June 2010 Progress Update

It’s been a while since we’ve said much about what’s going on behind the scenes in terms of general progress and development, so here we are, filling you all in on what we’ve been working on.

In terms of WiiSX progress, we’re nearing the beta 2 milestone we have had in mind for a few months now. The majority of features and bug fixes we have had planned are nearing completion. To be specific, WiiSX beta 2 will encompass a feature rich graphical user interface much like that seen in Wii64 and in the preview video posted below. Some other important features to note include newly ported CDR, Sound and input plugins, boasting features such as dual shock, configurable controllers, clear crisp audio and a good range of CD image support, including subchannel data. Most of the features have been implemented, but we are currently ironing out some show stopping bugs such as seen in certain Capcom fighter games.

On the Wii64 front, we managed to finish migrating the private SVN commits to the public googlecode repository up to Beta 1.1 Honey, so now you can see all of the individual commits and work that went into the last version. Since the last release, we’ve made some progress with bugfixes in the code, but we have larger plans ahead of us for the next beta in order to increase speed and compatibility. Once WiiSX beta 2 is out, we are looking forward to giving Wii64 some more of the TLC it deserves. :)

Here’s one last juicy tidbit for you all… There’s yet another emulator that the Wii64Team has been longing to see on the GC/Wii, so we’ve started working on a port in our spare time, and we’re hoping that it will arrive in all of your Homebrew Channels later this year. Kudos to anyone who can guess the platform (although we’re not promising to confirm if you’re right…) ;)

442 thoughts on “June 2010 Progress Update

  1. Great news, hope wii64 team get better and better, as for the other emulator I would say… Dreamcast? ^^u

  2. SegaCD would be pretty awesome :D

    Whatever it is I just hope it has USB 2.0 support, I have around 500MB of space left on my SD card compared to around 300GB on my hard drive.

  3. If I had to go by what I think might work compared to what emulators wii has already that are near perfect. I would say Dreamcast.

  4. @Zenith8 I second that! It’s gonna be the Dreamcast. I mean, Sega has already planned to re-release some of its game on PSN, so I’d guess that naturally, the Wii64 team would add a Dreamcast emulator for the wii.

  5. Yeah plus the others I can think of, don’t seem as likely. I would assume with dreamcast we would be looking at a set of specs similar to wiisx some of the other consoles seem a little less realistic.

  6. the dreamcast was too strong, i doubt that. i could see a sega saturn, but its small library makes it rather useless. maybe CDi but that system sucked anyway. there are emulators for DS and they work, but we could get better ones. same goes for neogeo and arcade.

    best guess: DS or Saturn. Dreamcast I wish, but unlikely…

  7. Just watch, it’ll be a wii emulator. That way, you can emulate a wii running homebrew, so you can delete the wii emulator, and nintendo would never be able to see what homebrew you ran………except for a wii emulator. Which would confuse the hell out of them.

    This mass confusion within the confines of nintendoHQ would be far reaching. All the way to shigeru miyamoto! In his infinite wisdom, yet ever deteriorating mentality, miyamoto would get inspiration for a new video game.

    It would be called “Wii Emulate!”, and would basicly be a game set up to play the role of a wii hacker. You wouldn’t actually hack the Wii, and anytime you achieve sucsess in-game, your in-game wii explodes. Thus prompting mass rumors among children to not hack their Wii, because it will explode.

    These children in the next 30 years grow up being raised to be anti-piracy. This prompts the RIAA to get its most massive record number of new employees since its inception.

    Finally able to keep up with demand of shutting down all piracy everywhere, the RIAA suddenly has nothing left to accomplish, wish a massive amount of unused employees. It decidedes to cut costs, and lay off in the most massive lay-off in american history.

    Since by this point the RIAA would employ nearly one third of the entire american workforce, a massive layoff sends shockwaves throughout the economy, which would send a sudden halt to the previously thriving economy (which was due in large part to americans spending money on objects and services previously pirated.)

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    This overpopulation of homeless causes a wave of mutiny in the streets as the new homeless, and the always was homeless fight it out for scarce food and spare change in the streets. Millions across the country die of starvation. The lucky few who don’t, become so depressed they wish they had.

    The president signs new a new bill raising taxes. A significant portion of previous tax payers, are no longer tax payers, coupled with the fact that most of those previous tax payers are now dead, leads to increased demand on the citys to build burial sites, along with the lack of funding for the project leads to america filing for divorce.

    The homeless cry out that a nation filing for bankruptcy would have been more efficient, and this was in fact what the president meant to do. However a mix-up in paperwork led to America getting a divorce from the statue of liberty.

    The french took great offense to this act, seeing as how they were the one who gave America the statue as a gift. A series of phone calls were made, however nobody answered, because phone service was just too costly.

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    Canada took exception to this, as they are really close to american lands, and didn’t want to risk being hit with off target missiles. Mexico on the other hand didn’t have internet access, and thus had no clue what was going on.

    As canada entered world war 5 they were presented with a much bigger problem then the french. That problem was that they didn’t then, nor have they ever, had a military. They had a few park rangers on horses, and that was about it. So, the canadians talked to the french canadians about resolving the situation with france.

    The french canadians were torn. On one hand, they were canadian. On the other hand they were french. Unsure of what to do……..they went to australia and avoided the whole incident.

    Now canada had to worry about how to stop france from indirectly damaging their land and people. They threw a town meeting.

    A lot of ideas were thrown around, and a lot of worthwhile points were made. Debates were had. Ultimately though, they all agreed on one thing…..



    Canada challenged france to a dance contest to end world war 5.

    France declined.

    The bombings continued for centuries. France was unsure how the americans, which was now a slang term like hobo, or bum, were surviving. They had been hitting them with everything they had for centuries, and yet they were seeing no change in american population. If anything, they grew slightly.

    What france had failed to take into consideration was that the cockroach was among the only insects known to man to be able to withstand that kind of impact and survive. Americans had also taken to eating these cockroaches as a form of nutrition, as it was plentiful.

    France eventually gave up on the war, which by this point had lasted 150 years, but accomplished nothing. No one was quite sure what the fight was about at this point.

    And thats the story of world war 5.

    Long story short…..its a Wii Emulator!!!

  8. Yeesh, another emulator? You guys sure do work hard! Can’t think of what’s not on Wii that would be realistic to emulate, though…
    Thanks for keeping us posted! :)

  9. @Lost My Mind:
    Wow, that reminds me of the sort of post I made a long while back on my release date predictions. Are you sure you haven’t been playing Marathon too much lately? Because what you just wrote sounded like a terminal log from Marathon… ah, speaking of which I’m gonna go play that now… where’s that old floppy disk?

  10. Oh yeah I forgot to guess the 3rd emulator they’re making!
    Hmm, let’s brainstorm:
    Atari Jaguar?
    Atari Lynx?
    Virtual Boy?
    … 64DD? (no, that’d be part of Wii64 anyway wouldn’t it?)
    (these is definitely pushing it but…)
    GCN? (although shouldn’t there be a USB Loader for GCN games? There’s one for Wii games…)

    I can’t think of anything else… Are anyone of those guesses right? A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from one of the devs might help to narrow it down a little… :)

  11. AWESOME!

    Another emulator is on the works.
    Can’t wait to see.

    My best guess says the new emulator might be one of these:

    Let’s see if I hit the jackpot =P

  12. I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be a Dreamcast emulator. That’s just not possible. But I’m kinda hoping for a kinda MAME thing (including all the platforms that MAME on the PC has, such as NeoGeo etc).

  13. Okay, I’ve noticed a lot of people have said DS, Saturn, and 32x, however emulators for those systems already exist on the Wii. DeSmuME, Yabuse, and I think Genesis Plus can play Sega 32X, but not entirely sure. I know it can emulate the Sega SVP chip to play Virtua Racing at least. Dreamcast seems a little farfetched for Wii to emulate, but I wouldn’t completely rule it out as nullDC emulates nicely on pretty much any PC that can also emulate N64 with no problems. The catch, however, is that the Wii is not a PC and neither PSX nor N64 emulation has been fully realized, close as it may be. Actually, an emulator that doesn’t exist for Wii that has several great games and would be more suited for the system hardware (as I’ve emulated this on a Pentium 2 processor with 128mb of ram) is Capcom Play System 2 (CPS2). This arcade system has such hit games as Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel vs Capcom, Darkstalkers, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Mars Matrix, Super Street Fighter 2, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters…Giga Wing…umm…and many more. So, my guess is CPS2.

  14. Thank you very much Wii64 Team for the update. I almost kinda wish you weren’t working on a 3rd emulator so you could spend more time on Wii64! Lol. Seriously though, thanks so much for letting us know what’s going on. Excited about the WiiSX release now that you’ve explained some of the fixes and additions. (Rumbler support?? That’s friggin sweet!)

    My guess of emulator would be Sega Saturn. Yes, there is one already available but it’s not very good. If you do the Saturn, I beg of you, please support 12 players! 4 wiimotes, 4 classic controllers, and 4 gamecube? There is a homebrew game that supports 12 players using this method. That’s why I <3 the Saturn. 10 player bomberman and 12 player sports games sounds amazing. Would work well with my projector too! Thanks again for the update. I will be donating on the release of WiiSX. Though, if you tell us the next emulator, I might be inclined to donate a little early! ;)

  15. Oh and by the way, you can buy a ps1/ps2 controller adapter for your gamecube port if you want to be real legit! amazon ftw.

  16. Nice to read this :)
    Both 32X and better Saturn emulation will require a SH2 dynarec, so … I don’t bet on these two. Atari Jaguar maybe?

    Many thanks for all your hard and great work.

  17. I think !Raziel spoke about NullDC being ported to the Wii (he spoke about a GX renderer) so maybe it’s this one. Let’s see how fast it could run though …

    Saturn Emulation will always be based on Yabause since it’s the only existing Saturn emulator that is open-source AND portable

    Or maybe it’s a Final Burn Alpha port, which would be pretty sweet (CPS1, CPS2, etc)

  18. Awesome! I’m really looking forward to the N64 emulator the most! Also, Sega CD would be awesome as well. I’m kind of surprised that hasn’t really been worked on yet.

  19. Excellent work so far as usual, I can’t wait to try WiiSX beta. It would be awesome if you were working on a Dreamcast emulator and my second choice would be Sega CD. Good luck with your work. :-)

  20. @MarioFan3

    Let´s see:

    Dreamcast > PS2 and PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX360 systems will most likely NEVER be emulated on the Wii!
    PS2: Read up.
    XBOX: Read read up:
    GCN: For what if has BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY? Even more, that´s doesn´t have utility and modificate MIOS and modificate MIOS sucks.

  21. Brilliant stuff, thanks very much for all the hard work and the update. The big one for me personally is the WiiSX, so anything else will be a nice bonus. Unfortunately I’ve been made redundant and am too ill to work at the moment but as soon as I get my finances sorted out expect a small donation for all of your hard work and dedication.

    I’d love to see a PS2 emulator myself but am not expecting one due to the Wii hardware not being powerful enough.

    Would be great if you could hold off releasing anything else until the World Cup is over – I’ve got Metroid Prime Trilogy to finish on my Wii, God of War 2 to finish on my PS3 and Mass Effect 1 to finish on my 360 so what with all that and the World Cup I’m not having enough time to sleep let alone play Wii64 or WiiSX!!! lol :lol:

  22. I think..
    FBA (most probably)
    DS (already being worked on by others)
    Saturn (maybe)
    Dreamcast (HA HA HA…no)

  23. @ploggy, I assume you meant “GBA”, right? Sure, the GBA is currently being worked on, but let’s be honest; it’s not very optimized (at least where speed is concerned). I mean, many games, like Mother 3 and Final Fantasy V and VI, are negatively effected by the emulator’s inability to keep up with the framerate, and that’s where the frameskipping kicks in due to the wii “not being powerful enough”…at least according to the team who’s porting the code. I mean, come on, even Wii64 runs faster than VBAgx, so maybe the Wii64 team can do more speed/stability optimizations, if the GBA is the system they’ve decided to port over.
    Dreamcast? Not necessarily impossible; the nullDC team got the emulator to run on a PSP. Sure, it was slow, but it proved that if a 333MHz machine can boot a dreamcast emulator, why can’t a 729MHz machine be optimized to run it even better? But in all honesty, it would have to be something that could be practical, possibly a Sega Saturn or a CPS1/CPS2 arcade emulator. These guys are geniuses for coming up with proof that unofficial PSX and N64 emulators can run on the wii at full speed.

  24. @ the_randomizer, no, I meant FBA as in Final Burn Alpha (CPS1/2 and Neo Geo Emulator. :)
    Although I agree that the GBA Emulator has bad frame skip issues with certain games (Sonic Advance 3) I dought that the Wii64 team would bother announcing that they were going to port a new Emu if they were just going to optimise a (more or less) complete Gba Emu.
    I do Fancy the chances of a Saturn Emu but I heard that Saturn Emulation is tricky, but knowing the Wii64 team it’s the challenge that motivates them.

  25. from wikipedia
    dreamcast CPU 200 MHz Hitachi SH4 RISC
    over double the n64

    n64 CPU 93.75 MHz NEC VR4300
    wii struggles to emulate

    playstation CPU MIPS R3000A-family R3051
    @ 33.8688 MHz cd drive hard to emulate

    saturn CPU 2 x Hitachi SH-2 32-bit RISC (28.6 MHz)
    supposably hard to emulate because of complex arhitecture

    pc-fx 32-Bit NEC V810 RISC running at 21.5 MHz, 15.5 MIPS
    iv never heard of this console till i read it on this site

    3do CPU 32-bit 12.5 MHz RISC CPU ARM60
    slightly less than gba

    i know its not all that matters but its an indicator

  26. @jack m, Yes, the N64 and PSX are two systems the wii struggles to emulate, but with enough optimizations, Wii64 and WiiSX will be able to run most, if not all games at full speed. At least they’re more optimized the Visual Boy Advanced (aka VBAgx). WiiSX beta 2 is going to be released really, really soon, judging by the news that was posted yesterday. Let’s say, it’s gonna be next week? I guess I’d better not say that, huh?

  27. I do not think it is the Dreamcast because the Gamecube is about as strong as the Dreamcast (I think).
    my guess would be Neo Geo

  28. I noticed in the WiiSX preview the interface looked like Wii64 and it had 2 controllers. Will there be support in the future for 4 players? I know it’s mostly sports games that are 4 players but I think Quake II is.

  29. @ wiihomebrewftw if you knottiest in the WiiSX Beta 2 Preview when they go into the setting and go under the inputs it shows you a option on who many multitaps you want to use (1 or 2 multitaps)and it is set at zero wich might explain why there is 2 controllers instead of 4 controllers.

  30. The Dreamcast is nowhere near as powerful or difficult to emulate as the PS2 or Gamecube. Just look at the required specs needed to run NullDC (1.5 ghz single core) versus PCSX2 or Dolphin (3 ghz dual core). That said, I wouldn’t count on DC emulation ever reaching full speed on Wii.

  31. The Gamecube and Wii are more then powerfull to run a Dreamcast Emu.
    Go look at the Technical specifications on Wii,Gamecube,Dreamcast at wikipedia.

  32. @GenesisVids, clock speed is only half the battle, especially when emulating and Dreamcast. If there are very well-made optimizations, then you could probably get many Dreamcast games running at acceptable speeds, and as for the PS2, that would be a near-impossibility. I’m not doubting the developers in any way, it’s just the PS2 has several processors that have to be in sync with each other. Not to mention that the Wii uses a Power PC processor and the PS2 has a MIPS R5900 architecture; both architectures are radically different. More MHz doesn’t necessarily mean more speed. This: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCSX2 and this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megahertz_myth explain why.

  33. @ GenesisVids: Remember, to emulate a console, you don’t just need to be bit more powerful than the original console, you usually need at least twice the power (I think). Either way, just because the Wii is definitely more powerful than the DC, doesn’t mean it’s powerful enough to emulate it.

  34. I’m just hoping to finally have a SegaCD emulator. There’s no reason a Wii can’t handle that.

  35. Do not forget about spec deflation when the wii emulates stuff because ram limitations and things running on sd or usb are slower than official wii games and vc games on the wii database in the form of channels.

  36. A Neo-Geo emulator would be really awesome since last one made by Blizzo was apparently abanadoned…

  37. Dreamcast isn’t that far out of reach, considering the guys that did NullDC JUST released the source in May.

    I’d rather see a fully running Saturn emu anyways. hahahaha!

  38. I also don’t see why the Dreamcast couldn’t be emulated, look at Wii64 for example, it emulates a machine that had a 64 bit processor… does it look like the Wii has a 64 bit processor to you? The Wii64Team managed to allocate this here and that there to run 64 games, I’m sure (to some extent) that a Dreamcast emulator is “possible” with a similar sort of memory tinkering in mind.
    That’s not to say it’d be perfect, I’m just saying it wouldn’t be impossible.

    Just for reference, I’ve got nothing to gain from a DC emulator anyways, most of the systems I need to use already have an emulator on the Wii, It’s just interesting to discuss the possibilities of what the 3rd emulator will be. It could be a PSP emulator for all I know. (another thing I don’t own btw)

    Backwards compatibility or not, it’d be “a nice thing to have”. I use USB Loader to run my Wii games, but what’s the point if I already own the discs? It saves my drive from killing itself, besides most GCN games I insert into the drive spit an error code after 5 minutes run time. (Wind Waker especially)
    Heck, my old GCN can still read the discs without crashing, it runs them perfectly fine. It’s just that I don’t want to drag it out, find the cables for it, unplug the Wii, and then plug in the GC, every time I want to play a GC game. No, it’d be better to run a USB Loader program for GCN games or something. ;)

  39. @ MarioFan3, you bring up a very good point; to be honest, I haven’t used the wii backwards compatibility for quite a while due to 1, I don’t like the fact that you have to power off the wii in order to switch to a wii game (since the wii remote is turned off in gamecube mode). It would be nice to load gamecube games off an SD card or hard drive.

  40. @topflight

    Ok, thanks for that. It really says 2 multi-taps? So technically speaking you could have 8 players? I’m not sure they ever made an 8 player ps1 game did they? Thanks for the insight.

  41. scratch that. Just found out Fifa 98 and Fifa 99 support 8 players. Holy hell! I didn’t think this was possible on ps1!

  42. I hope its Dreamcast I sure wanna play Marvel v. Capcom 2! (Not the chopped down for the PS1)

  43. I still cant wait to see wiisx beta 2, but its really nice to see you guys showing us some information.

  44. @Lost My Mind

    Loooooooooooooool, Fake n Gay, no waii Nintendo’s gna find me out :P ,
    or that we use it to load Wiigames through Homebrewz

  45. It would blow my mind to have a GameCube Emulator to allow use of the wii classic controller

  46. CP3 emulation would be awsome …Street Fighter 3 the best game ever ;) .
    Or Mame with Kaillera support like Quake 1 GX with online-gaming feature.

  47. I heard there’s hardly any Sega Saturn Emulators because of the fact that apparently the system ran on several different CPUs built in which made it more complex to develop an emulator to simulate such a thing…not because it was powerful, yet it was complicated.

    For the Dreamcast is not the case.

    Correct me if I’m wrong…Do the research for me. xD

    Looking back to the PSP’s Dreamcast Emulator proof of concept video, it seems more palpable and gives out hope to such realization. I already have a Dreamcast that I got for real cheap last year and is able to play backup games with modding no whatsoever but yet I got to burn the games within special conditions.

    Nevertheless, It would still be awesome for such idea to be made a reality…plus having one system playing quite a wide variety of systems is made of pure WIN!

    …All I can think about is that they’ll introduce a new emulator to the Wii. Now that I think about it, there’s a good chance that they’ll be presenting the world’s first PSP emulator for the Wii. It could be quite nice, even though already own a PSP. xD

  48. Got kinda quiet. I guess I’m the only loser checking the site on a Saturday night! Actually over at a friends house exploring more wonders of wii homebrew.

    So with Beta 2 will ALL games work now, just maybe with some bugs/problems?

  49. @ wiihomebrewftw, I don’t think any emulator can play every game perfectly. There are emulators that can supposedly run every commercial game (such as Bsnes) but have problems here and there. I’m sure wiisx beta 2 will launch most games at full speed, but the dynarec core will have to be worked on like no other. Hopefully games like Megaman X4 and X5 will work at full speed.

  50. Looking forward to beta 2.

    Does the fact that it can play FFVIII mean that it will also be able to do FFVII? I don’t know how much the series’ code changed between iterations, but I don’t own any other system that can run the game (aside from this computer, but it’s not a great solution for a couple reasons) and I want to try it out.

    Sorry if I sound like yet another impatient 12-year-old. I kind of wish I hadn’t found out about this until closer to its release because the anticipation is killing me. :)

  51. can you guys at least tell us if this console already has an emulator on the wii (like the saturn or DS) or if its a console that has no emulator on the wii yet (like xbox, ps2, atari jaguar, dreamcast etc.) =)

  52. I imagine they may tell us the new emulator when they release WiiSX beta 2. That or not tell us what it is til it is released, which they stated hopefully later this year.

  53. I’m guessing that Wii64 and WiiSX will get the same sort of performance as Snes9xgx, if you run Starwing/Starfox you’ll notice performance is at about 95% or so.

    @People who usually wouldn’t say tl;dr :) :

    The I usually find with emulation, is that compared to the real thing it gets pretty close, but it doesn’t quite grasp 100%. This will always be the case, you can always get close but no emulator is perfect, if you want perfection you have to buy the real thing. Emulators provide the freedom for you to implement new features (e.g. Netplay) that can’t be used on the real thing, at the price of a 5~10% performance loss.

    The only real benefit to buying the actual cartridge is that you’ll get optimum performance, and the feel of authenticity, depending on the game it may not be worth it. I will usually only buy games that are “on the shelf” in the sense that when I buy it, some of the money goes to support the original developers of the game, if some guy on eBay wants money for a game, I won’t pay for it unless it’s cheap, it’s for a collection or is unavailable for emulation, as the money’s just going to that random someone, then again that’s just me right?

    My main point is that emulators lack the performance of the original, and the original lacks the features of emulators… take your pick.


    1. You’re not a loser,
    2. You’re not the only one ;)
    3. How is your post an hour earlier than the one before you? o.O

  54. @MarioFan3

    I think with new posters there is a wait time before the comment is submitted to reduce spam. I was showing my friend last night about the release and we were doing more modding to his console at the time I was checking. Now I’ve got all kinds of friends wanting me to mod their consoles! You also make a good point that with emulators they can do things the original games couldn’t do. Like I pointed out in another post, being able to turn Y-inversion off in Jet Force Gemini.


    Yea, I understand they will probably never be perfect. I’ve played fceugx and snes9xgx and my experience is that they are essentially flawless. I played the entire game of Yoshi’s Island on snes9xgx and noticed a pretty big slowdown in a part of the game but that was it. But yea, they will hopefully make wii64 and wiisx close enough that it makes no difference.

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  56. NUON!

    Please say it’s NUON. There’s currently no playable emulator for this obscure system at all, unfortunately the author of the only emulator for it died a few years ago while it was still really in the “tech demo” stages.

    Tempest 3000!

  57. Decent Dreamcast or Saturn emulation would be great. Actually, I think Saturn emulation is more complex and requires more CPU power than Dreamcast, because of the 2 CPU’s an 2 GPU’s sincronization. So, between the two of them I should pick Dreamcast.

    But my guess is CPS2 Emulator, or other arcade specific hardware.

    And “Lost My Mind”, what a great story for a South Park episode…

  58. Okaaay, I feel rather rusty at the moment, currently suffering a noob fever here.
    (I suppose it’s my turn to be the clumsy noob eh? ;) )

    @Anyone who can help:
    As you may know I’m new to PSX stuff, and as such every one of the files that is used in PSX emulation is completely alien to me.

    Okay, so here’s my dilemma:

    I finally decided to get prepared for WiiSX use, by gathering all the required files to run something on it. Luckily my friend was generous enough to give me game files he’d “backed up” apparently, aaand guess what? I forgot the fact that I dunno what the heck to do with them, don’t I feel smart? *facepalm*

    Jokes aside, I am actually really confused, I have received many .ape files and a .bin.ecm file and am trying to figure out what it is I need to do to make ‘em useful. Anyone know where I should start? Note that I am 100% stumped right now, it seems annoying but I might need a step by step type thing here ;)

  59. I just had a crazy thought, I think the devs are going to release tomorrow to co-inside with Nintendo’s E3 presentation.

  60. PS2 would be nice. I could also see Dreamcast, Xbox, or PSP as a possibility.

    Thanks guys for all you’ve done for the 64 and PS1 scene.

  61. I hope Dreamcast -> Thats sounds great
    I hope a really nice try in MAME scene.

    I hope hope a Full AtariST emulation in Wii scene

    Thats my hope

  62. @Mariofan3

    The file has to be a .bin or can also be an .img I think too. If your friend has an actual cd of the game you can try ripping it into a bin with imgburn. I’ve never heard of the two extensions you mentioned. Maybe you could try renaming that bin.ecm to just bin? If he gave you an actual disc, you need to rip the image, not just pull the files off the disc. Though you’ve probably already done this, just trying to help.

    If you have all the files themselves that go to one game, you could try building an image with all those files. Please elaborate about the files. Were the games backed up to a disc or did the files come seperate or what. If one game has a folder and all the stuff inside that folder is for running the game, try burning that to an iso image and use that.

  63. I’m hoping that they’ll release a teaser video of wii64 and wiisx with DK64 running at proper speed and Banjo Tooie not turning white randomly.

  64. @Wiihomebrewftw:
    I’m stuck at building that image, I’ve read around for about 2 hours and apparently there’s a program which can convert the .ape files to .wav files, then somehow merge the .wav files with the .bin.ecm file to form a full .bin file. I now know what to do but I’m unsure how to go about doing it though. (helpful explanation eh?)

    As for file info, I’ve noticed that the.bin.ecm file is 53.8 MB as opposed to the other .ape files which are around 32 MB. All the files are named Track 1, Track2 etc, with Track 1 being a .bin.ecm file. The .ecm bit tells me that it is where all the files must be merged together, if I can merge them I’m good to go… how do I merge files together?

  65. (sorry to be a bother but) I might have found another solution, if I make them into a .rar file, and then convert to a .bin file will that work? If so, how do I do this sort of conversion?

  66. I don’t really know a whole lot about building images. My experience deals with building custom guitar hero game images for use with the ps2. For example, if you look at a guitar hero 3 disc, You would have a few folders, (Music, IOP, etc) then a couple other files (datap.hed, datap.wad, etc.) If each game has it’s own set of files and subfolders, as in these files and folders were basically dragged off the disc, you should be able to build an image with all those files and folders. Use imgburn and select build img with files, and drag all those files into the window, then create. That’s the only thing I can think of. This is only true if these files and folders were actually copy/pasted from the disc, but I don’t know if that’s the case.

    As for raring and converting, I’m not sure. Rar is compressed I believe so I’m not sure that would work too well. You could always ask your friend about it. ;)

  67. Yes, ripped straight off the disk.
    I’ve managed to create an iso out of all it, and have placed it in the required folder. Now I’m all set, all that’s left for me now is to wait for WiiSX Beta2 :D
    Thanks for the help Wiihomebrewftw I appreciate it!

  68. @MarioFan3 & Wiihomebrewftw

    The bin.ecm is a compressed file that needs to be uncompressed before using it. http://www.neillcorlett.com/ecm/ this is a link to the program that you need to use to uncompress the bin.ecm. Just download the program and it will come with to program the one you need to you is the one called unecm. Just drag and drop the bin.ecm on unecm and it will begin to uncompress. This will work for a type of ecm compressed file

  69. I have a feeling that the other emulator is Dreamcast. Oh, and I also feel the need once more to inform my fellow homebrewers that I eat my own butt nuggets. That is all. Everybody have a wonderful day!

  70. @topflight:
    Phew thanks for that, I almost went crazy when I realised it didn’t work. I’ll try it in about 9 hours (as that’s when I get back this afternoon) and see if it works then.

  71. Ok, glad topflight said something. I sure hope they release it soon. Bought a cheap ps1 game from amazon so I can rip it and use it on wiisx

  72. @the_randomizer:
    CD drive= dead, (my luck is sour so go figure) the files I’ve been given are in the wrong format too. Besides, this is VERY difficult when the computer I use is a Mac and not a Windows computer. The only way I can go about any of this, is with the use of a PC Laptop I’ve borrowed for temporary use, installing like 1000 programs on my USB just to make these things work, and continuously transferring data between the two computers to see if this works properly. (if at all) Damn, why is the PSX such a PIA to understand compared to other consoles? I’m sure once I understand it, it’ll be a breeze. Ugh more testing I suppose, I’ve got all afternoon (which is about 6 hours) to do some more testing testing testing and yet even more testing until it works! ;)
    I’ve been at this for 4 days now, I’m gonna get there I tell ya! No matter what I’ll figure it out! Just like when you go through the Water Temple in OoT!

  73. Another thing, if you must know here’s a picture of the files that were thrown at me:


    The top one is the result of me FINALLY managing to get the .bin.ecm file into a .bin file (thanks topflight) the rest I’m figuring out how to make them first into .wav files (so they’re easier to deal with) then merge them into one .wav file, and then make that one .wav file into a .bin file, then merging the two .bin files I’m left with (the top one and my new one) to one .bin file that will actually be ready for use with WiiSX. Sound annoying yet? ;)

  74. Hmm I wouldn’t have the slightest clue what to do to make that into an image. I’ve been keeping an eye on craigslist for bulk ps1 games so I can rip them for wiisx. I would just buy a disc and rip if I was you! Lol. Just seems like too much trouble.

  75. @Wiihomebrewftw:
    I know, tell me about it. Although I think I might just do this for the challenge, then I might get a “slight” idea of the frustration The Wii64Team go through in their spare time. :D

  76. The preview is just awesome, can’t wait to try it. Bless you guys for releasing this :)

    And as for your next project, I do hope it’s MAME.

  77. Thank you for the update, guys – keep up the good work :)

    As far as 3rd emulator… Well, since you mentioned that it will be both for GC and Wii, Dreamcast is out of the picture – it’s too close in specs to GC to be actually emulated on it… So, my vote goes to Sega Saturn… Possibly based in part on Yabause code…

  78. yall need to just focus on the wii64 and the wiisx for now
    and get them up and running better

  79. Agreed let it be Saturn. Think about it. Wii is THE multiplayer console. 8 player wiiware, warioware is 12 player. 360 is 4 on one console. Ps3 is possible 8 player but barely anything supports it. Saturn is the best multiplayer system, as far as number of players (10 player bomberman, 12 player games). To add that to the wii with 12 player support would make the wii hands down the greatest multiplayer machine ever built. I’m praying it’s the Saturn. I hope my dream comes true.

  80. @Myself, for future reference to never try what I tried to do, ever again… EVER:
    Loading files from memory banks…
    Start: 3:36 PM Melbourne Time.
    1. Make .ape files into .wav files…
    Done: 4:02 PM
    2. Merge .wav files into one .wav file…
    Done: 4:51 PM
    3. Make .wav file into .bin file…
    Done: 7:14 PM
    4. Merge the .bin files…
    Done: 7::58PM
    5. Testing result… Failed

    Execute shutdown of program…
    Uploading user response…

    Well, after 5 days of this non-stop testing in my spare time, I finally gave up when I realise that, no matter how much effort I put in, it just won’t work. Looks like I’ll have to buy a CD of my own and try that, because this is just ridiculous. I want to support The Wii64Team’s work by supplying feedback of the emulator.
    Though the CD drive is dead on my PC, I forgot that I can still burn the CD on the PowerBook I use… um, why didn’t I think of that, y’know, sooner? *facepalm*

    EDIT (OMFG he found a way to edit posts):
    I have to agree, the GC wouldn’t be able to handle the Dreamcast, so I too will pray for a Saturn emulator. It would make sense, as it had similar specs to the other two consoles that The Wii64Team are emulating. Quick, everyone hit the “Pray” command! (EB reference lol) What’ll it be called guys, WiiSaturn?

  81. i don’t see the saturn as being too likely.. it’s known as one of the most notoriously difficult consoles to program for and emulation of it on pc has only gotten good in recent times, and it requires a pretty decent machine to do full speed since it’s emulating a very complex piece of hardware with many different processors running in it (correct me if i’m wrong, but i remember hearing something like 8 different ones). granted this team is brilliant, and i couldn’t imagine anyone else being able to make as quality a product as wiisx and wii64. i’m guessing it’s probably going to be MAME.

    also, eagerly anticipating wiisx beta 2 release :)

  82. @MarioFan3: hmm… well, they can dub it “Wii-Aurora” and “GC-Aurora” – I do believe “Aurora” was Saturn’s code name during early development stages… Although a name like “WiiTurn” also has a certain ring to it… :)

  83. To be honest I would love for a PS2 emulator. But I am going to be realistic and guess it is a Saturn emulator. Thank you for the update EmulateMii team. Looking forward to the WiiSX release.

  84. OMG! The chosen one speaks! So that narrows it down to… any system we have mentioned which is… every system…

    I hope I was the one on the money!

    @Barrel Roll

    I was hoping I’d see you pop in. Have you considered making a WiiSX Beta 2 compatibility list on your Wii64 forum? I would be glad to help in testing. I’m digging around currently trying to buy some cheap ps1 games to try.

  85. Hmmmm…it might be a Dreamcast emulator after all…..A port of NullDC perhaps?

  86. Wait if “one guy was right on the money”, then that means it has to be someone who has only guessed ONE console on their posts. Quick search for it, who’s the one who’s only guessed one console? (It can’t be me then that’s for sure)

  87. Well, he said “right on the money” and in my first post I explained how I thought it was the saturn and said I would be inclined to donate a little earlier if we found out what the 3rd emu was… hmmm

  88. In which case I have already donated. How the hell do you edit posts mario?

  89. @MarioFan3

    I don’t think you can re-build the image to work on WiiSX, as I believe the CD’s (game) were built a certain way when they were first made. Obviously by looking at the image we can clearly see that you have the game on your PC, so why don’t you just download the game from a website, also when posting a picture it may be better to just put it on a image hosting site (i.e. Imageshack, Photobucket.etc)

    Also I hope its a 3DO emulator.

  90. Also I’ve been lurking over this website waiting for Beta 2 to come out, as I’m definitely way more into PSX then N64 (Though definitely not saying N64 didn’t have great games). Hope you guys decide to release it soon.

  91. @W11h0m3br3wFTW:
    Through secret means that will always remain, secret ;)
    *You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Stop toying with me, let me know how!” right?” Pray for it…. that’s right keep praying… a little more…. more praying…. it works trust me, just keep on praying… p.r.a.y… uh oh, no WAIT! NO MORE. It’5 2 muc^%@ You’re over04din% s7st3m…e…r…r..o…r E#&^$*(&fi3l n#*%^@^%$@
    4CC355 GR4N3D L34 H4X0R 1T0 41F41M 3t3cT3D… m3Mry b4n5 C0fRm t”H4t tr1ck F0 M410″…(%^&(**^*) The way you edit posts is to click on the little “edit” button on the bottom right of your post! S.M.I.L.E.Y F.A.C.E*

    @Wiihomebrewftw (serious this time :) ):
    That post withe the “EDIT” in it was sitting there for hours on my computer.
    When I decided to make another post, I noticed that my post remained unsent, so instead of double posting, I just strapped it to that one, applying an “EDIT” to separate them into the two posts. I thought adding “EDIT” would get a few people for laughs… heheh, you fell for it :D Sorry ’bout the confusion. :P

    Unfortunately, every website I’ve checked will not only use a LOT of my bandwidth (internet is VERY expensive in Australia, we pay some $130 AUD or so a month just for 50 GB) but I’ve noticed that the files downloaded don’t help me at all, they’re all in separate parts. (quite similar to what I already had)
    I don’t know anywhere where you can download a PSX game and expect them to be usable like every other ROM file, sometimes I wish there was a way to get ‘em and then “Voila!” they work.

    Just to clarify, there is no “edit” button… and yes, the first paragraph was a joke, get over it. :)

    Lastly, I do spend about an hour (or more) on my posts okay? I’ve got nothing else to do in case you haven’t noticed, I’m waiting for my PSX CDs to arrive! ;)

  92. I’ve got a few guesses of my own on this new third emulator. And I think I know the right on the money one, cause it was only mentioned once. That being the NUON.

    Anyways my guesses would be:

    Neo Geo CD which already has a previous gamecube port, and has most if not all of the original Neo Geo console/arcade games playable with better compatibility than GXGeo.

    Dreamcast though I see that being a mere proof of concept, although if you guys check you’ll see that one of the authors has NullDC under his peoples profile page which can be accessed on any google code page where it says people details on the main page for a given project.



    Final Burn Alpha


    As for systems previously mentioned. Virtual Boy has Arikado from Wiibrew working on that, though it’s not out of the question that these guys would help as he is looking for help. SegaCD integration is being planned by Eke-Eke for his Genplus emu. This would also apply to 32X. 64DD could be integrated later into Wii64. Satellaview….Check Snes9x GX all. Basically most of this stuff has been planned for a while or done by others, but it’s not impractical to say that they have interest in helping others with their projects.

  93. Lol ok. I see. Yea, had me going. And that sucks about your Aussie connection. I’ve heard they’re really cracking down on torrents and such. Isn’t there a pending lawsuit against an ISP there, that if the ISP loses, it would mean that all Australian ISPs must cut off your internet if you’re caught downloading “illegal” files?

  94. Will the WiiSX beta2 release be compatible with component video or is there a way to play beta1 on component?

  95. @MarioFan3 & Wiihomebrewftw

    They can’t really tell what you download if you download it from something like MegaUpload. I know a couple of sites that upload everything to there, usually they aren’t in parts as each disc is only 700MB (So you do get them and voila they work, not really sure if I should post the links here, don’t want to upset the admins). I go there if I feel lazy, not wanting to make an ISO, or if the disc is unfortunately in too bad of condition to make an ISO of. Honestly I don’t think this is what they are really slamming on down, I think thats more for music and Next Gen games (Wii, 360). I don’t think they care about games from 8+ years ago.

  96. Heheh, WipEout’s a 15 yr old game… lol
    Hm, ok thanks DarkScyth, I’ll try looking there… but not until next month, I’m over my limit already (7GB over too), and it doesn’t reset until July. Kinda sucks, but if it’s the only way, it’s the only way. 700MB is quite a lot actually, compared to the compressed 385MB download, it’ll take a bit of time (and bandwidth) to get it… hope the ‘net doesn’t crap out at 99% or something, ’cause I’ll be like :O

    “Technically” (and here’s the loophole) you can download ROMs as you please, you can say that you already own the game so it’s legal (you may not but here’s the thing) They can’t prove it if you have it or not, they have no right to “make sure” unless they have a warrant. Yay loopholes!
    If you’re stupid enough to get caught downloading “Illegal” files, it means that you’ve gone through unencrypted means, and you’re very stupid for doing so (you deserve it in other words) Some things make no sense though eg. You can own a Flash Card “Legally” but you’re not allowed to have ROM files ON the Flash Card because it’s unofficial hardware running official software… uh, what?

  97. its dreamcast emulator, take a look at the link Matando provided, and then click on the [pastie.org] link. close to the top it shows exactly this

    “Revision: 178
    Author: drkIIRaziel
    Date: 5:27:38 μμ, Δευτέρα, 21 Σεπτεμβρίου 2009
    –Added missing files need for wii build
    Added : /wii/dc
    Added : /wii/dc/sh4
    Added : /wii/dc/sh4/rec_v2
    Added : /wii/dc/sh4/rec_v2/wii_driver.cpp
    Added : /wii/ppc_emit.h”

    im not sure if this is legit or if im right but i would love a dreamcast emulator on my wii

  98. “emukidid Says:

    June 16th, 2010 at 9:25 pm
    A few people have guessed correct about the upcoming emulator, one guy was right on the money”

    i dont get it he says one guy was right on the money, but he also says a few people have guessed correct about the upcoming emulator.

    (sorry about the double post)

  99. Since it looks like the WiiSX is capable of 8-player co-op can I assume that means you can use the classic controller and if so will the guitar hero guitar be compatible with WiiSX so I can play some guitar freaks with the guitar hero guitar?

  100. @topflight

    Interesting, I didn’t know there was a “guitar hero like” game for the ps1. You learn something new everyday.


    Emukidid said a few people guessed it right meaning 2 or more, and only 1 said NUON so that can’t be it.

    Let’s recap his statement. He said a few of us had been right, meaning something that’s mentioned more than 2 times can be it. Things like virtual boy, atari jaguar, and 3do were mentioned but not with detail. Saying someone was right on the money would tell me that someone was descriptive to their choice of emulator. That leaves Dreamcast and Saturn with posters being descriptive as to why and how. Dreamcast and Saturn have both been mentioned a lot, and I don’t see him saying “someone was right on the money” with the poster having a single sentence post. So in my opinion it has to be either Dreamcast or Saturn. PSP and a new DS emu are plausible, and were mentioned a few times, but no posts are described in detail about it. (I think, didn’t care to read ALL posts) Maybe I’m over analyzing but I’m just trying to get into their heads so I can know the next emu! ;)

  101. @Wiihomebrewftw

    I’m only mentioning those specific emulators, cause they each have a open source PC counterpart. Typically Wii homebrew devs choose open source apps, cause of little to no issue with the original author with regards to porting. I left the Saturn out since it’s a far too complex emulator, and I wont get my hopes up for seeing it.

    The Wii dreamcast emulator NullDC I mentioned as a proof of concept, cause I cant see a full speed port unless it’s very heavily optimized. Besides if it’s only capable of the most basic DC games then it wouldnt be worth trying imo.

    I havent mentioned the PSP, cause currently not many PSP emulators have great game compatibility.

    All the other emulators are being worked on, and they specifically mentioned bringing an emulator everyone has wanted to see for quite some time. This not discounting the fact that they also are part of the Wiibrew community, and even being moderators on the forums at wiibrew.org. So I’m pretty they are in the know of what’s being worked on and what isnt, and what they can introduce to the scene that people have been wanting.

    Anyways that’s my take on it.

  102. Emukidid is it dreamcast? lol im really hoping it is, the wii64 team are awesome coders from what i see. wiisx is definetly capable of running a ps1 emulator seeing as a really well built emu needs something that is 5 to 10 times stronger (ps1 33.8688MHz X 10 = around 333MHz). i mean people said that n64 wasnt possible on the psp, but look we have daedalusx64! Sure its not the best but its being worked on and its improved alot since it was started. Runs SM64 at nearly full speed with sound, and the psp is NOWHERE NEAR the requirements:
    (Pentium III 600 Mhz or better
    128 Mb. RAM or more )
    (PSP Specs: 333MHz cpu, 64 MB of RAM)
    See what i mean, i think dreamcast on wii is possible especially with these guys working on it! I prefer to have wii64 put on hold and see a Dreamcast emulator seeing as wii64 is at a tad more than playable speed imo.
    so i say WIIDC!!!!!!Lol

  103. Devs, I have a question regarding Wii64:

    Some games having the “loading cartridge” symbol during gameplay. I assume this means the game is too big to load all of it into memory so it partially loads. It gets pretty bad in Jet Force Gemini. I was wondering if partial loading is a temporary fix or that’s how it will always be. I assume the latter.

  104. @Wiihomebrewftw

    As of now, SD loading is faster than USB loading (since it is 1.0) but if you use an unofficial version of Wii64 you can get USB 2.0 loading and it will help a lot with the “loading cartridge”.

  105. I think its going to be a DS emulator (in a perfect world it would be ps2 but I kind of doubt it)

  106. @Wiihomebrewftw:

    Your judgement that this is because the rom is too big is correct. The only way this could be eliminated for most games is with immense optimisation. Only the devs will know for sure if that is actually achievable.

    JFG is a 256mb game, like a lot of the high profile releases in the latter days of the N64. This means that loading all of it into memory would halve the amount of ram available, which is a significant sacrifice for a program like Wii64. 512mb games like Resident Evil 2 would occupy the sum total of the Wii’s ram on their own, so loading on the fly is essential.

    Of course, this applies a fortiori for the Gamecube version.

  107. Hell yeah – it’s gonna be a Dreamcast emulator!!! :-)

    That would be amazing since the DC had a lot of great games. I shouldn’t have sold my DC…

  108. How does the Wiisx run fine with games way larger than that of N64 when Wii64 needs to partially add roms that only go up to 64MB including the beta debug version of LOZ OOTMQ.

  109. Sorry for the double-post:

    Even though PSX games are massive compared to N64 games, most of that data is music/video data which is streamed directly off the disc. The actual program data is likely smaller than or of similar size to that of N64 games.

    That said, I’m not 100% sure why WiiSX streams better than Wii64, as I don’t know enough about what’s going on behind the scenes. Let’s hope a dev or someone more knowledgable than me comes along!

  110. “One guy was right on the money” eh?

    It’s probably the Saturn then, since it was guessed numerous times, and wiihomebrewftw was saying how and why it could be the Saturn.

    Or it’s the Dreamcast, since a lot of people guessed it was that, and people were explaining how it can be the Dreamcast.

    I’m personally hoping it’s the Dreamcast.

  111. @alainvey: I think the reason that streaming works better with PSX games than N64 games might be because PSX games were designed to be loaded of the discs at various loading points in the games. But N64 games weren’t designed with specific loading points. But this is all uneducated speculation.

  112. @FreudianLemur:

    Yes, I was thinking that was the case, but like you I have no actual idea. That seems to be the most likely answer.

  113. @I hope its soon XD

    You do realize that there are mods of WiiSX beta 1 that uses the classic controller.

    I think that it would either have to be the 3DO or the Saturn, the dreamcast is too quick for the Wii, it would probably never get past 50% speeds unless someone can come up with some clever coding to make cuts here and there on what needs to be processed.

  114. @Crisiscore_08

    As far as needing RAM to run that isn’t a problem for a PSP because it doesn’t suck up RAM like crazy, unlike Windows computers, hence you’d need more RAM on PC. The reason SM64 runs so good is because they take shortcuts here and there so it doesn’t actually run everything thats its supposed to also SM64 didn’t use 100% of what the 64 is capable of so not as much power would be needed.

  115. Nice work, once these are fully functioning I will probably never stop playing my Wii. Thank you so much for the time and hard work you guys put into it. And my top guesses for you next Emulator project would be: Dreamcast!!!, Sega Saturn (since it is from the same generation as N64 and PS1), or maybe a Sega CD/32X emulator. So mostly sega stuff, but I would push for Dreamcast the most haha.

  116. @DarkScyth

    Yeah they took cuts cant they do the same with some dreamcast games? lol

  117. I think that might also be the reason RareWare games for the N64 are hard to emulate, because RareWare were known to abuse every ounce of power out of a console. (Blast Corps being a prime example of such abuse) Their games maximised the potential of the 64, so a LOT of work would need to be done to emulate them properly. I think the latest PJ64 is the only thing that can emulate their games properly… for now ;)

    Also keep in mind that the PSX couldn’t make use 64 Bit commands, as opposed to (duh) the N64. This most likely makes it easier to boost compatibility/speed issues for WiiSX without as much hassle compared to Wii64. Although WiiSX does have the issue of emulating the brilliant sound quality for the PSX (for its time is was anyway), I believe this has already been overcome in WiiSX Beta 2, I believe Wii64 Beta2 will most likely have overcome its main issues as well.

    Do correct me if I’m wrong somewhere. :)

  118. Hi, I’d just like to re-ask my question. Is there a way to use WiiSX with components cable or does it have to be composite? Wii64 has worked fine with component cables so I figure there’s something I’m missing.

  119. @Crisiscore_08

    Thats exactly what I said in the post before that. Though even then its highly unlikely.

  120. well whatever it is the curiousity is killing me lol i just wanna know what emulator their going to release already.

  121. I’m hoping they’ll announce the next emulator on WiiSX Beta 2′s release, speaking of which, I can’t wait to try it!


    I was unaware that some programs wouldn’t show up unless they’re composite. The types of A/V cables won’t let certain programs show up? Perhaps I’m missing what you’re saying.

  122. Either these guys are masters of suspense or I have nothing better to do than check back here multiple times a day. Or both.

  123. @wiihomebrewftw and Rob

    I personally have had issues in which having my wii hooked up using Component Cables has forced certain homebrew applications into HD mode. Unfortunately my TV is just a regular Non HD TV. the result is, of course, a garbled mess.

    This glitch is rare, and usually only occurs in immature homebrew.
    I would be very surprised if WiiSX Beta 2 had any issues on this point.

    That being said, I’ve run PSX beta 1 without any issues using a component cable before. So I have no idea what the glitch you are talking about actually is…

    It may be possible that you are having an issue with PSX not supporting ED mode (assuming your wii is set to ED mode) and that is what’s causing the crash. A simple work around for this would be to go to your wii system menu and switch to SD mode befor playing WiiSX. (Though I have a feeling it will be fixed in WiiSX Beta 2)

  124. @Cobalt

    I agree man, i check multiple times just to check if its posted or if it has been hinted atleaste. The best hint we have gotten is that ONE post from emukidid but didnt really give us a big idea of what emulator it is =( *sigh* how much longer do we have to wait lol

  125. the N64 was a powerful system for it’s time, it’s cartridges were a big limiting factor, the CD format for the PS1 gave it high quality audio and lots for room for video cut scenes and high-resolution textures, without that the PS1 would have fell flat to the N64, plus don’t forget the N64 was a 64-bit system, Wii is 32-bit so a lot of work is done just making the instruction sets compatible

  126. It could also be a DS emulator, since a few people have guessed that one too.
    WiiS (pronounced Wii-S) sounds like a good mane for it if it’s a DS emulator.

  127. Im pretty sure ds is impossible as it runs on 2…”arms” or something like that.

    i actually dont think that ive ever picked up a dreamcast or saturn controller in my life lol. im 16 and never even seen one.

    it would be cool to try it out if thats what theyre making. :)

  128. you guys are great. as to the emulator you might be working on :D psp? LOL i would die if it was lol but i dont think the wii can handle psp tho i wouldnt go as far as to say its impossible cause the psp can play ps1 games really well.

    But great job i’ll be donating soon


  129. A new emulator huh? I don’t think it could be a dreamcast one. I used nulldc to play Grandia II the other day and even tough I was able to finish it there were many bugs and glitches. Marvel vs Capcom worked great though :D . Personally I don’t think dreamcast emulation is possible outside the pc unless you want to spend eternity on a decent port. Same thing with the Saturn.

    Anyway here’s hoping for a speedy release of the new beta

  130. Heres hoping your new emulator wont compete with the DS one I’ve done or the virtual boy one I’m developing :P

    I hope its a dreamcast emu ;-)

  131. would it be ok if you were to give us a rough estimate of when wiisx beta 2 will be released

  132. I think a lot of people are very disappointed, if it is not a Dreamcast emu, as I read the comments and the feedbacks in some boards.

  133. “Soon.” No really, this question gets asked every time, and it usually gets the same answer. ;) About a week after everyone starts asking a lot of questions in frustration (not irony, so don’t try it :P ): they’d make a release, that or it comes out when you least expect it… perhaps it’s both? I’m on semester break for about 3 weeks right now, so I’m also looking forward to a release very soon. (preferably within the next 2 weeks so I have time to use it :) )

  134. So I’m not trying to take away the spotlight of WiiSX, but I feel I must bring up something that some of you may not have heard of, which actually could affect these emulators at some point in the future.

    In America, the FCC recently tried to impose regulations on ISP’s to block “Hate” sites, and “illegal activities” Fortunately, the courts were sensible and said that it was a violation of freedom of speech. So what did the snakes do? They had congress pass a bill changing internet from a service to a “utility”. This now gives the FCC here in America power to force ISPs to block any site they deem “unfit”. This also means the FCC could make a judgement that emulators promote illegal activity, and would block us Americans from being able to enjoy fine pieces of work such as Wii64 and WiiSX. If you live in America, I am urging all of you to contact your congressman and tell them no to this clear violation of freedom of speech. The net is supposed to be free and open communication, and now the government is once again trying to tell us what we can, and can’t enjoy.

    Sorry for that, but I feel that every single website is now fair game for the FCC to block us from seeing. If it happens here, it could happen in other countries too. :(

    Here’s hoping WiiSX is released before they block me from seeing this website…

  135. I would’nt worry to much about the FCC, they’re more focused on political opinions then video games. Still a cause for concern for the internet as a whole though.

  136. As long as a single homebrew/legal program, game, or anything exists for a system they shouldn’t be able to prevent emulation of that system.

    Commercial rom distribution is something else entirely.

  137. you know i kind of want it to be a cd-i emualtor, i just feel the need to finish those zelda games regardless of how much torture id have to go through

  138. @Wiihomebrewftw:
    Well, here in Australia there’s going to be an internet “filter” similar to that. Don’t worry, there are ways around any government filtering, there always is. All it really does is slow your internet down a bit as your computer would be bypassing the government internet filter every time you visit a site. It won’t be impossible to visit every site, just a little bit more difficult.
    What reason did the FCC give in the U.S to enforce their thing?

    Oh, and what the heck, here’s a humourous take on the internet filter:


  139. lets see

    wii- clocked at 729mhz

    quote(here’s yet another emulator that the Wii64Team has been longing to see)

    longing to see probably means it has not been ported as of yet

    possible future emulated consoles

    ds: its not even perfect on pc but i bet a certain team of motivated dev’s could get around that (; wii has enough speed

    psp: sorry but no the psp slightly more powerful than the ps2 which is not going to be emulated on wii

    dreamcast: interesting verrrry interesting
    the dream cast is clocked at 200mhz and apparently a relatively easy console to emulate (is full speed on pc when gc and ps2 arent)

    gc: lol

    xbox: i wish.

    im betting my but on ds but i am not saying dc is impossible.

  140. They have a DC emulator on the PSP it has a 333MHz core, the emulator runs at about 2FPS without sound, though it can be slightly improved to work better it’ll never get near full speed. I suppose a DC emulator on Wii would somewhat work but will definitely never attain full speeds with sound, though maybe its possible to reach near full speeds without sound.

  141. @ aqop

    lmao, I forgot about that completely, trust me, its not worth completing or even emulating.

  142. @mariofan3

    Haha, that video is hilarious. Hits a good point though. Some scary times for the internet ahead I’m afraid. :(

  143. OH YES! I got those WipEout files to finally work properly! Graphics were actually showing up, after 5 mins though graphical errors spewed all over the place and it ended up presenting a code dump, and no sound but I’m just glad it boots! :)

    Now all I need to do is wait for WiiSX Beta 2 and I am set… until I get up to my 95th game (Blast Corps) then I’ll need Wii64 Beta 2… lol, pretty demanding eh? Ah well, I’m sure the 18 games that are in between the two will hopefully keep me occupied until the Wii64 Beta 2 release. ;)

    I’m up to my 77th game on my list, (WipEout) and I believe the list will have to go on hold, at least until WiiSX Beta 2… I need a new way to kill time… I know, I’ll join the stalking of this page! :D

  144. Whoa, I just checked the site like an hour ago and have read through every single comment here. Haven’t checked since the start of June for an update. :O As for my guess, I think it would be the Dreamcast. Or at least I REALLY hope it is. :D Hey I think its possible, heck they recently got an N64 emulator on the iPhone! (for jailbroken ones, of course :) ) Like someone else said a while back, the Wii64/WiiSX team definitely likes a challenge! Hmm, can’t wait!

  145. @Pidgeot

    Arikado (who commented on this article) made a DS emulator. Sure, it doesn’t replace a flash cart (what DS emu would?), but it’s getting somewhere.

    Like a few people said, the Wii64 team loves a challenge, so I think they have something amazing waiting for us.

    Can’t wait for WiiSX beta 2, although the THPS games better run :P

    I have some names for the upcoming emulator:

    if it’s Dreamcast:




    if it’s Saturn:



    If it’s DS:




    (if it’s based off of DeSmuMe) DeSmuMii or DeSmuWii

  146. @MarioFan3

    Dwiimcast is the best name I have seen so far. I hope it would get named this.

  147. Post #190! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, do we have any more info about this and/or are we nearing a release date?

  148. I sooooooo hope WiiSX Beta 2 gets released soon! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Okay, I am a little bit too excited.

    Also, on the naming of the new emulator, if its the DC, the name should either be dWiimcast, or Dwiimcast, or DWiimcast. All are nice. Just different capatal letters.

  149. Sigh I guess everyone doesn’t want Saturn. I mean cmon, 12 player games on the wii?? Who doesn’t want that? ;)

  150. On a side note. Nintendo has released system menu 4.3. Don’t update!

  151. @wiihomebrewftw:
    I’d prefer a Saturn emulator myself actually, I just can’t come up with any good names for it. I think it would make sense to make both now that I think about it, they are both Sega consoles… and the Saturn was a little before the PSX, so I believe that The Wii64Team will most likely do the Saturn first, and perhaps tackle the Dreamcast later?

  152. About the next emulator being made:

    if it is one of the predecessor consoles to the 7th gen it wouldn’t be ps2. My reason is that the ps1 emu is being worked on now so ps2 would be a waste. As for gamecube that’s most likely not happening either plus there’s one already being worked on (USB loader I mean). IF it is the xbox then it would be EXTREMELY slow and wouldn’t be released this year.

    As I read the June 2010 progress post it sounds like the emu is going to be something that was hard to emulate but possible. So…either psp or dreamcast.

  153. @ wiihomebrewftw and Eltrion

    It’s actually set to SD, but I figured I’d change it to ED and see what happen: splits the screen just like when I load WiiSX. So I shut off the console, turned it back on and switched back to SD, now WiiSX loads properly. I don’t know why but I guess it was switching on its own. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @ MarioFan3

    Dwiimcast sounds like something Poshul would say. Maybe that should be the avatar. O_o

  154. sure, any time Rob,

    If anyone else has issues, comments or whatever on Wii64, my I remind you that BarrelRoll and I have been working on a forum for EmulateMii and all of it’s great emulators here: http://weemulatemii.omgforum.net/ (the address changed)

    We’re in need of a community, and one obviously exists. Hope to see some of you guys there!

  155. They will also be starting a wiisx beta 2 compatibility list which I plan on contributing to when it’s released. Hope that is soon! Got my images ready to go.

  156. 200th comment.


    Will SDHC cards work with WiiSX? Furthermore, will Micro SDHC’s work, with an adapter?

  157. Gah, so much WiiSX talk is making me excited, now I really can’t wait for the release! :D I haven’t been this excited since I Wii64 Beta 1.1

  158. Stalking some more, waiting on this soon to be beauty of a release.

    They just had to show a teaser for the WiiSX 2 Beta, it makes me extremely impatient as I can see it right in front of me and I know it works, they have a working copy (though they are probably doing some more fixes to it) but I can’t have it =/

  159. MAN I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHICH EMU THEIR MAKING!!!!IS IT DREAMCAST?!?!?!?!?!?lol man this curiousity is really killing me i go to this websited alot just to check if they mentioned it lol

  160. I wish this would be released tomorrow for my birthday, haha I already got driver and gran turismo 2 all set up. My guess on the emulator would be.. dreamcast its possible I mean the psp has around 333 mhz and it got dreamcast working at around 2 fps. The wii has I think around 730 can’t remember, then again emulation doesn’t simply rely all on mhz. :) cheers!

  161. I would say july is when it will be released. Most of their posts are about a month apart.

  162. @CrisisCore_08
    The developers of the emulator. This is a blog after all.

    In any case I’m not too concerned about the mystery emulator (yet) but I’m still anticipating beta 2. Frankly I’m not too concerned about “certain Capcom fighter games” but it seems to be the style here to get everything just the way they want it before release.

  163. @Cobalt
    I never said i wanted it now or JUST THE WAY I WANT!
    Learn to read dude i said i just want to know what it is they can release it in two months or a more im just curious as to which one it is. and im not too into “certain Capcom fighter games”.

    i know i was browsing the site too xD

  164. J-J-July??? Nooooo!… Ahh, my true reason to exist is starting to expose itself, uh um, um I’ll think of something!… ahhhhhh screw this I’m outta here! Go go time machine, HAHA see ya later! *poof*

    *5 mins later…*

    *poof* Ah!!! …. phew I’m in the future right? Okay let’s check the date… cool it’s the 24th of …Uhm, wait WHAT? The 24th of JUNE!? Oh CRAP! It was supposed to be July! Ok, let’s calm down and try again deeeeeep breath… *presses buttons* What do you mean it’s out of power? *sigh* Okay, how much power do I need to make the jump?…. a weeks charge… A WEEKS CHARGE??? Dammit, well shucks I’m outta ideas, anyone else gotta plan?… anyone?
    *prays not to lose sanity if it hasn’t already been lost*

    Why do I keep coming to this site??

  165. @CrisisCore_08
    Cobalt started a new paragraph, so he wasn’t directing that at you. When he said “just the way they want it”, he was on about the dev’s having it the way they want it before it’s released.

  166. I suppose, then, that I will have to be the one to point out the irony of CrisisCore instructing anyone else to “Learn to read dude” given his failure to understand the happenings here.

  167. I’m not offended or anything. Simple misunderstanding.

    Also, quick raise-of-imaginary-hands poll, how many other people keep checking on this site a disturbingly high number of times per day/week?

  168. I guess i read it wrong lol mybad cobalt

    I come to this site about ten or more times a day too lol xD

  169. god damn its 12 o’clock at night and im still checking up on this website…can’t

    they put up a new blog entry or somtin cause the waiting is killing me. XD

    comment #224

  170. Well, because I’m unemployed right now, I check at least once every 2 hours (literally, not an exaggeration). I’m feeling very unhealthy…

  171. Mah Boi! A Philips CD-I emulator is what all true warriors strive for!


    Anyways, It’s probably going to be that, A Sega CD/32X emulator or MAME.

  172. Ok I am seeing this in a lot of places in the comments so I thought id chime in. When you download a psx game nine times out of ten it is in parts this is to preserve the file integrity and make sure you get a working game. All you have to do is go into the file with all the pieces youl need winrar also once you have winrar you just highlight them all and right click . One of the options near the bottom unlike the rest wont have anything to do with compressing something itl say extract to and should have a folder name the same as the game you downloaded. Select that one, and it should extract and combine all the peaces into an iso or bin and cue file.

    Now assuming that’s not the issue, and your using the current ver which really only plays well with bin and you get a cue image and a sub. Find a program called ultra iso or something comparable I am not gonna discuss what to do if you need the full ver to do what I say.

    But find the convert file option and when you select the file to convert select the cue file really all this file does is tell the program what to do with the files when you burn them, and it should once the conversion has completed turn those three lovely files into a working bin I did this with star ocean the second story, and it worked flawlessly.

    If I missed the root of everyone’s questions about how to get an image let me know. There are a lot of types and ive played with them all ill try to clarify.

    Oh and when burning games media type matters too meaning cheapo discs are less likely to work get quality cds. Also the burn speed is crucial I recommend getting alcohol 120 or a shampoo burning studio to do this as those two programs remove most of the guess work.

  173. For about two months after they released the April 1st Wii 64 Teaser last year, I checked this site every half an hour.

  174. here i am back again at 2:27 AM checking on the website again…but sadly there’s nothing here. :p

    comment #228

  175. Sweet it’s my Birthday but no release today :( ah well I’am hopefully getting a laptop ;)

  176. i know its so annoying for them to hear this all the time but ill try to put this as politely as i can:

    we really appreciate the wii64s effort into making these amazing emulators for the wii but would it really hurt if they were toi just give us a very rough estimate of when wiisx beta 2 will be released or roughly how many weeks/months they think it will take them to finish it off cos the wait is killing some of us.
    thanks again for your hard work

  177. Sounds like some of you guys just need an RSS reader ;)

    @aqop: It wouldn’t hurt us to give you an estimate, but it’d sure upset you guys when it turns out we’re wrong and it winds up taking longer. When you work on stuff like this in your free time it’s hard to judge because you don’t know how much time you’re going to have to work on it, and even if we were working full time it’s often difficult to gauge how long it’s going to fix an emulation bug since things can be so complicated.

  178. ^hmm, i guess so. you could put down:

    we think this will be released in 3 weeks DISCLAIMER: THIS IS LIKELY TO BE UNTRUE TO DONT BET ON IT

    but its up to you:P

  179. People would still be pissed if it weren’t true, and get their hopes up for a completely arbitrary date when it could come out anytime before or after that.

  180. @tehpola:

    what if you say something like “this will be released in 2012!!!” so people will wait, and if you finish it before that date it will be considered a plus
    it’s win-win situation

  181. It’s times like these I wish I knew how to code like you guys, because I have too much free time! :)

    I think they believe the release is almost finished, with a few really annoying bugs to squash. I’m sure the emulator has come quite a way since that preview we got a couple of months back. Phew, I feel calmed down now.

    By the way Wii64Team, what are your plans for after the Beta 2 releases?
    Is the next release going to be Beta 2.1, Beta 3, or Version 1.0?
    Or will you take a break from them and work on the 3rd emulator?
    You can answer this in a later post if you want, I’m just curious as to what happens after Beta 2.

  182. You know what would be better than a length of time left ’till release? What you have left to do, like any specific bugs or features you have left to add in before the release.

    BTW, I’ve been checking back here aver 10-30 minutes, or if I have nothing else to do, I’ll just refresh the page every few minutes. Wow I have no life… D:

  183. Please tell us what the next emu is going to be =(

    i have this site minimized all day lol and check on it periodicly

  184. @josh

    That would be a port and not a emulator.

    I browse the site about once a day, maybe twice. If I didn’t have MGS Peace Walker to entertain me I would probably check the site way more then I do now. From what it sounds like tehpola said it won’t be for QUITE some time =/ Did you guys really need to show the preview of Beta 2 so soon, if you had adverts on the site you’d be making a bit of money ;)

    Also I have one question that would be awesome if you could answer. Does Beta 2 have USB 2.0 loading or is it only 1.0 like Wii64 1.1?

  185. @zrowny:
    This would be preferable I agree, but for some reason I don’t think it’s that easy to identify all the bugs that are to be squashed. Bugs just pop up, one at a time they’re to be squashed. This can be a daunting task, as more bugs may arise as a result of squishing a bug.

    It would still be nice to have a checklist or something, they shows the changes they make as they’re done? Similar to what they have on the google source code page, except without the source code. (duh)
    They probably already do this privately, so I think it’s just a matter of waiting I suppose. *watches clock-calender anxiously*

  186. a pc cant even run a psp emulator right and it doesnt have a very good compatibility list so im 100% sure it isnt psp (i have one so im not worried lol) and im still here =( no news on the new emu either

  187. I can’t wait any longer! I need the PSX on my wii! That or I would at least settle for announcing the 3rd emulator.

  188. You could always use Beta 1, although compatibility wasn’t great and emulation quality was bad for a lot of the compatible games.

  189. Maybe they will try to release beta 2 on June 29th as the one year anniversary of the 1st beta

  190. my guess psp, ds, dreamcast.
    but there is already a ds emulator in the works for the wii just google “desmume wii”

  191. Mmm, I already use Beta 1 though. WipEout has issues all over the place, but it doesn’t actually bother me, it’s the code dump after the menu screen (that’s making it impossible to progress) that bothers me. That’s why I have to wait until Beta 2.
    I don’t mind if there’re issues as long as it doesn’t crash like it does now.

  192. Just got off work and the first thing i do is check this website lol

    Im not desperate for beta two but im just loosing it, i just want them to announce the third emulator even if its still a little far from release Come on wii64 team just tell us or give is a HINT technacly you arent telling us if your give us a hint. Lol IM LOOSING IT!!!!!!!(not really)

  193. then it must be a dreamcast, Sega Saturn, or Virtual Boy… because that’s

    what a majority of people were talking about before emukidid posted that

    comment. But then again it could be just an impostor who put his name as

    emukidid just to fool around…..;P

  194. lol good point mariofan3

    A BETTER HINT lol sorry the curiousity is still killing me

  195. @Josh:
    Nah, it’d be verified via e-mail so the real emukidid would’ve sought it out if it were fake anyways… right?

    Ahahah, I think they’ll just leave it at that just to torment us (in the good way) like they’ve always done. I like it when they do that actually, because it leaves us in suspense :D
    Like that WiiSX Beta 2 trailer, it was left there to go:
    “Look at me, I’m something you don’t have, and you can’t use me :P
    “Oh yeah? Well I’ve got “Mario & Wario” to keep me busy tomorrow, so I won’t be distracted by you stupid trailer, you just watch me! :”

  196. @MarioFan3

    You have got quite a positive way of thinking there, anyone ever tell you that? :) But I suppose you’re right, it does keep us in suspense :P

    LOL! I’ve been wanting to rip all of my hair out each day waiting for WiiSX, but then I realize my hair’s pretty, so I don’t. XD

    @Wii64 Team

    I do look forward to seeing this new emulator that you’re working on. My guess would be the Sega Dreamcast, seeing as how unlike the Saturn, no emulator currently exists for it and it’s something that the homebrew community certainly demands, haha.

  197. @Damien- yeah, there’s an option in the menu visible in the preview.

    The new emulator is going to take me by surprise, but I’m not going to be drooling over that until I know what it is and what I can play with it.

  198. lol good way of thinking mariofan3

    Im still dying of curiousity lol

    DREAMCAST!!!!!all the way

  199. I think it is Jaguar (pretty hard to emulate) so i think there is a challenge there :-)

    Maybe Wiipest, Wiiutal Jag or Wiiguar something like that

    I hope i got it right.

  200. I keep seeing people saying that the new emulator from the wii64 team could be Saturn, MAME, and a few others.
    I thought they said they were gonna do an emulator that no one’s really done yet. MAME (SDLMame) and Saturn (Yabause) are already made for the wii (of course not perfected), though, so I’m leaning more toward either Dreamcast or Psp, I haven’t seen those done yet. I was just wondering why I keep seeing people saying that it might be saturn. Do they think that the wii64 team is the only team of devs making emulators for wii?

    Wii64 team, keep up the good work, I play the crap out of some Mario 64 and Tomba! because of you guys.

  201. I think a Dreamcast emu would run at about a third of the speed, maybe half speed. Sure would be worth a try.

  202. damn i just wake up and still no beta 2 release. I hope more long is the wait, better it will be :)

  203. Hopefully this thread will still be under control by the time Beta 2 is released….not that I’m trying to be subtle or anything.

  204. I’m just referring to the other threads; people were spamming those like crazy. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to accuse anyone of spamming THIS thread. I would like to see a video of how much progress has been made, though.

  205. this emulator is progressing quickly, not wait to play crash, yu-gi-oh bomberman party, resident evil 3. I would like them to put up a way to use the wiimote and nunchuck, and comfigurar buttons to play with the wiimote and nunchuck. it has games that has few buttons in use, there would be quite possible to play without the control or classic cube game control! and if you support the GameShark and the memory card!

  206. Look at the last post; there shouldn’t be too much difference between then and now. Just less bugs at this point.

  207. @emuboy

    Lol. It can’t be the Sega Saturn? I’d be willing to bet money that it is.

    And some who are saying Saturn exists so it can’t be it:

    Yabause Wii isn’t very good and the author hasn’t updated for a while, so is it dead? Also, aren’t there 2 PSX emulators? And why really count Yabause as a legitimate emulator considering it doesn’t support 12 players, the thing that really makes the Saturn shine? I know you all are hoping it’s other emulators, but really Saturn and Dreamcast are the feasible ones. If you read emukidid’s post, you’ll see it can really only be the Saturn or Dreamcast (The two consoles mentioned a few times AND detailed explanations of each, referring to him saying “someone was right on the money”) Though I don’t expect you to read all these comments, if you read emukidid’s comments you surely can’t be left with anything but these two choices.

  208. Good point Wiihomebrewftw. The only reason I would say Dreamcast over the Saturn is because I feel the the emulatemii team would like the challenge. But both are probably equally likely.

    Wow this is like a game trying to figure out which system their emulating next! :D

  209. Wiimote configuration as in only for the Wiimote… Configuration for PS1 of course Wiimote (held sideways) B=square… 1=X… 2=O… Minus=Select… Home=Start… Start=Triangle… Hold all 3 (Start minus, and home for home)… A=combo button for triggers… A+B=L1… A+Plus=L2… A+1=R1… A+2=R2… Now I will explain the movement for the Wiimote holding it sideways is different all the d-pad movements sideways are rotated clockwise by 1 d-pad count so Up=left… Right=up… Down=right… Left=down… So, add A to the d-pad movements and you’ll get the R-stick movements… This clears it up sorry for the long post and cheers! :D

  210. No no this IS a game, we’re being played with, we’re toys in the palms of their hands… and a few of us… ARE BEING DRIVEN INSANE!!! *ahem* sorry about that little… err reaction there heheh, must’ve gotten carried away. :)

    Now I’m not supposed to tell you this, but there’s going to be a little something that’s going to… what is it Wii64Team? Hey what’s with the baseball bat? *wham* *thud* Owww, okay okay I won’t tell anyone! AHH *ducks* put that thing away, please don’t hit me with that again, I’m sorry have mercy! Uh oh… well, I can’t talk gottagonowbye! *poof*

  211. i know psx isos arn’t very big, like 500mb.

    will they be able to run off cd-r disks in the future?

  212. is it normal to visit this site countless times a day…

    ive ended up saving a direct link on my desktop.

  213. lmao nice one mariofan3 its pointless but hillarious magicarp x infinity

    ANYWAYS WIIDC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. A Dreamcast Emu would make me flip my lid!

    I really hope it’s DC !! Best console ever, hrhr

    Love Sonic Adventure 1&2 / Grandia 2 / Shenmue / millions more :D

  215. i still say its the CD-i just to play those awefull Zelda games XD

    on a totally unrelated note: i SO NEED WiiSX Beta 2 now… Im dying inside XD

  216. Why’s everyone keep saying dreamcast? I really doubt we’re going to see emulation of a 6th generation console. My guess would be sega saturn.

  217. is there something to scrub psx iso? im new to this. If someone can post a link that explain everything in psx iso, i would be glad.

  218. okay guy’s just look at the facts there’s a thing called “nulldc” which is an dreamcast emu. the wii64 could use that emu on the wii and make it better. now come on there’s alot better games on dreamcast than saturn.

    dreamcast has sonic, power stone, capcom vs snk, marvel vs capcom, project jutice, reisdent evil code vorica, and some much more.

    saturn i herad of it but it was so boring no good games besides that one game that was a knock off from tekken.

    so it’s sega dreamcast because the dreamcast has better games. and funner ones and what i;m thinking that there gonna use nulldc and put it on the wii and call it “WIIDC” so thanks so much for the wii64 and the upcoming wiisx:)

  219. however i hate it when people wroung, but i like to tell them whats right. the “NULLDC” i have it on my pc it works good kinda of slow, but the way i see it the wii64 can start from that emu “NULLDC” the “NULLDC” is a maijor head start for the wii64 team. but it will take time for it my guess is the wiisx comes out in the middle of next month. the wii64 comes on like early, or mid fall.(sept. nov.)
    then if they work with the “NULLDC” i say x-mas. and its not rocket science people they have a head start for thr dreamcast so work with it:D

  220. For all the people that drool over a Dreamcast emulator.Please,ask yourselves what would be the point for a DC emu which runs at around 8-10 fps.Let’s be honest here.Wii can emulate DC only in a theoritical form-a proof of concept- and all the games will be certainly unplayable. Why bother?
    I have great respect and great hopes for the Wii64 team.I prefer them to release a Saturn,Neo-Geo or a Sega-CD emu that I can actually play the games in full speed. That;s my 2 cents.

  221. Probably has been said earlier but Saturn is known to be a lot harder to emulate than Dreamcast (because of more complex and less documented hardware design), i would not be surprised if they got NullDC running decently on Wii (better than Yabause would ever run probably )

  222. the thing is that we brother because we want to play dreamcast not your gay ass saturn or whatever you guys want. plus they already have NULLDC and it works. and there not unplayable if they can do playstation 1 games they can do sega dreamcast and make it full speed its just gonna take time you guys can’t wait for a good emu you guys just want some whack emu that will take only two weeks too make. so just stick with the dreamcast

  223. @verademilo

    The wii can’t read cd-r only dvd-r or maybe dvd-rw. Wii64 supports reading from dvd so I would assume wiisx could too.

  224. sorry damien but im not changing my mind lol i still go for a dreamcast emulator

    its possible sure its not going to run everything perfect but their still going to keep working on it so i belive the wii64 team can do it

    i was never a big fan of saturn, neo-geo, or sega CD

  225. I hereby claim comment #300 in the name of me.

    No, I will not abuse this position with a Sparta joke.

    I don’t think that Sega CD on its own is enough to warrant an emulator for it. Saturn seems likely, but it’s been done. Dreamcast seems difficult, but what do I know?

  226. i know but dreamcast has a much better library of games than the sega-cd or sega saturn (in my opinion)

    i mean i cant think of more than 3 memorable games on those two consoles whereas theres loads on th dreamcast

  227. Guys,please don’t misunderstand me.I think that DC is one of the best consoles ever too.I would love to play Shenmue on my Wii and Jet Set Radio and so on.But my point is that Wii cannot handle a perfect DC emulator.I ask myself what the purpose is to have a DC emu while you can not actually play anything above 10 fps.That’s all…

  228. i disagree not just because the WII lacks the specs means that all games are going to run at 10FPS AGAIN i bring up DaedalusX64 the psp cant handle n64 but hey it runs some games at full speed and no sound, (sound is just choppy but fixable) and some games at Decent playable speeds i say that cause i own a psp and have daedalus and ALOT of games are playable at decent if not full speed, no sound but that is completley fixable even with sound enabled it runs at a very decent speed but the sound needs alot of work cause its too choppy. SO I SAY WIIDC ALL THE WAY


    But anyways i just want to know what it is already lol

    P.S. im not trying to start an argument, or nothing damien i was just giving my opinion, and your right it might not play at a decent speed but im sure the WII64 TEAM is up for that challenge

  229. I laughed at mike007 calling the Saturn “gay ass”. The Saturn is the only console EVER to have 12 player games on one console with 12 controllers. I’d hardly call that “gay ass”.

  230. Desmume Wii R185 is out now if anyone wants to play around with it while you’re waiting.

  231. 12 players do you really need that many? i mean i dont even have that many brothers + sister + parents
    and im not going to bring over like 5 friends lol that feature isnt gay and i wouldnt call it “gay ass” but i just find it pointless i mean im happy with four players even with a large family some arent in to gaming. I find it pointless O_O

  232. well yeah because you can play 12 players on sorry ass games. plus the dreamcast has a better game libary so wiihomebrewftw get the facts right before saying anything.
    but to leave the hate behind lets make a draw
    who wants dreamcast. say i.

    who wants sega saturn say i.


    (Well this turned out to be a lot longer than I intended. ;) I seriously advise you to consider what is stated above before reading, thank-you.)

    Well, if we’re looking at a “library of games” perspective, then why do they have Wii64? Compared to the PSX, there’s a small library of games for the 64, that doesn’t stop it from being appreciated though, because there were “good games” that apparently suck to people who’ve never touched it. Remember, the aim here is quality not quantity, this is why I didn’t really like the Playstation because it was really really hard to pick out the good games out of all the junk there is for it.

    Now I’m not saying that there aren’t any good games for the PSX, there ARE some great ones for it, they’re just hard to track down. The nostalgic value usually biases a review of a game, and it turns out it’s not that great. It doesn’t matter because we’re all biased in some way, (I myself included :) )
    I grew up with the 64 so I love Wii64, others grew up with the PSX so they love the PSX, the same goes for people with the Saturn and the Dreamcast, both of which I’ve merely heard of and don’t really care too much for at the moment. ;)

    That doesn’t stop me from reading up and trying them out. I hated the Playstation before I started reading up on games and trying them out at my friends place, and now I actually want to use WiiSX as I’ve actually seen some pretty decent games for it. No matter what the 3rd emulator is, from my perspective (having played neither the Saturn nor the Dreamcast, I have no nostalgic valued bias to rate one better than the other) the Saturn was released in a similar time period to the PSX and the 64 so it would make sense to be a Saturn emulator. It’s very difficult to emulate, but don’t forget that the 64 was too and The Wii64Team managed to get that working.

    A Dreamcast emulator on the other hand is also possible, they can optimise it much like Wii64 and WiiSX. 3 years ago, any of this emulation would’ve been seen as completely impossible! Who would’ve thought that getting Goldeneye or Final Fantasy VII-IX working on the Wii at full speed was possible? Nobody.
    If you ask that question today however it actually seems a lot more possible.
    The same goes for the Saturn VS. Dreamcast argument, who knows? Either one is just as likely as each other, so PLEASE don’t say things like:

    “… now come on there’s alot better games on dreamcast than saturn.

    dreamcast has sonic, power stone, capcom vs snk, marvel vs capcom, project jutice, reisdent evil code vorica, and some much more.

    saturn i herad of it but it was so boring no good games besides that one game that was a knock off from tekken.

    so it’s sega dreamcast because the dreamcast has better games. and funner ones and what i;m thinking that there gonna use nulldc and put it on the wii and call it “WIIDC” so thanks so much for the wii64 and the upcoming wiisx :)

    (seriously mike007 except for the last 11 words, that was the worst thing you could’ve said)

    This is all a matter of nostalgic opinion, this is like saying:
    “The XBOX 360 is better than the XBOX. I’ve heard the XBOX was boring with no good games besides Halo, whilst the 360 has: Crackdown, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Dead Space, and so much more. The 360 had much better games, and were much more enjoyable.”
    Here’s another example of what I could be saying:
    “The SNES was better than the NES because the SNES had better games, and funner ones too. The sound sucked on the NES, and none of them had any story”

    …Um, well DUH? The argument is the same, you’re saying that the successor was better because it had “… better games. and funner ones…”

    wow just… wow. if I were to use the same sort of perspective, I’d say that either emulator is an absolute waste of time, as I’ve never touched or heard of either of them, so they must be very uninteresting and “boring” ;)
    Seeing as I don’t have that P.O.V however, I see the whole thing as this:
    A Saturn emulator is difficult, but possible, a Dreamcast emulator is very difficult but comes with a head start, although it will be at least 3 times more difficult to optimise, it is almost as possible as a Saturn emulator

    Neither emulator currently concerns me but I would like to try them out nonetheless, so I can to see what they’re about,
    both emulators are about as plausible as each other to emulate on the Wii,
    and the argument “The other console sucked” should not be used as it’s pointless enough as it is.
    The Wii64Team has already set their minds on what console they’re emulating, so it’s not like we’re going to be influencing what emulator it’ll be. :P

    P.S If this sounds like an argument then my apologies, this was not intended to be argumentative. This is rather ironic, as this was supposed to prevent an argument. :D This was also heavily aimed at mike007 if you couldn’t pick that up. ;)

  234. @ MarioFan3 I started to read what you typed but then I see how long it was and then said damn.

    I just checked the site because my girlfriend said something. She said “Did you get that Wii update? I was confused but then she said “for that emulator.” Then I got all excited and then checked ONLY TO HAVE MY EXCITEMENT CRUSHED!

  235. One other thing I should mention, who said you had to bring friends over to your house to have 12 player? C’mon guys you’re forgetting the “Netplay” feature. :)

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but saying things like sorry arse games and “get the facts straight” sounds like you’re trying to start an argument.
    (and you have succeeded by the way, as I’ve started arguing with you, congratulations ;) )

  236. hey guys its in my opioin if u got hurt in any way sorry its in my opioin. but the way i see it we shouldn’t be fighting on which game is good and which one is not.

  237. Then if it’s your opinion then please do not say “get your facts straight” because saying one console is better is an opinion… not fact… and saying the Saturn had sorry arse games is opinion… not fact… so I would suggest getting your facts straight about opinions, got it!

  238. hey cmon guys when the wii64 team released this brand new update everyone was all hyped up and checking this website 24/7. Know everything is complete chaos and its only been 18 days. please guys dont lose your sanity, the emulater comes when it comes just hold on and stop fighting, please guys cant we all be friends. :) :) :)

  239. Phew thanks Josh, guess we all got too involved eh?
    Hey, here’s something to talk about, did you know that exactly 1 year ago, WiiSX Beta 1 was released? There, go talk about that! :D

  240. yeah ive noticed that

    and ive got a quick question.

    i have a whole bunch of old ps1 games from back in the day, do you think this new emulator will be able to read and play original games produced by sony?!?!?

  241. @Josh:
    The Wii cannot read CDs, the reason is a hardware issue. You can burn them to a DVD and use that I believe (that is, if Beta 2 supports DVDs) or just put the .iso image onto an SD card. But no, the original disks won’t work unfortunately…

  242. holy crap that was exactly a year ago

    holy crap

    holy crap

    holy crap

    of course they are?!?!?

  243. well wiihomebrew guy well i understand wat you mean and thats wat ive been saying all the time. and please dont get mad cant we just be friends like were fighting over some dumb shit. and that mario guy that was just uncalled for really i dont see the problems. anyways why you guys get so serious over video games its all opioin i might say dreamcast you might say saturn does it matter really tell me does it really matter at all. but the only reason i made my self a user so i can know when the wiisx comes out. but anyways lets call the appolygies (i cant spell) can we just get pass this and be friends now?

  244. @mike007:
    Yeah let’s be friends, I’m sorry I was a little harsh before.
    Being a Video Games enthusiast, I tend to get a little too serious sometimes.
    (and yes. you can’t spell :D )
    I say we call the whole thing off and enjoy the show eh?

  245. tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock
    *Browsing Site* *Sigh*

    *Minimizes Page*

  246. hey man thats was up mann hey pirece or farris or michael. hey mariofan3 do you have a myspace? i do. if you do you should add me mann. and yes lets do call it off well if you do have a myspace add me :D

  247. @CrisisCore_08:
    How did you know what I was doing? :D

    Unfortunately not, MSN is the closest thing I got. If anyone else wants to take it to the instant messages go right ahead and ask. :) We wouldn’t be cluttering up this thread then right?

  248. this madness must stop…..

    this is taking forever! where am i….whats that smell…why am i sweating. nooo… 

    release it….pleaaaase!

  249. I can’t sleep, so I decided to lurk a bit more. And all I have to say is…


  250. Wow I think we need our own IRC channel or something if this keeps up! ;) I’m starting to check less and less on this site but will come read stuff every once in a while to see what funny stuff people have to say. I really don’t have much to say about this and I really don’t want to get into any kind of argument.

    BTW Barrel Roll. For some reason I can’t post in some sections of the forum (I know the the Wii64 Save Files section is one of them). Weird…

    BTW to everyone: No one has yet to say this here but I hope we all know (or now know) about the new Goldeneye 007 coming to the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!! Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoldenEye_007_%282010_video_game%29
    E3 Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3KqiZr-AjI

    From what I can tell their taking the same game and adding features of modern FPS’s with realistic action sequences and online multiplayer. Daniel Craig (the current Bond actor) is being represented in the game, and they’re keeping the Klobb (now called Klebb) and a few other guns, while adding new ones.

    I can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Beta 2 and Goldeneye 007)

  251. btw, sorry if that last comment sounded weird i just went back and forth between different things while writing it like the new Goldeneye 007, and Fox News, and other things.

  252. Me checking the site usually ends with saying “Dammit!” With how much I go to the site maybe I should just make it my homepage and save me the trouble of typing in the site every time.

  253. @DarkScyth I just have it open in a seperate tab in firefox, like all the other forums I am currently watching. BTW, is my comment at 6:49 showing up or only the one at 6:52?

  254. You could always minimise it like I always do, then you don’t have to type it in, you just refresh the page. I think everyone is doing something similar, in reality none of us want to miss out on the very minute WiiSX Beta 2 comes out. :)

  255. zrowny Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 29th, 2010 at 6:49 am

    Wow I think we need our own IRC channel or something if this keeps up! ;) I’m starting to check less and less on this site but will come read stuff every once in a while to see what funny stuff people have to say. I really don’t have much to say about this and I really don’t want to get into any kind of argument.

    BTW Barrel Roll. For some reason I can’t post in some sections of the forum (I know the the Wii64 Save Files section is one of them). Weird…

    BTW to everyone: No one has yet to say this here but I hope we all know (or now know) about the new Goldeneye 007 coming to the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!! Wikipedia Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoldenEye_007_%282010_video_game%29
    E3 Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3KqiZr-AjI

    From what I can tell their taking the same game and adding features of modern FPS’s with realistic action sequences and online multiplayer. Daniel Craig (the current Bond actor) is being represented in the game, and they’re keeping the Klobb (now called Klebb) and a few other guns, while adding new ones.

    I can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Beta 2 and Goldeneye 007)

  256. Wow I think we need our own IRC channel or something if this keeps up! ;) I’m starting to check less and less on this site but will come read stuff every once in a while to see what funny stuff people have to say. I really don’t have much to say about this and I really don’t want to get into any kind of argument.

    BTW Barrel Roll. For some reason I can’t post in some sections of the forum (I know the the Wii64 Save Files section is one of them). Weird…

    BTW to everyone: No one has yet to say this here but I hope we all know (or now know) about the new Goldeneye 007 coming to the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From what I can tell their taking the same game and adding features of modern FPS’s with realistic action sequences and online multiplayer. Daniel Craig (the current Bond actor) is being represented in the game, and they’re keeping the Klobb (now called Klebb) and a few other guns, while adding new ones.

    I can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Beta 2 and Goldeneye 007)

  257. Hahaha, yeah I heard about that. Now, I’m just wondering if it’ll have an online feature… hopefully they don’t screw it up like the XBLA did with Perfect Dark.

  258. lol

    *brings up page, refreshes………..*
    *Browes site* *DAMIT!* *sigh*

    wow that james bond game looks great cant wait to try it

  259. I’ve been checking a LOT! xD

    I checked after a week of vacation out of state, and 2 days after camping… You’re having all on the edge of our seats now, keep up the GREAT work guys!

    @zrowny It sucks when you find out about a new game as soon as E3 news spreads out… Because that’s where the wait kills ya, instead of finding out 3 days or so before it’s released…

  260. If you really want, go play Super Mario Galaxy 2 when it comes out. There, that’s something to do.
    It even comes with a “How to Play” DVD, that says “WARNING: THE WII CANNOT READ THIS DVD”
    The ironic thing is, I used dvdx and it worked… I want to sue for false advertising! :D

  261. @MarioFan3 lol! I was a little confused at first since the game was released in North America in May, then I remembered you live in Australia and according to wikipedia the game comes out July 1st there.

    I rented the game for like 3 days and have already gotten to world 4!

  262. @zrowny:
    Gah, no spoilers! I imported it from Europe, came in the mail yesterday, and I got it for $60 AUD (including postage) compared to the retail price of $100 AUD… I think I saved myself some money eh? :D

    Stop treating us like we’re a 3rd world Asian country. Many games don’t get released here. Take ExciteBots for example, what in the world can I do that (according to Nintendo) is a “legal” method of playing that game? There isn’t one! I’d have to download it off the internet (which is illegal) or I import it from somewhere else. (I did the latter) Then what? They have the most annoying region lock system that prevents me from playing a game, that I legally bought with my own money! I have to use “unauthorised software” (that they’ll punish me for using if I need repairs) that HAVE to use in order to play imported games. Tell me where any of this is fair? :(

  263. mariofan3: i absolutely agree with you. its like nintendo are encouraging piracy by making it the only way to get good games or without waiting 7 months to finall get it. same with the shop channel. seriously are they out of their mind? blocking the shop channel if you dont update…are you effing kidding me? thats basically saying:

    “hey guys, you dont need to use this channel anyway, if you have the homebrew channel, you can just steal our stuff, its much cheaper for you that way isnt it.”

    i used to be a nice person until they started doing this then i started downloading games, but then i started using wiiscu and that lets my shop chan work again, cos i feel a bit sorry for nintendo so ill still buy their games, even though they do the dumbest things ever

  264. lol I finished Super Mario Galaxy 2 before it even came out in U.S. stores and yes i’m stalking the site like Herbert stalks Chris from Family Guy.

  265. According to my aforementioned list, Galaxy 2 is numbered the 354th game. Currently awaiting to play my 78th game (WipEout on WiiSX Beta 2)
    Yeaaaah, I think it might be a while before I play it. ;)

  266. #MarioFan3 and aqop, yep, I agree with you both all the way! Sure, they sell games on the Wii Shop Channel, but to be honest, I’ve pretty much given up on the VC as a whole. Reason one: they don’t allow you to use the channel unless you have Wii System 4.3 installed (not doing that). Reason two: they don’t release games that we care about (Earthbound or any good N64 games). That’s were Wii64 comes in; we can play the games that we LEGALLY own, through “unofficial” software. If Nintendo wants to curtain piracy that badly, they have to make the effort to satisfy its fans. Then there’s WiiSX to satisfy those who had a PSX as well. The very fact they can optimize a PSX on a so-called “underpowered” system is a miracle, and I for one look forward to Wii64, WiiSX and mystery emulator (WiiDC..?) XD

  267. And still they havent mentioned the mystery emulator =( i just want to know already lol


    *Minimizes page & sighs*

  268. @Chris:
    It does have a workaround to update Wii Shop Channel, just update the Channel to v19 through WIiSCU, that’s just to update the channel to the version of the 4.3 update.

    Other than that, there is no other workaround.

  269. @ zrowny

    The game was leaked almost a week before it was even released in stores, so I may or may not have downloaded it and then put it on my hard drive and played it.

    Yet some more pointless lurking it looks like.

  270. My dreams totally shattered…

    For the one year anniversary of Beta 1 you get…NOTHING… I was really hoping that they would release it yesterday but of course you can see the results were different. =/ I guess I’m getting to the point of those impatient nerds because I’ve already seen what it can do and we know that its way better then Beta 1 but we still end up with nothing.

  271. Here’s hoping we can see it before the 400th post because, uh, well just because…..right? I think we’ve been in the dark about this all too long, don’t you think?

  272. YEAH! my shop channel is working again! Thanks WiiSCU!

    Also, you guys should get pcsx-revolution. It was recently updated and runs better than WiiSX Beta 1, so use that for the time being. Still doesn’t stand a chance against WiiSX Beta 2 though, when it comes out.

  273. this probably wont happen till later in july they like to make everything perfect with as few bugs as possible :)

  274. guys i hope that when the wiisx comes out we can use the classic pro. because of the four back buttons. bcause the playstation controllers has four back buttons. and it will make it a lot more easier to play games if they add the wii classic pro. i hope they do.

  275. On an unrelated note…

    Do not download homebrew app sorters. I downloaded one today, and something happened, forcing me to re-download all of my 40+ apps.

    No matter how much alphabetical order irritates you, do NOT download homebrew app sorters.

  276. @Chris, Which app sorter are you using? I used Categorii which is harder to set up but better to customize.

  277. @mike007

    Regular classic controller has 4 shoulder buttons too…
    Of course, that doesn’t mean a thing if all you’ve got is a pro…

  278. well yeah buts gonna be a little hard playing street fighter. of course im used of the playstsion controller playing marvel vs capcom and other things.
    but im just saying it would be a lot easier with the pro. in my opioin

  279. Amazon has adapters to hook up a ps1/ps2 controller to your wii with either to wiimote or gamecube slot. I’m considering buying 4 of each so me and my friends can play 8 player ps1 games on the wii.

  280. @eltrion yah the regular classic controller has 4 shoulder buttons, but their next to each other like:
    == == == ==
    And their hard to get to. The pro has them stacked like:
    == ==
    == ==
    so you can press them easily without hitting the wrong button.

  281. *Just keep lurking, just keep lurking, just keep lurking lurking lurking, what do we do? We lurk, lurk*

  282. @mike007

    I know EXACTLY how you feel, but just be patient, yelling won’t make it considered “released” immediately.

  283. OMG JUST TELL US WHAT IT IS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Be strong Xandir, Be strong *tear tear*”

    *DEEP BREATH, sigh*

    wii64 team please tell us before we go mad (crazy)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. I would have done the same, it looks like school playground here, reading all these uninteresting posts would not only drive anyone crazy, but it’s also a big waste of time

    It’s like the more kids post here, the more they got excited/impatient

  285. well boys, this is pure comedy :) hope you’re all enjoying reading through chaos.. or finishin up final touches on the release, anyway i said a long while back i’d donate to you guys and completely forgot i never did, so 15 usd (16 somthin canadian lol) thrown at ya this morn, better late then never :) hope it helps out, keep up the good work and as always, take all the time you need.


  286. lol im not even bothered on how long their taking i just wanna know what the third emu is

  287. Once again, I feel the need to tell my fellow homebrewers that I quite often poop in my pants. I think it’s the squooshiness betwixt my buttocks that I like the most.

    I’m pretty sure Dreamcast is the 3rd emulator.

  288. @CrisisCore_08, “they have officially ignored this post” Yep. That pretty much sums up what happened here. It would be nice to see progress videos of Wii64 and/or WiiSX *hint**hint*

  289. =( man forget it il just check back on this site next week

    ima try to keep myself from looking lol

  290. Is this team from America? Because I’m having a July 4th release feeling…

  291. i would like to have more update like snes9xgx, possibility for quick fixes (like the water effect in diddy kong racing).

  292. I think that’ll happen when Version 1 comes out. There’s a lot more fiddling around with 64 and PSX emulation I believe, and releasing an update as frequent as Snes9xgx doesn’t sound like a good idea… it seems like The Wii64Team wanted WiiSX Beta 2 out a while ago (around preview time) then all these bugs popped up. They’re just ironing out as many bugs as possible, because their next release won’t be for at least 6 months, so they’re making Beta 2 worth it to keep it from aging until then.

  293. @MarioFan3, yeah, that’s true; I remember before Wii64 1.1 came out, we all thought it would come out on X-day, but didn’t due to unexpected bugs popping up. I’m 100% this is the case with WiiSX; they’re at the point of wanting to pull their hair out trying to resolve these bugs to make it the best PSX experience possible. And yes, the emulator will be the ePSXe of Wii emulators!

  294. not to be annoying or anything but can you PLEASE update us were dieing here

  295. Yes mariofan. People must understand they are trying to fix capcom fighter games to work properly. Megaman Legends code dumps so they have to get it working. Also crash bandicoot works great but the sound is distorted, and they want to fix sound too. In the meantime I suggest you all just “obtain” some ps1 games and have them ready for release.

  296. I hope that bugs in Crash team racing will be gone (at least, bugs that make it unplayable) and 007 Tomorow never dies works. “childhood games here”

  297. @Adam, I know right? they really need to have some sort of update before we start going crazy and killing things…

  298. I believe the ps1 never supported L3/R3. That was the ps2 (clicking down on joystick) If you use a ps1 controller you’ll notice they don’t click when you push down on them.

  299. I hated using those, personally. A nice idea in concept but it annoyed me all the same.

  300. woah im gone for 2 days and this update has more comments then any other update on this website?!?!?

  301. @ wiihomebrewftw

    Im pretty sure on ape escape the l3 button was how you swam under the water.

    But i cant think of any more games that use those buttons so it shouldnt be to much of a factor, i was just curious. :)

  302. Every time i dont see people posting comments, I have to checking to see if there was another update post by the emulatemii team and if everyone moved over there! DX Please post an update!!!!! I’m dying over here!!!!!

  303. Wow, looks like the Wii64 Team is on a killing spree…
    Many have died waiting for an update or release! XD

    (Mortality rate: Increasing)

  304. Honestly I don’t see why everyone is so concerned about the 3rd emulator. No matter what it is its going to take quite awhile for it to get good speeds. As everyone has seen with WiiSX and Wii64. Of course now for the most part they run pretty decent but this took quite a bit of time, i’d say mostly because they work on it in spare time, so of course its going to take a bit. So to me knowing that they are going to release a new emulator is interesting news but i’m not going to get all excited about it because I know it’ll take some time before then emulator is at good running speeds. Once they have gotten WiiSX and Wii64 to the point of which they find to be in good speeds, compatibility, and the extra features that they’d like it to have, then they’ll probably put more time into the “3rd emulator” and then we would/could see amazing results for the new emulator as far as compatibility, speed improvements among other features that they would feel the need to add.

    I was actually able to forget about the emulator for a bit fortunately, though I had to once again check the site already knowing in my mind that the emulator wasn’t released, honestly I’ll be surprised if they even release it this month. I can say it does disappoint me a little that the emulator is taking this long (guess i’m not one for patience). I can only hope for a massive compatibility and speed improvement, among other things. I can’t help but feel this way even though I know I should expect nothing and shouldn’t seem so demanding

  305. The most reasonable conclusion is that the emulator will be Final Burn Alpha. Several people mentioned Capcom CPS1/2 emulators, but only one person specified FBA (i.e., was “right on the money”). Loads of people mentioned the Saturn.

    The entry says that the emulator is something they have been “longing to see”. This automatically discounts Neo Geo and Saturn emulators, since they already have examples on the system. The sentiment expressed is clearly that this platform is not represented at all on the Wii/GC.

    Further, that the team say “Wii/GC” doesn’t bode well for those hoping for a Saturn emulator – the GC would struggle emulating the system.

    The team have so far not written an emulator from scratch. Indeed, they have had to do a lot more work than your average port, and ventured into advanced programming skills such as the dynamic recompiler they wrote for Wii64, but it seems that they have thus far preferred to build on existing work in their projects. I’d imagine that if they were coding an emulator from scratch this time, then it certainly wouldn’t be of the incredibly complicated Saturn.

    Finally, there is no chance whatsoever of them releasing a DC emulator.

    FBA is open-source and popular, is certainly a manageable project, and has not been ported to the Wii/GC yet.

  306. @Cobalt
    The Idea was to create a forum with lots of boards to cover all the emulators made by the emukidd, tehpola, and sepp256. That way this place wouldn’t get so messy, and the posts here could be specifically about whatever has been said at the top by the developers.

    So yes we have started discussion on WiiSX, but we haven’t stopped working on the Wii64 compatibility list, and we wil have discussion on the new emulator when it comes out.

    It’s free.

  307. the current Neo-Geo emulator i could never get to work so i really want to play King of fighters

  308. @alainvey

    His post also mentioned that several people guessed it, and one post in particular was right on the money. Up to that point FBA was only mentioned once so it is 100% not FBA. When they say longing to see something on the GC/Wii it doesn’t mean something never ported. I would hardly call Yabause Wii an emulator, more like a waste of coding. Perhaps they want a REAL Saturn emulator on the wii. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, it can only be the Saturn or Dreamcast.