WiiSX Beta 2.1 Release

Without further adieu, we would like to present a quick bug-fix release for WiiSX and CubeSX – Beta 2.1 :)

Get it now!

This release mainly addresses the issues to do with games resetting to their title screens and having unresponsive controls as well as a few other minor bugs. Save states made in the previous version will no longer work in this version as a result of some changes made to save audio state.

For more detailed changes on what’s new in WiiSX Beta 2.1:
* Fixed issues where saving was not actually saving
* Many input plugin improvements
* Added “Home” button as a menu combo for CC
* Fixed inverted Y-axis for nunchuk and classic controllers
* Fixed rumble and added “disable rumble” setting
* SMB correction to allow anonymous user and password
* Threaded network init and proper error messages when it fails
* Audio state saved/loaded for save states

We’d like to thank the quick and responsive users which have reported the issues we’ve addressed above.

Enjoy WiiSX Beta 2.1, and if you feel like donating to support our projects, please feel free to visit our Donations page :)

167 thoughts on “WiiSX Beta 2.1 Release

  1. Wow! Haven’t tried this beta yet, but I’m very thankful of the fact that you guys took the time to address issues people had with beta 2 so quickly!


    Your hard work is very much appreciated!

  2. Thanks, really good work fixing the issues but maybe a fix for FF7 the next time please?

  3. UPDATE: Got Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter Alpha 3 both to work perfectly first try (no controller issues, no freezing, using CC Pro)!

    This is without mentioning the fact that WipEout XL worked great in beta 2.

    Absolutely excellent work!

  4. hello guys, weel, i’ve tested, and its ok for most games, but need for speed 1 can’t reckognize the controller..

  5. you’ve outdone yourselves again…this calls for sum random smiley faces…
    :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(::):):):):):):):)::(:)(::)

  6. How can I keep my savestates? I’ve played 8 hours through suikoden II and I don’t want to lose my progress :( I didn’t use native saves because they didn’t work. And I would like to upgrade because i have to re-configure the input settings every time i’m going to play (apparently it doesn’t save). Can someone help me out??
    And sorry about my bad english!! :D

  7. Use the old version, make a native save, install the new version, and load the memory card save. It really isn’t all that hard to do.

  8. Niiiice. Maybe now ff8′s saving will actually work, and ff tactics gc controls will work :D

  9. Holy cow, another release already? Seriously guys, I’m still choking on Beta 2 here and now I see Beta 2.1 on my plate when I haven’t even finished!
    That’s some serious stuff there (guess my hypothesis of a Beta 2.1 was right though eh?)

    Wow just wow, I would’ve waited another month or so (for a few more extras) but this is good enough for me. Anyways. here’s hoping you have similar good luck on Wii64 as well guys, time to test this thing out!

  10. @the_randomizer@
    But the problem is that I can’t make a native save in the current version (this is one of the issues it has for me) I’ve tried to make the native saves work but it just says “failed to save” and i don’t know what i am doing wrong then. It would be great if I had the native saves but I just can’t create them. :O

  11. Nice work once again… but the problem with the second controller is still there. I use 2 GC controller and all beat’em ups are unplayable for player 2.

  12. Hey, nice to see the quick update. I’m glad to see you added the Home Button as a menu option. Hopefully that will end in the next Wii64 beta as well?

  13. if it says failed to save, most of the time it DOES save. happens to me all the time in symphony of the night and still my saves are saved. however, i cannot guarantee that it works… better save, go to menu, return to game, save again and do this twice or three times… the test if the native save works. if not, try again with your saved state. if it does, well, good to be you then!

  14. SIN: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just tried Rival Schools and Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha with 2 GC controllers, and both players 1 and 2 are responsive. I used the actual bios and boot through bios. You have to plug both pads in while the WiiSX menu is running, so that you can see both GC pad icons pop up. (The pad assignment occurs in the WiiSX menu but not during emulation.) Can you give more details about what you’re doing?

    Spike: You should clarify what version you are using.

  15. @sepp256 OK it was a problem with my 3rd party controller. i have changed the port and player 1 have the problem (with the digital controlls).

    THX anyway :)

  16. im having trouble getting the bios to load it is definately in the right folder but i get ‘failed to initialse system’ error anyone know whats up?

  17. well, the new controller plugin is looking good! I can use classic controller on analog mode without the issue of it always sending commands. But the problem is that when I push all the way in a direction on my classic controller pro’s joystick it doesn’t seem to emulate as a psx controller’s joystick being pushed all the way :(

  18. nano351: You’re going to have to be more specific about how the CC stick doesn’t match the psx analog stick. Please give concrete examples.

    edit: The CC Pro axis calibration isn’t properly reversed and implemented in libogc, so you won’t get full axis response (you should be glad it works at all at this point). If you can, test with a CC, which should give you the full range.

  19. @sepp256: I think nan351 is saying that when he pushes the gc analog stick all the way the game responds as if he were just pushing it lightly. (ex. in crash bandicoot 2 if you push lightly Crash walks but if you push all the way he runs.)

  20. help, I’m trying to play spyro year of the dragon but the games anti piracy goes off on this emulator, please reply

  21. Hey guys, just wanted to make a post about you work, as I havent done this in a while.

    Keep up the amazing work on WiiSX and Wii64, you guys seriously blow my face off with each new release and hope that the amount of fans that are truly grateful will outweigh the ones who take it for granted, so you may continue your never ending triumph to boost the Wii’s potential, Potentials of which I for one barely ever thought was possible.

    Keep up the great work! I for one am truly grateful :)

  22. @lamentofking: Yes, that’s obvious from his post, but we need to know what game(s) he tested and what to look for so we can verify the problem.

  23. @sepp256:
    Ah, I only have cc pro to test with. Two games that I noticed it with is:
    in twisted metal 3 you can reach as high of speeds using joysticks rather than using the d-pad.
    in medievil you can’t start sprinting from double tapping your joystick like you can with d-pad. I haven’t played it on psx in a while but I believe it should work the same.

    And I’m not complaining that it doesn’t work perfectly. I’m just making sure you guys know about it, I’m very happy with wiisx in its current state :) .

  24. to clarify: that with the saves was with beta 2.0
    in beta2.1 its works flawless. it was just a tipp for those with save issues in the old beta :)

    i have nothing but goods words for the team. you did an awesome job and i am more than happy with the progress. thank you very much for this!

    on a totally unrelated note, i was stabbed on my birthday, so i am grounded for a while. it would be so awesome to play castlevania64 on my wii ;)

  25. @sepp256

    i think the controller issue is pretty much in every game. All the ones I tried have the issue

  26. it seems this release fixed the issues with Alundra! I can finally play it thanks guys!

  27. I´m having trouble with chrono cross, the swap cd option doesn´t work for me, after i choose the second cd it doesn´t let me resume game, please help!! i´m using iso files. does anybody have a save state of cd 2, or now how to import saves from the pc?

  28. I hope Harvest Moon Back to Nature works, i’ll try when I get home.

    Btw, ar there any game compatibility improvements on this release?!

  29. Ughh, ff8′s saving is still messed up, you can use save states, and you can’t save with the mem cards..
    FF Tactics gc controls are stiiiiil messed upp..

  30. Marvel vs. Capcom works perfectly when loaded through bios! :D
    Sound may still be a teeny tiny little bit off but it doesn’t matter.

  31. @Leon1337Assasin and @Billy, this is a quick bugfix release. Didn’t you even READ the description!? This is meant to be temporary until 3.0 comes out, which will have more emulation core changes, the only things that were changed were controller issues and save state issues. The dynarec core hasn’t been fixed!

    * Fixed issues where saving was not actually saving
    * Many input plugin improvements
    * Added “Home” button as a menu combo for CC
    * Fixed inverted Y-axis for nunchuk and classic controllers
    * Fixed rumble and added “disable rumble” setting
    * SMB correction to allow anonymous user and password
    * Threaded network init and proper error messages when it fails
    * Audio state saved/loaded for save states”

  32. @Leon & others with saving problems: We noticed that in beta 2.1 there’s a bug with the save message notification. Even if you see the error message “Failed to Save”, your memcards probably were saved to SD/USB (whichever device you have selected).

    @Miki: You can check to see if your beta 2 memcard files were written. There was a problem sometimes with actually writing the files in beta 2, so you’ll have to check.

  33. Excellent work, Wii64 team! Looking forward to Wii64 beta 2 (if that’s what it’s called) and the mystery emulator! XD

  34. Well with ff8 the memcard doesn’t even show up, it says no memcard. Whenever I use savestates, I’ll load the state and it’ll ether freeze or crash. But looks like I’m gonna have to wait a while for 3.0 apparently. Oh well, at least the other games playable!

  35. I don’t know why so mamy people talked about Marvel VS Capcom. Mmmm, it seems that VS serials are very poluar. Can not wait to see a CPS/CPS2 emulator for GC/WII.

  36. @emu_boy: On sdlmame you can already play most CPS1 games (final fight, strider, ghouls n ghosts etc). Agreed though that a CPS2 emulator would be quality as MvC, SFA3, Xmen V SF on the psx sucks in comparison to the arcade boards! lol

    On topic this update is great. In-game Strider 2 plays pretty much perfect so I’m very happy. I’m at work now but I’ll fire up Tron Bonne, RcDeGo, Raystorm and Raiden DX later.

    Thankyou very much guys for brining the PSX to the wii. :)

  37. There’s still no compatibility for Ape Escape, right? I tried it but it gets stuck after the dual shock screen, just like in beta 2.

  38. Wiisx beta 2.0/2.1 is very far from Wiisx beta 1. A lot of game is working perfectly, i cant wait to see how far the next wii64 version will be.

  39. You guys are Gods! Two major, complex emulators being updated and handled at roughly the same time. How do you find the time?

    I know it doesn’t mean much but seriously, keep up the good work! Both emulators are starting to look VERY pleasing. Progress is getting really great! Huge compatibility upgrade on this one for sure! Can’t wait till they are out of beta, until then though I will keep a close eye on all their updates and progress, you can count on that one ^_^

  40. Oh yeah forgot to mention this…

    About the mystery emulator. Please, you guys do enough… I would MUCH rather see steady updates continue for Wii64/Cube64 & WiiSX/CubeSX (Yes, I use both Wii/GC versions equally ;p) rather than have a 3rd one thrown in there and see possibly less updates & more bugs for these two.

    I suppose if you think you guys can handle all three at the same time and keep up these wonderfully timed updates, ultimately, it IS your choice and I don’t know if you guys even care about our opinions or not but seriously, I would really rather prefer that these two keep getting worked on first. Especially Wii64 in my case. I am LOVING the idea of being able to potentially be able to play N64 games full speed without the use for my damn computer or my real console being hooked back up.

    Anyway, good luck you guys! If you need help hit me up, i’ll do what I can! As usual, i’ll post any bugs I find on the google code page as soon as They pop up. That’s my small contribution back for the moment.

  41. I just read in the Wiibrew site that the .CUE files don’t work from DVDs.

    Is there way to read the .CUE files from the SD and the .BIN from the CD?
    (Since my SD is not that big to store a PS game)

  42. I was worried that I would lose progress in Xenogears but my old save state loaded just fine with this new version – so check to see if your old states will load before you start a game over from scratch! Xenogears has an issue where it always freezes at the Continue option from the title screen, so loading from a memory card file simply wouldn’t have worked.

  43. There is an aspect of this emulator that I find extremely intriguing. I didn’t know that such calculations of the dynaflex core could transcend the inevitable load of the binary data to a degree of that sort.

    Shitballs! Shitballs I say!

  44. I can never get the games to run smoothly even the games that are confirmed to work smoothly, im booting through bios, using dynarec core, and booting from my hard drive, also i can never save for some reason.

  45. omigosh!!!!

    anOTHER release

    *faint* just needto know *faint faint* what new *faint*

    emu is……..*faint*

  46. I have only tried it with Crash Team Racing, however the emulator Crashes once I press play ISO (or something like that)
    It just freezes….

  47. Front Mission 3 works ok under interpreter core. 28-35~ FPS. No leg 0hp crash, but I havent tested the crash point at the dam split mission. With further releases the FPS should improve. I will be testing other problem games (Front mission 3 is still bugged in EPSXE, LOL)

  48. Playing Persona 2 Innocent Sin, works almost perfect so far. Noticed the sound is less choppy then the first beta, keep it up, doing great.

  49. Nevermind, Beta 2 made Persona unplayable. When you get to the first battle it starts playing the voiceovers from all of the characters, something that didn’t happen in Beta 1, this makes it unplayable as your unable to continue after it starts doing that, same thing happened in Tales of Destiny, Stahn gets knocked out and then all the main ToD characters start playing their voiceovers. =/

  50. is there a usb 2.0 mod for beta 2.1?
    Can’t find a download anywhere on gbatemp.

  51. Val:

    sounds like you still ahve beta 2 to me. make sure you upgraded to beta 2.1 and if your problem still exists, buy yourself a new SD card. usually, this helps.
    alternatively you could use the UNOFFICIAL USB2 mod of Beta2.1 however this comes without any support!

  52. I can´t save my button configuration, everytime i start the emulator, i have to configure again the controls, and when i put it in analog, the stick is inverted (up is down and down is up, left and right works fine) Help please?

  53. Is Final Fantasy 7 working?, i tried the 8 and it was working well but i dont know for ff7… (Im on Wii internet :P )

  54. @Gab, FF7 is working well with the interpreter core, just really slow but works. With the dynarec core it freezes just after the first battle begins.

  55. I’ve tried this on three Wii’s, one on 4.0, one on 3.4, and a second one on 4.0. The emulator runs fine on those first two, but on my personal wii which has firmware 4.0 I’m having problems. I select load an iso, I select one to load, and then it crashes and returns to the loader (the homebrew channel) These are the same isos I used on the other two wiis and they run just fine. I’m not sure what’s going on, but something is not right.

  56. @Kairu43: My guess is that you are loading from DVD or USB and have some problem with what’s installed on your Wii (bad/no/old dvdx installed or you’re using some fail cIOS)…

  57. How many times do I have to say it? Final Fantasy VII and VIII will NOT work full speed UNTIL the dynarec core issues are fixed. Wait till beta 3 and there will be even more issues fixed. Wii64 beta 2 is another emulator I’m excited to try out!

  58. Announcer:WII64 now has been postponed for another year.

    Homer:urge to kill…rising

  59. It’s nice to see in future:

    1. Some way to get in Memorycard (easy way to delete those useless files).

    2. Quick DualShock ON/OFF button. Is there way to use Wiimote control at the same time while use Classic control, e.g. using Wiimote + or – button to ON/OFF DualShock.

    3. Utilise Analog stick all the time with Classic control, even if game dosen’t support DualShock. Custom control, using D-Pad or Analog stick, this time both using D-Pad function at the same time.

  60. Eke to my previous message:

    1. Some way to get in PSX Memorycard (easy way to delete those useless SAVE files). Same way when start to Playstation without a game, it’s going to place where can take a look what’s save files are in PSX Memorycard.

  61. Amazing work you guys have done with the wii64 and wiisx emulators.
    I just wanted to let you guys know that the voiceover bug that Darkscyth mentioned above is evident in Megaman X4 too. After defeating Slash Beast with X it starts playing a bunch of random voice overs and never continues with the game. I’ve played Castlevania:SotN perfectly so far though, besides a little slowness, and Klonoa seems to run well too (though I havent gotten very far through it).

  62. I’d like to add some games to the compatibility list with the latest version of WiiSX

    Jersy Devil – Playable
    Legend of Mana – Unplayable (freezes after mailbox locations set up)
    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Unplayable (doesn’t go past capcom screen)
    Einhander – Unplayable (doesn’t go past wait screen)
    Rivals Schools – Playable (very choppy)
    Soul Reaver – Unplayable (doesn’t go past crystal dynamics screen)
    Vagrant Story – Playable

    Silent Hill crashed my Wii

  63. ok. I’ve almost figured everything out, but why are so many games not responding to any buttons or controllers at all?>?
    Vagrant Story works fine. But I can’t get past the title screen of any Crash Bandicoot.

  64. start your bios without loading an iso and yorue in the playstation menu. you should be able to access memory card data from there…

  65. oh and for those if a game does not work with controler input:
    some games dont work with controelr set to analog and some need analog set to work. try it.
    marvel vs capcom doesnt work with analog, same goes for symphony of the night and megaman battle & chase

  66. Hi Emulatemii Team,

    First of all: U made a fantastic work. Your progress concerning WiiSX and Wii64 are overwhelming. Absolutely great job!!! Thx for the emulators.

    Next thing. I got a question about cue/bin files.
    I made bin and cue files from my psx cds.
    All files are on an usb hdd.
    My problem: I want to have the cue files in the iso folder (just cue files without bin).
    The cue shall refer to a separate folder called data (where the bin files are located).
    So I made a relative path in the cue to the bin:
    FILE “\wiisx\data\Driver.bin” BINARY

    The folder wiisx is at the root of the drive.
    On Windows it’s working without any problem. But wiisx told me there is no valid iso.

    Can somebody explain how wiisx is handling cue/bin files. Are cues necessery? I thought they are because some discs use multitracks.
    But why doesn’t epsxe, pcsx or wiisx don’t recognize the cue file.

    What I want is, to create a simple game list, where all games are listed. Multi Disc Games are listed in a separate folder (Final Fantasy VII -> Final Fantasy VII – Disc1. cue, Final Fantasy VII – Disc2.cue etc).
    So I will get a clear and simple game list structure (Alundra -> Breath of Fire III -> Driver etc.). If I have to put cue and bin files to one folder, it’s more confusing.

  67. Aww, you shouldn’t have.

    You guys are amazing, you know that? Emulating consoles like an N64 and a PSX on a console known for being underpowered? And I only tested 3 games on Beta 2.0.

    Take a break. You guys deserve it.

  68. Hey guys, I have a question: Is there any difference in booting a game from a .cue file than a .bin file? Thanks! :D

  69. Hey people with save problems!! If u save in-game, then reset the iso, and then try to save, it will work!

    Love the emu, btw. My only complaint is after you get into a battle in Chrono Trigger, it makes a noise that will last as long as u play it. I have to mute my tv!!

  70. thanks for your job, works great with marvision sdhc 8gb – hitachi hdd 160 5400rpm sata with enclosure 2.5, classic controller and huskee psx-gc adapter (psone analog controller), (xmen mutant academy 1-2, kof97-98, samurai shodown 4, final fantasy VIII, toy story 2, gran turismo 1-2, resident evil 1-2-3, driver, skullmonkeys and many others

  71. no problems with psone analog controller but not use anolog stick, i like it more digital stick

  72. you guys done a great job on wiisx.
    i hope the new emulator is the sega dreamcast. it will be fun to play power stone he wii motes.

  73. AUTO DualShock ON/OFF might be handy just like ePSXe170 emulator have.

  74. I’m assuming it’s possible with optimizations since bleem! was able to pull it off on a Dreamcast

  75. The controls do not work, I tested with the Gamecube controller, Wiimote, Wiimote + Nunchuk Controller Wii Classic, with the game Crash Bandicoot …

  76. Great work guys, I have a question that I havent found an answer to yet. Because I’m new the PSX emu I’m not farmilar with how it works loading isos. I’ve only gotten Street Fighter Alpha 3 to load and that was with a cue and bin file in the isos folder. I tried Marvel vs Capcom and it gave me a CCD, SUB and image file. what is it exactly I’m supposed to do with these kind of iso files to get it to run? I just get code dump. Thanks for any help answers.

  77. Everyone involved; You are wizards! /bow /bow. i must say for you to go from this can be done but were busy to a huge update like this is amazing, I’m defiantly donating and when you fix dynarec for FF7 i will again.

    PostScript: are you using the new ios202 or dvdx for dvdrom access? and if so can i use the original black ps1 disc in the drive i tried and got an error and then tried the iso on dvd and got one too, had new ios202 from snes9xGX not DVDX. if i could use my original discs in the wii, BYEBYE Frankensteined PS1 (damn kids had to make me use necromacy on the poor thing), your ugly grey ass is history!

  78. Having the same problem as 007 with the whole Chrono Cross Disc Swap issue.

    007, you get anywhere with that yet?

  79. Wow!
    I’m really happy you guys took the time to fix so many of the problems people were having with the last beta. And you guys did it so fast.

    Thanks for all your hard work on both WiiSX and Wii64. We all really appreciate it.

  80. Okay, I managed to get Chrono Cross disc swap working, but I had to use a lot of computer software.

    1) Copy the save file from disc 1 (in my case, named SLUS0104.mcd)*.
    2) Download MemcardRex – a save file converter. Convert the .mcd save file to an .mcr.
    3) Download ePSXe version 1.5.2 – NOT 1.6.0, or 1.7.0. For those unfamiliar with ePSXe you have to download several plugins as well to handle graphics. Just Google for them.
    4) Open ePSXe, go to Config > Memory Card, and select the .mcr you made in Step 2.
    5) Open the Disc 1 iso, get to the screen where it says to swap discs, and select Change Disc > Iso. Navigate to the Disc 2 iso and open it up.
    6) Save game in Disc 2. Exit ePSXe.
    7) Open up MemcardRex again, convert the .mcr back to a .mcd, and name it whatever the Disc 2 save file is (in my case, SLUS01080.mcd)*.
    8) Place this new .mcd file in your WiiSX saves folder.
    9) Run WiiSX, load the Disc 2 iso. It should automatically pick up the new save file and you should be able to load your game.

    *If you don’t know the names of the save files, open WiiSX. Load each iso. Go to Current ISO > Show ISO Info. Write down the disc ID or whatever it’s called (it should look similar to my examples), then add .mcd on the end.

    A bit of effort but I spent far too long evolving Pip to give up on my save file now.

  81. The difference is that here, the other person WANTED to know.

    Dunno if that’ll work, and it’s a bit too late to test with the savefile I’m using right now. Might test later with a backup.

  82. @Goldsauceraddict

    You will need DVDX (from the bootmii installer package), but no, unfortunately the Wii cannot read CD’s, only DVD’s.

  83. @Cid2mizard: You have to set the analog setting to digital in the input menu… -.-’

  84. You guys rock. I’ve been playing my fave psx game Chrono Cross on my wii and loving it! Very cool…keep up the great work! Seriously Genius. Have a great evening day whatever it is and thanks for helping all of us do the same.

  85. Can someone answer a quick question for me? Is the 2.1 beta only capable of playing isos that are bin format right now? As I have been unsucsessful using ones that downloaded in sub, ccd and image files and couldnt figure it out. Also, should I have a PSXISOS folder on my card? If so, where and what should be in it? Help! lol, thanks.

  86. Nevermind, got zipped image file to play. Great work on this guys. Lookin forward to the next Wii64 beta.

  87. Is there a bug tracker I can post my question to?

    “I’ve tried this on three Wii’s, one on 4.0, one on 3.4, and a second one on 4.0. The emulator runs fine on those first two, but on my personal wii which has firmware 4.0 I’m having problems. I select load an iso, I select one to load, and then it crashes and returns to the loader (the homebrew channel)

    These are the same isos I used on the other two wiis and they run just fine. I’m not sure what’s going on, but something is not right. This occured on both Beta 2 and 2.1 and I’m loading the games from an sd card”

  88. I installed the dvdx that came with the hackmii installer 0.6. I don’t know the state of my IOS, do you know if there’s a certain one I should try to update?

    When upgrading from 3.4 to 4.0 I used an updater from Wanikoko, I thought that was the only safe way to update , you know so I didn’t loose any homebrew functionality. I found out that wasn’t true, but I had already updated. I don’t run game backups, so do you know which IOS Wiisx might be trying to use? and would it be a good idea to try to update those with wii SCU? Wii64 runs just fine, so I’m at a loss. Thanks for the help!

  89. Fuck yeah ! You guys are awesome !
    I can play guilty gear again…
    But i’m stuck at the “press start button” screen on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night :/ waiting for another release :P

    Thanks for this awesome work.

  90. @Kairu43

    I believe it uses IOS202, though i’m not 100% sure. If you have internet access and the Homebrew Browser. You can download the DVDX installer from there, instead of the need to use the Hackmii installer just for that. I also suggest using Pimp My Wii to update all of your IOS’s though I am running 4.2 instead of 4.0 so you may want to check if PMW is compatible with 4.0, as it does update all of your IOS’s and you don’t want a brick.

  91. @Kairu43/DarkScyth: I’d better interject so that mis-information doesn’t spread. We’re not using IOS202 because we’re not supporting cIOS. The need for IOS202 (usb2.0) is about to become a thing of the past, anyway. Also, in order to install the latest DVDX, you need to use the latest Hackmii Installer. If there is a DVDX installer on the HBB, then it would be installing the old version, which is deleted by the most recent system menus on boot. Kairu43, I would strongly recommend against using Waninkoko’s installers as he doesn’t quality check his software. In fact, he bricked a bunch of Wii’s with his first 4.3 system menu updater release.

    @DeadBarney: You must not be reading the blog comments or instructions. Many games (including SOTN) will only recognize digital (or analog) pads. In order to play SOTN, you need to switch to digital controls in WiiSX settings. Also, you may find better compatibility with a real bios than HLE bios, but in this case your problem is that you’re using analog controls.

  92. I know a lot more now than I did then and I was mis-informed when I used that installer. My problem is that I’ve installed the dvdx version that came with the hackmii installer 0.6, dvdx 2 I believe, but it was whatever version that came with the latest hackmii installer 0.6. It still crashes and I’m not sure why, is there anything else I can try to do?

  93. @kairu43: are you using the same SD card (and contents) as you did in the other wiis? Some iso formats or corrupt isos can cause a crash on load. Did you try unplugging any USB/other stuff from your wii?

  94. Not the same sd card, but I did try switching to a different card to see if the physical card was the problem. There was no difference. I’m using the same files. I unplugged my gamecube memory card just in case, and I don’t have any usb devices plugged in. I will say in the setting when it says “execute bios” if I click on it is says something to the effect of “unable to initialze system, load an iso” something like that. I’m using the same BIOS file so I’m not sure why it’s doing that on mine, but it actually went to a menu on the other wii I used previously.

    I currently don’t have access to another wii to test my card on (the other two where it worked were my cousins when I was on vacation and visiting them). So idk if that bios thing helps any in troubleshooting this. I can load the menu and see my iso, but when I click on it there is some text at the top left and then it crashes back to the homebrew channel.

  95. @kairu43: it sounds like there’s a problem with your game dump.. Try dumping your game to .bin/.cue again and load the .bin file. Also, maybe sure you have the proper directory structure on your sd card for save/ isos/ and bios/ folders

  96. My games are in the iso container and I made sure my directory structure was correct. My game images are the same ones I used on the other wiis and they worked, and I can run it in epsxe 1.70 no problem. I even tried recopying it.

    So is it normal for some wiis to not want to boot through the psx bios? “failed to initialize system, try loading an iso” is what comes up. I’m not sure what else could be wrong, I have everything in lower case and named in the same structure that is required.


    That’s what my wii’s directory structure looks like

  97. ‘Execute Bios’ won’t work unless you have a game selected already.

    Just because a particular iso format works in epsxe has no bearing on whether it will work in WiiSX. The error you’re describing is that the CD plug-in failed to recognize the iso format and aborted. Either it’s an ios/SD problem or your iso is an unsupported format/corrupt. I suggest you rip your game to .bin and try it again.

  98. if you have convert isos 2 bin i have recommend U.L.T.R.A.I.S.O works perfect

  99. sepp256:
    I fixed the problem, thanks to you. I wasn’t in analog mode, i was just lacking the bios. Now it works

    Keep the good work ^^

  100. I have a question. WiiSx doesn’t support .CUE files from DVD for the moment, it also doesn’t support CDDA Streaming. When CDDA support will be implemented will we need to load the .CUE file the hear the CDDA sound? If that’s so then we won’t be able to play with CDDA from DVD since it requires .CUE file and .CUE files don’t work from DVD.

    Is the .CUE file from DVD issue solvable? :|

  101. I use this cubesx and i desperately need smb support so i could stream games from network. Why in every gamecube homebrew release there is network support for the wii and not for gamecube :O. BBA isnt so rare !!!

  102. @mike007 The wiisx bios folder is for psx bios .bin files. So yes you can, that’s what it’s for.

    I don’t understand it, the .iso version of Crash compilation worked just fine on my cousin’s wiisx beta 2s, but apparently mine decided it would only work when converted to .bin .cue. I don’t understand it, but thanks for the tip, it’s working now in that format.

  103. like the guy above I tryed yu gi OH Forbidden Memories and I could not get it to save any suggestions

  104. when I use save states or try and save in yu Gi oh it just errors or freezes.

  105. Does anyone know how to get Tales of Eternia? It works for about 10 minutes then it goes to a white screen. Please help :’(

  106. stuck on chrono cross cd swap…any easy workarounds for that? also do any of the cd swaps work like FF8 or xenogears? Don’t wanna play if don’t work yet. Thanks again though for the sweet program!

  107. I just installed DVDx v2 because I wanted to load ISO’s through DVDs and when I try to load my DVD full of ISO’s I get “DVD Bios not found” Can someone help me with this.

  108. Cobalt that totally worked…I tried the using memcard 2 thing and that does not work at least for Chrono Cross because it doesn’t ask you to save at disc swap. It did work with epsxe and I didn’t even need memcardrex. I just copied and changed how mem2.mcd (or whatever its titled) into epsxe001.mcr and it loaded right up in epsxe. Then after switching disc I saved and renamed to mem2.mcd…no problems. Thanks so much! Is this how you have to do it for all the multi disc games? Or has anyone actually successfully swapped using wiisx? Thanks so much.

  109. mainly I’m wondering if anyone has done disc swap with Xenogears, FF8 or Parasite Eve? Thanks in advance…and if you’ve never played Chrono Cross do it…sweet game, and thanks to cobalt disc swap works Haha.

  110. Can’t save, how do I save? Can’t save states , can’t save to memory card, created 2 files names memcard001.mcd and memcard002.mcd on my usb on /wiisx/saves then set option to save on usb but not seem to work. Any help would be great.

  111. Does Rayman 2 run without lag in this release? I can’t stand any lag..

  112. Looks like Parasive Eve 1 saves are not working as well. Mem card saves fail and save states cause emulator to freeze or crash when loaded. Hoping for a fix for this.

  113. Hi i need some help
    I have my crash bandicoot .bin/.cue files but whenever i click load rom it just get a stack code dump.
    The files work on my mac and pc, using an emulator. and the file is meant to work with beta 2 according to compatibility list
    I have beta 2.1 of WiiSX and i know its not my directory structure because i can play crash bash.
    What should i do? is this maybe just a bad rip?

  114. Every time i try to start a game it freezes and the main screen i dont know if it is the bios or the bin/iso but i need help plz

  115. Hey while running FF8 I’m getting a ton of skipping in the cut scenes. I’ve tried a few different file types (.ccd,.cue,.img) and they all have the same problem. Is there anyway to fix this? and When trying out my FFT .bin file,i cant do anything on the title screen either. Any suggestions^^?

  116. Guys,I appreciate your hard work for WiiSX but Wii owners are mostly interested in Wii64 as long-time Nintendo fans.Can you please inform us about your Wii64 progress,please?

  117. Snowboard Kids Plus:

    Barely anyone knows about this enhanced Japan-only PSX port of a great N64 game. That’s why I’m so surprised that it works almost perfectly. No graphic glitches or lag whatsoever. The only bad thing is that the first 3 or 4 seconds of the music loops endlessly. Oh well, still amazing.

  118. Thanks for the effort, but my SD card is too small and I get an error when trying to access my USB stick in any part of the application. I tried installing IOS202 and this didn’t help, it actually broke some applications.

    any suggestions?


  119. Laserbreak43: Why did you try installing IOS202 as we’ve said multiple times that it’s unsupported? If you want to use usb2, then just wait for the next release, which won’t require cIOS for usb2.

  120. well first , i ould like to say thank you because is really hard to do this,but i wanna know something, after dynarec is fully working, would I be able to play final fantasy7 because that would be sooooooooooooooo great, by the way, how much time wil this dynarec core be complete ,i am 50 % sure u cant answer that but well i had to ask,wii 64 is pretty complete now if u ask me,mupen64 thoese not to much more of what wii64 does,but there is something else i want to ask, a simple question just yes or no, is there ever wiisx be able to display psx at its original resolution with the old tv original filter, and thank you again and keep up the good work please

  121. another thing, how do i get the dvd to work, i use a unmodded wii with bootmii and a lot of cios that i cant remember, my wiios is 4.1, how do i install dvdx v2, i have install a dvdx thing and i am able to use the dvd to play dvdmovies on mplayer but i cant get it to work on wii64 or wiisx, the WiiHBUser guy didit so plaese helpme i need that because i dont have much space for psx isosm if u cant help me here , here is my mail. sebastian_grez@hotmail.com

  122. A couple quick questions.

    I can’t get games to run much faster than 50% speed. Will they run faster if I use an external HD rather than a 15G Flash Drive? btw, I do have ios58 installed on my Wii.

    I was also wondering what format the isos should be in on a disk. Should they be burned on the disks as if I was making a copy of the game, or should they be on the disks as files?

  123. Having an issue, games load for me but no buttons work. I’ve tried the Wii remote, a gamecube controller, AND a classic controller, the games just sit on the loading screen. I’ve tried Legend of Mana, Dino Crisis, and Symphony of the Night to no avail. Very aggravating.

  124. Seems even after upgrading the the controller settings are still not being saved. I have to configure every time I play which is a bit of a pain but still in awe at the speed of this emulator!

  125. I’d just like to say that the current playability ratings are, well… underrated. WipEout 2097 works quite well (minus the lack of music) and Final Fantasy VII for example, is said to be “totally unplayable”. Under Dynarec this is true, that’s fine. Although then people go on about how it’s too slow under the Pure Interpreter and that there’re “bugs” all over the place.

    Now, the most glorious thing I’ve found, is that yeah it does run slowly and… and… oh yeah, that’s the only issue. ;) Sound does not stutter, graphics do not glitch or fail to show up, and the game (under Pure Interpreter) so far in my 10 minutes playtime, has not crashed or had any issues other than the slowdown.

    I’ve gone through the dead original Final Fantasy games (I-VI) on their respective consoles (FC, SFC) so I’m gonna do a play-through of the entire game, regardless of how slow it runs… I must say, for its time the graphics sure are gorgeous :D

    WiiSX will definitely keep me occupied for a while now, thank-you Wii64Team! :)

  126. With new HBC 1.0.8, it has been added the ios58. Before this IOS, wii64 (I think that it presents the same management of USB used by WiiSX) doesn’t recognize my USB driver. Now, both Wii64 1.1 and WiiSX 2.1 are unable to open USB. Is there compatibility between (WiiSX and Wii64) with the new HBC 1.0.8? Some suggestions to improve the compatibilty of my USB support? On my hard disk are present 3 partition: WBFS, FAT32 and NTFS. This configuration, however, runs with both UsbLoadergx (and all tools GX) and ConfigurableUSB loader also with the new HBC.
    Thanks a lot for your work

  127. With new HBC 1.0.8, it has been added the ios58. Before this IOS, wii64 (I think that it presents the same management of USB used by WiiSX) recognized my USB driver. Now, both Wii64 1.1 and WiiSX 2.1 are unable to open USB. Is there compatibility between (WiiSX and Wii64) with the new HBC 1.0.8? Some suggestions to improve the compatibilty of my USB support? On my hard disk are present 3 partition: WBFS, FAT32 and NTFS. This configuration, however, runs with both UsbLoadergx (and all tools GX) and ConfigurableUSB loader also with the new HBC.
    Thanks a lot for your work

  128. When im playing a game I save, then it said “failed to save” is it the emulator or the game im using beta 2.1 and playing yugioh forbidden memories. please reply!

  129. Wisemen of old, strangers from a distant land.

    Will there be any support for “RIPPED” games in the future? Most of them do not work.

    Additionally with v2.1, I’ve got all the “FULL” games working regardless of format (.img, .bin, .iso, .etc). That was kinda broken in 2.0 so I don’t know what you did, but well done for fixing it fellas.

  130. Megaman Legends freeze at the Capcom logo you’ll have to skip the logo for it to work, other than that I’m not having any problems so far.

  131. >”without further adieu”
    Adieu is a french word which means “farewell”

    I think you meant to say “ado”, which stands for “fuss” or “delay”.

  132. Hi I am having an issue running games from dvd I dont know if I am doing it wrong or something but when I burn multiple games to one dvd in this case chrono cross and ff8 only cc works the other isos freeze when i try to load them I have verified the isos are working by loading them from my usb drive so I can only assume I am doing something wrong when I burn them any ideas?

  133. hi, i’ve been testing rayman, and as everyone says, it freezes at the ubisoft logo…
    BUT i was wondering if it was possible to play it with a PC emulator and save the state, then go back to Wiisx with that state and use it everytime to really start the game.

  134. are the savestates compatible, and is there an easy way to convert them?
    it could help for a lot of games. what do you think about it?

    best regards

  135. P.S: by the way, maybe i found a way to play FF7 at a good speed and without crashing during battles, i just save state, then change the mode dynarec/interpreter, and load state before battle parts of the game. (dunno if it will always work) the problem is that going to the menu for doing all this takes a lot of time. it would be awesome if there was a way to save/loadstate and change mode ingame in the next version.

  136. W00T! I just beat FFVII using WiiSX Beta 2.1! By the way RayMan you’ve been ninja’d, because I already mentioned that method ages ago (how do you think I’ve been playing it for the past month? ;) )

    Battles were slow, other than that everything worked at full speed and was certainly playable enough for someone like me (who had never played the game before) to play through the game right to the end. Can’t wait for the new releases of Wii64 and WiiSX, definitely replaying FFVII when WiiSX Beta 3 is out :D