Still alive and kicking

We’re just writing to let the fans know that we’re still alive and kicking, but unfortunately, finding very little free time on our hands these days for emulation development. We’ve still got big plans for all of our GC/Wii related projects, and development has been still progressing. We’re also planning on releasing builds with IOS58 support, but we’ve been waiting for the libogc USB2 wrinkles to be ironed out.

Be sure to stick around; we appreciate all your support and feedback in both the fast and slow development times.

1,283 thoughts on “Still alive and kicking

  1. IOS58 support is something I’m really waiting for. Ever since I installed IOS58 with Tantric’s installer, I’ve been getting errors opening the roms directory on my usb device. Is there anything I can do about this or do I just have to wait for you guys to issue an update?

  2. I was expecting info about what you guys were working on currently, but oh well, at least we got something.

  3. I still think the third emu is dreamcast,if you have seen that video of it being emulated on wii with the bios running/displaying the options menu at a great speed. ^v^

  4. Take all the time you need guys, I already enjoy the significant progress made with the emulator. I’ll wait as long as it takes!

  5. Sweet! All i need to know is it’s still alive xD As long as you update us once a month i’m good. even w/ no progress whatsoever ^^

  6. No, it can’t be Dreamcast emu. A very slow emu is meanless to Wii/GC. I still think it would be an arcade emulator.

  7. Well, I saw a proof-of-concept video of the creator of NullDC running his emulator on the Wii, so it is possible. Hopefully he is serious about making it, because his blog barely says anything about it.

    But since it’s also for the GC, there could be some shit in that gold ( and yes, I just came up with that myself)

  8. keep up the good work on wii64 guys!
    All I need is an emulator that plays DK64 and I’ll be happy.

  9. yah man, I f*cking love DK64! Best game ever. I really hope that game works in the next version of Wii64

  10. Well done guys. Please keep up the good work.

    I only started using the WiiSX emulator this week to play Wipeout and used Wii64 about 3 months ago to play Diddy Kong Racing. I’d love the development to continue. If anyone can make a fully featured emulator that plays over 90% of the top rated games they would go down in Wii Emulator history and stardom in my opinion!

    So many developers quit before the fruits of their projects are properly seen and recognised, lets hope this isn’t the case here!

  11. If they do enough optimizations when converting Hitachi SH4 RISC CPU (Dreamcast CPU) code to be interpreted to Power PC code (Wii/Gamecube) then they could most definitely pull it off. If they can convert MIPS R3000A (Playstation) code to the Wii, they should be able to do something as complex as the Dreamcast.

  12. I’m gonna guess that the third emu is Final Burn Alpha, it seems like a good side project to the other 2 emulators and who wouldn’t wanna play Marvel vs Capcom on their Wii.

    Also, i know it can’t be a dreamcast emulator because ones already being worked on by Arikado.

  13. Keep up the great work :) . Well Im not sure if it can be a DC Emu. From the other forums, everyone is saying that it cant be done.
    Most likely it could be a Saturn Emu since the Saturn Emu out right now can make some games run but thats only a select few. Unfortunatly, seems like all the updates coming out seem minor and dont really make improvements. Been trying MK2 and it always runs slow.
    Or I was thinking it could be a DS Emu. Apparently some games run on that at full speed but apparently its only a select few.
    Would be cool if they can get a NeoGeoCD Emu. Unfortunatly that didnt have a lot of games but it would be something.

  14. Well if it can be done on the PSP, it can be done on the Wii. Sure the PSP one goes under 10FPS most of the time, but the Wii is about 3x as powerful as the PSP.

  15. Never mind, I think drk||Raziel is still working on the Wii version, he’s just spending more time on the PS3 version.

  16. Wow

    I thought they gave up on it long ago. Still glad to see them still at it. Keep up the good work, but also keep up your lives. Because everyone has one and everyone should live it.

  17. i think you all should talk the the daedalusx64-psp team mabey u can get some ideas i know there totaly diff hardware coding and emu’s but some of the stuff has to be the same right?

    i mean that runs better on psp than this of course it’s at a much later stage than this too soooo….

  18. Heh, I’m pretty sure that if “somebody” set their mind to it, they could emulate it properly ;) Ah well, guess all there is left is to wait until the good news shows up eh?

  19. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE! (Not sarcasm) I was just wanting something, anything pretty much and finally got an update. I was hoping that Dream Cast would come to the Wii but now that PS3 can run unsigned code I want it on PS3 now, which I guess there is already a port in progress. Its nice to know that you guys haven’t abandoned your projects, as long as they work good take all the time you need.

  20. I know exactly what it’s like to be so busy you have no time for things like these it’s great to make a post like this because you know how people can get though /=

  21. I, honestly, just want FFVII/FFVIII support and for USB keyboards to work, as well. I’m not asking for much. After that, the popularity will rise, I’ll be a happy gamer, and I don’t want to buy a PS3 so I can hack it with a calculator. (Although I did manage to figure out how to hack it with a half-eaten donut and a dull pencil)

  22. Thank you for the update guys! I would just like to update everyone as well and say that I continue to eat my own poop, and also continue to make doodies in my pants so that I may feel the squishiness betwixt my buttocks.

  23. Yes, DarkScyth, drk||Raziel is working on NullDC PS3. And guess what? A port of PCSX2 is also coming to the PS3!

    But sadly, I updated. So I have to miss out on those for a while.

  24. Honestly I would just rather see Wii64 at full-speed/full-compatibility than see another emu. Just makes more sense to finish something before moving on to something else. Besides DreamCast is a disc based system (just like PS1) so I don’t see the point in emulating them because discs are convenient and cartridges are not. Just my opinion.

    However I do appreciate your guys work and keep it up!! Here’s hoping for a Wii64 update.

  25. Okay, so my main question is: Have you (Wii64Team) got Blast Corps running any better than on Wii64 1.1? If so, then I am really looking forward to the next release… even if it only runs at 5 FPS, I’ve been waiting years to play it again with a controller :D

  26. Yea Scyth, I saw that the psjailbreak/psgroove allows for unsigned code to be run. I’ll wait a couple years for some good homebrew to develop then I’ll buy a ps3 as well. :D

    So in wiisx 2.1 is analog not supposed to work? I’ve tried gamecube and cc and analog still never works, I always have to use D-pad. Maybe it’s something on my end I’m doing? Looking forward to seeing what the new emu is (praying it’s a Saturn emu with 12-player support)…

  27. So Wii64/SX team, just wondering if your going to give us a hint as to what your new emulator will entail. Many people have made some great guesses as to the platform which will be emulated but it’s still only speculation until we get at least a hint. Great work on Wii64 and WiiSX, can’t wait to see what your next project will be. Not trying to sound demanding, just asking for a little hint.

  28. Good to know things are going smoothly for WiiSX and Wii64. Here’s hoping we get a teaser video! (Take your time!) XD

  29. :D YOU GUYS ARE THE best I LOVE THe N64 :D can you make a trailer showing us the state of the emulator or maybe just write it and publish it here ? GOOD LUCK! GOD BLESS YOU!

  30. Well, I have made a poem:

    If Conker ever runs on Wii64

    If WiiSX runs Tony Hawk 1 through 4

    Then I will be very happy like a Boar

    And I will never be begging for those certain things anymore.

    And if the 3rd emu turns out to be Dreamcast

    Then my happiness will surely last.

    (Don’t ask why I said Boar. I was trying to think up a rhyme.

  31. Heh, didn’t we like JUST get an update? Now we’re asking for another one…? Gee, things must’ve changed over the years, so much impatience ;)

    In all seriousness though, with “(…) waiting for the libogc USB2 wrinkles to be ironed out.” being said, it sounds to me like a release is coming soon, within maybe a month or two. Let’s just wait it out and see what happens…

    Here’s my poem:

    Here’s what I wanna do on Wii64,

    just staying there all night playing some Blast Corps,

    Ever since that day I lost my 64,

    I cannot get it back coz I am too poor,

    And here is what I want done on WiiSX,

    Let’s have CDDA for real sound effects,

    Final Fantasy needs to run at full specs,

    But we cannot unless there’s new Dynarecs,

    the Pure Interpreter is just too slow,

    the half speed battles really just have to go,

    I managed to beat VII anyway so,

    these are just improvements I really want bro.

    (I think I win ;) )

  32. Yeah, you do win.

    I’m not begging, although it would have been nice for them to give some info on what they’re progress is, I’m not begging. But I know you weren’t aiming that at me, so… stuff.

  33. You seems to be working on many projects at the same time ! (I just see the CleanRip released).

    I was wondering: how are you usually working, concerning the issues posted on the googlecode page?
    Do you mark every issues as Fixed only when you release a new version, or do you change the status individually right when the issue is corrected in your private working copy?
    There’s no update of the issues since mid-July (status, renaming, etc.), It would be great to follow the progression while you work on it. (or maybe you prefer to surprise the users on each new release? :p)

    Anyway, thank you for your work ;)

  34. @Cyan:
    Yes, I do side projects to take a break from Wii64/WiiSX :P

    We update the googlecode page issues (mark them fixed) when a new release of a project is made, not part way through, since you wouldn’t see it as fixed, and would log a subsequent issue to the tracker for possibly the exact same thing.

    Progress has been quite slow, the new suprise emulator has barely taken off the ground, but Wii64/WiiSX haven’t been forgotten (they have priority).

  35. @emu_kidid : Yes, I thought about the hidden issues after I posted.
    That makes sense.

    I tried to correct issue 135 myself, but I guess I’m not good enough, and I don’t want to mess everything either.
    I’ll wait for your fix and learn from it. :)

    Good luck for your surprise emulator and all your projects.

  36. I hadn’t the chance to thank you up until now for all your hardwork. Yeah, I know… this is the standard kind of message you’d read/most likely ignored, but I felt it was worth leaving it up here in case anyone cares, hah.

    I’d say… would you totally remove support for IOS202 in favor of IOS58? I dunno how many times some other people might have asked this same question, but I’m just kinda curious… and kinda concerned.
    I’m a bit befuddled as to why many devs left an otherwise fast IOS202 for a somewhat slower (yet somehow appealing do to it’s “official” status) IOS58. I don’t mean to impose anything…

    Anyways, thanks for all your hard work. And here’s to me hoping your secret emulator is a Sega based one (fingers crossed for Sega CD).

  37. I cant wait to see whats next!! However I can say that after exhaustive playtesting, wii64 and wiisx are a joy ( even in thier rather early stage in development). Keep up the good work!

  38. @MarioFan3

    I agree completely. I want Wii64 to be perfect (although I got what I wanted from Nintendo first, SSB) and WiiSX. Here’s to another update!

    Time to go buy something to drink and waste our time until we get said update. XD

  39. No emulator can ever achieve perfection. Mupen64, as good as it is emulation-wise, will never be glitch free. Or Snes, or PS2. As long as dynarec issues are fixed/optimized (and Mystical Ninja 64 is up and running) I will be one happy camper XD

  40. WHEN ARE YOU GONNA TELL US WHAT THE NEW EMULATOR IS!!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

  41. >No emulator can ever achieve perfection. Mupen64, as good as it is >emulation-wise, will never be glitch free. Or Snes, or PS2. As long as >dynarec issues are fixed/optimized (and Mystical Ninja 64 is up and >running) I will be one happy camper XD

    you are right now, but in future who knows.. genesis gx for wii is near perfection ;) and MAME with some games too. isn’t it ? Abour nintendo 64 console i can’t say anything because i’ve played it one or two times, i have it for collection only but this emulator looks very good and promising (aproaching to prefection)…
    Ahhh!!! I forgot some emulators go far of perfection because they have features that “hardware” don’t has.

  42. Can’t wait to play FF VIII on wiiSX, Can’t get the memory cards working so I’m waiting for loading states to work.

  43. Also, I do reviews for emulators. I’m thinking of doing a special on the best HBC emulators pretty soon. If you guys are interested, click my name.

  44. oh yes, why so much hassle with IOS58? Although IOS202 is slightly better, why bother? I mean, I dont want to bother installing IOS58 either

  45. Dogway, because using IOS202 isn’t legal (uses copyrighted code). IOS58 does not. I wish people would actually do some research before making such trivial complaints.

  46. At first I thought ios58 would be great, but I use the usb2.0 mods of wiisx and wii64 because the unmodded versions don’t read my hard drive, only if I have those mods they will. I’m not sure why there is such a hate of cIOS by devs. I’ve never had a problem with it.

  47. You’ll have to wait until OFFICIAL IOS58 builds of WiiSX and Wii64 are released. Why can’t people just use 32GB SDHC cards? They’re cheaper and don’t have moving parts.

  48. Randomizer, in my case it’s because I have a use for an external HD which isn’t “leaving it in my Wii”, whereas an SDHC card is expensive for a single functionality. In simpler terms, I already have an external HD, so in no way would it be cheaper for me to use a large SDHC card because that would involve buying something I don’t already have to achieve something I already have a device for.

  49. That still doesn’t change the fact that IOS58 will replace the other, illegal cIOS. I don’t know why people are bi***ing about that. Boo-frikin’-hoo.

  50. Because cIOS allows me to back up my games so my discs don’t get scratched all to hell… Blah blah, illegal cIOS. There is not a single person here who has wii64 and rips their own cartridges, they are illegally downloading the roms.

  51. But that still doesn’t explain the constant bellyaching from users who expect the developers to support modified unofficial versions of their emulators. Maybe the users shouldn’t have updated their system to 4.3 in the first place. It’s done when it’s done. People really need to have patience; the people the comprise the Wii64/WiiSX Team have lives after all.

  52. @wiihomebrewftw:
    Haha, that is soooo true ;)
    But c’mon, I OWN these freakin’ cartridges, but I can’t use ‘em as I don’t have my 64 anymore… besides, after playing the U.S releases I cannot go back to my gimped PAL version that runs at a mere 50hz anyways… (just remember how lucky Americans are when it comes to video games)

  53. I’m curious. Has anyone actually tested 8 player games on Wiisx? I’m considering buying 4 adapters with 4 PS controllers but I want to know that it works.

  54. @wiihomebrewftw

    If you use an emulator its YOUR PROBLEM if you get games that YOU DON´T HAVE.

    Emulators are for play classics games, old games that you enjoyed in your childhood. But in the world, there are some idiots so retarted who play “by the face” emulators and games and then, say stupid things without anything to contribute.

  55. Well since wiiSX 2 was a downgrade (the controllers no longer function properly), there hasn’t been any progress since February. WOW! AMAZING!! How can three people be so slow?

    WHAT COULD BE NEXT?? A post about how we have to wait 4 more months for a preview of the next beta that will come out in 8 months?

    Well, the Wii is going to be dead before you guys get anywhere. Which is very sad. I have yet to see devs create a complete console emulator (except for all of the SNES, Genesis, GBA emus). AND THERE’S THREE OF YOU!!

    Now, please do SOMETHING so that your names will go down in history as the Wii Emulator Gods, not the Lazy Assholes.

  56. ^Juanmatron:
    Ouch, that’s a bit harsh dontcha think? You calling me a retarded idiot basically? Well here’s a new-flash for ya you jerk, how about all those SNES RPGs that NEVER GOT RELEASED IN PAL REGIONS??? How am I supposed to play them ‘legally’ eh? Did you think about that you jerK? Obviously not, and how about people like me who missed out on the NES and SNES generation, you’re telling me that I should NEVER experience what people did 20-30 years ago, simply because I’m 16?

    C’mon, when I have money of my own, I’m becoming a collector of video games… I already have about 400 planned, but how am I to know that it would be a good decision to get these games without emulation in the first place???

    Also, just because people download ROMs doesn’t mean they don’t have the actual cartridges. wiihomebrewftw simply stated that people don’t RIP their own cartridges. Yes that does also include that the majority of emulator users play games they never owned, however, there’s bound to be at least ONE ROM of a game that you do not currently own.


    Sheesh, I mean thank god I didn’t miss out on the 64, because at least I go through memory lane with Wii64, but THERE ARE STILL GAMES I MISSED OUT ON! Are you saying I should never have played FFVII on WiiSX? Or all of the previous Final Fantasy games for that matter? Should I never play Conker’s Bad Fur Day?

    Simply because A. I didn’t own a Playstation SNES or NES or B. Because Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V and VI never saw the light of day here in Australia until the remakes came out for Playstation and/or DS, therefore it would have been impossible for me to own them in the first place, or C. Because the game was rated M and I was only 7? Maybe you should do some research as to why people actually emulate, I’ll give you a hint, THERE’S MORE THAN ONE REASON!

    So unless you want a full blown argument, I suggest shutting up right about now… nothing I have said is un-called for, as you have insulted the very person I am: a video games enthusiast dedicated to playing video games no matter how old they are….. except you call that sort of person a retarded idiot eh? Look in the mirror one day, it might clear up a few things. ;)

  57. @FED UP

    Lazy? I’ll put it to you this way: All 3 of us work full time jobs now – and it’s pretty damn hard to even find a good 30 minutes per day to do any kind of development, let alone even think of how to bugfix problems.

    I have a life outside of my work too, I buy and repair consoles etc for extra $ as I’m trying to save up for a house/family/future/etc. So basically this is how my day goes: I get up at 7am, work until 5:30pm, drive home, eat, have a shower, it’s now 7pm or so, if my gf comes over or I visit her/friends, you can forget it, the day is over and it’s time to wake up again and repeat the process. If it’s just me at home, I can either waste the 3-4hours I get on coding, or spend it doing other essential things like food shopping/personal time (watch tv, maybe actually PLAY a game for a change)/etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love to work on Wii64/WiiSX/etc, we all do, but we do all this for free, we aren’t forced to sacrifice our social and personal lives for ungreatful people (not all people are – but you certainly are) but we still do.

  58. @fed up.. ur full of shit dude.. btw emukidid and the other team do have a life! they dont have to fix or update a emulator for your pleasure! want an update? then donate and quit your bitchin! ..we should be thankful for the wii64 team for there work!

  59. @FED UP:
    Hmm, maybe you should consider working on their N64, PS1, and *insert name of mystery console here* emulators AND living a real-life during a financial crisis at the same time for the next few months… if you can manage to get some nice improvements on these emulators within that time, I’ll start listening to you. Until then though…

    @Matt: That’s MarioFan3 to you ;) (capital M, and a capital F)
    I’m not just being picky for the sake of it just so you know. :)
    It’s confusing because there’s someone called Mariofan3 (lower case f) and some guy called mariofan110 (lower case m, lower case f) both in the U.S.
    I dunno what their beef is, I came up with it years ago, as a File Name for Paper Mario TTYD…

    EDIT: Gah ninja’d by emukidid, beat me to the punch…
    It’s a rough time right now isn’t it? I agree with you 100% emukidid, I hope you spend as many evenings as you possibly can with your special one, it’s much more important than anything else… I wish I could do some coding for you while you do, I have complete free time right now… due to holidaying in another state, I cannot even see my special one for another week :( I have nothing to do except add to these comments ;)

  60. @fed up.. ur full of shit! be thankful that we at least get to play wii64/SX! want an update? then donate and quit ur bitchin! ..the wii64 tea. do have a life u know..

  61. @emukidd, Hey, you don’t need to listen to what FED UP said, because he’s wrong. What you, and the rest of the Wii64/WiiSX is nothing short of miraculous. The very thought of playing PSX and N64 on the same console is a very ingenious idea, if I say so myself! Keep up the good work and want to let you know that there are people who deeply appreciate your hard work!

  62. Thats very fucked up @Fed UP like forreal you should have kept that bullshit to yourself. you should be thankful even how long it takes. appreciate the things that come for free. c’ mon theres nothing free now, and days. And stop your bitching because nobody wanna hear your shit. so appreciate and being a bitch and wait or leave us the fuck alone. And wii64 team keep the good work up ( Two thumbs up )

  63. This flaming really needs to stop. Maybe once a video preview is posted, this thread will be closed.

  64. It’s just a troll who is bored and was doing what trolls do. Anyway, I hear you on the whole life thing emukidid. We can’t always do the things we want when life gets in the way. You and your team have done an excellent job thus far, and it will only be better when life permits.

  65. I’m thinking it’s either :

    Windows 3.X Emu.
    NAND Emu. (For safe WADs…Saw some talk ’bout this before..)
    Java Emu.

    I’d love a Java Emu that runs alongside the Opera channel…Guess it’d function like GCTs when running wii games?

  66. @Maijin

    Yeah… no. If you saw the June progress update, most people mentioned the Saturn and Dreamcast before emukidid said that “few people guessed correct about the upcoming emulator, one was even right on the money”

    In fact, none of those emulators were even mentioned in those 400-something comments.

    Also MarioFan, please tell me how the hell you edit your comments?

  67. well if emukidid said a guy was right one the money well im thinking somebody said something that has to do with money, or said something about money.


  69. I have a life too. I’m a college student, and a programmer on the side.
    I update my applications like crazy. My current one is usually updated more than twice a week.

    The other one is not updated as much since I have put over 5 years into it and it’s basically done.

    The first of the two is donation ware and the second is a one time fee (under $10).

    Also, I never said that I was working on an emulator or claimed that I could make one. You guys did.



    “emukidid: It’s called multi-tasking”

    – You sound very ‘busy’ with diversions.

  70. @FEDUP

    please link us to these amazing applications you are coding, so that we can all see how you are a better and faster coder than anybody else

    at first I would have said you were just a troll trying to get some attention, now it’s clear you are just another stupid impatient lamer (hint: the fact YOU choosed to have no social life and work on your stuff “like crazy” does not mean that ANYBODY should do the same)

  71. no need, I find it

    wow, this sure looks like very “original” apps, and after a quick I will not comment on the complexity of the work put in each release, the changelog speaks for itself :-/

    [1.943] – 9/21/2010
    – switched back to “donationware” due to technical difficulties.
    – added “Contribute” menu

    [1.942] – 9/21/2010
    – fixed: changing the column selection in prefs would display an error

    you sure have been working “like crazy”, you desserve some rest

  72. @FED UP

    Okay, I saw your OSX apps. You made 3 of them. Even though they are pretty useful apps, I honestly don’t think you can compare them to emulators of 5th gen consoles running on a system of which the specs are: 750MHz and 512MB RAM (Don’t quote me on that). Oh, and also, you’re expecting us to pay for something that WinRAR and 7-zip can easily do for free?

    “Also, I never said that I was working on an emulator or claimed that I could make one. You guys did.”

    Well then quit your bitching! You obviously don’t know how difficult it is to program an emulator!

    (Hopefully no one else responded to this guy before I did.)

  73. @FED UP, Once you figure out the difficulty of converting 64-bit NEC VR4300 CPU (N64) programming language to communicate with 32-bit IBM Broadway PowerPC programming language, let me know okay? Seriously, why do people like you have the audacity to come on this thread purely for the purpose of blurting out asinine comments? Either you’re a rabid PS3 fanboy, or you’re someone who’s totally oblivious when it comes to realizing how difficult it is to program emulators. If you want something to do, sue Sony for removing Other OS.

  74. i really dont understand why this guy @fed up. keeps saying shit. i really think he should just leave us alone becuase this guy i think @ fed up doesnt have anything to do like @wiihomebrewftw said “trolls when trolls doesnt have anything to do they try to start shit with other people”

  75. “Randomizer, I already took care of him.” Much appreciated. That guy was really pissing me off.

  76. What you guys have done is great, but seriously, I think it’s time to just quit. Is anyone still going to want to play an N64 Emulator on Wii when the PS4 and Wii 2 are out? It seems like a dead project to me.

  77. cant wait for an Wii64 update.. if it wasnt for the wii64 team i wouldnt play my childhood games again :) ur really the emulator gods!

  78. @FED UP
    Got a suggestion for you: Why dont you go F#$% your mother.
    The Wii64/SX team work hard at what they are doing. They have lives of their own, bills to pay and time to relax from long days.

    @Wii64/SX Team
    Dont pay any attention to ppl like that idiot. You guys are doing great. Cant wait till the next update and the new Emu. Keep up the good work

  79. I’d like to add,great job on getting sm64.ext versions working properly,cuz I hacked a sm64 ROM with GS codes converted by this formula:(80246000 up to 80333000 – 245000=converted GS code) This also works with codes that have 81,A0,and A1 on the left end of them.

  80. Don’t forget that the team doubtless make numerous updates on their own private svn. They have chosen to keep the development private, so this is why you don’t see many updates on the public svn.

  81. It only makes sense, I mean, if they updated the public svn it WOULD help make some bugfixes easier, but it would also create more reports of “OMG this part of the emu is broken now fix it!” which would slow the team down etc. :P

    It would also create a lot of complaints to those who don’t own the correct equipment to build upon (or even run) the source, as these people would be stuck with the last ‘official’ release, which would be inferior to the svn version.

    It all adds up, after each public release there is less work to be done, which means that updates will come a little more frequently as the emulators become more stable, up to the point where there’ll probably be an update as often as the NES and SNES emulators do.

    In due time that is, currently there’s an update for ‘something’ every 3-5 months from the Wii64Team, which leads me to believe that a release of some sort is coming in the next 1-9 weeks :)

  82. Hey guys I found a very interesting PC utility that lets you convert N64 save files from your PC and makes them for use with Wii64.

    I thought this might be useful for people who play Project 64 on their computer and dont want to start all over on Wii64.

    If you want to download it just click on the link.

  83. I’m sure I’m not the first person to post about this, but I, as well as many other Wii 64 fans, would love to see the ability to use Gameshark and Action Replay codes on future Wii 64 updates, if this is possible. I don’t know much about emulation as far as the Wii…

  84. i just hope that you guys make the psx and n64 emulator run at 90% speed, rather have psx then n64 because i want to play jumping flash so bad haha love the work though keep it up PLEASE!

  85. I hope that whenever wii64 does update,that the analog will work better because I cannot even come close to beating that race against the beetle in angry aztec as tiny in DK64 because of the problem with the analog not fully working.

  86. hey where can i info on wii2 or whatever it be called sorry for my randomness emukidd you take your time its ok also i was playing jetforcegemini and i was wondering how to fix the nightvision part because you cant see lumpus but it still work does not freeze

  87. I’ve never had problems with analogue sticks… or maybe that’s because I use a GCN controller :P
    I say let’s play Super Mario 64 the same way we played Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Smash Bros. the same way we played Melee and Brawl, or Mario Kart 64 the same way we played Mario Kart Double Dash and Wii, or (mainly) Ocarina Of Time the same way we played it on the GCN, or… nah you get the picture ;)
    I just like the idea of playing N64 games (not only again but also) 20% faster than I ever could… (PAL to NTSC conversion crap)

  88. Hmm, dunno what’s going on there then, my GCN controllers suffer me no issues… maybe I’m just lucky? Oh well, maybe you should steal my controllers while you wait ;)

    Meanwhile, I think I’ve re-developed my obsession with Blast Corps and now I’m hitting myself over the head trying to get over it, because… well, it’s getting me impatient just thinking about it…
    *tries to think about something else* “…hmm Youtube…” *looks up Blast Corps videos* “oh god dammit it ain’t workin, somebody help me!”

  89. I got an idea, why dont you make 2 sepparate Google code issues page?? One for the svn and another one for the official release (if you ever give acces to the svn to everyone) that way there’s not gonna be people complaining about new bugs on the svn (maybe make it a private development place for people with the neccesary tools and knowledge to compile)

  90. @Chris:
    As if using the Backlash wasn’t hard enough to use with a controller, let alone on a keyboard! ;) I want to use my T.V with controller… and besides, even using an emulator on my computer doesn’t work make it work… that’s why I’ve been saying I can’t wait to play Blast Corps again, because I’ve been waiting to “somehow” play it again for 7-8 years now… Wii64 is currently the best N64 emulator that’s available to me…

  91. Oh by the way (I’m pretty sure everyone else has noted this already but) exactly 1 year ago Wii64 Beta 1 was released… wow that year went quick eh?
    Go anniversaries!

  92. @Billy

    The next update? Probably in a few weeks or so.

    Either it’s

    A) a progress update

    B) the next version of Wii64

    C) a teaser video for the next version of Wii64 (most likely this)

    Or D) the revelation of what the third emu will be of.

  93. Im just glad the wii64 team hasnt forgot the wii64/sx emulators. my opinios is that wii64 is the most requested emulator right? lol. i would donate to u guys but as long as we live in a fuck up ecodomy i could barely donate 5$

  94. Either way, it’s gonna be one heck of an update! I can only imagine how much Wii64 and WiiSX have improved (such as Mystical Ninja 64 and Final Fantasy VII-IX being playable in dynarec)!

  95. Also, MarioFan3, you have GOT to tell me how you edit comments. I thought I could do it via Chrome’s “Inspect Element” option, but it didn’t work.

  96. lol. sorry i meant to say opinion not opinios. but anyway WOW ur right its been a year when the 1st beta came out. happy aniversary! lol.. i just hope theres an update soon..

  97. Oh wow! Happy Anniversary Wii64 team!

    When I got the Homebrew Channel, Wii64 was the first thing I downloaded for it. I still remember that… Awesome.

  98. What I really want to do with Wii64 is to be able to play Rare’s games (since most will not be on VC), and play the ones that arent on VC yet (like Mario Party, 2, and 3, which work almost perfect =D).

    And yes, I buy my games from the Virtual Console, unlike most of you.

    And dont give me the “They are too expensive” bullcrap. They are all $10, and most N64 games (the really good ones like Mario, Zelda, etc) are WAY over $10 so dont be talking.

    I bought Mario 64 twice (N64, AND VC), Im thinking about selling my 64 with all its games once I can play all the games on the Wii.

  99. @GRUMPYx323:

    Well i think every single update is very important, because each new update shows that the Yabause team is getting closer and closer to releasing a playable beta.

    And plus they added support save settings, which I think is very important.

  100. @josh. yeah ur right on that one. but wow its on beta 14 it sure did update fast huh? have u tried DesMume?

  101. @josh:

    Just a little fact…

    Every release of Yabause Wii is NOT made by the Yabause Team, they’re unofficial releases made by someone else.

    I cannot speak about the emulator, since I haven’t tried it and I’m not interested. But by your words: “is getting closer and closer to releasing a playable beta”, then those releases should not be called Betas, but alpha stages or rev of the emulator.

    Anyway, I’m quite hyped about the upcoming release the Wii64 Team has for us. By the look of things and emukid’s words, we may have news of the new emulator sooner than an update about Wii64.

    Whatever the update might be, it sure will be awesome!

  102. @Shadow:

    Oh really, I never knew that.Well, just as long as somebody makes a sega saturn emulator so then i could play sonic blast.


    And yes i have tried DesMume, and i think its going pretty well.

  103. I doubt it that theres goin to be a new Wii64 update. not anytime soon. lol i hope im wrong. proof me wrong wii64 team! proof me wrong! lol ..keep up the good work wii64 team!

  104. i hope harvest moon back to nature will work for a new update soon, thats the only game i want for wiisx and it stays at the PS logo, doesn’t run (cries)

  105. Okay I admit it, it’s nice to hear about progress going on the other projects and all, because it reminds me that Wii64 has also been undergoing progress… and a lot of it too, it’s been a little over 7 months since Beta 1.1 so… wow, I wonder how many things have changed since then?

    Ah well, when the Wii64Team are ready for a release, I say maybe they should have fun and tease us with a preview for a while, and hold the release for a few weeks :D

  106. lol just finish playin goldeneye on the wii64.. it sucks on multiplayer because the first player screen keeps flashing! ..all i kno the new update will have goldeneye playin at full speed. oh n dont forget perfect dark

  107. BTW. whos gettin the new goldeneye remake? i heard it sucks.. i seen some previews but not to bad.. to bad pierce brosnan its not on this game. hes the best james bond ever on my opinion

  108. What is it with remakes these days? Goldeneye is one of those games that shouldn’t be touched… *sigh* stop it with the remakes already Nintendo! *cough3DScough*

  109. theres alot of remakes comin. next year the legend of Zelda ocarina of time 3DS also.. theres more.

  110. Im hoping that we will get scared by wii64 updating on halloween,but all we can do is wait.

    (At least a teaser video,and later release by christmas day).

  111. it suxx also because the new zelda gam was soppose to be release next month. now we gotta wait until april 2011! all i kno they changed the date to add better graphics n some other stuff. thats what i heard though

  112. They’re also releasing a Donkey Kong Country Returns…I can’t wait.But I think it’s going to be a little different without RARE in the picture, now since they’re working for Microsoft.

  113. @josh, wow, Rare still exists!? I thought they died when they started working for Microsoft. But seriously, I’m looking forward to any videos in the near future.

  114. Well Rare basically IS dead, different staff nowadays, the name and logo has changed since their N64 masterpiece days (used to be RareWare with the blue and gold logo, now they’re just Rare with the gold logo) only a name and nothing more these days, releasing average games for 360 every now and again…
    Seeing as the original founders left shortly after they joined Microsoft, I think that says Rare is screwed. :P

    Oh, and I too, am looking forward to videos in the near future :)

  115. @MarioFan3. yup true i read about all that i also heard that the people who worked for rare they are involved with the Donkey kong country returns and goldeneye remake

  116. also. as long as RARE is workin for microsoft, we will never see goldeneye, perfect dark and conker on the Virtual console. unless they make an agrement witch i doubt it lol. but Wii64 made our dreams come true! we still get to play rare games on the wii!

  117. Speaking of Microsoft…Microsoft is the sorriest piece of company out there.I mean look at their Xbox 360, The thing barely runs without it breaking every few seconds, and they’re such cheapskates, I mean, do they seriously need to pay people for playing online???and plus if you want to buy a game you need to buy this, If you want to play a movie you need to buy this, and if you want to play an original xbox game you need to buy this. And I was thinking “I seriously need to buy a 120$ hard drive to just play a halo game i bought for 15 bucks.And also their online and phone support sucks. I was stuck on the phone for 1 hour asking how I can fix my xbox from the “Three Ring Of Death”. And when i finally got tired of waiting on the phone i googled “how to fix xbox 360 Three Ring Death” and some genius told me that i needed to wrap my xbox around a whole bunch of towels and turn it on for about 10 minuets and then boom it was fixed. I was amazed at how cheaply made this system was. to think i was going to pay 80 bucks for them to fix my xbox when all i needed to do was to get towels.

    woooooooo.That blew off some steam. c:

  118. That is sad because I have had my gamecube for a really long time and the only problems is that the sticker on the disc holding joint came off,the lid opening button gets stuck sometimes where I only have to jiggle it loose, and it has been through many power surges while being used,but after all that,it still runs perfectly fine.

  119. Hahaha, I have the opening button issue with my GCN also. Mine’s been dropped on concrete before when moving house or the cord was tripped over… I’ve slammed the cover in frustration many a time after “NO DISC” would show up… even though it takes a while to read the discs it still reads them it and it works fine…

    The saddest part is my Wii’s drive is dead and fails to read my GCN discs after 5 minutes every time… reminds me of my DS Phat and DS Lite… My DS Lite has a broken L button, the hinge that holds the two screens together is cracked and might break any day… whilst my DS Phat only has the labeling on the back peeled off, but the hardware itself works completely fine…

    I dunno, maybe Nintendo are using cheaper materials these days? Then again, those analogue sticks on N64 controllers WERE easy to break… Mario Party didn’t help that cause very much, nor did it help your palms either XD

  120. @josh

    Well, my brother is probably lucky. His 360 only broke twice so far (and it’s getting repaired from the 2nd one right now), and he had it since launch.

    That being said, they shouldn’t break like that. The fact that there are LED arrangements for when the console breaks is not a very good sign of quality.

    Other than that, everything else we have owned has worked quite fine, except for my N64, which was my fault mostly.

    And @MarioFan

    I actually heard of stories like: A guy’s Gamecube getting trapped in a 24-hour flood, and it working perfectly after, a guy’s DS Lite getting snapped in half COMPLETELY, and it still working when he put it back together somehow.

    Also, did you try blowing into the L button socket?

  121. I still can’t believe my gamecube still works after nine years (got it day one), which tells me how well built it was. I’ve had my N64 for twelve years and that too still works fairly well (need to blow the dust off), and I have an old Super Famicom that still works as well (games’ saves are still intact). *Sigh* I have a feeling this discussion’s gonna get out of hand.

  122. I have a screen problem with my ds lite (one of my parents musta dropped it when I was grounded[they deny it]).

    And its hinge is broken on the right side,the top screen randomly blacks out so I have to bop at it to get the screen back on,and the worst part is that I have to hold the top half the entire time because it closes shut or falls back because of the hinge.

  123. ^Wow I have the same problems with my DS Lite, crack in the hinge on the right hand side (next to the power light) and having to hold it up all the time.

    Hmm well as the_randomizer said, this discussion is kinda getting outta hand so… let’s talk about Wii64Team stuff guys!
    How about it, what do you guys want the next blog post to be about?

    What’s been going on behind the scenes lately?
    A teaser video for an upcoming Wii64 build?—I’m on this one—
    Is it the release of a new Wii64 build?
    The new emulator’s revelation?

    (Hmm, how many people are gonna notice?)

  124. No one can argue about this…
    But to me, NIntendo has one of the best console quality.

    I mean, come on. I still have a working NES as of today. xD
    Same with all the other Nintendo consoles I own, they all work perfectly.
    Or maybe I’m just lucky and treat them well? O.o

  125. @josh

    You do know why wrapping it in towels makes it work again right? The reason this problem happens is because the Xclamp is starting to bow in because of the console getting so hot over and over again, when you wrap it in towels it pretty much resets the console into thinking it never happened, so it will eventually happen again. Yeah, it does need a hard drive so the emulator can run, the Emulator files have to be stored somewhere and no you don’t have to pay $120 for a hard drive, its called buy an official one from ebay for way cheaper or hack a 2.5″ hard drive yourself, a 250GB hacked one is usually only about $50 or so. I purchased my console in 2007 of December and i’ve had to send it in once 9 months after I purchased it and it was under warranty so it was free. You have to purchase what to play what game and purchase what to play what movie? There are lots of things you can complain about the 360 for but making things up isn’t even logical. I can agree that phone support was total CRAP. It doesn’t seem to be QUITE as bad as I was actually able to cancel PSU within 10 minutes while I thought it was going to take an hour for something so simple.

    I’m guessing that your 360 recently broke, if you aren’t willing to pay $80 and it sounds like your warranty is out then, you could fix it yourself by purchasing an X Clamp and replace all of that yourself BUT you would have to open your 360 up WHICH would VOID the warranty and Microsoft won’t touch the console if the warranty sticker is broken.

  126. Hey c’mon guys, (though DarkScyth is right) let’s try to stay on topic here…

  127. @shadow. the NES was a pain in the ass lol. it will reset it self during gameplay. i remember i would used alcohol so it wont reset. but it sure did brought good memories though. this days kids only care about graphics no offence to some young people here

  128. Sorry, it was just that MarioFan tried to stop the fight, but he was failing, so I took a more aggressive approach.

  129. @GRUMPYx323:

    Yeah, the cassettes were quite a pain just to get them running. You could blow in the rack like 20 times and still get a pink screen. xD

    Nevertheless, the NES was the beggining of all of this, and I agree with you. People nowadays are way TOO focused on graphics. Back then graphics was not an issue and games were unique in their own style.

    Games this days are becoming way too generic and lack good ideas.


    What topic should we stay on? XD

  130. When we were talking about Wii64Team stuff, seeing as this is their blog and all…

    Oh by the way, I know where you people are coming from and I agree… games these days are a bit too generic and lacking original ideas… focusing too much on fancy graphics, and most of them are an FPS… Hint as to why I’m a fan of old video games, I may only be 16 but I have an obsession with old video games…
    There are a few good games out there from recent years (Mother3) but not as many as there used to be…

    The way I see it, gameplay is the key, as long as you can tell the difference between items the graphics don’t bother me, the N64 is the thing I love most for the absolute classic masterpieces for it (despite their age) such as OoT, Lylatwars (this has aged very well), not to mention all the RareWare games as well

    (I also love playing Shark! Shark! from time to time on the old Intellivision, despite its controller :D )

  131. i still have my nes, snes, N64, Gameboy. there somewhere in the basement lol. but now i own them all together on the homebrew ch, nintendo may not have good graphics but it sure does have good gameplay. like zelda, metroid ect :) am i right? or am i wrong?

  132. The boy (Mariofan3) speaks the truth…

    There are games getting released everyday that can’t even touch SMW on super Nintendo. It really is about the game play. I haz a Nintendo Wii. And hbc and wii64 are used. However my N64 works fine still And I will say now. My favorite game is still the Banjo Kazooie series. Its neat graphics, awesome storyline and game play and controls are fantastic.

    New graphics are neat. No doubt but remember it is the most simple of games what have dominated the gaming world. Mario, Zelda, Banjo Kazooie. all on the one console often. There are games with awesome graphics and amazing story and game play still being released today (Try FF7 Crisis core. (Perhaps the best game to ever be created). But N64 is still fantastic and age wont change it.

  133. ^Try Mother3 and come back to me :P
    No game is the best ever, there are always cons to a game.
    It’s funny, because most of my favourites are RareWare games and most of RareWare’s games were on N64… go figure…

  134. i need help im a noobie and i got homebrew and all the backup disk (woo ive been playing supermariogalaxy2 and new super mario Bros) stuff working but i cant for the life of me get this working ive put the folder in the root of my SD card (1GB made for Wii by SanDisk) and nothing … then i tried putting it in an apps folder like alot of other programs required and still nothing PLEASE help me. me and my buddies REALLY wanna play Goldeneye all the roms are loaded in the correct folders and everything im just waiting to install it

  135. well alot of people have there own opinion on wat games are the best. my opinion is that ocarina of time and majoras mask are the best games ever for the n64. oh! n also goldeneye and perfect dark. alot of people have the same opinion as i do.. some dont.

  136. Reeeeally hoping to see updates to WiiSX and Wii64 soon. Lot of bugs to work out and I’m sure there’s a lot that CAN be done to improve on them. Excellent work though so far, guys! Both of them play quite a lot at full speed. Most of the bugs I’ve been having in Wii64 are cosmetic like crackling sound or the occasional missing geometry.

  137. When is the new freakin’ update Emu_Kidd?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! ?

  138. @mikequad:

    OK when you download wii64 you should have an apps and a wii64 file. open up your sd card and put the wii64 file in the first box that opens then go to the apps folder in your sd card and drag and drop the wii64 file in the apps file you just downloaded. Right after that you go to the first page of your sd card and go to the wii64 file and there should be a roms and a saves file. put your roms into the roms folder. If you have any questions or problems feel free to e-mail me at

  139. Great work Wii64 team!! Loving your work so far, I’m VERY happy with WiiSX and Wii64! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

  140. @GRUMPYx323

    “as long as RARE is workin for microsoft, we will never see goldeneye, perfect dark and conker on the Virtual console”

    The only what Nintendo did is sell all the IPs of Rare to Microsoft. GoldenEye was never sold GoldenEye and they can put it on VC. Unfortunately, Activision has the copyright of James Bond.

  141. Hmm instead we got Perfect Dark for XBLA, which was not exactly like the original as graphics were enhanced, and some physics were changed (fail)

    Conker’s Bad Fur Day was MASSIVELY changed in XBLA, completely redoing all the dialogue in some parts (epic fail)

    Banjo Kazooie and Tooie XBLA for on the other hand wasn’t too bad, touching up on text along with other minor details (references, logos etc.) I still prefer the original though… although fixing the Stop ‘N’ Swop feature was actually a nice addition… and finally we’re getting a very pathetic looking Goldeneye remake, which will never stand up to its N64 predecessor.

    Way to go, let’s just keep on ruining the classical N64 RareWare titles, games that should never be touched. Either you re-release them the way they were or you don’t release them at all… they’re damaging these masterpieces, and it’s through people like collectors and Wii64 users, that provide enough hope for the preservation of their memory…

  142. Okay I finally admit it, the idea of playing Blast Corps is literally driving me crazy. I’ve discovered that Wii64 Beta 1.1 beats sixtyforce and mupen64 already.

    In terms of running Blast Corps, the intro doesn’t run as fast on Wii64 compared to the other emulators, and the logos themselves are also displayed better through Wii64… unfortunately every other emulator (that runs on my 6 yr old Mac) also crashes on the intro (not that I like the use of keyboards anyways :P )

    Damn, Wii64 Beta 2 is my only hope to play this game, hope it’s soon *fingers crossed* Gah, I’m getting impatient! XD

  143. @MarioFan3:

    Yeah, I can relate.
    Wii64 Beta 2 is my only hope to play Resident Evil 2 on my Wii. due to Capcom and Nintendo being lazy enough to not even try to make a virtual Console release of that game.

    Not fair, since PS3 has almost every Resident Evil from the PSX released in the PSN.

    Please guys, make RE 2 playable! xD

  144. hey guys i just brought this brand new nyko wnad wii mote from gamestop with a classic pro. and i sync it to my wii thousand of time but ever time i try to play a game the wiimote flash’s then turns off, and when i turn it back on my classic pro doesn’t wanna work can anybody help me???

  145. @mike007

    Synchronize your Wii Remotes. Classic Controller PRO doesn´t work with Wii64/SX yet.

  146. Instead of waiting for rare games working, im waiting for those glitches fixes in diddy kong racing and tetrisphere :p

  147. libogc has been updated to 1.8.4!
    (I think that’s a good thing for all of us, although, I don’t know why xD)

  148. @mike007

    Not to be an ass or anything, but Nyko’s are junk. They don’t work with a lot of homebrew apps/games and sometimes they don’t work with official wii games.

  149. Hey Wii64 team, are you guys still fresh on funds? I’m just wondering because I might donate some money. Please reply.

  150. @Juanmatron, what are you talking about? The Classic Controller work complete fine for me on Wii64. WiiSX does have major issues with this controller, however, so I agree with you on that issue. Here’s hoping we get a preview video showcasing the progress made in the past eight(or is it nine?) months :)

  151. @wiihomebrewftw
    na dude thats not being a ass. well i do think its the truth becuase my old nintendo wii mote works just fine with the classic pro, and on the official wii games. so im just gonna have to buy a official wii mote and get rid of the piece of shit Nyko wii mote i have.

  152. I’ve had plenty of experience with third-party stuff to know not to trust them ever again. We got a charger for our Wii Remotes 3 years back: “just sit them on top and it charges them, no need to take out the batteries!”

    Sounds great right? But it was too good to be true as about a month later, our Wii Remotes blew up/stopped working completely. There was nothing we could do, the Wii Remotes were physically impossible to get working again, so we had to buy new ones (after throwing the charger in the trash with a lot of force)

    With you on that one, except It’s been 7 1/2 months :P

  153. Speaking of wii64/wiisx can someone inform me if netplay is possible for wii64/wiisx and if so is it a future goal/being worked on . ?

  154. ^Yes, it is a future goal, how soon we will see it however I do not know. I do know that it isn’t of priority at the moment, as compatibility and saving issues are probably the two main things being focused on right now.
    Once these issues are resolved, I believe they will hand more attention to their 3rd emulator and then, yes, additional features such as Netplay to Wii64 and WiiSX.

  155. @MarioFan

    Was that the Nyko charger? If so, then I might have had the same one.

    Their Wireless Nunchuck’s are pretty awesome, though. I have one that was made before the redesign.

  156. Weird. I’ve had a two-controller Nyko charger for over two years and I never so much as had a problem with it. Mad Catz, however, makes the worst third party peripherals in existence. They took over gameshark, their controllers suck, and well, they’re the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

  157. on a curious note…

    Has anyone noticed that each week we get less and less Virtual Console games released?
    And if they do release one it’s at most a VC Arcade game…

  158. I chatted with Tantric the other day on #wiidev and he said that as of libogc 1.8.4, they had fixed the USB corruption bug that had been reported in his emulators and WiiMC (the bug itself was in libogc), so I’m hoping that’s the “wrinkle” you were referring to in regards to the USB2.0 code. I understand that any major update in support libs can cause linking errors that are a pain to fix, but I’m really hoping for an official USB2.0 release soon, even if there aren’t a lot of other improvements (although I hope there are!), official USB2.0 support would be awesome :)

  159. @Shadow, that’s why I’ve resorted to hacking my wii. VC support is at an all-time low, and it ain’t gonna get better anytime soon.

  160. I just hacked it because I used to have a crappy school laptop that couldn’t run an N64 emulator (And a PSX one at an extremely low framerate). Now that I have a more powerful computer, I just use it so I could play them on my TV.

  161. if wii64 team does make a dreamcast emu. then they have to make it internet ability.
    i think nintendo is to busy making games they are not worry about the VC. i also think that the homebrew channel is the new and free VC. the homebrew channel is better because eveything is free and you can get any game you want for free than paying for it on the VC. also the VC really doesn’t have any good games. like they just add dumb games when we wait for like four weeks for a game a really horrable game. so i think the homebrew channel is the new free VC..

  162. ^That, and the fact that VC games still suffer the same NTSC-PAL conversion issues from 10-20 years ago!
    I mean seriously, look at Lylatwars for christ sake, flashing effects don’t work properly, the lava effect is distorted, Aquas has obvious targeting cursor issues, and IT STILL RUNS AT THE MERE PAL 50HZ!

  163. Okay, the fact that a DC emu is already being worked on by Raziel, Arikado, and many others is starting to make me think the secret is a Saturn emulator.

  164. Yabause is a joke. The Wii64 team could do a MUCH better job. Plus they would add 12 player support, as they quickly added 8 player support for Wiisx. I mean, who doesn’t want 11 of your friends and family playing a video game with you? ;)

  165. @ chris
    i get what you mean by the dc emu being worked on by other peolpe, but it wouldn’t make sense if they make a sega saturn emu if we already have one. we all know the sega saturn/ yabause emu is a joke and the wii64 team can make it super good but i think that they should just add on besides remake already emu like the Yabause, but i could be wrong..

  166. @LinkMario1, The VC has some really good games, so I agree with you on that. However, games that were promised to be released, such as Earthbound, were never released, due to asinine legal issues. Other games, such as Mystical Ninja 64, Hybrid Heaven, Final Fantasy VI don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of ever being released due to NOA’s (foolish) decisions, since they are the ones who decide what and when to release a game. On top of that, MP3s (which I own) can also be played (Nintendo for some reason dropped MP3 in favor of AAC)on WiiMC. But with Snes9x, Wii64, etc, I can play the games I own, but can’t get off the Shop Channel due to Nintendo’s draconian methods.

  167. well in my opoion about the VC its really bad. however i just wish that there was a homebrew that you can surf through the web not like the wii internet channel that one is not very well because its like a cell phone you know if you have internet on you cell phone it comes in the lite version. i wish there was a homebrew that was like a computer when you get on the net it be nice to watch adult swim on my wii or other web sites. but i can only wish

  168. The VC does have some good games…

    However, it has good games, but not the GREAT games that made the N64 such a great console with unique games.

    That’s the main flaw in the VC system, and all because of damn Copyrights…

  169. And that’s where Wii64 and WiiSX come in handy, to overcome stupid copyright issues that prevent re-releases of N64/PSX games. So glad I hacked my wii.

  170. @mike

    Yes it would make sense to do a Saturn emu. You can’t even count Yabause as being an actual emulator. You’re just really hoping for a DC emu, I know. But what makes the Saturn shine imo, is the fact that there are real 12 player games. And with the wii that would be possible (4 wiimote, 4 CC, 4 GC). At the very beginning they mentioned the secret emu right before the latest WiiSX. And I posted about why it would be the Saturn emu. My explanation was very detailed. They then said someone was right on the money. I believe that to be me. :)

  171. Wait a sec, so when I get off topic people get cranky but other people do it and then its ok. Hmm interesting. Considering that most of the comment aren’t even really directly related, its all off topic, really with the only exception of “ZOMG WHEN EMULATOR COME OUT?” Besides those post, which don’t even help anything, everyone is off topic, including the people who say you’re going off topic and even me for making this post explaining all of this. It happens. So there isn’t really a need to freak out over it.

    Slightly on topic. I can now say that I rip my own N64 game :D For some reason the feeling is quite awesome, I guess because most people can’t do that. Taking the 64 apart was a big win :D Of course I can no longer put it together and it be functional, I have another one so big win in my book.

  172. ^I’ve tried to make things on topic but clearly failed, also adding to some discussion with my last few posts on here. I’ve just given up, and I check here 3 times a day hoping that some news or “on-topic-ness” has sprung up… I wonder when the “When’s the next update?” question will get asked again? ;)

  173. ^MarioFan3: So….when is the next update going to surface? LOL.
    From what I have heard, Yabause isnt really a good Saturn Emu due to not being able to run certain games. Im sure that Wii64/SX team can do a damn better job. Right now trying to get it running on my PS3 but it just returns to the XMB which sucks……. speaking of PS3, is the Wii64/SX team considering making something for the PS3?? That would be SWEET :D .
    As for comments about VC not having good games and not releasing anything from Rare:
    Donkey Kong Country Returns is supposed to come out late next month. Hopefully after that comes out, they will release DK64 and other Rare games. If not, someone will just make a Injected Wad of the game. Kind of like the Super Mario 64 2 Wad that is a really good challenge unlike the regular SM64.

  174. WAD files are useless, emulators are far more superior and stable. Your chances of bricking your Wii firmware are next to zero. Snes9x, FceuGC, Genplus and VBAGX can run infinitely more games than WAD files could ever hope to play. Just sayin’. But anyways, here’s hoping we get an annoucement soon!

  175. @wiihomebrewftw
    i get what you mean about the 12 player things that really fancy, but you never know what they are gonna do you know. however we do has something in common we do want to have these emu. well that goes for everyone. but the only thing i can say is that you will never know what they will do. and i do agree about the saturn emu. thats its not a emu its a joke. and if the wii64 team does make it i know it will be good.

  176. Just to be clear about Saturn emulation:

    -the current Yabause Wii port is not endorsed by the Yabause team, it’s maintained by someone who obviously have no competence in emulator programming as he is only adding minor modifications related to the interface or stupid common stuff like controller or USB support (better have the emulator optimized and compatibility fixed before touching that if you want my opinion). Clearly said, all those revs you see frequently appearing on Wiibrew are pointless and someone should tell him to do something more productive with his coding skills.

    - Saturn emulation is damn complex, way more than N64 or DC emulation, so don’t expect Team Wii64 to make any miracles. Remember they didn’t write PCSX or Mupen64, they “just” ported these existing emulators and did a wonderful optimization job because they knew the Wii CPU and GPU pretty well. But the rest (emulation of th console hardware) was already done. That’s why a Saturn emulator will most certainly never be made from scratch, if will be based on an open-source and portable project and since Yabause is actually the only one in this category, I bet that if the secret project is indeed a Saturn emulator, it will be an optimized port of Yabause, with SH2 dynamic recompilation, PPC assembly and fancy GX tricks that Wii64 Team seem to be the only ones able to do…

  177. @the_randomizer
    I completely agree with you! I have Earthbound on the SNES9x GX too!

    I use the emulators to get the games I cant buy off the Shop Channel.

    I am really hoping Nintendo releases Donkey Kong 64 by the time Donkey Kong Country Returns is out, I have that game on N64 but I want to play it on the Wii because it looks better (I even gots the component cables <3) and I dont have to dig out the N64 from the closet.

    They are releasing Mario Party 2(in Europe so far) a little after Wii Party (which ticks me off because the one I dont have is the 1st one, but Wii64 plays that decently).
    I hope that NOA forgets about what NOE is doing and release MP1 too :L

    They should’ve supported both MP3 and AAC :L converting to AAC takes too long…(if you have a lot of music like I do…)

  178. @Shadow
    No great N64 games??
    Whatever happened to Ocarina, Majora, Mario 64, Smash Bros, Starfox 64, Mario Kart 64???? Those are some damn great games in my book =P

  179. @LinkMario1:

    Yeah I know those are damn awesome, but come on… There are still a lot of great games from the N64 library that are missing from the VC. =P
    And if you notice, all of those you mention are first party. We want some third party N64 games too…

  180. Hey guys we forgot about something very important…..

    As from the update listed above emukidid said, “We’re also planing on releasing builds with IOS58 support, but we’ve been waiting for the libogc USB2 wrinkles to be ironed out.”

    Well guess what? As of October 3rd libogc has released a 1.8.4 version which now supports USB 2.0 support through ios 58+.

    And i’m just observing that ever since the June 2010 Progress update and the WiiSX Beta 2 Release that we waited up to 23 days for the new beta. So I’m just guessing the it’s been at least a month and 4 days since the last update plus an extra month and 24 days from the Classic Controller (and Pro) calibration test data that this year will be a kick ass beta release.

    And by the way everyone… was I staying on topic or was I staying on topic?

  181. @Shadow
    I think the reason the N64 library doesnt have much stuff (and nothing 3rd party that I know of) is because they want to save some games to release on a “rainy day” and the Wii’s successor.

    Sounds exciting! Can’t wait to play Banjo, etc!! =D

  182. @Shadow
    oops, forgot about Paper mario and in my honest opinion- Yoshi Story (I loved that game so much!) those are first party tough, what about the Ogre battle 64? Ive never played that before, im more into Nintendo’s franchises as you probably know already :)

  183. Nintendo and RareWare pretty much made the N64 work, most of my favourite N64 titles came from them.

    If Nintendo and RareWare hadn’t made any games for the N64, there actually wouldn’t be very many good titles left to choose from would there? I know there are some (like Rogue Squadron) but not many… scary huh?

  184. nya…
    The N64 had plenty of NON Rare and Nintendo Gems…
    For instance:

    SF Rush 2049
    Turok (All)
    Castelvania (Both)
    Mischief Makers
    Tsumi to Batsu
    Rogue Squadron
    The World is Not Enough
    Body Harvest
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Rayman 2
    Resident Evil 2
    Beetle Adventure Racing
    Ridge Racer
    Tony Hawk Games
    Worms Armageddon
    Command and Conquer
    Harvest Moon

    and this list goes on… And those are all NON Nintendo or Rare games ;)

  185. ^josh:
    Unofficial r2604 beta16 – Oct. 16, 2010
    add special color setting menu (default on, off: a little faster, but lower compatibility)
    some minor fixes and changes
    So is there any improvements?

  186. @Spike:
    Although most of the games you mentioned aren’t my style, I admit that you’ve made a good and valid point there. :)

    This is all opinion folks, most of my faves were from Nintendo and/or RareWare :D

    P.S: I was making a statement based upon my own opinion, heheh sorry for the mis-understanding.

  187. usb 2.0 will be nice. The only thing I worry about is it not working because I use cIOS. I couldn’t get wii64/wiisx to recognize my HDD. It was only until I used the usb2.0 mods that it would finally recognize my drive. I don’t wanna be punished for using backups LEGALLY.

    It’s been a month team, any update?

  188. I can’t wait till WiiSX has interpolated sound, SPUAsync, reverb and better classic controller support! Not only that, but I’m looking forward to the day Mystical Ninja 64 works and games like Final Fantasy VII through IX are playable! HAHAHAHA!!

  189. Any chance of a slightly update beta or any video footage? I think I’ve run out of things to test…then again I only have a handful of games.

  190. Me and my lady agree, there are not many other things we would like to donate to besides you guys again once another good release comes out…This is meaningful work guys!

  191. yeah i kinda like glover. oh and i forgot mystical ninja. shame on me!

    i know its just opinion. i just love lists XD

  192. Spike, how could you not put Rocket Robot on Wheels on that list? If you haven’t played it, go do it now. It feels like a Rareware title because it’s so good.

  193. havent played it yet but ill add it and goemon too^^
    and ill keep glover just for the sake of completeness…

  194. Have another take on my “Good N64 Games” list:

    Nintendo Games:
    Super Mario 64
    Paper Mario
    Kirby 64
    Zelda (Both)
    1080 Snowboarding
    DR. Mario 64
    F-Zero X
    Mario Kart 64
    Wave Race

    Rare Games:
    Banjo Kazooie
    Banjo Tooie
    Blast Corps
    Conkers Bad Fur Day
    Donkey Kong 64
    GoldenEye 007
    Killer Instinct Gold
    Jet Force Gemini
    Perfect Dark

    Third party Games:
    SF Rush 2049
    Turok (All)
    Castelvania (Both)
    Mischief Makers
    Tsumi to Batsu
    Rogue Squadron
    The World is Not Enough
    Body Harvest
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Rayman 2
    Resident Evil 2
    Beetle Adventure Racing
    Ridge Racer
    Tony Hawk Games
    Worms Armageddon
    Command and Conquer
    Harvest Moon
    Rocket Robot on Wheels
    Mystical Ninja (Both)

  195. I’m pretty sure this next release will be able to play all those games; do we have any updates?

  196. They’ll update it soon. Remember, as emukidid himself said, that their real lives are sort of interfering with emulator development.

    That being said, they better have an update by early November.

  197. ^With you on that one, I hope a release is soon. I wonder what Beta 2′s compatibility will be like?

    Heheh, nice one… I’ll have to add to that list of Good N64 games though:

    Diddy King Racing
    Mario Golf
    Mario Party (all 3 of ‘em)
    Mario Tennis
    Pokemon Stadium (both)
    Super Smash Bros.
    WipEout 64
    Yoshi’s Story

    Other than that I think you’ve nailed them all! ;)
    Ah well I know it’s only opinion but eh, haven’t got much else to do XD

  198. Mario Tennis is FTW. Also Starfox 64. We played the crap outta that in apartment in college. Of course I was always the champ!

    And we can haz update ploz?

  199. Have another take on my “Good N64 Games” list:

    Nintendo Games:
    Super Mario 64
    Paper Mario
    Kirby 64
    Zelda (Both)
    1080 Snowboarding
    DR. Mario 64
    F-Zero X
    Mario Kart 64
    Wave Race
    Mario Golf
    Mario Party (all 3 of ‘em)
    Mario Tennis
    Pokemon Stadium (both)
    Yoshi’s Story
    Super Smash Bros.

    Rare Games:
    Banjo Kazooie
    Banjo Tooie
    Blast Corps
    Conkers Bad Fur Day
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Donkey Kong 64
    GoldenEye 007
    Killer Instinct Gold
    Jet Force Gemini
    Perfect Dark

    Third party Games:
    SF Rush 2049
    Turok (All)
    Castelvania (Both)
    Mischief Makers
    Tsumi to Batsu
    Rogue Squadron
    The World is Not Enough
    Body Harvest
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    Rayman 2
    Resident Evil 2
    Beetle Adventure Racing
    Ridge Racer
    Tony Hawk Games
    Worms Armageddon
    Command and Conquer
    Harvest Moon
    Rocket Robot on Wheels
    Mystical Ninja (Both)
    WipEout 64

  200. @Spike:

    Where’s Superman 64? =P
    Without that game, no Good games list is complete.


  201. Ok guys, this is completely unrelated to anything posted in this comments section so far, but I pulled the plastic shell off my wireless mouse connector while trying to unplug it! It was hilarious.

  202. lol okay. i once pulled the wire out of my mouse. i then gave it as a present to my brother telling him its wireless.
    he hit me with it :p

    id like to state here and now that i have played worse games than superman 64! (big rigs 2 anyone?)

    also, i so need an ios58 usb2 updateXD

  203. Wait, so Spike is also having troubles with USB2 on IOS58? I can’t play any games on Wii64 ever since I installed IOS58 because the SD card and USB2 can’t be detected by the emulator. Everything worked before I installed IOS58 and was on IOS202.

  204. no there wasnt, mistake on my part. sorry.
    oh there are so many worse games than superman 64…
    big rigs is a prime example. you ever heard of a sega game called CrazyBus? that is probably the worst piece of anything ever made. its so poor its not even a game. seriously… youtube crazybus for the sega XD

  205. Well, I thought “The Superman 64 award” would’ve settled the matter. Some games are just AWFUL… I’m so glad I value that “Seal Of Quality” :D

  206. @spike:do you have the latest version of the homebrew channel. Mine works fine with the IOS 58 installed.

  207. mine works too. i just want an official IOS58 USB2 version. its an amazing difference in speed. maybe even finally make castlevania work.
    crazybus may be unlicensed but what about garfield for NES?
    there are so many bad games, superman, while it sucks big balls, is hardly the worst. especially if you count PC games aswell…

  208. id sell you my granny for a Wii64 Update that plays Castlevania…
    You have to unburry her yourself though…

  209. Oh wait a second, scratch that…….it might be a beta release or a teazer video.But either way it’s going to rock!!!! XD

  210. My guess is that the teaser video is gonna hit the site really, really soon, like today soon….I think(?) Let me guess some games that I think will be playable at full speed:

    WiiSX -
    Final Fantasy 7-9
    Star Ocean 2
    Chrono Cross
    Crash Bandicoot 2
    Megaman X4-X6
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    Wii64 –
    Hybrid Heaven
    Mystical Ninja 64
    Goemon’s Great Adventure
    The Legend of Zelda (both)
    Jet Force Gemini
    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

  211. @the_randomizer:

    I think the team’s main focus was on the wii64 ever since the wiisx beta release.But it will be cool if they showed progress on both.

  212. What’s this? Oh boy, it’s an announcement of future announcements… I love those! :D

  213. Please, someone close this thread as soon as the progress update is announced, or better yet, like right now?

  214. C’mon guys, I thought that everybody was going to get hyped up for a new progress update coming soon, but I was wrong. :(

  215. appreciate the work guys keep it up!
    cant wait to play dk64 =)
    you probably know already but it randomly speeds up and slows down making barrel blast pads impossible and fo some reason banana fairies are uncatchable..

    anyway good looks on everything guys soon ill be able to retire my n64

  216. Oh, that’s right (D’OH!) I meant to say Wii64 Beta 2 will be awesome! Any hints as to when a teaser video will be posted?

  217. Well I hope SOMETHING happens soon. I can feel my patience starting to–never mind. I can wait.

  218. I just bought a CCPro today, been playing around on the emulators with it.
    Brilliant work guys,

  219. Nah, it won’t be a vid or release. As emukidid said, it will be a progress update.

  220. Yeah, It’ll contain the announcement of another future announcement which will contain the announcement of the next release! XD

  221. Great! I check the page vey ofthen and since I readed this
    emukidid Says:
    October 22nd, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Really, what? :P

    Progress update coming soon.

    I am very very impatient ;)

  222. wonder if the glitchy water on DKR has been fixed, and the white texture glithes on BK, it would be awesome if there fixed! :D can’t wait for the next wii64 release!

  223. Man, the wait is KILLING me! I can only imagine how awesome this progress update will be!

  224. USB2 has been improved in libogc 1.8.5. Will Wii64 be released with better USB2 support now?

  225. Man this update is making us crazy

    but, this crazy is making us update.

    Think about that people.

  226. @someguy:
    He is currently 40 comments above you :D lulz

    I will eat my hat if there’s a progress update before November. I will also fall off my chair and almost scratch my face off with shock, if Wii64 were to be updated as well.

    Regardless of when Wii64 is updated this year, I’m pretty sure I’ll just be staring at the screen with my mouth open for hours before even using it… kinda like I did last time Wii64 was updated hmm

  227. Out of Topic, but does anyone know whats wrong with Wiibrew/ Homebrew Browser?? I can’t access either :L

  228. I can access just fine using a cached page (so it still exists, I guess). As to why it’s acting this weird is beyond me. On top of that I can’t even run a ping test using the command prompt. IP Address: 100% packet loss. Looks like Hackmii passes the ping test, can be accessed, but with messed up text/missing pictures, etc. You don’t suppose that Nintendo….nah,

  229. Hmm, I’ve also had issues with the HBB… it gets up to finding just fine, but then sits there doing nothing for a while… after 10 minutes, it starting giving an error finding a list (or something) and then says “retrying” about 20 times before it covered the screen and I gave up…
    Well, at least I know it’s not a problem on my end… oh well, not like I’m going to be downloading anything from the HBB anyways… except maybe Wii64, but I always get it off here as it appears on this site before it’s on the HBB anyway :P

    Speaking of Wii64, I wonder what nickname (if any) it would get if it came out on Halloween… like how 1.1 was called “Honey”

  230. WTF? I can’t access but I can run a ping test with 0% packet loss? Okay….that’s weird. Emukidid, do you know what’s happening? Will the delay the announcement in any way?

  231. lol i thought nintendo took some action but nevermind. well back to the topic.. i just hope i could play wCw/nWo revenge on the next beta.. OH! and goldeneye and perfect dark, conker, and who can forget DK64!

  232. Yeah, just wanted to point out some people using inappropriate words is all. Looking forward to the update!

  233. @someguy

    I know some of the comments that were deleted:

    1. I thought Nintendo assraped Wiibrew.

    2. I think the word “assrape” is a bit too much, don’t you think?

    3. Just someone’s comment saying the word “assrape” over and over again. Who was that idiot? Wasn’t me that’s for sure.

  234. @the_randomizer
    What’s the point of locking this thread when the Wii64 update is released? Everyone will ditch this place and start spamming the next news post.

    I couldn’t get onto wiibrew until a few hours after the_randomizer could. Give it some more time and you’ll be able to access it. As for the Homebrew Browser, I don’t know when you can use it again or why it stopped working. Waiting some more is all you can do now.

    On Topic: Really hoping the next news post will be a release of Wii64 with IOS58 support. I’m going crazy over IOS58 support, you know.

  235. Confirmed. WiiBrew is back up. 0853 PST
    Keep up the good work Emukidid. Cant wait for the next release.
    Happy Halloween Everyone >:)

  236. i think emukidid is waiting for Halloween to release a very spooky update (ie – he will tell us it will still be a long time for a wii64 update is released)

  237. Nah, it’ll be something like “Wii64 has been canceled!!!”

    Actually I’ve got a better one “The update you’ve all been waiting for… *snigger* We don’t have anything to tell you, there is no update bahahahah!”

  238. Hey this might be off topic but, does anybody knows if the new red wii is hackable yet…cuz i wanna get one. :P

  239. @josh
    Yes, all Wiis are hackable.
    The only difference is that you won’t be able to install BootMii as boot2 and you won’t be able to play DVDs.

    You will also lose any Wii Shop purchases you have made because you can’t transfer the Wii Shop Account into a new Wii unless you call Nintendo.

  240. @LinkMario1: Thanks for the feedback.

    and on a side note: hope wii64 has boxart cover support in the next release. keep up the good work.

  241. I hope in the next release that pokemon is going to work =D
    Those old times are nice. Pokemon Stadium 1 with music =O
    All pokemon stadiums without any glitches =O
    Wooot. Would be the best release ever if most glitches/bugs of most games are fixed =D

    Take your time devs ;) . We will be patiently waiting for the awesome releases.

  242. @Chris
    You do realize that emu_kidid is doing all this for FREE right??

    You don’t have to be so rude, if you can’t wait then GTFO.

  243. I would make a comment about getting impatient and wanting a progess update, but then LinkMario1 would yell at me >_>

  244. @Chris, [sarcasm]hahaha, your too funny!! xD![/sarcasm]

    @someguy, Lol, I too want the update but I can wait.

  245. Don’t worry guys….In the June 2010 Progress Update we waited at least 3 weeks for a beta release….And it’s been a week since emukidid said there was an expected progress update, so Im just guessing that an update is coming really soon.

  246. Doctor Hartman:LinkMario there seems to be some blockage.

    Doctor Hartman:What is that?

    Doctor Sulu:MMM HELLO!


  247. Here we go again….

    First it’s the insults,
    Then it’s the cussing,
    Then it’s the peace,
    Then it’s the update….

    Then the whole cycle happens all over again….

  248. Lol, Im not even going to “come-back” since I don’t feel like dropping to y’alls’ level of maturity. What are y’all, 12 or something??

  249. Well, I know that 12 year old thing is not aimed at me (being 16), but still let’s try to keep things calm.

    *The following is aimed at some, not all*
    I have not played any games that were released after March 21st, 1997 for 4 months now, as I am purely waiting for Wii64 and (considering how long it’s been) I’ve remained relatively patient. I know the wait is killing us all but as I’ve said above let’s just keep calm about it alright?

  250. @someguy:
    Might be a Gerbil. I think it is Lemmiwinks. LOL.
    Hopefully we get a progress update soon. Wii64/SX team rocks. :D

  251. @spike:It is nice to see someone of older age is interested in this/these project/s.

  252. Well, I’m not gonna come back either, LinkMario1, because I’m not going to waste my breath on a 12-year old like you.

    (actually, I’m not really wasting any breath since I’m typing this, but oh well)

  253. It was aimed at Chris and someguy.

    Noticed how neither said their age? Lol. Grow a pair, both of you.

    I’m actually 17, you stupid pothead.

  254. Wow, the last thing we needed here is a fight.

    So, humans nature is:
    When there is no topic to talk about, pick on other people and fight.
    Or either respond in a rude way.

    Awesome behavior, but quite predictable. =P

    Just stop it, I don’t know if its the wait that’s getting on your nerves or what, but that won’t make the Wii64 Team to release the emulator any faster. xD

  255. thats true about that@ shadow.. this fight wouldnt happen if LinkMario1 wouldnt get on other peoples nuts lol no offence dude. sorry if i offended any one with the language. but anyway lets get back to the *TOPIC* can we all just get along? lol..

  256. oh-oh linkmario1 is mad now.
    guys seriously don’t make him mad. He’s link AND mario at the same time. that means he can find the triforce and shoot fireballs at the same time (as well as having some type of roden up his ass)

  257. Yeah, Shadow and you too Grumpy are right. I’ll chill down.

    Maybe it is the wait that has me like this, I check this site every day for an update and nothing shows up :L

  258. Arikado from WiiBrew is working on a Dreamcast Emulator. He also said he thinks he can achieve full speed…

  259. @Spike, is that the one emulator that is “really hard” to emulate or something along those lines? or is it the Saturn?

  260. “Some very well known emulator developers for Wii have recently signed on to work on it too.”

    The Wii64 team??? Lol

  261. Oh wow LinkMario1, I thought the same thing when I read his blog.

    And yes, the Saturn is the one that’s really hard to emulate.

    And a completely unrelated thing: The little sticker that says the CPU name just came off of my laptop, and now the sticker residue is all over my left hand.

    and to LinkMario1, I’m 14.

  262. im not really into fights but at least they entretainme, while I wait for the update, it have been quite for some time.
    im 22

    (sorry for my english, Im Spanish, Puerto Rico)

  263. Isn’t that update dated Oct. 10th.

    I think it’s pretty funny that were barely talking about this now.

  264. Can the Dreamcast emulator get enough optimization to run properly on the Wii? Well, if something as complex as the N64 (the first console to use a real 64-bit CPU), then so can the Dreamcast. This next update will be insane.

  265. The Wii64 Team has another 13 comments to post a new update on their progress at least, or this post will become the most commented one. =P

  266. Apparently so… 443 has been the most amount of comments ever on an emulatemii blog post if I remember correctly… well, I dunno if that’s gonna force them to do anything, but eh, that’s still a damn large number of comments

  267. We shouldn’t force them to do anything. We will simply bypass the number of posts in the previous thread. They’ll release it when they’re ready

  268. It does exist you twat, we’re always traveling through time… and hey look whaddya you know, we’ve just travelled several seconds *gasp* it’s time travel!! O_O

    (obvious sarcasm… well obviously not so if you had to read this to see it :P )

    By the by, the Australian dollar is now (for the first time in around 40 years) worth the same as the U.S dollar (well slightly more than actually)… thought I should point out to any fellow Aussie Homebrewers that may be out there, to start importing!!! There should be no reason for prices to be higher than they are in the U.S now.
    No. Reason. Whatsoever.

  269. The Euro is worht more than the US Dollar for years, still we pay higher prices…

    Traveling backwards in time is not possible. Forwards though…

  270. i did. too bad there are not really that many good genesis games…
    i wish they would add the ability to play 32x, sms and gg roms on that emulator aswell…

  271. comment 443 – this is now the most commented post.
    Can’t wait for progress update, hope a new wii64 beta release accompanies it :D

  272. @someguy, you mean GenesisPlus GX? Yep, it’s almost as good (if not just as) Kega Fusion in terms of accuracy (especially the awesome YM2612 core)! Don’t count on 32x, Sega CD, etc emulation anytime soon, he’d have to add that code from scratch, which is something he doesn’t want to do. Comment 444!

  273. I think that was the joke he was makin’ Josh ;)

    Anyways I’d give it another week before we hear the aforementioned announcement… personally hoping it contains some info on Wii64ß2

  274. Comment 449….I’d better stop doing that. But in all seriousness, the anticipation is beginning to gnaw at me. It’s a good thing emukidid doesn’t give out his contact information, because we all know where that would lead to. He’ll update when he feels ready to do so.

  275. Comment 451!

    well I just hope the Wii64 Team has a premade Compatibility list for us when the new beta is relesed.

  276. Emukid im getting mad now. >:(

    You said there was an update soon and its been almost 2 weeks. >:(


  277. lol that genesis’ changelog was long with updates.

    Wonder if Wii64 will be that long 0.0

  278. Oh!! I wrote wrong my name. “JPnintnedo! !! any way… I forgot… Emukidid can you tell Us if wii64 es going to support Banjo Tooei? (I mean, if it will run better)

  279. @Chris, must you use that abhorrent detestable word? Seriously, calm down already. Yes, we’re all anxious about the announcement but “expressing” said emotion with swear words isn’t going to make it come any faster.

  280. 1. I’m got excited about the announcement, I just wanted to be the one to say the “Yabause Wii has reached beta(number)” thing.

    2. It’s not censored, so I have every right to say it.

  281. I didn’t say you don’t have a right to say it, but there’s going to be people like me who despise swearing; it’s not gonna make them release it any faster.

  282. In anticipation for the Wii64 update, I will stop showering and shaving until emukidid posts a new update :) WHO’S WITH ME FOLKS!?

  283. Erm, Chris swore now? All he said was “Goddammit! I was checking Wiibrew for days so I could post that.”
    Unless I am mistaken, god dammit must somehow be a swearword where some come from, because I don’t see anything about what he said as wrong… if so, then society really has gone too far to go into such lengths of censorship… that’s just ridiculous if damn is seen as a swearword… what next, we’re gonna be saying bloody hell is swearing?

  284. My next guess of when a new beta release or tiizer video will come out is when this thread makes about….507 comments.

  285. @the_randomizer:Even in the spongebob movie king neptune says and
    I Quote;”You left one d***ing peice of evidence”

    As well as the bible has the word damned in it.

  286. @Benjamin Burden:

    It also has “slaughter” and “sodom”, and that doesn’t make those words quite “cute”, you know… xD

  287. Can’t we just get back on topic already? If we keep this off topic crap off any longer, they’re bound to close this thread.

  288. @Benjamin Durden:
    Yeah, I noticed that when the page was already loading, when I clicked Esc it was too late. I could not fix that. XD

    What topic?
    This comment section is quite random and, due to the long wait, people just wants to talk random things. xD

    Here’s something on topic:
    Yabause beta17!
    They’ve fixed more minor issues and bugs. xD
    I wonder when those “minor issues and bugs” are gonna end. =/

  289. I’m getting that feeling that Yabause updates every time they’ve made an improvement, however slight… that’d be like The Wii64Team updating every revision XD

  290. I’ll care too since I don’t like CoD.

    If it was something like Skyward Sword, Donkey Kong Country Returns, or Kirby’s Epic Yarn (there are some other new games I care about too, but I don’t feel like listing them all) then I can wait longer <3.

    I’m getting Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong for Christmas, so I would love the Wii64 update so I can play Banjo for the first time without it slowing down, sound crapping out, or seeing white textures.

    Real 16:9 support would be nice too (I have an HDTV w/ the component cables and I can see the huge black bars to the left and right of the screen).

  291. @josh
    Yes but, I don’t condone piracy.

    I do have the USB loader set to play my LEGIT backups, I rarely use it though, I use the original disks because I hate the wait that is needed to put the games into the HD.

    I’ve been a Platinum Club Nintendo member every year, that’s how much I actually support Nintendo.

    Have you ever heard of something like; support the developers?

  292. i think the next wii64 will be better than any modern game could ever be nothing can beat games like ocarina of time, banjo kazooie, majoras mask etc… also i prefer games with an actuall controller too, not too crazy about the wiimote and nunchuck, the best wii game would have to be super mario galaxy 2, but none could be better than the old ones

  293. @Adam
    That is your opinion. The Wiimote and Nunchuk are actual controllers last time I checked.

    IMO: Wind Waker > OoT, Galaxies > Banjos.

    OoT and MM are on Virtual Console so I wouldn’t count those as part of Wii64 “being better” unless you are a filthy pirate.

  294. What I love about Wii64 is being able to say something like: “F**k you Microsoft!!! We STILL get to play Rare’s games on the Wii!!!!!!” xP

  295. @linkmario1
    Uh you know the use of roms combined with wii64(in this case wii64 is illegal) in general is totally ILLEGAL right? Please don’t say you already own any original cartridge/disk that makes it legal.Nintendo already made that clear in some manuals
    Even though its for a gba game rules should still apply.

    Left side of the last page it clearly states it.

  296. Hey Guys, if the next update is wii64 beta X.x ¿do you think that banjo tooei will work nice? Oh, and DK64 Too.
    About the emulator. Guys I dont know, but if it is of PSP? it will be great xD.

  297. I support the developers, (as I am one myself) so I BUY my games.
    I want Wii64 and WiiSX because there are some games that will probably never see the light of day again. Like Castlevania – Legacy of Darkness, the two Spider-Man games, Jet Force Gemini or Banjo Kazooie.
    Also, I think the VC is heavily underutilized and could need some serious tweaks, like controler customisation, save states and the likes.
    Also, I do hope that one day Wii64 supports custom Textures^^

  298. @Spike
    Have you played a Virtual Console Arcade title?
    They have customization for the controllers, screen ration, etc. They should update all the games to use that type of format.

  299. @Spike, the Wii VC hasn’t seen an N64 game released in who knows long; I think it’s all but dead. Thanks to the Wii being hacked, playing the games I legally own, but never will be released due to trivial legal issues, is now a possibility.

  300. @the_randomizer
    I’m guessing that they don’t release that many N64 games because they are saving them for special occasions and for their next system. Iwata already started hinting the Wii’s successor by saying “It will be jaw-breaking”, which has me REALLY curious. I wonder what they’ll come up with next…

    Nintendo IS progressing, I mean look at the 3DS, the 3D isn’t even what’s got me excited about it, it’s the software and features like the neat OS that lets you use the browser while playing a game, etc.

  301. You guys have all been doing a great job, keep up the great work!

    In all honesty though, I’m quite sick of the wii and the whole hacking scene associated with it. The ps3 scene is really booming right now and I’m going to get into it

  302. @Chris
    hmm, what about virtual reality? Nah…

    I’ll buy their next system anyway, I’m too big of a Nintendo fan not to. XP

  303. @Chris:
    :) Hahaha nice one… though I think it’s supposed to mean your jaw will drop so far it’ll break… if that’s the case, doesn’t that mean we should sue, as they’re threatening their customers with breaking their jaws for using the 3DS? Hmm… it’s a conspiracy I tell you…

    With you on the 3DS thing, the 3D will be a “nice additional feature” but (like the camera on the DSi) it’s not something I’ll use very often. Though I’m not going to touch the 3DS for a few years yet (due to aforementioned “games list” reasons) it’ll be nice to hear about it at least.

    Despite all these new releases of stuff, despite my 22 yr old brother buying all those new releases, I’m still going to be waiting patiently for Wii64ß2… nothing can stop me XD

  304. @MarioFan3
    You do know that the 3DS isn’t just “another DS” right?

    It’s the “DS2″, it’s like the jump from GBC to GBA, or N64 to GCN, etc. (The next gen Nintendo handheld).

    The DSi wasn’t all about the camera, it also had a music player, on-board memory, more RAM, etc.

    The 3DS isn’t just about the 3D. Have you even seen the graphics on the thing?? Pretty amazing for a handheld!!

  305. @LinkMario1:
    I know, I’m not saying I’m not getting a 3DS because it’s just another DS, I was just saying that the 3D isn’t what’s appealing to me like how the camera isn’t appealing for the DSi, I was using that as an example. What is appealing to me is pretty much everything else about it (graphics, hardware, software, interface etc.)

    I know it’ll be great, but as I’ve mentioned here: I won’t play anything released after that date, that’s the reason I won’t be touching it for a few more years ;)

  306. @ LinkMario, yeah it is my opinion, i think wii64 will be superior to the VC soon anyway, sm64 is already runnung faster on wii64 than the VC release. Im not a pirate, i own all the games i play on wii64, such as ocarina of time and majoras mask which i have on n64 GC and did have it on VC until my old wii broke. and like you said the ability to play rare games on wii is awesome. As for the wiimote and nunchuck, i just prefer controllers such as the GC controller, i was’nt arguing or anything, just saying my opinion

  307. I still think its pirating even if you have the cartridge, I mean why would you wait for wii64 2.0 with all the roms that you own when you can play it on the n64 you got? Owning the cartridge doesn’t make it legal, who came out with that excuse?

  308. 495…
    I sure hope they show off at 500 or else you will see a grown myn crying…

    … okay you wont see it but you get the point…

  309. 496….Gettin closer. But again, I still need to be more patient. Mystical Ninja 64 FTW

  310. 499 – Whoever is next after me: CONGRATS!
    Im looking forward to DeSmuME because i want to play the castlevania games on my TV. And Spirit tracks!

  311. Okay,
    here are 500 posts from ~ 50 peoples. No one can’t wait until the next release and everybody respects the work of emukidid and his team. I suggest that everybody should donate around 5-10$ to support them and give them something back for the fun we have with their emulators!
    I’ll make the first step: i’ll donate 10 $ now.

    btw. cant wait of the dynarec fix for FF VII! :D

  312. When’s Wii64β2 coming out? It’s already been 2 weeks since emukidid announced that there would be an update soon… :/

    I could be more patient, but I can’t hardly take it anymore :/

  313. Yeah… I wish :P
    I’m starting to relate with the patience issue ZeldaFan… I’m starting to wake up checking this site, eating my meals while checking, and then getting ready for sleep checking… I’m checking at least 5 times a day now… I’ve almost re-read the Harry Potter series in waiting… and (after I’ve finished) I need something else to do

  314. lol I’m sure they have been getting laid the past two weeks and that’s why they haven’t had time to post

  315. @the_randomizer As soon as I read your comment, I immediately checked emukidid’s Youtube channel :P Needless to say, I was saddened TTwTT haha

    @MarioFan3 Yeah, I’ve been pretty much the same way XD I check at least once for every hour I’m home :P I picked up playing the unreleased Star Fox 2 on Snes9x GX. It’s a fantastic game, and completely finished as well. What puzzles me is WHY Nintendo would just shelf a game that is fully developed.

    @josh and Adam I really hope it is Wii64 as well. As much as I want to find out what the mystery emulator is, I REEEAAAALLLYYY want Wii64β2, since it’s been over 8 months since β1.1 :P

  316. I’d say the emulator is dreamcast. validates that.

    “Nulldce is a version of the Nulldc dreamcast emulator designed to run on low power systems. About a year ago drkIIRaziel got it running on the Wii but never did anything with it beyond an initial port. A few chance IRC conversations about a week ago landed me the source code to it and I have been working very hard on it and have already made some progress. Some very well known emulator developers for Wii have recently signed on to work on it too. The project is progressing very nicely. Work now is being done towards getting it emulate accurately (getting all the colors right for example) and building a dynarec core.” – Arikado

  317. @ZeldaFan, it’s been that long already!!? Wow, how time flies!

    @Big D, yeah, I actually read part of that and thought, whoa, if full speed Dreamcast emulation can be achieved on the Wii, that would prove to those rabid Sony fanboys once and for all the Wii doesn’t suck….Not that I ever agreed with them.

    But seriously, I hope that our constantly posting comments in this thread doesn’t make them want to release it grudgingly….

  318. Okay,
    here are 500 posts from ~ 50 peoples. No one can’t wait until the next release and everybody respects the work of emukidid and his team. I suggest that everybody should donate around 5-10$ to support them and give them something back for the fun we have with their emulators!
    I’ll make the first step: i’ll donate 10 $ now.

    btw. cant wait of the dynarec fix for FF VII!

  319. Man…..It’s been 16 days since the emukidid update…..

    Hopes there’s an update soon…..especially an update from tephola or sepp…. I haven’t heard from them in a while.

  320. #518, I wonder what number we’ll reach before the update. Someone PLEASE let us know.

  321. @Benjamin Durden
    i think its real becuase its messsy and kinda slow. i really could’nt see anything because the camrea is to bright, but i think its power stone. i hope its ture.

  322. How come the video is sideways….in other videos showed by Jenova regarding nullDC the video was showed regularly???

  323. Hmm…I wonder if we may reach 600 comments are more before this update…

    Patience is a virtue, but 16 days isn’t really what I consider “soon”. Still, I do respect that the developers don’t have a huge amount of free time, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens this week :P

  324. @Benjamin Durden
    hey rememeber the video about the nulldc on the wii that came out a year ago. i rememeber you said it only took about 60 mintues for him to the result i so im thinking if it only took him about 60 mintues to do it. maybe by x-mas theres gonna be a dreamcast emu on the homebrew channel.
    @Big D
    i rememeber you saying that “Some very well known emulator developers for Wii have recently signed on to work on it too” and arikado said “About a year ago drkIIRaziel got it running on the Wii but never did anything with it beyond an initial port. A few chance IRC conversations about a week ago landed me the source code to it and I have been working very hard on it and have already made some progess” so i think by x-mas we might just be seeing dreamcast for since theres more people working on it and they been working hard on it. so i think by x-mas we might be playing dreamcast on are wii’s

  325. Hmm… Usually, after I complain about the lack of updates, one of the Wii64 team leaves a comment. Let’s see if it works this time…

  326. @spike:
    No idea. But there’s a japanese RF .wad of Rondo of Blood floating around…

    BTW, check out the new goldeneye for wii people!

    The single player is really polished, and the online is much more accurate than the pathetic CODs on wii where the hitboxes outrun the animations…. (plus you don’t have to deal with kill streaks, thank god)

  327. Never use WAD files; they’re illegal and have a high likelihood of screwing up your Wii firmware. The have have Rondo of Blood for a download anyway ( off of Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel) for like, eight bucks. Anyways, my patience is beginning to become nonexistent but, meh.

  328. @Forty0unces:

    If the upcoming release was a simple bug fix from Beta 1.1, then yeah, it would follow the control scheme from GoldenEye (I noticed that just yesterday)

    But since this is going to be Beta 2, I don’t think it”ll be called like that. =P

  329. Who cares what it’s called XD I just pray for an update by the end of the week. And hopefully it won’t be a “we’re sorry in advance, but you’ll need to wait just a bit longer until beta2 is ready” kind of update. XD

  330. Wait… It’s been confirmed that the next release will be Beta 2? Where and when did the development team say this?

  331. @the_randomizer

    I install WADs all the time, its not all that likely to brick your console. I personally say its only illegal if you didn’t own the game on its original console. It’s just Nintendo trying to milk money out of the classics. All I can say to Nintendo about it is “Sorry I don’t think I should have to pay 10 bucks for a game that i’ve already played, nostalgia it may be you’ve already made a nice profit off of the game.” I’m not saying they should be free but at least all Virtual Arcade game prices cut in half.

    To have the ability to install WADs they had to of modded their console in the first place, which brings the chance of bricking it, although even upgrading a non modded Wii at any time brick about the same chances of bricking it. As long as you have BootMii as Boot2 or Priiloader you’d more then likely be fine anyways. :P

  332. This is stupid, but I came up with this because I was bored lol. Ok, going with what Forty0unces said, if it does go with the control scheme of Goldeneye, then I got this idea.. Everyone’s saying we might get a christmas release, so since december is the 12th month, i was thinking they could reverse it and have 21. Then put a dot in the middle and call it Wii64 Beta 2.1 (Plenty). see, i told ya it was stupid….

  333. @DarkScyth, emulators are so much better (certain WADs only play certain games); Wii64, WiiSX, Snes9x, etc have so much higher compatibility.

  334. Cmon. Give us an update. I start my new job wednesday and won’t hardly have time for the Wii. :(

  335. Yes, I think the more we’re being impatient, the long they’ll take to release the update video (if that’s what it is). I could be wrong though; progress is slow but steady.

  336. @the_randomizer That’d be one hell of a douchebag thing to do, but if that’s the case, I can’t say I would really fault them for it.

  337. I just found out why nobody is saying anything about the pj64 update.

    Because it is no longer downloadable,sadly.

    Luckily,I have it myself,if someone can tell me how to upload it here or on a download site,they can have it as well.

  338. Just search”pj64 b23 mediafire” on google and it should be the first link.


  339. I thought that was for donaters only but whatever. Like they’re gonna release 1.7 official anytime soon.

  340. Did anyone manage to get it yet?

    I have it from emucr before removal and nothing is wrong with it.

    Banjo Tooie runs perfectly as opposed to the older leaked version you can get from GSHI.

  341. I downloaded the new Project64 and it’s pretty sweet! It fixed some glitches w/ some games and the new list looks better on the eye! <3

  342. Project 64 huh? Sounds like it’s working for you… Shame it doesn’t work (like a thousand other good things) on my PowerBook G4… so while you guys are enjoying that, I’ll just be waiting here as usual…

  343. The anticipation already ate all of my bones, muscles, and internal organs. I’m sort of amazed that I’m still alive, as I’m basically just a bunch of skin right now.

    lol Just kidding

  344. I sorta hope I am wrong about this but I think he is waiting until the third emulator is initially released to release the wii64 update.

  345. @Spike, that’s okay, the new PJ64 beta doesn’t like the only good video plugin out there (Glide64, the only new plugin that emulates the dissolve effects on Mario 64).

  346. so are you saying that the puzzle glitches in banjo tooie are gone in the new pj64 update??

  347. POST #570

    Also, I found the current leaked PJ64 1.7 to be buggy as hell, so that might be why it got pulled.

  348. Patience waves are awesome. My place got hit by one ever since I moved Smash Bros from the USB device to the SD. Now I see Wii64 can load from SD but not from USB. Having Smash Bros. will keep me entertained until the next update.

    Keep working, team! We all love to know how progress is doing.

  349. Seriously, Wii64 team. Are you doing this on purpose? Are you just purposefully waiting to update while watching us go insane? Are you guys laughing while looking over the comments section, while the latest Wii64 version is actually finished and sitting on your SD cards? I hope not, because that’s just a mean thing to do.

    Or are you still struggling for time to code? If so… whoops…

    (Usually one of the team responds to comments like this. Hopefully they do to this one.)

  350. Hahaha, I’m sorry but sometimes cruel irony simply doesn’t work :P
    I know it’s frustrating, and I know the waiting game is stretching really long, but seriously they have real lives, and all sorts of other responsibilities on their hands. Let them do things at their own pace, and stay calm… they do this because they enjoy doing it, let’s not turn it into a chore for them.

    On another note, I actually really hope there’s a release soon, before this whole comments section blows completely overboard. Please, everyone try to put in every ounce of patience you can muster… every last drop you possibly can

  351. @MarioFan3 I can respect that they have their own lives, but it wouldn’t be out of their way to leave a comment :/

    I’m just wanting this to release already XD

  352. Yes, we all need to respect that, they have very busy lives and probably have very little time to check this place, much less code for Wii64/WiiSX. I know I’m guilty of not being as patient as I ought to be, and for that I need to apologize to the Wii64 Team.

  353. If I developed something popular for homebrew, how entertaining would it be to watch people’s comments spill in about wanting an update? I think I would enjoy seeing how creative people become when they get low on patience.

  354. @the_randomizer

    It wasn’t all that quick. A extremely rough estimate would be about 9.9 posts a day. Its literally been two whole months since any news has arise

    For the most part I’ve given up on the emulator. Not in a bad way, i’m not a raging nerd that is so impatient he can’t wait. I’ve just found ways to play PSX games on my PS3 so that is what i’m going to do. :P

  355. They were giving us monthly updates, but I don’t think a post in this thread should count.

  356. the person how said “no news is good news” never waited for the wii64 update :)

    just a joke keep up the good work, but at least show sings the your still alive

  357. Wait, wasn’t that what this blog post was all about? They’re “Still alive and kicking” so y’know, and a few weeks ago was when we heard the last breath.

    Thanks to the exams I have over the next two weeks, I have my hands full. So here’s hoping that there’s an update here when I get back, which will only be too “soon” I’m sure :P

  358. Maybe we’ll hear something on Sunday guys. In nearly all ‘busy lives’, Sunday is almost ALWAYS a rest day. :O

  359. @the_randomizer I guess it’s our impatience. (I’ve been pretty vocal about my own impatience :P )

    Of course, they may just not have visited the site in a few weeks. That’s also plausible XD

  360. Yeah, you’re right; that definitely possible, I mean, they do have lives after all (I know I sure as heck don’t, why else would I be voicing my anxiety here?)

  361. It’s a good thing they don’t give out their emails. This wait is making me very impatient.

  362. @josh December 17th? :P

    @the_randomizer That’s for sure XD I’d be spamming them every chance I could get! haha

    Anyway, who wants to make a little wager that this thing reaches 700 comments before the update? :P

  363. I agree with Chris, it’s impossible for there to have been anything else behind the lack of updates but technical difficulties or dead people, if it wasn’t one of those I’m sure the guys would just blow off all their commitments, shut out all their friends and get some work done on their hobby projects.

  364. @ZeldaFan:

    Yes December 17TH…….As said in the “June 2010 Progress Update” It said,”…… we’ve started working on a port in our spare time, and we’re hoping that it will arrive in all of your Homebrew Channels later this year.”

    Just a random guess….

  365. Allrighty, have been playing Goldeneye Wii (or should i say COD mod ;) ) and i like it, great multi-player..

    Absolutely nothing to do with the N64 Goldeneye though….

    So i’m back here @

    Developers, take your time and thank you for your work so far!

    We’re impatient, we’re hungry but we’ll live :)

  366. @bigitalo

    a agree Goldeneye Wii is an awesome game, it only doesnt live to the name of Goldeneye, the only thing that i dont like was the campaing, but it has a great online and offline multiplayer, which the last one i liked i think it was time spliters 2 and 3 for GC.

    so in my opinion it was a succes

  367. Just being random, but seriously, is this going to go on for the next six months or what?

  368. Actually, remember the time between Wii64 Beta 1 and Wii64 Beta 1.1? Long wait, right? I’m expecting as much here. In fact, I’m expecting an even longer wait since this is a complete number up, and not a decimal.

  369. @Chris It’s been a longer wait already XD
    The wait between 1 and 1.1 was about five months, whereas the wait between 1.1 and 2 is going on eight months and counting :P

  370. @ZeldaFan:

    Well then, expect at least a 10 month wait since Beta 1.1 for another announcement, and perhaps a year and a half since v1.1 for the Beta 2 release =P

  371. It wasn’t announced per se, but we’re just guessing when the Wii64 team are going to make an announcement. We know they’re gonna release Wii64 before WiiSX, that much we can be sure of.

  372. Alright, I’m done waiting. I’ll get Wii64 beta 2 whenever it shows up on the Homebrew Browser. Heck, I’d write my own 64 emulator if I knew how.

    In the meanwhile I’ll be finishing up my second play-through of Wind Waker(I’m getting the Tri-Force shards right now, almost there! =D), and I’m also going to be getting all my games closer to 100% completion (Brawl, Other M, etc.).

    Here is my YouTube if anyone wants to talk:

  373. It is my wife’s birthday today. and she wishes to play final fantasy 8 on her wii. and i wish to play castlevania 64 on my wii XD

  374. you wanna know what the bad part is? When the next version of wii64 is finally released i bet there will be folks who are STILL not happy. Mainly because a favorite game of theres does not run well or at all . And I suppose some of those games will be the bigger ones (ie. Conker’s Bad Fur Day) . Well I haven’t actually tried out CBFD, but you guys get the point.

  375. I’m pretty sure the next release will be awesome i have no doubts in the wii64 team, i’m sure they have made excellent progress and hopefully share their progress with us sometime soon. :)

  376. Yeah, seriously; there are those people who want Wii64 to have IOS202 support, even though it’s illegal. People will never be satisfied

  377. @the_randomizer:

    Don’t forget that it can’t read roms off DVDs, which is the only way I play emulators such as Visual Boy Advance GX…………

  378. You forgot that wii64 already has control options upon which you can change what button does what.

  379. DVDs experience wear and tear; why can’t people just use 32GB SDHC cards? They won’t add IOS202, but that won’t stop people from pestering them, now will it? It’s illegal, emulators are not.

  380. Let me state this once again, people are complaining about illegal cIOS and yet you all are illegally downloading roms for Wii64/WiiSX. Don’t jump the gun too soon.

  381. with IOS58 you get USB2.0 support so USB HDD is the way to go. i only use that method with any emulator and it works like a charm. also, IOS58 adds dvd support AFAIK (correct me if i am wrong please) so that problem should be solved aswell…

    i already said that, i say it again: id like to have double button configurations where two buttons can be used for the same N64 button. like X and the C-stick down for example.

    and a button that switches between analog control and IR pointer control. that would be ideal for games like jet force gemini to aim and stuff^^

  382. what i only want is to solve the Classic Controller Pro issue and perfect compatibility with DK64, Jet Force Gemini, and the 2 Castlevania ( at least legacy of Darkness because i read somewhere that Legacy of Darkness have Castlevania 64 after finish it, but not sure) the other ones i wanted some are on VC and the other were the Banjo series and perfect dark wich i have on Xbox 360

  383. legacy of darkness does include the original castlevania after you beat it. yes, that is true.

    i dont ask for that much however. usb2 support and maybe improve the games that already run a little and i am happy.
    castlevania would be great though^^

  384. @Benjamin Durden:

    WOW!!! I thought that project was dead. It’s finally nice to get an update after so long.

    And on a side note: Wiibrew is down again.

  385. For those of you with CC issues or who just want IOS58 support, it’s worth noting that the 1.1 sources are freely available and it isn’t too difficult to recompile with support for both, or just download a compile from elsewhere–not sure on this site’s policies but Google should find you a compiled build on a certain semi-disreputable message board.

  386. Yeah, I forgot about those unofficial USB 2.0 releases some dude made a while back; I heard loading times are a lot faster for Wii64/WiiSX. Now at post 664, almost to 666. I wonder if that’s when they’ll release a progress update.

  387. does it freak anyone else out that they keep showing Billy Mays infomercials even after he died?

  388. It is weird! Any developer post anything. ¿Dont you think guys that something happened? In miy opinion it is very weird… :(

  389. I get the feeling the name that the name is going to be Thanksgiving related, like “Turkey” or something.

  390. I found the Wii64 1.1 mod that makes usb work correctly. Now I don’t need to fuss so much over an update.

  391. What about….a nice Christmas surprise?
    I will only donate to you, and psychedelic studies research, of course.
    But a donation is definitely waiting for the next release here!!

  392. @Josh, he was explaining the difficulty behind emulating an Xbox and that people need to stop asking him about it (such as “why doesn’t X-game work or how come the graphics in X-game suck?”). Cxbx/Dxbx or whatever it’s called has a long way to go before commercial games will even run. A lot of the instructions of the xbox hardware are very poorly documented, making reverse engineering very difficult, and the GPU using weird methods doesn’t help either.
    I understand everything he’s talking about; Xbox emulation is a long way off and people seriously need to give the programmers the benefit of the doubt. Emulating the PS2 and Gamecube/Wii is bad enough, as they both have very complex hardware, and converting PS2/Gamecube CPU instructions to be interpreted by an x86/x64 CPU is a really hard thing to do…I’m surprised Dolphin and PCSX2 emulate as well as they do.

  393. still no update…
    well atleast i will be entreteined from tomorrow on since DKCR will be out by tomorrow

    (sorry for my english)

  394. Commercial games run on Cxbx. Turok runs, Smashing Drive runs, Futurama runs, and Robotech: Battlecry runs. Oh, and in the latest build blueshogun is working on, Gauntlet Dark Legend is playable.

  395. Are you implying that perhaps Microsoft has somehow created some secure software? O_O

    Lame joke aside :P the N64 is the latest console I emulate because of the NTSC to PAL conversion bullcrap. The GCN had a PAL 60 option, XBOX, 360, Playstation 1,2 and 3 games all run at their normal speeds on their respective consoles so I have no need to emulate those consoles. That’s my only issue, if I were to be legitimate about it, I’d have to get an N64 from the U.S, get NTSC cartridges, get a proper power converter etc. etc.
    In theory it can be done, so when I have the time and money to do it…..

    So the main purpose of Wii64 for me is a major convenience thing. I can see the appeal of emulating every console, next to dusting off the old covers it’s very convenient indeed. :)

    On another note, isn’t there a thanksgiving holiday or something in the U.S next week? From what I’ve heard there is… well I hope that there’ll be an update by then anyway, because after this week, I’ll have literally nothing to do except melt on the couch due to 30+ degree heat ;)

  396. MarioFan3, it is worth mentioning that while you could run many PAL games in 480i/60Hz, a lot of US GameCube games ran in 480p, while zero PAL GameCube games did. So while you can run them full speed, you can’t have them looking as nice as their American counterparts. That said, it’s much easier to run NTSC GameCube games on a PAL Wii than to either mod your GCN or buy a North American model, and without the need for any Freeloader-type disc, either.

  397. Lawl, I knew we’d reach 700 comments before we got an update, though I actually am concerned about the team now :/

  398. @Vague Rant:
    Didn’t know that PAL GCN games were still ripped off versions of their NTSC counterparts… okay with that said, I’m all for a GCN emulator like Dolphin, or a GCN USB Loader for the HBC that I’ve talked about earlier

    Are there any other NTSC-PAL issues for other consoles that I should know about?

  399. Wow. So long with no updates. Hope the Team is doing well.

    On to the other topics of Emulation on PC:
    It seems like all the good Emulation runs on High End laptops/Desktops. It sucks. I got a 32Bit Vista running with 3GB Ram, Intel Core 2 Duo with a Mobile Intel 965. CPS3 runs perfect with MAMEUI, but Wii/GC, Xbox and PS2 Emulation Sucks. Would love to get a Gaming Desktop but for some reason, Desktops now Cost more then Laptops whena few years ago it was the reverse. What the hell happend with the costs????

  400. GC has enough trouble running decent on desktops as it is; Xbox emulation has a LONG way to go before games run at playable speeds

  401. My laptop has less than 2GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz with an Intel GMA4500 and it runs Gamecube games at full speed.

  402. If someone who has a 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo E8400 and GTS 250 video card can’t run Starfox Adventures on Dolphin at full speed, an Intel GMA doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of running Dolphin, much less on a laptop

  403. That’s way better than me, seeing as I’m stuck with a 1.67Ghz PowerPC G4 Processor, and 2GB DDR SDRAM Memory. I haven’t even got a hope in hell of running anything more powerful than a GBA emulator… which kinda sucks for me, as the N64 we regrettably sold is the only console left that I want to, but can’t play… :(

  404. Don’t believe me? Check out my review of Dolphin on my channel. Super Smash Bros Melee ran just fine with the frame skip set to 1. (And any lag you see is because I recorded it with CamStudio.) It even ran MadWorld at about 9-10 FPS ingame.

  405. Yeah but what about full speed without frameskipping? I hope your laptop has sufficient cooling, otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised to see the CPU/GPU reach 90 degrees Celsius. Intel GMA’s aren’t good for super high settings in games but whatever.

  406. Ah, gotcha. But seriously, this wait is REALLY starting to gnaw at my innards. Please SOMEONE ANNOUNCE AN UPDATE! UWAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (I love Japanese screams)

  407. Common!! the next update will be till christmas or what ? They re last post was since septembet i wanna see whats goin on with the emulator! please guys at least post some of your progress or give us the emulator for christmas gift :D thank you keep working (:

  408. Well, emukidid is still updating his website So I don’t think there are many difficulties going on, or else that site or this site would say something about technical difficulties.

  409. If I see some footage of Blast Corps working on Wii64, I’ll shut up… and no that’s not only because my jaw’s going to hit the keyboard ;)

  410. I think it’s just a huge update, plus the fact that they’re finding very little free time on their hands for emulation development.

  411. Someone should make a graph of comments/day on the next announcement. It will go up really fast at the start because people yell “thank you!” or “omgomgomgomg”. Then it slows down because people are playing Wii64 but the comments come in slowly since people report issues. After weeks and months go by, the slope of the graph starts increasing as we all once again beg for an update.

  412. @Tont

    U know what……..That’s a good idea, once there’s an update I’ll make a graph for every comment per day(once I’m done playing wii64). :)

  413. I should really see what blastcorps is about.

    Also, I like pizza with pepperoni, bacon and ham.

  414. While we’re talking about a Wii game for the moment, do you guys think I should get Metroid: Other M, or Call of Duty:
    black Ops? I can’t decide =(

  415. Wii game,Donkey Kong Returns is a Wii game,he even has a health bar now,also,there already is a lot of gecko codes made for it on WiiRD code database.

  416. im with Benjamin Durden you should get Donkey Kong Country Returns
    is the best game of the newer ones

  417. Nothing yet… ¬¬ Ok… lets wait … more… and more… and more… and more… and… more…

  418. I told you I need more jellyfish spongebob!


  419. Eh it’s the way of life, think of insects and wildlife and what have you… things are dying all the time ;)

  420. still nothing… what is happening to the team they didnt even come to say hi in thanksgiving, hope they are ok

  421. MMM… nothing yet… weird weird… Maybe… the developers… are… in the bathroom… and… de door is… bloked… (?)

  422. I know, I check that place everyday as well. If only I was registered, I might ask him.

  423. Maybe they’re gonna release Wii64 beta2, Wiisx with ios58 support, and the new emulator at once? So it’s gonna take longer?(getting new emu to run well, putting ios58 on wiisx/64 etc.)

    Also thanks to Benjamin Durden and Krozoa for recommending DKCR.This game is a perfect way to pass the time! :)

  424. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU JINXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOLROFLMAOXD ^V^ *PWNED by a spartinaey*

  425. Doh!

    …SRB2 is an awesome 2.5D sonic fangame by Sonic Team Junior
    made by modifying DOOM Legacy Engine.

    As SRB2Wii is an obvious port of this game to the Nintendo Wii which is currently running at full speed in small/medium levels.

  426. Well, based off what was said here: it sounds like the major parts would be to do with the Dynarec Core and the compatibility issues mainly surround certain games not running.

    So, by the sounds of it they’ve been trying to get them working for months, and with some luck they’ll make a release shortly after they do. In any case, it’s almost the end of the year so we’ll hear something soon anyways I’m sure.

  427. Dude i just i get to play conker’s bad fur day, DK64, perfect day, goldeneye, wCw/nWo revenge, theres more but dont want to name them all lol. oh! and pokemon stadium 1,2 lol.. merry early xmass everybody!

  428. I bet the Wii64 team is playing a lot of Black Ops right now. That is why they seemingly have fallen off the face of the earth.

  429. I just think it’s a huge update. The wait time between 1.0 and 1.1 was about 5 months. Of course the wait between 1.1 and 2.0 is going to be longer.

  430. Post 775…perhaps post 777 will do the trick, right? But yeah, this update is going to surpass all of our expectations. Compatibility, stability and overall speed is going to be awesome in Wii64!

  431. Post 776, and one more until the (hopefully) big update post about the status of the emulator trio. Also, I’m hoping for either a decent Dramcast or Neo Geo emulator. Nothing more fun than Metal Slug. :)

  432. Whoa, you just made post 777! I’m thinking that tomorrow is the day they announce it.

  433. First day of December sounds promising… but I still think they’ll hold for a Christmas release, just sayin’

  434. Almost everyone expects it to be Dreamcast whats so special about DC?
    *Looks up DC game library*
    O.O I see…

  435. Happy birthday, Benjamin Durden’s brother! You have no life and will never get laid! You will probably die of a horrible disease at age 35!

    Just Kidding.

  436. for my birthday brother’s birthday I would like emukidid to reveal he is still alive and well

  437. i think by chrimas the wii64 is going to be out, and a weeks or month later the nulldc is gonna be out for the wii i just hope street fighter 3 second impact works well. i spoke to Arikado about it, and he told me that “it should. im not aware of any games falling to run” he also told me that “I can’t give you an ETA on nulldc for Wii because I’m not allowed to release it. It’s not up to me when it gets released. But I can tell you there is a progress video somewhere on youtube showing what we’ve been up to (quality is horrible and it’s sideways but hey)” if you dont believe me you can check on his blog spot,

  438. Dear commenters who invade my IRC channel ( #arikadosblog on EFNET ) demanding explanation of computerboy’s comment: He is lieing. The comments on my blog are all mine. He is poorly attempting to be a ‘reverse-troll’. I’m going to sleep now and try to forget I ever commented here. (And for that smart-Alec who demands proof of my legitimacy in these comments: I’ll be releasing a new, unheard-of-until-this-comment port in a couple weeks or less. So there. Proof.)

  439. @Arikado, don’t worry, I really appreciate what you’re doing for the emulation scene. Keep up the good work! :D

  440. This is becoming more like a forum rather than a comment section… xD

    I say we’ll reach the 1’000 comments before any update. =P

  441. Mike007, you have done nothing wrong. Arikado was talking about computerboy’s comment, how he was lying, and how everyone was asking Arikado about it.

  442. Guys are you blind???? They’re probably going to release it on the second year anniversary of Which was on Dec. 6TH.

  443. i dont know waht i want more, go for the 1,000 coments or an wii64 update…
    WHAT TO CHOOSE??? :)

  444. Well the way I see it . Some release dates for Wii64 (that would make sense are) : Dec 24th (they probably wouldnt want to waste their x-mas on emulatemii) , Dec 25th (I could be wrong about the former), or Dec 31st (same reason for Dec 24th except its New Years Eve) and then Jan 1st (same reason for dec 25th) .

  445. and one more thing…. i didn’t realize that this site was an hour ahead of eastern standard time . lol .

  446. Okay, what about the rest of the N64 games that are not currently available to us in any shape or form other than the use of a working N64 or an emulator (y’know, the ones that work on Windows/Intel only)

  447. @josh

    You know those same speculation has been made about when WiiSX beta 2 would be released and then the time went past the date and nothing happened.

    I can understand taking a long time with it and only when they want to work on it but a 5 minute update would be nice, just to know they haven’t given up on it. Personally I went to using PS3SX which emulates Ehrgeiz at a more playable rate then WiiSX, though WiiSX does have savestates. Oh the decisions…

  448. WiiSX has yet to make more optimizations; PS3 is a lot more powerful than the Wii. HOWEVER, the Wii64 team actually cares about optimization and will one day have a very excellent emulator (which it does already).In all seriousness, a small update would be nice *hint* *hint*

  449. @Krozoa & Chris

    Lol :D at least its something to do while we wait, right?


    I agree.

  450. @the_randomizer

    The creator of PS3SX does care about optimization. The first release performance wise overall is better then WiiSX but WiiSX can run a few games way better and does support savestates. What has been promised so far of PS3SX is it will have a GUI and will run almost, if not every game pretty much full speed from what I remember, only time will tell if he/she (because I believe it’s only one person working on the emulator) will keep the promise. That being said they do have a lot more power to work with, so it is probably quite a bit easier to just get the PS3 to do more of the work then say what would be possible with WiiSX due the memory constraints. It’ll just be interesting to see what happens with the emulator in the coming weeks. Now I just wonder if PS3 will ever see a N64 emulator. ;)

  451. If the PSX is “incapable of running good on the Wii due to memory constraints” why do ported PSX games run so well on the Gamecube (such as Megaman X4-X6 on the Megaman X Collection)? The Wii is a Gamecube with slightly more powerful hardware, albeit with more system RAM to work with. If they can run a program that emulates a 94MHz 64-bit CPU (N64) on a system that has a 729MHz 32-bit CPU, they can certainly achieve full speed on most, if not all PSX games.

  452. @the_randomizer

    That’s because it’s PORTED, not emulated. That’s like asking “If the PS3 can run this 360 port so well, why can’t it run a 360 emulator?”

    But yeah, WiiSX isn’t “incapable” of running well on the Wii, DarkScyth. Hell, some of the games on WiiSX run perfectly.

  453. At least Capcom got the Megaman X collection audio right; whoever did the Anniversary collection butchered the sound and couldn’t emulate Mode 7. But yeah, I think it’s sort of a funny irony playing a Sony system on a Nintendo console. Convenient, too.

  454. HA! Good luck! If Dolphin runs more or less at full speed with every game on an overclocked 4.0GHz Dual CPU with the most top of the line video card and 16GB RAM, what makes them think Dolphin will run perfectly on the PS3? Why are people even upset about this? The Wii has 100% compatibility with GCN games anyway. I guess that evens up the score; we can play PS1 games on the Wii and PS3 owners can play Wii games on a PS3. Wait, what? o_O

  455. Well now this is more of a reason to get a ps3 . A 7th gen console emulating a 7th gen console . I never heard of that before .

  456. Actually, the_randomizer, in Arikado’s blog, article called “On the subject of PS3 Homebrew”

    “With the ability to run unsigned (or “homebrew” or “home-made”) code on the PS3, we would be able to use many powerful full speed emulators (it would probably even be possible to get Dolphin running decently on the PS3)”

    Of course, “decently” doesn’t mean “full speed”, but still.

  457. Also, has anyone else noticed that Yabause Wii hasn’t updated in a while? Maybe they’re working on actual, noticeable improvements this time?

  458. Ha, it’d still be cool to go to my friends house and seeing him playing wii/gc on a PS3.
    Now that thats becoming possible soon we will see an 8th gen console emulating a 9th gen console.How?I do not know.

  459. @Chris:

    The last time it took Yabause Wii to actually update they made some awesome changes. So either an update with better compatibility comes out or the project’s dead. XP

  460. Apparently you guys don’t know too much about emulation. Which isn’t uncommon but I would like to straighten a couple things up. When I said memory constraints I meant that PS3SX would be able to have extremely sloppy code and still work rather well, while WiiSX wouldn’t really have that luxury. WiiSX can run at full speed on the Wii and even on Gamecube.

    @ the_randomizer

    It would actually be possible to get dolphin to run extremely well on PS3, if you look at the specs between Xbox and Xbox 360. Xbox 360 has a Xbox emulator, provided you have a hard drive. As an estimation since I can’t quite remember, Xbox had about 724MHz, while 360 has 3.2GHz. That is about the difference between the Wii and the PS3. So it is more then possible, just depends how clean they keep the code and if they can learn all about the console inside and out and know a bit about optimizing.


    It IS actually an emulator. When they say port, they mean they ported the PC version of that emulator to the consoles, instead of working from scratch, which I can’t blame them. ;) So PS3SX is a port of PCSX, PCSX is an emulator. As I believe WiiSX is also a port of PCSX and Wii64 is a port of Mupen 64.

  461. anyways… 3 days remain for december 6th so we can wait 3 days don’t you think ? and we could reach 1000 coments too! ñ___ñ

  462. Just out of curiosity, let’s have a “show of hands” type thing here:
    How long has everyone been waiting for Wii64 ß2?

    Myself? I’ve waited 9 months :)

  463. @josh, it’s been that long!!!? Jeez, never realized it’s been that long since the last release…..I think it’s getting close for them to announce Wii64 beta 2.0, don’t you think?

  464. I hope we can “browse” the USB drive in the next versions of both emulators.

    The isos at the moment need to be in specific locations…

  465. Just one more day left :D
    Guys You’re The best! Keep that work ñ__ñ
    Hope Conker Works on the next release D:

  466. @JPnintendo, from what I heard on , the progress is quite amazing, or so I assume.

  467. Congratulations Team!!

    @the_randomizer: Yes, I was surfing in that page, me I readed that I want to see a video =P I think today is the BIG DAY !

  468. I think the shortest release date would be christmas too.And for the longest time before the Wii64 team releases b2…New years?Valentines day? Nowhere past that I’m sure lol

  469. You know what would be hilarious?
    If emukidid posted an update right before this topic hit 1000 posts.

  470. I honestly hope people really don’t start doing that; I was being weird as usual XD

  471. >You know what would be hilarious?
    >If emukidid posted an update right before this topic hit 1000 posts.

    je je je more hilarious should be that update will be released when this topic hits 999 posts.

  472. Or if it hits 888. Why? Because it’s a weird number. Maybe 900? Emukidid, sepp, someone please respond!

  473. >Or if it hits 888. Why? Because it’s a weird number. Maybe 900? Emukidid, >sepp, someone please respond!

    888, 900 who knows ;) why don’t 869 or 969 ? both are fuking numbers ;) aren’t they ?
    An other nonsense about numbers, on my country the most hilarious one is to go to a dark room with a “gay” and say 25 ;) ))))

  474. don’t worry guys….with every day comes a little progress. And over time all that progress builds up. Then before you know it…..booom!!! A brand new beta release. :D

  475. @josh…

    “Then before you know it… boom!!!”
    The site goes down and the Wii64 Team is no more…

    Hahah jk. xD
    I’m just that optimistic (Sarcasm)

    But hey, here we are still waiting for a release even after months and months lacking news or updates at all.

    I will continue to wait patiently, but my patience has to be rewarded by making Resident Evil 2 playable with Wii64 Beta 2.

    HECK YEAH!!!

  476. This updates taking a while so almost all games should work, extra menu features, great speed etc. And if not…
    *Gets a safe distance away*
    Oh well too bad

  477. Yeah, hopefully the update will before years’ end.

    I just wish emukidid wouldn’t tell us there would be an update soon anymore :/ Because soon has come and gone XD

  478. It should be post 1000 because…uh… the “1″ in 1000 could be the bottom of the “i”‘s in Wii64, yeah, that’s it.And the “0′s” could be the circles at the top of the “i’s” and the round part of the “6″ in Wii64.

    I know.How did I come up with such an awesome conclusion?A dream of course :)

  479. HEYYY!!! Update please u_______u
    Well… To kill time why don’t we speak about something? like what is your favorite 64 game and why ñ__ñ
    i Will start..
    My favorites are a LOT but one of them is Banjo-Kazooie series beacuse i played them as a child ( and I play them now too )
    Continue guys!
    (Forgive my english im mexican :$)

  480. I think, at 1000 posts…. Maybe… a progess update…
    Pd: I hope that the next update come with the download link as a price for let us waiting so far… ;)

  481. Yeah, I’ve been frequenting gc-forever for info, and I saw that recently emukidid commented on the wii64 progress, so I’m still hopeful XD

  482. SO many favourites for the N64, all the ones released by RareWare were excellent, and most (if not all) of the Nintendo made N64 games were good. To pick a favourite would ruin the rest of the great N64 titles, but… Okay if you really want my personal absolute favourite N64 game it’s Blast Corps, but most of these were also great games.

  483. Hey pelople, hay asked emukidid on gc-forever about wii64, he responded…

    “If we released it now you wouldn’t see much difference, be patient, it’s all happening.”

    We will wait…

  484. WHAT 9000?!?!

    Oh divided by 10.
    Hmm, yes a very reasonable number for an update old chap

  485. Emukidid is just sitting there watching his computer screen.
    A mysterious figure asks him: “Aren’t you going to post an update? The new version has been ready for a while now.”
    Emukidid replies “I’m waiting for them to hit 1000 posts.”
    The mysterious figure seems confused, but then realizes: “Aah. Everything makes sense now.”

  486. @ OsqaaR, my favorite n64 games are the banjo-kazooie series (has the best video game music than any other games imo, great gameplay) and the zelda series (has the best storyline and gameplay, great music)

    1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    2. Banjo-Kazooie
    3. Banjo-Tooie
    4. Diddy Kong Racing
    5. Zelda: Majora’s Mask

  487. Post 906……whew! This is the most number of posts ever made on emulatemii! Just sayin’.

  488. i like too much games from the n64 but i only want some of them, Banjo-Kazzoie and Tooie i have them in my xbox as well has Perfect Dark so their out, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Snap and Starfox 64 are out in VC, so the only ones that i want running perfect and some of them already are allmost perfect are Diddy Kong Rancing, Jet Force Gemini, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye, Conkers and Castlevania – Legacy of Darkness, with at least two of the 2 of the six that i cant play i will be happy :)

  489. @Benjamin Durden : Are you mexican too ? :O Or you’re talking about banjo kazooie series ?
    @MarioFan3 : I Loved RareWare games too ! :D
    Unfortunately Nintendo sold it to Microsoft u____u
    @Adam : I loved Zelda series too! :D All the music was just great :D and how to forget about Diddy Kong Racing IT RULES! Great Music ,Great characters ,Great tracks EVERYTHING WAS GREAT :D
    @Krozoa : Conker was great too! I played it last week in my old N64 I borrowed the cassete ñ___ñ my favorite part of the game is when you enter the club i loved the song i even have it as an mp3 it is named Rock Solid (A great Rave Song ;D )
    Anyways i will continue with my favorite games :
    Pokémon Stadium (I Played it all time with my cousin at the gym leader castle and that was veryyyy fun) oh and i loved the commentarist appearance :D
    Mario Party Series (I Play them on Wii64 :’) ) Because the minigames are like o_____o (GOSH!) And they had good map boards :D


  490. I believe the reason for the Wii64 Team’s absence is that there isn’t really anything to “talk about” in terms of progress. They’ve most likely been fiddling around with the core to get those main bugs squashed, and I think there’s been a lot of trial and error involved.

    I believe that they’ve definitely made improvements on the minor scale of things, and are probably on the verge of an emulation breakthrough which will bring about a new release. Although I think that’s why they cannot be certain of anything in the next release, because it seems that every time you fix a bug in code it annoyingly breaks something else… I know the feeling, sometimes I’m like “just freaking work will ya”

    I’d like to hear about how they solve the issues when the next release does come, it’d make a very nice read indeed.

  491. @OsqaaR:no I am American in Sweet Home Alabama,but I have two mexican friends (one is you). ^V^

  492. I am from Austria, like Falco and Schwarzenegger. And I agree with MarioFan3 i think they are doing some general improvements to the core.
    Id like to read some update. I dont care if i have to wait for the next version, as long as i know what they are doing though.
    Maybe we get a new post about bugfixing come christmas.
    Id like that^^

  493. @Benjamin Durden : I think I have a new American friend ^_^
    @MarioFan3 : I think they don’t post anything because the don’t have time . Come to think that they have lives too! they need to study work eat have fun and many other things that normal people do and we can’t expect an instant update beacuse de do it for free and as a hobbie.
    @Spike : I think the same they need to update for christmas ñ___ñ

  494. ganondorf…ganondorf…
    ganondorf…ganonoops I mean update…update…^V^ LOLROFLWTFXD xox *spazzing with foam in mouth* XP.

  495. To everyone asking if Conker will run or not:

    emukidid posted this in randomizer’s thread in gc-forever:

    [quote=GRUMPYx323] sorry dude forgot the last question, will conker’s bad fur day be able to be played this time? also will perfect dark be at at full speed? what games have you guys tried so far? thanks.. [/quote]

    Emukidid said: That’s the plan.

    Oh and sorry for the HTML quote blocks, just felt like doing that.

  496. Guys, you need to stop the spamming, even when you get to 1000 comments it won’t magically make the next version of Wii64 appear :)

    .. otherwise I’ll have to lock this post too.

    We’re working towards two releases, it’s very time consuming and we have little free time. To give you an idea, we talk about the emulator at least once a day between the 3 of us and we test/code about 1-2 hours a week (1-2 hours between 3 people – it’s not much at all).

    So to sum things up, when it’s out, it’s out.

  497. So… I guess that means that we have the upcoming release of Wii64 along with the “alpha” of the new emulator.

    Great! I’ll be on the looks for both releases! :D

  498. Heh, I am happy, for I got what I wanted – a few words by the chief. Very good to hear. Happy Hollydays, I am off to work on my game^^

  499. @emukidid : Sorry you’re right when is out IS OUT! but we at least want to see some of your progress that’s why we keep commenting /:
    @Shadow : Hope you’re right, and hope that happens soon !