms i have off of “” i cant play right now, including ocarina of time. Can someone shed some light on my situation please?!

  44. @Gamer

    emukidid’s right. I had the same problem when I first used it.
    simple mistake. ^_^

  45. No, I’m 100% sure that all of the files are .z64. But, when I try to load them, some come up with an error message (black screen with wrighting) and some just make the emulator “freeze,” like Zelda Ocarina of Time. I’m not sure if they just take a long time to load or what, but I didnt wait too long to find out so I hit the “reset” button on my wii and the emulator went back to normal. Super Mario 64 loads almost instantly, so why dont the other games too?

  46. I figured it out!!! I know exactly what i was doing wrong, thanks for trying to help though. They were z64 files INSIDE of a zipped folder. I should’ve figured that out earlier.

  47. its funny how they wont reply to if this new ver will be able to play perfectdark and conkers and marioparty and wwf games and so on, which most of us want to play

  48. Βrian,probable they don’t evem know yet.I suppose that they keep working on 1.1 but a concrete answer requires a lot of hours of beta testing.
    Anyway,I can’t understand why emukidid(and the others also) is always available to answer every little question about little “silly” things and never to answer a question about emulator’s progress or estimated compatibility.
    Guys,I appreciate your hard work as anyone else,but there is a 4 months gap between Beta 1.0 and 1.1.With this pace,we’ll probably see Alpha arounnd 2012.
    Please,at least INFORM US…

  49. I guess that I have mistaken Alpha…Sorry…
    Anyway,I wish very soon we’ll have some more information about the progress…Sepp256 and Emukidid,let us know about your release schedule and compatibility,please…

  50. Thanks for this project guys. Hoping to see your progress soon. For me Homebrew channel would only reach perfection when I can play my backups of Wipeout 64 and wip3out with a classic controller. The progress has really been great! Keep it up! I’m sure you guys can do it!

  51. @ Damien:
    I’m at work 9 hours a day, meaning, away from anything homebrew, testing, etc. So I can only find time to reply to “little “silly” things” as you call them. And my weekends are usually packed with stuff to do, it’s mostly the same for the rest of us too.

  52. completely off topic but i cannot find an answer elsewhere. anyone know how to get some HBC apps that werent recently updated to work on the most recent HBC? i have a few games (only one off top of head is rick dangerous) that dont work ever since i updated my HBC to 1.0.6. i read that is due to the nintendo 4.2 update trying to erase HBC on boot so HBC had to change its tag. from what it seems, apps that have been changed and updated work again but alot of older HB games just load a black screen if they havent been changed. anyone else encountering this?

  53. @HBC ?
    Yeah, I’ve had the same problem, have you tried re-downloading it? If you have and it still doesn’t work, maybe you could try getting a version off the internet and installing it the old fashion way. ;)
    For some reason, downloading it from an internet site usually works for me, of course, I’ve experienced that sometimes, it doesn’t work either.
    Don’t be discouraged, there are ways to fix them, although most of the fixes are buried into the depths of the bottomless pit known as the internet. :(
    (I hope someone else has a better answer than me :) )

  54. Emukidid,thanks for your reply.
    I didn’t mean that you have a lot of spare time.I know that you work very hard like a lot of us and we trully appreciate your dedication to this project under these conditions.
    But,my point is that if you find time to answer to my previous comment,I suppose it is not too difficult to answer some questions about Wii64′s progress too…

  55. @ MarioFan3 (or anyone else who can help)

    turns out its an SDHC issue. i can get em to work on my 2G card but not my 8 or 16. anyone know enough about homebrew to assist me in fixing this on my own. i have no prob trying myself but i dont know the ins and outs of homebrew to do my own tweaking. too bad i cant get a hold of the developers. ive tried emails to each with no avail. :( any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

  56. @HBC

    There are some other issues I’ve heard with high memory HDHC cards not working with the HomeBrew channel. But if that isn’t the case, there are some programs it requires another program to have it functioning. Check if it’s in your Apps folder or if the program is even a compatable file.

  57. @Eric says

    one of the shooters (raketi or something), i know rick dangerous and for some reason i cant think of the other 2 right now. but i tried these apps on a 2G sd and work, while my 4 and 8 do not. all my other apps work fine on my 16 G card, just not some of the older ones. i even looked em up on and they show a reg SD card symbol when showing controllers and media they work with. guess the crew just never updated the app itself. is there a way i can fix this. id rather not swap SD cards when playing diff games, u kno?

  58. yup, tried to reformat from scratch and everything. tried all different variations of the situation and same results. doesnt work on sdhc, works on my 2G

  59. does anyone on this thread know how to port an emulator into wii language? if so, i would pay (not too large amount) to have bliss ported over. who wouldnt love to play old skool intellevision? IMO its better then atari. nobody else is prob w me on that one tho huh?

  60. @HBC ?:
    Your right on actually! (burger town+Wiimote as joystick=awesomeness :D )

    Aaaaanywaaaaaay, before things start going off-topic…….

    Perhaps we should continue this elsewhere? Like a new forum, MSN etc.
    (just don’t want to clog this thread know what I mean?)

  61. @HBC ?

    I have similar problem with SDHC – SNES9X-GX loads up from my 8 GB card, but cannot read the folder containing ROM’s, reporting an access error. Very same directory structure copied to an old 2 GB SD card – everything works like a charm… I have asked this question on different forums, and also directly to developers, and basically the answer boills down to the fact, that this is somehow related to the way a GC/Wii toolchain has a file access implemented. Basically, this means that unless a DevkitPro PPC gurus, like Wintermute, will update the compiler, there won’t be a fix available.

  62. @Fennec, unfortunately, some SDHC cards can be hit or miss. How was the card formatted, in FAT16/32 or NTFS? A good program I use is SDFormatter, which is free and easy to set up. I believe the brand I use is Kingston 8GB, but just try different file formats (NTFS/FAT). Snes9x, Genplus, VBAGX, FCEUGC ect all have SDHC support. But just to be on topic, Wii64 is awesome, and I can’t wait for 1.1 to be released. And believe me, this next version will be more than amazing.

  63. i say we change the name from beta 1.1 to beta 1.5

    its been worked on so long that its really not a .1 additiong

  64. i could care less what its called so long as it comes and i dont care when. as long as the ppl respect the time and effort the developers are dedicating. i hate seeing negative feed on this site. these guys have a life and are doing what all of us want but cant do. if i have to wait 5 years to play goldeneye on my wii i will!!!!