Wii64 Beta 1.1 “Honey” Release

It’s out!
Downloads are available for Wii64, Cube64, and the source.

We were planning on releasing this baby last week, but Cube64 was broken! Anyway, good things come to those who wait because we made huge progress on the emulator this past week (see video). We’ll be sharing more technical details later, but for now we hope you enjoy Beta Version 1.1 “Honey”!

If you appreciate our work, or just feel like helping us out, please feel free to something to show your appreciation. Donations are what keep this website alive, so they’re very much appreciated.

407 thoughts on “Wii64 Beta 1.1 “Honey” Release

  1. OMG! Thank you very much! i´ll test it right away! and by the way, this deserve a donation, little but i´ll donate what i have… thanks for the hard work!

  2. Hmm, it’s not up on the HBB yet, so I’ll install it manually.
    Also, I think my question was missed in the other thread, so I’ll repeat it here.

    “I have a query regarding the emulator goals itself.

    Are there any plans for Wii64 to support N64 DD ROMS? If so, I believe there will be some issues. For example with F-Zero X, you needed to have both the disk, and the card inserted at the same time to work. So I was wondering how would, or should I say, “could” it be tackled? Wouldn’t that require both ROMs to be launched at the same time?

    I realise this is probably the VERY last thing to be implemented into this emulator, I’m just curious, is this is at all possible?”

    @Aussie Phil:
    I hope you didn’t mean what you said about me too! :D

  3. @ MarioFan
    I didnt mean what i said in any of my comments, i am really not ever like that (as in a massive tool haha). Just though i would spice up the discussion while we all waited. I am so psyched for this, i get to leave work in 15 then its ‘honey’ all night long. People Should DONATE as these guys are pretty much Gods and are all eligible for Nobel Peace Prizes for stopping the bickering on the ‘teaser thread’.

  4. Goldeneye is “kinda slooooooooow” on the original N64 anyway depending on where you are, so don’t be surprised. As the emulator gets optimised more it’ll work better. :)

  5. no in the video it was going relatively fast i could just get about 5fps out of it when i just tried

  6. Generally, if the graphics are flickering or things are missing onscreen, please try to enable Framebuffer textures. CPU Framebuffer emulation is only used for homebrew N64 demos, don’t tamper with that unless you’re running homebrew code which isn’t displaying anything onscreen.

    Until the compat list is updated, off the top of my head, the following games benefit heavily or require that framebuffer textures are enabled: Mario Party 1,2,3, Perfect Dark, Mario Golf, Body Harvest, Megaman 64, Pokemon Snap, Jet Force Gemini.

    @ KC_RUFFIAN137
    Recommended settings? Dynamic Recompiler, No Framebuffer textures. Goldeneye isn’t perfect, it’s as you see it in the video.

  7. i just turned on everything but the FB textures and i got a line down the center of my TV, but it started up

  8. use Goldeneye (U) [!].z64 (verified good rom, big endian) to be sure there’s nothing else you’re doing wrong, also wipe any save files you might have for it.

  9. *Currently Playing Mario Party 1* OMG it runs sooo smoothly, thank you so much guys. only veeeery few minor graphical errors, but things you woulnt notice unless you had your eyeballs literally glued to the screen. Thank you so much.

  10. aww no blast corps :p

    Seriously though, this is amazing, thanks a ton guys :)

    been playin me some goldeneye, hotwheels, cruisin usa, mario kart 64, mario party 1, I feel like a kid again :) .. hell just yesterday I was actually playing these on a 64 at my friends house… the emulator is getting damn close to the real thing :)

    also, bug: in the changelog it says “+ Navigate filebrowser pages with R/L and +/- buttons” but this def. doesn’t work for me. I tried on the classic controller and Wiimote, but I still have to use the GUI’s prev/next buttons. No big deal, just thought i’d mention it.

    Also, Is there a guide anywhere (gbatemp?) on how to compile this (or hell, just any wii homebrew) on windows? I have devkitPro (r19) and all that, just not sure what to do. (I use visual studio, so compiling code like this is new to me :p )

  11. goldeneye is working fine here. clipping in the audio and it slows down a bit in some places. but i’d file it in the “working” category.

    thanks to everybody involved for this one.

  12. Zxct,do the math!End of July….:-)

    Humour aside,I have not tested it yet,but I want to thank everyone that works on this project!The new trailer is showing tremendous progress and I hope that you will continue with the same passion and (slighltly more) dedication…

  13. hi wii64 thank u for hard working but i have problem with game which
    cant be saved its name super robot 64 it work very good but it cant be saved please help

    sorry for bad english

  14. thanks for the Realese, could I ask if the game WWF No Mercy works and how fast?, thanks and congratulations for your project

  15. hi wii64 thank u for hard working but i have problem with game which
    cant be saved its name super robot 64 it work very good but it cant be saved please help

    sorry for bad english

  16. First of all: Great work guys, keep it up! The improvements are enormous.

    One Question (maybe the answer is somewhere, but i don’t find in neither in the Readme nor on the site): Do I have to install the programm, or is it possible to play the emulator right from the dvd (like e.g. the snesx9, where the emulator and many ROMs can be on a dvd)?

  17. Awesome! Testing JFG right now…the video seems to flicker…some strange flicker occurs in gameplay, not healty for the gameplay, still more playable than before…some minor graphics glitches occur (some I have seen in other emulators too). but the flicker is the true problem…my eyes hurt XD

  18. I solved the flicker by turning the FB Textures to ON in the Video Settings…totally awesome, Wii64 team…Great job!

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  20. This is awesome! Banjo tooie needs a bit of tweeking though. The main problem is th camera, everytime u move it creates a big strobe effect.

    Also it might be good to put in USB saving as well

  21. To see people clamoring for the next update, or the game they want, is pathetic. How about you all donate to the cause and be happy with what was JUST RELEASED.

    PS OMG PLZ HURRY UP WITH BANJO TOOIE AND DK64 but seriously thanks but more serious hurry up with these games

  22. Hi! I was trying this emulator, and mario party 1,2 and 3 run perfect, DK64 has the same error than in Jap version on wii64 beta 1, in the intro it crash.
    Perfect dark works fine a litle slow, Bnajo tooei works more fast but with the same graphical errors and Bnajo Kazooie works, but with a sound error “que es molesto”
    Thanks this version is funny (mario party! xD)

  23. Excellent job guys. Will test in a few minutes when the TV is free…


    As far as I’m aware, there is little documentation regarding the 64DD, and there isn’t an emulator out there that supports it. I’m not even sure it’s [currently] possible to dump 64DD ROMs. So, implementing it in Wii/Cube64 would be close to impossible.

  24. Well, I guess I was wrong. Came in here to apologize for my reaction in the thread of the previous update. It’s just that the long waits and severe lack of updates can be VERY frustrating. That still doesn’t justify the way I ranted, so here: sorry!

    And of course congratz on the amazing progress! Keep it up!

  25. Does the cartridge logo appearing on the upper right side loading (cause rom is only partially loaded) or sram saves (i deacivated those in the menu)?
    it appears in some games all the time and causes big slowdowns (using cube64) cant remeber it that bad on the beta 1. Deacivating sound helps but it still makes most games unplayable on the gamecube. it happens also on small games like mario 64 that should fit in the cubes ram shouldnt it?

    anyway great work guys. im glad you are still supporting the old cube even tho you moved on to the wii.

  26. @CHRISx94:
    I do have the ROM for the F-Zero expansion kit, Mario Artist, and Sim City 64 (damn, I want EB 64 lol) So I do believe the ROM files are out there. (somewhere in the void of the Internet :) ), It’d be a pain in the neck to test it though.

    Then again, Wii64 was done almost from scratch so someone else could probably do it. (unless the Wii64 team is up for more of their liveliness juice to be sucked away)
    I was thinking about F-Zero, could the DD ROM just be inserted into the DVD drive, so then when you boot the standard ROM, it would recognise the expansion disk as being inserted? This is only my basic understanding but somehow, I feel this would work…… somehow

  27. The Mario Tennis have a good FPS but the Animations have some problems but it looks great. And Killer Instinct is Playable no more Invisible Characters.
    Thanks so much this is a great beta. I Think the Rare Games have so much problems like Conker only Works with Pure Interpreter but have a critical imperfection on the 3D Vertex and Donkey Kong 64 Only Work The Japanese but after the adventure intro it Hangs. Anyways i like this beta is better great work.

  28. hello, I commented that this version of the cube64 am feeling more slowly in WWF No Mercy and WWF games do not feel any change in mario 64 is the same, smash bros 64 was faster in the beta 1 but this slows, it could give me some solution or an idea on how I set it up.

  29. Good job guize! X3

    I’m loving Mario Party, DKR, Goldeneye,
    and Perfect Dark :D

    I know that you probably don’t update
    the emulator around specific games,
    but I’m wondering if maybe you can
    get Fighting Force 64 to run in the next
    release? I love that game XD

  30. I can’t remember if I asked this already or not but will there ever be .zip support? If not that’s fine, I just want to know if I need to organize everything unzipped or keep a backup of my zipped n64 archive.

  31. I was getting a few games crap out on me… but Robotron and Dezaemon 3D (which is an excellent shooter) both work 100% perfect (including all the videos and sound! :)

  32. Are the sound errors on Perfect Dark due to a lack of raw power from the Wii or just not a fully operation death state I mean plugin? In my limited knowledge of deving emulators Id assume the former would be a much more insurmountable task to overcome than the latter ergo in my mind Im hoping its a plugin issue.

  33. OMG. My shorts got wet when I saw the Jet Force Gemini part! Square shadows and all, at least it runs now!

    I wonder if Super Robot Wars 64 and Super Robot Spirits (don’t judge) will work now…

  34. Never mind couldnt really tell in the video but the audio is probably because the FPS is so low. Even on the games that do work the lack of a proper N64 controller kills me. I think Im just going to go buy one.

  35. Freaking fabulous job, guys. Legendary. Been dying to play some Goldeneye on my Wii, and it’s looking and playing great! Thank you very much for your hard work.

  36. I hate to sound ungrateful or whatever, But did you guys increase general compatibility or just compatibility for certain games? A lot of the games I want to play aren’t exactly liked by many people.

  37. Congrats on the release guys! The improvements made are impressive. Thanks for all your hard work!

    As for people asking about compatability why not test out the roms yourself?
    And if you find something that doesn’t work quite right, document which rom it is (not just the game), and the settings you used and share the info with others…

  38. who cares about any other game????

    goldeneye should keep everyone busy til the next release.

    thanks again team!!!!!!

    again, everyone needs to donate now and only give testing insight. quit complaining/asking for anything more. it will come together as the emu progresses.

  39. HBC, I hear ya. I’m lovin me some Goldeneye on my 50″. Great job Wii64 team!!!! Rome wasnt built in a day either, enjoy this release. They will fix more as time goes on I’m sure.

  40. OMG I just got it downloaded from the HBB and cant wait to get some more roms

    Also I think for WiiSX you should set up a better controller setup like what you did for this one, also create better compatibility for double button mapping so instead of L and Z being L1 but L-Z pressed at the same time only just for instance

    If that doesn’t make sense sorry.

  41. Does anyone else have the “problem” that the games sometimes run too fast?
    Take Banjo Kazooie, when you enter small chambers and stuff, the speed increases a bit too much..
    Otherwise very good job guys, keep up the good work :D !!

  42. @HBC ?

    I hear ya man, but I love me some fighting force XD

    Goldeneye works better than I was expecting, actually! X3

    Perfect Dark runs pretty smooth as well, till more than two
    people start shooting at once LOL but I can normally get
    rid of them fairly quickly XD

  43. Congrats boys! this is really well done! having a n64 emulator on the computer is a massive acheivment but to pull it of on a console famous for it’s underperformance is incredible. I can see you making this better than the original mupen 64 XD

  44. ty very much i was able to enjoy goldeneye =D

    but rainbow six still has warp texture =(

    hope the texture problem is fixed soon then i will play rb6 and pokemon and i will be happy.

    this emu is great keep suceeding guys :)

  45. just find that tetrisphere runs Very Well, but all pieces are the same colors! its so close lol.
    just for that im gonna wait for the next update.
    Oh and lolz its me or water level in diddy kong racing are giving seizure?

  46. it all awsome and everything works great thank you for glover but i was wondering IN THE NEXT UPDATE CAN U FIX BANJO KAZZOIE, BANJO TOOIE AND DONKEY KONG 64 THOSE ARE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GAMES AND I WOULD BE ATTERNLY GREATFULL IF YOU GOT THEM RUNNING TO FULL SPEED i will donote if i can get the money and also i cant wait for the final wii64 good luck were all counting on you and you for one have my support

  47. oh, almost forgot…..

    does anyone else know why the nickname “honey” yet??? if you dont and you are a goldeneye fan, you should be ashamed………ready???

    1.1 is the default controller configuration, nicknamed by the GE devs “honey” will we continue down a similar path for 1.2? only the wii64 team knows.

    there is your education for the day. now go donate and get on ur wii NOW


  48. Goemon…

    I can’t go to get my Wii right now (damn sister holding it hostage) but I gotta know:

    Does Goemon work?

  49. mamamia very very good job:D the emulator is working very good and the fps is almost perfect:) but i have one strange problem evertime i try to save it says unable to save:S im loading this to a multi partition hard drive but i never had any propblems before on the old ver;( also i tried loading saving in on sd but it sad falied to save:( but it did save one game but never saved again;s lol um anyone know why:P lol

  50. this is awesome, still needs lots of room for improvement, but getting closer to perfection great job!!!

  51. wargh

    Goemon runs the intro video, and hangs afterwards.

    So close, yet so far.

    Runs damn fast though, that surprised me a bit.

  52. Has anyone got Wipeout 64 to run.. I can get the into demo to play but cant play the game.. Your help is appreciated

  53. I mentioned this earlier on GBAtemp.

    Some of you might wanna give Vigilante 8 a try. It’s a lot more playable on here than I’ve seen on any PC emulator.

    The menus are missing bg images and the text will fade unless you keep the cursor moving. In-game some environmental textures are replaced with solid colors (terrain is all I noticed on California). I didn’t see any jagged polys and vehicles/weapons/HUD all appeared alright.

    Second Offense isn’t any better than PC though. Menus are junk and screen is half cut off. Didn’t even bother going in-game.

  54. anyone try pokemon snap? when i played i couldnt move the camera around it was just fixed in one spot

  55. I’d probably donate a million bucks to see Conker’s Bad Fur Day on here. I know it needs uCode support, but if there is any chance in the world that this game were to ever work, I’d be the happiest person alive. I just got an N64 emulator. Guess which game it doesn’t run… -_-

  56. Snowboard Kids 2 works 100% perfectly. I’m so happy, I just spent the whole day playing it. Way. To. Go. Guys.

  57. Hey devs–

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m thoroughly enjoying this release. It’s a major step forward from Beta 1 and reflects the hard work you’ve poured into it. I hope you take a nice break for yourselves, recharge, and see where you can go next. Brilliant work, and thank you for it.

  58. Thanks so much.

    One question… Will there be a way to emulate the Transfer Pak? Rental Pokemon in Stadium 1 & 2 have the worst movesets imaginable.

  59. any one a fan of flying dragon…plz tell me it works ..btw crusing the world was awesome it was nice how smooth it ran…thank you so much..i lost my n64 in katrina…so its really a dream getting to play the games i sherished once lost anew…thanks again!!!

  60. Still impressed that this concept came to fruition. Nice job on improvements. As an owner of two Classic Controller Pros, I am still unable to use them. Is there a way for me to fix this?

  61. @ Broken Triforce

    Sorry man but you cant emulate that type of hardware. What would you put the game into?

    @Devs I played DKR then and I can say that it runs officially at full speed and the only problems are that the geni looks like he creamed himself and the water near the island is kinda red. But like I said 100% full speed! well done!

  62. @Matt
    There is a plugin that supports the transfer pack. The Nrage one. Of course this does not allow you to use a real Gameboy Pack, but will work perfectly well with a Gamboy Rom and corresponding save. The Transfer Pack itself isn’t too much more than an Adaptor. The DD is a different story and would take a lot of work to emulate 9 below average games. Just Thought I’d clear the confusion surrounding those peripherals up.

  63. @ Matt: Not that I expect support to be added to this particular emulator, but it’s definitely possible to support the transfer pack. I’ve seen at least one emulator that allows you to use a Pokemon rom/save for the transfer pack.

  64. i tested a few games now you might want to add to the compatibility list:

    007 The world is not enough – not working anymore – black screen parts
    007 goldeneye – slow, but working as we know it^^

    doom – working, a bit dark but very playable
    hexen – not so much. menu and stuff works, the rest is black

    spider-man: playable but slow and ugly
    rush 2049: playable but no sound and some texture errors

    clayfighter: slow, but working
    killer instict: slow but working
    mortal kombat trilogy: slow but working

    earthworm jim 3D: very playable
    zelda ocarina and master quest: slow when loading menu, a few errors here and there but all in all very much playable with FB texturs on
    zelda majora: very playable
    jet force gemini: turn on FB textures. very playable
    banjo kazooie: very playable
    super mario 64: very playable
    forsaken: very playable. dunno bout saving though
    megaman 64: very playable
    kirby 64: very playable
    sin and punishment: very playable, a few slowdowns but no problem
    f-zero X: very playable, minor glitches
    wave race 64: very playable
    starfox: very playable
    smash bros: very playable
    mischief makers: very playable

    donald duck quack attack: not working
    rogue squadron: not working
    conker: not working
    turok 2: not working
    castlevania 1+2: not working

  65. Edgar says
    >I can’t remember if I asked this already or not but will there ever be .zip >support? If not that’s fine, I just want to know if I need to organize everything >unzipped or keep a backup of my zipped n64 archive.

    The developers told (and I undertand) that wii don’t have enough memory to handle it, 16 Mb needed, maybe in future with optimizations, who knows. I love to have roms zipped, I love to have all good collection on a 64 Gb SD, otherwise the emulator is near perfect for me. Thanks to developers for their job on it.

  66. Team WII64, awesome job!!
    I would have replied earlier but first i just had to play a few levels of Goldeneye :D

    Graphics run smooth, audio cracles. With Mariokart the graphics also run smooth and audio cracles. I’ve read that the audio of the N64 is difficult to (re)encode so that would make sence.

    My question to you is this: is it possible to boost performance (on audio) if i would boot my WII directly into the homebrew channel? So that i don’t start homebrew through the wii menu but directly from SD? It would be logical that the Wii menu consumes some internal memory, right?
    I’m no genius on software and changing the things needed on my SD to boot directly into homebrew costs me a lot of time and energy, that’s why i’m asking and not just trying… Would really appreciate your answer!

    Goldeneye worked for me with the standard settings, it fucked up when i changed settings on video. For people having problems running Goldeneye, just use basic settings (delete your saves or load default).
    I only remapped the Z-key (fire) to the L-key and visa versa on controls.

    Once again, thank you guys, this really is brilliant!!

  67. @bigitalo:
    The Wii menu doesn’t consume any internal memory, except when you are on it.
    So, no, booting directly to HBC wouldn’t help at all.

  68. okay 2 comments so hope the team is reading this

    1 – having issues saving states on some roms (ie WCW v NWO) says “failed to save” is there anything that i need to do to fix this or is this something that i need to wait for in future releases?

    2 – i feel that this would be a great suggestion…..since most of us are prob using the classic controller for the emu, can you possibly make button mapping save per rom (ie when you have a rom loaded, can you put a save for rom button in the mapping screen so that next time you load rom and then load button config it would load your custom settings preferred for that game??

  69. @ HBC,

    did you check if the settings for savegames etc are set and set correctly? I just save everything to SD..

  70. @bigitalo

    i didnt change anything from default. i always save and load to/from SD. most games work but some just give that error. not sure if its an issue w coding or the rom itself or what. was hopin the team would have some insight.


    great info bro. thx!

  71. Roms I’ve tested
    All good and decent working roms

    1080 Snowboarding
    Body Harvest
    Chameleon Twist (must enable rumble pack)
    Chameleon Twist 2 (FB textures)
    Cruis’n World
    Diddy Kong Racing
    F-Zero X
    Gex 64
    Harvest Moon 64
    Jet Force Gemini (FB textures)
    Killer Instinct Gold
    Kirby 64
    Mario Kart 64
    Mario Party 1,2,3 (FB textures)
    Mega Man 64
    Perfect Dark
    Quest 64
    Rampage World Tour
    San Francisco Rush
    Sin and Punishment
    Snowboard Kids 2
    Star Fox 64
    Super Mario 64
    Smash Bros.
    Zelda – OoT
    Zelda – Majora’s Mask
    Turok – Dinosaur Hunter
    Turok – Rage Wars
    Wave Race 64

    All these either work perfect or have a few minor graphical glitches

  72. bug: i found that banjo-kazooie (E) has a frequent ticking soung in the audio, but didnt in bete 1

  73. Hi guys, some folks and me are having a problem whit this release.
    In the 1.0 version, the emulator works fine loading roms whit differents HDD portable, but now, in the 1.1 version, some people cant load roms in a usb device (like me, the message error says “error opening directory usb:/wii64/roms”) and others can load games sometimes.
    someone has the same problem?
    Greetings. (excuse my lame english)

  74. cant seem to get wcw vs nwo or any the wrassln to load
    have audio no video – black screen
    made sure they were ntsc/usa roms also
    anyone had any success?

  75. While I was playing I got black boarders on 4:3 and screen is squished horrisontally when using 16:9 (as if it were 16:10 instead of 16:9).

  76. does anyone know how to plugin translation patch for sin and punishment menus or where to find a translated rom

    @pimpjuice wrestlemania 2000 and no mercy ran for me just no titantron intros and some of the backgrounds missing on menus.

  77. Hi! I have a litle question, What version of Mupen was ported? I need that version for PC. Someone knows?

  78. @pimpjuice

    wcw v nwo def worked for me also. needed to change the video option (fb textures) to ON.

  79. Gave Donkey Kong 64 a go on the new version,still has misplaced logo/intro.

    I pressed start to skip the song. *crossed fingers* yyyeeeesss!!! it made it to the demo screen,*start*,now selecting a file.
    Whoah,it is going faster than it should.

    The zipper animation is glitchy.

    Okay its showing the beginning intro,a bit slowly I might add.

    And then it gets to the point where you would see king k.rool.

    Wait,why is it showing that watermelon.


    Now its repetitively zooming in and out of
    DK isles mouth entrance with the music still going.

  80. @Benjamin Durden:
    I was able to run DK64 but you have to disable the “Story” option from the Options Menu.
    By doing so you’ll be able to start the game.
    I was running it with Dynarec + FB Textures + 2x
    It runs somewhat slow and has a weird camera issue.
    But still can be played.

    Hope that helps, I was able to play the beggining of the game and haven’t gone any further.

    Other games tested:
    Star Wars – Rogue Squadron: Black screen, not working.
    Turok 2 – Seeds Of Evil: Running with Pure interpreter, playable but REALLY slow.
    Turok 3 – Shadows Of Oblivion: Same than Turok 2.
    Conker’s Bad Fur Day: Graphical issues, not playable
    Resident Evil 2: Loads some odd lines into what is supposed to be the intro screen. Not working at all (Hoping this one gets playable with the next release of Wii64)

    Hope that helps expand the compatibility list!
    PS: I know RE 2 can be played in PSX, I want the N64, not the PSX one. (Ex Files =D)

    Beside from that, how is the WiiSX beta going? Any chance we can get the emulator to run the iso/bin files from a disc or even the original disc?

  81. @ Benjamin Durden
    Yes I was sad when I saw this too, thought it was actually going to work. But that is ok, the emulator has made major improvement and I am happy with it. Now a couple side notes:

    1. As this emulator can save, I just want to make sure. Will it work if we save the game, then take the save file off the SD card, then give it to someone else and have them load our save on their Wii? With the same game of course.

    2. I finally decided to create a forum for this amazing emulator.

    Last for the best.
    Keep up the good work Team Wii64. Loving the emulator.

  82. woot thanks for the tip on video options

    “wcw v nwo def worked for me also. needed to change the video option (fb textures) to ON.”

    worked np
    so any game that video doesnt come in select on for that ?

    anyone got a complete list of tested roms yet ?

  83. @pimpjuice

    this is the main option that i have tried to change should a game not work. though the emu has MASSIVE improvements over the last release, there are still limitations.


    i tested….

    1- Star Wars – Shadows of the empire – graphic issues, cannot play
    2- Star Wars – Racing – same as above.
    3- Zelda – Ocarina of time – just about as functional as 1080 or Goldeneye – def playable (got up to first board and speaking with deku tree)!!

    BTW, pimp….have you tried to save game or state w the wcw v nwo? i still cannot save that game at all. every other game seems to save but that one thus far. anyone with suggestions would be appreciated.

  84. Is anyone else struggling with the sound issues? I am having a hard time playing a lot of my favorite games with all the scratchy static and beeps. Its quite annoying. I know most of it is due to the sound trying to fill in the gaps while trying to stay in sync with the slow frame rate, but MAN is it bad sometimes.

    Anyone found a way to play Banjo-Kazooie without any sound problems? Or Perfect Dark? Maybe I just haven’t tried all the setting combinations out yet to get rid of them… Anyone have any suggestions?

  85. Super Mario 64: The missing stars is no longer slow, plays just like the commercial game Super Mario 64 does on this Emu. Major improvements since 1.0 here! YES!!! Just one problem…..it still won’t save.

    Also WCW vs NWO Revenge does not save.

    Some roms (such as wayne gretzgys 3D hockey, and top gear rally 2) seemed zoomed in, like we aren’t seeing the full picture, even though its full screen.

  86. @ BarrelRoll

    was wondering how’d u get bomberman working? and feel free to add my list of games a few posts up to your compat list

  87. Goldeneye works mint thanks guy for you great work 1 problem the in game music doesnt run smoothly is this a bug or is it just the rom im using.
    THANKS AGIAN GUYS if any one could answer would be really greatfull

  88. How do you load from a DVD? I have tried several different ways and it still gives me an error or cant find file! Can anyone help with this?

  89. @Thugga
    You know when I tested it the first time multi player worked, like you could see everything but now when I try to do anything its just a black screen, so try clearing your saves for bomberman maybe? Also thanks, I added them to the list.

  90. Great work wii64-team! The progress you made is huge.

    Now, that DKR works, I’d love to play it on the Wii. I have no Homebrewchannel, but only a modchip. Is it possible for me to play wii64 without installing the HBC (yes, I know, it wouldn’t be a big deal)? Can I maybe put the emulator together with a game on a dvd or something like this? Maybe it’s written somewhere, but i can’t find it, and my Enlish’s a bit crappy.

  91. @JARVIS82
    It is obviously just a bug in the emulator. You can try getting a different rom to see if it will work, but I don’t think it will help.

  92. I want to report a bug.
    If you play a game that use D-PAD to play, like Kirby 64, if you press D-PAD Right, is like you press D-PAD Right AND A BUTTON AT THE SAME TIME.

    Hope that this bug will be fixed soon, because games like Mortal Kombat Trilogy makes the game unplayable.

  93. @BarrelRoll

    When someone says “DO A BARREL ROLL!!!!”, do you take it as a sexual suggestion?

  94. Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey ’98: Runs Perfectly (did in 1.0 but never saw any compatibility listed)

    NFL Blitz 2000: Loades fine all the way to choosing teams/sides, freezes as soon as game starts

    Mario Tennis: Hard one to call. MANY graphical glitches and occasional code dumps, but actually playable. Played through a 2 set singles 2 player match without slowdown

    Was hopin for a blitz 2on2 tourney, but i’m satified with working dkr, goldeneye, mario parties, mario golf, and jet force gemini.

    If there’s a better place for this let me know. I’m all for a single concise compatibility list that everyone can contribute to.

    Great work you three.

  95. @shadow:I didn’t even know about that story disable option.

    As thanks for this,I would like to tell you that zelda oot debug rom runs near flawlessly (with full textures),except with a minor red sword swipe glitch.

    P.S Banjo Tooie still needs to be fixed because I can’t read the cheato board to put in cheats.

    P.S. I think the wii64 team should make a program to dump textures from roms into a custom formatted file to fix the problems with textures not showing up/properly in some games.

  96. Reporting a bug in Jet Force Gemini: I’ m at Mizar’ s Palace with Lupus and I have to pass through a zone using “night vision goggles”…Due to graphics glitches, the screen appears black and it’ s impossile to go further.

  97. None of the games work for me, really. I got Oot, Mario Party 3, Bobmerman 64, Goldeneye, Megaman 64, Glover, Kirby 64 and a couple of others. All of my roms are on a usb drive, and I have both homebrew and dvdx. Most games are just giving me a black screen that I can’t do anything with.
    What am I doing wrong?????

  98. hey has any one got paper mario working??? if not PLEASE FIX THAT THE BANJO GAMES AND DK 64 IM DONATION SOON PLEASE NEXT RELESE

  99. @Randy
    Banjo games work? Donkey Kong works, just go to options mode and turn on “Skip Story”. Paper mario does not, crashes after you enter peaches castle =(.

    Oot?(Ocarina of Time) works, mario Party 3 works, Bomberman works but black screens, Goldeneye works, megaman64 works, Kirby 64 works. It is something you are doing wrong, make sure the games are a good dump and they are in .z64 format. Also that you are using the Dynarec Core and none of the other settings are messed with, also delete any save files you have on your sd card for wii64.

  100. @BarrelRoll

    You should contact the wii64 team and get them to post about your boards, that way people can actually know about this

  101. Does the Wii64 team update the compatibility list often for the games? I was just checking, and it still says “Unplayable due to graphical issues” for Diddy Kong Racing, when it’s clearly playable…

    man i love dkr…

  102. I can’t get Perfect Dark to work! Everyone else seems to be getting it to work fine. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but can’t get past the first screen where it has all the info about Rare and such. I tried switching the cores, enabling the frame buffer, deleting the old saves, tried different types of ROMs (including a couple different Z64 files). Any ideas? I’m running on Wii System update 2.2 but that shouldn’t matter…

  103. @BarrelRoll yes banjo games work but they have either color issues (BANJO KAZZOIE) or run rediculisly slow (BANJO TOOIE) i am very well hoping banjo games wil be perfect in the next update.

    ps. thanks for the dk tip works great

    PPS. yes paper marrio crashes after the castle and i hope that will be fixed next

    PPPS. any one reply if they know a way to fix the banjo kazzoie color to make so the totam pole and congos tree adn such arent pure white

  104. @Randy
    Did you enable, FB? If not try that, I am not sure what the “color issue” is you are talking about. But if I am right, enabling FB will fix it.

  105. @Someguy
    It may make the game go slower, but it is worth it because it fixes some major graphic glitches, well it can. No guarantee it always will though. Just go to “Settings” > “Video” > Then you will see “FB Textures:” Click the box “On” to turn it on.

  106. I should give an in-depth status report for Wii64 Beta 1.1 “Honey” :)

    Banjo Kazooie: 7/10 Playability.
    Code dumps no longer occur after playing Treasure Trove Cove for 10-15 mins. :) Be warned however, I have found that it will still freeze sometimes. It runs about 10% faster than Beta1, and the graphical glitches aren’t as frequent (but still occur however) It will sometimes decide to run at full speed, so this game should be enjoyable enough to play through! ;)

    Banjo Tooie: 4/10 Playability
    Runs the same as Beta1, except it’s maybe 1-5 FPS faster. Text becomes unreadable at times due to graphical errors. Never reaches full speed (other than menus). :(

    Blast Corps: 1/10 Playability
    Same as ever, it’ll do the intro super fast and then crash on the title screen but at least it boots.

    Bomberman 64: 2/10 Playability
    It now displays menus properly, making it easier to navigate. The title intro kinda works now. The actual intro however cannot be seen, so I stopped it there. Others have reported that in-game action is very playable so go talk to them. ;)

    Diddy Kong Racing: 7/10 Playability
    It will slow down a at bit the start of every race, but once the race starts it’s off at full speed! :D The genie, T.T, and the dinosaur will show some discolouration errors, and the ocean is seizure inducing as it flickers red and white repeatedly, making some levels hard on the eyes, but It will run at full speed most of the time. Some levels with too much water may cause seizures, but this game is very playable! ;)

    Donkey Kong 64: 5/10 Playability
    It will no longer crash after the DK rap, huzzuh! Unfortunately, the actual in-game intro will glitch up, so you should turn the story setting off to make it work. The game runs at about half speed.

    F-Zero X: 8/10 Playability
    Details on vehicles will show up now, the game also runs a bit faster too. :) The music will not chop, much like Beta1, and graphical glitches (such as flickering backgrounds) are not as common as before. This game was already in a playable state in Beta1, now it’s even more playable! :)

    Forsaken 64: 7/10 Playability
    The special effects now show up which is a plus, and it runs at full speed, making this game very playable. :) It may slow down here and there if there is too much going on on-screen. This gets marked down as it has one vital problem, saving. It will save your game fine, it will play fine, the game looks all fine, almost flawless, but when you go back to load your save file, it will freeze. :( After 15 minutes I knew it wasn’t going to load, do not fear as Wii64 itself has not crashed, so just go back to the menu and play something else. ;)

    Goldeneye: 5/10 Playability
    Runs at about half speed. We all know how this game works, as it was probably the first game everyone tested, so I won’t blab on about it here. ;)

    Jet Force Gemini: 6/10 Playability
    It runs at full speed most of the time. It will take a few seconds to load each room, chopping up the audio as it does so, but it’s very playable. It took me a while to make a control scheme that fitted the game properly, so be prepared to experiment. ;) Shadows must’ve been the same ones used in Banjo Tooie, as it appears as a black square (as seen in the video above) A main problem is getting to the point where you use night vision. Everything will appear black making the game unplayable after that point. :( After we go through nostalgia lane playing Jet Force Gemini we find out that it’s just a demo, put it that way. :)

    The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time: 7/10 Playability
    The menu takes a while to load, making the water temple a drag, but the game itself is playable. Just note that there are some rendering issues. If you come across anything that focuses the camera directly behind Link, all sorts of polygons will stick out of nowhere making it hard to see. Or if you climb the vine between Castle Town and Hyrule Castle, you’ll notice things going wacko and out of proportion. The game is otherwise very playable! P.S I’ve yet to test the forest temple poes glitch, so I’ll post if it still occurs or not later. ;)

    Mario Golf: 6./10 Playability
    You can actually see the ball now, and the levels don’t look like big rectangles anymore! :) The game does run a little slow though, so it may put some people off, but it’s playable.

    Mario Kart 64: 8/10 Playability
    This will generally run at full speed. This is better than the VC version in some regards, the T.V screens that appear in some levels actually work, and (like F-Zero) you can record ghost data! This game doesn’t slow down often, so get your friends and lets play some Mario Kart! :D

    Mario Party1: 7/10 Playability
    It runs at a very playable speed. Note that some mini-games are rather difficult to play due to graphical issues. Tipsy Tourney for example, will have constant flickering, and Face-Lift will suffer the lack of a hand AND centre picture, making that mini-game a real pain to play. :( I should also note that the Boo doesn’t show up in Pedal Power, and water doesn’t show up in mini-games with water in them. Items that you have bought will not show an image in the bank either. Nothing ground-breaking at all, but I note this because I got a code dump one time when I opened the safe :( hilarious timing eh? Here’s the main issue though, at the end of a board game, and the winner has been decided, the game’s sound will create a half second loop for eternity! The only way to fix this is to load the ROM again, the loop will persist otherwise. Other than that, this game is worth the nostalgic value of blistering your hands :D :D Keep your control stick smokin’!

    Perfect Dark: 5/10 Playability
    Runs at half speed, and there are some minor graphical issues here and there, but other than that it works. It’s playable, menus (as usual) run at full speed so if you don’t get the 360 arcade version, or can’t be stuffed waiting/repaying for the game, then have a crack at it! ;)

    Rayman 2 – The Great Escape: 6/10 Playability
    There are still some rendering issues, special effects that didn’t appear before DO appear now, yet they also appear through walls. Nothing really ground breaking, but the menu looks like a bunch of triangles. It’s playable, and you can get some enjoyment out of it at least. :)

    Lylatwars/Starfox 64: 9/10 Playability
    This baby can take temperatures, up to 9000 degrees! Seriously, Lylatwars is beastly on Wii64! It will rarely slow down, and it’s better than the VC version! :D Here are a list of problems you encounter in the VC version of this game:
    You’re Arwing will flash blue, it’s supposed to flash red, (fail Nintendo, just fail)
    The lava effect on Solar is all glitchy, (again, that’s just fail on Nintendos part)
    Many would have noticed that you’re missing a missile targeting reticule on Aquas, also noting that AQUAS RUNS EXTREMELY SLOW ON VC.
    Meanwhile, Wii64 has a splendid time running this game with none of these issues. :D This game will run better than the VC, it’s definitely more playable!

    Super Mario 64: 9/10 Playability
    The visual will still slow down on Mario’s face-lift, but the audio will not. This gives me the impression that Wii64 is performing a frame-skip. The game itself is otherwise extremely playable, so pick up your controller and play some SM64!

    Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars: 8/10 Playability
    This is a fan-game hack of Super Mario 64 as we know it, but I thought it should be noted anyway. ;) This game will rarely slow down, and it’s very playable. The only problem with it is saving. If you try a native save, Wii64 will spit out a “Failed to save” message. Other games suffer the same problem, probably meaning that they share the same saving method, which is currently unsupported. :( Don’t try to be smart, save states won’t work either so you can beat the game in one shot, or wait until Beta 2, your choice. We have other games to play on Wii64 anyway, go play them! ;)

    Super Smash Bros. 7/10 Playability
    This game will have no crackling audio ever, unless you see “Yoshi Team” or “Fighting Polygon Team” during 1-Player mode. ;) Actual gameplay does not crackle, it will begin to noticeably slow down in a 4 player match, but there is no more crackling! :) No more invisible tornadoes, and special effects now show up! This game is getting close to like the VC version, if not better someday with the Netplay! :D

    Tetrisphere: 7/10 Playability
    It will slow down sometimes but it will not crackle the sound! This will run at full speed, except with the same graphical errors as Beta1. Beta 1.1 does do a better job at trying to show the colours, but they’re still not there unfortunately.

    Well, that wraps up my testing of Wii64 Beta 1.1 “Honey” so far, I’ll report more when I find more things to report, until then…

    P.S Also, if anyone knows how to fix any of the issues I’ve listed above completely by turning some settings on and/or off it would help a lot! Thanls in advance! :)

  107. @ MarioFan3, good report! I just think you should’ve give a better score for Diddy kong Racing. I played through the whole game :D . btw the graphics for the wizpig race on adventure 2 don’t show, it’s just a blank blue screen.

  108. Mapped some buttons for Goldeneye with the wiimote and nunchuck recently that I’m actually pretty satisfied with. Saved it to slot1, turned off my wii and restarted, loaded slot1, works like a charm. Thanx team Wii64! Hope we get fullspeed with next release.

  109. @Adam: Thanks for the feedback! :)
    DKR loses 1 point for the seizure inducing ocean, making it hard on the eyes, 1 point for other minor graphical errors, and 1 point for some slowdown. The menus are confusing to go through, as it doesn’t highlight options properly.
    But yes, I should emphasise that the game is very enjoyable in its current state!

  110. I tested two more games: Hexen (functions, but unplayable due to graphical errors) and Body Harvest (plays but slow). I’m loving this emulator overall though. Diddy Kong Racing runs excellently (the only real issue is the water blinks red).

  111. @emu_kidid, tehpola, and sepp256

    Guys, Beta 1.1 is working excellently, with nearly
    every game I want to play in working condition :)

    Here’s what I’m wondering though. On the next
    release, do you think you could give us the
    option to disable culling on certain games? I think
    that it may increase compatibility with a few
    of the games :)

  112. anyone figure out how to fix saving issues? i had issues w wcw v nwo and a few others. anyone else have this problem or insight? thx.

  113. For those of you who didn’t see it, forums just for Wii64:
    It is getting hard to reply to questions here with almost 200 comments…
    If there is a porblem that FB Textures won’t fix, then you probably can’t fix it and will have to wait till the next release. The only thing that you may want to check is that you are using the Dynarec core, and that the rom is .z64. Also if you are on a Gamecube, using a Wii might help too. ^.-
    What games aren’t saving? It may be just a bug in the emulator and you can’t save and will have to wait till the next release. You can try save states, or manually going to Save in the N64 Emu Menu. (By cliking on “Current Rom”.)

  114. @BR

    there were only 2 or 3 that i came across. only 1 i can remember is wcw v nwo. i tried to save the game and tried to save state. both said failed to save. i am trying normal settings, saving to SD. can you possibly try that game and see if you get the error. i was also believing that it may be an issue that i need to wait for it to be fixed but i have not got any confirmation from anyone else on here that they are having the same issue. guess everyone is playing their other favs now….then again, who can blame em? this release has been a long wait, well worth it!!

  115. I can also report that DK64 does not save properly.But if you use save state you can continue your game…A little annoyance for sure,but never mind.The next release will fix it!:-)

  116. @ MarioFan3, Ah ok, it’s jus i just thought i’d say because you gave B-K the same rating as DKR and in my opinion DKR is much more playable than B-K, i would give B-K 6/10 for freezes also, thanks for the reply

  117. Ive just loaded it,but almost all roms crash! the only roms that play are mario & starfox,ts just the same as last version… :-(

  118. @HBC ?

    I’m not sure how to solve that problem either…I came
    across it in Super Mario 64: The Secret Stars.

    I think it’s a different kind of save that isn’t accepted
    by the emulator yet lol

  119. ya tht wht im thinkin. just tried wcw v nwo revenge and that too does not save. anyone from the team reading this? if so, can you possibly confirm that this may be an issue w the emu and not the users lol. thx

  120. @HBC ?:
    Yes, Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars is a hack for Super Mario 64.
    The first complete hack for SM64 I believe. None of the original levels, music or physics have been used. Instead, it comes with completely new levels, music, physics, you name it! “messiaen” made a complete engine overhaul of the game with 38 stars to find. If you want more info, or want to try it out, you ought to check it out here:


  121. @HBC ?

    It’s as MarioFan3 says X3

    It’s a really awesome hack as well, it provides
    even more of the awesome goodness we got
    from the original Mario 64 X3

  122. Thanks a Bunch!

    Im getting the Error Cant open SD:Wii64/Roms Directory
    but using a USB did works so! Thanks a lot!!

  123. can someone send me a link to a rom of supermario 64 the missing stars cuz i cant make one i dont know how :-( ((((

  124. @ randy….just follow the steps on that link man. a 5 year old can figure it out. all you need is a rom of super mario 64.

  125. Has anyone been getting control issues on Diddy Kong racing, 007, or Banjo Kazooie? Such as with the nun-chuck or gamecube controller? I have someone at the forums with this problem, and I am all out of ideas.

  126. @Barrel Roll:
    Does the issue happen with the analogue stick(s) or with all the controls?
    I haven’t had any issues with the GCN controllers (that’s all I use)
    I think maybe the Wiimote with nunchuck could have issues because of the connector. Or if it’s a GCN controller, it’s buggered, maybe the analogue sticks are out of position? My black GCN controller doesn’t register properly anymore due to wear and tear.
    If the controller itself is not faulty and it only happens with Wii64 then I dunno what to do on the subject.

    I’m sorry, I know this sounds stupid, you’re allowed to link to a patch that patches a ROM, but you’re not allowed to link to the patched ROM. This rule seems very silly but eh, who knows? The creator has specifically stated the patched ROM cannot be distributed without permission anyway, so the only help we can give is what HBC ? has suggested.

  127. Had a bit of a test over the weekend – don’t know if this was in the previous release, but the Wiimote only control is just amazing :) Substituting tilt for analogue control is amazingly convenient when I’m too lazy to dig out the nunchuck/gamecube controller :) Thanks guys, the emulator as a whole is outstanding work!

    A couple of games for whichever compatibility list:

    South Park – NOT WORKING
    Shadowman – WORKING

  128. Wow, just played a few games on this update, amazing…!
    Runs bril.

    Diddy Kong Racing – works great, tiniest texture issues
    Goldeneye 007- Runs Well
    Conkers Bad Fur Day – Does not load..
    Donkey Kong 64 – Laggy, alot of issues for me
    Perfect Dark – Runs, some issues
    Paper Mario – Flickering textures, runs

  129. Hybrid Heaven Glitches out as soon as you get to the 1st ladder (2 mins into gameplay). I have tried to get past 4 times.

    Body Harvest is playable but I glitched through the 1st bridge I tried to drive over (2 mins into gameplay). Perhaps this was random since I didn’t try again

    I haven’t tried Blast Corps yet but something tells me its not up to playable levels yet

    Over This is an improvement for a lot of other games, esp Smash Bros and Goldeneye. If anyone else can comment on the games I mentioned I’d appreciate it, just to know where they stand officially on the Compatibility List.

  130. I guess it’s not terribly important, but it might be time to update the Project Progress & Goals page seeing how most of the goals there have been achieved by the last two releases.
    I’d put something along the lines of (In Order of importance):
    -90% roms Supported
    -Net Play
    -All save methods work
    -Emulator runs at full speed
    -GB Transfer Pack Support
    -99% roms run (but not perfectly)
    -N64 Microphone support
    -N64DD support
    -Anyone see anything I missed?
    That’s Just my opinion. Anyhow this emulator is quickly becoming a viable alternative to Project 64 and other PC emulators.

  131. I can’t believe how much progress the team accomplished since the previous release!It is outstanding!!!
    Please,don’t stop to keep trying…You are VERY near a full working and almost perfect emulator!!!If you fix some audio issues and make the most important roms(namely RARE and Nintento ones) run perfectly,you are almost done!!!

  132. @Eltrion
    How is Net Play #2 on the list of “In Order Of Importance”

    I was able to get past the 1st ladder just fine on Hybrid Heaven, but I did notice the camera messes up, which is why you have to approach the ladder from the side =)
    Super Smash Bros runs great
    007 Runs, kinda slow though
    Body harvest I could not walk over the bridge after lowering it. (invisible wall?)
    You can see a compatibility list here, its pretty acurate.

  133. I Gave Net play the #2 spot because it is the only thing explicitly said on the old project goals that hasn’t yet been accomplished. Improving Core compatibility is always an emulator’s #1 concern, thus the 90%+ Mark. Almost all save methods work as is, though a few do not. (Missing Stars) This is not as important as it is only a small fraction of games. Net play will benefit a large percentage. When I say full speed, I mean no slowdown at all except on the most demanding games. This is important, but very difficult and will be improved gradual.

    Everything below that is just extra.
    That’s my reasoning, but then again it is just my opinion.

    @Barrel Roll
    Did you want net play higher or lower?

  134. I wouldn’t say everyone, but just about everyone wants All roms working, All running at full speed, All having no issues, and All of them having all save methods working. Netplay is definitely lower on the list, also some people may even want cheat support before Netplay, but I could care less for both.

  135. Sorry for double post but,
    Some save methods don’t even work now, such as in Donkey Kong 64. And yes a lot of the goals are achieved but are in the “optimization / bug fix stage” Meaning they aren’t done yet.

  136. I understand, but having all games working is a little improbable if you ask me. Even computer based emulators have graphical issues. All games working would be nice, but would take a very long time. I agree that making more games work correctly at full speed is top priority, but if your holding out for 100% you had better be prepared to wait. Honestly #2-4 are all about equal priority, but not including sheer core compatibility they are the most important.
    Not that my opinion makes any difference. The Team will do what is feasible.

  137. I am not holding out for 100%, I am just saying that Net Play is definitely bottom of the list. I know the games will take a while to be 100% perfect, but its still not an issue to me as long as the game is still playable and enjoyable. (So like having donkey kong missing a thumb, I wouldn’t mind)
    Look here and here, for their importance list.

  138. For the sake of a compatibility list, if you find a game which crashes WITH a code dump screen at a specific point of the game every time, and only when using the Dynamic Recompiler CPU setting, please let us know. Before making such a claim, please make sure you know the ROM you are using is good, i.e. doesn’t crash with mupen64 0.5 on PC, or in the pure interpreter. Be informative on your responses, even providing a save state or native save and what region of ROM was used.

  139. Too bad there isn’t a noob filter, I mean, seriously? No emulator is perfect, but they can get pretty darn close to the real thing. But games do work much better than the last released (Mario 64 and Star Fox 64). Too bad there hasn’t been any news on WiiSX for quite a while. Makes you think that project has been killed (but it hasn’t). Can someone verify the status on that?

  140. @the_randomizer
    Feeling that was pointed at me, I did some more researching and found my answer, I do feel nooby now. =(
    To be honest I would much rather see this get done before WiiSX, just I don’t have too many favorites from PS1 as I do N64. Just my opinion though.

  141. You’re not a noob, I’m just pointing out the fact there hasn’t been much WiiSX news lately. But I guess it would be better to speed up Wii64 before that, huh? Sorry about that.

  142. @ emukidid, all i’ve found so far is that te banjo-kazooie(U) rom still has random freezes, hopefully it can be fixed for beta 1.2 :D

  143. sorry for being completely off topic, but i fig there may be someone here who knows.

    has anyone played SNES emu? if so, more specifically Super Mario Kart? i played the other day trying to unlock the 150cc class but when you beat rainbow road, the end credits all play through and then it freezes @ “The End” instead of resetting the game. is it my rom or does everyone have this issue or know of it?

  144. @Adam:
    If you’re on Treasure Trove Cove, then try to go through the level ASAP.
    I managed to get every single item in that level, including the Stop ‘N’ Swop egg!
    It’s been a while since I’ve spelt:
    CHEAT OUT OF THE SEA IT RISES TO REVEAL MORE SECRET PRIZES in that room to rise Sharkfood Island. :)
    However, that is the only level it freezes on. I just went through Clankers Cavern and Bubblegloop Swamp with barely any slow down, let alone freezing. Put up with that level and you’re done with the freezing! :D
    The game then becomes just as playable as DKR, trust me.

  145. @HBC ?:
    No, I’ve never had any issues with that game, in fact I completely finished it with no issues. It must be your ROM that is the problem because I cleared it just fine.

  146. I fucking love you guys! You are the sole reason I even have my Wii anymore. :) You succeed when Nintendo fail.

  147. has anybody else had a problem with the camspy on perfect dark,
    mission 2 cant be completed with it failing

    It would be great if the wii64 team could get Battletanx working


  148. Alright totally re-did the forums. Added a game reviews thread to improve the compatibility list. And some other minor stuff, I hope you all like it. I also hope that the forum will gather more members over the days. Please check it out and become part of the Wii64 community. =)

  149. Would it be possible to focus in on the gamepad input next? The thing that I find most lacking from N64 emulators is a proper multiple input per button setup.

    As an example; the gamecube version of Zelda allows you to use the Cstick of the gamecube controller for the c buttons on the n64 controller, but it ALSO allows you to use X, Y, and Z as C and Cv. I think this should be standard for ALL buttons.

    I also think that since Wii64 also accepts input from the Wii remote that work should be done to allow multiple simultaneous buttons to activate a button. For instance; the dpad on the wiiremote would equal the dpad on the n64, but if you hold the c button, then the dpad on the wii remote = c buttons (or make it so the dpad activates teh c buttons and holding c switches to dpad)

    Eventually it would be nice to see support for motion, but before that it would probably be easier to work out a virtual joystick that is controlled by the IR pointer. This is essentially the setup that Metroid Prime uses to allow the IR to control the camera. There’s basically a virtual joystick right in the center of the screen and it is “pushed” to whatever point on the screen that the wii remote points to.

  150. @HBC It is illegal to give out roms period….
    Just get a clean legit rom, try different sites if you have to.

    I took on your challenge and implemented it into the forums. Check it out. =P

  151. Seriously, please people, join these forums! It actually has an up to date compatibility list!

  152. DAMN. well that sux. def tried like 5 diff roms/versions and same issue with them all……so, MarioFan…..u mean to tell me urs works fine and you got the 150cc unlocked?? if so, gd for you cuz again, mine freezes after the end credits and it just has a black screen that says “thank you”. usually it then resets the game to the menu but mine freezes after the coin sound. BOO!!!

  153. @ the01slayer: There’s a solution to the mission 2 problem. The camspy does work, you just can’t see anything, so if you can manage to position the camspy where it sucessfully takes the picture, you can complete the objective (although it is difficult without knowing where you’re going!).

  154. @the_randomizer
    Yea most people are using it for the compatibility list lol. As that Topic has 750+ views, every other topic combined doesn’t even 3/4 of that. But its ok, the forum hasn’t even been up for a week, should appear on search engines soon, I am pretty sure people will start to join.

    I have gotten one code dump, but I don’t think it is important because it only happens when changing between the cores:
    Game was: Paper Mario 64
    .z64 format
    If you play the game on Dynarec first, then Pure Interp, then Dynarec again for at least more than 5 minutes, it will code dump when trying to play on Dynarec again.

    Also another weird error I got, only happened once though, when trying to play Donkey Kong 64, the screen turned green and went kinda crazy. This was also a .z64 format, and if you want to take a look, luckily I was recording for youtube videos and was too lazy to edit it out lol. Loading the rom starts at 2:58

  155. @Barrel Roll:
    Awesome job with the forums, that was exactly what I had in mind! :D
    When I have a camera on me, I’ll post my reviews for the games I have reviewed here along with a 10 min video. Heck, I might even post a play-through if you want! :D

    @HBC ?:
    Sorry man, bad luck for you. Super Mario Kart (U) [!] on Snes9xGX worked perfectly for me, it’s a shame you did all those levels all over again so many times and it crashed every single time. ;)
    As others have stated, it is illegal for me to hand out ROMs all over the shot, I do have an MSN but putting it out here would be just as stupid as giving out the ROMs. Sorry, I am not allowed to help you here unfortunately…

  156. @MarioFan3
    Ha glad you like it. It will be nice to have someone fill these reviews out with me. =)

    Here is some things you can try and look over.
    -Latest homebrew channel
    -Latest Snes9xGX
    -Original rom
    -Try deleting the saves for that rom (back them up for whatever reason)
    -Boot Snes9xGX from the homebrew channel directly
    -Try using a normal SD Card if you are using SDHC or usb (Does Snes9xGX support usb?)

  157. man….stupid me. i think that the game just stops @ that part anyway and all you need to do is reset the rom….duh. sorry guys, retarded moment by me.

  158. @ Team

    I would really like to understand how you are coding it.

    I have the program needed and open one of the files but it makes no sense. all I see is letter combinations in black rectangles. I know they mean real things but I have not been developing this thing from the beginning. If you could help me that would be great.


    Do you know about how far forward I have to go to get the picture? Cause I really want to pass the level. THANX

  159. I’m not sure, but just play around with it. You have to go most of the way. Just move it around until you get the picture while rapidly trying to take pictures. It’s a bit of a challenge in itself, but shouldn’t take too long if you remember doing it from the original.

  160. @ the01slayer
    I just press forward for about a second and repeatedly press the Z button to take photos until it says objective completed.

  161. What is Frame Buffer Textures on? Tell me what I need to do to make Mario Party not flicker?

  162. I never had it when I had my 64. “I WISH I DID” Its an amazing game.
    Ill try and get it.

  163. @GreenPoe & Emukidid

    Thanks, I got it to work that time “Hope there is no more levels where that tool is needed” lol

  164. I dont know any games where FB textures can be turned off.
    Maybe the team should turn it on permanently and remove it from the list of what we can see.


    I think you should look at Project 64s plug in Jabo_Direct3D6 or Jabo_Direct3D8 because project 64 “kinda (really)sucks” but its graphics are nearly perfect. Their problem is controller and it fails allot but I think that is because it cant run the roms to well period. IDK just a thought.

  165. YAY!!! OMG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! now I can play golden eye instead of cheesy TWINE (the world is not enough)!!!!! but i cant seem to figure out how to program the n64 controller d-pad to work. Im pretty sure it was 2+wiimote d-pad, but i think that changed (or it was never like that). If i still had my old gamecube controllers i would use those, but i sold them w/ my gamecube. plz help someone!

  166. Is there any way for you guys to get out another quick version that can play golden eye better. The multiplayer especially! I wanted to play it with friends but it’s near imposible.

    P.s. Thanks for your work!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  167. I think it will be long before having a version that play golden eye better, but a version with that seizure water glitch in diddy kong racing and the colors one in tetrisphere would be more realist to see this soon.

    But this is not coming, 1.1 is just out and the team doesnt like to make quick update.

  168. Wow, y-y-you’re already thinking about a new release? Really?
    I’ve only just started taking in this release! O_O
    I’m already finding it great to have half of my N64 back! :) Half the games I want to play don’t work well, but I have the other half to keep me busy. :D
    When I’ve finished Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, F-Zero X, Majoras Mask, Ocarina Of Time, Mario Kart 64, Mario Party 1,2,3, Rayman 2, Lylatwars, Super Mario 64 and Super Smash Bros….. yeah, I might start thinking about a new release. ;)
    Until then though…..

  169. @the01slayer


    try super smash with it on, then with it off.

    other games have similar results.

    Also, player models look much cleaner when not using fb textures in games that can get away without using it. (at least when using component cables)

  170. does anybody have a good controller setup where i can use the c-pad, control pad, and the analog stick using a Wiimote and nun-chuck? oh and im assuming i should use fb textures for goldeneye rite?

  171. @ emukidid
    Ok Emukidid, I found a part in the game where it crashes every time.
    Mega Man 64
    Crashes on the last boss (2nd form) when his does his big fireball attack, I can get past the boss on Project64. This was under the Dynarec, no video settings were on, everything was at default. This was a big endian .z64 file and is completely clean.

    I tried 6 times and it crashed every time when he did the same attack.

    Steps to re-create the problem:
    Load the third save (on the very bottom)
    Go into the Big Door in front of you.
    Fight the boss until he is dead.
    Fight the next boss until he does his big fireball attack.

    Here is a save if you want to see for your self.
    Here is a youtube video of me fighting the boss from the beginning to it crashing.

  172. It just dawned on me today how absolutely amazing it is to be playing Goldeneye on the Wii. Gamers have been clamoring for this ever since the virtual console was announced. Since Nintendo was unable to make legal love to Rare, it simply wasn’t supposed to happen. But you guys made it happen. You are heroes not only architecture gurus and homebrewers, but to the gaming community as a whole too. Seriously, you’ve done amazing work that even I can’t comprehend the full importance of. Let me know if you stop by New York, I’ll be sure to buy you a round.

  173. @Randy

    Yes. You can see yoshi, and the game runs at full speed,
    but the backgrounds and enemies don’t show up.

  174. Arikado summed it up.
    You’ve achieved something spectacular.
    Keep it up, and I’m happy to see that my donation from ages ago was worth it.

    To all your fags saying, ‘I WILL DONATE JUST MAKE BANJO TOOEE AND DK64 AND ALL DAH RARE GAMEZ WORX!!!1111′, go die. You don’t deserve such a great homebrew.

  175. @Pertmywert

    Perhaps you should ‘go die’ for not wanting such an epic game such as DK64 to work.

  176. Although compatibility is top priority for the Wii64 developers, it will be a long time for certain games to work properly, such Goldeneye 007 or Castlevania 64. Optimizing an emulator is an EXTREMELY time-consuming process, much less converting code for one architecture (PC) to PowerPC (Wii).

  177. Rareware games have always been a pain to emulate, look at Donkey Kong Land for the GameBoy! Not many emulators can do that properly.

    Besides, even many N64 emulators on a PC can’t even emulate Blast Corps or DK64 properly either, so it’s a surprise to see any Rareware games working at all. In the meantime, if you REALLY want to play Banjo Tooie that much, go and get it on XBLA if not, go play some other games on Wii64. ;)

  178. Hey guys, are save states supposed to work by now? Because EVERYTIME i try to use them it freezes at the wii64 main screen. Also, do the saves from beta 1 work with beta 1.1? I’ve been having problems with these save files.

  179. @BOBO:
    Usually it hasn’t actually frozen. Make a save state again and press resume, this time leaving it there for 5 minutes and it should resume gameplay.
    They DO take a while to save and load (a few minutes each time) but they do work. Which game are you trying it with? I know that save states don’t work for all games, so if it doesn’t work you may want to bring it up here:

  180. Will it be possible to implement N64 controller input with the USB ports using this device? http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.30473
    It would be amazing to play N64 games on the Wii with a real controller.
    But until then, major kudos to the Wii64 team for conjuring up support for all 4 configurations for the Wii. Playing DKR and MK64 with a Wii Wheel is a blast. :]

  181. Forget what i said about permanenteley enabling FB textures, Starfox 64 needs it off
    I Wonder Why
    @ Team
    Is there a way we could contact each other maybe via e-mail. I wanna try to help with the emulator but wanna understand what you are doing first, for instance what each control(C,G,N,W) directly relates to. Also, did you say that you used Mupen as your base port? I think Project 64 has an amazing system that allows you to enable n64 gameshark codes in the menu. Just an idea.

  182. @the01slayer

    P64 is not open source so that wont happen. all ports if you have noticed are open sourse.

  183. @ Matt / the01slayer

    Project 64 1.4 source is available to the public, but Mupen64 0.5 has taken improvements from Project 64 1.4 sourcecode already. The reason we chose Mupen64 is for its portability and (relatively) light memory footprint compared to Project 64.

  184. @emukidid

    Owwww Ok thanks for clearing that up i was not aware of that. I thought there old source code was availible but that that would not help. However Mupens code is always updated. Thanks again.

  185. Amazing emulator! It was a blast being able to play my childhood faboutites.:D BTW, how’s the work going on on Wiisx? Do you have any plans for it in the near future, or do you want to finish work on Wii64 for now? Anyway, thanks agan!;)

  186. Oh, well that makes sense. It would still be cool to have the cheat thing implemented somehow, BTW, This program is great so far.

    Just curious, Do you have an answer as to why some games namely nascar 2000 is superzoomed? It doesn’t make sense cause other than that the game plays fine. Thanks.

  187. alright about 5 months of work by 3 people and there is only a .1 release.

    ill donate again when i can ACTUALLY any of the following, normally: mario party, banjo-kazooie, perfect dark, bomberman 64, donkey kong 64, Gauntlet Legends, Jet Force Gemini, Lego racers, MLB Feat. Ken Griffey Jr., MK Trilogy, MK4, NFL Blitz 2000, Pokemon Snap, Starcraft 64, Super Smash Bros, Top Gear Overdrive, Yoshi’s Story, WWF No Mercy, Worms Armageddon, or goldeneye.

    Diddy kong racing doesn’t even show any “Adventure Two” tracks. It just looks like a big brown spot covering your screen.

    If you win a game of Mario Party you’re contragulated with 10 minutes of static.
    Mario Party 2 works pretty well though.

  188. Marvelous work guys!! It’s almost perfect now and you’ve almost made history perfectly.
    My only confusion is that I can’t get a control pack to be recognized to save my game once two controllers are plugged in while playing Rush 2049…

  189. @leswick

    Half of the games you mentioned work!
    Banjo kazooie is playeble so is jetforce and super smash bros. and more of the games. You should not expect expansion games to function like dk64 cause of current memory limitations. You don’t have to donate you just do if you want to. the devs arnt going to sit by their paypal waiting for YOUR donation, get all exited, and start hardcore coding. Get over yourself. The source is there if you want to do better all the hardwork is already done for you.

  190. @Emukidid
    It is only two parts of the forum and it is because no one was registering and the forum was going to die, it is actually kinda dead now. =(
    I talked to other people on the forum before making this decision and we all had the same idea, and no one has complained to me about it. I think I am going to remove it though, because we are getting a lot more registered users, but they are just a bunch of 0 posters. :/ So I am going to take it off.

    On a side note to the emulator. Bomberman actually works, I found a weird trick to make it work. You have to have FB textures off before loading the rom, after loading the rom, let the intro go until Bomberman throws his bomb at the screen, right after that and you get to a black screen with the music starting to play, then turn on FB textures and it will work perfectly. See:
    For better information.
    Any idea why this is Emukidid?

  191. @leswick:

    Don’t complain. I’d like to see you do any better (and maybe also learn some spelling/grammatical skills).

    Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Bomberman 64, Donkey Kong 64, Jet Force Gemini, Lego Racers, SSB, and GoldenEye 007 all work. Most of the others you mentioned, I don’t know, and NFL Blitz 2000 doesn’t work on ANY N64 emulator.

    I’m not really contributing to this project at all, but I’d like to see people like you shut up and appreciate the work they’re doing here. They’re not doing it for YOU, and they don’t care what YOU think. Holding a donation (which probably won’t happen, anyways) over their head won’t make them go faster, either.

  192. Is it possible to work on the next releases in the public code tree on Google Code? I know you probably might be against this because you want to prevent unstable builds floating around, but it makes following changes you make so much easier, without having wait weeks which you spend updating the public repository, like with the 1.0 beta release.

  193. If I were to use a 4gb SD card, Would I be able to play Wii64 through Homebrew? I think I have heard that the Wii does not support any SD card larger than 2G.

  194. @the01slayer, the Wii has had support for 32GB SD cards for quite some time now. Homebrew Channel has has support for SDHC even longer.

  195. for goldeneye try using the following code at the cheat menu, exit then return for the cheat to appear : L + Down, L + Down C, L + R + Up, R + Down C, Left, R + Down, L + Down C, Up, R + Down, Hold L + Right or beat the Silo on Agent in less than 3:00 min to unlock TURBO MODE for a decent multiplayer game ;)

    for a better gameplay on solo missions get a completed game save file, use turbo mode and improve enemy reaction speed to 100 (in 007 mode)

  196. One of the things i’ve always liked about goldeneyes multi-player is the speed. Its fast enough that you have to be quick on your feet, but slow enough that its not some kill frenzy game like quake or halo. Even Timesplitters:project future was like that, and that game was made from former rare team members who made goldeneye.

    Or did you mean specifically for this emulator since it runs a tad on the slow side, to made up for the speed loss use turbo mode?

  197. has anybody tried armorines: Project SWARM yet?
    Whenever I try, It boots and plays for a few minutes or just freezes when you start the game. I will stand there unable to move or do anything and when I push x+y to c if it completely froze it takes me back to the Wii64 menu. Then when I say resume game it acts like I just loaded the ROM.

    I am wondering if there is a better setting to use for it

  198. same but blinking, Its not the ROM cause it works on Project 64 either.
    Guess that will have to wait also.

    I’m planning on making a fully checked and double checked list of games that work and don’t work on my website vlayer.webs.com

    This is going to be checked by me b/c the other one just takes peoples word for it, for instance Glover- it works fine.
    Mine will be in alphabetical order also.

    Anybody who wants to contact me can contact me there or I do check this forum every day.


    Obviously perfect spelling and grammar is required to get your point across on the internet. Oh wait, no it isn’t.

    Maybe it’s just me but advertising jet force as one of their main achievements, while there is a constant black box around the character is sloppy. And how can you possibly enjoy lego racers and call that “work”[ing]? It’s like a drunken acid trip with none of the colors! The second mission in PD is impossible to beat, and combat sim is like 11 fps once an enemy approaches.

    It’s great that you’re just using the program without contributing though!
    Oh and how you can doubt that I’ll donate a second time.

    If they weren’t doing it for ME then they wouldn’t put it on the INTERNET and say “donations are what keep this site running”.

    @ Matt

    Yes BJ is alright it, just sluggish and missing faces… Perfect Dark uses the expansion pack. Why shouldn’t DK64 be somewhat playable?

    I want to donate! Believe me I do! I love the idea of n64 on wii and will gladly pay for it. But currently it is like buying a car and finding out that it has no engine.

    This is derived from MUPEN. It wasn’t written from scratch! The devs used source and built upon it! It is merely an optimized port. And if they were just doing this to code, or for fun, they wouldn’t need to ask for donations. “Donating” is paying but with a skewed morality attached to it. If you drop a dollar in a church offering plate it is called “donating” yet it is pretty much forced “morally” if the plate comes to you.

    It’s a “nicer” way of asking for money.

  200. An excellent release. Lots of things work correctly in this one. I have high expectations for your next beta guys. I hope its as great as this one.

  201. @the01slayer
    Glover was marked wrong probably because it was translated wrong from Google translate, I got the report of Glover from a Spanish website.

  202. @leswik:
    We are doing this for fun, the challenge, and the learning experience. The donations we received have never been spent on ourselves. The donations have gone towards paying for hosting and the domain name and to buy a classic controller in order to be able to test it in the emulator. I don’t care whether you believe that’s true or not, but for anyone that would take you seriously: all the money has gone into the site and the emulator itself, and every donation keeps the site running for longer.

  203. @leswik

    “Optimized” is a big understatement.

    To note a few of the things we had to do in order to get it from just a “mupen64 port” to “wii64″:
    - Core written from scratch (Dynamic code recompiler for PowerPC)
    - Graphics re-written to use GX
    - Audio plugin written from scratch

    So without those, you’d probably only be able to see Rampage World Tour running at 4fps in the software plugin with no audio.. all the above were required to achieve everything you see & hear, and, they were not optimized versions of existing code, they were adapted for the Wii hardware, essentially re-written.

  204. @ Barrel Roll

    I just would really like a better organized compatibility list. Also I am going to list ways to make them work or when to expect them to fail.
    I will most likely use a lot of your list and some confirmations from myself.

    I wish I could become part of the team to help with the coding but I don’t understand how it is coded right now. If one of them could explain how they are working with it I could maybe help out. Otherwise, Oh well I guess.

    Then again The Team probably doesn’t want me to help on THEIR project.LOL

  205. @the01slayer

    Just FYI, I still plan to re-do the entire compatibility list which is up on here after WiiSX is updated and out, I’m just terribly busy at the moment.

  206. I would faint if my day was like yours emukidid, I really would! XD

    I have no idea where The Wii64Team finds ANY time for emu coding, but they do, and somehow they’ve gotten this far.
    Seriously guys, how do you pull the free time to work on these things?

  207. I could trow a speech for you guys but I’ll summarize: Splendid work! I am once again staying up all night messing around with my favorite N64 games.

    During my musings with Wii64 I noticed that the saved states work kinda fishy; you have to be in the same room you saved in order to load or else you’ll get a black screen. I’m not sure if this was specified elsewhere (I tried to go trough all comments but I ended up with more questions), so i thought I’d point it out.

    Also, I have been playing Jet Force Gemini and I had problems with the night vision. I read of people getting black screens during this part but i get a lime green screen, the same green that things should normally be in, that slowly fades into place in 2-3 seconds or so, which takes place in the whole screen. I also read that I should turn on night vision in the ingame menu in “PD.” But what the hell is “PD”? Where exactly is this option? Any help is appreciated.

  208. @NNV:
    I think PD is short for Perfect Dark, I may be wrong though. They probably found a way to make night vision work for Perfect Dark by turning it on in that game’s menu, unfortunately it’s unrelated to JFG. :( I haven’t found a way to make it work yet either, aww well at least we got to play a demo…

    Hmm, that might help! XD
    Do you really throw that away to work on this? If so, then MAN that’s what you call serious dedication! :D

  209. @tehpola
    I wouldn’t mind you spending the money on yourselves, I would want to congratulate and reward you for your hard work. It’s great that you’re doing this to learn though. I’ve always wanted to make an n64 emulator but never had the right example or tutorial. I’ll take a look at the source code and see if I can make sense of it.

    Ah, well now I know. Mupen has been pretty much trash on Mac at least. It would go way too fast or too slow. The audio didn’t work much from what I remember. Also the only other console 64 emu I’ve tried is “Surreal 64″ on the Xbox. That only played a handful of games.

    So I was out of line saying that it was “just an optimized port”. Now that I think about it, with the compatibility rate of this 1.1 version, it is very impressive. My program didn’t run this well in version 1.1.

    And when I gave that long list of games earlier, I just meant -any- of them, as in just -one- would be satisfactory.

  210. @ Emukidid

    That is Fine if you are going to make one but im still gonna throw one up soon. You can verify what Me and Barrel Roll have.

    @ Everyone looking for a compatibility list I will have one on my site shortly, maybe tomorrow (that’s a lot of games). Click my name to visit my site if you didn’t know that.

  211. Since this is based off mupen, I have a question related to save-states.

    Lets say I play goldeneye on my wii and unlock the first 3 levels. Then I copy the save over to my PC, and play the same rom on mupen with my PC. I unlock 3 more levels. I then delete my Wii’s save file, and copy over my PCs save file, and continue where I left off with my PC save.

    Is this possible, to keep going back and forth?

  212. hm…. That’s actually interesting. I had thought to ask that once but then I didn’t care.
    I hate playing 64 games on a PC b/c sucky controls, only really able to have one person playing at a time (which loses fun quickly), and it doesn’t ever explain what went wrong when it fails. {Plus, two words, WiiMotion Fun}

    I will probably have my compatibility list up Saturday.


    It will be highly accurate so you will just need to Reformat it better I guess

  213. My compatibility list may not be perfect, but it is accurate and it gets the job done. I haven’t had any complaints on the forums but I do plan on revising it anyways. I want to try and make this the official Wii64 forums, because I want to help this emulator in every way I can. So if you have any suggestions, just yell at me Emukidid lol.

  214. The only reason I plan to do a proper compat list, as opposed from the rest, is that mine will have reasons behind the crashes, i.e. what I think in code caused the issues, stack traces, etc, so we can fix them for the next version.

  215. Yeah that is important to know, I don’t think mine is going to get much support anyway. Most people either use BarrelRoll’s or they try it themselves plus Not enough people are interested enough to check out my site.
    When are you planning to have your list ready? Mine Should be done Saturday. (Or Early Sunday)

  216. Has anyone sucsessfully found out how to get a master save of goldeneye to work? I did it years ago, but this just isn’t working.

    The save works on my PC, just not on wii64.

    The files are named exactly the same. Rom is the same as the save (with the exception of the extention of coarse)

    I even tried manually loading the save. Wii64 says “No saves found”

    I have it in the same folder as my old save. I also found goldeneye.st0 What is this?

  217. Ok im not sure if this is just me but i with the new update the controls seem to be messed up if you try to change them. I cant remember off the top of my head cause i messed with it yesterday. One was if you inverted y you could not walk forward you would walk backwords, also i tried remapping the controls for goldeneye to make it more like a ps3 controller :p and well they buttons stayed the same even though they were remapped.

  218. JPnintendo You have to Skip the intro in the options of the game (In the JP and US version it works ) :D

  219. @emukidid:Why is it that the mario 64 missing stars hack (.ext) runs in wii64 while the original SM64 (.ext) version has pallete glitches,and freezes when starting bob-omb battlefield.

  220. I believe that’s like saying “Why does SM64 save properly but not missing stars?” It’s a core issue, the missing stars hack changed a LOT of things in SM64, so it might as well be called SM128 due to the thousands of changes. (ok, maybe not thousands but you get the idea)
    Things were done differently, so things will be emulated differently. Silly question if you ask me, but if they’re willing to answer I’m all ears. :)

    Isn’t it funny that the comments quickly went from like 100 a day, to 3 a day ever since 1.1 was released? ;)

  221. I Wanted to ask a simple thingy: Since JFG becomes unplayable after the night vision part with Lupus, is it possible to use the save file on PJ64? (or even Mupen, if the PC verison isn’ t affected by this). Thanks.

  222. I’m not sure if this has been reported yet… but Diddy Kong Racing is unplayable when you try to start the 2nd adventure (after beating the game the first time)
    Just thought I’d point that out to the creators of wii64.

  223. @ some noob
    We’re aware of it thanks to people like you actually playing games in the emulator :)

    @ MarioFan3
    I’ll have a look at SM64 missing stars, I think it’s cause it uses a larger EEPROM (16kbit).

    @ Rockstar8577
    Of course if you invert Y you’ll be doing the opposite thing, it’s called inverted for that reason…

  224. @emukidid:
    I should note that missing stars uses the expansion pak in order to save, if that helps. ;)
    Now I don’t mean to throw issues like fruit at you, but Wii64 froze in Zelda: Ocarina of Time inside Lord Jabu Jabu’s belly when I killed a stinger with a spin attack. I know I should just not kill them to avoid this, but it’s an issue nonetheless. Being a former beta tester, I simply can’t resist intentionally making Wii64 crash :D
    Oh, and when I say it froze, I mean that I had to power it off the old fashion way. (with the power button on the console)

    Still, I love using Wii64, I’ve beaten Banjo Kazooie, F-Zero X, Lylatwars, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros. and beaten what I can on Diddy Kong Racing using Wii64, so I ain’t complaining. ;)

  225. For all you Mischief Maker fans:
    A save file and a save state (USA):
    - The save file has all levels unlocked (but not all gold diamonds collected)
    - The save state is Save State 0, load it and it will load the game to the Sound Test of the game =)
    Even if you haven’t played Mischief Makers, you really should try it out, its a unique but odd game, very fun though.

  226. Do you have any idea why in Diddy Kong Racing the Adventure 2 mode doesn’t work? I don’t see any reason, but i’m interested. Oh, and why are all textures almost perfekt, but only the water is red and blue flickering?

    Nevertheless very playable emulation, I love DKR!

  227. Sorry guys but I CAN’T load wii64 save files on mupen64 on my PC…any way to do that?

  228. @Ulysses
    This isn’t the best explanation but this emulator is still in the bug testing phases, some things will be perfect, others won’t. So the water thing is just a bug in the emulator. Some bugs can be fixed by turning on “FB Textures”

    Make sure you are using the .eep files.

  229. I have the opposite problem. I can’t get THIS save state to work on wii64.


    Game name is the same as the save file, except for the extension. Game is in the “Roms” folder, and the save is in the “Saves” folder.

    Also, just like to point out, that with this emulator, and WiiSX’s releases eventually, the three of you will have created something on the wii that nobody can top. You will be the homebrew heros.

    Thank you again!

  230. @ Barrel Roll
    Surely the emulator is only a beta version and has some bugs, like the red water. But I just don’t understand why adventure 2, which is the same as adventure 1 just mirrored, doesn’t work at all but adventure 1 works great. But there are hopefully some improvements to come, so I don’t care. But I’d like to understand….

  231. @ emukidid
    Im sorry i probably didn’t explain right. I mean when you activated the inverted Y option up would make you go down and down would make you go down.

  232. @Ulysses
    The reason some things don’t look exactly the same on Wii/GC as they do on PC or N64 is because we are using the Wii/GC gpu to emulate openGL, which is, in turn, emulating the N64 RSP/RDP. Both of these steps are High Level Emulation, so it will never be perfect, even though we try to get as close as possible.
    The red water is a harder problem, but the DKR Adventure 2 bug will probably be fixed for the next beta. The problem with the DKR Adventure 2 mirroring is that it achieves the mirror by flipping the viewport. The flipped viewport is illegal in openGL, but some implementations will do it, anyway. (i.e. some PC’s will show this correctly in glN64 and some won’t.) On GX flipping the viewport this way fails, so we have to work around it.

  233. bust-a-move 2 looks great. only one small problem being the arrow that points where you fire the balls isn’t there so you cant play it. such a shame, i love that game and it was sooo close to working.

    Never mind, DKR and Mario Kart will keep me happy for a while so thanks guys

  234. lego racers is actually more playable than i claimed earlier. I was using FB at first.

    With FB, you can see the cars but the screen seems to distort more.
    w/o FB, it runs well, but only the shadows of the other cars are visible.

  235. Does anyone know how to get conker working cause i know everyone is saying that its not working, and i myself have tried only to have it not work. In the video though it shows conker working at 0:56 unless im mistaken and thats a different game.

  236. Rockstar8577:

    That’s Diddy Kong Racing, in which Conker is a selectable racer. As of the moment, Conker’s BFD is not working.

  237. Thanx guys for the nastalgia! You guys rock, it’s great to show my kids all the games I grew up w/.

    Any news on wiisx?

  238. you know what would be great? a HOLD TO CHANGE button. say for example, i map this button to C nunchuck. when i hold C then, the controls change from analog stick on nunchuck to IR. that way, aiming in a many games get alot easier. for example jet force gemini. you map the button to the same button that has aiming and you are good to go. once i release the button, its back to control stick again…

  239. My problem is still with yoshi’s story.
    I can see that it is a layering issue.

    It’s like being blindfolded at the circus.

    And also, these two, wierd bubbles appear amidst the magical-yoshi-void of level 1. They move in the opposite direction of yoshi. Any idea what these are?

  240. @ ZeldaFan
    Oh ok, thanks. I was wondering why conker was on the screen but you couldnt play conker’s bad fur day.

  241. hey just letting you guys know great job on the emulator.. but uhh one of my fav games freezes up and that game is NFL blitz… hope you can fix it in the future.

  242. been having a few problems lately but now I’m back my check list will be finished shortly, Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday unless i get held up. any way, i have tested all games up to T so far. If anybody needs to know on one specific game i will let you know about it.

    As far as NFL Blitz all of them give me a Black freeze. this just means that it freezes in such a way that X+Y don’t work but pushing reset on the Wii takes you back to the Wii64 menu. I call it “black” freeze because most of the time it is before the game shows anything and the screen is black.

  243. I hear ya Matron! :D
    I can seriously wait until October-December (at the very least) till there’s an update on Wii64, it’d still be pretty cool if they made an April Fools post anyway. ;)

  244. I have completed the compatibility list.

    This is not a final complete. It is just a majority complete.

    I have locked the actual list spot, In order to leave comments go to the “comment on list” blog right below the list.

  245. I actually just wanted to leave a suggestion. The growing emulator named Visual Boy Advanced GX for the Wii that allows the playing of Gameboy games has certain configurations for controls on certain games that would be quite interesting to see someday for this emulator, once compatibility and speed issues have been put to rest. But anyways… The special controls related to games like Zelda, the older Zelda games like the Oracle games, or even the originals, all the way up to the newer Minish cap, are now able to be played with controls identical to Twilight Princess. That includes the swings of the Wii Remote allow link to slash his sword. This would be something fun to try on Ocarina and Majora. Another example is the Mario Kart games, they can be played like Mario Kart Wii. That would be something cool to do with the racing games on the N64. I haven’t played this emulator yet, as I don’t get to mod my Wii until tonight when I get it, so you may already have this implimented into the emulator. But if not, I’m sure everyone would love to see it one day.

  246. @Barrel Roll
    i did see that but if you notice i said graphic errors, also i did try that and it did not work for me very well. I tried multiple times different ways and still ended up with the problems so, This is why I put what I did.

    @Syd Valak
    The sword thing can be set up if you wanted, but controls would be odd, gun pointing most likely can’t be done haven’t tried, and Mario Kart and other racing games fully work for motion steering (as long as you set the controls up well)

  247. @the01slayer
    It works every time if you turn FB on after the bomb is thrown at the screen and it goes black. =)

  248. @Syd Valak
    Special controls are not implemented but you can make your own with the options available in beta 1.1
    Slash the sword while shaking de wiimote can’t be done yet (or I haven’t figured out how to do it). But aiming to the screen with the pointer can be done and works almost perfect in Perfect Dark and a bit odd in GoldenEye. You can also play Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing as it was the Wii, but the control isn’t sensitive enought in my opinion.
    If you click in my nick, it will take you to a forum where I explain how to do it (it’s in spanish, though) and you can download the files where the controls are already prepared (you don’t need to register to dowwload the files).

    @Barrel Roll
    If you know how to make the ‘shake’ a configurable button, tell me. That will be helpfull. XD

    To get Bomberman 64 to work, just wait until he throws the bomb, the screen goes black AND the music starts to sound, then turn on “FB Textures”. If you do it correctly, yo will see a sky in the background of the menu. The intro after creating a game file doesn’t display well, you have to be patience until it ends or reset the game and repeat the process (just be sure you turn off FB Textures before you resume the rom).

    Excuse my bad english.

  249. I forgot to say that the files for the special controls can be found in the section “Controles adaptados a Wii. Juega a tus títulos de Nintendo 64 aprovechando las nuevas posibilidades de Wii”. Just click on the spoiler tag and some text will appear. To download the files just click on the underlined words.

  250. I wonder if you are going to update google code page with all the 1.1 changes…After this excellent release,what are the team’s plans for the next step?

  251. “Coming Soon, Transfer Pak Support!”
    … yeah, it’s a bit late but… gotcha, April Fools!

    Seriously though, is it even possible to emulate that part of the N64? I wonder if I could plug in my GameBoy into my Wii using a real transfer pak… hang on! With Cube64, perhaps the GameBoy Player could be utilized in some way to talk to Wii64 and together you could emulate the transfer pak … or am I going way too far into the impossible?

    I believe the team has plans to keep us in suspense :D

  252. @Lost My Mind (way back on march 24th)
    Well the first thing I would say is make sure you extract the .zip file and you’ll get a .eep

    Now after trying that myself, and renaming and loading it into Wii64, it worked, but there was no save whatsoever. Loading it into Mupen64, thought, it had the full save game.

    Will test my own finished Mupen64 save file with Wii64 and will post the download if it works for me.

  253. ARGG!! It took me like 9 times to figure out the naming scheme of the save files. Hmm, it once again shows just the 4 blank folders (saves) and I wonder if .eep’s need garbage data at the end like other types. If anyone could help me I would very much appreciate it.



  254. And if anyone could help him, you’d also be helping me as well with the final result. Just share the info here for all to see.

    Still loving the emulator!

  255. Yah I am almost positive it needs some garbage data to work. Maybe the person who made the .sra conversion tool will update it with the ability to add this garbage data. I would do it myself but I would have no idea how to.

  256. Majora’s Mask has some issues, like the camera randomly fucking up (same thing with OoT). The pause screen also goes over black instead of showing you, and it dissapears after about 6 seconds. Plus I am completely unable to use the lens of truth, as it turns my screen yellow. Now I cannot progress in the game until this is fixed!

  257. Keep on the good work, awesome so far!

    The only thing i would query about is Starcraft 64 which is in my opinion one of the greatest rts games. Don’t know if there’re settings existing making it possible to play, but I just succeeded in getting some weird graphic and layer bugs.

    However, great work!

    PS: Didn’t read all the comments above, so sorry for doublepost if the porblem has been mentioned earlier =)

  258. Very nice! I have just a few comments to make regarding the interface, though:

    1. I can never open any file on any device (except DVD) where the ROMs are anywhere else than in /wii64/roms/. Please just open in / or fallback to / when it turns out the directory does not exist.
    2. The interface settings aren’t saved, so I have to set things like screen proportion and framebuffer back on every time I start the emulator. I’m sure you have plans to make this work, though, it’s a beta after all. :)

    I find the interface to be close to professional and a major improvement over the previous GUI. Well done.

    To show you that I’m not just complaining, I’ve donated 15 bucks to you guys. It’s not a lot, but shows the appreciation I have for this project! :)

    Here’s to hoping compatibility gets good enough for games like Conker’s Bad Fur Day!

  259. If only we could learn about the current emulation state of WiiSX…..Not that I’m trying to be subtle, mind you 0_o

  260. @the_randomizer

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, haha.
    With how far Wii64 has advanced, I can’t wait to see the team’s next WiiSX release :P

  261. Great work guys! Thanks again for all of your hard work! You’re producing something great here.

  262. And also in other great news for wii homebrew a advanced, Nintendo DS emulator rev has been released on wiibrew :D

  263. try to let conker’s bad fur day work for the next version :P hoping to see it soon ^^

  264. It’s been more than two months since the last update…

    Have you made any progress?

  265. @???: I’m sure they’ll fill us in when something major (or a bunch of small things) has been completed, otherwise there wouldn’t be much for them to write about. ;)
    Although two months is a little odd I suppose, nonetheless I’ve no doubt that secret progress has been made, ready to go “poof” out of the blue like last time. :)

  266. Fair enough. I’m tired of waiting, though. And I expect the Wii64 team are tired of building the damn thing. xD

    They’ve done well so far, though. Bravo to them.

  267. I’m not complaining by a long shot but I have a hope that the devs will at some point switch to a method similar to Tantric’s–push a new version out after a small, reasonable number of revisions. The code he employs that makes his emulators search for the newest version and self-update is a huge plus. I’ve heard some complain that Tantric updates TOO frequently, but I’ve never minded it.

    I could be wrong, but I’ve assumed that our guys are still making systemic revisions to Wii64 and perhaps that’s why they don’t think they can do that now.

    Overall, I do like the frequently revised and self-updating model that homebrew developers are starting to use, though.

  268. i have a suggestion for an enhancement to make:
    in dolphin, you can actually make all games widescreen by widening the emulators view. wouldnt this be possible with Wii64 aswell?

    also, i state it again, a chagne while hold button. hold this button to change between two control types. this way one could aim with the IR in zelda or jet force gemini and still play with the control stick :)

  269. @Spike. I may be wrong but can’t you change the aspect ratio from 16:9 and 4:3 to make it wide screen? (or was it vice versa?) unless I am Off and changing the ratio isn’t making it wide screen?
    -so for any errors i’m on my iPod and I hate Typing on it lol

  270. You can already have widescreen, I think most emulators on the Wii do anyway. That’s why I dislike the VC, no widescreen support and slow PAL conversion speeds. I’m sorry, but I prefer to play my games at the speed they were intended to be played at. I want my money back for those VC games sometimes so I can donate it to the Wii64Team. :)

  271. i know i can force it to widescreen but they are streched then. i want them NOT streched ;)

  272. Does anyone know of an unofficial build with Classic Controller PRO support?

  273. I’m not being rude, but can we get any news? It’s been months :)

  274. Hello, I would just like to inform everyone that I eat my own butt nuggets. That is all. Thank you and have a lovely day.

    Take care

  275. Oooookaaay, randomness out of the way, who wants popsicles in the basement?

    It sure doesn’t feel like it has been months to me either actually, but the amount of time that has passed since 1.1 is starting to lay on me. A couple more months will do me in terms of waiting though. ;)
    (Unforgotten Realms started back up, so now I have stuff to watch again)

  276. Do you think they’ll ever tell us about the current WiiSX status? I’m curious since google code’s never up to date.

  277. yeah i mwant to know about WIISX aswell. if only to make it boot via USB XD

  278. Haha, you’re right! XD
    Holy cow, this post has received the most comments on emulatemii ever… I wonder what post has received the most comments on the entire internet.. (forums don’t count)

  279. There’s…not going to be another update is there?
    Does anything think they would tell us if that was the case??

  280. Sigh if you read the older entries on this site, the team says that they want to work on Wii64 first before they start on Wiisx again.

  281. youre right, sorry bout that. i got my problem solved anyway (loading from USB =yay!) so from my stance i can wait for WiiSX anyway :)

    But, id apreciate at least a hint of being alive on Wii64. I love the project, and most games i want to play work well anyway (except castlevania :( very sad) so im not that in a hurry, but updates are always a nice touch, makes the waitign easier (see am2r who updates regularly)

  282. Heheh, I was just about to point out that they got Goldeneye working on Dynarec recently, W00T for compatibility! Their main focus seemed to have been Goldeneye which is awesome! :)
    Now I wonder if this huge compatibility jump will continue until they get Blast Corps working (much like Goldeneye is right now) until their next release… who wants to hear “It’s time to get movin’” again… Tempest city anyone?