WiiSX Beta 2 Preview

We’re nearing the WiiSX beta 2 release, so we decided that it’s time to show a preview video of the current state of the emulator and tell you about our progress.  Last summer, we released a beta of WiiSX so that we could put it on the back burner for a while and focus on Wii64.  We weren’t too happy with WiiSX beta 1 because it lacked a proper gui and suffered from stuttering audio and other bugs.  So, we’ve focused the past few weeks on adding a gui to WiiSX and improving the sound, pad plugin, and other various parts of the emulator.  While there will still be plenty of work left for the future, we feel that this release will greatly improve the emulator’s playability and polish.  Look forward to the release, but for now please enjoy the preview.

189 thoughts on “WiiSX Beta 2 Preview

  1. Lookin’ good! The Final Fantasy games work properly now? :D
    Excellent work guys, the sound’s almost spot on, that’s some awesome news!

  2. Nice guys! Just donated to your fund a couple days ago for the awesome work you all put out. I suggest others help the team out too. I am confident that one day you all will have Wii64 and WiiSX perfected. Keep up the good work guys!

  3. I felt this coming. Great stuff, and props for featuring FFVIII, which is what I was playing before my PSX stopped working.

  4. Very impressive work, congrats!

    The sound problems in the Mega Man game is because it uses XA audio?

  5. GaussTek, unfortunately, there’s still a big room for improvement in the dynarec core, the sound issues are because the game is not running at full speed.

  6. Same question as lancea34…
    Will Beta 2 be able to load the Rom of a DVD through DVDx?
    Thats whats stopping me from actually playing all the games I have XD

  7. Alright, good job, will Driver 2 work? And is Driver 1′s crash issue fixed?

    Can`t wait 4 release

  8. As Matron touched the subject, will DVDx be required or will it be able to use the USB cIOS 202 that Tantric and rodries includes with WiiMC.

    Will the DVD use any certain filesystem or will I be able to just burn the images as data?
    Will how will multiple disc games be supported(ie. FF7, Chrono Cross).
    Lastly, and this is pretty much a shot in the dark since i don’t really know if the Wii DVD drive supports a CD medium: Can we burn images or be able to use original discs.

    Awesome work guys. I have REALLY been looking forward to this. I even dug up my old PSX collection and dumped the games to images ;)

  9. Progress looks fantastic, guys! Great work! Looking forward to trying it out.

  10. Excellent!!!!! My SD is too small for ISOs and my USB HDD is for WBFS Games. With DVD support you solved all my problems!! :D I wish I could donate but I’m only 17 with no job credit card or paypal account XD.

  11. @MorpheuZ: The Wii disc drive doesn’t support reading CDs. Only DVDs. And when you look at the preview video there was a button somewhere in the menu that was used for switching “CDs”.

    Anyway, great job guys. Keep it up and I’ll get around to donating someday :)

  12. Damn!
    I’ll cry of the beauty this emulator will give to my life! T-T

    With DVD enabled, no more SDHC compatibility issues to play PSX ISOS.

    Thanks for the wonderful work guys!

  13. Great stuff, I’ve been looking forward to WiiSX more than I have Wii64. Looking great so far! :D

  14. That’s major you guys are awesome, but i had a question and shoot me if its been answered but any hope of being able to load the games for wiisx from usb hdd? I know I can do it from my usb flashdrive, but lets just say my flashdrive is cheap and it doesn’t work so well.

  15. I was wondering, can you use the analogsticks on the black classic controller?

  16. Speaking of which, did anyone else hear that Galaxy 2 has already been leaked?

    WiiSX will be important for me to use soon as I’m going through all the Final Fantasy games one by one.
    Here’s the story:
    I start with the very original Final Fantasy from 1987, so I have no biased view on the series by saying “The later games are better” or something. No, I’ve never seen a Final Fantasy game, nor have I played a Final Fantasy game but I’ve always heard good things about the series in general. So, I’m going through all of the games blind (playing them for my very first time)
    I’ve been going through all of them in order, right now I’m up to VI on the Super Famicom, soon I’ll be up to VII so I’ll need to use WiiSX to play it. :D

  17. @MarioFan3 yes it has been leaked, ive been playing it for two days now.. simply amazing, looking forward to buy my copy.

    and guys… excellent wor with the wiisx, cant wait

  18. I saw the word ‘gun’ on the config screen. Does this mean beta 2 will have lightgun support and we’ll be able to play Time crisis on our LCD Tv’s? Or is it just a place holder for when the gun is eventually supported?

  19. @MarioFan3:

    “So, I’m going through all of the games blind (playing them for my very first time)”

    You should try REALLY playing through them blind! (put a blindfold on)

    Really appreciate the stevie wonder way of playing video games!


  20. I hope that WiiSX can play FFVII, especially since beta 1 had pretty nasty dynarec issues (such as locking up randomly). But, since the dynarec core has vastly improved, I’d bet anything that Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX are in a very playable (and stable) state. Heck, now that there’s a frame rate limiter, Chrono Cross and Star Ocean should run properly, too! This is gonna be awesome!

  21. wooooooo god bless you guys its great to see progress on this emulator since ive been raking through my old ps1 disks recently and accually wished i could play them on my wii

  22. @ Lost My Mind:
    Haha, as if they’re not hard enough to play through as it is! For reference I’m playing the uncensored Japanese versions! (duh, how else did I played through II, III and V?) I’m also gonna be playing the rereleases of IV, V and VI with WiiSX! I can’t wait now! :D

    @ the_randomizer: Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot about Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross! Damn this is gonna be so awesome!

    Does WiiSX handle two disk games with the same save file? Because I know some emus fail at finding the save file when you swap disks files. (I’m a noob when it comes to Playstation stuff, I apologise for my ignorance ;) )

  23. Even though I already have ePSXe on my laptop, I’m still gonna get this.

    Just one thing though…





  24. It’s funny that i looked for this emulator for the last week and now that I see beta2 You guys did an AWESOME job.
    Can’t wait the release

  25. look great
    final fantasy viii is my favourite game ever and was working great in beta 1 have you tested it much cause it chrashed about an hour in on beta 1

  26. oh you kids and your final fantasy,what about “Vagrant Story,Saga Frontier(both mainly 2 though),saiyuki journey west,Tales of destiny/eternia,xenogears,silent hill,threads of fate,parasite eve(both mainly 2),resident evil(all 3 or 4 if you include the directors cut),MDK,Megaman x(x4->x5->x6),megaman legends(both 2 mainly lol),grandia,hoshigami ruining blue earth,gundam battle assault(both),Lunar(both),metal gear solid/metal gear solid VR missions,Oddworld(both),tail concerto,lost world Jurassic park,warpath jurassic park,vanguard bandits,ect…MANY MORE,but yea guys there is ALOT of amazing psx(psone) titles besides the ff series:P

  27. And I will continue to spam that until I see proof of it’s compatibility.


  28. This is looking great compared to the first beta. I’m glad you guys put off Wii64 for a bit too, I just wanna get back to good ol’ Crash Bandicoot.

    I had enough fun with the 64, now its PSX’s turn.

  29. @ Chris

    Dude, chill out, chances are we’ll get a compatibility list when the beta’s released. Besides, if Games like FF work, Im pretty sure Tony Hawk would run.

  30. Final fantasy are the best games that don’t work yet and skullpand your missing sheep dog n wolf which works v good on beta 1 just bad sound

  31. @the developers:
    I know you may not have a classic controller pro to test with, but if at all possible cc pro compatibility would be great!

  32. Oh woah!!

    Great job guys seriously. What a time and effort must been put into this.

    Thanks guys!
    Hopefully the finishing touches will fix/add even more, though don’t keep it from releasing months, I really like to play psx on my Wii. (So I can let the PSOne / PS3 off more often (PS3 is a shit to start sometimes, think about it xD), besides I want to play one of my broken discs, which I have as backup now, and I have my PSX put away now, and rather like to play my games on Wii again. :D )

  33. @:skullpanda86
    Sorry if this sounds rude, I’ve tried rewording this several times but it just doesn’t seem to come through, so I’ll put this as lightly as I can…


    I never played an FF game until I started my list of Video Games I have played, and games I will decide to play, so I’m not just here for “OMG, I wanna play Final Fantasy again cuz dat was da game I used to play!!!” In fact, at the last minute I decided “Oh what the hell, I’ve heard nothing but good things about FF so I might as well just throw it in there for the sake of it.” My above post has already stated my opinions on the FF series, I’m up to VI and it’s (in my opinion) finally getting decent to play. Now, I’ve also stated that I’m new to Playstation stuff (as I’ve never owned one before) so as far as I’m concerned, there wouldn’t have been much for me to play on WiiSX if I hadn’t have thrown the FF series onto my list.

    All the good games you’ve listed (in my experience anyway) are either not my style of gaming (RE, MG for example), or games I’ve never heard of (xenogears? I might try it) I know this is probably due to the fact I’ve never owned a Playstation, but to me FF and a few other games are the only reason I’ll ever be using WiiSX. ;) Only decent, through to masterpiece games go into my list (being based on my opinion of course), and I’m finding that very difficult to do with PSX, PS2, and PS3 games.

    I’m obsessed with old games lately (probably due to me restricting myself to only play games that I’ve beaten on my list, and I’m completing that list in order of original release dates XD) so I won’t judge PSX games by their covers, more so the quality of the gameplay considering the time it was released. If you must know, I’ve got over 300 games to boot on that list, and I’m up to my 51st game, FF VI. (I’ll show you the list if you like :D )

    Most of the games on that list are on Nintendo consoles (this sounds so biased I know but there’s a reason for it ;) ) and some on 360. For example, the only PS3 game on there is FF XIII, that’s it! Most games for the Playstation 1, 2 and 3 I find out that they are usually either not my style or are available on 360, so as biased as this sounds, I’m not going to have many games from Sony’s consoles.

    I hope you didn’t take any of that with offence, I just can’t summarize all my reasoning without losing the meaning heheh, sorry ’bout that :p :P
    (did I mention that my posts tend to be very loooooooong?)

  34. emukidid

    will the emulator have classic controller PRO compatibility it is close to a playstation controller it has 4 shoulder buttons instead of 2

  35. I’ll echo the call for Classic Controller / CCPro support. But also, can you add USB support? It’s nearly impossible to fit more than one PSX game on SD at a time. USB would be so much easier.

    There are already hacked versions of WiiSX b1 out there that have it so it shouldn’t be too difficult to code in.

  36. When will you update Wii64?? Because I know you have worked hard over these days!

    Otherwise all my congratulations for Wiisx!


  37. Sorry to ask but the “Yes to Classic Controller Pro” means that every 3rd party classic control will work?

    And great preview, can’t wait to try it.

  38. @gandhirrea:
    Will do … on Beta 2 :D (Anyone else with suggestions? I never have, and never will own a Playstation)

    Btw I just figured something out, FF VII, VIII, and IX are on PSX which I’ll use on WiiSX, and my friend owns X, XII and XIII (XI does NOT count as an FF game, MMORPG’s are TOO far into the “I have no life” zone, I avoid to keep sanity) he’ll let me borrow them, so I’ll never be giving Sony any of my money ahahahaha, take THAT Sony, no money for you!!! …. oh wait, the PSP……. crap….

  39. Nice timing I was plannning on playing some of my ps1 games (crosses fingers for a stable Xenogears :D )

    Btw @MarioFan3 I agree 100 percent on your little rant lol.

    I hope SNK Vs Capcom Pro will work. Its a good fighting game, 2D is timeless. With the first Beta it was not playable.

    Yeah boot from DVD would be a great Feature.

    And why want somebody play Tony Hawk 1 & 2 are boring… play the Gamecube versions on WII ;)

  41. Let’s play “Guess the Release Date!”

    My release date guess is…
    First week of June, maybe June 3rd.

  42. WOW… what should i say :)

    @MR.GalAxY (gay? whatever lol)
    Snk VS. Capcom Pro (ntsc us) works perfect with the beta1 release… some sound issues but beta 2 will kill them (i hope so). Make a CloneCD image and put .bin & .cue in the psxisos folder. memcard works too.


  43. @MarioFan3 and EVERYONE else:

    PSX is a fantastic development of human kind, with many games to boot – regardless of being in the FF series, or not.

    However, I would like to STRONGLY suggest, that you (esp. @MarioFan3) all play through Xenogears. I can’t stress it enough. For that matter, any Square or Square-Enix game will surely make you a happier person.

  44. I’m pretty sure by the time beta 2 is released, whatever format you use (bin, iso, img, etc) will be irrelevant, so long as it’s in the proper directory. Don’t know why, but I’ve a feeling it’ll be released very soon, like within a week…? There are probably optimizing the audio and dynarec cores, so, in other words, it’ll be the very epitome of awesome.

  45. I have a controller that was originally meant for PC. Its shaped JUST like a PSX controller. It connects via USB.

    Will it work?

  46. dear emukidid.

    i’m korean Wiisx user since 2009.

    when Wiisx beta2 Release?

    I’m sick of waiting for Wiisx beta2 T.T

  47. ok ok you will never tell me when the beta 2 will release :(

    now , can you but cover of game like usb loader ???

  48. @emukidid, could you give me the folder structure of beta 2? where all ISO’s/images/BIOS go? I would like to prepare my HDD for testing a lot of games when you guys release beta 2.

  49. For god’s sake, people! Stop asking for a release date! Maybe it’s just possible that the WiiSX team DON’T KNOW WHEN IT’LL BE FINISHED!
    Anyway, I look forward to this. If it’s anything like as good as Wii64 then it should be amazing. Thanks!

  50. Sigh….
    They will never tell you a release date because you can never know and we don’t need to know anyways. It is done when its done. It is released when it is released. Just wait.

    Game covers I highly doubt will be in this version.

    Thank you Emulate team for all your work.

  51. I personally prefer they don’t tell us the release date, is best to be a surprise.

  52. “So does this emulator allow disc swapping” For ISO images, yes, as stated in the video (they call it “Swap CD”), but as far as physical disc are concerned I don’t know. I figure using an SD card will be less wear and tear on the Wii DVD drive. And please people, for the love of all that’s holy, stop asking when it’ll be released!

  53. yes, i am happy now. even more so than last time i said im happy here XD
    i can now play SOTN and chronicles even better. i can play marvel vs capcom… i dont give a damn about final fantasy but ill be damned if i wont play spider-man (both), MDK, megaman legends(both) and the resident evil games.

    ye be awesome me lads!

  54. Good things come to those who wait. Personally, I hope they are putting more work into Wii64 than WiiSX, but WiiSX will be good nonetheless. Take your time, guys.

  55. I would say I would be very well served by just being able to play Dino Crisis 2, RE Survivor, RE Director’s Cut and Silent Hill.

    Freaking amazing games =P

  56. Hahaha, as much as I agree with you guys in demanding Wii64, I’m going to say just wait for WiiSX first! Although once WiiSX Beta 2 comes out it’s cool to start harass…. errrr, uhh… I mean, we can start requesting The Wii64Team a new Wii64 build. ;)

    Heheh, and I guess when Wii64 Beta 2 comes, we’ll be “requesting” for a new WiiSX after that right? :D

  57. Wrong mariofan people are gonna keep whinging for there favourite I love both but see more coming out of wiisx as ps1 is a little easier to emulate ALSO has better games

  58. The fact that they’ve figured out (and still are) how to optimize N64 and Playstation emulators for a so-called “underpowered” console, and at the same time get full speed on most (if not all) games is nothing short of a miracle! WiiSX beta 2 and Wii64 beta 2 will blow its previous versions out of the water!

  59. Im not really bothered about wii64 since most of the best n64 games are already out on virtual console.

  60. Suggestion for emu_kidid and the rest of the team:

    GC Backup Loader!

    I know WiiGator has one, but NONE of my discs work, and the same goes for a lot of people. If you were to make one that, say, loads the game .GCM and .ISO files, THEN a lot of people would be happy. Maybe you could use some of WiiGator’s program (with his permission) or use whatever you have in WiiSX for loading the ISOs. This would be a GREAT invention. You could call it WiiGCN or just WiiGC. I understand the Wii can already play GC games, but only if you have the original disc.

    icybubblegumNoSPAM@gmail.com (just take out the NOSPAM)

  61. Know what you mean val if I could afford a ps3 I’d probabley spend more on ps1 classics than new games

  62. to me wiisx is much more important to wii64, personally i prefer the n64 cos of the game (mario kart 64, ocarina of time, banjo kazooie) but you can get nearly all of those on virtual console but you cant get wiisx games on virtual console. also wii64 is nearly perfect so im not sure what the fuss is about.

    although i have to say the current wiisx blew my expectations, i tried it yesterday, and as soon as i saw the weird way in which you select your games i was excepting the games to run at about 20% of the normal speed. i ran spyro 2 and it ran about 90% of the speed, so in terms of speed theres not that much to improve for some games so it looks like its going well :D

  63. Val said:

    Im not really bothered about wii64 since most of the best n64 games are already out on virtual console.

    dragmire said:

    personally i prefer the n64 cos of the game (mario kart 64, ocarina of time, banjo kazooie) but you can get nearly all of those on virtual console

    The best being out on virtual console is such a matter of opinion, and ya can’t get banjo kazooie on console. What about:

    Mario Tennis
    ALL of the Mario Parties
    Goldeneye 007
    Conker’s Bad Fur Day
    Cruisn’ Exotica
    Crusn’ the World
    Gauntlets of Legend
    Jet Force Gemini

    How about those awesome spectacular games you can’t get on VC? Unfortunately some of them have different licensees so we will never see them on the VC. Not trying to be mean, just saying, the N64 had a TON of good games. Plus with VC I can’t alter controls. With Wii64 I can turn y-inversion off for Jet Force Gemini, something the actual game could never do! I would spend over a hundred dollars if the VC had all the good games I cherished as a kid. Unfortunately, some will never appear. With Wii64, however, when it becomes perfected than I can enjoy all the classics.

    dragmire said:

    also wii64 is nearly perfect so im not sure what the fuss is about.

    While the team has done an amazing thing, and made some of the games very playable, it is far from perfect. That doesn’t mean it won’t be someday, but it isn’t as of right now. I have every bit of confidence in the world that they eventually will perfect Wii64 and WiiSX.

  64. @Wiihomebrewftw:
    Good call! Also, the rest of rareware’s games were awesome too(like Blast Corps, who doesn’t like mindlessly blowing stuff up for no reason?) other than that you’re spot on!

    @Whoever who wants to read it:
    (you don’t have to you know, but it’s just there if you want it….. Seriously, you only have to read it if you want to read my view on things)

    I agree with others that all the good games are on VC, but all the awesome games aren’t. Rare was the bomb back then on the 64, releasing hit after hit after hit, but what goes up must come down, and the spirit I know and love from Rare died with the 64… Now they’ve got what, Viva Pinata?

    They died long ago, they’re just a shell, a shadow of their former selves… their last hit was Starfox Adventures… there’s not much left for them, or for Nintendo. I want F-Zero, or a Starfox game, or something new and innovative like they used to be, not more Mario, Metroid and Zelda. I keep on turning back to the old days, playing the classics when the gaming industry was booming in the 90s, seeing the games I missed out on that were on the PSX.
    (I tried xenogears on my friends PSX btw, I am SO getting it now! And don’t get me started on Wipeout either! :D The only thing that bugs me is loading… this’ll be fixed on WiiSX though :P )

  65. stupid rare had to leave nintendo, good thing theyve sucked more and more since they left though, but id love to see donkey kong country 4 made for wiiware by rare and nintendo

  66. (I wanted this post to be small, but I guess this is small for me ;) )

    Rare got bought out, the original team was pretty much gone by 2002 anyway so I don’t blame Ninty either. *shrugs* The staff just left, they had some fun, made masterpieces for every game, then they disbanded at around the same time… around 99% of them have left now. (although if you search hard enough, you’ll find some former RareWare members still in game production)

    That is why they’re not that great anymore, the new team (IMO) is an insult to Rare’s memory. They’re a logo these days and nothing more, the name should’ve been left alone…
    It’s a shame though, the original team really had talent as a group, they really did… *sigh* there’s nothing you can do now, they’re history… we can’t bring ‘em back, no matter how hard we try…

  67. Quite a few of the old members of Rare went on to form Free Radical, who made some fantastic games, like Second Sight and Time Splitters (that felt surprisingly similar to Goldeneye. I wonder why…).
    Anyway, a bit more on topic, while there are some fantastic games still missing from the Wii’s N64 catalogue that don’t work on Wii64, the team’s working on WiiSX right now. I’m happy either way.

  68. I remember the fund to buy emukidid a wii on tehskeen. Glad to see him give back to the community 1 million fold! This is so cool, can’t wait to play some old games from my wasted youth! 8)

  69. Well N64 had a lot of good games we can’t see on VC, but the PSX had great games too, and the only way to play them in the wii is with the emulators, that is why I’m more exited about wiisx than wii64.

  70. I appreciate someone still working on this emulator but you need to fix the USB support. Like all the other emulators you need to be able to select the ROM directory as well as recognize the USB hard drives. The latest WAD manager can now read USB drives so I think this is the only emulator left that can not read ROMs on USB.

  71. It’s nice to see a lively discussion about both systems. I’m more partial to N64 cause that’s what I grew up on. But the PSX was great nonetheless. I’m sure the team will have them working perfect in no time. ;)

  72. Do we have any updates on either WiiSX or Wii64′s status yet? Just asking. I don’t want you guys pulling your hair out over this. XD

  73. @ James Milton
    You have me mistaken for someone else, I never had a fund to buy a Wii, it was a fund to buy a SDGecko/Gamecube Component cable :)

  74. @randomizer

    If you check google source you will see that they work on them almost daily, so they are still hard at it!

  75. @SickPuP: The initial beta release didn’t support USB, yeah, but come on, it didn’t even have a GUI! Give the project a chance, man. If you either read the comments or watched the video you’d see that this upcoming release does support USB. And you do realise that WAD Manager isn’t actually an emulator, right?

    Unless you were being cuttingly sarcastic with your whole post…

  76. Just out of curiosity…. Wii64 1.1 had usb loading but it wasn’t 2.0. Someone released an unofficial version of Wii64 that had 2.0.
    Is this next WiiSX version gona have 2.0?
    Is the next Wii64 going to have 2.0?
    And why didn’t Wii64 have 2.0 in the first build it supported usb loading?
    Sorry for my pointless questions, just curious. =)

  77. @ Barrel Roll
    We want the emulators to be free from relying on cIOS as much as possible, that’s why there’s no USB 2.0. But regardless, we might have USB 2.0 in the upcoming version.

  78. Sorry for freaking out there… It happens…

    Anyway, this looks like a HUGE improvement over Beta 1, and I can’t wait until it comes out.

  79. Will i be able to load my real playstation cd games on this. Like put a playstation game in the wii’s dvd slot.

  80. @ emukidid,

    would i still have to install a cIOS for the new wii64 because i use an sd card and am not really bothered about usb 2.0 because iv’e broke my disc drive as a result of installing cIOS’s before and paid to have it fixed and wouldn’t want to break it again.

  81. ive started a save in spyro 2 on wiisx beta 1, will i be able to continue with that save file in wiisx beta 2?

  82. @Adam, Jack,

    The reason we’re not supporting usb 2.0 at this time is because we don’t condone the use of cIOS. We will support usb 2.0 when it can be done without cIOS.

  83. OK so the million dollar question is this, are the games going to be playable from usb 1 or too laggy? I have had some experience with emulating on the pc through a 1.0 port off a usb drive but im not sure how that translates here.

  84. thanks i knew all that and read on hackmii someone will release a way of doing that soon.that was last year no one is bothered shame it would help homebrew and since piracy already uses it its hardly gonna be reverse engineered
    to reprase my question does using usb 1.1 result in slowdowns

  85. @Jack,

    emu_kidid has done more testing with usb than I, but I think there can be usb 1.1 slowdowns if XA audio is playing. I’d recommend using an SDHC card or DVD for now, and we’ll support usb 2.0 mass storage in a later version when a safe solution is added to libogc.

  86. Thanks for replying sepp, could you give us a vauge idea of when the next version of wii64 may almost be ready? e.g. 3 months

  87. Yes, I’m curious about that as well. I know these things take a lot of time (especially when finding bugs and optimizing the dynarec core), but patience is its own reward. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think of playing a Sony product on a Nintendo console. Am I the only one who finds that ironic? XD

  88. Its very ironic for psx to be on the wii! The sad thing is that the ps3 and 360 are more powerful than the wii, but they have restricted much of the functionality of these two systems. However, Nintendo either didn’t care or didn’t know what would happen to the Wii in regards to homebrew or hacking. That’s why Wii is the best. We can tap into its functionality and do many things with it, unlike the ps3 especially. Yes there is homebrew for 360 but not as many or as advanced as with the Wii. Wii for life!

  89. “We’re nearing the WiiSX beta 2 release”…
    Three weeks has passed, do you have some kind of trouble?!

    Anyway, great video, I hope to test soon your great emulator!

  90. It’s been three weeks?! I hope there aren’t any technical difficulties….Here’s hoping it’s released soon.

  91. Agreed. I can wait for years as long as in the end it’s basically perfect. ;)

  92. Remember the time it took between the Alpha and Beta of Wii64? I know this was mainly because of the core being very difficult to do, but c’mon a month is hardly a wait compared to that … when this month’s over though, I’ll join in! :D

  93. Does the music work on Rayman in Beta 2. ??
    Works on EPSXE but not in PSX.

  94. Jeez, what the hell is wrong with everybody? It’ll be ready when it’s ready. Why does everyone feel that they’re entitled to any of this at all?

  95. Yo’ Look man no need to cuss I would normally agree with you. I see it all over various sites people working hard on stuff they don’t have to supply at all, and people throwing fits like little spoiled kids wanting it now. Problem I am not seeing that here. All I have seen is a lot of loyal people, who can’t wait to try this out, some of em are just a little over excited. You wanna see impatient angry people go check out Geohotz ps3 blog. I will say this though, to some of you chill with the wii64 thing, or go comment about it on the thread about wii64 this is about wiisx. So stop plugging your console of choice, I am sure when the designers come here hoping to see something constructive written, a completely off topic post and I’ve seen a few of these, that amounts too. This is nice, but I want wii64 isn’t really helping them. In short though yeah it will get here when it gets here, and bickering in anyway or ranting isn’t gonna help. Lets all just smile be thankful to these guys for doing the killer work they do, and HAVE A NICE DAY!

    Now back on topic, I have noticed that certain games like star ocean the second story are playable with the previous version, but randomly crash. I had a lovely time last night finally getting santa to show up in the cave of trials leveling forty levels and having my console black screen on a load this happens on my buddies setups too. So whats the stability like for long term play with this version?

  96. Yea yea, this is a wiisx post I know. But they are in fact called the “Wii64 Team” ;)

  97. Yeah and im sure they will eventually get back to the n64 but right now, we are waiting on wiisx, so obviously the 64 emu isnt getting released until this one is done, so people need to use some logic and start asking once they are done with the task at hand. Though I am sure they will let them know. Just to put it to rest before someone says it I am not some sony fan boy discounting the 64 I love the 64 and would love to be able to play gauntlet legends on the emu right now, but bottom line its not likely to happen till this one is done. So those waiting on the 64 emu need to chill.

  98. I hated how when the Wii64 team was working on Beta 1.1 of Wii64, people were asking for a WiiSX update. Now, when a WiiSX update finally comes out, people are asking for a Wii64 update.

  99. @Chris, And will be that way every time the wii64 team announces a new version of their emulator.

  100. That’s because Wii64 are just keen. Their the bees knees!

    In all seriousness though, Wii64 Team – Just take peoples anticipation (sometimes over anticipation) as a compliment. People (myself included) just can’t wait to try out your software. Top notch! Outta sight! *insert other 80s catch phrases here*


  101. Question: for those that want to play Final Fantasy VII-VIII or whatever, will we be able to change disc during game (when it says insert disc 2)?

  102. @Lost My Mind
    completely agree with you, you guys should be quite flattered that so many people come to your website every day because they’re so excited about WiiSX/Wii64. Just ignore the pricks that say stuff like “oh will you guys hurry the f up”

  103. ” “felixsrg Says:
    May 24th, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Sorry to ask but the “Yes to Classic Controller Pro” means that every 3rd party classic control will work?” ”

    I was wondering this myself. I got ahold of some cheap 3rd party Classic Controller Pros on eBay. They work nicely with Wii games but absolutely none of the emulators recognize them.

  104. @Zenith8:
    I agree with you that there are worse complainers, but the annoying thing is, we can’t post in older threads that are about Wii64. The comments are disabled in previous threads so this is the only place to talk about either emulator I’m afraid, so those talking about Wii64 I don’t blame ‘em (there’s no where else to post) Just giving a ‘heads up’ is all. :)

  105. Older thread comments are stopped as they become targets for spam. It’s hard to filter out so much, but this way it makes things easier on us.

    With regards to all classic controller/cheap knockoffs.. whether they work is no up to us, their support comes under whether someone has added their controller ID into libOGC. Tantric has made such efforts, but it’s impossible to add in every single one unless someone reports the controller ID to him or us so it can be added.

    Needless to say, if you want to be sure that your controller will work, buy a genuine Nintendo brand controller.

  106. For thoes who want USB 2.0 support. If it was to be inplemented right now it would mabey need a cios. The reason the devs are trying to refrain from that are 2 reasons.

    1. It’s fucking dangerous. Yes me and many other people have done it but one noobish mistake and your wii is bricked. And if your nooby enoughth to skrew that up it’s safe to assume you also don’t have a NAND backup.

    2. “We don’t condone the use of cios” The reason for that Im assuming is because it’s a piracy Ios. Yes I use it for hard drive booting. But onece you get that you are preety much a pirate so thats why.

    Im sure there trying to get it working with out the use of a cios so be patient.

  107. Why aren’t people satisfied with using an 8-64GB SDHC card? For one, there are no moving parts, just solid state memory, so there’s no wear and tear. They’re cheaper than portable hard drives, and you don’t have to install the illegal and dangerous cIOS that could ruin a Wii. An alternate method may or may not be in the upcoming beta 2, but even if it’s not, it’s not the end of the world.

  108. *wonders why usb eople dont just use port 1 instead of port 2, i mean whats the difference

  109. Hey emukidid, quick question.

    Will Final Fantasy VII and/or Chrono Cross be fully playable with run as smooth as Final Fantasy VIII did in your preview video?

  110. @randomizer

    I agree. You can simply swap games when you want to play them. Unfortunately, the wii only supports up to 32gb at this time though a future update may allow for even bigger cards. (though an update will most certainly try to kill homebrew again =/)

  111. Oh, that’s right, it only goes up to 32GB for SDHC, but still, you should be able to hold a good number of PSX ISO images; I have 12 games ripped to my hard drive and only takes up about 6.5GB, so, it shouldn’t be an issue. I wonder how the next version is coming along….it’s been about three weeks or so.

  112. I’m sure it’s coming out soon. Is it bad that I check the site several times a day on my phone at work? Lol

  113. Any commend on NFS or samba support in beta 2? I have all my game collections stored in my file server. It would be great to just access them over the network like the snes9xgx.

  114. @re

    That’s an interesting point. That would solve the problem of having the games on wii hard drive, when you just use your computer hard drive. However, I’m not sure of the demands of PSX games, would they run ok over a network? Wireless would be my option and it causes my computer games to skip online, so I’m not sure how it would affect PSX games. Though I’m sure running an ethernet cable would be far superior.

  115. I won’t be supporting this release if I can’t run my games off my hard drive. I’m not sure what CIOS upgrading or Wii game piracy has to do with anything since it would be completely optional and people are going to pirate Wii games regardless of whether or not this emu has hard drive support. The fact of the matter is my current SD card would only be able to hold one or two PSX games, and buying a new SD card or blank DVDs would let me run a handful of games (and wouldn’t be very economical), while the hard drive I already own can hold my entire PSX collection with plenty of room to spare.

  116. Do you realize how hard it is to program the wii into recognizing a hard drive? cIOS also has the possibility of bricking a wii.

  117. @ adam: You said “I won’t be supporting this release if I can’t run my games off my hard drive”. So you mean if you did like this release, you would “support” it? How, exactly? What difference will you not supporting it make? It’s just, the way you said it, it came across as a threat.

  118. adam: worthless piece of fuck that deserves to be shot. what r u doing them a favour? are you working your butt off to try and make an emulator for everyone else. no- youre a worthless piece of shit going: DO THIS DO THAT, IM SITTING ON MY ASS DOING NOTHING AND DEMAND THAT YOU DO EXACTLY WHAT I WANT FOR FREE!

    do everyone a favour and jump off a cliff

  119. I just meant I would wait for the unofficial release with USB 2.0 support. I’m not trying to threaten anybody. Although not supporting the official release would eliminate any possibility of me offering a PayPal donation to the Wii64 team.

  120. Just to clear things up because theres 2 adam’s i use a capital letter at the start of my name to save confusion

  121. Apparently my phone fails and didnt post my last post. And for the record, my name is Adam in real life. Lol.

  122. This would be amazing to have. I have been wanting this way more then Wii64, PS1 is the console that did it for me (though of course 64 had some amazing games). It will feature loading from USB, so i’ll be making some ISO backups of my PSX games. At the moment the Wii is definitely the best for emulation (until the 360′s JTAG exploit gets more homebrew developing). THough is something i’ll probably never see happen, i’d love to see a 3DO emulator. (finished talking about irrelevant things now).

    I’ll be sure to support the team with a donation. Though the GUI isn’t bad i’d love to see a GUI with a more PS1 feel to it. Though thats probably asking for a bit much. (I’m done being annoying now.)

  123. “although not supporting the official release would eliminate any possibility of me offering a PayPal donation to the Wii64 team.”

    WOW, I hope you realize one day how stupid you are, USB2 support (or SMB or Classic Pro Controller or whatever random hyped feature people are suddently “absolutely” needing) is peanuts compared to all they have already done regarding emulation/porting.

  124. Heh, miscommunication goes a long way as I always say.

    Although I understand the whole hard-drive argument, (it is rather annoying but) just plug it in the 1st port if possible, I use my USB hard drive to run all my stuff. As long as USB hard drives are supported in some form, I’m not fussed with what port I have to use. The main thing I find is their convenience, the fact that I can store all my stuff on one device.
    You could always use a 32GB SDHC instead, not great if you don’t already own one (like me) and/or don’t have the time/money to buy one (I’m poor get over it :P )
    If all else fails just stick with using DVDs… unless you have a really recent Wii that lacks the DVD reading feature… or so I recall anyway, do correct me if I’m wrong. :)

    Is that because you’ll be spending that “donation money” on devices so you can run your PSX games? Or is it because you want to make it sound shameful if The Wii64Team doesn’t get your money?

    Yes, that IS rather confusing, I *thought* it didn’t sound like you complaining.

  125. Oy gevalt, somebody please close this thread and release WiiSX and/or Wii64 so this thread madness can stop….I’m fine with SD/DVD, in fact, most people are. It’s just 1% of the users who are obsessed about USB 2.0 support are the ones who aren’t content. And I thought the Wii64 thread got out of control.

  126. @ MarioFan3

    Yeah i don’t see how anyone could possibly complain to/about these guys, there awesome!

  127. dont mean to be annoying or anything but do you guys happen to have a rough estimate if when this would be released

  128. My other post didn’t show up so let me try again. I was gonna say that it’s pretty wrong to withhold a donation because one small feature isn’t included. They will support it one day. Be patient. I’ll donate again for your lack of appreciation if need be.

  129. “I won’t be supporting this release if I can’t run my games off my hard drive”

    What the heck is that?
    That sounds reckless and dumb.

    It’s just like me saying:
    “I won’t support this release of Wii64 if I can’t play RE 2 on the emulator”
    The situation and analogy are similar.

    I do understand that many see external hard drives as a great option for emulators on the Wii, but that’s really no purpose to say that.
    If the Wii64 Team haven’t enabled the USB 2.0 option for their emulators, it has to be for a good reason. (Which I believe has been already explained)

    Damn I would donate money to these guys just because of the really hard work they’re putting into something free, entertaining and quite hard to achieve. (Mostly for the ‘free’ =P) if I had a damn PayPal account. They deserve it, and a guy just comes whining about how he won’t be able to load his games from a hard drive. The original beta1 release didn’t have this option, it was the mod3 that included it and I don’t truly care, if it’s not a release from Wii64 Team then it might have some serious flaws.

    You’re risking too much by using unofficial releases.

  130. @ Shadow, I totally agree with you, this adam or Adam (or whatever the heck he’s called) is nothing but a troll. Gee, and I thought the troll in the Wii64 thread was irritating. These developers need as much support (both financial and moral) as possible. Optimizing hardware that was never meant to run on the wii, and getting it to run full speed, is nothing short of a miracle.

  131. Just let him be, It’s obvious he haven’t touched a program code for nothing and can’t figure out how hard and tedious is to have an emulator working, plus with all the features the wii64 team are integrating, so just ignore him and think he never posted.

  132. it’s the other adam that complained so on my next post i’ll start calling myslf Adam 2 or something so people don’t start calling me stuff

  133. @shadow

    You don’t need a paypal account to donate. The donations are done through paypal but you don’t need an account to donate. All you need is a credit card.

  134. Yeah, I’ll just ignore adam (not to be confused with Adam2) like I ignore politics. If I had money, I’d donate, but until I start working, I can’t.