285 thoughts on “WiiSX Beta 2 Release

  1. lol. i know why they released it today. They won’t be worrying about emulators on the 4th of july. :D

  2. Could you post any progress videos for the Wii64 fans? Unless you’ve not made much progress due to WiiSX. Anyway great work team keep it up you’re awesome!!

  3. Oh, about the “src” folder, I have this folder for wii64 on my sd card so should I put the contents of this into the src for wii64?

  4. Adam: The “src” folder does not belong on your SD card. It contains the source code for building WiiSX.

  5. hey how do i make it work it say iso.
    i use to have the old wiisx and i put in bin, and cues to make the game work, but the new one i dont know how to make it work.
    can any of you guys help me please.

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  7. hey i have no idea how to put games on the emulator.

    everytime i try to put an iso in the iso file the emulator just restarts and ends up back in the HBC channel.

    please somebody help me?!?!?

  8. yeah can u guys help me and josh.
    becuase i tired it again then then games menus i couldnt pick anything becuase the it kept going up and down i need help

  9. Thanks Wii64 Team for all your work!

    I see this version supports ISO, IMG, and BIN/CUE formats. Given the choice between the three, is there one that will work better? (higher compatibility? better speed?) Before I start ripping my psx games, I want to make sure I’m doing it in the best format possible.

  10. FUCKING SWEET!! Just posted thanks on your page two minutes ago on WiiBrew also asking when beta 2 is coming out and just saw this.

    about to set it up and try it with silent hill brb


  12. I can’t controll anything in Crash Bandicoot and Crash Team racing freeze on starting (on last beta the game was more playable…)
    Big improvement in sounds plugin at least.

  13. Im having trouble with the emu.

    Im trying to load Marvel vs Capcom, but it doesnt let me choose a character… like if some button was pressed, but it isnt.

    So, when Im at the menu to choose a character, it just will bring me back

  14. Doc: I would recommend ripping to .bin/.cue, but you need to make sure the .cue file has the correct relative path. Note that .cue files are not supported from DVD, yet.

    MrKill & Wally: Compatibility is best if you use the real PSX bios and select “Boot Through Bios”. (You’ll have to find/dump it yourself. Don’t ask here.) Also, some games require that you have either Analog or Digital controls selected, so try switching that.

    nano351: No, we will support USB2.0 when it is added to libogc and doesn’t rely on cIOS. (This should be happening sometime soon…)

  15. josh okay go to the winrar file and drag the bin flie of the game and drag it to the isos flie then play the game try bushido blade 2 and mega man x4 that the ones i got working

  16. two questions.

    1. where is the best site to find these isos?

    2. I only have a 2 gb memory card. Aren’t isos huge? Would you recommend I use the DVD? Also where do I find DVDxV2?

  17. Are the save files from Beta 1 compatible with Beta 2?I can’t seem to find a way to load an old save file…
    Excellent work guys!!!
    If there is some progress on Wii64,please inform us…

  18. Now if I could only test games like Star Ocean 2, Final Fantasy VIII and Chrono Cross, but I have to wait till the TV isn’t being used (d’oh)! The wait is killing me! I noticed that the “read me” file stated CDDA isn’t fully implemented, that still means most games will have audio, correct? A dumb question, I know, but I’m just curious.

  19. Just tried out Silent Hill and it runs too fast in dynarec and runs a bit slower than it should in interpreter, and the sound is a bit clipped, but runs better than beta 1.

    But the analog controls with the gamecube controller are inverted when they’re set to standard. It’s easily fixable by going into the settings and making the stick “inverted” so it’s not a big deal. I also don’t know if it’s game specific or not.

    Sweet job guys.

    also regarding the usb support. There is a beta 1 mod someone made that apparently had usb device support, so I guess someone already started working on that. What are your thoughts on that, did you look at it or what?

  20. hey guys im haveing trouble with capcom vs snk.
    at the menu i cant chose anything becuase it keeps going down.







  22. Omg you released it while I was at work! How could you?! Lol. Thanks guys. Will try this out when we get home tonight. I will report back with some tested games and also on weemulatemii forums. Thanks so much team!

  23. wanted to know where you guys get your “back up” games from

    hint hint wink wink

  24. Damien: Save states are probably not compatible. Memory cards should be compatible, but you probably need to rename them for beta 2. WiiSX beta 2 shares “slot2.mcd” between all games, and saves a per-game slot one memory card with the CD-ROM ID in the name of the save (i.e. “CDROMID.mcd”).

  25. guys im super stuck i need help like every game i want to play deosnt work. i need help on capcom vs snk, marvel vs capcom, metal slug x, bloody roar, resident evil 1&3, tekken 3, metal gear soild, twist metal 2, can any one help me

  26. It’s a good emulator, great, in fact. But just one thing…

    TONY HAWK DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

    What the hell guys, what the hell…

  27. @topflight thanx smart ass

    weeded through about 10 shutdown sights before posting here the first time. Does helping people make you mad or something?

  28. Hey great work guys …but Mortal Kombat Trilogy doesnt work :( with the beta1 release it works very good. SNK VS Capcom works fine at full speed with music :) . From DVD every game ive try crahes.




  30. on capcom vs snk i can’t chose anything. marvel vs capcom is the same. metal slug for some reason doesnt work. resident evil 1 doesnt work so as 3. twist metal 2 doesnt work can anyone help me

  31. i got a single question.

    is the load image from usb compatible with an external hdd?

  32. I can’t believe my favorite game doesn’t work.

    At least on PCSX-Revolution, Tony Hawk, you know, ACTUALLY SHOWS GRAPHICS!?

  33. hey guys don’t forget that this is a SECOND “official” beta of a project that these guys are doing pretty much for free. Work on emulation is very time consuming and is extremely hard, so appreciate it for what it is and don’t complain.

    if you want pretty much perfect emulation why not use any one of the emulators available for the pc.

  34. For transferring save files from beta1 to beta2. Use MemcardRex, (google it to dl it), lets you easily open up both your old memcard1.mcd and the new mcd file that created for each individual game and transfer all the individual saves to each new mcd file.

  35. Or better still, just use your own PSX, 2 or 3 to play your “backups” (unless you’re like me, and simply have the CDs and not the console)
    Testing it soon! :D

  36. Thank you for your hard work ,Wii64 Team.
    Could you tell me what your secret project is ?

  37. Oh quick question, is CDDA audio streaming still unavailable? Just curious, because it’s always on disabled… other than that, WipEout has worked flawlessly. :D

  38. nevermind I read the readme. That’s ok, I’m loving this emulator anyway!

  39. Wow… Went to go free running, and I’m back, and it’s finally here! Great job EmulateMii team!!

  40. I have a question about using BIN/CUE files. Do you need to keep the CUE files? I tried booting games with just BIN files and it seems to work fine but I haven’t played much to see if there’s absolutely no issues…

  41. I thick CUE files is just important if you are going to burn the game to a CD but not to important for play them on emulators. So if it’s just for emulators usage if not necessary to keep.


    Funny thing is I saw this news on another site first.

    Going to try it out when tv is free.

  43. @mike007 use google; you shouldn’t ask for links for downloading ISOs. In fact, you should rip your own PSX games with ImgBurn…it’s free and really easy to use.

  44. guys i have another question how come i cant use the wii classic pro when im playing marvel vs capcom, or capcom vs snk. the emulator is great but i wish i can use the wii classic pro

  45. i just loaded ff7 on the new beta and it went to a black screen with white writing…..

    Does that mean i have to wait for beta 3,4,5,6 etc. :(

    Reply….plz :’(

  46. @Pidgeot, that would be a code dump, when that happens, you can press the reset button to get back to the Homebrew Channel. Make sure the BIOS setting is at “SD” and not “HLE” in the settings. Also make sure the emulator core is set at “Dynarec” or “Dynamic Recompiler”. Are you using a DVD, hard driver or SD card?

  47. Hi, thanks thanks thanks and again thanks just an small problem, how do I save? I played FFVIII but no memory card seems to be connected ( it’s gray )
    and added my memcrd from beta 1 to savestates folder ( I’m loading from usb ) but nothing seems to work ? ( Sorry for my bad english ) .

  48. Hi guys, am currently testing Chrono Cross.

    Settings used:
    File type: ISO on USB
    Dynarec (interpreter was too slow)
    Bios from SD, boot through bios
    Limit FPS: Auto (otherwise it becomes VERY fast in some parts)
    Frame Skip: Off

    -Opening movie and other cutscenes sit on about 40-50fps
    -title screen same as above
    -intro demo thing running around showing what the game has to offer generally sits around 50-60fps, but i’ve seen it drop as low as 16fps on screen transitions.
    -Running around maps sits at about 59-60fps
    -Moving between screens it drops to about 35fps
    -Battle transition is about 20-30fps
    -Battle sits at about 59fps, but with the occassional drop to 40fps depending on what is going on
    -end of battle ‘power up’ loses some frames.
    -seems to not like water… (standing near the ocean loses some fps)

    Hope this helps some people!

  49. Awesome emulator but i’m having trouble with Alundra.. I can’t choose continue at the startup screen and whenever I get a semi important item it freezes the game completely..

  50. I have your same problem under the same options and game, i have:

    BIOS in SD.
    Core in Dynarec.
    FFVII PAL version on NTSC Wii loading from SD wich shouldn’t be a problem.
    The code dump happened only after entering the first battle.

  51. Awesome speed !!
    but all text and menus are invisible in Dragon Warriors 7 (Dragon Quest 7).

  52. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If I was old enough to have a credit card I would donate!!!

  53. @felixsrg: ff7 crash going into battle is a known issue for dynarec. You’ll have to play ff7 in the interpreter for now. We’ll work on this bug for the next release.

    @Chris: what are you complaining about? From what you say it sounds like pcsx-revolution doesn’t play that either. There’s a lot of work we have left to do to improve the accuracy of the emulator. We’ll be working on emulator accuracy for the next release.

    @nano351: You should keep the .cue files as they describe the track layout for the CD. I think you’ll need them when CDDA is implemented. Some games will also require the subchannel data, so you should rip that information in case you need it.

    It sounds like some people are having trouble with classic controllers. We’ll look into it.

    Also, for those of you using .iso files, if you didn’t rip them yourself, then they may not be in a valid format. The emulator simply assumes they are in raw format. Unfortunately, there are too many formats floating around there for CD rips… :\ We recommend ripping your games to .bin/.cue.

  54. @sepp256: ah I kinda deleted them all :x . I guess I’ll work on re-obtaining them. Also there does seem to be some problems with current controller support in specific games:

    Diablo – classic controller won’t work if it’s initially set at port 1, but if it’s switched to port 1 after booting works perfectly.
    Twisted Metal 3 – classic controller is always sending forward and left commands to the game making it unusable
    Brave Fencer Musashi – classic controller is always sending forward and left commands to the game. Gamecube controller’s joystick y-axis seems to be inverted. Setting it to inverted Y-axis seems to fix it

  55. it worked. :)
    but it said no memory card insterted. is there another way to save

  56. Sorry for freaking out over it… It’s just that that game was #1 on my “things I want compatible on WiiSX Beta 2″ list. You could say I can run it on ePSXe, but there’s some odd magic found it just playing it on a console, hard to describe, really.

  57. @Sepp256, when you mentioned “accuracy for the next release”, does that imply adding interpolation and synced audio (SPUAsync) for the audio plugin? Or is that too much for me to ask, because if it is…sorry. Just curious.

  58. Sorry for the double post, but, do you think that change to the audio could be made in a quick bugfix release?

  59. Crash Bandicoot (the original) runs slower than it did in Beta 1. I’ve messed with every type of setting and it is still running slower. Beta 1 was full speed but this is about 80% or so. I’ve disabled all audios except for sound and still slow. Interpreter makes it run even slower. Booted through Bios and Not and still slow. Enabled, disabled frame skip, and all frame settings and still no increase in speed. I’ve tried everything to get it running faster. I don’t understand why it’s full speed in Beta 1 then about 80% in Beta 2. Also, in Beta 1 I could use the joystick to move (gamecube) but when I set it to Analog none of the buttons work, so I’m stuck using D-Pad.

  60. Same problem with Analog with Command and Conquer. In Beta 1 the joystick worked but when I try Analog it tells me the controller is disconnected in game. So I am once again stuck with only using D-pad. :(

  61. hey guys wiisx is cool i got like six games working great but i wanna know how to make tekken 3, twist metal 2, crash bd, and guily gear to work
    can you guys help me in any way

  62. guys for some reason when i download a game it has .bin.ecm and i cant play the game because of .bin.ecm can you guys help in any way

  63. lol, I had the same issue (except for the downloading bit) last thread, go look there

  64. Aight here’s how to fix the problems on gc controller set it to analog and then select inverted (fixes movement)… Now for unbootable games for an example metal gear solid … put the bios in the bios folder now go to setting and set bios to sd and execute the bios there ya go

  65. It’s amazing that the developers still continue to work on this after this flood of stupid comments.

  66. For people having trouble with games not even starting or showing black screens -> GET PROPER DUMP OF GAMES

    This is what happen when you pirate CD based games, internet is flooded with incomplete, wrong extension or corrupted rips.

  67. One of the problems I’ve seen is that ripped games i.e. compressed/trimmed/scrubbed games simply do not work most of the time which is a shame as they did with WiiSX Beta 1.

    For example, you may have reduced something like Tekken 1, 2, 3 to 50 odd MB by removing the FMVs but when the emulator tries to load the iso it aborts when trying to run an FMV. Same for WipeOut 3. Same for Driver. So you may want to start running full copies.

    “Some” games like a 2MB Ridge Racer work though.

    Additionally, some strange shit happens on alot of the Capcom fighters, either can’t get past memory card saves or the iso goes back to the main screen after character select. Or in Capcom Vs SNK’s case the select screen is behaving as if somone has pressed down on the controller… (not sure if this is because its .img as Marvel vs Capcom worked fine in .bin)

    Some games run flawlessly like the Resident Evil games (minor voice glitches but meh)

    Regardless of problems, this is a very good effort. Thanks Team.

  68. I waited so long for WiiSx Beta 2, to play FFVII at full speed, but it gives me a crash with every battle screen. Please fix this bug.

  69. thanx team, ill sink my teeth into it. i found a few bugs, ill let you know, since i guess its important:

    spider-man 1+2 do not work. very sad. id love to play those.

    castlevana chronicles doesnt work either. hangs at menu screen.

    symphony of the night runs slower than in beta1 plays fine if i switch the music off though but the music is half the game.

    MDK has severe camera issues

    marvel vs capcom has control problems with classic controler (not pro)

    megaman legends works pretty much flawless

    megaman 8 has control issues with classic controler (not pro)

    mortal kombat trilogy hangs at menu screen.

    ill test those again by booting through bios. will post more info then.
    i also find it hard to save. sometimes the saving works, otehr times the emualtor says failed to save.
    however, it is an amazing effort, and im looking forward to trying more games. thank you very much :)

  70. I gotta say how impressive beta 2 is. Lots of games are running perfectly or with minor issues like no music which doesn’t really matter. Keep up the great work guys :)

  71. For all PSX Games Download them Here :)

    *sepp256 edit: DO NOT discuss or link to piracy sites on this blog or any of our sites! Purchase and rip your own games!*

  72. @Hero, Uh. you DO realize what you just did, right? You CAN’T direct people to ROMs or ISO file downloads; THAT’S against the rules. Why can’t you just tell people to make copies of games they actually OWN? Oy gevalt >.< Oh, and if I didn’t say so before, the WiiSX team has officially won the Wii/Gamecube Homebrew emulation scene. Need I say more? Aside from some minor audio issues (which I have no doubt the team can resolve), most of the games (8 of the 9) I’ve tried run as smooth as melted butter, and the fact they have audio is an amazing feat!

  73. You guys are rly tough, 3 Emulators in a row. Don’t know how complicated it is to convert existing emu’s to other systems with my only basic c/c++ skills, but don’t you overstrain yourself with so much projects?

    Maybe drop the Cube64-Versions if they use much coding work?
    Anyway, good work and the whole scene is counting on your progress!
    Can’t honor enough that you guys spend your free time to bring us emulation to the Wii!!! A donation is overdue :)

  74. Thank you for Beta 2 :)

    I’m currently testing few games. I noticed it has the same bug as beta 1 :
    Classic Controller (original) with analog games are always moving and pointing in a fixed direction. Not happening with a GC controller.
    The reverse Y axis (issue 36) can be corrected in the Pad configuration, but not the always pointing bug. (Tested with Vagrant Story US, and FF8 demo PAL)

    Thank you for your work :)

  75. Please tell me how to get tekken 3 and street fighter alpha 3 to work! Those two games are the only reason I downloaded the beta 1 last year and I was so disappointed to see that they didn’t work well then or now a whole year later. Many other games are running near perfect speed but these are the 2 best fighting games on the system. They are a must. If anyone knows how to make them work, please tell me.

  76. AWW Come on! My family and I just left for a roadtrip to Williamsburg, VA (we are here now) when this was released. It’ll be like two weeks ’till I get back. :( GTG

  77. I tried out Chocobo Racing, and aside from some motor noise constantly playing (it should do some motor noise, but I don’t recall it being that annoying) and the opening FMV not playing any music, it works flawlessly.

    Thanks much!

    Now here’s a suggestion: I have a lot of my old PSX discs that I’d like to play on my Wii without having to convert to iso/bin. Is it possible, for those of us that have DVD functionality for the Wii, that in the future, we could just pop in our PSX cds and run our games like that?

    Now, I’m going to try out Final Fantasy IX! Woot.

    Also, waiting to see your next build of Wii64! Loved playing Banjo-Kazooie on it!

  78. my file is an IMG does it have to be a BIN? If so, how do I convert it?

  79. nokemonster, your file can be an IMG. You can convert it using UltraIso.

    Final Fantasy IX: Intro FMV is corrupted but it will “play” and you can hear music. Selecting New Game plays the intro FMV again and sends you back to the title screen. :/

  80. History of Super Robot Wars does not seem to recognize any Classic Controller input. Plus, no sound on the opening FMV or title screen (but then again, I’m not sure there is any sound on the title screen, but knowing Banpresto, there may have been).

  81. Bushido Blade 2 just crashes after the Square LTD screen. I tested these games using USB mode, but after trying FFIX using SD mode, seems like the problems may just be the same whichever way I load (btw, after letting the corrupt intro FMV run now, it just froze, making some noise).

  82. I also just tried Analog control with Chocobo Racing and my character would just go the the left, ignoring my analog stick input.

  83. Just noticed while playing through the Haunted Mansion course in Chocobo Racing that my character, the Chocobo, would overlap a certain part of the 3D environment (some ledge thing). Maybe because it’s a sprite?

  84. @Wrecking_Crew: We’ve said this before, but the Wii drive cannot read CD’s, so you’ll have to rip your discs to file in order to use WiiSX.

    @computerboy: Make sure you are using a real bios and Boot Through Bios for the best compatibility. This may fix your problem with Capcom games. Also, be sure to try both digital and analog controls.

    @everyone: Do not link to or discuss game downloading. You need to buy and rip your own games.

  85. @nokemonster: Just try it. The CD plugin will try to open it as raw if it doesn’t detect some other supported format. Just don’t complain if you have a bad/incompatible dump.

  86. Thanks. But the controller doesn´t work when I going to play. GameCube controller and WiiMote + Nunchuk doesn´t work for me and I tested the official version and USB 2.0 MOD version :( .

  87. Wow, that’s alot of comments…the funniest:

    the_randomizer Says:

    “…Why can’t you just tell people to make copies of games they actually OWN?…”

    What kind of stupid ass question is that? I can’t even begin to criticize it. We all know the “piriting is bad, even though noone’s really making money from these games anymore” bit, but to actually put it in those words is almost as bad as the idiot you were flaming.

    …and no, I don’t intend to make a useful comment; keep up the good work, guize ;)

  88. Ah, I mustn’t've read that about the CD’s. In that case, maybe I’ll put all four FFIX discs into one DVD. :P Hopefully they all fit.

    I’ll keep messing around with Chocobo Racing while I start ripping some other games.

  89. Still no answer about the Joystick. It worked fine in Beta 1 when choosing Standard. Now trying Joystick with standard, only D-pad works. With analog, the controller doesn’t work at all in game. And also I’m not sure why Crash Bandicoot isn’t running full speed like it did in Beta 1.

  90. Is there a way to load settings? I save them to usb but every time I restart WiiSX, the settings are being reset.

    I tested Grandia with the USB 2.0 MOD and booting through bios. Only played a little after the intro but everything went perfect :)

    FFIX gave a code dump at boot.

  91. The classic controller doesn’t work in-game for Bubble Bobble either, ah well the GC controller is fine.

  92. Just wanted to say thank you to the entire team for the hard work they put in.

    I tried out oddworld, but as soon as it started to load it froze up. :( oh well, if everything worked it would’nt be called beta

    Just wanted to know what games people got to work?

    Thanx again wiisx/wii64 team

  93. Ending movie for Chocobo Racing doesn’t play sound either. An FMV in the middle of Story Mode worked though.

    BTW, I forgot to mention that this testing is all without the actual BIOs. Actually, I tried FFIX with the BIOS and it crashed before displaying the first “Square Productions” screen.

  94. Tried out Chrono Trigger. Works flawlessly except for some sound abnormalities. I also think there’s a couple of skips in graphics and well, sometimes, music hangs up when loading the naming screen (but quickly fixes itself. I remember there being problems with loading in Zeal where the sound would just keep going forever until the next screen loaded).

    Tried out Final Fantasy IV and it would loop the first second or so of whatever it does at first.

    Gundam Battle Assault 2 crashes instantly.

  95. @sepp256, did you read the post I made about the current state of WiiSX audio? Side note: Played Breath of Fire 3 and didn’t have any issues at all with stability!

  96. Using BIOS, Digimon Rumble Arena sends me back to the Title Screen after I press Start at it. Not using BIOS, the game doesn’t recognize any input.

    Also, I can’t seem to get my button configuration to save. After I change my configurations, I select Save. It tells me it saved current settings. Later, I save “Button Configurations” and then I click “Save Current Settings”. No matter what, when I try “Load”ing my controller configurations, nothing happens.

  97. I just realized there’s a special place for reporting issues. Sorry about that.

  98. i got capcom vs snk to work with the old classic controller. but when i try to use my other wiimote it doesnt work. like it just turns off. like on the wii menu there’s two wiimote. but when i go to the wiisx the second wiimote turns off. can you guys help in any way.
    and thanks chirs now i can play guilty gear

  99. @ken: We don’t support unofficial builds, so don’t post about a problem unless you are using the release build.

    @Wrecking_Crew: In order to save your button configuration, you first need to save the configuration to one of 4 _slots_, and then you need to save the button config to SD/USB. Then, you need to change the autoload button configuration to the slot you want to load at startup. Finally, you need to save settings.cfg to SD/USB. Also, WiiSX will load your settings.cfg and button configuration slots from whichever device you use to launch WiiSX from in the HBC.

    @the_randomizer: I’m not talking specifically about sound. We have plans for counters, recompiled GTE, bugs and missing features in the input plugin, … There’s a lot of room for improvement in compatibility and speed.

    For everyone comparing with Beta 1, you’re better off not. The reason is that we’ve changed a lot of things like which plugins we’re using and what not. This release was largely about making the emulator usable, adding a lot of features/polish, and establishing a starting point from which we can improve things.

  100. @mike007: You probably need to sync both wiimotes (just press a button) once you load WiiSX. This is the same with all homebrew.

  101. For me, Rayman doesn’t get past the UBI Soft logo.
    Megaman X 3 code dumps and the other Megaman X’s are sluggish with audio problems.

    I know this release is a stepping stone to great things to come so mad props!!

    Oh when are you going to announce that FBA emulator lol :P

  102. sepp256 okay.
    i have another question about some of the games like crash bandicoot 3 it has BIN.ECM. and it doesnt allow me to play the game so as tekken 3, and gulity gear, and spryo can you help me in any way

  103. mike007: As in any forum/blog thread, please read the thread before posting questions that have already been answered. Someone earlier mentioned a program to decompress bin.ecm files. You could try that.

  104. Sepp man, donator here. Any problems why my joystick wouldn’t be working? It worked in Beta 1 when I chose Standard but now I’m stuck using D-pad, which is annoying for Command and Conquer. Also, Crash Bandicoot no longer runs full speed, but rather 80-85%. I assume though that the slower run speed could be a result of using new plug-ins, as you say. One positive note, The sound is really good this build.

  105. @mike007: Then I don’t know how to help you. Do some research on the net about it. You should be ripping your own games, anyway, instead of downloading them.

  106. @wiihomebrewftw: We’ll be looking into input problems. We switched input plugins for beta 2, and there is work to be done there. Make sure you try the real bios, as HLE bios gives input problems on some games we tested. Also, please stop complaining about speed. I already explained that we changed a lot of the code-base, and we’ll be working on speed in the future. Thank you for letting us know about Crash, but you only need to report it once. ;)

  107. So Alundra is completely unplayable now.. once you reach a room in the first dungeon you have to get a chest with a life container and when you get it it freezes the game.. like I said above any significant item will freeze the game.. any idea on what is causing this?

  108. @ mike007

    If you are still having truble with bin.ecm try this.

    The bin.ecm is a compressed file that needs to be uncompressed before using it. http://www.neillcorlett.com/ecm/ this is a link to the program that you need to use to uncompress the bin.ecm. Just download the program and it will come with to program the one you need to you is the one called unecm. Just drag and drop the bin.ecm on unecm and it will begin to uncompress. This will work for a type of ecm compressed file

  109. This is excellent. I have been waiting feverishly for the past two months for this release. My only complaint is the menu button cannot be configured to the Home button on the classic controller, only to ZL+ZR or X+Y, both of which may be used in a regular game.

    Other than that the three games I have tried so far (Silent Hill, Abe’s Odyssey, Tekken 3) performed more or less to what I expected. Tekken was slow, Oddworld had some texture issues, and Silent Hill has some sound issues. That being said, all three are very playable, with Silent Hill being the best.

    Excellent job guys, and I look forward to your next update!

  110. very very thanks, muc has muchas gracias, excelent job, grandioso trabajo
    lost things for emulate but great work

  111. Thank you so much. I love you guys. =)

    It’s amazing to see FF7 running at 45fps using only the interpreter core! It’s also amazing how many games actually run full speed, no problems!

    I don’t want to complain about anything, I love your work. But I do want to point out something that seems off. I always have to change the button config (x,y,a & b to their appropriate spots every time (on CC controller) before I start every time, because I click load config from slot 1, it seems to forget I ever saved it to slot 1 on SD. May be a bug, or I’m doing something wrong. =/

  112. Sorry, I just realized the comment above from Sepp about the button config . (I skimmed the comments here and there).

    I did do exactly that process, and still no go. I’ll keep trying, though. Thanks again for the awesome emulator guys.

  113. Alright, sorry Sepp, I just know there’s a lot of people posting and I wanted to make sure it’s not something I’m doing wrong. I am using the real bios. If I don’t use a bios the controller doesn’t work at all. I was unaware you had new code for the emulator, so that explains crash’s slower speed. Thanks for letting me know. I feel better now. :D

  114. @sepp256, so, getting back to what I asked earlier, will the sound be looked at in the near future; I know compatibility/stability are top priority, so please forgive me if I’m coming across as being rude.

  115. No offense beta 0ne way better…..We exchange playability for better sound>>That doesnt make sense >>>> umm ima stick to beta 1 untill this one plays games better

  116. Wow…Wii64… you guys (and gals?) got some serious skills!!

    Wild Arms I works fine. But I had to use a different bios version. It didn’t work with the SCPH-1001.bin that was mentioned in the readme, so I loaded up all the different bios versions I had over the years and it works fine.

    Question though, is it okay to put more that one bios in the bios folder on the SD card? Im assuming the emulator just scans for the first available and appropriate bios for the game? sorry for the noob question.


  117. @T-Rent, You’re mistaken. If you knew anything about coding and the required amount of programming required to emulate a PSX console (not to mention converting PSX MIPS R3000A CPU code into Wii/Gamecube PowerPC CPU architecture is an EXTREMELY complex process), you’d appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into beta 2. The fact that Beta 1 is better than Beta 2 is a spurious and erroneous claim. Beta 2 has better Sound, Graphics and Input plugins than Beta 1 could ever hope to see implemented. I don’t have to show any comparison charts to let people know how far along it’s come. I’m not trying to come across as being rude or snide, but I wish to deter the masses’ mindset that an older version is better than a new one.

  118. Im gonna go out on a limb here, but I just have a nagging feeling that the wii64 team’s next new project is probably going to be a nds emulator.

    DEsume has already been done for the Wii (but its only on its second revision which has only a few peripheral changes..nothing major) so perhaps you guys might be using the no$gba as a base for your programming?

    of course im probably way off on my guess, but a decent playable nds emulator is so overdue for the Wii!!! hint..hint… :-)

  119. @randomizer Im not saying a lot of work doesn’t go in to emulating. I’m saying so far none thats right none of the iso i have work on wiisx beta 2 but run fine on beta 1 ie….fftatics, tetrisplus, tales of destiny 2……so tell me if im wrong but why switch to beta2? and ive been waiting and watching for beta 2 and love that a team is trying but i was disappointed…..we’ll see how it goes…like to see a compatibility chart for games.

  120. i have to say that i found the new version being better in any regard. sure, speed went down a little bit, but that was not a real issue for me, since i still play my psx games on PC. WiiSX is nicely done and i am looking forward to newer versions. However, i was always more of a N64 boy so thats where my mind really is :)

    as ever, keep up the good work!

  121. I have a problem with both Gamecube and Classic Pro controller:
    I tried Crash Bandicoot 1 (.img) and it load to the start screen but i can’t do anything on it, the two controllers don’t do anything when i press a button just WiiSX menu screen.

  122. I’ve put the bios file in the bios folder BUT get a message “no bios on sd card”. help anyone?

  123. Very good work for this beta, thanks!
    I tested FF7 (my first game on Playstation) and it works fine, it’s a bit slow for the moment but it works. Keep up the good work!

  124. This emulator proves once and for all that the Wii isn’t as “underpowered” as people originally thought! The fact they can emulate a system as complex as the PSX is a miracle! Fix the slight audio issues in the near future and it’ll be that much more awesome (as if it wasn’t already)! Am I the only one who thinks the whole idea of playing a Sony console on a Nintendo system ironic? XD

  125. AWESOME!! Those games that haven’t problems, works perfectly. Tested: CRASH BASH (Pause menu invisible), GUNGAGE (:D), QUAKE 2 (not work). I have ‘Wii Classic Controller PRO’ and I don’t like that you need put LZ+RZ or Y+X buttons to jump to MENU, I hope there is future updates to way to use HOME button in there. But, it’s just for now a BETA, so I say one more time: AWESOME!!! ^u^

  126. So WII64 team whats the third emulator?
    Just throwing that out their

  127. I second the HOME button being the menu button. There’s a button combination in Chocobo Racing that you need to press R2 + L2, and other variations of that, and then, on other games, I’m sure you’d need to use the face button combinations.

  128. ALways nice to see something like this, i dont have time to test/play it right now, but i will ….

  129. After reading all the comments I’ve come to the conclusion that beta 2.1 will solve all the classic controller problems and maybe even add dual shock support (so I can finaly play ape escape :D )?

  130. This is a great EMU guys (and girls). Keep up the good work. Just a few issues with it but other then that it works. But for multi-disk games, might need a swap disk option.
    Hoping that Wii64 will have a new release out soon. Wish the current one could make saves of Mario64:Missing stars (hack).
    Thinking the next project might be WiiDC???? :D Please let it be dreamcast :D

  131. Hi! I’m testing beta2 and I can’t make rumble to work I have tried both wimote+nunchuk and wired GC pad in classic and analog mode with no results.

    Also how to make SAMBA working? I have manually edited the setting.cfg file but no results, I have got a folder on the desktop called SAMBA shared without username nor password required, so my configuration in file is smbname = “SAMBA” and user and password empty it is ok?

  132. Just tested CubeSX… Ride Racer works fullspeed ;)
    didnt try many more games yet as my SDCard s quite small but i got Croc running, it was quite slow tho.
    Anyway, Great work!
    I would love to see this getting fullspeed on the old Cube.
    And i really love you guys for not dropping the support for this great platform (PS: Like all the other Great Emus GenPlusGX, Snes9xGX, FCEUGx….)

  133. Would like to add a Compatibility update:
    Read that Mortal Kombat Trilogy hangs? My version that I backed up works perfectly. Do not have any issues as far as I can tell.
    NFL Blitz: Everything looks fine till you start a game or a Demo game is running. Then you have only have shadows on the field. No players
    X-men:COTA : Does not work. Crashdump msg
    Mortal Kombat II(J): Works Perfectly
    MK4: Looks better with a little speed up. Playable.
    If its any interest Action Replay works perfectly too. Just need the Swap-Disk option for those who still use it. lol
    Capcom VS SNK: has the issue of scrolling menu and other sluggish issues but fights are perfect.
    Hydro Thunder: has a issue in game of going into some wierd almost block frame mode then freezes
    Street Fighter Collection (both 1&2): Wont load. Probably format I got it as. Will see about changing it and posting results.
    Sonic-NKT and anyone else who has Small SDCards: On the wiibrew website, this wiisx is on there and also they have the wiisx beta 2 USB2 MOD that works perfectly :D

  134. For the people having problems with ISO’s Magic ISO converts ISO’s and many other images to .bin/.cue files.

  135. hey guys, PLEASE HELP!

    When I try to run Diablo through BIOS, i can see the first screen, but then i get this error ”Exception (DSI) Ocurred” and a bunch of code dumps and things like that.

    What’s wrong? I’m running everything through SD card btw

  136. I just wanted to say this is a great release and I have even played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night through to completion with it. It was just a speed run to see if the emulator could handle it from start to finish. Well, the emu made it through with flying colors if you ask me. I experienced much better performance loading from SD than USB. Some parts with lots of onscreen effects would cause an unstable framerate but it was smooth most of the time. I hope it’s okay to link to the memory card file (in case anyone wants to have a clear file for testing different areas of the game – I skipped a bunch of boss fights and areas).
    Thanks again!

  137. @Gooma: When you load the ios go to settings and on the first tab put bios on SD, then turn on boot through bios, then press execute bios.

    if that doesn’t work for you sorry?!?!?

  138. I can’t seem to get load from USB to work? I have a 1TB external drive that I use with MPlayer CE just fine. VBA GX and SNES9x GX also work with the harddrive. But with WiiSX I get “failed to load USB:/wiisx/isos.” Anybody figure this out, or are external hdds not supported?

    Other than that, works great from SD. Just hard to fit more than two ISOs on my SD card.

  139. how i cant use my two wwimote for some reason. i tried syching it like sepp256 told me but it didnt work. can anybody help me?

  140. @jose @sepp256

    Thanks for your answers, but it’s still not working.
    The BIOS loads properly, but when I run the game with dynarec, i get a black screen full of numbers and code dumps, and with interpreter, just a black screen.
    Funny, cuz it’s just after the first screen “Sony Computer blablabla” meaning that the iso actually loads..
    Anyways, i’ve tried with 2 different .bin files from 2 different websites, so i’m pretty sure it’s not from the file, but i’m gonna try with a different game tomorrow, who knows.

  141. @Chris
    overkill? Haven’t spent much time in the twenty first century, have you? ;)

  142. @Chris
    Heh heh heh. Well, a little present for myself. But a great deal for $120, I thought (Western Digital is a good product, IMHO).

    But seriously, anybody get portable drives to work with USB?

  143. @nano351

    Well, it is overkill if you’re just going to use it for Wii homebrew. But if you use it for other things, then I do understand.

    And yeah, that is a good deal.

  144. I was just wondering if anybody has got the swap cd to work .
    if not i was wondering if you guys were going to get it working soon?

  145. How do I burn all those .img .iso .bin files in one DVD? I try to use ImgBurn with 2,4x write speed but no. WiiSX not found DVD:/ nothing. HELP!!

  146. Emulator freeze

    sometimes before it loads when selecting wiisx through homebrew
    (goes to load but screen goes black and stays)

    Everytime- A game is loaded and I change select bios to sd

    Everytime-Bios is set to sd, freezes when I load the game

    Anyone have any tips, or is this a common problem?

    Only way I have come close to getting a game to work is

    bios- HLE
    boot bios-yes
    then I load the game (crashes once it hits load screen)

    BTW- not complaining just curious, and not familiar w/ wiisx yet

  147. 1. Control inputs not save. 2. I want to see EXIT WAY back to WII MENU, cause I’m gonna make Wii menu CHANNEL to this WiiSX. If I use channel and try to go back HBC, Wii just stuck, black screen with white error text.

  148. @Assist Correcter:What type of DVDs are you using… because im using
    DVD+R.And ImgBurn can only burn CCD files and you can only burn one file per disc. :(

    And also…if you want to use DVDs you need to have DVDxV2 on your wii.

  149. @Nokemonster

    When you load a game just do this in the settings.

    boot bios-yes
    then instead of loading the game just press execute bios.

    hope this works for you.

  150. What a surprise…not. The usual “X game doesn’t work, Y game has Z issues. WE NEED GAME W TO WORK NAO!!!” comments after a Beta has been released.

    You guys have got a great deal of patience lol.

    To everyone making the usual comments I’ve mentioned: This is a Beta. There are going to be issues, some of which may be fixed in the next build…most of which won’t. Be patient.

  151. @Chris

    trust me chris there are way more things that you can do with 1TB external drive than you think.

    *edit: no piracy videos please*

  152. @josh: I use DVD-R and I have ImgBurn v2.5.1.0, I use this ‘Write files/folder to disc’ option. I use this option to burn 12 game images in one DVD. They are not in any folders, just a root of DVD.

    I’m happy if I got some toturial where I can found the way to make this correct. What program I use to burn them? ImgBurn, Nero…

    I’m pretty sure that I have DVDxV2, but I try to install it again.

  153. @Chris: make sure you have at least one FAT32 partition on your hard disk

    might sound obvious but this is the same for all homebrew emulators and this is something lot of homebrew usersusually fail to understand.

  154. @ Josh- I get this message

    Failed to initialize system
    Try loading an ISO

    (again as stated above if I load an ISO w/ thee settings, it freezes up)

  155. …When it.. how did.. what the… HELL YEAH!! I GOT MY MULTIGAME DVDS WORK!! I just reinstall that DVDxV2 and THATS IT! WOHOO!!

    Grmm… Heres my game list what I have now tested:

    Bishi Bashi Special [PAL] Game start, NOT WORK, game restart itself
    Bishi Bashi Special 3 [NTSC] OK
    Disney’s Hercules [NTSC] OK
    Herc’s Adventures [NTSC] Game start, NOT WORK, game restart itself
    Gungage [PAL] OK
    Klonoa [NTSC] OK but SLOW
    Lode Runner The Legend Returns [NTSC] NOT WORK
    Mega Man 8 [NTSC] OK, skip intro
    Rayman [PAL] NOT WORK
    Skullmonkey [PAL] OK, Sound proplem (endless running sound)
    YoYo’s Puzzle Park [PAL] OK, but when shoose ONE PLAYER MODE, theres still PLAYER TWO running around, even if Control two aren’t aktivated (Something wrong this game???)
    Crash Bash [PAL] OK, but pause menu is invisible
    Hogs of War [PAL] NOT WORK
    Micro Maniacs [PAL] Game start, NOT WORK, can’t choose LANGUAGE
    Pocket Fighter [PAL] OK, in battle there’s no music
    Quake 2 [NTSC] [in DVD] OK, some texture problems, sometimes slow music
    Quake 2 [NTSC] [in SD] Game start, NOT WORK, in first level, theres TIME LIMIT, 5 seconds, them game CRASH. (???)
    Tekken 3 [NTSC] OK, but SLOW. Skip intro
    Tenchu 2 [NTSC] Game start, NOT WORK
    Toshinden 3 [PAL] OK, skip intro. First time I play it, after characters screen game crash. I restast a game, try it agan, no problems, game works perfectly, without intro

  156. Well, Digimon World 1 is working flawlessly, still can’t make Diablo work tho ):

  157. So… nobody knows how to use an external drive then? Is it NTFS that isn’t supported or what? My flash drive isn’t much bigger than my SD card, but it’s FAT32 so I’ll give it a shot I suppose…

  158. Thanks! Castlevania Symphony Of The Night works great! Keep up the good work!

  159. Gagh, I got my FFVIII games ripped and onto the SD card, but they just leave me with a black screen… HALP!

  160. So, why does saving work only half the time? It makes the emulator pretty hard to play when you have to replay parts of games like FF8 and Digimon World (which I have yet to get to save) because your files failed to save at all. (yes, I’m using the bios, btw). I think the release should have been held off until this problem was fixed. I’m eagerly looking forward to a fix soon.
    Still, thanks for all the hard work. :)

  161. problem loading and saving controller configuration in any slot. Also,
    Classic is mapped incorrectly.

  162. Great job, thaks for yor amazing emulator (and wii64)

    I can not save the controls settings, I use clasic control and does not save the configurations botons
    Y A

  163. @Majin
    Try placing your ripped game images into the “/wiisx/isos” folder on the SD card (or USB if you’re using that, of course). If you then boot the emu and choose to load iso, you should be fine and be able to choose play game. If you have a bios file, that may help with compatibility. I can confirm that FFVIII Disc 1 will boot and play (though it is slow in places and battles may crash the emu, so save state on the world map for safety).

  164. @Majin this has to do with a pretty nasty bug in the Dynarec core (thus causing Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX to crash). In the mean time, the core must be switched to”interpreter”. Fixing this (and other related issues) is the Wii64 team’s top priority.

  165. Has anyone played Diablo?
    I’ve tried 2 different files, but it doesn’t work ):

  166. Tomba, Tomba 2, and all the Spyros work perfectly.

    You’ve outdone yourselves. Thanks.

  167. I try to make own CHANNEL to this WiiSX with my CustomizeMii program… NOT WORK!! I have already 17 own channel (Snes, Nes, GBA…) but this isn’t work, why?

  168. @Gooma

    Diablo works flawlessly. Have you tried Bin/Cue? I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I loaded the Cue instead of the actual Bin. Game speed is 100% with no graphical errors and absolutely no static in music or sound effects. :)

  169. @Assist Correcter

    I used the old Wiisx forwarder I had to load Beta 1. Tried it with Beta 2 and the code starts to run like it’s loading Wiisx then it just freezes. Which makes me sad, cause I have all the good emu’s as forwarders. Though, there are a couple Wiisx forwarders so you may want to look around.

  170. I tried to play Ehrgeiz but that didn’t go over too well. Only wanted to play for the Dungeon Mode. No modes work EXCEPT Dungeon Mode if you play it on Hard Difficulty, though even when you do this it plays at about 50% speeds without sound and whenever you go to the pause menu to choose weapons/items the cursor won’t move yet you can hear it move and still use items, you just have to pay close attention to the sound to know where your cursor is at. Tried using frame skip to make it a better speed, it does increase the speed though it makes it pretty choppy, so overall, I call it unplayable by far.

    On a good note Hexen works practically flawlessly.

  171. @mike007:

    Do the wiimotes sync to the Wii when the WiiSX menu is running when you press a button on them?
    If not, then you’ll need to sync them in the Wii Menu first.
    If so, then do you have GC pads or CCs plugged in? They will be automatically assigned to PSX slots first, so you need to go to “Input Config” and manually assign the PSX slots to your wiimotes.

  172. Wow this emulator is awesome! I’ve tried a few games and most of them work very good with full framerate.

    Games at full speed:
    Street Fighter Alpha 3
    SNK Vs Capcom
    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
    King Of Fighters 99
    Guilty Gear
    Mortal Kombat Trilogie
    Darkstalkers 3
    Marvel Super Heroes
    Tatsunoko Fight
    Alundra 1 (German Version)
    Mickey’s Wild Adventure
    Earthworm Jim 2 (sux without saving, the snesgx is better for this game)
    Adventure Of Little Ralph

    Tombi 2 (works but tooo slow to play)
    Tekken 3 (works but tooo slow to play)
    One Piece Grand Battle 2 (works but tooo slow to play)
    Rayman 1 hangs at the Ubisoft screen
    Bios from SD + Bios Boot (4 every game)

    But the problem with the second gc controler should be fixed, all beat’em ups are unplayable for player 2 …single player sux

    greetz SIN

  173. I found somekinda problem when I try to play alone ONE PLAYER MODE, somehow SECOND PLAYER jump in. I have only one activeted controller but still that second player jump in the game. I notest when this happen, second player push all the time at least those buttons: LEFT & SQUARE. If I put controls manualy to work, I can play TWO PLAYER MODE just fine, but not the ONE PLAYER MODE.

    Here’s the games where I found this problem:
    Mortal Kompat 4
    Toshinden 3
    YoYo’s Puzzle Park

  174. …Insert previous message:
    Toshinden 3 game works just fine in ONE PLAYER MODE. In TWO PLAYER MODE, even if second player control aren’t activeted, second player jump in.

  175. To all those who are unhappy with this emulator; *ahem* IT’S STILL A BETA, GIVE THE AUTHORS THE CREDIT THEY’RE DUE…there I said it. I mean, seriously, are these people that oblivious or what? Do they expect a perfect emulator “OMG! Teh Tony Hawkz Pro Skaterz doesnt work! Make work plz!” I’m sick of this! Why can’t people cut the Wii64 team slack once in a while? Oh, and Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX will NOT work properly until the dynarec core is fixed (there’s the other core, but the game would be horrendously slow)! And to those who are wondering about Wii64 and the mysterious emulator; sure, it would be nice to get some info about it, but it ain’t gonna happen on your time.

  176. @wiihomebrewftw

    hey man, i’ve tried that too..
    Can you tell me where did you get your version of Diablo?

  177. @Gooma

    We’re not allowed to talk about piracy here. But add me on Yahoo messenger and I’ll try to help you later tonight. Boldandwilling is my ID.

  178. @wiihomebrewftw

    Just found out what was wrong, just some issues with the .ecm extension, but thanks anyways (:

  179. Guys, another question, when I’m playing Diablo i’m able to save my character via memory card, but when I try to load, the save doesn’t show.. what’s happening?

  180. @the_randomizer

    I never said I wanted it to work “NAOW!!!” I just hope that it will be compatible for the next beta. Especially since Metacritic shows THPS2 as the best PS1 game of all time. I never said that they’re lazy, I know how tough it is to make an emulator, especially for a console like the Wii. I’m actually pretty amazed at what these guys can do, making the Wii run consoles such as the N64 and the PSX, which is nothing short of a miracle. Although I do admit I wasn’t being that fair for comparing it to PCSX-r, because after playing more games on WiiSX, I found out that WiiSX is much better than PCSX-r. And no, I never did expect a perfect emulator, I never expected anything close to a perfect emulator. I just expected Pro Skater to work, that’s all.

    And yes, I know that you were using me as an example, because I was the only one that mentioned Pro Skater.

  181. Can someone please explain me how to properly save with a memory card? Diablo actually finds the memory card and saves, but when I try to load it says its empty ):

  182. @Chris, Don’t worry, I’m not mad at anyone , I just don’t like to see the authors being criticized (don’t worry, I just used what you said as an example); I’m not trying to personally attack you. Hopefully Beta 3 will resolved these issues (among the audio plugin) XD

  183. Just found out about the release- AWESOME WORK, GUYS.

    Quick question for anyone who’s had a chance to really test it out (I’m at work right now, or I’d give it a go myself)– experiences with FF7 running on interpreter core? Is it playable? Annoyingly slow? Any details at all anybody could give?

  184. okay thanks sepp256. i finally got it now thanks.
    now i need to find out how to make marvel vs capcom, and mega man x6 to stop frezzening.

  185. @Asder

    Can you tell me how you solved the “no bios on sd card” problem? I can’t get it to work at all.

  186. @segascream

    I’ve tried FF7 on both dynarec and interpreter. It plays fine until the first battle (2 Shinra soldiers). It freezes when switching to the battle scene.

  187. Thanks Blackshadow for the wiki link i’m adding lot of my experience on it and I will add more in the future :)

  188. Klonoa works great, cutscenes aren’t discolored like in Beta 1, and it’s a bit faster too, it even runs full speed on some occasions!

  189. for those with the bios problems:

    get a bios, preferably 1001 (US version) and put it to: SD/wiisx/bios

    thats all there is to it. if that does not work, you have a wrong file, probably a bad bios dump…

  190. ps.: the bios file should be where you load the emu from. that means if you put it on SD; you shoul also put the emulator on SD (SD/apps/WiisX with a WiiSX folder in theroot directory)

  191. I tried playing Need for Speed: High Stakes but the menus are messed up so I can’t play. Has anyone tried other NFS games? Are they playable?

  192. Are you guys being able to save in the memory card?
    I’m trying to save Diablo, it does show as saved, but when I try to load the cards are empty, what am I doing wrong?

  193. P.S.: I can only save via Save/Load state, which isn’t useful for Diablo cuz I need the monsters back, and the only way to do that is by saving the character in the memory card..

  194. hey ive tried to play the games with samba…but it wont run.anybody got the same problems.i tried all versions of writing the ip and the share name in the settings.conf……if someone can help?

  195. is there anyway to play ppf patched games i backed up my collection and patched some of them years ago they black screen hle and chrash after a second on bios mode

  196. Great emulator but I would not release another version of this or Wii64 without USB 2.0 support. I would also like to see a BIOS selection option in WiiSX. There are multiple Playstation BIOS files and some work better than others. Also directory settings for saves, roms, etc. might be a nice a touch.

  197. Sickpup : do you know that there is some unoficial version of Wii64/Wiisx with USB 2.0 support?

  198. Capcom Vs Snk seems to be very very choppy for me aswell as on the menu its like someone hold down the down button can some one please help!

  199. First off, guys, this ROCKS. When I first loaded up a game and saw the playstation bios screen and heard that familiar wave, it sent a shiver down my spine.

    …of course, then I started having issues. ^_^ This is still totally fantastic, I’m just going to go through what I’ve done so far for the benefit of others.

    Although I have my own playstation, I haven’t ripped my BIOS, so I don’t know if what I’ve tried has much effect. HLE bios seems to work well surprisingly, but on the games that break, using one bios or the other causes them to break in slightly different games.

    I’m still going through my list, but I have all three final fantasy games:

    FF7: Works great right up until the first battle scene, at which point it crashes. Not sure what’s going on here, but I suspect something with the disc IO, because this game had really weird code involved for grabbing stuff off the disc. (It’s one of the first generation of games, there is much odd code about it.) Interpreter runs the battles just fine, but that’s really slow, so I’ll hold off trying to play through it until the next Beta.

    FF8: Worked pretty much flawlessly for me the *second time*. Not terribly stable, so save early, save often. The first time I tried it, I had backed out to the menu during the intro movie, and when it got around to doing real graphics, it showed a black screen. Still played (you could hear the cursor in the menu) and even came right back to show the video of Quistis walking through the door, but went back to a black screen. Just restarted, patiently sat through the whole intro video without menu-ing out, and it worked fine. Weird.

    FF9: Sadly, my favorite final fantasy game of all time, has a serious bug with MDEC decoding in both modes. Refuses to get past the title screen as a result. I may try to load a save file later, as I feel that it might play fine except for the movies.

    I’ll be trying the rest of my collection as I go, but my tiny USB stick doesn’t like holding more than 2 discs at once. Great job though, and at least I can play FF8 properly while I wait for the other bugs to resolve. Hooray!

  200. Also, what are the chances that the new code will get ported to the SVN? Like, I don’t pretend to know how you like to develop, but with the Dolphin project it’s really neat to be able to compile and try out the “bleeding edge” code commits, even if they’re really buggy or unstable at times. But barring that, it would still be nice to be able to see the source code up to this release, as I’d like to poke around with it.

  201. @Nicholas, the games crash due to major dynarec core bugs; Final Fantasy games will crash; unless you use Interpreter to get around them.

  202. JOSH: Here is WiiSX beta 2 with a faster USB support mod originally uploaded by matguitarist.

    ***Removed due to GPL violation. Don’t post unsupported mods or any problems encountered while using them here, anyway.***

    I didnt get any problems with this, works very well : )

  203. First off love the emulator and especially the new interface and usb support blows my mind, but sadly almost all the rpg’s I could play before I can’t play now in either interpreter or dynarex. They all freeze at some point or other early in either the title screen or the game itself.

    Hope I don’t sound like a worry wort or an a hole because I love your work thx a million.

  204. while i understand why MrKill’s link above was removed, i strongly encourage anyone attempting to load their roms from usb to find that mod of this emu – makes a HUGE difference, i can play Road Rash Jailbreak smoothly now!

  205. alright i take that back, smoothly until the game stops from a cd-rom error and can’t continue

    good work so far on the emulator, guys

  206. shin super robot stucked when u try to attack the enemy,the music run perfectly but the game will stucked,so is there any way to fix this problem.
    please help

  207. I am a HUGE wii64 fan,will you please at least make another teaser video for wii64 with DK64 and/or Banjo Tooie.

    And let us know when to expect this to be released,because I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out at August 11 and I am hoping it will be out a few days before that time comes.

  208. Although I myself jump for joy when I lay eyes on a 64 (I absolutely LOVE that machine) we only like just got WiiSX Beta 2, so a new Wii64 seems to be a little far off at the moment.

    I expect another version of Wii64 will be out between early November and late January, August doesn’t seem very likely at this point… (this is all just speculation mind you, I could be wrong)

    I’m assuming that a bit more of WiiSX is being worked on, then will be put aside for a while, which will then give time for Wii64 (and the mystery emulator) to be worked on. They seem to make a release every 4-6 months nowadays, which is pretty good considering the consoles they’re emulating… they also give blog updates every month or so…

  209. @sepp

    Check out NFL GameDay ’99. I had that back in the day and I think it supported rumble (had the multitap with the PS2 — I know it used that).

  210. For those that are interested, I have FF7 running pretty stable through some tweaking of settings-

    Interpreter core
    Boot through BIOS
    Limit FPS is off
    Frame skip is on
    Dithering is off

    It’s not great, but it doesn’t crash going into battles, and you get between 47-50 FPS, so at least it’s playable.

    Notes: I’ve yet to test to see if turning Audio off will improve the frame rate any; also, Dithering being turned to Default slows it to around 45 FPS, but it seems to run a tad more smoothly as well doing that. The only issue is battle menus do not appear. (Easy enough to cope with in the first few battles, but once you start having to do summons and whatnot….yeesh, I don’t even want to think about it.)

  211. @segascream, those FF7-9 issues are being looked into right as we speak. Hopefully the dynarec core issues will be fixed when beta 3 comes out. I also hope Gaussian interpolation, sound sync and reverb effects are added into FranSPU by beta 3 as well (sorry, but I’m the kind of guy who’s kinda picky about sound) :D Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good emulator!

  212. @sepp

    Madden 2000 supports 8 players, Fifa 99 supports 8, quake II supports 4 and with rumble I believe

  213. Those of you getting full speed on Street Fighter Alpha 3, what are your settings?
    I managed to get past the checking memory card screen (although not consistently) but the fights framerates are too slow to be playable. I should note that I’m booting with the bios off the sd card and loading the iso with a USB hdd. (.bin wouldn’t get past the checking memory card screen)

  214. Play the game off the front SD, it reads XA Audio data so it’s very bandwidth heavy and USB 1.1/SAMBA is too slow.

  215. Thanks for the quick reply emukidid. I was wondering if USB could be the culprit. I’ll free up some memory on one of my cards and try again.

    @sin: I said I was booting through bios off my sd. As in, the bios file was on the sd. Is there a reason why it would hang otherwise?