PS364 in the works..

We’ve been playing with PSL1GHT, the legal, open SDK for PS3, over the past couple days, and we have a basic port of Wii64 to PS3 already. Expect more to come…

PS. There is some recent news about a team claiming to be working on an N64 emulator for PS3. Just so you know, that story is not about us or about PS364.

558 thoughts on “PS364 in the works..

  1. That’s good news for PS3 owners (myself included) but I’m looking forward to Wii64 more so hope that’s still the priority ?.

  2. Whoa!?!?!?!? 8O
    U guys are amazing!!!!!

    If only u can make a port for wiiSX to ps3, Since the ps3 does’nt support ps1 games any more. 8(

  3. Would this allow for a quick port to the PSP because of a simalar SDK or is the hardware difference to big? Even tho there is already a N64 project on the PSP do you think yours would be a sufficient port?

  4. Hey the PS3 has more RAM than the Wii right? So doesn’t that mean that roms will run at considerably more speed on PS364 than Wii64???

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  9. Just that you know, the team claiming to be working on a N64 emulator for PS3 is an obvious fake, they initially said it was a port of Project64 and the lack of technical bits in their annoucement (beside saying they want to get the whole N64 library working, and a better GUI, and cheat cods support, like any noob would ask ) is very significant .

    It would be cool if you could publically face them (with technical question and so on) then defeat their fake, because I fear what they are expecting is donations from naive users, or hits on this ugly ps3news website that (how surprising) is advertising their project

  10. realy happy to hear this and know its real as its on hear
    cant wight n64 is the only emulator i want hope to see abeta soon

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  12. I think it’s amazing how we waited at least 6 months for a decent progress update, and now we’re having all kinds of updates and feedback from the EmulateMii team. Ahhhh it’s music to my ears…..even though I’m reading everything. 8P

  13. I happen to be one of the fellows with a PS3, I’ll definitely be looking forward to this release. ;)

  14. Great! :D Thanks guys! Your just awesome ! I wanted an 64 emulator since the very beginning of ps3 scene! I wonder how the FPS are at this early stage of this port.

  15. I dunno if true I heard from a friend; and he said that someone is working PSP to Wii. I wonder if that is the secret project ^_^

  16. PS3 homebrew is not as acesible as Wii homebrew because of the risk of being banned if Sony discover that they’ve got any “strange” software on their consoles. I’ve got both of them and my ps3 is not hacked because of this reason. It’s not safe to do it.

  17. Way cool guys. Since the PS3 has more to offer, can run more N64 Games hopefully without errors :D . Still wondering what the Secret Project is for the Wii. Appreciate all that you do.

  18. @LJkAze

    I don’t care about PSP. His library is pretty boring. I use it for play old games. I would bet for example:

    - Sega CD
    - 32x (it’s possible but unprobable)
    - Saturn (but there’s no good emulator running with good specs)
    - Sega Model 1/2
    - Capcom Play System 1/2/3 (most probable)
    - A new NeoGeo emulator (too probable)
    - They helping with NullDCe Wii. Emu_kidid must be lying for this one xD.

    Give me the prize. I think I’m correct xD.

  19. As a PS3 owner (and Wii), I’m excited to hear this!
    I only hope it gets updates after the initial release so PS3 players can enjoy playing classic N64 titles with nice features like custom textures. But that’s asking a bit much with all of the work you guys have on your hands – nonetheless I will remain optimistic!

  20. When you say ” a long time”, do you mean that you will work on it for a couple of months and then release it? Also, kudos on porting it in only 2 days!

  21. Will it work up to 4 players? that would be amazing :) also a port of dolphin to the PS3 is where I am waiting for. Anyways I hope you guys will release this soon :)

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  23. @Bryan:
    “emukidid Says:
    February 23rd, 2011 at 9:44 pm
    Of course wii64 continues to be priority.. this was only a quick 2 day port.”

  24. except one teeny tiny little thing. Sony has already totally locked down ps3′s!!! they’re even making an unhackable ps3!

    So my question is how is this this going to work?

    BTW Benjamin Durden: ps3′s aren’t so F-ing expensive your just poor. hate to be rude but 300$ is not to much for ps3

  25. @Benjamin Durden:
    Actually, apparently Sony is going to try to lower the prices on the PS3s in order to try and release a more “Secure” PS3. As for this Emu, its about time. Been waiting on this for a while. Just hope since it was a 2 day port, hopefully its good to go and awaiting reviews so that it is perfect. Great job guys :D

  26. I’m not a PS3 user at all, but I love your awesome effort! Was that the secret project or just something random?

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  28. Hello, um emukidd hey bro, you don’t mind if i can help out beta test the PS364 emulator for you guys please and thanks :) i appericiate it alot! keep up the great work for us promisers lolz

  29. I have a Wii and PS3 but my PS3 stays clean. I have ZERO interest in hacking it. I use it to play Castlevania and watch movies. Nothing else. Wii on the other Hand…

  30. PS.: I also have DS Lite, and I already pre-ordered a 3DS. I have a friggin Zelda Shrine for Nayrus sake. And I am still able to bring food to the table for me and my fiance.
    However, we both work. Couldn’t aford all of that with one job alone…

  31. My brother is planning to possibly get a 3DS for us to share,my brother has a job at target.

  32. just please don’t be like my friend and say something is expensive just because you can’t afford it

  33. Lets not turn this into a thread of what people can and can’t afford or what jobs people work because thats pointless and has no bearing on the awesome work that these guys are doing for the emulation community, free of change to everyone at that. Keep it rollin guys, I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate all your hard work.

  34. I’m not gonna get the 5th gen portables at launch. I’m gonna wait 1 year to see what games come out for both of them. Because I can’t afford both.

  35. @mariofan, I sure do. Seems like they’re putting alot on their plate, I know its already been stated here but I hope they’re main focus is the next Wii64 update.

  36. I prefer to working on N64 emultor for PS3…have much power, HD, ect..ect…

    Thanks Team, i can’t wait for a video.

  37. Well NewFang, they did say their main focus is Wii64, so I am happy. I am more of a Nitnendo fan, so I am looking forward to Wii64 more than WiiSX. Same goes for 3DS and NGP btw…

  38. Wait are you the first Wii-fanboy ever? You play the multi-platform games on a real console, or not? Wii is only good for mario stuff, N64 was the best. Or are you at the age where the first console you had was a NGC, Wii?

  39. Relax buddy, no need to get rude. I grew up with an Atari in my house if that makes some kind of difference to you.

  40. Sweet I love my bomberman Hero 64 on my wii now on the ps3? Kick ass! Now all I need is an xbox one that way I can use that useless block for something

  41. “mortalc13 Says:

    except one teeny tiny little thing. Sony has already totally locked down ps3’s!!! they’re even making an unhackable ps3!

    So my question is how is this this going to work?”

    My PS3 isn’t updating to anything higher than 3.55, that’s how it’s going to work. Sony can’t force me or anyone else to update and I don’t want their online service because my home connection isn’t fast enough to use it. Homebrew is what makes a console fun for me these days anyway.




  43. OH YEAH AND I FORGOT TO SAY THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Dont count on the PS3 version so much. Sony are doing everything they can to keep homebrew and piracy out so they push out forced updates killing jailbreaks… Unless someone can finds out a way to stop it requesting/demanding updates, its future looks grim as a homebrew console.

  45. The Problem is that sooner or later some games will require an update or they wont work. Same goes for other stuff like PSPS connectivity and stuff. And then, the update will be on the Disc and you will have to update.
    As said, I dont care as I only use my PS3 for Castlevania and BluRay…

  46. @Spike Future games will not be an issue we can modify and resign games already. Sooner or later somone will leak the missing keys e.g. npdrm key ect, I’m sure there are a few people that have this info now and are waiting to see what happens with the lawsuits.

  47. Well if anyone is on psxscene, there was a story about how that you dont even have to update to 3.56. Aparently, Sony has some new thing where they send small packets to your system and before you know it, your on 3.56. Also, Sony has some program where, if your on 3.56, and you want to connect to PSN or play online, it will do a quick scan of your system to make sure you havent done anything to your PS3.

    I got a Wii, Phat (BC) PS3, PSP2001, DC, Saturn, NDS and a Dingoo (was to JB my PS3). LOL.

    Just hope that the Emu will work for all Model PS3s and all FWs. Remember a few Homebrew apps that would only work on certain CFWs or had to be either Slim or Phat PS3s. Emu Kidid might want to make sure on that first.

  48. Hmm, now why does the updates-on-game-discs-and-online-services-blocking-your-HomeBrew sound familiar?

  49. Man you guys are ignorant, no wonder emukidd hasn’t responded to you, not worth his time…

    Just donated 10 bucks to the developers of the N64 for the PS3!..I feel my money would go further than geohot, who’s about to be on Oprah next…As much money as you guys sent that guy, thats the least you could do to the actually people who keep the scene alive by continuing to develop homebrew….

    Hopefully this sees the light of day, as I DO NOT have WII, and haven’t heard of you guys till now…

  50. I hope wii64 gets finished before starting any other projects. Its amazing how much progress has been made since they started, keep up the great work!

  51. Please keep the Wii in your priorities, PS3 can suck it.

    Nice work btw!

    I have a question:
    Is the next version of Wii64 going to be the one with the 2 plug ins?
    or is it going to be the one with the updated old plugin?

    So the Wii64 beta 3 is going to have the new rewritten plugin?

    Im so confused, lol.

  52. Sherlock:
    I know. But read it on psx scene. Apparently, if you have a open connection at start up, even if you are doing FTP (meaning ANY open connection), the PS3 will still send info to Sony and if you are not on the latest FW, it will start sending packets to your PS3 slowly updating your system. Meaning, might just want to start doing everything through MultiMan or any other App that allows putting stuff on your PS3 from USB-PS3 or make sure the Connection to your Computer is on a network with no Internet being connected.

    Anyone know of a Beta yet? EmuKidid said it went quick to make it.

  53. Smoker1,
    While it’s true that Sony can look at stuff on the PS3 as you say, they would not do a firmware update like that (if you have automatic updates off) without at least giving you the choice to reject it. I’m sure legal action would result against Sony from individuals forced into updating like that. There are people that may have even stayed on 3.15 in order to avoid losing OtherOS (although not likely at this point thanks to the efforts to add Linux support back). Didn’t Sony defend themselves on this point by saying that the user chooses to update and lose OtherOS?

    I did notice that the Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity appeared in the manner you describe, but that’s a small icon they put on the system that lets you opt in to downloading the full thing and it is in the TOS that they can do it and you agree to it.

    I will admit, however, that I keep my system disabled from reaching the net by changing the default DNS to on a wired connection just because I don’t like Sony talking with the system thanks to their recent warning e-mails and lawsuits.

  54. Alucard:
    You know why Sony removed the OtherOS feature right? LOL. “Supposedly” when Geohot was looking into getting the HV accessed under Linux, Sony saw that and removed it. There was even another story floating around about how they didnt want anyone Mod-Chipping the PS3. That got a lot of ppl wondering where the Modchips were becouse no one at that time knew anything about it.
    Now, they are apparently not going after GeoHot becouse of any Piracy. Its becouse he “Ran unauthorized Software (some Super Mario game)” and “Unlawfully Accessed his System”. I totally agree with his views about how once you purchase it, it is yours to do what you please with it. Also, dont see how they say he made it possible for Piracy since all his interviews and his CFW states that Piracy will not be allowed. Just OtherOS and Homebrew.

    Speaking of Homebrew: Still wondering what the Secret Emu is. Im guessing it could be NeoGeoCD or Saturn. There was another PSX Emu that didnt run so well and WiiSX blew it out of the water. Maybe we can see WiiSN or WiiNG? Cant wait for PS364 :D

  55. emukidid……..why did you guys post that, there is a ps364 project ” in the works” and now, about two weeks later you are leaving post’s like, “we haven’t even given it much thought.” and “Of course wii64 continues to be priority.. this was only a quick 2 day port”……………u guys just posted about ps364 to get more traffic on your site…………PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!


  56. @Old_Gill
    Um no you are completely wrong and are making your self look stupid. They posted this because they like to share what they are doing and have been working on. You should be happy to see this to know that a N64 emulator is coming, who cares how long it will take.

  57. old_gill got a point at some points over there lot of people are waiting for it
    and they say its only a 2 day port whel post it and let other people play whit it i think then if wii is number one for you guys

  58. Hey man chillax, chill, take a chill pill. May I remind you that the team is working on this all on their free time. People should be grateful that they’re making a free Nintendo 64 emulator for the PS3. I mean they already have too much on their plate for them to chew on(I mean this in the most nicest way). I mean they’re already making an N64, PS1, and mystery emulator for the Wii. So please be patient and keep unnecessary comments to yourself. I’m sure they’re days away from release something cool and unique for all of us to have. So stick around and see what the EmulateMii team has to offer. 8)

  59. Josh:
    Get out of my head!!! LOL. Was about to say something similer. At least this Team is putting something on the table. Seems that lately, there has been almost no activity in the PS3 scene. Maybe this will be the Emu that gets things going again for the PS3. Its like everything seem to come to a screaming halt everywhere once the Lawsuits started, ppl were getting Emails from Sony telling them they will be Banned and its like Devs are waiting to see what happens. At least Wii64/SX team has the balls to keep going on their free time.

  60. no se porque son tan egoistas…los usuarios de ps3 tambien queremos jugar nintendo 64 en nuestro ps3 :( ,ojala nos muestren un video pronto ^^

  61. not because they are so selfish … ps3 users also want to play Nintendo 64 on our ps3 :( , hopefully show us a video soon ^ ^




  63. Petruccio:
    Then get out your n64 and play it, if you don’t own even own a n64 you shouldn’t be playing it on your PS3 anyways pirate.

    Seriously stop complaining and bashing, they are just announcing that one is coming to the PS3, be happy they told you that.

  64. People are sellfish and have no respect for developpers work, they don’t care about you porting stuff or making incredible technical stuff, they just want to play those “goddamn romz”. They will praise you as gods if you throw them something to eat… and call names on you when you don’t anymore or not fast enough. Sad internet community, seems like the mass of stupidity and ignorance is infinite…

    For those people, ask yourself: why are you so desesperate in playing emus on you PS3 (or Wii) ? Why are you losing your proud in acting like little childs begging for a toy that you will probably throw after a few days of playing ? It’s video GAME after all and a gift that some people are giving to you without even knowning or liking you, so show a little bit of patience … and respect. In one word, grow up !

  65. Is it just me, or is it the fact that as soon as PS364 is thrown on here a massive flame war between Wii and PS3 and which one’s better begins.

    PAL region users have a valid excuse for wanting emulators, but if you’re in an NTSC region get your freaking N64 out and play the god-damn thing as Name suggested. That or you wait patiently like the rest of us.

    Among many others on here, I’ve patiently waited for well over a year now for a new Wii64 release, meanwhile it’s been a week of PS364 and there’s already incredibly impatient people who sound like pirates. If you hate Nintendo so much then what gives with the “I wanna pway me 64 romz on PS3″ talk (that includes you Old_Gill) Look at this: Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii… Oh gosh, it’s made by the same people!

    This is about emulating the N64, not “console X is better than console Y, therefore console X should have this first”

    I wish to play N64 games at the proper speed they were originally intended for, AND at their original resolution. I honestly couldn’t care less about what system it’s on, or if there aren’t any special features. Special features are “nice to have” but the main thing is I just feel really ripped off for having played slow, inferior versions of N64 cartridges my whole life, realising that living in a PAL region is the only reason!

  66. *teleports behind MarioFan3*

    It’s not just you.

    . . .

    *teleports back home*

  67. So, using your Nintendo Wii to emulate N64 with homebrew is kosher by default? Get real. If you don’t have the original games, it’s piracy no matter what hardware you’re emulating it with. If you downloaded the ROM from the internet, that’s not a valid archival copy. Did you personally dump your cartridges? You get no mileage from that argument – in fact you only hurt yourself.

    The team posted news about this PS3 port being in the works so of course people will post here and state their excitement for it, as I have. If no one did that, the team may not feel anyone would appreciate the idea and maybe not even do a release. I know how it feels to code for a project and notice a lack of interest once you release info on it. It kills a lot of your drive to work on it anymore. But they’ve also made it clear that Wii64 is the primary focus.

    Funny, though, I think there are currently more comments here against any effort put into a PS3 port at all and it was unnecessary to post here saying such because that is disrespectful to the time the devs have put into it already.

  68. *Puts up massive sign, it reads:
    Thank-you for your co-operation”

  69. FECK YOU AWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    *rips own head off again*

  70. lol ps364 vs wii64 people just grow up if they want to port to ps3 as well who are we to stop them? if ps3 users want to try it out let them who cares? (i only got a wii so stfu) and half the crap that’s said about the ps3 users can also apply to wii users… just wait …← see what i just did there? i waited for 3 seconds god…then again i guess these arguments are to kill time for the next releases *shrugs shoulders* anyway great job wii64 team im looking forward to more news from you guys don’t let these idiots get you all down on the releases you all are pretty damn cool either way

  71. Noticia:Mi amigo kreationz ha dicho que le gustaria hacer un hibrido entre este ps364 y daedalusx64 que emocion!

    una pregunta respetuosa para los desarrolladores

    que estan haciendo ahora? estan puliendo un poco mas el ps364 antes de hacerlo open source?

  72. News: My friend kreationz has said he would like to make a hybrid between this and daedalusx64 ps364 that emotion!

    a respectful question for developers

    they are doing now? are polished a bit but the ps364 before doing open source?


    KAKATOES!!!! LOL…….HE SAID “seems like the mass of stupidity and ignorance is infinite.”



  75. Wow. I’m away from EmulateMii for awhile, come back, and a war’s broken out….I’ll just stand back and watch gettin involved would just make it worse.

    *Stands back and watches with popcorn*

  76. Old_ Gill chill i wasnt aiming at no one. All i was just saying is quit wasting time aruging and crap the wii64 team probably dont want to see that man. Sorry that got you mad but i was just saying btw i did typo i own a wii and n64 lol but yeah just enjoy the work :) Peace~

  77. one last thing i’m just excited that their still working on the emulator and other projects why is that such a problem? Its not like i’m sayin give me the UPDATE NOW!!! so idk what your talking about >.>

    i’m done~

  78. @OLD_GILL:
    Dang, u went out with a bang.

    So I guess we’re not doing much help if we’re just commenting on how great the wii is to the ps3, what working game consoles we currently own, or what game is the best. So I guess I’m going to stop commenting until I have any useful information to tell you guys. So until next time……..PEACE~ 8)

  79. @Josh
    Haha I could never agree on anyone that has temper tantrums and talks in all caps over the net.

  80. I was trying to linkto desmume wii to show that things have been going on but I kept getting moderation prompts.

    So sorry to all and Wii64 Team who are confused/aggrivated of my past few comments.

  81. geez, im gone a day and the interesting stuff happens… funny XD

    i just say, give the team their time. they do a great job and we should all appreciate this. lets cher in for a collective

    now, i am a PAL N64 user and i do own an N64. I still prefer to play games via an emulator. the pal conversion back in the day was plainly horrible, my N64 controlers are worn out and the resolution sucks on an HDTV. furthermore my TV has a grey 4/3 mode while Wii64 has a black one. its just the small things but i like it :)

  82. Now just wondering if there will ever be a way to make it so everyone will be able run PSP games on the PS3. Got a PSP2001 that has a messed up Joystick and everytime I replace it it works for a while but then gets messed up again. Would rather run my PSP games on my PS3 then have to deal with it. Not to mention, connecting the PSP to my TV sucks becouse the video is so small and you have to sit close to the TV when doing it.

    Cant wait till this is released. :D

  83. ^Same sort of thing with my DS Lite, the L button is always broken and the pad virtually useless after about a year of use. My old GBC “still freaking works” perfectly, what gives with all the cheap hardware these days?

  84. Just updated my wii the official way to 4.3 to have USB2 compatibility. I hope the new wii64 also has USB2 compatibility since you dont need a cIOS to get it. :)

  85. Bomberman Hero has been released in the VC store.

    I hope the N64 library gets a lot more support from 3rd party companies…
    *cough cough* Capcom *cough cough*

  86. Shadow:
    LOL. How about Rare games *cough, cough* DK64 *cough, cough*

    My DS works still and my GBA works perfectly still. DC works perfectly as well and I bought that in ’05 and it was used. LOL.
    Got my PSP brand new in late ’07 and it has been having issues for the last year. Just lucky my PS3 drive or system hasnt had a RLOD or FW Update crashes.

  87. XD My Wiimote now has a “Shake-off” function so some games(No more Heroes, Mario Party etc.) are annoying to play D: and my DS has a cracked hinge Broken L-button(Seriously whats with the L-Button? MarioFan3, me ,my bro, sis, and friend ALL have a broken L…) but of course the old systems work real good (Snes, N64,Playstation kindof).

    Yay for the new consoles!!!
    ….Wait a minute….

  88. Am I the only one that does not have any broken buttons on my dslite?

    I have a broken hinge and my top screen gets distorted/black randomly which is worse if you ask me.

  89. Personally I’m seeing that the gaming industry has changed in quality in a negative fashion dramatically over the last decade, not just in terms of hardware quality but also in the software as well.

    Realising that those mere 8, 12, 16 and 32MB ROM cartridges managed to give us those N64 masterpieces in the ’90s and nowadays we have 1GB+ discs that can’t even come close in terms of entertainment value… just makes you wonder… what the hell is taking up that GB of space? It also makes you wonder how great games could be if developers coded as efficiently as they did back then… Man, think of the possibilities!

  90. MarioFan3 earlier asked:”what the hell is taking up that GB of space?”

    Im sorry to tell you this but believe it or not…graphics. maybe a liiiittle creativity, but mostly graphics sadly…the “great graphics” thing will hopefully be over by the next gen of consoles(or sooner) cause they’ll probably all have kick-ass graphics and developers will think of more things to focus on.

  91. MarioFan3 and Casshan:
    Not only that, but read something that brings a point, :
    Why is it, that when they release a Game either downloadable and/or Disk based, is it incomplete and your paying a arm and a leg for it only to pay more later for unlocking more of the game/ extra features? Answer being, it is all about money. They figure, “Oh we will just release a game missing some things and when they are done in a week, we will release extra items so we can continue laughing our way to the bank.”
    Hense why I love the Mario 64 Hacks/ Mods becouse its different then the origional. Super Mario 64(2) by YoshiParty is the same but more difficult with level changes and add-ons. Also there is the SM64:Missing Stars which basically is a whole lot more. Basically, it is a whole new take on SM64 and takes place after. Also, Missing Stars is a ton harder and last a good while.

    When PS364 comes out, will love for both to run on the PS3.

  92. *sigh* Graphics have never been an issue for me, Marathon (1994) is still my favourite FPS to date. I wish there were more developers that don’t actually care about graphics to make a good game (like the Bit. Trip series)

    I think you’ve nailed it Smoker1, for the majority of developers it’s all about money these days.

    Why can’t there be more modest game developers out there who aren’t in it for the money, people who’re in it for the joy of bringing entertainment to our lives… kinda like what RareWare used to be… Or Shigesato Itoi’s Mother series…

  93. Lol think about what games back then would be like if they were being made by the greedier devs.

    Mariokart64 would have half the race tracks-the rest would be “Downloadable content” you’d have to pay for.
    Metroid Prime 1 would have power/varia suits and power/charge/ice beams
    And you’d pay for better(Gravity/Phazon suits wave/plasma beams) and
    all those secret levels/fighting tech. in older games would be content again and lose their secrecy. XD

    And do they realize how much money they would make if there was a Pokemon game on the Wii?(I mean like R/S/E HG/SS D/P/P B/W) where you adventure in 3D??? thats alot of money right there

  94. developing games costs money. as an indie, i can tell you that. and while I focus on gameplay first, everything else later, most devs cant do that.
    gaming has become expensive, and with piracy and used game sales, developers and publishers need to make some buck.
    its one thing to say:
    yeah they sold 5 millions of those with 60 bucks each, but its another thing to tear it down.
    50 of those bucks goes to the publisher. advertising and all that costs money. that can sum up to almost 5 million. thats a dollar per game (if we say 5 million units sold)
    49 left. then you have to pay all your people, rent and tat kind of stuff. 47 left. the publisher, depending on the contract, pays roughly 25 percent of the income (without taxes and spendings like packageing and stuff) to the developer.
    so lets remove taxes and the remaining spendings. 32 bucks. 25% of that would be 8 bucks per game for the developer. the publisher gets the remaining 24 bucks per game. with those, he has to work for the next game and use the money to finance other projects or use them to equal comercial failures that didnt sell millions.
    the developer gets 8 bucks a game. for 5 million, thats 40 millions. that is nothing for a game like call of duty. those eat up 30-35 million roughly for production and payments. so income would be as little as 5 million. and while that sounds like alot of money, nowadays its not even enough to develop a simple expansion pack or DLC for a game like that.

    so yeah, games are getting more expensive and publishers and devs have new ways to get your money. but if people would stop pirating and buying used games, publishers could again lower the prices to 50 bucks. its a devils circle (Teufelskreis as we say in Austria).
    We indies, we have different problems. For example, i invested a certain amount of money into my latest game (G.R.U.N.T.S. by IceValk Entertainment) that will be released as episodic game for digital distribution.
    now, if i am lucky, i sell a few hundret copies because nobody has ever heard of me and i publish this myself. and i am even then (with 3.99 per download).
    if i have no such luck (usually the case, happened with my other games) nobody buys it or even worse, two or three people buy it and the ret pirate it from them. and i developed a game people play and nobody pays for.
    long story short: yes, games are more expensive and yes, some publishers take every excuse they can get to get your money. but gaming IS luxury and it does take alot of cash to create those games….

  95. The largest game I know on the wii is Super Smash Bros. Brawl at a hefty 7GB.

  96. Super Smash Bros. Brawl had some great content, like that huge soundtrack for all of the various games. Nintendo hasn’t gone down the route of holding people hostage to DLC for money that I can see. People complain about VC prices, but it’s there for convenience. You don’t have to track down the original cartridge and a working system, which is nice. Plus, more money for Nintendo hopefully means hiring more developers to work on their best franchises (or they buy gold toilets for Miyamoto, lol). If I had developed a huge catalog of amazing, classic games like that, I’d probably want at least $10 for a digital release as well.

  97. (Hmm… is this off topic? I guess it is… Oh well who cares? XD)

    I know there’s a lot of licensing costs and all that with games these days, and that’s what really gets in the way.

    Here’s an example:

    Angry Birds and Flight control on the App store are what two bucks? Have you seen how much those guys have made? They’ve made millions from making creative, yet simple pick-up-and-play games.
    If those sorts of games were made and sold for a mere 2 bucks on the Wii Shop Channel (which comes to around 130 Wii Points) I’d be fine with it.
    Okay, Nintendo wants SOME money out of it right? So let’s be real generous and say we’ll charge 4-5 bucks for it instead (~100% mark-up) which is around 300 Wii points… that is still cheaper than what they are now and they’d STILL be making a profit which could actually help support both the development of their retail games and those small game developers themselves.

    (Whoa, that was a long example… :D )

    I understand that there’s a lot of work involved to get the game on the shelf, but I hardly believe it’s necessary to charge an extra 20 bucks simply because of where you live… and it really helps when it’s actually y’know ON the shelf?

    They’re very infamous issues here in Australia: high prices, delays, gimped versions or simply not appearing on the shelf period… and currently we have the highest piracy rating in the world… Hmm, I wonder why the hell that might be? *sarcasm*

  98. the news is that there will be no news since its a port and this is for Wii64…


    you know… the PS3 port will wait for a while…
    and i am happy bout that :p

  99. Spike:
    About your comment on if ppl would stop Pirating games and buying Used games (More on the used part):
    On Psx scene, they had a story about some officials wanting to make it so you could not sell your Used games and wouldnt be able to go to GameStop, Amazon, or Ebay to purchase Used games. EA Games made some statment saying, “You dont purchase a game, you purchase a Licence to run the game on your Hardware.” .
    If it is a Licence, then why so much for it?

    Im wondering, is PS364 going to be on Code.Google ? Noticed that all the Projects on there for the PS3 do not have any downloads. As far as I can tell, Sony is only going after Devs who make CFW and Hack their PS3s, not making Homebrew Programs. If it will be on Code.Google, would give ppl something to look seeing what happening with the project.
    By the way, anyone think this is fake? :
    LOL. Was posted as a WIP and it seems like since it was posted on 1 Dec, the Dev has fallen off the face of the earth.

  100. @Smoker1, check it again, the dev had spoofed his PS3 too 3.56 and forgot it. He was wrong about it and said it after.

    If those things were being downloaded, why do you think everything still works?

  101. @smoker1 it is real. squarpusher is a great dev. all of his projects are legit. he currently is researching and looking through the dolphin source. it may take a while before a release of anything.

    and to the Wii64 team, thanks for your hard work and dedication to emulation. :)

  102. sorry for double post… i meant shinhalsafar not squarepusher lol…. but squarepusher is a great dev too

  103. Uh oh, I’m already up to the final disc in FFVIII using WiiSX… heh, shows how much free time I actually have eh? Makes me seriously wish I could code for you guys, because I’ve got hours… I wonder if there’s any way we can donate time XD

  104. Ok, now where’s the march update? xD

    I’m waiting the wii version… Any chance we can see it before may?

  105. me gustaria una fecha de estimacion para ps364 abril mayo julio agosto diciembre? ^^ o maybe 2012 no me importaria que tardara mucho pues eso significa que lo estan puliendo antes del lanzarlo.

  106. Ahhhh crap, now I’m definitely out of things to do… I’ve never found the clock so interesting before hmm :)

  107. @Adam: Well, I don’t have one to test, but you are able to map any GC controller button to any N64 controller button. So, as long as it works in homebrew, that adapter should work in Wii64.

  108. I will do, i should get it in roughly 2 weeks since it’s being shipped from the US to the UK.

    If you don’t mind saying… how is Wii64 coming along?

    Keep up the great work! :)

  109. Hi, Got a Gtron N64 adapter and a N64 Controller plugged on my Wii. Works perfectly.
    Also tried with an ultraracer 64 (hand held N64 wheel), great with games like Mario Kart 64 (or even Mario Kart Wii)

  110. I should get a new adapter soon because the one I bought a year ago (happened to arrive on the same day 1.1 released.) was defected. :\

    I’ll try the Gtron that @20100 mentioned.

  111. I was going to get the Gtron adapter but i ended up getting the Classic Linker N64 (I don’t really know why now, I wish I got the Gtron adapter now because it also has a SNES link) ah well

  112. Speaking of adapters does anyone know where you can find one of those triple adapters? Has NES, SNES and N64 linkers, and I found one once but I just can’t seem to find it again.

    Oh and also does anyone know if the variety of N64 controller paks could theoretically work using these adapters? I never actually had a way of testing them before so I’m just curious.

  113. @Randy That’s the exact one I got, except I got it from a website I think is called Japan Video Games or something like that. Don’t get one from Japan Video Games. Someone else had the exact same problem I had who bought it from that same site. Amazon should be just fine.

  114. @Adam:
    That’s freaky because that’s the exact one I was talking about, do you have psychic power or something?

    It’s just a shame that only the Rumble Pak is supported for those N64 linkers, I’m yet to find one with Transfer Pak support. It doesn’t bother me too much, I mean all it means is thatI have to play Pokemon Stadium and Mario Golf on the old N64 so no big deal :P

  115. @MarioFan3

    Its a shame the one i showed you revomed n64 controller support, i would have got that one otherwise.

  116. estoy ansioso por su primer lanzamiento para esta plataforma ^^ saludos desde mexico team wii64

  117. Tomorrow will be 1 month ago since you last updated about this project, for the past month I’ve been waiting every single day! Please release a version or update us on the project! :)

  118. @wassup?
    Obvisouly you haven’t been paying attention to the comments and you didn’t read the entry entirely. They are just stating that there will be N64 emulator on the PS3 but it won’t be for a very long time. They said that Wii64 and WiiSX are their top pirority.
    So everyone stop asking, you aren’t gona get a PS364 for a long time.

  119. @name stfu obviously you been biting alot of pillows and the emulatemii team never got this many comments till they mentioned the ps3 . they should ve released something already or at least answer the comments regarding how much time it will take . im starting to feel like the emulatemii team is nothing but a bunch of dooshbags that can’t do nothing but build hype.

  120. uhnm…
    over 1200 comments is less than 195? sorry but you sir fail epically…

    shut your crap up. the emulatemii team is awesome. i hope they scrap the PS364 just because of assholes like you. go die somewhere or let your father assrape you or something…

    seriously. i am a calm person but cuntfarts like you annoy the fuck out of me. you should be fucked back and aborted…

  121. “Obscene”

    Agree. Ignorant are those who do not know how much effort the EmulateMii actually takes to develop these emulators, and not even mention we can have them for free.

    You should be grateful that they take the time to do that inspite of people saying stupid things.

    All Hail the EmulateMii Team!

    PS: I am starting to lose patience here… I want a solid update about Wii64, screw the PS3. xD

  122. *sarcasm* Oh look at me I made the 200th post,I must be important!


  123. lol @name and the other dumb fk
    those posts have the same dumb kids like you posting
    and you know what f da emulatemii , there’s better teams out there and i bet they will release before emulate mii gets a chance . and only poor people own wii s and kids

  124. @fu
    Its funny how you are calling people here kids when you act the most immature and you can’t even type a complete sentence. Saying only poor people own Wii’s and kids is a really poor choice of words.(That is kind of insulting don’t you think?) Considering I own a 360, Wii and PS3. Only my PS3 isn’t hacked. (Hopefully it will soon though.)

    As for Tehpola, Sepp256, Emu_kidid, and the rest of th EmulateMii team; great work, thank you and I’m looking forward to the release. Its nice to see you don’t let people like “fu” change your views and actions on the things you do.

  125. You may choose to read this for agreement reasons, but please note that this is @fu:

    So lemme get this straight, you can only have kids if you’re poor… so um, if you don’t mind me asking, on the basis of that statement can you tell me how the hell you are on this Earth?

    If you hate The Wii64Team so much then why are you even here? Going by your logic, you should be going back to playing your “console for the rich and single”

    Oh yeah I think I’ve made something abundantly clear here: you’re logic is flawed. Having kids doesn’t necessarily mean you’re poor, being rich doesn’t necessarily mean you own PS3, It’s what people like or don’t like and it’s as simple as that. It has nothing to do with wealth, family or lack thereof as it is simply a matter of different people’s tastes.

    You want to be a discriminatory rich jerk about it? Then I suggest you go somewhere else, because if you must know, emu_kidid has stated countless times that the “release date” is unknown, that PS364 is not of priority and that they do this for free, in their spare time, despite the fact that they have a family and real life issues to be complaining about as well.

    Become a reasonable, coherent person and I may accept your opinion with polite criticism , but seeing as you are neither reasonable nor coherent you have started digging your own grave in the middle of a valley known for flooding, and I recommend you either stop being a selfish prick or get the hell out of here.

  126. I think he meant…”only poor people own Wii’s and only little kids own them too” not “Only poor people WITH kids”…but whatever XD

    Wii64 team! Do what you gotta do. Take all the time you need I’m as patient as always and will calmly await the next release.

    But for now…(Goes to find something to do)

  127. A certain months day 1 for fools is coming up.

    *crosses fingers for April 1st update*

  128. @fu you are a fucking prick just go die in the hole and the wii64 team work their ass off for us they build the ps3 one when they want to they did not have to but they said they would do not call them liars you know what your just a god damn fucking troll.
    @GOD it is not dead it is just low importance read the article please

    keep up the great work wii64 and i look forward to the update=)

  129. @GOD
    Funny if it “officially died” I’m pretty sure it would have been announced here. Just read the article dude. >.>

  130. hope they release it before april 10, bcouse since the 19 i will be hook with mortal kombat

  131. @Krozoa
    MK looks awsome. Love the ad that had Scorpion and Mileena in it. LOL.

    Hope the project didnt die. Remember, they work on the projects when they have free time. Dont rush them. They have lives just like everyone else. Its not up to anyone when they release it. It will be done when its done. Not to mention, they want to release it without bugs as much as possible. Better to do that then release something like….oh I dont know…the PSX Emu that didnt work a whole lot and now theres nothing on it anymore.
    Keep up the good work guys.

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    I’m still alright to smile
    Ps364, I think about you every day now
    Was a time when I wasn’t sure
    But you set my mind at ease
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    Said people take it slow
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    Said peoples make it slow
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  134. lol same here except replace ps364 with wii64. have you forgotten HOW LONG WE HAVE BEEN WAITING!!! D**N! I would say we have more than just a little patience!

  135. Oceans apart, day after day
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    I hear your games on the N64
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  136. I have not seen anything from NullDCe wii nor Desmume wii.

    I sure hope nothing bad happenned considering that desmume wii’s build site is no longer accessible/coming up as forbidden.

  137. @Benjamin Durden
    Arikado stated in his blog that Desmume is still going, is only that he doesnt have the time to work in it, but hopefully he we start working in it again in summer

  138. sorry for the double post but english is not my lenguaje and maybe someone doesnt understand, so here is what he stated

    “Whether or not I do find a job this summer I am going to return to coding for Wii. scanff and I talked two days ago for the first time since October. We reevaluated the state of DeSmuME and a port we were doing together. We plan to finish our port and work on improving DeSmuME this summer. As for nulldce, it’s in far better hands than mine now (including those of some popular Wii homebrew developers). I’ve left the project because it’s evolving so rapidly that I can’t keep up with it.”

  139. I just realized that this thread was posted exactly a year after the Wii64 1.1 Honey release!!!

  140. DP ^v^

    There is an HDMI converter for Wii coming out soon called HDMI-Key that allows from 480p,720p,1080i,up to 1080p in picture quality!

  141. ^ It looks very…very…yeah I’m not doin that just to read my mail >.>
    Games are more my type for motion tech.

  142. It is a prank by Google,hence the LOL.

    I hope that the Genesis Plus GX 1.5.0 update isn’t a prank as well.

  143. lo quiero lo quiero lo quiero ^^ muchas gracias por trabajar en una version para ps3

  144. @Benjamin Durden, those things are BS. Unless you use an emulator, Wii games will NEVER be upscaled to 1080p.

  145. Hey cool to hear about this stuff but I would also really love some new news on wii64 I don’t care about anything other then playing goldeneye with 4 players on the wii

  146. You can always upscale, but it won’t make the Wii –render– at anything above 480p, that’s for sure.

  147. I will probably just get the Wii composite cord (progressive scan) I saw at Target for 23 bucks then.

  148. Benjamin Durden:Technology for $200

    Alex Trevek:A cord that is used for increased quality with media devices for televisions.

    Benjamin Durden:What is a composite cord?


    .. *DING*

    Alex Trevek:Spike

    Spike:What is a component cable?

    Alex Trevek:That is correct!

  149. Can I say that Wii64 Team wins the Internet for being so awesome? Keep up the good work!

  150. @Benjamin Durden
    Unfortunatly, the Comp cables do not seem to work on certain games though. I could try some VC games and while some work, others will make my TV show a msg of “Invalid Format”. So might want to keep the Normal YWR cables just in case.

  151. No, PS364 will not come out before 2012. Probably never because the world ends then. How would I know anyway?

    Alos, the VC issue is something I experienced aswell. It is not the component cables though, it is the display format of 480p. I did not know however that the issue remains on NTSC systems aswell, I was under the impression this happens on PAL systems only.

    The reason I started Wii emulation in the first place. That and of course “The Prophecy”.

  152. My main reason for Wii emulation is because of only being able to ‘legally’ access the slow PAL version. Oh yeah and to play those games that aren’t even on VC mind you (RareWare titles) and maybe the little extras that emulators provide… okay that’s about it. :)

  153. Of course playing games without PAL mode and use save states helps. Thing is, the Virtual Console could be so much more. Instead, it is just a cheap cash-in.
    Nintendo should just release every game for VC, spice things up with a Save State file, automatic Widescreen correction, 480p mode, remove PAL slowness and they would sell millions. As it is now, it just sucks…

  154. Agreed, I would actually pay those good 15 bucks per N64 game if the above were true, and perhaps with online connectivity as well. Alas this is not the case and is merely a dream, thus ever since Wii64 ß1 came out way back when I refuse to pay $15 to Nintendo, instead that $15 goes to someone who deserves it (The Wii64Team)

    Come next Wii64 Beta, I will donate $15 multiplied by the amount of N64 games I use with it. Considering there’s about 50 N64 titles I plan to play on Wii64, I expect they’ll receive $750 from me in the end.

  155. Please Please Please can you get the 4 player multi working on goldeneye for your wii64 emulator. I love what you guys are doing. you’re making it much easier to set up my living room and still have access to so many of my beloved classic games but being able to play 4 player multi on goldeneye would be LEGEND!

  156. so…I know this kind of an inappropriate place to talk about this but I was just wondering. What do you guys think of this whole anonymous, sony thing?

  157. mortalc13:
    I am in total agreement with Anon. Sony is basically trying to remove User Rights and force Users to do Sony’s bidding. As long as it does not effect other users, I say go after Sony with everything they got untill Sony stops being a greedy little Company.

  158. @Dukio

    *Playing N64 games on my Wii thanks to this guys*. Why it should be vaporware? Troll.

  159. I think Dukio was refering to me buying Banjo-tooie cart for £30 because it’s made by Rareware but he called it vapourware because it vaporised my money…. or something along those lines. I think it was well worth my money anyway because i’ve played it before so i know how good it is.

  160. you really suck “team” emulatemii, just a bunch of fakers, you post news just to win clicks @ your old-fashioned website.

    you are fraud.

  161. I just got my old N64 back. Sadly, without my Castlevania game. But with Banjo Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini and the unemulatable Rogue Squadron. Yay me :)

  162. @xavi

    should not dismiss the excellent work of this team, I have been following it and always covered all the expectations, if you have nothing nice to say … just do not say anything and stop bothering, they will release their version for PS3 when it comes out … (read a bit and see that and said his priority is wii64 and wiisx)

  163. @xavi:If this is about Wii64,then check gcforever’s Wii64 progess thread.

  164. @xavi:

    May I remind you that it’s been at least one and a half months since the teams latest post, so please be patient. Also the team has accomplished so much in the emulation scene during the past 2 years. And this trash talk is coming from a person who probably hasn’t even made a simple homebrew application for the Wii. Trust me this stuff is hard work, and these people could be paid hundreds of dollars to just work at some big game industry. But no, they spend all of their extra, limited, and small time to make an emulator for big fans of the emulation community and for jerks like you. So please keep you’re comments to yourself and please be patient. Also, I’m pretty sure they’re at the cross roads of releasing something soon, so in the mean time please support the team and stay calm. Thank You. :)

  165. @xavi:

    Just check this site once every week… Or actually, do something useful, like donating emulatemii if possible. Both are recommended. ;)

  166. @Spike:
    NO FREAKING WAY! Ohh man, I want that Jet Force cart so badly, I can’t seem to find mine anywhere Q_Q
    ANY “RareWare™” game is a great one without a doubt, and Jet Force Gemini is one of them… *grumble grumble (… people having stupid fancy N64 carts that I want…) grumble grumble* XD

  167. I’ve been playing Ikaruga on Wii to pass the time, lol. Using a PS2 dualshock 2, though, because the d-pad is a lot better. Oh, and I tried out emu_kidid’s recent version of swiss for loading gamecube games from SDHC (and other functions, of course). Pretty neat homebrew so you guys might want to check that out at some point.

  168. This is my first time posting here and should be my last. Other person who are using my nick, email and PS3Crunch website is not me. Thanks.

  169. When are going to imporve wii64 for homebrew wii.
    Or how can i Make it work better
    Some games do play right the screen blinks to much.

  170. I hope Wii64 comes out pretty soon because I am about to lose my internet all-together. <:(

  171. @Benjamin Durden: Download it to your cell phone’s SD card from your mobile browser if you can when it comes out while you’re without internet, you’ll be able to transfer it to your PC via USB, then to your Wii SD card. ;)

    Keep your roms on a flash drive though!

  172. My cell phone is only for emergencies and it does not have an sd slot which sucks.

  173. Booooooooooooooooooooooring
    just get the emulator done so we can play goldeneye, that’s all we want

  174. well ben, then download it from an inernet cafe or a friend once it is released and transfer it to your PC then…

  175. By the way everyone:
    Sony VS. GeoHot case has been settled. From what I read, Sony won and has it so GeoHot may not EVER hack or Modify a Sony product. Basically, Sony is saying it is Illigal for you to do what you want to your own product that you legally purchased and is therfor YOUR property.

    Keep up the Good work EmulateMii Team. Cant wait for your next release/s :D

  176. Smoker1
    That really did not relate to the topic at all, but thanks for spamming it up more.

  177. Who said anything about crying? If thats how you solve your problems is to cry like a bitch then I think it would be smarter to keep that to your self.

  178. @Name
    Actually this kind of does relate to this topic. It is about being able to make Homebrew (This Emu) and Sony not wanting people to do what they wish with Devices consumers legally purchased. Next thing you know Sony will try to go after Devs who create Apps, HB, and Other programs. Just hope it doesnt hinder attemps to create excellant programs like this.

  179. *sigh* I really don’t know who to root for. Homebrew would be cool but piracy is not. And yes I know anon. is not doing this because they think they should be able to pirate games. I’m saying that no matter what kind of exploit there is somebody is going to find a way to pirate games using the homebrew capabilities. And piracy causes all hell. And sony doesn’t need that. They have gone through enough with the psp.

    Think about it. As company’s lose money games are only going to get shitier and shitier as more and more people pirate games.

  180. Actually there have been “some” cases where piracy has improved sales. Take the MOTHER series for example. Unless you can read Japanese you’ve most likely downloaded them all, and despite MOTHER 3 being 5 years old it continuously sells. The only ones who damage sales are the pirates who refuse to purchase anything period.

    I guess “technically” you could call me a pirate, as I’m the sort of person who downloads a game to see if it’s any good first, and then buy it when the money comes.

    Although here in Australia (where piracy is as its peak in the world) it’s understandable to become one of those pirates who don’t buy stuff. Why? Well it’s a bit difficult to buy something that ain’t on the shelf dontcha think? And let’s not get started on the region locking issue ;)

    The way I see it people should just buy stuff legally if possible, if it ain’t possible well then it’s the developers loss as you have no choice but to download it. An example of such a game is ExciteBots for Wii, which is still to this day unavailable in this country/continent by any legal means.

  181. @Smoker: what about thinking by yourself and not repeating stuff spreaded on internet blogs and forums by tons of ignorant people who think everything is always as simple as they can understand it ?

    Companies always had and always will protect their IP and try to attack hackers whenever they can. People who speak about “rights” when buying a videogame console to a company are idiots. Off course you can do what you want (if you are smart enough, which 95% of the people wandering on these forums/blogs aren’t) but you are very naive if you think the company has no right to attack you if you release public informations that can lead to break their security and open a highway for pirates.

    Is that fair ? Off course not but this is how life works. They are PROPRIETARY of their IP so they basically can do whatever they want to protect it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try to circumvein this security (for science, challenge, piracy or whatever good reason you think you have), it’s your choice after all but PLEASE don’t come crying when the big evil company is after you…

    Btw, I don’t recall Sony going against devs actually developping apps, emu, etc on PS3 so no, it’s not related to this topic ;-)

  182. (well seeing as we’re on this topic)
    I agree with both sides to some extent. I’m fine with what Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and 3rd party developers do to protect their software. It’s completely in their right to do so, wouldn’t you want to protect your stuff?

    The only time it becomes a problem for me is when they give you “we’re forcing you to update your software, OR ELSE!” messages and prevent you from using their software until you do update, or they brick your console.

    From their point of view they’re doing the right thing, stopping security issues etc.etc. and that’s all well and good, HOWEVER from the consumer’s point of view they’re violating the rights of consumers.

    I can see both sides of the coin here, the way I see it, what companies are doing is perfectly fine ie. Not letting you use the online services until you update (obviously because you could exploit things such as the Shop Channel, PSN or XBLA) but what ISN’T fine is bricking your console simply because of unauthorized software. I’m sorry but that’s like saying they stop your car from starting because you’ve chucked an unofficial spoiler on it.

  183. Other than some rumor about the 3DS I read (which was debunked, I believe), I’m pretty sure no companies have claimed they will brick the system if they detect unauthorized software on it. That would undoubtedly lead to class action lawsuits and a legal mess that most companies wouldn’t want to waste money on.

  184. @Alucard
    But haven’t companies bricked consoles before through updates with consoles that were hacked? XBox360?

  185. @Name

    No, the companies do NOT brick the consoles.
    They simply install updates that prevent and/or erase those hacks (if they are softmodded and taking the Wii as an example)

    A case in which the console might brick, might be because of some custom configurations done through softmod that crash once the update is installed, though, that is really rare.

    For example, the 4.3U update only erases the HBC channel and other “minor fixes” (yeah right, like if they really fix something xD) and prevents the Bannerbomb install v1 and v2.

    As for Xbox360, I am not aware of what happens but with hardmodded consoles I heard that they just ban you if they detect hardware out of the conventional one.

  186. I definately am looking forward to a 64 emu for the ps3. I already hooked myself up with NES/SNES emus on there and love the throwbacks to the classics. You guys are doing great work and wish I could help in some way, already donated as much as I can with my budget. I hope I can see a beta sometime soon! Gl with all your work

  187. what country does team EmulateMii live on? Because if they live in Japan, i dont think there gona work on anything, seeing as most of the country is radioactive. i really do feel for those people…….

  188. well I was hoping a release before MK was out, and in my country its gonna be out tomorrow by midnight, but anyway keep up the good work, the longer the wait, the better wii64 get, MK will get me entreteined for some time

  189. I’m playing through good old Pokemon Silver on my Game Boy Colour whilst I wait for Wii64… ahh those were the days when Pokemon was good :D
    And yes the save battery has died, so I must keep the batteries charged, leaving the thing on all day and night. XD

  190. im not sure you, but to me pokemon is still as good has always, exept for the home console ones, bcouse since, stadium 1 and 2 the other ones to me are really bad

  191. @MarioFan3:You just reminded me that my brother got pissed because his copy of Pokemon Gold kept on deleting his save (dead save battery as well).

  192. really though, cant wait for ps364. the only reason why i jailbroke my ps3. (though i shouldve waited on it a couple months)…. it must have been pretty easy to do, otherwise i dont think they would waste there time on it. seeing as the team is mostly into the wii

  193. Dead save batteries are easy to replace u know… Will give you another 10 years of play time :)

  194. 360′s can be bricked if the console is running an unofficial dashboard and then use an official update, this only applies if the R6T3 hasn’t been disabled, if it was the circumstances I just mentioned but the resistor was removed/disabled then it would just update to the new dashboard and you’d lose unsigned code privledges but the 360 would still be functional.

  195. @Name

    How is saying that what someone said is pointless staying on topic when I can probably name 3 posts where you go off topic; this stuff happens and it may not be directly related but comes back in one form or another, no need to bash others because you thought it was pointless, there are people called moderator and admins that can remove stuff they see unfit, I would know as i’m a mod of another site. Not trying to start a confrontation, i’m just saying things go off topic it happens no need to get annoyed at it.

  196. Well speaking of going off topic I think it’s a little difficult to stay “on topic” considering the over-a-year-long-speculation/waiting-for-new-Wii64 period we’re in…. hopefully we come out of it soon.
    I think it’ll just be my luck that it comes out as soon as my holidays finish… yup that sounds pretty plausible to me…

  197. una version para psp seria interesante aunque no creo que pudiera superar al actual daedalusx64 aunque quien sabe :P ya quiero la version para ps3 alguna fecha de lanzamiento ?? (release date?)

  198. Wii64 will have SMB support like WiiSX right? I can’t fit all of my backed up roms on my flash drive…

  199. Still….good luck making the psx and 64 emulators for wii, as long as it may take, but the time they are finished they will be legendary and complete the wii itself.

  200. hey man when will wii64 be released. too excited to play ssb64 on my wii with a hi res pack!

  201. it would be cool if we got to see a teaser video or something. id even be happy with screen shots. or just an april/may update telling us how are things going on there home page. idk, maybe im just impatient.

  202. Seems like the Wii64 team can’t be bothered to chime in and say how things are going on their own site. Hopefully its because theyre busy working on it but if that was the case I would think we would have seen a release by now.

  203. @Newfang……i was saying before, if they live in japan, then i wouldnt blame them for not working on it. Theres also alot of nasty storms/tornados in the southern usa. albama got the receving end of it all….id like to know where these guys are located.(state whise)

  204. Thank goodness my area made it through the storm(s) okay the other night. Plenty of golf ball sized hail, though.

  205. Seems to me like they got the year wrong with the whole 2012 thing. Why? Well because let’s look at it this way:
    a third of Australia got flooded due to being hit by a cyclone early this year,
    then New Zealand got hit by an earthquake,
    then followed by the Japanese earthquake,
    then nuclear reactors start threatening to blow up,
    then tsunamis start hitting everywhere in the Pacific,
    and all those African nations are in complete disarray.

    What else could go wrong?
    Hmm… where did my priorities go? I dunno, because y’know, that lack of Wii64′s an issue ;)

  206. They of course got the year wrong. It is not 2011 after all.
    In the 15th century the council of trent was held, where the chruch determined what exactly is in the bible and what is to be changed or left out. also, back then they established a uniformed time for all of europe, ebcause back then europe had up to eleven different times. because of that, a few days and even years were screwed up. nobody knows for sure how much we lost, but it is said we lost somewhere between 50 and 240 years!
    so by all means, 2012 has already been.

    oh on a totally unrelated note:
    maybe the Wii64 team has lives of their own, hence the delays…

  207. @MarioFan3:
    On Yahoo where the 4 Main stories are, they had something on there a long while ago about how they may have gotton the Dec 21 2012 thing wrong either by a few years or already happend and nothing.
    Then again, look up either May 20th or 21st. LOL. Not to be rude to Christians out there but supposedly Christians are saying that is when the Rapture is supposed to happen and they are sure (according to my friend, saying they are not wrong since they decoded the Bible). You know all this Doomsday stuff is just to get ppl buying into their stuff. But if it happens, it happens. With all the crap going on in the world and how some ppl are, Im ready.

  208. THIS IS SPARTAAAAAHHH!!! 300th post

    The tornado was (VERY!) close to my house (Fultondale,AL) and hit the fire department,library,jetpep,and “taco shell” shell station.

    I am fine,I hope everyone else left gets their place cleaned up/power back.

    My charter network/cable tv was out for 2 daysI noticed when my power was restored.

  209. Smoker1, just because some crazy guy put up some billboards advertising that the end of the world will start on May 21st doesn’t mean all or even most Christians believe that (well, the ones that actually read The Bible should know better, lol). The Bible specifically states that the date is not known and can not be known by anyone but God. Matthew 25:13, “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man comes.” Matthew 24:44, “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as you think not the Son of man comes.” Now, for some, quoting lines from The Bible doesn’t mean much but…it just seems odd that anyone believes they know when the end of days will be based on The Bible when they are contradicted by that very same text.

  210. Being an Atheist, I actually referenced to the 2012 thing out of irony… I basically said that we’re (including myself) concerned with no Wii64/WiiSX news despite the disasters going on in the world… well I guess it’s only natural for some to take it seriously…

  211. we all know about the diasters mario, im on alot. i figured if the team lives in japan, then there gona worry about their well being, not the projects. in which im surr we all cant blame them………. I wonder if they still read our comments? i know they we’re answering questions when ps364 first was announced.

  212. Oh well, I guess Bin Laden doesn’t get to try out PS364 :P Why? Well they only found him because Sony leaked his details online XD

  213. @MarioFan3 Thanks! I just won a bet because you posted that! XD I got 5 dollars because someone would post a bin Laden joke on emulatemii relating to the PSN. :3 Just had to say it…

  214. I’m looking forward to see a wii64 or wiisx progress update.. I dont care about the PS3…. aaaaah… drives me insane

  215. LOL. From Wizard of OZ:
    “Ding dong the ****ers dead, the ****ers dead. Ding dong the ****ers really dead…….”

  216. Eh…I’d say the lack of Wii64/SX is because of all that Swiss development.
    Shame Audio Streaming no worky on Wii.

  217. That’s actually a really good point Majin.
    I think it may be their “secret project” that they’re were talking about, I mean maybe emu_kidid would port it to Wii?
    That’d be great actually, considering my GCNs drive is completely toast, and my Wiis drive is on its last legs, so it’d be great if I could play my 20 or so GCN games without using the drive (21 I just counted, I was close!). That’s a GCN/Wii project, and I mentioned it before emu_kidid said one of us was “right on the money” so you never know… Maybe he could call the Wii version Swiiss?

  218. Well, it already runs on Wii, actually. I admit it didn’t run the game I tried but Swiss does open and let you try to load a game. I probably should just reformat my SD card and try it again.

  219. Swiss works fine for me, when using a Wii. I just can’t wait till USB-Gecko support is added.

  220. Well, that’s the main thing I’m waiting for. Honestly, I have so many memories in those GCN games it’s not funny, and all I can do is stare at them because I can’t run discs anymore… I’ve heard Swiss has the tendency to crash and corrupt things, and it’s still early in development so y’know *shrugs*
    Honestly, I really can’t wait for all these projects. A new Wii64, WiiSX and Swiss Version 1 would definitely be all I could ask for.

  221. Well, A few good games are actually playable on the Wii, I just wish that Audio Streaming would get fixed already :<

    Good thing that Super Mario Sunshine works.

  222. Not quite sure what Swiss is, guys care to bring me up to speed? Sounds sorta like a CMios with USB if i’m not wrong?

  223. Swiss is by Eke-Eke, who is also responsible for GenesisPlusGX, not Wii64/SX.

  224. No, swiss is developed by emukiddid, which is part of Wii64/WiiSX team, I think you got things mixed up…

  225. emu_kidid himself is working on it (if you read what’s in the link) he spends quite a bit of time on it actually, and it works rather well! Should try it out if you have the time.

  226. ive been using my ps3 controler on project 64 on my pc and it handles great cant wait till this is up and runnin

  227. I really can’t believe the next Wii64 hasn’t been released yet. Mostly because I figured it would be released by now. Oh well, guess we wait more. Really looking forward to the release though, thanks Wii64 team.

  228. Glad to see other people really anxious about the next wiisx/wii64 updates. I know I’m not alone.

  229. I hate you, Wii64 team !

    Just kidding, i love you and I’m really sorry for not donating for your work on WiiSX.

    It’s not really about money, but more about the payment method. :/

  230. I would like to use my hard drive on my wii, but it will not format to Fat32. do I have another option, or is this Hard Drive just not compatible.

    It is a 120gb Smartdisk Fire Lite
    I run Windows 7 on my pc so Swiss Knife is out

    I attempted to Run: format /FS:FAT32 G:

    it ran through the whole process, now when I try to open it it tells me to format it again. (only giving options for NTFS and exFat)

    any help would be appreciated :D

  231. seems like this project is dead :S its getting way past their estimated release date XD

  232. Hmm… I kinda do wish it was out already myself… I can wait another month, due to exams and such… after that though it’s mid-year break, and it’ll be the middle of Winter here too so uhhh… yeah… just sayin’ that I kinda need next month XD

  233. I need my Spider-Man fix. And since Edge of Time is still months away, I could play the N64/PSX titles. If they were ever released where I live. Or Wii64/WiisX could play them that is…

  234. I kinda wish Legend of Dragoon was more up to speed on Wiisx as I tried to use the disc on my PS3 but any time an enemy tries to use any type of valor (attribute increase) move or if I try to heal/revive any teammates the game doesn’t freeze persay but characters never finish doing that move so you just see them standing there while the battle music is playing doing nothing I don’t know how my disc got scratched so perfectly for this to happen but I pulled it off somehow.

  235. In recent news Snes9x GX 4.2.8, FCE Ultra GX 3.2.6, Visual Boy Advance GX 2.2.5 was released by Tantric.

    In case you didn’t know.

  236. I dont mind waiting, but it would be pitty the delay is only because the PS3 port, a new and late introduction to the emu scene system.

  237. No news about the “team” claiming they were porting Project64 to PS3 lol

  238. Emu_kidid already said that Wii64 has top priority compared to the PS364. So Wii64 will be released before the PS3 one, they are just having problems with rewriting recompiler.

  239. @Misfit Muppet

    The maximum alloted size for FAT32 is 32GB if you use Windows to format it. If you don’t need over 32GB, then just make a 32GB partition and be done with it. If you want over 32GB then look online for a program (can’t remember the name) that can format over 32GB. I personally have a 100GB FAT32 partition on my 250GB portable hard drive in which is has a 16GB flash drive spot for 360 saves and game installs, some videos and music for playing on 360, PS3 backups for BD emulation on the PS3 and N64 and PSX games for WiiSX and Wii64 and making the partition has had no ill effects as far as performance, it remains flawless for everything. (as some assume making it over the 32GB limit make it unstable).

  240. I’ve had my 500gb external hardrive formatted as Fat32 for over a year now without any problems.

  241. You can either use a program called Swiss but only works for WinXP and under, or you can use Easeus Partition Manager. But also, Wii Backup Manager V0.3.5B1 has a formater in it that can Format to FAT32.

  242. As long as we all have been waiting for so much as another picture/video update,Emukidid and friends,I think that Wii64,WiiSX,and the secret project should each have a backup of its latest revision placed on an USB stick or SD card in case of random computer failure.

    Too many people lose good homebrew/rom-hack projects that way.

  243. indeed. thats why I do all development via the dropbox. its always save on my pc, the programmers PC and online :)

  244. @Name

    And it’s probably going to take 3 more months. 8)
    So yea, guess we have to wait.

  245. @Josh
    I don’t think it will be that long. It is an estimate but by looking at the dates of previous releases it can’t take that long.

    Wii64 Beta 1 September 29th, 2009
    WiiSX Beta 1 June 29th, 2009
    Wii64 Beta 1.1 February 23rd, 2010
    WiiSX Beta 2 July 3rd, 2010

    Its been a little over a year now since the last Wii64 release.

  246. @Name

    But you’ve got to take into consideration that the team had to rewrite the entire Dynarec. That’s practically deleting everything and starting from the beginning and from scratch. So it’s been 3 months after the last update, but to think that Conker looked good in that last update, imagine how much progress they have made over that time. So I believe that more time means more work being done and slow and steady wins the race. And that’s just my opinion. (8

  247. You know what the bad part about all of this is . ? Once its finally released people will STILL complain about things not working or features not being added . Me personally would love an emulator on the wii that allows netplay (even though it isn’t a top priority) . That’s actually all I wanted since Day 1 . The netplay on the n64 emus for pc were ok but as of today the population is a bit empty . Heck, I wish there was a way for them to just update the source code every time they make an improvement and upload it to the google code site . Then again I have no idea how to compile . lol .

  248. Hmm, I understand the issues with emulator coding, especially when it comes to doing a complete overhaul of the entire emulator itself. Progress is very hard to show, and you don’t even know if the end result will have been worth it until you start seeing something on screen.

    It definitely makes it easier to code for once it’s done though, tweaking the code is MUCH easier than creating it so the next release will mark the longest time we’ll ever have to wait for an update. From then on I’m sure there’ll be updates every few months.

    I wouldn’t mind if they released an update as soon as performance is (even if slightly) better than 1.1, and then guarantee a release every 4 months. That puts loads of confidence back into the fans and then for those who complain about what doesn’t work, we can validly say “wait 4 months for the next update”.

    Heck it wouldn’t bother me if there was a very minor update every month, because it would remove the doubt about Wii64′s progress. In due time of course, first we must wait until ß2 comes out… well, wait some more and more and more… and… more…

  249. I don’t mind waiting, I understand that the developers have lives. But I can only begin to understand how difficult it is to code for Wii64. o.o

  250. If there was a way for them to get some people with more free time to work on it (with same or better coding experience of course) I bet we would see an update sooner . Then again the team probably wants to be the ones recognized for the release….

  251. Trouble is, it’s been over a year since the last release, thus by the time anyone else started get any positive progress the next release will be out which will make that other guy’s version completely redundant.

  252. True lol, but my point is that other people can work on it. And if someone wants to start working on it for “faster” releases they can start working on it as soon as the next release comes. Either way I will be sticking to the Emulatmii’s releases.

  253. So then why dont people do that . ? Lol . I know its open source but its not current open source is it . ? Its just from the last release . But someone should make some unofficial releases just so they can add those other features that arent priority like netplay .

  254. Well to answer your questions:

    So then why dont people do that . ?
    Many reasons:
    Not a lot of people know how to code emulators, or code at all.
    People are not interested in making an emulator for the wii.
    People don’t want to do it for free.

    I know its open source but its not current open source is it . ?
    It use to be current open source and people would compile the builds and release them to the public, but the Emulatmii stopped doing current builds. I can’t remember why but I think it was because people were posting issues on too many different builds and the Emulatemii team thought it would be easier to just release a build every now and then so keeping track of issues would be much easier.

    Maybe after this release (I imagine it will make a huge difference and make most games at playable speed and hopefully make all games playable) people will still adding features like netplay.

  255. All this waiting for Wii64 and for Desmume Wii alternatively,I hope someone ports No$GBA 2.6a/2.7 to wii (with stripped GBA) because I tried it with 10% unlimited mhz disaster mode,and it went 300% speed in-game on SM64DS!

    Also,@Name:CONGRATULATIONS,you made post 364 on the topic PS”364″(LOL).

  256. So… I know that this isn’t fake but why announce it and then not release it or say anything else about it.

  257. @Adam
    Would you rather them not say anything at all? They are sharing their work, be happy they said something. If you don’t like how they do things, stop coming to this website. They have been saying stuff about it, not great detail, but if you actually read the comments here or the posts on you would know.
    Don’t hate.

  258. It isn’t hating, it’s blatantly telling the truth. Though it’s not like I care as they aren’t asking for anything in return, it’s just a hobby to them. I wouldn’t mind seeing this release sometime soon but as long as it’s got decent speeds and not buggy all to hell, take all the time you need.

  259. I am not hating. I never am.
    However, next week is E3 week, so some news would be nice. And fitting :)

  260. This has to be one of the first E3′s that I am actually not that excited for at all… What exactly is rumoured to come out? All I’ve seen is remakes or sequels, and nothing that’s actually… I dunno, new and interesting?
    Seriously, everything that came out last year is coming out this year… again… that’s about it… to me anyway…

  261. so youre not excited about the secret zelda title reveal? youre not excited about project cafe either? how bout the secret mario reveal for cafe or info on super mario 3ds? no? uncharted?25 years of castlevania? metal gear? how bout resident evil revelations?

  262. @Spike:
    As much as this will baffle you, nothing you’ve said has made me excited at all.

  263. Eh, E3 has always and always will be junk. I personally stay away from that stuff because the longer I wait the more pumped I get for something and then the more disappointed I am in the end. Take Duke Nukem Forever for example. I played it today, it wasn’t bad by any means, it was pretty good but I did expect a bit more, it almost felt like a 360 game from 2008 or something, sorta hard to explain unless you play it I suppose. If it didn’t have Duke Nukem in the name I wouldn’t get it at launch date, honestly i’d wait for it to go down in price, sorta pathetic I suppose but it is Duke Nukem. lol

  264. Well from what we’ve seen, the release cant be close . Usually they release a teaser trailer vid when that happens . Should be here by jan 2012 .

  265. Ehhhh in my opinion, They’ll post a SS of Conker and DK64 Running at 60~ FPS, say they’re making progress. Then we’ll hear from them maybe a year or two after with no updates from the dev team inbetween. :S

  266. Maybe not the first part exactly, but what I mean is they’ve already done the first stage of showing progress… it’s just that an update won’t be until next year at the earliest…

  267. I’m guessing late this year or early next year. I guess all we can do is guess right?

  268. I guess? LOL

    I am going to be so aggravated if gensplusgx supports sega CD and/or not 32x before Wii64 updates with the next beta.

  269. @Benjamin Durden:

    Are there any news about such project?
    I am quite interested in both Sega CD and 32x emulators for the Wii but there is none.

  270. EkeEke mentioned at least trying to make it support Sega CD in one of the issues on google code.

    I am concerned at playing the Sega CD iso version of Sonic Megamix (previously an extremely good Sonic 1 hack for genesis) on my wii.

  271. Awesome!
    I hope the can see an alpha release eomewhat soon.
    I’m looking towards playing Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix, since those are the only Sonic games i haven’t played. xD

  272. You know, The Wii64Team just missed the perfect opportunity to have their own E3 moment on here… oh well

  273. I don’t think Nintendo would be happy if the Wii64Team were on the E3, just because of the fact that it’s homebrew.

  274. So from what I seen and read, the Wii U will not be able to run GC games? Kinda sucks. But might be a bit more powerful to run more Emus.

  275. Its more than “a bit more powerful” Its a lot more powerful! Sounds exciting for emulators, however we may not even get those considering how good the security is and if anyone is able to crack it.

  276. I hate the look of that controller, honestly if they either don’t change that controller very soon or don’t support older controllers, you’re going to hear a very loud scream that’ll shake the Earth.

  277. Lol I kinda agree with you MarioFan3. The controller does look disastrous, but it is said to be held comfortably in the hands. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Hopefully it works fine though and the only problem will be getting use to it. Support old controllers would be good too.

  278. Name:
    The one part I like about the controller is that you can make the screen show what is on the Main TV Screen so you can have the TV on for others. Also, it took over 4 yrs for the PS3 to get Homebrewed. It will happen. Dont worry. Just put trust in the Devs. As for the PSVita, the first time someone Hacks it or releases a Device for it, Sony will cry about it and take the person to Court Ignoring Consumer Rights.
    Saw a Video on the news that showed a golf game and the demonstration showed someone using the Wiimote with it. Apparently the TV screen had the normal Golf game, the Pad had the Golfball on it and the person swung with the Wiimote. Just hope the CCPro will work also if the Pad doesnt feel right for others.

  279. My main problem is this: Look at the right analogue stick. Why the hell is it ABOVE a, b, x and y? Shouldn’t it make more sense to be below them? The way it is now, the controller looks just like a 3DS with only one screen and an extra control nub… uhm, yeah isn’t that what touch control is for? A 3DS? Why not just link your 3DS up to make use of touch controls instead? That’d make more sense y’know…

  280. My main problem is this: Look at the right analogue stick. Why the hell is it ABOVE a, b, x and y? Shouldn’t it make more sense to be below them? The way it is now, the controller looks just like a 3DS with only one screen and an extra control nub… uhm, yeah isn’t that what touch control is for? A 3DS? Why not just link your 3DS up to make use of touch controls instead? That’d make more sense y’know…

    As for displaying the main T.V screen on the controller, I see that as kinda… I dunno stupid? If you’re being kicked off it, it usually means you’ve been on too long anyway. If somebody wants to use the T.V then go play your 3DS, that’s why it’s there. Otherwise I see the Wii U as being a 3DS clone… well without the 3D of course… and only a touch screen.

    I dare you to try keeping a serious face whilst telling me you’ll be able to play a new Smash Bros. game with that controller…

  281. Whoa… that has to be the weirdest glitch I’ve seen in a looooong time…

  282. Wow guys…
    Has it really been almost 4 months since the last post of sepp26?

    It sure doesn’t look like it was THAT long…
    Time flies uh? XD

    Anyway, I’m still hoping to see a new update within the first half of the year.
    We still have like 20 days so June ends and the second half starts.


  283. Maybe the team wants us to post more than 1,000 posts, so they can see there’s enough interest? Just look at the “still alive and kicking” topic :P

  284. Lol someone said this a while ago and still no releases. They don’t want us to get a kagillion posts (thats right kagillion), they are just still working.

  285. I remember when people complained about the N64 controller before the console came out and then when it did people were like “Damn, this actually fits comfortably and is easy to use.” I’d definitely rather hold an N64 controller rather than a GC or Wiimote. I can only hope for this new console it’ll fit comfortably but I have a feeling it sorta won’t, one can only hope though. They should really go back to the basics for controllers and work from there. The smartest idea would just be to put ABXY on the back of the controller so you’d never have to lift your finger from the analog stick. It’d probably take some time to get used to (causal games would HATE IT.) but I personally think it’d be awesome and allow extra precision for gamers over time. Curse the gamers thinking of ideas that game companies/console devs don’t want to listen to!

  286. I know, why doesn’t everybody here try and beat Kaizo Mario 64 using Wii64, without save stating once? There, that’ll last you all until the next release, and keep all you hardcore Mario fans (like me) busy XD

  287. I found a torrent with a lot of SM64 hacks bundled in a zip file mostly latest demos of unfinished hacks and very few are complete but I did not see kaizo mario 64 in it. ;(

    I think it’s sad that Wii64/SX and many other projects (Yabause Wii,DeSmume Wii,and NullDC Wii) have not seen so much as a news update the past few months. :bored:

    And was hoping Wii64 2.0 was gonna be released BEFORE LOZOOT3D on 3DS comes out on JULY 19th (though I have no 3DS or the money to get it )

  288. I’ve got around 30 stars, no save states. Trust me, it’ll put your skills to the test for real. Do it, if you have nothing better to do than wait for the next Wii64, I highly recommend playing Kaizo Mario 64 on Wii64. See if you’re all up to the challenge to do it without save states :P

  289. Dude, I played KM64 on PJ64 beta. It is hard as hell, and that’s with save states. It’s insane. I couldn’t imagine doing it without save states. Also, I heard that the KM64 dev is making a sequel, and this time it’s a Missing Stars-style rehaul with new levels and all.

    Also, completely unrelated. but I just built a PC yesterday.
    i tested 2 games on it: Mirror’s Edge and Split/Second, and they both ran smooth as butter.

  290. Will the KM64 be able to be injected in a WAD? Tried the Missing Stars but it was a No-Go.

    How difficult would it be to swap Processors from 1 laptop to another? Got Toshiba Laptops and one is a older Model but with a 3.20Ghz and this one only has 2.0Ghz. Im pretty good with computers (Mainly Desktops) so wanting to test myself with my Laptops

  291. I decided to create a forum to discuss Wii64 and the other creations by the Emulatemii team. I know they already have a place on gc-forever. But it doesn’t seem as active for Wii64 and such. I also noticed a broken link on compatibility on the Wiibrew page. So it is still being set up but you can check it out here.

  292. @Smoker1

    I don’t know; I built a desktop. But you have to take apart the entire laptop if you want to replace the graphics card, I know that. I don’t know how to switch laptop CPU’s though. Remember that the architecture of a laptop is much different from a desktop due to the size difference.

  293. @Smoker1

    What exactly are you trying to do because if it is by the way you worded it, it would be impossible.

  294. It’s not feasible to change graphic cards on laptops because they’re soldered into the mobo.
    So unless you have a rework station you’ve got little to no chance.
    It’s the same for the CPU too (I think) plus if it is possible to exchange the CPU, you’ll have to make sure the socket size is the same.

    Although I heard there are external Graphic cards you can use on laptops but they are VERY expensive for little reward…

  295. Yea you can’t really take out any laptop parts and put them in other laptops besides, ram, hard drives, wifi cards (less likely compatible), and thats about it. Some DVD drives are interchangeable too. I have one laptop that has a removable graphics card (gaming computer) but it can’t really be used on any other laptop.

  296. Well, you can more than likely change out RAM chips and disc drives but honestly that’s about it. I suppose there is a chance you can change out screens too since they’re both Toshiba but besides that, that’s the best chance you’ll have. I know you can’t change out the CPU or GPU, that is literally impossible as it probably wouldn’t even be compatible if you were a champ at soldering (talking about the GPU). Wireless cards definitely won’t work, mousepad may be possible but with the CPU difference they’re probably built extremely different (laptops casing) so while the touchpad may work it won’t fit in the laptop properly, so it’d be hanging out. Oh the joys of having laptops instead of Desktops.

  297. Lol well ya but I have actually seen some laptops that have different hard drives. (Such as some old compaq ones where instead of the 2 slots where it plugs in, it is a serious of long lines) Kind of hard to explain but yea ><

  298. Riiiiiiight, well I’ve got my month long Winter break starting tomorrow… aaaaand… nothing… well crud :(

  299. I bet Team-Wii64 are waiting till July 4th to unveil v2.0 of Wii64.

    If they do,I hope there is a one-time splash screen that has fireworks creating the name in a formation per letter/number.

    While “wii” wait,the Sonic 30 day challenge project revisited is out now on the new Retrohack site!

  300. I wonder how the team is doing, also, 430th comment, can’t wait for my birthday on August 4.

  301. @Name:
    You mean how the Computers had a IDE cable? LOL. I remember those.

    Cant wait for 4th of July. Gonna have a Fireworking good time and get drunk as hell. Hope the Team is doing good

  302. I’m still playing through Kaizo Mario 64 without save states, with 51 stars… Hmm, any other ways of passing time these days?

  303. @Smoker lol no not an IDE cable, Just a different set of pins how the laptop read the hard drive when it was plugged in.

  304. News on PS364 from PSX-Scene:

    Hi guys, I haven’t read over the last 13 pages or so, but I’d like to say about what progress we’ve made and what is required before we believe we should release something..

    We have Wii64 compiled and running on PS3 using PSL1GHT – I don’t see why you’d want to use the SDK when PSL1GHT can do enough to implement a full N64 emulator already…
    So far our port features everything apart from obtaining full speed and graphics are not 100% implemented yet – and using statically compiled shaders.

    We haven’t released anything because our dynamic recompiler in need of a major rewrite. It isn’t ABI compliant and was written for a 32 bit CPU so major parts require rewriting before it will do anything.

    So to sum it up, we have it running, but quite sluggishly (the POWER chip isn’t really great without some work given to the SPE’s which we’d rather not do unless required after the dynarec).

    If someone is seriously interested to help out, find us at #WiiN64 @ EFNet or email me at (do not ask for a pkg or to test, developers only).

  305. seems like Wii64 took the backseat for PS364 which they said wasn’t going to happen?

  306. I bet that Wii64 is being held back because of Wii64-Team is afraid that every “schnob” with a PS3 would start trolling at PS364 not being out three weeks after Wii64 2.0 comes out (even some of the people that have both PS3 and Wii consoles).

  307. emukidid Says:
    February 23rd, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Of course wii64 continues to be priority.. this was only a quick 2 day port.

    yeaaaaaaaaa, about that………… most likely they dont care about the wii64 at all since the ps3 has better GPU, CPU, RAM, etc.

  308. All I got to say is:
    The Team has lives as well. They will release when they are ready. Ppl need to stop being so demanding. If you dont like it, oh well. Deal with it. Im ok with the wait. Keep up the great work :D

  309. @Balthasar
    You are completely wrong, they wouldn’t abandon Wii64 just because the PS3 is more powerful. They already said Wii64 continues to be a priority so you people should just be patient and believe them.

  310. Am I in the wrong place for first posted news? I always thought when there was news, this would be the first place posted. Now I see in the comments people posting emukidds posts from other sources. I was beginning to think this project was dead. No news since February.

    I see news on the PS3 version in the comments… there any progress on the Wii version? I have both a PS3 and a Wii, but my PS3 isn’t hacked, nor will it be. I just want Wii64 to full speed run goldeneye, and run the banjo-kazooie games with no slowdown and without textures turning pure white.

    Are we any closer to this on the Wii then what was reported on Feb 23?

  311. @Lost My Mind

    Long story short……we have no idea. From reading various comments from EmulateMii and gc forever we can only hope they have made some progress. But the comment that Smoker1 posted up from PSX-Scene came from someone called The Central Scrutinizer, which I believe has no affiliation with the EmulateMii Team. But I don’t know if this update is either a crude joke or if the EmulateMii Team has found some true potential on this emulator and is asking for some small help. But whether or not they work on Wii64 or PS364 is totally up to them. I mean it’s their free time, they get to spend it in any type of way they want, so I guess it wouldn’t be fair if we criticized them if they release PS364 before Wii64. But still keep up the Great work guys, your doing swell. ;P

  312. It wasn’t a crude joke, The Central Scruntinizer is just the “fake account” if you will that posts news on the site, I seen Emukidid post this awhile ago, so it is true. You do realize that you could probably get an answer on gc-forever about the progress of Wii64 on there. From what I know, the Dynaric needs to be re-written on Wii64 and PS364, which is definitely no easy feat. Until someone actually puts up some news we won’t know unless someone asks questions.

  313. hey guys,
    i really really really dont want to spam this thread, but some of you know that i am an indie game dev and that i am wokring on a game.
    good news is, the game is done and ready to be sold. now, if you could jsut give it a look and maybe tell your friends i would greatly appreciate it. its hard for a struggling indie dev to get some attention. here we go:

  314. @Spike:LOL I saw a handheld game console called nd “indie” priced at only $20.00 (Bob’s Game included) rumored to be more powerful than a ds and you can buy more games using WI-FI (at low cost). XD

    GMO of Wiird Codes has just made the first US VC Smash Bros. codes that gave me the ability to port infinite jumps and hit anywhere to VC from N64 Gameshark!

    You can get my two code ports on the request thread under VC/WiiWare Support section.

  315. yeah yeha i know it sounds like spam i am not really good at this stuff, i am game designer not marketing expert. still, i do occassionallyt talk about grunts every now and then so i thought it could still be ok. besides, i am visiting alot here, i thought by now you guys would know that im not a typical spammer-.-

  316. For everyone in the US,
    Dont blow off any fingers. LOL

  317. Exciting news u guys! After about 7 months of going dark Yabause Wii has finally released another beta.

    And also Happy 1 year anniversary for WiiSX Beta 2!!! I kno I’m a day late but, better late than never I guess. (8

  318. This will likely not be out by the end of the summer (wii64 that is) . We can hope for a christmas 2011 present though !

  319. Man, that’s so confusing because here in the land down under, Christmas comes before the end of Summer. I know when you mean though, hmm… it’s done when it’s done I know but… I dunno… I know the project’s not dead or anything, but man I can’t help but think there’s going to be a release just POOF outta nowhere one of these days.

  320. @MarioFan3 Haha I bet! I’ve had a whole year of Winter before just by traveling, amazing year… I’m a Winter person as you can tell. Happy Belated 4th Of July to you all!

  321. If I offend anyone by asking this question here, I apologize. I have a soft modded wii, and I’m trying to update my cIOS 222. It’s currently at v3. I want it at v4. I tried an app called cIOS 222 Installer, and it tried to install, but halfway through the downloading of the files, it got “hash bad”, and stopped. Does anyone know what to do?

  322. Also, tried the offline installation method, and got a code dump. Been at this for 10 hours now….

  323. @ Lost my mind
    What are you using CIOS 222 for?
    The only real CIOS your going to need is CIOS 249
    It is a piracy CIOS but it works wonders for the wii and has many uses. Just install that with WAD manager of use the homebrew channel installers for it.

  324. Any new information coming up soon? Would be really nice to know a little more about the progress. I understand our donations doesnt help to do it faster, but some news would be great.

  325. Well, rather then play each game from the physical disk, I just rip them to my hard drive, and play them off a USB loader. Less load time, and it keeps your disks from getting scratched, AND it doesn’t wear out your disk drive’s laser. Essentially it ensures your Wii will NEVER break as long as you treat it right, as the only moving part in the whole system, is now not moving or even needed……..unless you play a gamecube game. But I heard even that has a USB loader now too! I haven’t looked into that though.

    Every Wii game I have works great……except donkey kong country returns. I ripped it, it loads, it gets to the health warning screen, and after that it’s a black screen. When I looked into whats preventing it, they say cIOS222 has to be at rev 4 to load this game. I’m at rev 3 according to syscheck. My cIOS249 is waninikos rev 21. I can get a total syscheck report posted here if you want.

  326. @lost my mind.
    Find a wad for it and install offline with wad manager by waninkoko
    Ur cios249 is fine how it is. And Yes I use usb loader so I understand. You have actully helped me because I was scratching my head as to why donkey kong country returns was not working. I will update my cios222 now

  327. I would use Pimp My Wii to check to see what other IOS’s need updated. One way you should be able to get it uninstalled is by just uninstalling IOS 222 and install version 4, that’s what I had to do when it wouldn’t allow me to overwrite 222. Just remember, DON’T UNINSTALL any IOS under 200. If for some reason you still can’t get it to install after that, I definitely suggest getting Pimp My Wii and uninstalling every IOS OVER 200 and then use PMW.

  328. To reinstall the IOS’s. (probably should of just put that in with the first one):P

  329. wtf… I cant get donkey kong country to run. My cios249 is updated to atleast rev 20
    and It was working fine a few weeks ago now its getting bitchy with me….

  330. I’ve never gotten DKCR to work. If someone here with it working in uLoader has it working, could you post a syscheck of your IOS’s, so I could see which ones work?

  331. Well, it DOES work for me through USB Loader… alas, I’m not the one in the family who plays Wii games (I have officially not played one for over two years) so I don’t know the full details… All I know is, when selected, DKCR works perfectly through USB Loader… not much help for you though…

  332. What’s going on? D=

    In a few weeks, it will be half a year without any news at all of the progress on Wii64. T-T

    I want to know if I should erase the few N64 roms I have on the SD so I can have free space for other apps. xD

  333. @Shadow:
    Do what I do, and simply keep the roms that you use with Wii64 and remove the rest to make room. You can always put them back on, the saves don’t go anywhere and they’re most likely backed up on your computer. What I do, is back up everything I ‘want’ on my SD card in a folder on my computer, and then just add or remove things as I need or don’t need them. I still have about 900MB free space as a result

  334. bet you they just update wii64 for this final patch, release ps364 at the same time to try and make a big release to make up for the wait, then shift full focus to ps364……… called it

  335. @Balthasar

    So what if they shift focus onto the PS3? I believe they can do what they want with their free time. I do also believe that everything the Wii64 team releases is Open Source, if you don’t like waiting then there’s always the “figure it out yourself” method.

    @Lost in my Mind

    I played DKCR over USB with no problems over USBLoader GX. You can use Pimp My Wii to make sure all IOS’s over 200 are up to date, if they are then you probably have a bad rip of the game.

    As far as the memory usage for games on an SD card, personally I put my N64 games on USB and use Wii64 with 2.0USB mod, having a 250GB portable hard drive easily holds my games while my 2GB SD card not so much.

  336. @DarkScyth

    I never said anything was wrong with the idea of them shifting their focus at all… I merely said that’s my prediction. Overall, I’d rather see more done on the PS3 due to higher capabilities. I just feel like instead of getting both at once I shouldn’t feel like I’m waiting for something that is probably done for another.

  337. Maybe if you wished on gc-forever :P I don’t think they really check this place out much. Also Happy Birthday.

  338. go to gc-forever and look for wii64. wiisx and ps364 link, theres a little bit info there for ya, somebody ask emu kidid like ten questions, and my man answered them.

  339. Copied from gc-forever:

    Josh. wrote:
    Here’s just a couple questions that I was wondering if either Sepp256, Emukidid, or Tehpola could answer. ^__^
    Q. #1: Is Rice’s video plugin still being ported to Wii64, or was there a change in plans?
    A. Still is, no change in plans.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #2: Is Tehpola still in the process of rewriting the dynarec, or is he done with that process yet?
    A. Still about mid-way through it.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #3: Have you ever found anyone to help you guys out with PS364, or are you guys still looking?
    A. We didn’t find anyone able and willing to fix our issues (dynarec rewrite)

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #4: Which emulator are you guys planing on releasing first; Wii64, PS364, or your mystery emulator?
    A. A minor update to WiiSX then possibly Wii64.. each release takes a lot of effort to get it out the door.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #5: Are you guys still planning to work on WiiSX after any releases
    A. Yes, a new version to get into sync with the new developments in PCSX reloaded as well as general wii/gc updates and fixes.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #6: With the rewrite of the new dynarec has it become easier to “squash bugs”, or no?
    A. The new dynarec isn’t up and running yet so it’s not up to the point where we’re squishing bugs. But when it is in that state we are pretty sure it will be easier to debug.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #7: Are you guys planning on rewriting the dynarec on WiiSX too, or no?
    A. Not a complete rewrite if it can be avoided – however we would like to implement the GTE and other parts of the interpreted core to the dynamically recompiled part of the process.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #8: Has the whole Sony issue with GeoHot caused any delay with PS364?
    A. No – we’re using open sourced libraries and trying to keep everything legal and clean in our eyes.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #9: Are you guys still planning on releasing builds with IOS58 support and if so are you guys any closer at achieving this?
    A. Yes we are – all upcoming versions will have IOS58/USB2 support.

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #10: Has there been any major significant changes to any emulators you guys are working on? (Not asking for any compatibility changes.)
    A. Yes – Wii64 and WiiSX have had a few improvements and new features(none considered complete or stable though).

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. #11: Are you guys still fresh on funds?
    A. We’ve still got enough funds to keep alive for a few more years

    Josh. wrote:
    Q. Well here’s all the questions I have to ask. You don’t have to ask some of these questions if you don’t want to, but I will really appreciate it if you did. Thnx for your time guys! ^__^
    A. No problem, always happy to ask questions! Wish I had more time for development these days

  340. We need to clone these guys, several times. That way in the eyes of the government, they’ll have 8 jobs, and still somehow be releasing emulators on a weekly basis. In the eyes of their employer, they’ll see one person come in, and do the job. In actuality, it’s really about 14 different clones, each coming in once every 2 weeks.

    Hmmmmm, do you think emukid could develop a clone machine???

  341. @Lost My Mind

    I heard Emukidid is working on the Dynaric for the Clone Machine.


    How long ago was that post? Seems like it was from awhile ago, also linking the thread may of been easier. :P

  342. Well, that link was posted on February 2011 Update for those that still visit that page like me. So y’know, wouldn’t have been hard to track down Wii64 info on there…

  343. not the link i posted dude, look at the bottom left corner of every comment. its july 10, 2011. not february

  344. EmulateMii heart of my delight,
    Your N64 emulation makes my day bright.
    Your work well respected, and appreciated by all,
    We’ve been looking for progress however little or small.
    As I check this website for an update or three.
    “Last post Feb 23″ FUCK! Oh, woe is me!

    Beta 1 came out on my birthday, and isn’t it funny?
    Because now I’m playing Goldeneye on release 2 “Honey”.
    By now Nintendo surely must know your work,
    although they haven’t impended your progress, so I’ll continue to lurk.

    Now as I sit in my room, retro gaming intact
    I think about the impact you’ll have.
    Will Nintendo finally re-release the games that we need?
    Earthbound awaits for Nintendo’s green light lead.
    So I can’t help think about what the Wii has become,
    Admittingly my thought process hazy due to all this Sunny D & Rum…yum yum

  345. He was on the “February 2011 Update” page as well, except it was about viagra… honestly though it’s just best to ignore it…

    *sigh* Oh Wii64, or WiiSX one of the two… my Winter break shall end within a couple of days, and although I have endured a rather sorrowful month (heartbreak) I can now patiently await the next spark of news, for it will be a busy time with me. I hope everybody else is having a better time than myself, both socially and economically… patience, is a virtue friends… let us treasure life for what it is, and live it to its full potential…

  346. I…

    Because of a FKING internet scammer,I am losing internet/cable altogether in 1 week (no longer affordable). *irony*

    If Wii64 Beta 2.0 (by now it should be called “Wii64 OMFG MIRACLE EDITION!” does not get released within that time I will hafta go to a damn library JUST to get it with a USB flash drive whenever it does come out!

    Though I do understand even the dynarec rewrite is not yet finished.

  347. Benjamin:

    Dude, that fucking sucks… :(

    Anyway, I’ve been away for a few weeks to a month, I’m surprised that not even a little bit of new info hasn’t even been posted yet. Oh well. Very busy 3 weeks coming up for me, so my mind will be off this subject.

  348. Desmume Wii is at r217, it’s getting the Desmume v0.9.7 ported over and is nearly completely ported according to the google code page which is good news for people like me with that F-KING broken-hinge making my top screen solid black/no longer work!

  349. Thing is, my 3DS’s top screen has started blacking out and it’s not even a few months old. All my DS Lite’s have broken hinges and L buttons that don’t work. Yet, my DS Phat is still in near mint condition, so what the hell gives with that?

    The 3DS design is stupid, who thought it was a good idea to have grooves around the bottom screen that, when the 3DS is closed, clash with the top screen because of the screens extra width?

  350. Lol i still have my DS “phat” and it is in great condition still. And I bought it used so many years ago.

  351. The wait for any comment from them, any announcement and the release is…
    freaking… k-i-l-l-i-n-g…

  352. Well… as soon as the new Wii64 is stable to say the least I’m sure we’ll see an update. It’s their style, only post something when there’s something to post, otherwise there’s not really much point… Although another WiiSX update anytime soon isn’t out of the question… just some things need to be fixed here and there… but again, they’re probably more focused on Wii64. Seriously hopeful for the next release though, hope it runs all the games I want it to!

  353. @Shadow
    Me too dude… me too. xD

    Personally, I would prefer an update about WiiSX over Wii64, i can’t wait anymore to be able to play Ps1 on my Wii, but any kind of update would be fine!

  354. LOL. If this was released today, I would be so P’Oed. My PS3 needs a new Power Supply unit.

  355. who wants to bet that the next revision won’t come out till wii u is out?


  356. It won’t come out that late. I say that it’ll come out somewhere at December, January or February. But I may be wrong.

  357. Well let’s think about it here. Remember the old Alpha release of Wii64? Waaaay back when Wii HomeBrew was booming? Well, didn’t it take around two years for the Dynarec core to be ready for release? This leads me to believe that it won’t be until around two years again this time for the rewrite of the core. Might take a little less time due to experience, but I say February next year… that’s a long time to wait I know, but what can you do?

  358. Well, I’m moving on to say the 6th Generation of gaming I think. It’ll be good when Wii64/WiiSX comes out yes, but I’m not waiting for it anymore. I’m out, I’ve played all those old games on my cpu instead and well, yeah I’m moving on.

  359. @mortalc13:
    Yeah, me too.

    I’ll make a suicidal treat to see if the Wii64 Team reacts and posts something to save my life. xD

  360. Yeah, I swear I get depressed every time I look at the main page.

    Agreed…… after checking it daily since the wii64 beta1, kinda kills me a little inside every time D:

  361. Rare confirmed on their blog that they are seriously considering a Banjo Kazooie remake or new game on the 3DS. Even tho they work for Microsoft, As Microsoft don’t have a handheld console they can make games for the 3DS :D

  362. ehhh i wouldn’t get my hopes up too high for BK for 3DS, already happened with MML3DS and look where that ended up, that and recently like half of the upcoming games were canceled.

  363. @Randy: My top screen on my 3DS that stopped working a month ago proves that right!

  364. Anyways, whenever Wii64 comes out, I hope I’ll be able to play:
    Blast Corps
    Bomberman Hero
    Bomberman 64
    Bomberman 64: The Second Attack
    Conker’s Bad Fur Day
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Donkey Kong 64
    Forsaken 64
    F-Zero X
    GoldenEye 007
    Jet Force Gemini
    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    Mario Golf
    Mario Kart 64
    Mario Party
    Mario Party 2
    Mario Party 3
    Mario Tennis
    Paper Mario
    Perfect Dark
    Pokemon Puzzle League
    Pokemon Stadium
    Pokemon Stadium 2
    Rayman 2: The Great Escape
    Star Wars: Episode 1: Battle For Naboo
    Star Wars Episode 1: Racer
    Star Wars: Rogues Squadron
    Super Smash Bros.
    Tetris 64
    The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
    The World Is Not Enough
    Super Mario 64
    Yoshi’s Story
    All on the one system, with force feedback and without having to grab any of those old cartridges. Talk about convenience! But… that’s if it even comes out eheh

  365. Bomberman 64 – This game is playable besides the first boss
    Donkey Kong 64 – This game is playable
    Lylatwars (Star fox 64) IS fully playable
    Mario Golf – haven’t tested but isnt this playable?
    Mario Kart 64 – pretty sure this is playable
    Mario Party – playable, i played it a lot
    Mario Party 2 – dont know
    Mario Party 3 – dont know
    Pokemon Stadium – this is playable
    Pokemon Stadium 2 – also playable
    Super Smash Bros. – this is also playable
    Super Mario 64 – this is playable

    Just sayin…

  366. I should’ve added full speed without graphical or core issues (only Super Mario 64 currently fits that)

  367. @MarioFan3
    Sorry to say it but
    Star Wars: Rogues Squadron
    Will most likely never work because it runs on some different engine or something. No emulator as of yet (Yes even on PC) Have been able to get it working properly.

  368. Makes use of the ever so annoying ucode yeah I know, Rogue Squadron is quite a pain to emulate (like Blast Corps, seriously want to play that thing) Ah well, I’m gonna buy Rogue Squadron II for the GCN off the internet in the meantime, we should never have sold that game heheh, good ol’ Cube still works.

  369. I miss the old days when the EmulateMii team use to update the google code page with changes as they went along. Now they just do it all at once along with the release. We can’t compile and test each revision now ><

  370. Such a shame that most of my favorite games are damn hard to emulate even on PC emulators.

    Games such as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Resident Evil 2 have such weird methods and plugins to emulate. Those 2 games on the N64 stole many hours of my life, and gotta say I spent them well. xD

    Hope I could at least play one of the two in the upcoming release of Wii64, even though I still have the original cartridges, I would like to play them with a NGC controller on my Wii. =)

  371. Well, I can play Rogue Squadron on an N64, but I’m simply annoyed at the 50Hz and the extremely poor resolution that it’s really hard to see what you’re doing (this applies with every non-RareWare N64 game) Wii64 solves that issue… but… there’s only one game it runs perfectly at the moment…

  372. I think we will never see another release of these great emulator (wiisx and wii64). A lot of time since no update, even no news. That’s not respect user, who comes each day/week/month to see anything new. Just let us know, that not take one hour to explain where you are in the progress.

    That’s remember me the famous wii media player on dcemu, who never come up, lol. At last, we have the current wii64 and wiisx version.

  373. Lately,I played Banjo Kazooie 100% through (red honey bar/100 Jiggys/900 Musical Notes) on Wii64 again and beat my time by roughly 20 minutes with 10 hours and 20 somethin minutes,how fast can you “anyone” beat it 100%.

  374. @Benjamin Durden:
    Ha! I’m glad I wrote this down, 5 hours and 32 minutes on Wii64 1.1 :P

  375. Mario Tennis can’t be emulated nicely on any plugin it seems. Not even Glide can do it without major speed problems and graphical glitches.

  376. Ok, this happened to me the other day and I thought I should bring it up because we’re all veteran gamers here:

    So I was outside a school waiting for a bus, and turns out the bus was late. I said

    “Shoot, really wish I brought my GameBoy with me now”

    One of the Primary kids walking out of the school overheard me and asked

    “What’s a GameBoy?”


  377. @MarioFan3

    …Wow, really… What I do love though is the reactions of using a GBC now in 2011. :P

  378. OMG I actually did that last month! People were like “WTF? That’s a huge phone….. Ohhhhh god… a Colour… do people still play those old things?”

  379. Um, I don’t where you’re from, I get responses like “I remember those! God those were so fun!” I must be lucky then.

    I’m not surprised though, plus, people mistaking that for a “huge phone”, they obviously have never seen the Droid X…

  380. Lol I have a Droid X and its not huge. It has a nice big screen and I wouldn’t trade it for any other Verizon 3G phone.

  381. Ah… well I’m from the land down under (in the state of Victoria to be more precise) and well… let’s just say that today I only know about five people personally who actually like game talk… so… whilst I’m going to be at uni in the near future, at the moment it’s actually a very lonely world here for a veteran gamer…

  382. @MarioFan3
    From Perth, Got my super Nintendo at 3, got my Nintendo 64 at 9. I play my N64 all the time. banjo Kazooie without a doubt best game created of all time.

  383. @Name
    Must be because I use the LG Vortex, my brother uses the Droid X and the size difference is dramatic. I don’t know why people criticize the Vortex (It’s the original Optimus S/V/T/etc. but under the Verizon network). I think it’s a great phone! I only wish to try N64oid on it. It refuses to install, and forcing it to install will just force close the emulator on rom load. OoT and SM64 run at full speed on the Droid X.

  384. Just realized that the reason why N64oid doesn’t install on my Vortex is because of it’s processor. It’s currently unsupported… Dang… FPse (PSX Emulator) gives me about 45+ fps on most games I’ve tried, so I assumed that N64oid would have been compatible.

  385. @MarioFan3
    Where women glow and men plunder amirite! :P

    I’m from Darwin myself. Classic gamers are quite the minority, even more so for me since I’m a shmup guy, but I’m spreading the word around regardless. :D

    As for my Nintendo 64 experience: Goldeneye, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Super Mario 64 and Bomberman 64. Awesome games, never owned them or the console myself though.

  386. The N64 was awesome. It was my first console ever. SM64, Super Smash Bros, and Snowboard Kids 1&2 took up most of my early childhood.

    And then I found out I got a gimped port of Tony Hawk. Seriously man, Neversoft should have looked at Capcom and saw how much they fit on the N64 RE2.

  387. there’s nothing like not checking this website for 4 months and coming back here to see no signs of a wii64 update coming.


  388. I know it’s a small chance of happening, but maybe we’ll see something on the 29th-30th September, the 2nd birthday of Wii64 Beta 1 (depending on your region the date may be slightly different) Yes, start feeling old because it has indeed been 2 whole years.

  389. I just realized that I really don’t have a need for Wii64 anymore now that I have a gaming PC that’s hooked up to a TV. And since that has better compatibility and the ability to upscale games to 1080p, I really don’t know why I’m still interested in this.

  390. I have a phone that can hook up to a tv and emulates pretty much everything and I can use the Wiimote to control but I am still interested in this.

  391. I’m interested due to convenience. I can play all the NES, SNES, (potentially) N64, GCN and Wii games without unplugging stuff once. I’d love to be able to utilise the surround system and use a GCN controller to play my RareWare™ favourites on the N64. I can do everything else currently, the N64 portion is all that requires my computer…

  392. tehpola, sepp256, and emu_kidid,

    any way you hard working gents could shed some/any light on current projects? I’ve been checking back in daily since February, and I will continue to do so until your next updates! Looking forward to seeing your newest work.

    WiiSX, Wii64 perhaps ???!!! :D :D

  393. Guys this has been repeated A LOT.
    If you look over at you can see some “light shed” on Wii64 and WiiSX