February 2011 Update

Well, it’s been a while since our last blog post and real life has been hectic for all of the Wii64 Team, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been idle. There are some exciting developments behind the scenes that you can all look forward to. Something that we’ve really been looking forward to is porting a second video plugin to GC/Wii. Rice’s video plugin offers better speed, support for some ucodes that are missing in glN64, and support for community-made texture packs. We’ve been hard at work porting this plugin to Wii64, and we’ve got a couple preliminary screenies for you to enjoy below.

Tehpola has also started a rewrite of the dynarec with the goal of making it simpler, so that we will be able to more easily squash bugs and improve compatibility. In the process of making improvements to the dynarec for Beta 1.1 “Honey”, it become increasingly apparent that the dynarec was becoming too complex to debug and difficult to optimize. By starting from scratch, we are also ripping out other unnecessary parts of the mupen64 core to optimize for memory and, later, speed. This is a more long-term project, though, so you probably won’t see the new dynarec until sometime after our next release.

If any of you have been watching the commit log to pcsx-reloaded, then you have got to be as excited as we are for the bright future of open-source PSX emulation. If you haven’t been keeping track, then you can still be excited about the next WiiSX beta, which will incorporate many of the accuracy and speed improvements from upstream in pcsx-r’s repo.

Finally, there is our secret project which we mentioned last summer. It’s still in the works, but you won’t see it until after the next Wii64/WiiSX betas…

307 thoughts on “February 2011 Update

  1. Uh, yeah, being able to pull this off is nothing short of miraculous! I can only imagine how Wii64 and WiiSX will run!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaand here it is! Great news you’ve all wanted to hear!

    Keep up the amazing work Wii64 team =)

  3. Thanks guys for the heads-up!
    We understand that all this time you have made a lot of progress!Please,take your time and release the next version when is ready and the Rare games playable.I noticed that Conker runs 2-3 frames per second aprox. so it needs some work to fix the speed!I thank you for all your hard work !!!

  4. Although the update is well appreciated and progress has obviously been made could you (sepp) or someone from the team, please make it one of your goals to update this page with info (however trivial) once a month or sooner maybe :)

    I think all the people who post on this site would agree 6 months of checking this page in vain is a bit soul destroying.

    and again thanks for the effort you guys are putting into this and the other emulators.

    thank you .

  5. Good to hear some good stuff from the Wii64 Team again.

    Keep up the good work, everyone’s appreciating that you guys are doing. =)

  6. whoopty whoop! Glad to hear there will be another release prior to the completion of the new dynarec. I’m sure it will be worth it when it’s done, but I’m dying for a new release, even if it’s a smaller improvement than a new dynarec. Thanks for the hard work guys!

  7. I just about passed out when I saw those images! Conker running on Wii64 is better than porn! Even if it is only 2-3FPS! And wow, Conker’s eyes look like they’re properly emulated. (I used PJ64 and the only plugin that showed Conker’s eyes correctly was Glide64).

    Now I’m not rushing you guys, but I’d be really happy if Pro Skater 1 and 2 run on the next WiiSX update, whenever that is.

  8. DP
    In light of massive changes in dynarec and a second GFX plugin port,can you PWEEZE mention in a weeks notice of when to expect the (finally) update release for Wii64 (Beta 1.9/Beta 2.


  9. @emu kidid.. please tell me that u guys made perfect dark and goldeneye at full speed :( ..did u also added classic control pro support? when will this be release?? plz let me know

  10. I think you could say, what the secret project is. Since a 3/4 year you say you´re working on a secret project, but you don´t tell and delay us. Thats disgustful.

  11. Well, I stand corrected about the plugin, since I’ve been using Glide64. One thing’s for sure, Rice Video is a lot better than Jabo’s D3D and glN64. If it can emulate the funky Super Mario 64/Mario Kart 64 pixel dissolve effects, I’ll be a happy man. Hey, emukidid? Can you confirm whether or not the emulator will eventually support this effect/ucode?

  12. “It’s still in the works, but you won’t see it until after the next Wii64/WiiSX betas…”

    My future grandkids are excited.

    Glad to see an update though guys. Thanks for the news!

  13. i want to take a wild guess on the next emulator and say wiisx2? sounds crazy and dumb i mean they didn’t even finish the wiisx let alone start a playstation 2 emulator again just a crazy/ dumb guess well good to see you all again :) good luck

  14. Can Rice Video properly render Conker’s eyes in PJ64? Because Jabo’s D3D can’t and Glide64 runs slow due to my computer having bad specs.

  15. ah I was so shocked to see an update for once 0_0

    its great to see you guys still working on this, i really love wii64, plan to love wiisx when i get an external HDD :)

  16. Huh… whaddya know I actually expected to see an update today and pow there’s actually an update, how’s that for going crazy into telepathy?

    Okay, now in all seriousness it is good to hear from sepp256, I mean hearing from emukidid is great, as he’s like a good mate to us fans nowadays as he keeps in touch every now and again, but hearing from one of the others that haven’t appeared in a while is basically saying “Yeah, now is when it gets serious” basically because sepp256 is the graphics coder for the emulator.

    Anyways I assume that every game “works” at this stage (in a literal sense) making speed and other minor things the only issues left. Personally I would rather an emulator that runs everything slowly with little to no issues than run some games quickly with issues all over the shot. Then again that’s just me ;)

    Seeing Conker simply working gives me high hopes for most, if not all of those graphical errors (which have now become natural to me) being eradicated. Lookin’ good from here, some PC emulators can’t even run Conker. :)
    No stress, keep up the good (voluntary) work!

  17. I’m jus surprised dat conker actually works. Hopefully Donkey Kong 64 will be fully playable and bug free in the next release. 8D

  18. really really keeping my fingers crossed that this new plugin will fix graphical glitches with Space Station Silicon Valley :)

    Good work guys. N64 emulator, PSX emulator, AND a secret project? I’ve donated in the past. Think it’s about time I make another one

  19. I suppose that 3FPS on Conker is better then no FPS but it may be a little too slow for my liking. :P

  20. Wow!!! Great stuff guys. The progress looks awesome. I really appreciate the awesome work that you all put in.

  21. Bomberman64, Blast corps, Conker, goldeneye lets see uh…perfect dark.
    Odd how all the games people want to play most have the worst problems :p

  22. I have the problem with not being able to get the Wii Classic Controller Pro left analog stick (or the right analog stick for that matter) to work with Wii64. It just won’t work. Oddly, the right D-pad also not only triggers the right D-pad on the 64 but the Z button as well. I ended up downloading the version from here http://gbatemp.net/t217245-latest-emulator-and-libogc-with-3rd-party-classic-controller that allows me to use my analog sticks, but I would just as soon use an official release! And watch out for that D-pad thing. Thanks for a terrific program!

  23. Mystical Ninja 64, Goemon’s Great Adventure, Hybrid Heaven are the games I want to be playable on Wii64. I wonder if we’ll get a preview for WiiSX…

  24. I think Im more excited about wiisx than wii64, at last I can play Darkstalkers with sound hopefully, despite being a PSX port.

  25. Oh my god, awsome work guys, keep it up ! It would be really cool if you could show us a preview of how games are running now just like you did with wii64 1.1 honey !

  26. @DarkScyth

    Conker was running on Wii64 1.1 in Pure Interpreter with 3 FPS, some many triangles and bad sound. Now this is the same but with good graphics and running on dynarec.

    GoldenEye fullspeed on summer *ORGASM*.

  27. Since a lot of you guys noticed the frame rate (as we imagined you would), I wanted to clear up a few details.
    In those screens, we’re running under the pure interpreter. The dynarec doesn’t yet support running Conker’s. Dealing with crazy compatibility issues is mostly what drove the idea of doing a rewrite.
    The performance there isn’t as bad as it seems either. Notice that the VI/s is ~4 times the FPS. On the real hardware this would have been running at 15 FPS. Therefore it’s only 1/5 – 1/4 full speed, even on pure interpreter.

  28. Hey Wii64, please don’t be too hard on yourselves, you’re doing an excellent job! Looking forward to WiiSX beta 3.0 as well! Will SPU Async and Gaussian interpolation be added to WiiSX? Just wondering. :D

  29. Great to hear from you guys again! The most important question is will the new WiiSX finally support USB2.0? Since it’s now built into the latest Homebrew Channel (via IOS58). Of course, IOS202 is still twice as fast at reading and writing to USB, and I’m still completely baffled why you guys refused to support it, but oh well!

  30. @tehpola: Is this supposed 2 be a good or a bad thing???

    P.S. It’s also nice 2 hear from u again, it’s been a while……haha……but besides dat great job on rewriting the dynarec, it looks great so far. 8D

  31. These emulators are had to do on the wii and it’s very exciting to see a team so committed to these emulators! Only if more homebrew coders were as passionate about emulation as you guys are! I’m VERY excited and stoked for the next beta’s. WiiSX is fantastic and most of the games run at full speed. Wii64 Run pretty good for a system hard to emulate. I look forward to the new betas, Keep up the fantastic work!

  32. please a preview i don’t care if its buggy i want to see a few games work (ie. conker mostly)

  33. will this new beta fix the config controls to load? when i save my own control configuration it wont load..

  34. Can’t wait for a new release!!! Keep up the great work Wii64 team!!! You guys are the best!!!

  35. I’m excited about Wiisx imagine being able to play final fantasy 7 and 9. The wii would then be able to play final fantasy 1-9. Incredible.

  36. Fantastic news! If this update makes Final Fantasy VII run well now and not freeze at the first battle Ill be forever greatful. Thanks guys!

  37. By the way, I remember everyone going on about FFVIII not working properly, it is absolute bomb on WiiSX ß2.1! Battles run full speed, with the once every few hours code dump… Other than the bad resolution, it works great and I’m already onto the second disc!

    So yeah, looking forward to Wii64 and I can wait patiently as I’ve got an RPG to play through ;)

  38. Finally an update :D !!
    Conker ? 0_o
    Shit you are amazing.
    I wonder when this release will be :0
    I’m guessing early summer.

  39. Sry to post this here but does anyone know where I can get a high res texture pack for Goldeneye. I found a multiplayer one and a player model one but thats it. Thanks in advance for any help.

  40. Looks good keep up the effort. Do you expect to get the extra RAM expansion to be emulated properly with the Wii RAM allowing better performance with DK64 And BK2?

  41. Thanks for the update, i was wondering when Sh!T was gonna pop again! very excited for both wii64 and wiiSX (hoping capcom generations 5 will work on the update) AAAAND the hidden project… *cough* virtual boy *cough*

  42. should we expect improvements on things outside of the actual game emulation? ie save state issues w certain games and saving multiple button mappings or even mappings per games??? ;)

  43. I thought it didn’t matter whether there’s frame skip on or not as the emulator still has to process all of those frames regardless.

  44. I’m still trying to get any of the spyro psx games working on the wii homebrew for any one of my girlfriends birthdays…The next one is feb 26, going to have to shoot for next year, but keep up the non-short-of-amazing work!

  45. Just toyed with Conker on Wii64 1.1 honey and got to both B button pads to get sober all with slow speed/stretchy and invisble graphics at 7FPS.

  46. thats just some great news keep it up guys! please i want to play Castlevania legacy of darkness! cause with the beta honey i cant even run it x-x

  47. Bomberman Hero is coming to the VC store. (For those who care)

    I just hope that more games of the N64 library are compatible for injection with this release. xD

  48. I hope the next release of Wii64 allows full 16.9 support like PJ64 allows you to see more of the screen that is normally invisible as shown in that video link dantemugiwara posted.

  49. Damn has it seriously been a year already? I feel old, the years just go by faster and faster… Can’t believe it actually, it was all one whole year ago…

    I’ve given up with VC, I can already play through most of Bomberman Hero on Wii64 and it’ll run at PAL 50 on the VC so I’m not going to bother… Screw it, I’ll wait for the next Wii64 which will, without a doubt, run it better/faster than the VC version.

    Don’t you hate paying for a game you’ve already bought 10-15 years ago and you’re still getting the ripped off PAL versions? Well I do.

  50. @MarioFan3.

    Well, I agree with you.
    Actually, what you are doing (emulating games that you already own) is not illegal. If you do possess the actual copy and paid for it, you purchased the rights of the game and you can make copies of it for your own personal use.

    Note that this excludes sharing it and so. Emulating games and pirate copies are illegal only when you don’t own the original game.

    Out of that, I remember when I saw some news that RE 2 was going to be released on the PSN Store, I though that the N64 version was going to be available in the VC too. But oh great deception… Capcom only posted the PSX version for PS3, while the N64 and the Wii can go to Hell.
    Really fair Capcom, really fair.

  51. It’s been a terribly long while since I’ve last been on the net… and finding out that WiiSX and Wii64 are still alive, and getting better and stronger each day is such great news.

    Regarding people complaining about FF VIII on WiiSX not playing at all… well, you’re wrong. It IS playable. I’ve personally played well halfway through the 2nd disc already (haven’t played it for several months now due to me being inmersed in MHT online, then my USB bridge adaptor died -__-;;).

    I wrote a while back on Wiibrew’s forums a few tips and tricks regarding how to play FF VIII on WiiSX that, if anyone’s reading this, should give a quick read. I simply describe what I observed regarding crashes, how to avoid them and some workarounds.


    Anyways, thank you Wii64 team for all your hard work. Hope to see a new release sometime in the near future.

  52. Woo hoo!!! Have just read on another site that these guys are now also working on an N64 emulator for the PS3. Great news, now all I need to do is wait for someone to come up with either a 3.56 downgrade or a custom firmware for 3.56. :D

  53. pure pR0n ….

    team wii64 looks forward !

    this sounds good for us :-)

    another day … another release …

  54. Ojala arreglen el crash team racing porque todavia tiene varios errores
    I wish to somebody repair the game crash team racing because it still has several errors

  55. I hope someone fix the game “crash team racing” because it still has several errors, i guess that they are excellent making this kind of things and the best emulator on wii of psx is the most famous “wisx”.
    i would like that they also work in something like ps3sx because in ps3 there’s no an emulator of psx with custom firmware.
    thanks so much to all the team of emulate mii for all their work

  56. Translated to better English:

    I hope Crash Team Racing gets fixed on WiiSX, because it still has several errors. But I’m guessing that they excel at making emulators, since the best and most famous PSX emulator on Wii is WiiSX. I would like it if they also work on something like PS3SX, because there is no PSX emulator for a CFW PS3. Thanks to Emulatemii for all your work.

    Yesterday, there’s already a PSX emulator for PS3. It’s not made by Emulatemii though. And it’s called PS3SX too.

  57. Hey, are you guys looking for any more programmers? I’m about to graduate as a game programmer and I’ve got the fundamentals down. I didn’t see a contact email anywhere, so I figured i’d post it on here.

  58. I’m sure it’s getting really close to being released. Perhaps WiiSX will come out soon as well. If one of the team members would be so kind as to confirm….

  59. Whadda say guys…? Throw us a bone here, we’re starving. Not that I dont appreciate the update and all. Hope its coming soon.

  60. It is nice to see and update. Wow, CBFD is runing, that is great. So, you are planing to “re write” de emulator to make it more simple. So, you will update it more quickly and rigth? That is very instresting.
    Ok, I wainting for the release. Cheers!

  61. Guess not. That’s why I think looking forward to something like this is vain; you get excited by something like Wii64 only to get disappointed soon after (*sarcasm*) ;D

  62. I do hope Aidyn Chronicles will finally work on the new release!
    Hope it comes soon guys!


  63. good shit guys cant wait for the next update!

    btw one thing i hope gets fixed is Mega Man X4 since you cant defeat frost walrus or else the game freezes! i really wanna beat that game!
    and also Rayman doesnt work!

  64. This is a dream come true! Thank you so much. I really can’t wait to play the classic GoldenEye when the new Wii64 update is released. ^_^

  65. come on wen is goin to come out i nead to ues cheats codes for master quest
    cheats like inf keys

  66. @Sam Rayman can already be a pain to emulate, because of CD-XA, on ePSXe, it’s just fine, on PCSX (What WiiSX is built from), you have take the right steps. For PCSX done incorrectly, and every other emulator, you’ll just hang at the Ubisoft logo, plus in most cases, the game will play and repeat the entire soundtrack straight forward while at the Ubisoft logo. It’s just a CD-XA bug. That’s from my experience, on WiiSX, you just stick on the Ubisoft logo with no sound, have you noticed that CD-XA is locked on Disabled in the settings. Like I said, it’s probably just a common CD-XA bug.

  67. If nothing concerning Wii64/WiiSX is announced soon, I’ll have no choice but to scream like a schoolgirl.

  68. If nothing concerning Wii64/WiiSX is announced soon, I’ll have no choice but to scream like a schoolgirl.

  69. If nothing concerning Wii64/WiiSX is announced soon, I’ll have no choice but to scream like a schoolgirl.

  70. Jeez Randomizer, impatient much? Good things come to those who wait. That’s the reason I don’t buy consoles in their launch window!

  71. I accidentally posted three times because my internet sucks; plus this thread seems all but dead now.

  72. Hey Wii64 Team, I was wondering how you guys feel as to how Goldeneye is shapeing up with your next release in comparison to the current build?

  73. Ah well, it’s already been like….. wait, a months and a half??? Whoa time flies when you’re being patient :)
    Nah but seriously, I’m just playing what I can on Wii64 to make the new release all the better. Right now I’m going through Mario Golf with all its glitches and graphical bugs so when ß2 comes out I’ll really be able to see the difference.

  74. Guess what everyone? Back in 1997, March 26th one of the first RareWare masterpieces was released for the N64. Exactly 14 years later, I await patiently to play said game (because we’re all bored on here, let’s see if you can guess the game I’m on about :P )

  75. Banjo-Kazooie: June 30th, 1998
    GoldenEye 007: August 23rd, 1997
    ???: March 26th, 1997 :P

    I’m here to say that I’ve tested several N64 emulators for PC, and this game, Conker, seems to have a problem with the multiplayer camera in 3 or 4 players game modes.
    Can you fix it? You are the last hope… It seems that no one could do it… =’<
    I’m afraid I’ll never be able to play a 4-player-conker match again

  77. Diddy Kong racing ain’t it? I love Rareware games..

    Thanks a lot to the all wii64 team; the n64 emulator is simply awe-some, playing again to this old console is a real pleasure. BTW for those who may be interested, Ogre Battle 64 works quite well (for those who don’t know it, its really a great strategy-RPG :D ), as well as ShadowMan (works if put FB/2×2 Sal textures on. I’m a super rookie at that, I don’t actually know why it works this way only haha)

  78. Diddy Kong Racing: November 21st, 1997
    Blast Corps: March 26th, 1997 :D (you got it)

  79. So… using data from the past concerning the frequency of updates, I’d say beta 1.2 will be coming out either around august, or not at all. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

  80. I heard that the person who composed the music for Rare’s N64 games is now working at Crytek UK, and composed the music for the Crysis series.

  81. Which one, David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, Robert Beanland or Eveline Fischer?
    I know David Wise still composes (but not for Rare anymore) and that Grant Kirkhope left Rare a couple of years back, and joined THQ as audio director… I haven’t really heard much about the other two for a long while though.

  82. Does anyone know if there is a specific version of Goldeneye (example: Goldeneye007(E)) that works better than another, or is it all the same? I’m running the US version currently. Levels are pretty much un-playable speed wise when you get to Surface level.

  83. @NewFang:
    I used: GoldenEye 007 (U) [!].z64 to play on Wii64 and I played through the whole thing. It’s not unplayable at all, it’s just slow and the sky doesn’t look right.

  84. I use the same rom GoldenEye 007 (U) [!].z64 and once I get to the “Surface” level the frame rate slows down so badly that its just not worth playing for me, too laggy. Just wondering if there was any difference between versions. Any settings I should know about that would help? Hope its gets sorted out in the next release. But the lack of news around here makes me wondering if they have stopped working on it for the moment.

  85. I just hope I can test the new version of wii64 and see how to progress, I want to play all Rareware games again … actually the team’s work is really good wii64

  86. I want to play world driver championship… but even computer emulators can’t do it -_-

  87. @MarioFan3

    It was Graeme Norgate that I was talking about, who did the music for… Blast Corps, Banjo Kazooie, and Diddy Kong Racing.

  88. ^Ahhhh yes, I knew I forgot one. Yeah now it rings a bell, he did Blast Corps (duh for me) Didn’t David Wise do the music for other two?

  89. my favorite n64 RPG game is Paper Mario 64, And My Favorite Racer Game Mario Kart 64 :)

  90. My RGP is Ocarina of Time, Adventure/platform is Banjo-kazooie and my racer is Diddy Kong Racing

  91. wow dude forgot to mention ocarina of time :( well my all time favorites are oot, majoras mask, goldeneye, perfect dark, dk64, paper mario, mario 64, wCw/nWo revenge, cant name the rest its a long list lol..

  92. RPG: Ogre Battle 64
    Race: F-Zero X
    Adventure:Donkey Kong 64!
    FPS (why not =x): Perfect dark
    But anyway n64 has tons more awesome games, can’t wait to play them all again.

  93. Sounds promising. Hoping for a new lay out as well, but the gam suport is more important of course.. Like Final fantasy VII. Thats a must

  94. Discovered wii64 today… next release as jumped to the top of my “most expected list”. Keep the good work guys

  95. Well it’s a shame they didn’t do what they did the other year with the April 1st Tiizer but ahh well, I’m sure they’ll give a shout when they’re ready.
    Can’t wait to finish Jet Force Gemini, seriously so close to getting to the best part in the game and there just HAS to be night-vision JUST before it. Oh well…

  96. @ Wii64 Team

    The “Classic Linker 64″ I ordered a few weeks ago arrived today. It seems to work perfectly fine with Wii64, but I’ve only tried it on Ocarina of Time so far. The analogue calibration seems to be fine also, and im guessing the adapter will work the same with any other roms. I have yet to test the Classic Controller and PS1 controller with it.

  97. I’ve tried the PS1 on WiiSX and Classic Controller on Wii64 and they work fine as far as i can tell. The only thing i’ve noticed is the menu combo function doesn’t seem to work with the n64 controller (not sure about the other controllers, I hav’nt tested them yet). The menu combo did work on Wii64 temporarily but i can’t get it to work now.

  98. @the_randomizer
    si lo acabo de revisar, espero que la caracteristica tenga que ver mas con velocidad y compatibilidad, me gustaria revisar todas las mejoras que lograron con el nuevo arroz :D

  99. @ the_randomizer

    I feel it in English now

    if I just checked, I hope that the feature has more to do with speed and compatibility, I would like to review all the improvements achieved with the new rice :D

  100. Hey depelopers, I have a question: is it possible to conect a microphone tu play hey you pikachu? Can you perform that?

  101. Can they just put this one out already so we can then start waiting another year+ to have the next build?

  102. @the randomizer.. when do you think it will be release? do they still have a long way to go? any new features btw?

  103. I wish they’d at LEAST give us a preview of what to expect (you know, a teaser video), but I doubt they’ll do that.

  104. I think regarding to what they already did on their project, we don’t really need a video to understand its going to be kick-ass.

  105. reviso dia con dia para ver si hay algo nuevo pero ya tiene mucho tiempo que no respoden algun comentario lo que significa que estan muy ocupados trabajando en el proyecto por favor una nueva imagen de un juego con eso nos conformariamos todos para seguir esperando next update wii64 y wiisx
    los felisito por su gran trabajo

  106. English please. But I get the feeling it will be released, maybe as soon as the end of the month or this week….maybe.

  107. im beginning to get really interested with emulation just wondering for the wii64team which do you think is a bit harder to do wiisx or wii64? (like porting or just in general) im kinda curious

  108. @the_randomizer:
    You requested a translation… so here goes… oh and anybody else who knows Spanish do correct me if I’m wrong, I’m doing my best here:

    pillo Says:
    April 12th, 2011 at 7:33 pm
    I look here every day to see if there’s anything new, but after such a long time with no response to the comments they must be very occupied working on the project. Please make a new release with said progress.

  109. pillo Says:
    April 12th, 2011 at 7:33 pm
    I look here every day to see if there’s anything new, but after such a long time with no response to the comments they must be very occupied working on the project. Please make a new release with said progress. We will all continue to wait for the next update of Wii64 and WiiSX, keep up the great work!

    (accidentally pressed enter dammit, sorry folks)
    Well I did my best…

  110. @Chris

    For Conker’s eyes being emulated, I think it depends on the system, not the plugin, on my Netbook, when I had Windows 7 Starter, PJ64′s emulation just sucked, games played slowly, and yes, Conker’s eyes were not emulated properly, using Jabo and Rice’s plugins, Upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate, exact same thing, then I downgraded to Windows XP yesterday, 60FPS all time, smooth as silk, and Conker’s eyes now emulate properly! Using both Jabo and Rice, but I use Rice simply because I think it’s better. ;)

  111. @Ty It is because Seven consumes a lot of capacity, win XP not. That is why PJ64 runs better on your Netbook
    I guess..

  112. Glide64 emulates games better than Rice and doesn’t jack up the audio in Mystical Ninja 64 (look that up in the PJ64 forums) using PJ64. 1964 or Mupen64 are another story. But, I have no doubts that the Wii64/WiiSX team will neutralize these issues.

  113. Just here to say I appreciate all the work you’ve done for the Wii homebrew community and am looking forward to the next release.

    Killer Instinct Gold already works on Honey, alebit slowly. So I’m dying to see if it could run fulls peed in the next release.

  114. you think the rice improve many of the earlier problems with the games? I hope that work well Rareware games, mystical ninja, castlevania and many of the great games of this console … personally lately but with emulators game in the wii to the same Wii games.

  115. I’m waiting on 3 different N64 emulators for 3 different consoles.

    1st is Wii64 (Wii version obviously)

    2nd is 364 (360 version) development seems to be slowing down on this so I wouldn’t expect this for a long while yet, although there are some videos on youtube showing some good progress.

    3rd is Surreal64 CE (xbox1 version) this is atm the most compatible and speedy of the 3 n64 emus and it’s due another update very soon and will output games in 720p YAY! plus there’s videos on youtube of this in action too.

  116. Yea, it’s still kicking, love the old box.
    It still has a lot of life in it yet I think.
    Here’s the link to their youtube page (checkout the skin, something like this on wii64 would be EPIC!!)

  117. Can I have a teaser video? I’d really love to have one. Please, team, come on…

    (Guess what game this is referring to)

  118. @ ploggy

    Either that or video of 3D rotating box art! I rather that with the option to switch to video! Someone please make this happen.

  119. Don’t get me wong, I am totally grateful for the team moving forward with this project and not letting it die. They are doing all of us a great service by working on this emulator. But when the f@$k are they gonna release an update, its been a while since last news.

  120. damn didnt know there was newer releases of surreal64 gonna have to nab it and upgrade my blackbox with new stuff now since i spent a week trying to ressurect it anyway

  121. @NewFang

    No need to curse’em now, they’re working very hard – and it’s not like they don’t have other projects they’re working on. Oh… and, “life” can get in the way, too.

    Thanks again team, all your efforts are fully appreciated. Can’t say enough for ya!

  122. Well, I did say I was very grateful and I appreciate their work. I’m just generally imaptient by nature, so sorry. Keep it up guys! Better?

  123. @ ploggy

    Did you hear me??? :( :( S’okay, I’ll personally write to the developers. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll learn to do this myself.

  124. I don’t think this would be high on the Dev’s list of things to-do just yet but I hope later down the line they consider it.

    Just the 3d box-art and that background music would be enough for me :P

  125. @ploggy
    Surreal64 sounds really awesome, i will probably try it when it will be out!

  126. I hope DK64 will be playable on the next release(It actually is playable, just very slow and has a weird camera issue where it zooms in on you and then resets to its original zoom. Also 200th Comment, can’t believe this thread is still open.

  127. @NewFang:
    Curse words aside I feel the same way. I mean, I too understand that they have lives, these things take time, it’s done for free in their spare time etc. etc. but well… it’s only natural to run out of patience eventually. I think we’ve all done pretty well in terms of patience considering it’s been well over a year of waiting and I think it’s time I moved on.

    Personally I’ve given up on Wii64 and WiiSX now, and with all due respect towards The Wii64Team, it’s just been way too long. I’m just gonna check this site every week for updates from now on… and to be quite honest, I don’t think a release is even going to come out this year…

  128. I just got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 for Xbox 360 a couple of days ago, so I think I’ll be occupied for a while. But seriously, one good thing about this is that they must be working very hard on this. But enough of that, (unrelated to the topic) FLCL a.k.a. Fooly Cooly, comes on tonight on Adult Swim, so I can watch that instead of the horrid Squidbillies show. Can’t wait for Easter.

    I also have Game Maker 8.0 which I have had for several months, so hopefully I can create new games while I wait. Keep up the good work Wii64/WiiSX team, hope it gets released soon. P.S. For now, I will use Project64 1.7 beta until Wii64 gets released.

  129. I given up on wiisx and wii64 too, but its sure that when it will comes I will try it. Now I am waiting for Beat Hazard Ultra on Steam.

  130. @MrKill I love Beat Hazard! I’m sticking to my barely working N64 for now. It’ll be a while I bet.

  131. A for effort right? XD also i never played that one before i heard about it talking to some old friends but how is heavy rain in your opinion?

  132. Still nothing huh?
    Well, I have a feeling about August too… which is ages away but y’know what can you do about it? Ask for it sooner? (yeah because that totally works ;) )

  133. lol ill sounds like it’ll be good. im going have to check it out when i get a chance. ;)

  134. @MarioFan3, more like December, possible Jan – Feb. Summer is almost here, kids are gonna have school vacation and barbecue cannot be missed. So master all the Snes games meanwhile.

  135. Not sure where all these speculations are coming from. We don’t know how far along they are and what is left to be done, so as I see it, theres really no way to tell at this point.

  136. Hmm, what do I do if I’ve been mastering SNES games for the last 14 months already?

    On the note of summer: I’m so sick of summer, I’m so glad I’m coming out of it, I say bring on the cold weather! It’s already starting to get below 20°C, so I can only imagine how cold this year will be… It never snows though, so I doubt it’ll go below 0°C… (oh, and for people too used to Imperial and not Metric: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu_illAgCPg )

    As for speculation, I’m just going with it because well, I’ve given up on it to be quite honest…

  137. @MarioFan3, I like the metric system; I find it to make more sense anyway.
    And about Wii64….WTH haven’t we seen anything about it? Well!!!? SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!

  138. @the_randomizer:
    Haha, thanks. Oh and I feel your pain very much so, I’m kinda like y’know going through a lot right now (heartbreak etc.) and apparently the best thing to do is take your mind off it by playing games or something. Now, a new Wii64 is something I really need after I’ve finished playing through Pokemon Silver again.

  139. If we don’t hear an announcement in the next month or two, I will scream till my lungs explode and my eardrums burst so help me, me! C’MON SOMEONE PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!!

  140. have some patience and let them do there work. you know it will come sooner or later

  141. So now I read Sony are trying to suggest that somehow the invincible uberhackers known as Anonymous were involved in hacking the Playstation and gaining access to all those credit card details. I think that’s bull. From the little I know, Anonymous are ethical hackers, not thieves. Sony’s security wasn’t up to the job, that’s all there is to it. They’re trying to make it look like since Anonymous were involved, no encryption in the world would have stopped them, that Anonymous are invincible and so Sony exercised due diligence in setting up their encryption. That won’t wash, Sony. We know!

  142. is torture to have had the catch of Konker Bad Fur Day and now just do not have any information … at least something to keep us abreast of how things, still waiting lol.

  143. Actually Anonymous are notorious for going “Yeah, you bet we did it hahahaha!” owning up to something they’ve done.
    If you read through what Anonymous actually had to say on the issue, it goes along the lines of “What the hell? That wasn’t us, don’t blame us because this time we actually didn’t do anything!!!”

    There are rumours going around that it was the Russian Mafia, and as ridiculous as that sounds it’s far more believable than Anonymous being involved… they would own up to this sort of thing…

    Eh, all I can say to “those I know” who’ve lost so much money from their details being leaked out, is go have a cry! Because the amount of times they’d say PSN is far more secure than Live, and that Live is a waste of my money… No sympathy for those people whatsoever! (not directed at anyone on here mind you)

  144. please just give us a sign of life! it doesnt mean we need to know everything about the release. just a sign of progress!

  145. Sweet, can’t wait for a version of wii 64 that can play conkers bad fur day.

  146. I have a request for the guys who created Wii64. Can they add a GameShark code option for the next update please? There’s some fun codes I would really want to use.

  147. Like I’ve said before, they can’t be bothered to give us any info as far as progress. Almost as painful as the PR for Black Mesa mod.

  148. I just hope it is released at a convenient time when I won’t be too busy to play it . :D (p.s. this summer would be nice, or december 2011 . !)

  149. hope u guys put an alpha version out soon that will give full support of all n64 roms want to play conker extra bad.

  150. What they need is a fourth member who posts updates on their site. That way at least we know what’s going on.

  151. Hey guys, I’m currently getting into Flash. Maybe you could check out my NG page to get more info on my first game, Church of Abnormalities.

  152. I realize this is being worked on in the team members free time and I applaude them fo doing so because no one else is doing an N64 emulator for the Wii. Naturally family, friends, school, work, kids and other things take priority over video games of course but either way, its a labor of love for them I’m sure. But please team, give us an update on how things are going, even if its just “its coming along nicely” or “haven’t had time to do much as of lately”. Its been a few months since we’ve heard anything from a team member on this site. After this news in Febuary I figured we would be playing a new build by now. I’m not asking for a release date but I think I speak for alot of fans when I ask how things are going. Sometimes I wonder if the team even reads these comments.

  153. I really hope ‘Mario Party 2′ will be playable in the next version, dont care about the other two cause the second was the bomb. maybe blast corps too.

    but anyway great work guys…….love your emulator.

  154. I hope it will be released before christmas 2012, I hope you meant…uhhh, Kristopher!

  155. やれやれ、待ち望む事をもう諦めようか。Translation from Japanese。”(Sigh) Should I just give up on waiting already?”

  156. @Zix:
    What are you talking about? Mario Party 2 is already playable, I’ve just about got everything in it (all I’ve got left to do is the mini-game roller-coaster on hard)
    The ONLY problem I’ve had with it is a couple of icons look weird eg. Boo Bell usage, and Grab Bag shows no models (I still managed to win it once though XD). Other than that it runs at 50-60 FPS all the time, which means no stuttering audio due to 50 FPS being PAL speed and never crashes (to my experience anyway)

    I agree with the Blast Corps statement though, definitely need that working next release :D

  157. @MarioFan3 ……. no i didnt mean top say it didnt work, i meant it had a few problems, the screen keeps flickering on my Wii so to me thats unplayable….. im just really fussy! lol!

    hope v1.2 comes soon, its been quite a while now since 1.1

  158. The next version will be Wii64 2.0….I think, but boy howdy will there be improvements!

  159. No, as far as I know the has never been or never going to be a Dreamcast emulator on the Xbox….

    But if your after a good Dreamcast Emulator check out dknute blog.


    He’s a brilliant Dreamcast Emulator Dev and his Emu is probably the best so far imo.

  160. Technically.. yes I think it’s possible.
    But not to any playable standard..

  161. Perhaps, if the Emu was completely rewritten from scratch for the Xbox then maybe you’ll get it to a playable state.

    But you have to remember the there are a few DC Emu’s out there for PC and not one of them works full speed without errors and they have been in development for quite a few years.
    So imagine what it would take to get an Xbox version to a playable standard.

    The fact of the matter is there are only a hand full of devs working on Xbox stuff and I bet my 360 that not one of them are willing to drop what they are working on to start the such a huge project..

  162. I have a real dreamcast, so i dont care about a dreamcast emulator. Except the fact that the laser disc sucks.

  163. I’m sry but seems like Wii64 is dead, its June and we haven’t heard shit since Feburary. I don’t see any other reason why so much time would pass and they would not even post a progress update or answer back to any of these comments. Too bad, I was looking forward to playing Goldeneye on the big screen.

  164. seems we will not have anything in a long time, really do not understand, if not set for Wii is really difficult, or indeed our friends abandoned the project.

  165. Hmm… I hope it’s sometime soon… my exams are officially over… I’ve got about 5 weeks of winter break, and it’s barely reaching 10 degreees so it’s too cold and wet to go outside… and I’ve got nothing to do… damn I wish I could code or something…

  166. what proof do you have?? the team can’t even be bothered to say otherwise. fuckin dead dude, give it up. I wish it wasn’t true. i check here almost everyday, I’m sure they do too and they just watch the comments. no response, no updates. D-E-A-D.

  167. Ummm… Thats your proof? I’ve seen that before, sry, not convincing enough for me. That doesn’t show me anything other than emukid saying “yeah, we still havent worked on it”. Look, I’m not trying to troll here although it prob seems like I am. I do wish for this to come out, I hope I’m wrong. I also understand real life shit takes priority over this emulator, which can get hectic. Again, I wish the team the best, theyve done a great job thus far. I just have my doubts on a new release. Just my opinion, I’m entiled to mine and you to yours.

  168. Yeah I understand where NewFang is coming from. I felt that way back before Beta 1 was released, I was hoping for the best but had kind of given up.

    The Wii64Team has already stated that the next releases will be for Wii/GC HomeBrew. The WiiU has no rumble though so the temptation for a WiiU64 isn’t there for me. Can’t play half of those games without rumble…

  169. Haven’t been here for a while, and then I remembered why….no news about Wii64 or WiiSX. If WiiSX achieves the kind of audio emulation like the recently made DSound Repair r20, I’ll be happy :D

  170. hey @ploggy
    i just got the action replay cord and im trying to softmod my xbox and the program im using will not allow me to trasnfer the softmod instraller to my memory card. and yes i am using the action replay program but the top icon is grey not green. is that the reseason why i can not trasnfer the softmod instraller? please respone

  171. Funny thing is that they accept “donations” from fans who want to see progress/updated Wii64 emulator and I’m sure they recieve them. Since there has been no progress or updates in several months, it seems this is basically dead or abandoned, so what are the “donations” for if they are not working on it? Im sry but you mean to tell me that you guys have not come here once in the pass several months and read these comments? And not one reply from any of you, strange. At this point I think theyre just collecting donations and gave up on the project. If its dead just say so and stop collecting peoples hard earned money who you are misleading with a false sense of hope for your own personal gain.

  172. @NewFang:
    They aren’t that heartless, well at least emu_kidid isn’t. This we can prove by his recent activities on the internet (from what we can gather) emu_kidid hasn’t given up, that much we DO know. They have real lives just like the rests of us, and as emu_kidid has said, progress is being made, we’ve just gotta be patient as they’re pretty busy lately… I want a release really badly too, yet… I guess we’ve no choice but to wait.

  173. it is good to know that projects are not abandoned … thank you very much for the info

  174. More like in April/May of 2012, not January. Wii64 will likely be released late Fall, early Winter, and with the completely rewritten Dynarec core, it will make the VC’s N64 games look like crap. Oh wait, it already does!

  175. See what this page has been reduced to…. silence from devs and pharmaceutical spam. Sad.

  176. *sigh* well, there’s nobody left to police it these days… The team’s busy with real life issues and actual progress though so… by the end of this year things’ll be different

  177. Wow, and there was me thinking to myself, where the hell am I gonna get some cheap Acai from….. now I know.

    What are the chances :P

    Seriously tho, get f**k out of here you money grabbing ambulance chasing wanna be’s

  178. Someone either monitor the spam or close this thread until Wii64 2.0 comes out.

  179. Well the unfortunate thing is, if someone who could resolve the problem is reading these comments, they would’ve resolved it by now…

  180. Well I hadn’t been on this page for a while and I was was wondering why there had been more than 30 comments posted, now I know.

  181. I haven’t checked the site but now I won’t even do that because of the spamming.

    He’s soooo alone and got no life. This just proves even more that there exists crazy people out there. And they’ll do anything for money, spam in this situation.

    How can he sink so low? I don’t get it to be honest.
    He’s just wasting his time doing stuff like this. Nobody here wants the stuff. We just want Wii 2.0. Nothing else. So please waste your time spamming here. -_-

  182. I have tried to inject roms into wads to see if the compatibilty is any better but no luck, seems most of the wads get stuck at the “You Will Need A Classic Controller.” screen.

  183. I tried injecting Banjo Kazooie v1.0,1.1,PAL,JAPand even the elusive v1.2 into Majora’s Mask but they all hang on the rotating N64 exRAM Logo.

  184. Sigh….諦めようか?このサイトに行く事には価値がない。”Should I just give up? There’s no point in going to this site.”

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