Long overdue progress update and… a 1up on bigN!

We must start by saying that yes, it sure has been a while since our last update. Followers can rest assured though that we have been actively developing all of our projects in one way or another. As mentioned before, all three of us have very little time to work on this stuff due to real life commitments, but combined we seem to be getting things done at what we think is a decent pace.

WiiSX has seen some tinkering to try and get compatibility up, but has run into other issues. We have been keeping in sync with pcsx-reloaded whilst trying to maintain the PPC dynarec for it. Eventually we need to add more recompiled functions to the dynarec in WiiSX, particularly GTE. We initially wanted to do a full PPC dynarec re-write, but that doesn’t seem feasible time-wise at the moment. Future plans for WiiSX also include porting a hardware renderer now that Pete’s OpenGL plugin is open-sourced.

The Wii64 port to PS3 now has a near-complete hardware renderer since our last post. However, the dynarec needs some work to run on a 64bit PPC architecture. The Pure Interpreter core has little (if any) performance increase over the Wii running the same core, so PS364 really needs the dynarec.

Wii64 for the GC/Wii has seen the most in terms of progress. There has been USB2 support added as well as a port of Rice (graphics plugin) amongst other smaller bug-fixes and optimizations since the last release. One notable feature that we’re really excited about is…

That’s right, high-resolution, custom texture paks are now supported on the Wii using Wii64! :) Of course, this is still Work-In-Progress, but we’re nearing completion.. Expect a release after this feature is complete. We feel like this is where homebrew emulation on the Wii can really shine and provide an enhancement that Nintendo is not able to offer with their official software.

449 thoughts on “Long overdue progress update and… a 1up on bigN!

  1. Bitching!!!! Thanks guys Just Hoping That Goldeneye Is At Full Speed And As Perfect Dark And Also Hoping Conkers Bad Fur Day Is Playable This Time.

  2. Whoa, hey again sepp256, it’s good to hear from you!

    In terms of Wii64 updates, I gather ‘nearing completion’ and the above screenshot shows that things are currently reasonably operational, and from hereon out it’s just the bugs that are being squashed, code is being ‘port and polished’ before it’s nice and shiny, ready for the public eye.

    The level of dedication you guys still have towards these projects is much appreciated by many (including myself)
    The drinks would be on me if I ever ran into any of you guys in person, so thanks for news!

  3. What about merging with mupen64plus? Ari64 is already working on merging his new dynarec (which is a lot better suited for slow systems with less memory) which supports i386, amd64 and arm. So it should be possible to also add ppc support. The core is independent from the frontend and all other plugins. So it is no problem for you to provide Wii specific plugins and a wii specific interface

  4. I LOVE the High Res Textures thing :) One question that pops into my mind is: Is there a widescreen support now to display 4/3 games in 16/9? i ask because this feature is in project64 and 1964 and i really helps some games /zelda for instance). combined with, say, the cell highres textures floating around for ocarina and majora, this would really kick so many major ass its not even funny anymore :)

    good work team, good work!

  5. Great news guys I will defiantly be donatiing some money to the ps364 project but just curious if you have a expected release date I know its hard to be exact but I’m so excited about zelda and mario on ps3.

  6. Hopefully work properly title as: Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007, Donkey Kong 64 very good games that will not be imported into virtual console and worth that we had in homebrew … Congratulations on the progress of this project, thanks for the emulator

  7. I think I speak for most of us when I say the Wii64 release is the one we are most looking forward too. So please make that your first priority over the other projects.

  8. Thank you for the progress update, guys! I really appreciate what you’ve done with the emulators so far, and just as everyone else around here, I’m eagerly awaiting the next release!

  9. In regards to WiiSX, does anyone know what the sound plugin will based off of? Will it be the Dsound Repair that Shalma worked on?

  10. I almost cried. I’ve been checking every day since I discovered Wii64. You’re back. I knew you’d be back. Thanks for not letting me down. You’re the best homebrew devs in the world.

  11. Any idea of a release date?! I’m so happy to hear from you guys about the great news of wii64 in which I have been dying for the next release. I just hope it doesn’t take another 7 months to get a response saying it’s in the works. Can’t wait!

  12. Oh please be a Wii64 update that plays Zelda: Ocarina of Time before Skyward Sword comes out, It’ll be my most greatest dream to play an old Zelda classic like this before anything else in the world. ^__^

  13. Thank you for your hard work. “joel64″ is wrong the wii already has the Wii64 but ps3 users don’t have any n64 emulator they can wait for an update to the emulator they already have, but please put the PS3 version top priority at least until the first release.

  14. @Chris:Do you mean that HD texture pack for BK,that would be awesome since I have a Wii PROGRESSIVE scan cable.

    Now watch this come out on a sunday.
    (I go to library on Saturday cuz I gots no web survayce at houme LOL)

  15. Cool! but a few questions like how is the sercet emulator coming along? do you think the team will release it after this one or working on it a lttle more?

    Thank you for the update Wii64 Team!

  16. Of course something this glorious is about to come out right after I sell my Wii. =/ Oh well. I suppose i’ll have to wait and hope the PS3 gets the same tlc. :P

  17. Now hopefully we will see this update out before the year ends :P
    Good job though guys, I NEVER expected the External Texture support, its a nice surprise.

  18. I’ll admit I was a nay-sayer up until now, So long without an update I left this for dead. So glad to see you guys still making progress, keep up the great work, don’t let it go as long with no news next time please. Great news about the high res packs, I’m really looking forward to Zelda :OoT and Goldeneye at fullspeed.

  19. I’ll be waiting this sooo looong, and now that I see this project is still alive, I… “snif” I almots going to cry”’… … …-HELL YEAH!!! Keep going!!!

    WiiSX is almost perfect, I love to play FF8, it’s almost fully playable. Only problem is that the game FREEZE all the time, especially when the first mission starts.

    Now that I know that my waiting is going to be rewarded, I keep waiting that Wii64 and WiiSX going to be some day fully playable.

    Thats my dream, I can wait, just a little more… little more… little… almost there… … … ;’D

  20. Matron Says:
    Might want to remove your web link you posted. Comes up saying it has Malware.
    Love the Texture pack update :D . Take your time guys. Sounds great. Cant wait till PS364 and Wii64 is finished.

  21. Alright, this is simply not right – Wii64 (Wii) is making lots of progress whereas PS3 is stillborn :( .

    I’m Squarepusher – I remember talking to emu_kidid a while back – you were asking if I could setup a 3.41 box with Hermes payload.

    You can contact me here –


    I’m willing to help out – both on the testing side and in terms of actual coding – though I still maintain that to get anywhere, we will need to go to the PS3 SDK – Cg shader support is a major game changer and that alone can give the PS3 at least a visual edge if nothing else.

    I’ve seen Mupen64-360 by gligli, and he has been able to get a really nice speed boost by using shaders to offload some of the graphics code to the GPU.


    So we don’t even need to resort to the SPUs (which will most likely be useless unless the N64 isn’t highly serial) to get a good speed boost on PS3.

  22. @ the_randomizer

    Actually the PS3 is way easier to hack than the Wii. For the PS3 I just pup a custom PUP file on a flash drive and clicked update on it, then a job well done. Now for the Wii you have to delete bad IOS’s Trucha bug everything.etc. I sold the Wii because I also own a 360 and PS3, the PS3 was modded and has Showtime media player (think of WiiMC but a little more advanced and 1080p). A few games I wanted were coming out for the 360 and I was pretty low on funds so I sold the Wii and bought Catherine :P I did sell the Wii for 175 or not too bad an offer. I sorta feel bad now because Skyward Sword is coming out soon and so is Wii64. =/

  23. Gamba Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Will PS364 support high definition custom texture?

    Thank you very much wii64 team. You rock

    To save your time, short answer is yes. Wii owners, be grateful of what wii have.

  24. The reason I asked this is that they only mentionned the high texture pack for the wii. I’ll quote it for you : ” That’s right, high-resolution, custom texture paks are now supported on the Wii using Wii64 ”

    That’s why I asked if it’s coming to the PS3 also.

  25. YES… an update! I am satishfied for months now after looking weekly for update! I am waiting eagerly for the ps3 port since we ps3 guys don’t have an ps3 emulator at all. Thanks emulatemii-team! For everything!

  26. @DarkScyth
    That is debatable…. >.>
    It took people a very long time to hack the PS3 and even after being able to only certain firmwares can be hacked. While on the Wii any firmware can be hacked. And even after hacking the PS3 Sony started suing people. Sony is still making it very hard for people to even create homebrew for the PS3 because they are afraid of getting sued.
    While on the Wii no one has really been sued yet and we have any warez possible (sad as it is). We have online bypassers so we don’t have to update to play online. (Not sure if PS3 can do this yet) The Wii is definitely much easier to hack and use than the PS3. Not to mention all you have to do is put a file on a USB? On the Wii all you have to do is put a file on the SD card and run the Homebrew channel installer. Its like 1 extra step but probably takes less time >.> Thats just to hack it. To get everything working people have made very simple 1 step installers such as ModMii.

    @Everyone else who says Bomberman doesn’t work
    It actually does work besides 2 things:
    First boss is unplayable
    Only 1 round of multiplayer is playable
    If you go back to the emulator screen after bomberman throws his bomb at the screen and it goes black when the start of the music is playing. Turn on FB Textures and the game will be playable.

  27. love you, too :D

    most games i use work really great – best feature is that i can play mario kart and lambourghini with wii wheel, i cannot do it with the official virtualconsole

  28. Can we get confirmation that the analog issues for the Classic Controller Pro have been fixed? There was a modified version of honey where a developer incorporated the fix. I’m sure the team could easily implement and optimize. Crossing my fingers that Diddy Kong Racing works flawlessly on the next realease :D

  29. Really great news, thanks for the update

    Was just wondering if anyone could help me with WiiSX. I want to make disc images of my PS1 games and was wondering what application to use to do it..? Are ISO files compatible or just .img and .bin files, I can’t remember.

    Thanks in advance for any help! :D

  30. Great Job guys!
    keep up the good work
    can’t wait for the HiRes Text
    also, would like to see SMB fts. added as well
    that would make Wii64 a little better.

  31. today is a special day, today marks N64 15th anniversary so why dont release wii64 today???? just kidding ;) take your time, really looking foward to this

  32. Ooops, realised what I did wrong now lol. I had a DVD in my other drive and chose the wrong drive when ripping the disc lolololol

    What a fool!!!

  33. Is it possible to open a wiki-like compatibility list? it would be more up-to-date

    Diddy Kong Racing [Europe] works great with 1.1 Beta. Little sound issues, but everything else is great (multiplayer not tested)

  34. @snowdog, then you did something wrong. Most PSX games never exceed 800MB, and even then, they rarely get that big. You just choose where you want to rip the disc, name it, and wait for it to complete the process. Final Fantasy VII alone is roughly 1.5GB when you combine all three discs. If one disc is 4.7GB, then something went terribly wrong.

  35. Wow wasn’t expecting an update any day soon !. I half expected Wii64 to be cancelled given the lack of news so kudos for your continued hard work. I won’t be like others here asking if a specific game is now working. Oh to hell with it “Blast Corps” please !.

  36. You’d think that they were the same size as a normal CD but no. Each FULL PSX iso I’ve ripped comes to around about 740MB, which for some reason I think is a lot more than 600MB. Due to being a ‘CD’ I’ve no idea how 740MB fits on them but it just does. And to think that our precious N64 cartridges weren’t even 10% of that file size and by far surpassed their quality in many cases… goes to show that size isn’t everything.

  37. @MarioFan3
    1 of two things
    Some cds may not write in all recorders, be accessible to all software or readable in all players and drives. Going up to 890mb cds
    The ISO was compressed on the CD and was uncompressed when extracting the iso onto your computer.

    And yes N64 for the win lol

  38. the max. data size on a standard 74min CD is 74 x 60 x 75 = 333000 sectors, with sectors being 2,336 bytes for PlayStation discs format (Mode 2) which makes ~740MB

  39. I havent hooked up my wii since last year.. i remember downloading the wii64 but it didnt play Castlevania.. has their been a release yet? or is the future release the one i gotta wait for?.. i dont wanna hook up my wii until it can play most games..

  40. Thanks for the update. Hoping that compatibility will increase for high profile n64 games like banjo kazooie and tooie, diddy Kong racing, etc.

  41. @Gem

    There is a compatibility list on gbatemp forums. There are few games that are playable. Most games have video and sound glitches with slow down even when playable. Few games are almost perfect.

  42. Wow, I am officially old enough to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day today… man, I remember wishing I was 17 all those years ago… It’s been quite some time since those days… quite some time indeed…

  43. very excited to see an update on your site. i can’t wait to try out these updated emulators for the wii! i’m one of those people who appreciate even the smallest of details so i’m sure your hard work wont go unnoticed! thank you in advanced!

  44. I know the Rice plugin well, and with a few tweaks on top of the conversion process I’m sure they have Conker running at half speed (at the least) already on their own private version. This is of course, without graphical errors, as Rice is an excellent graphics plug-in. (which is most likely how the texture paks are being supported)

    I have one doubt though: I bet you all my golden bananas that Blast Corps won’t work in the next release. I’m still yet to find an N64 emulator (besides the extreme PJ64 set-up) that runs it just fine. Oh well, someone’s gotta prove me wrong eventually…

  45. This is absolutely amazing guys, I have been patiently waiting since the last update for Wii64 and am SUPER hyped about the news!

  46. High-Res texture packs………. YUPEEE! i couldnt have asked for more……..

    . but im getting more anyway, it will have been worth the wait in the end

  47. Hey Zix, before getting exciting… just remember that the HD textures are created by fans (pros, maybe previous studio members…). Many of the good games like Diddy Kong Racing, Golden Eye, WWF and many more were left incompleted. So hang in there. For a long time.

  48. This has just occurred to me: Will N64 USB controllers be supported in Wii64? I haven’t actually thought about it before, so whilst on the subject are there any out there that support Rumble? If yes to both that’d be awesome, if not that’s ok (I can live with GCN controllers) I’m just curious.

  49. Why are they wasting their time on a PS364? How big is the homebrew scene compared to wii… I’m pretty sure 90% want the wii64 and wiisx before any PS364.

    Also why aren’t psx-reloaded and wiisx working together? Would this not speed up development? Unless they have differences in how the program will work, I don’t see why we need 2 psx emulators on wii.

    Thirdly, HD textures are great, but compatibility should be the priority… no mention of any games that are running smoother or graphical glitches that have been ironed out. Bobo waited, now Bobo is angry. *throws poop

    In all seriousness, I don’t mean to belittle what they’re doing here, but some of it seems like it wasn’t well thought out. I’m curious.

  50. @MarioFan3

    There are N64 to GCN converters out there. I have one with SNES, GENESIS, NES, and N64 in one, but the N64 slot was defected. If you find one similar to what I mentioned, don’t get it.

  51. @bobo the monkey

    Don’t worry dude, The EmulateMii team has always lived up to their expectations. And I’m more than sure they’ll create something that supplies the needs of both Wii and PS3 users. Plus, if you ever have any questions you can always ask the developers at gc-forever.com, I’m pretty sure they’ll be more than happy to answer them. ^__^

  52. Not to sound ungrateful or anything but why is it we heard nothing from the team for so long, then they give us an update. Then they disappear again, theres been alot of unanswered questions in this thread with no sign of a team member. Where are you guys?

  53. It’s the way they roll.
    They release ‘hype’ info then disappear for 5 months.
    Ignoring their strange ways, I really hope WiiSX gets released soon. Yeah right…

  54. @Ty

    The N64 isn’t defected; it simply didn’t remap L on the N64 to serve as Z and Z to serve as L (since the Virtual Console emulators switched them)

  55. @Commancer

    I already knew that before I bought it, it did something VERY weird when I were to plug it in. The controller would become detected and undetected VERY rapidly, and eventually, the N64 controller wouldn’t even work with the adapter anymore. The controller works just fine and dandy on the N64 itself so it’s not the controller.

  56. Say, does anyone know a way ‘screen capturing’ a Wii (like with a Capture Card or something) without actually lagging the video when playing? I’d like to know so I could make videos with the upcoming Wii64 that’s all. :)

  57. @computerboy

    Don’t worry, they’re like magicians, they make shit disappear then “BOOM Bada-BOOM”……Something twice as amazing takes its place. :P

  58. Yeah that’s pretty true… they had another GC/Wii project behind the scenes that hasn’t been mentioned in months… I still wonder what it is… Oh well, it’s amazing it’s already been over a month since this update… Really want that Wii64 heheh…

  59. @nineteen64.. i use a 16GB SDHC for emulators such as vbagx, wii64, wiisx, homebrew apps ECT.. To answer Your question YES, This Days most Homebrew apps or emulators support SDHC..

  60. @xGRUMPYx

    Thank you, I was concerned about that. Since I have an 8GB SDHC, I can have use for it soon, when the Wii64 update comes out.

  61. Well I’m occupied by Team Fortress 2 with their Halloween events :D (even though I don’t celebrate halloween lol) for the next week or so.

  62. @mike007

    The EmulateMii team never even started a NullDC emulator for Wii. That was by someone else, and his progress is either REALLY slow, or completely halted.

  63. Merry Christmas from EmulateMii feels good to me. Even if we must wait ’til next year. However, looks like some extra presents will be laying under the Christmas tree….

  64. @mike007

    Oh, well I haven’t heard anything about it unfortunately, but I know that the same developer is currently working on a NullDCe port for Android. The entire Shenmue opening sequence runs 2% faster than full speed on the Galaxy S II. I hope he actually releases it, but you need a powerful phone. I’m pretty sure that my Xperia Play can pull off about 90-98%.

  65. Yes, I meant the NEW emulator – not PS364. No one is working on that! Infact what is everyone working on?

    I think Emulator Kid is busy with DIOS MIOS Lite as well as Swiss. By the way Emulator Kid I still have to remove the SD Gecko each time to mount it successfully, what’s up with that! But you’ve done a pretty good job on Swiss overall, well done! Looking forward to the virtual saves on SD!

    TehPolarBear is hibernating which just leaves Sepp256Bits to make all the posts here. Actually we don’t hear much about PolarBear other than he is re-writing the dynarec all the time. I bet PolarBear is one of those guys who is working his balls off in the background and keeping this ship afloat.

    Thanks for all your efforts guys, I know you’re real busy living the dream!

  66. Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and the new Legend of Zelda are either out or are coming out very soon.

    I guess i can wait for this Wii64 update now :P

  67. The NTSC version of Skyward Sword has already been leaked on the internet, and there are people who have already finished it. Now I ain’t spoiling anything, but I know I was disappointed to hear that it only takes 40 hours to do absolutely everything in the game and the first 2 hours is full of tutorial stuff… They say it really is “Zelda: Other Z”

    *sigh* My faith in Nintendo is fading really quickly…

  68. @MarioFan3

    I am playing Skyward Sword right now and I’m up to the first dungeon, not too much I know but the game hasn’t dissappointed me at all until now, I have to say that the art they use is really beautiful and really makes the characters display emotions like no other game I have played in my entire life. (Actually made me shed a tear. xD)

    As for the 40 hours tops to complete the gameplay, it’s no surprise to me.
    I have finished other Zeldas in that time and even in my first playthrough, don’t see anything bad with it.

  69. I’m not a Zelda fan. Kirby’s Return To Dreamland, however, looks amazing and I heard from a lot of Kirby fans that it was great. I grew up on Kirby 64 so I can’t wait until I can buy it. But sadly I’m saving up to upgrade my graphics card and buy Saints Row The Third along with it.

    Is there a secret boss level when you 100% the game in Return to Dream Land, like Zero and 02?

  70. @Chris

    Both games are great. (Zelda and Kirby)
    Completed Kirby at a 100% but only the Main Story game. I don’t think there is a secret boss or something like that as in K64, although, I still have the Second Quest to go, maybe after I complete that one at a 100% we’ll get a secret boss. MAYBE…

    My second quest got delayed due to Skyward Sword. xD
    Once I complete Skyward Sword, I might go back to Kirby. =P

  71. Was wondering if the Wiisx/64 Team will be making a Emu for the Vita when it comes out? Suggestion for the name: Vita64/ VitaSX(if have to use emulation for some games).

  72. I’ve noticed that the longest amount of time that the Wii64 team has left us without an update is 7 months . So the emulator should be ready in 7 months which is…… April 2012 .

  73. Just finished Skyward Sword (story mode only)
    Gotta say the game surpasssed my expectatives, and not even mention how intriguing the story turns around the half of the game.

    And the last boss… EPIC!
    Awesome indeed.

    Gotta begin the search for all the little pieces of heart now, as well for secret treasures. =P

  74. I’m in the 3rd dungeon in Zelda:SS right now. I admit, I had low expectations for the game before I played it but I must say I am pleasantly surprised. This is my favorite Zelda so far since Ocarina imo. I couldnt bother with Twillight Princess and never got very far in it, so far its the only Zelda game that I havent beaten, it didn’t really sink its hooks into me like this one has. But I still have a ways to go.

  75. Thanksgiving… What’s that again? All these holidays I hear about but don’t really know much about… hmm… Oh well, scary to think that Christmas is literally 1 month away… Whoa, time’s flying faster each year…

  76. Thanksgiving: Holiday in which was started in the late 1600′s in America by attempting to be friends with the Native Americans. However, look at our history since then and all that happend to the Native Americans. LOL

  77. My cousin told me that as a joke a few years back but I was actually wondering about that. lol

    I finished watching the OSU vs. Michigan game, It was pretty intense on the 4th quarter. I’m a Buckeye, but I hate it when fans of one team literally fight with fans on the other side of the line… The worst of all that I hear is always somehow between Ohio and Michigan. Tired of it.

  78. Wii64 will be released next year around January/February time. Don’t expect anything for Xmas.

    PolarBear, I hope you’ve finally re-written the dynarec for the last time.

  79. >>Wii64 will be released next year around January/February time. Don’t expect anything for Xmas.
    Good news, just in time to start Wii2-64

  80. @MarioFan3 You’re welcome to listen! lol

    @hermallorn I can wait, I have much more to worry about right now in personal-life-land anyway. :)

  81. Hello, Wii64 Team.
    Working hard or hardly working?
    I thought as much. (I only care about WiiSX anyways) The N64 games I like are either already playable or they’re available in the VC service.

  82. @hermallorn:
    True thing, I didn’t think about it quite well until now, but it seems that the Wii U will be released before Wii64 Beta 2. xD

  83. One release of Wii64 in 2009. Two releases of Wii64 in 2010.

    2011 is a bad year. It is the year TehPolar began the dynarec for the millionth time and just didn’t finish it off! I hope its finished now; stop messing with the dynarec, TehPolarBear!!!

    Wii64 is still coming, but not this year. I mean, the dynarec probably needs some re-work. But it should be finished in 2012.

  84. Nah, not for you Benjamin Durden. I was lucky to have Beta 1 released on the 30th September (at the time it was the 30th, but due to differing timezones it says 29th) So hah, you piggy jelly that I got a birthday present and you didn’t? Even though it was a couple of years ago… BUT STILL!!! :P

  85. Updates for this emulator are painfully slow, its too bad. Not to mention its pretty strange that they post this latest progress update and no team member is here to reply. I’m betting WiiU will be out before this gets finished, then people will be trying to hack that and this won’t matter anymore anyway. All I really wanted was to play Goldeneye multi-player on my big screen with my buddies anyway. I hope I’m wrong and they make a push to finish up soon.

  86. Well, I WOULD use my N64 but being in a PAL region it kinda doesn’t cut it (due to lower resolution and slower speeds) At the end of the day I can live with it, but it would be nice to play N64 games without having to change the T.V set-up every time I want to use the N64, and without it being so blurry on my big screen.

    Still, I think I’d rather a fully working emulator instead of a buggy version so they can take their time, we all have our priorities.

  87. PAL is higher resolution than NTSC, so that’s certainly not your problem. Sure, some games weren’t updated to support the extra 96 lines, but that’s just the lack of an advantage, not a disadvantage of PAL. A huge portion of games will look better on PAL in freezeframe, which you’re trading for a drop of (generally) 5 frames a second. It’s not like this makes PAL an unusable mess, unworthy of playing.

  88. I dunno about you, but the whole composite vs. component cables makes that whole lot of difference. Have you ever played Mario Kart 64 using the original cables on a PAL N64? Looks absolutely terrible, and yet when I use Wii64 it not only runs faster, but looks twice, if not three times better.

  89. You’re comparing a 15 year old console with a current-gen one. That’s silly. I was replying to your problems with the PAL N64 by comparing it with the obvious alternative, the NTSC N64. Glitches aside, of course it’s going to look smoother if you bump up the resolution using an emulator on a modern console. 95% of the difference you’re seeing is N64 vs. Wii rather than PAL vs. NTSC. I understand if the real N64 doesn’t cut it for you any more, but TV standards are essentially irrelevant there.

  90. Speaking of all that, how much better does an N64 look with S-Video? It’s a 4:3 Durabrand CRT Television (around 27-30in), it has an S-Video slot in the back.

  91. Its an old console, sure the graphics seemed new-age at the time but seriously, I find it hard to believe that any of these cables really improve much of anything graphic wise. The only thing I see making a difference is the high texture packs. Are you really still playing N64 for the sweet “graphics” anyway or for nostalgic purposes? I admit I’m not as tech savy as some of the people here when they start spitting off tech jargon about emulation. I just think the whole component cable thing for Wii is a bunch of bullcrap. But people will buy it all the same and at least mentally, they are tricked into thinking it looks better, when infact it may be just the same. IMHO of course.

  92. tl;dr version:
    I have other priorities, at the end of the day I suppose playing the old games at their original 60 FPS is what I’m after.

    Full Version:
    One of the first things I discovered with emulation is that PAL framerate issue, which also happened to make me the most frustrated. Back when I first discovered it around 5 years ago, I really felt like punching someone in the face who said “It’s no big deal use the old consoles” when they’ve lived with 60 FPS their whole lives. (the ONLY exceptions I’ll accept are the RareWare games, because those old pros knew how to properly convert their games)

    Like I said before though, I can live it as I do have higher priorities nowadays, but if you really must know it still bugs me a little bit to know that PAL regions waited months after the U.S to get a shotty, ~17% slowed down (and usually more expensive) version of the same game back in the day, or sometimes the games weren’t even released at all! *cough SNES RPGs cough* The slowdown issue doesn’t happen these days, however the waiting for/never getting a game does still happen (SSBB 6-9 month wait for the damn game when all they did was alter a few names… woo… and Excite Bots… wait… when’s that game officially coming again? Oh that’s right, never)

    Anyways, back on topic: My only ‘real’ reasons for emulation is that extra 10 FPS so games like Paper Mario 64 aren’t so slow and boring to play through again, and for games that never got released. The higher res is technically another reason but is only really a ‘neat thing to have’ not exactly my whole argument here. I love the N64, I would coat it all in gold if I could afford it (no really I would) I’m just amazed at what developers could do with that limited amount of memory they had.

    Suffice to say, graphics aren’t my main focus. I was merely saying that it’s ‘kind of neat’ for +res, and I’ve never had the chance to play the games at their originally intended speed of 60 FPS. I live on old games, in fact I haven’t played current gen games for about 3 years now. If I lived in the U.S (which I never will) I would buy the old consoles and their games because at least that’d run at 60 FPS.

    *end of rant, I think I’ll go play Zelda II: Adventure Of Link or something*

  93. For what it’s worth, precious few N64 games actually ran at 60/50 FPS, so in most games PAL players aren’t losing 10 frames. Probably the majority ran at a maximum of 30/25FPS, and some (notably, Majora’s Mask) only ran at 20/17 FPS. As a PAL gamer myself, I totally understand where you’re coming from, but on frames alone, the difference is barely worth noting.

    Poor conversions are worth complaining about, sure, and I’ll agree that Nintendo’s first-gen conversions were pretty terrible: PilotWings and Wave Race are atrocious. First-party games got much better over time though, and most dropped frames (again, usually only 3-5 per second) to correct for speed, so they’re usually not running any slower, just a small degree less smoothly.

    Since most 64 games ran at 240p/288p, in the best case scenario, PAL gamers traded a 20% jump in resolution for a 3-5 FPS hit. That’s a pretty good deal. Of course, a lot of third-party stuff had unrelentingly poor conversions, but after the first wave of titles, most of the major names that people remember the N64 for are extremely playable in their PAL versions.

    In emulators, though, the resolution is a moot point, because most use hardware rendering to display at whatever resolution you choose, so you’re almost universally better off emulating NTSC versions. It just isn’t so clear cut on the original consoles.

    Re: Ty and NewFang on cables: Honestly, the improvement you’ll get from S-Video is small. The N64′s output is filtered (read: blurry) before it ever gets to your chosen cables, so you really won’t see much of an improvement in sharpness. What you will see is cleaner colours around boundaries of contrasting colour (think red Mario against green grass). With composite, you’ll get some ugly flickering fringing, while S-Video essentially eliminates this. Whether it’s worth it will depend entirely on how much the fringing bothers you now.

    On a newer console like the Wii or even the GameCube, though, the difference between composite and component is absolutely worth it. For the games that support it (on the Wii, this is most), it’s basically the difference between an interlaced and a progressive signal. This means doubling the vertical resolution on a frame by frame basis, and will make the whole thing sharper and smoother. Add that to the better colour you get over component, and it’s definitely not “bullcrap”.

    Composite video is like 30 years old. If it’s good enough for you, then whatever, have at it, but frankly it’s ancient and inferior. I’m glad we’ve finally moved on.

  94. Damn, I feel just like when Walter Sullivan talked to the little kid at the end of Silent Hill 4: The Room.

    “Hold on, little Walter, just… a little longer now!”

    A LITTLE LONGER… Hold on until the release. xD

  95. Dang . Still no wii64 ? I’ve ended up buying a ps3 on black friday so i’ll be occupied with that . As far as making it bug-free; impossible . As soon as they’ve made a stable upgrade on the dynarec from the previous version just release it and continue trying to improve it . I mean people are gonna complain either way . You just gotta feed em a little bit at a time .

  96. The original Mupen64 Plus (windows) can not run DK64 properly at all.

    On the DK rap,the characters do not move around at all,and going in-game has lots of glitches.

  97. Well… IMO emulator projects SHOULD take their time in releasing updates, however I also believe that updates should at least be once a year. HOWEVER (again) I realise that TheWii64Team had to re-re-write the Dynarec from scratch (what went wrong the first time?) so an update would be pointless… All we can do is continue to wait.

  98. Did someone mention the dynarec?

    TehPolarBear has stopped working on the current dynarec. I think he was starting work on re-writing a new one which will have reduced opcode lookups, better memory access resulting in an extra few frame rates on some games.

    There is also a new GUI coming, at least thats what Emulator Kid said – not sure if it was on this site or GC-Forever. If Wii64 is based on WiiLibGui then what is Cube64 based on? HMM.

    I originally had no idea what Sepp256 Bits was doing – working on these Beanz N Rice plugins which is coming on smoothly now? One thing to note, some heavy HD textures will slow games down?

  99. I also want to give a shout out to “MarioFan3″ and “Vague Rant” for writing some epic essays above.

    This also gives me the opportunity to bring the secret emulator up again. Has it been confirmed what it is yet?

    If its Virtual Boy, this is epic fail as its already been done. I think thats why the team has gone quiet about it!

  100. We should know by now that speculation gets us nowhere, everything that could be said has been said… I come back here every so often despite the amount of time it’s been since an update. I’m not too fussed, I can wait as long as it takes to be quite honest, can’t have waited this long already for nothing.

  101. Oh but you can’t say that because it has the sound ‘holy’ in it, which may be a religious reference, thus offensive. You also can’t say happy because that’ll offend people who are depressed or in wars suffering pain. SO, you can’t even say what xGRUMPYx said because it’ll offend people and… you know what?

    Just freakin’ say Merry Christmas! This whole bullcrap of not being able to say Merry Christmas is censorship gone extremely too far. I’ll also sing baa baa BLACK sheep all day to kids as well, it’s freedom of expression guys, you can say whatever you want as long as it’s not swearing, so MERRY CHRISTMAS to whoever’s still on Christmas day.

    Christmas is already over here in Australia, and we got heavy hail and thunderstorms all day… hot and humid Australian Christmas as usual.

  102. Merry Christmas is perfectly okay to say, we all have our own faiths, follow them. Those becoming offended are over reacting because they’re not hearing what they want. I’ve said Merry Christmas and gotten Happy Hanukkah/Kwanzaa in return multiple times.

    Merry Belated Christmas! (Yea, yea, yea, two days late, shut up. lol)

  103. Although they’re probably saying that back because they want to offend me after I possibly offended them. I’m just going to assume they’re following their faiths as I am so I don’t feel bad.

  104. Hey guys, I just thought you’d all be interested in this http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/873/

    Yes, it’s another Super Mario 64 hack, HOWEVER it only just came out on Christmas day. Consider it your xmas present for Wii64, I’ve tested it and it works (it does lag but it works) saving actually does work also, so it should keep all of you busy if you wanted to play something different on Wii64.

  105. It’s about 50 or more MB so good luck finding a cartridge that’ll hold that much data! I’ve only found one major problem using Wii64, it randomly freezes when battling the Thwomp King, similar to how it crashes normally in an unmodified Super Mario 64 in Hazy Maze Cave… Kinda annoying (NOOO I CAN’T GET 120 STARS :’( )

  106. The EverDrive 64 easily runs Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which is just under 70MB. So I’ll be sure to try it. It’s a flash cart with an SD Card slot if you didn’t know.

  107. Ah of course, forgot about the EverDrive 64. What I would like is a USB N64 controller with Rumble Pak compatibility (or built in) alas I cannot seem to find one. The only thing I CAN find is a converter, but then Rumble isn’t supported… unless it’s an Adaptoid, but they’re rare as anything these days.

  108. @Randy
    The ability to put the ENTIRE N64 library on a single cart? I think it’s worth the price honestly.

    I just found one for you, the only one I found from a quick Google search, but it’s $150 unfortunately, here’s the link just in case you’re interested.


  109. Thanks for the link to that patch MarioFan3 I’ve been playing it on wii64 (with n64 controller) :) I’m on star 73 at the moment but unfortunately it keeps freezing when I go near a thwomp. I recommend this hack, in my opinion it’s better than the original hands down

  110. Thanks for the link to that patch MarioFan3 I’ve been playing it on wii64 (with n64 controller) :) I’m on star 73 at the moment but unfortunately it keeps freezing when I go near a thwomp. I recommend this hack, in my opinion it’s better than the original hands down

  111. Yeah it always freezes whenever one’s about to slam down (I dunno why) I cleared it yesterday, but not all 120 stars. Somebody’s put a load of work into that patch, but I still think the original’s better in terms of level design.

    I know they got paid to do the original and these hackers didn’t and all that. I just found that the caps weren’t used enough, and you never lose your hat. There’s something about the original level design that worked. Star Road is good for the veteran Super Mario 64 player I reckon, but the original is hands down still superior. Very neat hack though, it makes Missing Stars look lame. XD

  112. @Ty: Yeah I saw that too. I mean, I HAVE the money but… 150 bucks is a bit much to be honest… I’m just surprised some random fan-mob hasn’t reverse engineered the design and reproduced them, all you really see is a classic controller without rumble or transfer support.

  113. Ahhhhh, it’s great to be in 2012! We have flying cars and whatnot like you wouldn’t believe, I feel really sorry for those people who are still dragging behind in 2011! XD

  114. Now to wait till version 2.0 comes out, which I hope is sometime in the near future. Why we haven’t heard anything from emukidid yet is beyond me.

  115. @ MarioFan3 I cleared it yesterday and have 83 stars at the moment. I think the work that has gone into the 3D objects is brilliant like that thing bowser rides in in the boss level of super mario world (if you’ve seen it). The music is also really good, nice to hear zelda music in the game. :)

  116. I’ll admit, a helluvalot of work has gone into it, that’s why I said it makes Missing Stars look lame, because I think the mob who did Star Road also used Toads Tool, except unlike Missing Stars they modified the hell out of it with custom 3-D models (like the Koopa Clown Car) Considering the difficulty of 64 coding, they’ve done a wonderful job. It makes me wonder why Nintendo never made a “Super Mario 64: Lost Levels” or something… Goes to show that 15 1/2 years later the SM64 engine is still being put to good use by the fans, and there’s so much to do with it.

  117. That’s what Nintendo did though, they used the SM64 engine and modified it to suit a Zelda game. Mind you, it was heavily modified beyond recognition, but that’s why you’ll notice one of the door designs is exactly the same, as well as some of the camera systems.

  118. Finally completed SM64 Star Road with 119 stars. I can’t get the last because it’s the whomp star and it freezes (even in pure interpreter mode). -_-

  119. I finally made “M64: TheMissingStars” save correctly myself by changing the internal name in a hex editor (xvi32.exe) from “M64:” to (“SM64″ TheMissingStars)

    I changed it from “M64:” to “SM64″ without repositioning anything making it run properly.

    So for people that have not got it to save yet, this is the way to go.

  120. I THOUGHT that looked odd, never thought of actually changing it though. Jeez, it’s Mario 64 hack week or something… but Star Road has kinda made Missing Stars lame anyways. What I don’t see enough of in these hacks though is the cap usage. Losing your cap or using the 3 caps doesn’t occur often enough… if at all…

  121. has anyone play Super Mario 74? I think that made more use of the caps (from what I played up to which was around 90 something stars).

  122. Oh my god, I love you guys!!

    WiiSX is the homebrew i’m most excited about. I can’t wait to start playing PSX games again!! =DDD *so happy!! AHUAHuAH*

  123. Pffft BAHAHAHA, E3 yeah sure… they like totally turn up with their own stall there lol. Damn U.S with their gaming conventions, I wish we had some sort of gaming conventions to go to… I can not only afford to go to America, I don’t have the time and I’m also paranoid about having 1000% more lenient gun laws protecting me whilst I’m there…

  124. @computerboy:YOU’VE DOOMED US ALL!!!!! XD

    Now wii will have to wait till April for the Wii64 2.0 April 1st Tiizer Edition LOL.

  125. That’s the point, he doesn’t. Woo for random speculations!

    Now I’m just going to insertmnames (TehPolarBear, Sepp256 Bits and Emulator Kid ID) to make it sound like I know what I’m talking about, and therefore my next statement must also be true: The next version of Wii64 will come out very soon!


  126. RareWare games are (by nature) a PAIN in the a*** to hack, but it can be done. I don’t know of any project that’s been completed on an N64 RareWare game though so I think you’ll have little luck in that regard. The only other N64 hack I can think of is that’s worth mentioning is Zelda’s Birthday:
    There’s probably another out there I don’t know of but 95% of N64 hack projects never get finished.

  127. i tried Zelda’s birthday. i get to the debug level select and get lost there…how would i get pass that and just let the game start?

  128. REALLY!!!

    Is there really going to be cheats on wii64 (potentially mupen64 wii incl. the cheats).

    If so then it was/is worth waiting for all this time.

    Can someone tell me where 119 is on star road?

    I need the gloomy garden entrance to bob-omb’s secret location,could someone Adam maybe) talk me through it?

  129. @benjamin durden, I guess your referring to the hidden vanish cap/ secret star area. Well… If you go inside the building that is really dark, carry on straight ahead towards the boo and go past it until you hit the back wall, then turn 90 degrees to the left and there is a warp pipe, hope this helps. If anyone else needs any help just let me know because I got them all.

  130. Oops I meant that locked doors alternate entrance.

    I already have the vanish cap and its star.

    And I also got the other cap stars along with every bowser level’s secret star.

    I still have not gotten to the topmost part of the castle tower where I barely noticed that there is a pipe up there.

    I only got to the toad guy on the lower part,and a toad (after beating meth bowser) tells you to go somewhere windy to get up there. ???

  131. The vanish cap area is the room that’s supposed to look like the other side of the factory door, there is no other entrance, have you got the star off the 3rd toad in star road? If you look behind the spaceship you can see the toad on a platform

  132. Yep I got that one,what is that hard to reach cannon for?

    Did you ever get to the top of the castle tower,and is one of the stars up there?

    I have not been up there myself.

  133. I cant remember being at the very top, but i got the toad star half way up it. here are some secret stars i can remember for you to check… 1-3 – cap places, 4-6 – bowser stars, 7-8 the area with the wind waker music at the back of the castle in a warp pipe, 9-10 – up the chandelier (the sand slide red coins and for passing the finish line in a quick time), 11 – there is a star in the same place as the warp pipe to level 3 (after you defeat bowser) 12 – getting into MIPS house…. the rest i can’t remember although i do have them all, hope this is useful to you.

  134. Got all those mentioned plus 13 – Toad in Green Pipeline Warp (accessed by pressing the red button with Metal Mario then climbing the blocks into the pipe).

    I probably missed a Toad’s secret Star somewhere,who knows XD.

  135. I thought i listed the toad stars, but yeah there is that one, the one behind the castle tower and the toad in star road, which makes it all 15 i’ve listed. Perhaps you’ve got it but it hasn’t saved, you could try going through them again. This has happened to me with a heart piece in majora’s mask (i didn’t save after getting one and forgot about it and i had to go through the whole lot again to find it -_-)

  136. This actually happens to you more often than you think: That one Heart Piece in a Zelda game, that one missing Skulltula in a Zelda game, that one Star Piece in Paper Mario, that one mini-game area in a Donkey Kong Country game, that one banana in Donkey Kong 64, that one musical note in Banjo Kazooie/Tooie, that one Missile Tank in a Metroid game, that one Blue Coin in Super Mario Sunshine… the list goes on, take your pick.

  137. Unless someone can prove to the contrary….

    Hint –Use google translator–

  138. So any news? Does anybody know if this will feature the final Glide Plugin? Because Gldie Final is AMAZING it runs as good as any game flawless. I love it! It also features HiRes Textures when you apply a Rice Plugin to it and other than rice, it actually shows ALL the hires textures!

  139. @Smoker1 Yes, it could very well mean this site could be taken down, considering that there are pictures of copyrighted games and emulating a system licensed by a still existing video game comany.

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  141. @Shadow:Emulation64 is a great resource for HI-RES N64 texture packs.

    I saw some for super smash brothers, Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda:OOT, and LOZ:Majora’s Mask.

  142. Thank you, Benjamin.

    Actually, I did find them.
    I have a lot of textures downloaded for OoT, I want to do a custom texture out of the whole bunch to combine the little aspects I love from every pack.

    Thing is… I’m still waiting for Wii64, because I hate to play with the keyboard. =P

  143. I got an awesome joypad adapter that enables me to use a gamecube controller ( also Xbox and PS2) on my pc from Wal-Mart a really long time ago.

    They no longer have it obviously,but the brand name is “gamemon” if it helps any.

  144. Oh cool, hope I can get my hands on one of those.

    Although, I think I found an easier way.
    Sometime ago I used to play all the Silent Hill games for PC with my Wiimote doing a little hack, perhaps I might just do the same to play the enhanced texture N64 games with my controller.

  145. @Commancer:Nope, mine is a white rectangle and has 2 USB slots to replace the one it takes up.

    The trademark is “Gamemon ™ “.

    The model no. is “FT8D91″ and the copyright name is “© 2006 Futime” with the production date being “200703″.

    That should be all you need to know to find one.

    And to review, mine still works fine in over the 3 years since I got it Wal-Mart.

  146. I am currently doing a HiRes pack for Extreme G, but as said, i’d prefer it if the new version supports glide64 FINAl for hires textures since i have problems getting the textures to load on rice…

  147. I beat SM74 with all 151 stars,and yes I beat the scary blocks of failure,you have to land 3 consecutive long jumps to get to the star.

    I started playing Banjo Tooie and eventually got stuck in witchyworld because Wii64 crashed my wii every time I try getting to mumbo’s skull. :(

  148. Nope, we sure won’t see an update this year. Every time we’ve said an update’s coming soon it’s been the opposite… No no no no no, that doesn’t mean I’m trying to use reverse psychology here I’m just saying that it’s more likely than not that we won’t because people are just way too busy these days, free time is short for all of us.

  149. Has anyone ever gotten past the Wii64 B-T Witchyworld (Mumbo’s Inferno) crash?

    If so,can ya tell me how you did it?

  150. WiiSX is currently the more advanced PSX emulator for the Wii, and if the implement Gaussian interpolation, XA-Audio streaming and reverb for the sound plugin, I’ll be one happy camper!

  151. hehe that has already published some time, I myself have tried and has some interesting improvements, especially in the games you hear audio cleaner, a small improvement in graphics :)

  152. I used it and found out that banjo tooie now whites out less often,and almost never whites out when looking around (GLN64 sucks on B-T).

    Now I can even enter the cheato codes cuz it doesn’t white out as much (I assume compiling Not64 with DevRice made this happen).

    If anyone has trouble initially entering Mayahem Temple’s entrance (FB freeze) defrag your sd/usb then copy your source file (Banjo Tooie.z64) over the one on your sd/usb device and it should run better with less exRAM buffers.

  153. Well, that’s something at least. It’s like an unofficial Wii64 Beta 1.2 type thing, so yeah. An improvement is an improvement, no matter how minor it is any actual improvements keep me optimistic… Like Dolphin, that’s being updated pretty much every day! The guy who did this has shown that it doesn’t have to be just the three members of the Wii64 Team working on this, it should be a community spirit thing! More people the better I say…

  154. I agree with MarioFan3, Wii64 has been so backward that we settle for small unofficial updates and pictures with some text on this site every six months :S

  155. About the Wii64 Team having more members working on the emulator, I’ve asked them about it a few years ago when I first discovered Wii64 . They told me that the amount of people working on it won’t help get the emulator out any quicker .

  156. if you have more people working on this does not help … then that will make? Wii64 team said they have little time to work on this …

  157. I was suggesting that perhaps more people who know code could help this other guy out, guys who are like what the Wii64Team were like 4 years ago: loaded with time and not much stress going on in their lives… and desperately needing something to do. There are people out there who have free time like you wouldn’t believe on their hands.

    If the core was stable enough to show us the above screenshots 5 months ago, I’m pretty sure it’s stable enough now… Has to be better than what we have… I’ve moved on to cpu emulation about 5 months ago though because Mupen64Plus just does a better job of running games…

  158. I don’t think it will be the final release because they were talking about adding in other features but right now the priority is the dynarec and I believe game compatibility .

  159. @MarioFan3, but the fact that Mupen64Plus is exclusively Linux based (and with very few Windows version), I can’t say how good it really is, but it seems to get the job done. Here’s to version 2.0 videos coming out soon!

  160. Erm, why would you want a Windows version when Windows users can use Project64? PJ64 is the best N64 emu I now of… but Mupen64Plus is the best thing for Mac I know of, though it still doesn’t run Blast Corps :P
    I do second that motion for version 2.0 videos however!

  161. I just re-read the wii64 blog post, so am I to understand that they are finished with the dynarec but are just working on making custom textures complete ?

  162. @MarioFan3:PJ64 runs Banjo Tooie PERFECTLY with Jabo D3D6 1.5.2 on 1.6 and on the b23 version I got before it was removed from emucr.

  163. Basically it’s an unofficial Wii64 Beta 1.2, as in, minor improvements etc.
    Also, anyone notice the HBC got updated after like a year? It made my SD card unreadable so I switched back to the old version.

  164. I tried the wii64 mod “Not64″ yesterday and the only noticeable improvements I can see so far is that the white landscape on banjo tooie bug occurs less. I like the idea of the audio pitch scaling but it doesn’t work very good because it scales it down a lot when the audio work fine with no slow downs with scaling turned off. When the scaling is turned off the audio keeps skipping parts out or repeating about a second of it, also the sound effects are noticeably delayed on the games I’ve tried (ocarina of time, banjo kazooie/tooie, mario 64. Im sticking to the official build until the next release. It seems like yesterday “honey” was released but it’s been over 2 years now. Hopefully it’s soon :)

  165. Its time to put out an official release before more unofficial ports start popping up now.

    Are you listening Sepp Blatter 256?


    Have anyone ever wonder where’s that name “1.1 honey” come from?

    It come to… “GoldenEye 007″ N64 game!

    If you play this game, go to any level and press START button. Then go CONTROL SETTING and there it is, “CONTROL STYLE 1.1 HONEY”.

    What is interesting here is there’s FOUR different control style:

    So yeah, HOW MANY updates we will see until the FINAL update comes to as? Every updates takes about ONE YEAR to release, so… :D Hahaha, I’m going CRAZY!!!

    And now, bact to Arkham Asylum…

  167. ^BroidiTR1:

    I realized that since I played 007 the same day of the release.
    I was like…
    “Oh, so that’s where the name came from…”

    I want the Kissy beta already. =P

  168. hey no offense but you know what I hate the most about downloading emulators? when the uploaders don’t even give the download link i mean surreal64 ce b5.5 ive been trying to download this emu for the xbox and took me almost 2 whole f***ing years just to find a link! damn!!!!!!!!! anyways i would much rather wait till this comes out and play it on wii which has motion controles hehehe

  169. Yay I am the 300th comment!

    Luv numbah three <3 XD

    Nevermind that.
    Here I am hoping that they release the next beta before the release of the upcoming Wii U.

    Hope also they don’t throw the Wii development and switch to the Wii U completely.

  170. So….how ’bout them PSX and N64 emulators…? The long I have to wait for an announcement, the more my patience level decreases.

  171. Shadow: Me too. But more then likely, they will release for both since there will be some that will want to wait before getting a new system. Not to mention, whenever a new product is released, it is a good idea to wait a while just in case there are any bugs or problems brought up.
    Hope the EmulateMii team is doing well and the projects are doing great :D

  172. What exactly is going to happen when the_randomizer runs out of patience? Will he develop his own emulators? Because if so, awesome. Make sure you keep us posted, guy.

  173. The team has split.

    Other than Emulator Kid, no one comes on IRC anymore.

    Its all over, guys. Like Nintendo Wii64 AM DOOMED.

  174. @Vague Rant:
    Nothing… nothing at all… ISN’T THAT TERRIFYING? Nothing at all will happen anymore, this will just become one whole big boring place of nothing… now that’s… boringly scary…

  175. Me? Develop emulators? Not for a long time (though I am learning a bit about Snes microprocessor assembly). The only kind of hacking I’m into now is Super Smash Bros Brawl.

  176. So, in the meantime, how about we talk about that local sports team? They sure have had a crazy year of both wins AND losses, and their status for playoff contention is in jeopardy! Or…maybe it’s not? MAYBE they already won their championship and their season is over.

    And how about their star player? He sure gets talked about in the media a lot! He’s always on the local AM stations talking about how god gave him the courage to win that last game, but does that mean that god hates the visiting team and wanted them to lose??? Maybe god was just betting that week and wanted to win big.

    Then of coarse there was that amazing play in the middle of the game. The whole city is buzzing about it! Who knew something like that was even possible??? It will surely be the topic of discussion for years to come, and be played on highlight reels for decades.

    Ok, I’ve wasted enough time stalling, where’s the next version of Wii64???

  177. I came home from college on saturday to bring back some things that way when I officially move out it won’t be a lot to carry. And my Wii was one of those things I took home. I was guessing since we won’t see a Wii64 release in two weeks then there’s no point of me keeping my Wii in my dorm room.

  178. So your entire Wii expiriance rests on the strengths or weakness of this one emulator. Nothing else on the Wii makes you want to play with your wii?

    You know there are emulators, and there are old school style controllers that connect via USB. It wouldn’t suprise me if they’ve managed to hook up the wii mote, the ps3 controller, and the 360 controller up to the PC via bluetooth.

    Most modern TVs have a VGA input, so all you’d need are a 2 way VGA splitter and 1 extra VGA cable. Then you’re able to run VGA to both HDTV for emulators on the tv, everything else on your existing monitor.

    You can get a 25 foot VGA cable for about 50 bucks.

    Worth it! I haven’t even looked into this for this reason specifically either. I’m writing this right now on my tv, so I could watch youtube videos on my TV full screen. Looks exactly the same as it would on your monitor.

    Splitters can be bought for $20. So with tax that would be 70-80 bucks. Slightly more then the price of a new game, you get something that transforms your bedroom (or whatever room you keep your PC and TV in) into a multimedia powerhouse.

    My TV controller? The most advance one ever……A computer. Whatever computer you want too. Oh, and if you do that, you can also use your PS3/360 as your gateway to the videos that are on your computer. Just connect them (preferably wired) to the same router.

    I don’t remember what my point was though….cant tell if this comes off as condescending or helpful.

  179. I don’t really play video games anymore unless it’s something I’ve been waiting for (like how mario party 9 came out last month, i’m itching to play that) . And I’m one of those people that only play a handfull of games on the Wii (all the mario/sonic games mostly) . And then Wii64 is one of my fav emulators . I rather just keep my Wii at home. It’s only two weeks .

  180. @the_randomizer:
    Any word on game improvments or games that are now playable? For example, DK64 was not really playable.

    @Lost my mind:
    I got a VGA 3 way splitter for my Computer hooked up to 2 HDTVs. A 32inch and a 50inch. Worth it big time :D . LOL

  181. @Smoker1, I don’t know for sure, just that he confirmed Wii64′s progress via private messages, he didn’t give too many details. But since the Dynarec code is improving, one can assume the framerate and overall stability will be that much better.

  182. why are you people talking about wii64 in a ps364 post? are you really as stupid as those emulatemii frauds?

    you seem south-americans…

  183. Reading about some good news since I’ve been away! :)

    Haha Dealing with High School drama is much better than sitting on this site with my thumb up my ass waiting for news I guess.

  184. I agree with the PS2 emu, but that won’t be posible in Wii anytime soon.
    Perhaps for Wii U.

    As for the other…
    A gamecube emulator?
    A gamecube emulator within a console with Gamecube discs compatibility?


  185. @emanuel….. lol! wouldnt we all, but sadly the Wii’s hardware would not be strong enough to emulate GC or PS2, to do that the console would need atleast 512mb ram, and a processing power of atleast 1.5GHz (1500MHz) or stronger… and the Wii is well of the mark

  186. @Zix If a Gamecube can emulate an N64, then I think that the Wii can emulate a Gamecube. In fact, it already can.

  187. computerboy:
    Well with the Team working on PS364, that should work perfectly without any issues correct? What are the PS3 specs and what theoretically should be Emulated on the PS3?

  188. @computerboy, emukidid never said it was finished, but once it is, they’ll make the dynarec in such a way so it DOESN’T have to be rewritten again.

  189. So… what you’re saying is… there is nothing CLOSE to completion? Because, I thought Wii64 already had Dynarec implemented.

    That news post you made implied that Dynarec was already FINISHED, and that release was close at hand.

  190. I think this is one of those exceptions to the rule of waiting until the owner is satisfied before releasing. There should be a release of what they have so far so that people’s appetite can be kept at bay . lol .

  191. For most of the day, the site was “Under construction”… me heart went pitter patter… now all we get is a new site design… < / 3 <= Broken heart.

  192. @Name, @computerboy, sheesh guys. Must you be so frikin’ skeptical. You two obviously don’t have the words “patience” or “hope” in your vocabulary, do you. And you seem to have forgotten the fact that I personally spoke with emukidid, but skeptics will be skeptics.

  193. @the_randomizer
    Lol I don’t care. I will be laughing in your face in 2013 when nothing has still been released.

  194. Calm down Mr. Randomiser. I was telling Johnny Depp to believe its still coming.

    I see from your .jpg that TehPolarBear is rewriting the dynarec again :)

  195. They already have a donate button and thats not really the problem.
    The developers claim they are working on it but they don’t have a lot of time for it.
    I just think they have lost interest and aren’t working on it much, if at all.
    If only there was some way we could “donate time”.
    Which is why we haven’t seen even an update of what has been going on.
    Its been years since the last release and it will probably take another couple years until the next. And even after that I don’t even expect games that didn’t work before to work on the next release. Such as Bomberman64, 007, conkers bad fur day, blast corps, gauntlet legends, jet force gemini, mystical ninjas.
    Its nice of what has been accomplished here. But I just wish the developers were more honest with us. I would rather get the truth so I wouldn’t have to look forward or hope for a new release.

    • Definitely!
      I just don’t understand why my comments wont be accepted here, or maybe now because of the update?

  196. Screw it im buying a gamecube to usb joybox converter, thats my wii64, I lost faith in the project, the problem lies with muphen64 not how its ported

    • A few more bucks will get you an hdmi cable if you don’t have one already for video and sound…that is if you have an hdtv . :-D

      • Only in the living room sadley, but my computer screen is good enough Ill just buy a little sheet (thats a dvi computer moniter, to hd tv emulator) (add that to the emulator list) or I could find a dvi or vga cable to hook to my tv

        The problems lie with muphen, ive encountered similar problems with my android device n64oid and n64 4 droid, and of course I have muphen on my computer, its not my graphics card nivida 7150 mb graphics, and its not the roms since they work with PJ 64 and 1964, its how muphen decodes, processes or emulates the n64 device, in pretty sure the wii can handle it, its if the program can work with the wii without error, unless someone can port PJ 64 (successfully) to linux or create a better emulator

  197. I have a secondary solution. If you don’t know what is “Poject64″, it is a N64 emulator for the PC. From personal experience it has been able to run “Banjo Tooie”, “Conker’s Bad Fur Day”, and “Jet Force Gemini”. To get this setup on your TV your just going to need a PC to TV adapter and a USB controller for a comfortable experience. From there you should be able play games on your PC like it is your gaming console. This is what I would do if I had a job and wanted to safe time. So is this a good idea? I would call this comment the latest update…

    • Good idea I think we should follow Vincent’s example

      But kudos to the wii 64 team for effort, I don’t think anyone could have ported muphen as a community non profit (respectively) project as well as they have, you guys did well, I tip my hat to you, which is really something

    • Well, what do you expect people to do? It’s been 2 years and 3 months since the last Wii64 release, and it’s been almost 8 months since they even gave us any indication of whats even going on. Meanwhile more and more HDTVs are becoming common place, and all you need at that point is a VGA cable, and some kind of controller adapter to make an N64 controller into USB.

      People contributed real life money as donations, and now feel abandoned with this project. I come here almost daily, and the most I ever see is 0-3 new comments in this area. I just don’t see any enthusiasm at all like I used to 4 years ago with this project.

      I won’t even claim to know the developers, because I don’t. But lets just say they started this project when they were all 18. That would mean today they would be 22. There is a whole lot of change regarding interests during that time period. Life changes, and I’m guessing so have they.

      So for most of us, we’ll be thrilled if we’re wrong and a new version IS released, but until I see anything definite I’m considering this project dead in the water.

      So yeah, I will also be looking into an adapter to change the N64 controller into USB. But for you to call someone who visits here almost daily a traitor to this site for looking for alternatives???

      How dare you sir?! Good day!

      • I take my hat off for this comment which is even more spectacular, I agree with everything you’ve stated, I come by often with the same mindset, ive been learning some c++ programming and am in the development of an emulator for linux we’ve managed to make progress im really proud of successfully suppressing the n64 64 bit graphics, and im half in the modifications I might even port it to the wii, and most likely keep it to myself, like my friends whom Ive had the privilege to test out their homebrew, once we’re finished ill upload it to 4 shared under random letters in a zip file compressed within a rar file, the only thing I won’t upload is the source code to prevent defiling of our master piece

      • I won’t lie, I had been considering a usb-type n64 controller for my PC and just hooking up to my tv via hdmi . If the project IS dead I would at least think they would tell us . I’ve mentioned what I’m about to say before but I was told it wouldn’t matter: They need more people working on the emulator . And I say that because I know they have real lives . It’s a simple equation: More work = Quicker progress . More work + More people = An Even Quicker Progress (assuming everyone knows what they are doing) .

  198. Still waiting to find out what this 3rd emulator is that the team is developing, lets hope its not a let down.

    • I hope it’s an emulator for PC games; and I don’t mean for the big ones like TF2 or Arkham City, but for the small and/or old games, such as Castle Of The Winds or Mario Forever; even Minesweeper would be appreciated.

  199. Most of us seem to be losing hope and just emulating on the PC, but alas my computer is quite slow and can’t really run games with texture packs without getting really glitchy. So I’m still waiting on this release.

    • Texture packs on the wii will be even slower keep in mind how much memory it has, roms that aren’t loaded fully have to constantly be loaded again and again causing the lag in most cases now imagine that with every image or “texture” there’s no way that’s gonna be faster than the pc unless they manage to come up with some other kind of system that will lower the image quality, or you could hack the rom and load the images inside the rom like with something like the utility of time, but since they have more bytes it might slow the emulator the same im still expirementing with all the emulators including mine

    • Since we speak of alternative solutions I would suggest buying a newer graphics card (or downloading a graphics card emulator), or buying or replacing new/better ram, and for controllers you could buy a bluetooth adapter for wiimotes , buy a usb wii classic controller, or a joybox adapter for gamecube or n64 controllers or play the games with an xbox or ps2 controller if that isn’t too odd for you, good luck

  200. 385 comments thats a little over half a comment a day and over half of those were from last year, this place died exponentially

  201. I dont think there are that many Texture Packs. I just know SM64 and StarFox 64 have them. Would love to get a DK64 HD Texture Pack.

    • No texture packs?
      There are a lot, you just have to look roughly.
      There are a shitload of textures for both Zeldas (OoT and MM), Mario Kart 64, Smash Bros., both Castlevanias, Conker, Banjos, and a lot more.
      I think I even saw a DK 64 pack through all the ones I have seen, just look for it.

  202. Well to kill some time…
    Here are some fun things to search:
    - Slow Kill Holocaust
    - Illuminati Cards
    - Project Blue Beam
    - Twinki Vs. Torch
    - Falling Sand Game
    - Kabalarians
    - GasHole
    That’s about it…

  203. NewFang on October 9, 2011 at 6:00 pm
    On that day this update became old and hope began to fade away…
    I am now going to leave a comment for the developers, everyday, asking why they choose not update us by the month but by the years!

  204. SO, what percentage of the project is done?
    An update would be pretty awesome now that it is the year 2012 going on 2013.
    - N64oid (Android)
    - Project64 (PC)
    Emulators that I use to play N64 roms…

  205. So my joybox just arrived works perfect except for the c buttons on the gc controller but that can be solved with the x and y buttons with ease

  206. I just realized this update was posted the month I started school and now school is out for the summer but no emulator is released ….I’ll give em another school year.

  207. I just hope that this project doesn’t follow the same fate that Sonic 2 HD went.
    Let’s just hope for a final release for the console right before the release of the Wii U, otherwise, the project will be moved over to the new console. =(

  208. I feel like any news about Wii64 would be wonderful, because there’s a great chance PS364 wouldn’t be far off. Of course I appreciate that both projects are dependent on the free time of the programmers involved – so even if it never gets finished I’m sure they learned a lot and will be better programmers for the experience. Good luck!

  209. I think an update of any kind would be nice, besides, I found a nice app for the Wii called WiiMednafen, it’s an emulator with so many emulators in them. They lack PS1 and N64, but there’s something I noticed on there. There’s a video mode in the options called Double-Strike. What that does is that it interlaces the video into 240p. So true scanlines would show on CRT televisions. My brother is using my Wii at the moment so I can’t try that now, but wouldn’t that be awesome?!

  210. “Balthasar on May 15, 2011 at 2:32 pm said:

    seems like this project is dead :S its getting way past their estimated release date XD”

    Over a year ago my bad.

  211. Well, I sent emukidid a private message on the gc-forever forums, where he said that the project is still being worked on, but this time I asked him if he could let all of us know the projects are still alive and kicking and not dying and rotting. Hopefully he’ll update since it’s been ten months.

  212. Not a good idea. Based on what I read from the forums (link above us) is that they plan to take there time, and rarely update themselves. The team is take careful steps to ensure that their emulator works 100% efficiently… Basically everyone here(+me) are just ranting at a bunch of people who fail to deliver a believable message. the_randomizer has kept asking how the progress is going with the projects, emu_kidid said it will be here at some time(maybe 1 more year or more to come)… so petitioning and demanding updates are futile. ):(
    “Wiid haved do waid diss damn ding doubt…”
    As of September 21, 2011 I am still waiting………

  213. Update: Wii64 dynarec being rewritten by TehPolar!

    (Means another years delay!)

    Emulator Kid only wrote the GUI to Wii64, I only tell you this because The_Randomiser has a lot of false hope he is spreading around in these comments.

    No offence to either of you though, I’m just saying it how it is.

    • Well, emukidid did PM me about Wii64, but I admit that it holds no merit in the sight of those who frequent this blog. It’s been nearly a year since the last update.

  214. The whole wii64 thing is completely awesome but the team refuses to update which is a huge freaking beleaguer! Post a small update or something you concealers! Show yourselves! And it just sucks that they can’t even read this… don’t send them feedback just socialize here…

    • I looked at that thread earlier and was going to say, it won’t be long before”liquitt” comes in and shuts it down per usual. Just because they don’t like what people have to say and has admin status and what do you know… its locked already. A 3 year hiatus from the current version would lead anyone to believe that the project is dead. I don’t see why thats such an illogical thought. Whether it ever gets another update is irrelivent to me. All I wanted to do is play a fullspeed Goldeneye64 on it. I still have my N64 so it matters not. I do think it is weak that the team can’t respond to their small fanbase here but ultimately I don’t give a %$#!. Good luck, nice job so far, thats it. Oh and thanks for calling us “punks” dude!

  215. I just read what a few had to say about us, I never asked for them to upload anything just to give a shout out of whats going on. No one gets no form of communication, like talking through a brick wall. It’s just missed up to be called a beggar when what we want now isn’t substantial. What we have displayed is obsolete and stale to look at. I wish they had a member who would nice enough to update the community instead of leaving em in the dark…

    • Yeah, knowing the people at gc-forever, I’ll probably get banned since I was allegedly “bitching” about the lack of updates. But, now that they removed the thread, there’s no point in me dragging this along. They don’t want me there? Fine, so be it. I won’t go there again if people are going to treat me like dirt.

      Yes, I can see that those thread do grate peoples’ nerves, and yes I realize that the authors program these emulators for free, in their spare time, but come on! How hard is it to update the blog letting us know what the current situation is? We never asked for a release, but an update.

  216. the_randomizer also got tired of waiting … one more people who believed in the project now tired of waiting like many of us … I also said that I have to wait but at this point I do not think this team is doing or going to do something more …

    tambien the_randomizer se canso de esperar… una las personas que mas creia en el proyecto ahora esta cansado de esperar como muchos de nosotros… yo tambien he dicho que hay que esperar pero en este momento no creo que este equipo este haciendo algo o vaya a hacer mas…

  217. They released the source code…….why hasn’t anybody else stepped up and finished the project? I don’t know crap about this stuff, but…..others do. Right? Right???

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