319 thoughts on “Wii64 Beta 1.1 “Honey” Official Trailer

  1. Ok, my first thought: FEIHGSDFIOHGIARHVQ@#$*(YUAGH*)W*VYU&^q-V@($U*T@$’7gfuy#$G3489YVGT98NY398769V4Y6T798VYHIUHGKJ35Y9876THIS IS AWESOME!


    My final thought before passing out from frothing: The sound… is that from the recording, or does it really sound like that? Not that it’s bad, I can live with a touch of static, I just what to know what to expect.

    Also, yeas, expect a small donation from me next month (if I can afford it… and assuming I don’t have to sell my Wii for food.)

  2. goldeneye?! pefect dark?! uuuhhhh ooohhh aaaahhh oops i just jizzed in my pants. still waiting on banjo and rogue squadron however.

  3. I just want to know if Mario Party or CBFD gonna works on this version?

    And you’re doing a ULTIMATE JOB! continue like this and it’s gonna like PJ64 xD

  4. hi guys great work is there any word on whether or not any of the wcw/nwo games will work.


  5. Goldeneye……? oh yes. I am quite looking forward to this release. Thankyou guys, keep it up. Can’t wait!!!

  6. Here’s hoping for some more stable Quest 64! (I’ve had random crashes when leaving and entering areas/rooms.)

  7. This is amazing–you guys will be receiving $20 from me once I get my income tax check. Keep on truckin’, guys!

  8. Wow, very impressive indeed! A lot of progress has been made since 1.0! All I can say is holy crap! I can’t wait till it comes out!

  9. I also sure hope that donkey kong works in the next release,and that banjo tooie works without visual problems.

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  11. Great job guys! You freaking rock! Heres hoping WWF No Mercy works. The moment that works is the moment I’m sending a donation your way for all your hard efforts. Can’t wait to play 1.1. Keep it up!

  12. I’m in an improv group and yet the Goldeneye teasing was one of the funniest things I’ve seen all day.

  13. so just one question on this.

    1) should we expect goldeneye to work fully (besides music or something dumb like that)?

    dont get me wrong, i love the 64, love many games, but all i REALLY crave is a working 007 emu. if this is so. i can finally die happy!

    either way, thanks crew for the AWESOME update. i am SOOOOO anticipating the final release of this but 007 will for sure do in the meantime while i wait for the rest. where do i donate to???

  14. OMFG! Awesome! For the first time ever, Perfect Dark and Goldeneye 007 are running on Wii! I’ve been following this emulator since the start and the last few releases have been absolutely amazing. It’s only a matter of time before those games will be running full speed as well.

  15. Goemon’s Great Adventure and Mystical Ninja 64 are the two games I really hope are running in 1.1, but if not, that’s okay.

  16. Customisable button mapping?! I must be dreaming, it’s too good to be true!
    With the compatibility boost, Wii64VH looks great! :D

  17. Looking very tasty indeed!

    Here’s hoping we also get some news on wiisx too as that already runs many games at full speed!

    Good work! :)

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  19. (Excuse me a moment)
    (Okay, just had to let out that. Been holding it in since septmeber.)

    Did you name it Honey because you knew we’d all think it was freakin’ sweet?

  20. I’ve been watching this emulator bloom before I could say anything. This is freaking astonishing. I’m pretty sure if Goldeneye started working then without a doubt, most games will be able to run as well. Especially since this is a Rare game, I’m expecting DK64 and others not too far away, mayhaps this release or Wii64 1.2. Impecable job, men.

  21. Extremely great work, such dedication is admirable.

    And, just a stab in the dark, Honey is a control scheme in Golden Eye, yes?
    From this fact does this version’s name stem?

  22. It WAS a control scheme from Goldeneye!
    But it still freakin’ sweet.
    If it can run Goldeneye, I’m sure it can run Yoshi’s Story… and maybe Bomberman 64, too. Those layering issues ate me alive. I heard it. I SAW Yoshi, dancing right in front of me, BUT WHERE WAS THE GROUND????

    In other words, I can’t wait. I’m so anxious, I’ve been checking like it’ll be there any minute. Too hopeful. =)

  23. Almost forgot…

    If Killer Instinct GOLD works with this version I will kiss you all. Open mouth.

  24. o_0 Hope you’re not serious. But seriously, these guys could use as many donations as possible! I mean, being able to optimize an emulator on hardware that many people consider “underpowered” is nothing short of a miracle.

  25. I’m just hoping the tornadoes show up in the Hyrule stage in Smash Bros now, instead of being invisible.

  26. Hey, I just noticed that Beta 1 was released one day after the official trailer. If it was released sometime tonight that would awesome. The number one hope for me is stable visuals on Banjo Tooie

  27. @Snapgenius!

    You’ll anger the Developers!
    If they see their suprise ruined, They’ll hold Honey until the next
    version’s release!


  28. Hey! It is awesome!!! I think mario party 1 2 and 3 will work now; and I hope banjo tooei too.
    Oh, I have TV capture card, I can do some tests (if you want my help xDD )

  29. I do believe I just soiled myself.
    You guys have been working damn hard, and things are looking fantastic because of it! Kickass job! Incredibly amped for this version’s release!

  30. And cube64, there will be improvements?, Will have the same speed as the Wii64?, There are still people who have the gamecube

  31. @elias174:
    Yes, the majority of our changes affect both Wii64 and Cube64. Cube64 should see both compatibility and performance improvements along with Wii64, but it will never perform as well as the Wii version due to processor speed and available memory. We haven’t forgotten about you guys, but the GC is more limited than the Wii, and it reflects on what we’re capable of doing on each system.

  32. Nice to see Goldeneye and Perfect Dark running! I know on Project 64 you can play them using a mouse, so do you think it would be possible to play them on Wii64 by using the Wii remote’s IR sensor to aim? That would be so awesome.

  33. @KC_RUFFIAN137, that’s not the best question to ask “when are we going to get to play this thing?” It’s out whenever the programmers deem it ready. Same goes for WiiSX, but then again, we haven’t seen a trailer for that.

  34. The 13th N64 PAL anniversary is on the 1st of March.
    Call it hunch, but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna release “Honey” on an anniversary date like last time. ;)

    (anyone else catch on this?)

  35. I already posted that? Oops I couldn’t remember :S
    Thanks about that! (please delete/ignore the post I just made then) I agree with you Kasumi, I prefer it that way too.

    (again, I’m really sorry I repeated myself, my memories shot so thanks)

  36. Oh no! If thyey put it on download on “The 13th N64 PAL anniversary on the 1st of March”
    I will be at the schooll at that days. I want to play this emulator on my holidays!!! xD

  37. i’ll so let you bang my gf if this runs perfect dark, 007, blast corps, body harvest both castlevania’s, doom, destruction derby both cruisin’s, rogue squadron the mario party’s and a few others decent enough to play :P

  38. Man, due to all the snow that here, this past week has been a holiday, especially since my school orginally had off monday, we won’t be back till tuesday (unless it snows again). Either way, if this thing released from now till then I’ll be extremely satisfied.

  39. plz i am a monkey dying of aids… i have only a week plez relese dis emu i cough cough plese i will die soon! make a monkey die happy

  40. Your hard work and dedication to this project is unfathomable.

    I think since AeroGauge and San Franciso Rush ran so well on the last beta, and now Rare’s games are starting to see gametime, a donation was in order.

    It wasn’t much, but just a token of appreciation.


  41. Wonderin if there will be any netplay on this beta? I doubt it, but it would be f%$#in great on Goldeneye.

  42. @KingArthur
    I think it was a requested feature so it is possible, but I wouldn’t expect it any time soon since its a low-priority enhancement.

  43. the sound from perfect dark is the real fucking sound.

    I can see it’s still a peice of shit.
    Donating? out of the question. I’ll buy a freakin n64, and see where that goes.

  44. to simulant Fuck off you dont know what these people are doing just go and buy N64 and Fuck off loser

  45. @simulant, so what if the sound crackles? Wii64 a POS? Hardly. They’ve been working on this emulator for a LONG time and optimizing an emulator, much less an N64, I imagine is an EXTREMELY stressful and complicated process. If I had the money to donate, I would, because of the hard work the Wii64 project puts forth. No emulator is perfect, nor will they ever be, but they can be pretty darn close. I for one, and looking forward to its release, whether that be today or a long time from now. If you don’t like Wii64 because some of its games run like crap, then use a N64. Or better yet, use the Virtual Console and its limited choice of N64 games.

  46. @simulant, don’t be an ass. They’ve been working on this emu for so long IN THEIR SPARE TIME. It’s not like they’re forcing you to donate either. And, considering the Wii’s limited harware, it’s a miracle that they have managed to get it working to this standard.

    Either be grateful or GTFO.

    On that note, keep up the great work, Wii64 team!

  47. @simulant,
    Uncalled for, man. These guys have been working hard on this, and it’s freeware. The donations, while I’m sure their appreciated, are OPTIONAL, and I don’t see emukidid or tehpola holding you at gunpoint or anything, so why be so rude?
    And also, your language and what you have set as your website suggests that you’re the kind of person whose opinion won’t matter much to people who are more serious about this.
    AND the whole point of this, I believe, is to avoid having to have the seperate systems anyway. I don’t know if you realize, but as of now the wii homebrew-ness covers everything from Commodore64(which I doubt you’ve heard of) to PSX, so go ahead.
    Outdated games > Outdated Hardware.

  48. Parabêns. Adoro a expectativa de olhar todos os dias no site e ver se foi postado algo sobre o Wii64, acredito que deve ser duro o processo de emulação. Mas se vocês chegarão até onde estão, acredito que agora que possão chegar ao final com facilidade agora. Parabêns novamente e força.


    Brazil, Santa Catarina, Indaial.

  49. Parabêns, sei o quanto deve ser difícil tentar programar todos os códigos de textura e som, mas se vocês chegarão até o ponto onde estão, vai ser facíl chegar até o final agora. Parabêns pelo empenho e pela perserverança.


    Brasil, Santa Catarina, Indaial.

  50. Hey there Guys. Really really nice work :)
    @ Emu <> Where i can follow your work on Gamecube SD-Boot since Theskeen is down ??

  51. stimulant apparently needs to take a few. get the eff off the thread if your hating. and if you want to go buy old systems and clutter up your dark bedroom in the basement of your parents house then go ahead. as for the rest of us, we will progress and appreciate the programming being done by the crew here. apparently your comments show true ignorance to the computer/gaming world. heck, you probably think ignorant means rude. go back to your parents basement with your n64 and porn collection.

  52. It would be nice if this was released on the 10th of March as it coninsides with the release of Perfect Dark “Remake” on 360.

    And if its got NetPlay then IN YOUR FACE.

  53. @Everyone who wants it released or is suggesting when it should be released:

    Let them release it when they want to, I am sure they are getting annoyed of these comments by now, I know I am.

  54. @SomeGuy

    The team will release it when its ready, I don’t think they give a shit about anyones view on it, so why do you…

    There are 3-5 responses out of 89 that have mentioned a “release” or “suggesting a release”… and its already starting to annoy you eh? Now THAT’S annoying.

    I am sure it will be worth the wait though.

  55. @computerboy
    I stopped counting once I hit 10 (yes this is to make you read all 90 comments, go for it lol)
    Did I say I had a view on it? Nah I didn’t. The only thing that is annoying is your post attacking me then adding a cute little “I am sure it will be worth the wait though” comment, it made me laugh. And if you think that is annoying, I am glad I am not you lol. Good day, guess I am done reading the comments to prevent stuff like this from happening.

  56. Peace in the forum would be hell of a Valentine’s Day gift >.>

    Which makes me think, what if they’re holding this thing off ’till tomarrow? Happy V-Day, all n.n

  57. Maybe someone should lock this thread, it’s getting out of control as far as I’m concerned. The developers went through hell and high water programming Wii64 and will release it whenever they feel it’s ready. What is about that phrase people don’t understand?!

  58. Well this looks awesome, and lol at what comments I’ve bothered readin out of the thread. Looking forward to tryin out Goldeneye on something other then my N64 ;which looks like shit on a 42″; or Surreal on the ugly black box, love it guys, after this release I think a decent sized donation is in order.

    Thanks very much to tehpola, sepp256 and emukidid for your efforts in making this emu.

  59. I’m extremely excited about Wii64 Beta 1.1! The work this team has done on such relatively underpowered hardware is remarkable. They have embarked upon a very difficult task and performed wonderfully so far in the latest public build. Their future endeavors on Wii64 and other emulators will be inherently excellent. Even if it can never get Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon to run 100%, Wii64 could possibly become my next #1 favorite emulator on the Wii.

  60. Excelent work again guys, You really seem to be getting to grips with this emu now. Cant wait for release. And to all the retards complaining about the sound you have to realise that the reason it sounds the way it does is because speed limitations.

    Look at goldeneye and perfect dark, they are not quite full speed (That may change one day…….hopefully) so the sound has to slow down to keep sync. Live with it because this is the only way u will see GE on the wii.

  61. LMFAO!! computer boy has been uncloakced! even a monkey dying of aids virus may laugh on this won! pleas i hav only another week before reading week is finished plz i will die of aids, just release it already!

  62. All the plp should know that sound is the hardest thing to get working right in an emulator. U cant expect things to work out perfectly, I was hoping to get a PS3 today but turns out the same day Sony stopped shipping them to stores to count their profits so I couldn’t get one :(

    This is some awesome work u have done and after this is released, PLZ work on WiiSX.

  63. about wiisx’s new version
    will it be released along with beta 1.1? or are you waiting for the beta 1.1 release to work on the wiisx release?
    just curious

  64. Me 2 Cant wait For it and i hope you focus on WiiSX it is Not Hard Like Wii64 please Support Wiisx Thanks ultimate Team :)

  65. Could someone enlighten me on why the sound sometimes stutters?
    Is it pure cpu starvation?

    As humans are very sensitive to audio stuttering (much more than a low framerate) how come the audio thread isn’t given a higher priority. Does even such a mechanism exist in this setup?

  66. So it might have been explained somewhere already, in which case sorry for asking again, but j/w:

    Is there a reason that Wii64 doesn’t support zipped ROMs? If its a RAM issue (which i would imagine is the case with Cube64) then i understand why its not a possibility at all, but if not it’d be a nice feature to have.

    ATM I’m keeping the n64 roms i use for wii64 on a 1 gig USB stick, and it’d be nice to be able to zip the larger ones up and save some room.

  67. Having played the waiting game for Wii64 before, I’ve found that the only good alternative is to get ahold of some really great game and beat that. Check back here. Nothing yet? Go get another game. In the meantime, send the guys here a few bucks.

    For me right now, it’s Bioshock 2. It doesn’t do to keep pinging away at these guys who are trying to do their regular jobs and create this cool emulator in their spare time. I’m sure nobody wants Wii64 done MORE than them!

  68. @Hugh Verdam
    trust me man, i’m playing many different games right now XD
    but I can’t help but check this site like…every hour on the hour
    now that I’ve seen the 1.1 trailer! XD

  69. What I’ve noticed here is everyone is way too impatient for this release. If everyone just shuts the hell up and stops with “release teh emulat0rz now” bullsh** maybe they’ll release it. They’re probably waiting for you all to shutup about it.

  70. All of the speculation/requests/shouting/etc doesn’t really make a difference in terms of the release time. We didn’t intend to keep everyone waiting this long after the teaser video, but a couple issues arose that we weren’t comfortable releasing without resolving. That said, the release will be in a few days when these issues are resolved. You’ll at least be enjoying some nice enhancements as a result of the delay. :)

  71. thx Sepp – hopefully this will keep the thread clean until the release. i kept looking for updates on the site and all i heard was whining.

    on a lighter note, is there goin to possibly some type of list of games that we should expect to see improvement on? (or were they all in the trailer?)

  72. @sepp256

    thank you so much man! :D
    i was wondering about a possible delay in
    the release. i guess i’ll just mark
    my calendar for the upcoming
    weekend as the next possible release
    date XD

  73. Now, as a somewhat unrelated topic, are there any updates on WiiSX? I know that Wii64 being delayed is probably making you want to pull your hair out, but I’m merely curious. No pressure from me!

  74. @sepp256

    Thank you so much for an expectance of when this will come out. When shall we expect an updated compatability list? I’ve had the urge to play Goldeneye and Vigilante 8 recently. :)

  75. @Wii64 Team

    after Beta 1.1 is released, I’d
    be interested to hear another
    developer’s retrospective, detailing
    what all changes were made
    to beta 1.1 and what-not XD

  76. Hey guys, i just want to know (sepp , emukidid or Tepolla,) can answered me on if these games runs better than the last update:

    - Fighting Force 64
    - Glover
    - Mario Party
    - Donkey Kong 64

    Thanks if you answer me :P and keep up good work ;)

  77. Good things come to those who wait.
    Delays = more wait = a better release!
    I’m happy with the delay, as that means (as you’ve said sepp256) it will be more worth it in the end! :D

    @ Hugh Verdam:
    I’m inclined to agree, yet some would argue the N64 holds those masterpieces, I’m not one of those however (currently hooked on Mass Effect ;) )

  78. hello Wii64 team and Cube 64, I would ask as anger the game WWF No Mercy? in beta version 1.1, thanks

  79. That is a huge improvement. Is it gonna run Conker’s Bad Fur Day? I hope so, because I was freakin’ pissed that 1.0 wasn’t able to run it. Wii64 is awesome. My comp can’t run an N64 emu because it’s a crappy computer, so this is the only thing that can fit my N64 emulation needs.

  80. Oh please, great developers that have already stated that the reason the release was pushed back to put more work into it…

    PLEASE read through the video comments and answer both the hundreds of compatibility questions above me plus the one I’m worried about!

    Nevermind that there will be a compatibility list posted with it, EYE WANT TO NO NAO!


  81. Cheers for the update sepp256, much appreciated. I’m having some financial problems at the moment but as soon as I sort things out you’ll find a small donation on its way to you guys. Absolutely stunning work, am also looking forward to an update to WiiSX whenever you get a chance. Brilliant stuff, thanks again.

  82. @Chris

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day need the uCode from Rice Video Plugin. Sepp256 is in progress of finishing the glN64 port and also is planning to start porting Rice’s N64 Graphics plugin which will vastly improve compatibility and graphical appearance once it’s complete.

  83. Will we be able to load high resolution textures with the Rice plugin once that happens? Or does the Wii not have enough memory.

  84. Hail the conquering heroes!

    Congrats on your latest accomplishments! Cheers all around! May you find 100 virgins waiting for you in heaven! To summarize everyone’s concerns:

    1) Release date
    2) Compatibility list update
    3) Future improvements

    Again, you guys rock my socks right off!

    Your friend,

    Waxler Gensen

  85. Compatibility list?

    Come on, do you expect the developers to test hundreds of roms? Like they don’t have anything better to do. Just wait until it gets released and make one yourself.

    I’m tired of those people asking whether or not game X works. It seems like most people here have absolutely no idea how emulation works and how much work it is to write an emulator like this. They just care about whether or not game X works and otherwise they’re ‘freakin pissed’. Idiots.

  86. Awesome stuff as usual. Glad to see progress has been made. As always, the minute Body Harvest, Hybrid Heaven or Blast Corps is able to run decently I’m putting my share of $20 to the donation.

    I highly suggest everyone do this once the alpha releases. So much hard work and time has been put into this and even though it is freeware donations would show how much we actually APPRECIATE the effort that went into making it all possible.

    That is how I feel about it anyways.

  87. @Bizzyb:
    Alpha is before Beta. The Alpha was way back when in 2008. ;)
    If you wanted the next version name it would be Gamma. Although, I’ve never heard of a Gamma version before…

  88. @MarioFan3 – the original softmod backup loader for wii was called backup launcher gamma (or something very similar, from memory) :)

  89. Hi! A few days? Ok, 3 days since sepp said that. Thats aer the few days (?) Jaja, no no… ist a joke (broma) Ok… lets wait and see what happens :)

  90. i think the team should delay 1 day per post that mentions the release date just to fuks wit ppl (including this post)


  91. @HBC ?:

    At that rate, nobody will ever play it and everybody’s hopes and dreams will be obliterated D:

  92. Despite what you might think, we’re not that evil, we have reasons behind release dates, we want to get certain things finished/stable :)

  93. o i dont think that. (quite frankly i believe the opposite. i completely respect and understand what you guys are going thru and doing for everyone here.) im just messin round thats all. i just think its funny how many ppl feel the need to comment on the release like its going to speed it up or something. just bc you guys do this for fun and update ppl as often as you can or have a need to, ppl feel they have a right to updates and info and such. no big co does that kinda stuff when developing prog/games. why should any programmer? itll be here when its here. in the meantime do something else.

  94. Agreed. Take as much time as necessary. If it comes out this weekend, then it comes out this weekend.

  95. fact #1
    most kids don’t have ANY patience these days (or does not have a life outside playing video games)

    fact #2
    most kids don’t give a shit about the emulator itself or the hard work that was put by devs to run it, they just want their favorite ROMZ to be played

    fact #3
    once its fav games have been played for a few period of time, ROM kiddy will find another “gem” he desesperatly need to play or “cool features to have” (in short terms, make his lazy life easier) and go bug the devs so they implement it asap.

    sad world :(

  96. I’ve been checking this every couple of days or so since the trailer and while I hate the being patient part, but I know how the being pressured for a release is. Has anyone ever worked in graphic design? That’s dealing with people (some who pay you, others just think they own you) constantly pushing you for what they think they want, when in reality, you understand what you’re making at least a million times better than they do, but they still wanna throw in their crappy ideas and suggestions for how you should run YOUR business at you, and it all seems kinda familiar here. =)

    Not that I’m comparing Homebrew-Bums to Graphic Design Clientel, there are two key differences:
    Homebrewer’s are usually nicer and more understanding about the level of difficulty involved and pay by optional donations;
    Graphic Design Clients know nothing about art and pay you by trying their hardest to rape you with their fancy, diamond tipped walking sticks and then smother you with the stench of their sketches of what the want the mural on the wall at their “open-all-week” skating rink to look like.

    In conclusion, Graphic Design and Homebrew, while rewarding(?), have their assholes involved.
    Good work guys.

  97. first thank u guys for the honey it look so great we know you work hard
    these times to made this as best as you could
    we will be very thankful if u give us a date for release if not exact time
    about how much we will wait? thank u guys

    and i think everyone will want to know right??

  98. @Dean_Burrito
    I’m not a Graphic Designer but I am in advertising and your comparison is spot on. I’m mostly kidding when I say this, but I think a lot of the kiddies who are acting as if their little wangers will fall off if they can’t play GoldenEye tomorrow are only going to be satisfied with being able to do so for about 10 minutes before they ping off to some other crusade.

    I also get a little miffed at the ones who say “if you get this game to work, I’ll make a donation.” I sent my $20 in a long time ago. A donation isn’t a reward, it’s encouragement.

    On the other hand, I hope the devs view the constant demand with a forgiving eye and take it as a compliment of sorts. It truly is that.

  99. I agree, everyone just needs to calm down and be patient. Honestly, it’s getting kind of embarrassing. ;) We’ll very probably get to try it out soon, just be mellow until then guys.

  100. I think it only comes to show, that many more people really think it’s awesome! Keep up the good work!

  101. I hope this weekend it ll be out. Or monday…. I think that if the developers give us a “probably” date, “few days” is not a “date” xDDD
    But, I ll admit it, I AM VERY IMPATIENT.

  102. @De Facto
    All the people who want to play Golden eye probably played it back when it was on the N64, and I doubt any of them are still kids.

  103. Hey Wii64 team!

    Gotta say I really love and appreciate all the hard work that’s been done and on the works.

    Sure thing this emulator brings back some great nostalgic times of being younger and not caring about anything else but playing my N64. XD

    I have 2 questions I would like to say and, if you have time, would be thankful if responded.

    1) About the WiiSX Beta:
    Are there any plans about releasing it along with the Wii64 Beta v1.1, and will this version have CD or DVD compatibility to read the games?
    Because I really have a hard time at getting SDHC cards to put the 400-700 MB bin/cue files in them that are compatible with Homebrew.

    2) Will Resident Evil 2 (N64) be compatible with the new Beta v1.1 release?
    It’s the only game I truly want to play on my Wii!

    Thanks again for everything guys!
    I’ll be waiting patiently for the upcoming releases of the betas! =)

  104. i have my fingers crossed that this update comes out soon. I really hope diddy kong racing & DK64 will be playable!

  105. i just bought an n64 with perfect dark

    geuss what? i payed 10$ for everything and it works way better.

    hell there are free emulators for the n64 that work better than this for the pc!

    1. the wii sucks
    2. the development team develop like this:
    “ok lets code this into a rom

    ok but i got to get some coffe
    -2 hours later-
    omg i just got past the booting screen! lets do nothing for another 10 months.

    now I wonder what will happen if i pay 10$ to these idiots?
    hell almost everything else besides goldeneye can be installed on a wad on ur wii!

    and yes at De Facto i dont give a fuck what they do

    gf and i hope you know that you just lost 10$ for your morning coffe.

  106. @simulant, GTHO, If YOU don’t appreciate what the programmers have done in the emulation/HB scene, then stop your asinine, meaningless complaining. You’re probably some boisterous Sony/MS fanboy or a troll. I don’t care who you are or what you and your “GF” think. Somebody ban the douchebag simulant, please. And rest assured, the rest of the people who really count are those who look forward to Wii64. And I though Chad Warden on Youtube was annoying. emukidid, I personally appreciate you and what the other have done!

  107. Ignore the troll. On Topic: Yes, no doubt it is a ton of work I’m sure to do a project like this. On the same token, many people dont understand that and are just impatient. Can you blame em? We all want the goodness. If I can wait for Black Mesa:Source, I can wait for this no problem.

  108. @Stimulant:
    Let’s see, N64 with Perfect Dark for $10. Hmm, where”s your controller? Where’s your expansion pak? Where’s the level editor? Where’s the free hacking capability? Where’s the high res texture plugin support? Where’s the 16:9 correction? Where’s the customisable button mapping? Where’s the netplay? Where’s SD and DVD support? Well, where is it? I recall these features will be in Wii64 actually. It’s FREE, nobody is “forcing” you to pay for it. Donating is for people with a sense of respect!
    You would still need to buy about 10 other games for your 64 for real value!
    Hmm, to have netplay, hacks etc. you’d need to hack the console in all sorts of ways, so to have the same functions as what Wii64 will have, you’d need to spend well over $100…

    Let’s see here, it works “better” because it IS a full 64 you idiot. Did you get a Beta 64? No? Then not a fair comparision, so SHUT UP!
    The whole point of this emulator is so you DON’T have to pull out, dust off, and find all the itty-bitty components to run your 64! Also, the devs get a wonderful experience to challenge their knowledge for fun, and so it runs on a console that isn’t supposed to run it!

    Ok, hang on:
    “1. the wii sucks” Nice, I just figured out you’re a 10 yr old, who just got his mummy to buy him an N64 for his birthday. :P

    “hell almost everything else besides goldeneye can be installed on a wad on ur wii!”
    You do realise that using wad files is an act of copyright infringement, and you can be thrown in jail for that, or a huge fine if you’re lucky?

    “hell there are free emulators for the n64 that work better than this for the pc!”

    Ok sooooo, you prefer to play the N64 on a computer with a keyboard? Y’know what? I want to play with a GCN controller, as that’s the controller I’ve grown used to, I can’t go backwards. :(
    Dude, y’know what WoW is for, it’s for kids like you with no life that DON’T understand the effort involved or the whole point of this emu, because you don’t have an moral values! I’m sorry you don’t have a life, a life involves respect!

    Just go cry back to your mummy and tell her someone on the internet burned you on your birthday which made you sad and cry in your pillow at night. ;)

  109. Now that the kid is out of the way, back on topic. :)

    I have a great deal of respect for The Wii64 Team, for their persistence with the emulator and trolls (which is much greater than mine as already seen) and for never giving up hope. No matter what went in their way, they kept up the motivation, they kept going!
    If I come across one of you guys, I’m going to give you a solid gold bar! You deserve it for your efforts, not for the end result but for the effort!

  110. @ mariofan3 – NICE one!!

    @ stimulant – u dont even deserve a comment

    @ team – we love you and appreciate your work and respect your talents. kudos to you all!

  111. @Stimulant

    Here’s how to spell

    it’s GUESS, not GEUSS



    1. The development team has lives. They’ve probably had several cups of ‘coffe’ in the process, but they didn’t “wait ten months” when they “just got past the booting screen”. Do you think that writing code is like writing an English paper or something? The fact that you started it off with “Let’s code this into a rom” wasn’t a good sign about your knowledgability, to start.

    2. Dude, who cares about your little Pretendo 64? We’ve all got one. They’re still in the process of optimizing this one, obviously a concept far too complicated for you to recognize, and that’s why your precious “other pc emulators” allegedly “work better”. By the end, this will “work better”.

    3. If you really do have a girlfriend, she HAS to be stupid, especially if she dates someone who either is an argumentative idiot or an unfunny troll.

    4. If you are a troll, find a better place to do it. Try Yahoo chat or Myspace. You’re bound to find someone more ON YOUR LEVEL.


  112. Congrats guys. This will be a great thing to put on your resume!

    Ummmm will DKR work with the release as I beleive it has a different texture or something so don’t know how that will go. But you have inspired me to take up programming! (im starting small with visual basic)

    printf: “you guys rule”

  113. @Matt

    Visual Basic is a fun to play with, when I started out I started with Quick Basic and moved to VB3 in high school, I made it to C around the time I graduated and as a point of advice, don’t get too frustrated if you accidentally write commands meant for VB in C or C++, I did this countless times before I finally got the hang of it.

  114. I am totally gonna die! XD
    On Tuesday, it will have been 2 full weeks
    since the trailer came out X3
    But I’ll wait. I can’t say I’ll wait patiently,
    but I will wait nonetheless.


    Simulant is a troll. What that means is he wants
    you to bitch at him to give him a reason to
    continue harrassing this thread. Just don’t feed
    the troll, simple as that.

  115. @ ZeldaFan

    just think bro, waiting for this to be released is better then it being a dead project. itll be here. the team will not let us down.

  116. @ Syltskalle
    I didn’t attack him because he said somemthing mean about the team,
    I attacked because he wants to run his mouth without knowing a damned thing that’s going on.
    That is called IGNORANCE, and people who are ignorant should not act the the way he did about things they have no comprehension over.
    And also, he may be a troll, and if he is, he sucks at it. Someone said “nice troll” earlier, but a “nice troll” is usually funny by some point, and he just seems like some stupid 8th to 11th grader from some hole-in-the-wall little town where he may think he’s cool because he’s friends with a football player or some rich kid, but in reality, once he finishes high-school, he’ll realize that he is most positively NOT the shit, and thus will never leave said town and will continue to be an ignorant asshole for the remainder of his existance. I’m sorry if I’m ranting, I’ve just been dealing with that lot since I was in 8th grade myself, and those people who acted this way then, still do now, and I hate all of them because they are the reason for the decline of average intelligence in mankind.
    I need to go for a walk.

    Now, back to emukidid, tehpola, and sepp256 with your wii64-progress update-blog-thingy.

  117. Everybody needs to calm down with the release date. Can you imagine if they would have given us a release date for this immediately after the original beta came out back in September when they said they just wanted to make some minor changes and would have a new version out shortly? Its will shortly be March, so they probably would have been terribly wrong and most of the people that are being nasty here would have been much nastier. They expanded their list and decided to adjust more than they had originally planned for which is entirely within their rights because its their emulator. Everybody just hold your horses.

  118. MarioFan3 Says: “Dude, y’know what WoW is for, it’s for kids like you with no life that DON’T understand the effort involved or the whole point of this emu, because you don’t have an moral values! I’m sorry you don’t have a life, a life involves respect!”

    Just so you know, comments like this put you on just about the same level as retards like simulant, but that’s k, cause I guess you got your point across, right?

  119. @HBC ?

    Indeed X3 It is truly hard to wait, but I know
    that the team would never let us down XD

  120. i was hoping for a saturday release but doesnt look like its going to happen
    but regardless great work guys

  121. I’ve a feeling that it’ll come out soon, or that its progress will get hinted to us. If I’m wrong, I’m not gonna trust my feelings anymore =3

  122. @Hmmmmmm:
    Yes, that’s what I was trying to say. I just couldn’t find anything else that resembles someone with no life is all ;)

  123. As much as everyone here, I was severely hoping for a release this weekend and it looks like it will be further delayed. Now since I’m assuming we’re all huge N64 fans, we should be used to these kind of delays, and here’s bit of a history lesson why:

    The N64 was supposed to be released here in the states originally in 1995 to compete with Sony Playstation. It was delayed a year.

    The N64′s arguably best title Ocarina of time was supposed to be a launch game and was delayed…several times until its final release in 1998…2 years after it’s original proposed date.

    In fact, almost every major title for the N64 was delayed at some point throughout the entire life-span of the system. Why? Developers constantly complained that the N64 was extremely difficult to program for due to it’s cartridge format and other limitations, but eventually we gamers got what we wanted, kicking and screaming the whole way. I’m no coder, but I don’t think that the programing for an N64 really got any easier just because it’s been 14 years since the system was released. Keep in mind that there is only one generation system gap, between the N64 and the Wii, and no one was ever even able to get a Super NES emu running at full speed on a Sega Dreamcast.

    My point is that during this time, Nintendo was never kind enough to ever give us playable demos or betas of upcoming games. We just had to sit and wait and take the delays. The fact that these 3 programers have given us a playable beta that is already compatible with more titles than the Virtual Console has to offer is a major feat and I applaud them as we all should.

    I don’t know what the average age of everyone here is, but I was 14 when the N64 was first released and I didn’t care what it took to make my games, I just wanted them. 14 years later I have a better understanding, and the rest of us should too. Thank you for your hard work emukidid, tehpola, and sepp256!!!

  124. Bobo’s funeral is to be on da 1st of march. We will always remember da whey he waited anxiously four da release of da beta 1.1, but died of aids before… i want to thank da wii64 team for granting him his final wish… NOT

  125. just would like to say good job team64 and thank u
    i cant waite till this is released ive wanted to play 64 on wii since ive first gotten my wii and thanks to u guys that is now posibble (well almost now)
    sitting here for the release is hard but ill come out one of these days
    so thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this

  126. I reckon it will be coming out on monday American time and therefore Tuesday for us aussie fans. Cant wait….!!

  127. @Aussie Phil

    I wish you were correct man…but every time someone has made
    a guess as to when it’s going to come out, it doesn’t D:

    But I am hopeful that it will release soon XD

  128. @MrKill and zxct

    I really do hope that neither of your guesses are right XD

    @the Wii64 team

    Team, could one of you guys give a tentative release date? Like is it coming out sometime later in February, or in March or later?

  129. @ EVERYONE

    STFU! team is not reading this thread like all the losers that we are. they are busy with their lives and working on the emu in the free time. it will be here soon as they have stated. they are working on making this thing better and will be here soon, if it wont be soon then they will update us accordingly. granted i keep reading this every day to see if the release is here but get a life already and quit asking when it will be here. you are all going to dive them mad and kill the damn project. let them do their shit and we will all have what we want soon enough. as i said in my last post, waiting for this is better then waiting/hoping for it to even happen at all…….damn.

    now i feel better.

  130. Does anyone know if Wii64 works (or will work) with SDHC cards? What about the other emulators on the Wii (like Snes9x GX, and FCE Ultra GX, etc.) Looking forward to this beta release!

  131. @ im2cre8iv

    The current version of Wii64, VBAGX, FCE Ultra, and Snes9x all work on my SDHC, but I hear some SDHC cards are stubborn and won’t play these.

  132. @ZeldaFan:
    What about when the Beta 1 trailer came out? Many guessed it would come out on the 29th september, and it did! (I guess that’s an exception though ;) )

    I’m starting to agree with “HBC ?”.
    Sure it was fine for a while. It was fun to guess the date, annoy people, state opinions on when it should be released, but now it’s getting out of control.
    I can’t wait, you can’t wait, we ALL can’t wait for it, but we must wait just a fraction longer people, so let’s calm down. :)
    If it becomes March and there isn’t a sound, than maybe I’ll understand all the impatience. ;)
    (BTW HBC ? Why’d you say STFU to me? :D )

  133. @ MarioFan3 (&everyone)

    im just fuskin wit every1 but still semi serious; nothing personal. i like coming to this page and keeping up w the teams progress and hearing what ppl have to share. but there are 2 things that annoy me the most here. 1- ppl putting down the team or acting pisses like they have a right to any of this and 2 – the recent development of whiners on this page. it used to be a nice place to come to for chat and insight on the progress of this emu and other things but i bet 60% of the posts on this thread are about the same damn thing. i think everyone here can agree to that, right?

  134. I’m sorry, no matter what you say, these delays are getting kind of retarded. There’s no way a project like this should take over more than 2 years, even if you’re only working in your personal time.

    To everyone sucking the devs dicks on this blog, they won’t release it faster if you do, so stop your irrational hate towards anyone who dares to criticize them.

    The devs obviously dont give a shit, hell they’ve even admitted it themselves. They’re slacking. And yeah I know, I cant complain, it’s their project, their spare time (yeah right, look at the code once a month maybe?). What I DO blame them for is hogging this project. No one else in the wiihacking community is taking on the development of an N64 emulator because tehpola, emukidid and sepwhatver are already working on it. While if it were up to ANYONE else in this community, this shit would’ve been released and tweaked a long long time ago.

  135. Joost,you are harsh…I am sure that the source code is available to everyone.If someone wants to develop a N64 emu not only is free to do it but also has the resources available from Wii64 team…
    And honestly,do you think that N64 emulation is a goal that can be accomplished so easily?

    As of now,there are STILL a lot of other emus to be completed (or even started) in Wii scene like Sega-CD,Neo-Geo,32X etc… Even X-box 1 had almost perfect emulators for these systems and we know that Wii is a little more powerfull.My conclusion is that no matter how you see it, there are people with programing skills that simply wait Tantric,Eke-eke and Wii64 team without even trying to accomplish new things in the scene…

  136. Ah yes, I forgot my whole point coming back here to the comments hehe.


    I have a query regarding the emulator goals itself.

    Are there any plans for Wii64 to support N64 DD ROMS? If so, I believe there will be some serious issues. For example with F-Zero X, you needed to have both the disk, and the card inserted at the same time to work. So I was wondering how would, or should I say, “could” it be tackled? Wouldn’t that require both ROMs to be launched at the same time?

    I realise this is probably the VERY last thing to be implemented into this emulator, I’m just curious, is this is at all possible?

  137. yeah, Joost is just WRONG. i have yet to see an n64 emu that works half decent. even the xbox (n64) emu was supposedly a working emu but more then half the games freeze up or only work at sub-par speeds. this emu is one of the hardest out there and team has made the most progress thus far…..esp when it comes to the almighty goldeneye. the code is out there and no one is man enough to tackle this except the team. and damien is head on man…nice one! i def dont see any sega cd emus out there or 32x….shit, like my post said earlier, even an intellevision emu or 3DO would be effing sweet (hint, hint team lol). either way, you also deserve a STFU from me so sit tight and donate to team once this is released. if u think they are “hogging” the project, why dont you lend a hand to help speed it up yourself – dick.

  138. @HBC ?

    While I do realize that you may tire of our whining, I
    know damn well that you’re thinking “RELEASE IT ALREADY!”
    as well.

    And another point. If the devs get tired of whining, you realize
    they can close this thread off, right?


    That actually is kind of harsh. While I admit that I have no
    patience AT ALL, I do realize that N64 emulation is a
    pretty difficult feat to accomplish. It’s gonna take some time,

  139. HBC ?

    If I develop an Intellevision emu, will you start sucking my dick too? I know this is hard to process for you, but seriously, the devs dont give a shit about you or anyone else in this thread. So please… stop praising them when they dont deserve it (anymore).

    Complete versions of windows were developed in less time than this emulator, entire generations of consoles lasted shorter than the development time of this bitch.

    All I’m saying is, this is getting pretty damn ridiculous and you people STILL fellate the devs at every opportunity.

  140. Hi,
    thanks for the great work, I’ve one question, It’s possible to change the threshold of the analog controller? (i use wiimote and nunchuck) i found playing zelda ocarina of time when using first person weapon, it is too sensitive.
    sorry for my bad english


  141. Joost – no need to process anything on my part. i know what the situation is here…..i kno they dont care about anyone in particular on here but they are working on a great emu that no one else has been able to pull off to this point but if you dev an intellevision one…..i just might! btw…..windows sucks so im sure it was dev rather fast. this app is WAY better and more efficient!!! ntm windows prob had hundred ppl working on it & they get paid for it. this is like 4 ppl donating free time to a project that ppl like you cant do yourself yet you keep criticizing them. again, you are acting as tho u have some kind of rights to this app when you have ZERO!

    ZeldaFan – yes, i am thinking, just release it already. but there is nothing we can do about it and should appreciate the fact that the team is able and doing this. thats all im saying. bitching/whining/hating/crying isnt going to make it better.

  142. No worries ppl, no worries. There are other things to do while you wait for the release of this update you know. There are newly released games coming out that I’m sure ppl are excited for, so occupy yourself with those for now and before you know it, the update will be released ;)

  143. Keep up the good work! This is especially remarkable considering you guys have lives besides making emulators.


  145. As someone that has spent several years working in the industry I can fully understand last minute delays before releasing software. These things happen, and when they do happen it’s quite often happening right at the very last minute lol.

    Take your time lads and ignore the idiots.

    @Joost: If you think it’s that easy then why not have a go yourself mate lol. What a plumb!!!

  146. mmm… no yet? Ok, lets check it tomorow :)


    Why, waste your time posting in defense-ofense ignore the stupid and only check the page like me (?)

  147. I guess the devs already caught wind of trolls on this thread, therefore won’t appear here on this thread again. :(
    If you wish to have an argument from now on (this includes myself) take it to another place, just not on this thread, otherwise things get out of control. (like they have now)

  148. @HBC ?

    I agree that it won’t make it any better, but I
    tend to be pretty vocal, rather than keeping
    stuff in.


    Eh. I respond partly because arguing is fun.

  149. everyone needs to cooooooooool down, just needta cooooooooool it doooown.

    if you want to play the games so badly, use the emulator on your computer, or BETTER YET: use an n64 to play them.

    it’s borderline absurd these comments continue to bloat the response thread to that trailer, it looks to be a big success and far better than anyone complaining or putting in their worthless two-cents could possibly muster. quit insisting other people read your bullshit.

  150. Yes, I’m pretty sure this thread is related to the new Wii64 1.1 update. Unfortunetly, its turned into a long winded bitchfest between the same few people. Control yourself and stay on topic already. Everyone is anxious so theres no need to get fiesty in here. If you cant find something else to do until this emu comes out, I want you to go out and get a big L tattooed on your forehead. I agree with JPnintendos previous post. I come here to get updates about the emu, thats it.

  151. @certain people

    Get real. Not everone is as patient as you guys, and
    it is really ridiculous to think that there will never
    be someone who won’t post(several times), for
    merely being impatient. Impatience occurs in all
    of us at one point or another, and it’s something
    you’re all just going to have to deal with at some
    point. When someone submits a post(even multiple
    posts) about when the emulator is coming out, just
    STFU and ignore it. Wait PATIENTLY, like you were
    before. Just leave the impatients alone.

  152. Let me try to explain this to you in the form of an analogy:


    Watch that video first.

    Now, I hope we can all agree the parents are total dickwads. Now imagine the parents could get an Xbox as early as next month and they tell the kid “yeah dont worry, you’ll get an Xbox soon” (and “soon” being a keyword here). Other family members have opted to buy it, but no the parents decide they are the only ones who can give the present. Years go by, multiple newer gen consoles have prospered and died again and then finally after a decade the kid finally gets his Xbox.

    Now would that kid fellate his parents a decade long “BECauS OMg ur GETing me an Xbax lawlz”? No of course not! So why the fuck are you people still doing it?

  153. @dhrJoost

    Clever. You added three letters to your name, Joost.

    And yes, his parents are total dicks, but what we’re
    getting isn’t a console. What we’re getting is N64
    emulation on the Wii, with GCN controller support,
    Wiimote support, Net-Play, and many more features
    that were not available in the original N64 system.
    This emulator is going far beyond what the system
    it is emulating is designed to do, and that’s why
    we look forward to it. We may want to play all of
    our old N64 favorites on it, but we are also looking
    forward to a major achievement in the console
    homebrew community.

  154. @ZeldaFan: I agree with you; N64 emulation on the Wii will not only be amazing, but very convenient. I’m pretty sure my N64 and some of the original cartridges got damaged when my basement flooded two years ago, and I refuse to buy them again. But I honestly hope that the Developers are not upset and decided to kill the Wii64. I’m 100% that they did not but must’ve run into a snag and have to rush to take care of whatever those issues are; it will be out before you know it! XD

  155. I wonder if the Devs keep running into issues as they are fixing them =/. I understand they are fixing the bugs that allow them to run, but I’m okay with a few hardly noticable bugs, after all, it’s still a beta.


    Can we have brotherly peace on this thread, please? =3 kthxbai

  156. i Am REEEAAALLLYYY looking forward to this emu and have been checking every day, just wanna say I’m amazed at how awesome this team is doing and from personal minor programming that i have done myself I understand how hard it can be.

    The constant Complaining can Really get annoying but Its the people that bark back that make it worse than it is.

    I almost would like to figure out how to create emulators and make them better so that I could help this one along. Unfortunately I have only program minor computer games (one that took about 10 days, one still being made after a month of working on it)

  157. If you guys simply cannot wait for the 1.1 release, why not compile their latest source code like everyone did before beta 1? after all it IS open source and they keep their source code current. that way the impatients can play an unofficial build and the patient ones can wait for beta 1.1. everyone’s happy

  158. I’m passing the time waiting for Beta 1.1 by reading all your entertaining and raucous comments. Keep it up guys – its giving me something else to hope for each day

  159. The code available on google code is beta 1 only.
    not updated since 15 december 2009.
    So, no, we can’t compile the source ^^

  160. This is far more brilliant progress than what I expected, when you (the devs) said you’d be getting around to Beta 1.1 I was expecting a few tweaks in the menu and maybe some speed increase.
    Then you added controller support and more importantly managed to emulate one of the most complex Nintendo 64 games at almost full-speed. Kudos.
    Forgive me if I seem repetitive but could you give a small update as to how well WiiSX is running now?

  161. Great progress on Perfect Dark and 007! Looking forward to see if there are any new games running flawlessly.

  162. By the way guys, i’m just letting you know that i post here 5 times a day because i have no life.

  163. “The code available on google code is beta 1 only.
    not updated since 15 december 2009.
    So, no, we can’t compile the source ^^”

    I know I wish they kept their working SVN public, that’d be sweet. (see: dolphin)

    I must say, its taking longer than i thought, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I hope whatever issues are delaying the release aren’t TOO frustrating :p hell, I have a hard enough time just programming for PCs, I can’t imagine programing for a console. major props to the team.

    *fingers still crossed for blast corps haha*

  164. I reckon i could have made a beta 1.2, 1.3 and even perfect emulator inbetween the time it has taken these clowns to post the teaser video to now. Seriously are these guys not not even trying, they need to get serious and speed things up abit…. its not that hard!

  165. If it’s not that hard, do it yourself then!
    I have already stated:
    “If you wish to have an argument from now on (this includes myself) take it to another place, just not on this thread, otherwise things get out of control. (like they have now)”

    How many times do you want me to say it???????

  166. I dont care if you have already stated something… your a loser for sticking up for these developers who cant even programme a simple emulator. Stop being a massive suckup and just admit that these devs probabaly couldnt even master an ‘if’ function on excel!

  167. I have no doubt that there are numerous people capable of programming an N64 emulator on the wii. However, just because it is an emulator does not mean it is a good one. If I or almost any of the afore mentioned people were to code an emulator from scratch it would be buggy and slow. (see Wii64 alpha) Optimising an emulator, on the other hand is a long and difficult process, which takes patience, and a willingness to do things over again. In the end phase, though bugs get smaller and smaller, it is not uncommon for the fixes to become very long. The only true options are to wait, or do it yourself. If you chose to wait, then is it to much to ask that you do it in a polite and respectful manner.

  168. Nah i would be able to code a sick one in about a day im guessing with no bugs and perfect optimisation. But i would only be able to do it because im the most awesome person ever.

  169. Oh? STHU, douchebag, and let the programmers prove how wrong you really are. Obviously you’re some whiney 10 year old who has nothing better to do than to troll the thread. Go piss up a rope, bugger.

  170. Im waiting for them to prove me wrong you impecile, what do you think i and everyone here is doing? And your wrong, im actually a whiney 19yo who has nothing better to do then troll this thread and upset uptight pricks like yourself.
    P.s. when are you getting married? you pretty much love these devs, what have they done? …………………………………..nothing, Nothing, NOTHING!

  171. @sepp256

    It’s been one week since we last heard from you. Do you guys have an update? You said a few days. You can at least update us… It won’t take that long

  172. someone has daddy issues. lol.
    on topic: i’d love it if 1.1 had the option to do texute packs on it, I’m not holding my breath for it on this beta, but it would be mighty fine.

  173. This is your last warning realease tomorrow or prepare for trouble! Make it double! I’m TELLING ON YOU TO NINTY CUZ IM A TATTLE TALE!!!!

  174. You just posted under my name again and made it look like you are the real ZeldaFan…. get a life mate, seriously!

  175. @Mariofan3

    What the fuck else is there to discuss in this thread? These guys state just a few more days, a week has gone by and seeing how the devs have taken their time over the past few years, it’s not likely we’ll hear anything before July.

    And yet, still you’re defending them like some blind irrational zealot. The hell is wrong with you?

  176. i completely understand wanting to make your emulator as close to perfection as possible, but you had over 120k downloads of beta 1.0 that means you have over 120k testers free and available to help you test out each beta, which i believe is the purpose of a beta. it helps you guys not have to test it out yourself, which im guessing is alot of testing for 3 people, and its a larger testing audience than most major companies pay for beta testing. people are always going to complain when things dont work but the majority of people who are going to report problems instead of X game doesnt work are actually eiter knowledgeable or trying to be helpful. so i guess im saying the sooner you release it and let us help you the sooner you can learn from a broader widescale audience what you need to work on or scrap. thanks for your time.

  177. @aussie_phil
    Shut up and program one then.
    Ironically, IMBECILE contains no ‘P’.
    You trolls suck. At least learn how to spell before you troll. If you’re 19, that means you should be toward the end of (if not already finished with) high school, and you really should be able to spell words you plan on using in written conversation. Now, go back to your lame-ass Keith Urban themed facebook page, and let the developers be. This is no place for beasts such as you.

  178. Yes, the mob has spoken, all hail Mystical Ninja and Hybrid Heaven! I’m pretty sure they’re at a more playable state! And WiiSX, I’m sure has made tremendous progress (such as streaming audio and optimizations to the dynarac core). At least I hope that’s the case. *Sigh* I hope this teaser thread closes as soon as Beta 1.1 gets released. These trolls are getting way outta hand (if I could only find Sepp’s/Emukid’s email addresses…..).

  179. @Gay Burrito, randomgayzer & GayFang.

    Firstly I just want to state that you 3 in particular are all ‘impeciles’. Stop trying to act like you are all chums with the devs. What have they done for you? Nothing, they are sitting back just waiting for donations for ‘controllers’ and ‘other equipment’….. They don’t deserve a cent; In fact I would rather donate it to those spuds in Haiti who had their houses fall on top of them. C’mon reply and say how much of a ‘troll’ I am I dare you but it won’t change the fact that you’re all delusional un-educated sheep.

    Yours Sincerely, Aussie Phil the Troll

  180. this thread is like the perfect example as to why you dont make a much of nostalgic N64 fans wait for something this big.

    “O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason!”

  181. @Aussie Phil, huh? More like A**ie Phil. I mean, seriously? GTHO from this thread or you will regret ever stepping foot here. I don’t care that the devs don’t do anything for me; but what I DO care about is how they show their dedication to making other happy by making an emulator (esp. as complex as an N64). You remind me of some butthead who claimed to make the most advanced PS2 emulator and even posted screenshots of it. When it was “released” and people opened it up it said “you suck. hahaha!” He got banned from the PCSX2 forums faster than you can count to three. Dude, get a life.
    PLEASE somebody let us know about Wii64! We’re getting desperate here!

  182. @ The Gaydomizer
    Please refrain from threatening me over the internet. Im pretty sure that internet threats are as useless as an amputees attempt at trying to contribute to society. And that guy taking advantage of thousands of gullable losers (like yourself and everyone else hanging on the devs) deserves a medal, dead set legend.

    Long live useless devs that take years to develop a peice of poo of an emulator!

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