Life and Wii64 in 2012

Wow, 2012, who would’ve thought we’d still be updating Wii64 nearly 5 years after its inception. I won’t be the first to admit that we have been putting off updating this blog – but sadly there hasn’t been all too much to talk about. When Wii64 started, as a team, we were all just university students messing about with our new understanding on how hardware works. Fast forward 5 years, we have mortgages to pay, relationships, etc… and real life doesn’t have a time slot in the day labelled “Wii64 development” on most days/weeks/months. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the drive to get Wii64 to a nice and polished version, but it is taking its time now due to real life really hampering down on everything.

Now that the excuses/truth are out of the way, it’s time to actually divulge the progress (or lack thereof) we’ve made.

Dynamic recompiler re-write “rec2″

Tehpola has been working out the finer/final details surrounding the design and implementation of the new recompiler core which we’ve simply labelled “rec2″. In the interim, we’ve removed the non pure interpreter out of Wii64 as it was never working nor going to be useful for us. Rec2 is actually at the point of being coded now but not in a working state obviously as there is still the current recompiler to rip out. Once coding is complete, there’s bug fixes, potential minor re-writes if the design doesn’t cover a specific use case, etc.

Rice / glN64

There have been some minor improvements to glN64, but the big addition in the next release will be Rice, which is substantially faster than glN64 and supports more ucodes. Rice still has some combiner issues that need to be ironed out. Also, Rice doesn’t currently support framebuffer textures. We’d at least like to fix the combining issues before the next release.

Miscellaneous / Optimizations

I have been keeping Wii64 up to date behind the scenes with all the various libOGC changes/advancements. I’ve also been making minor optimizations such as saving 512KB of RAM by consolidating some memory structs, adding more previously interpreted instructions to the recompiler and other small adjustments. There are also other things we’ve picked up from other emulators that should help us gain further compatibility such as Blast Corps and DK64 intro fixes.

Before you all ask, why haven’t you released partial builds with the above features? It’s simply because, due to the recompiler changes, major parts of the emulator are unstable or totally broken when compared to the last publicly released version.


In case you haven’t seen it already, Not64 is a “Experimental Modification” of Wii64 v1.1 by Extrems over at GC-Forever. It attempts to gain performance by doing some GC/Wii specific hardware optimizations as well as integrating patches from various mupen64plus sources. It is also compiled with the latest libOGC/etc so you will have better device (USB amongst other things) support compared to the last public release of Wii64. I personally recommend it if you’re looking for something newer than Wii64 1.1 to hold you over until the next official release.

332 thoughts on “Life and Wii64 in 2012

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you guys are still working on it. I remember fondly those days a few years ago waiting eagerly for your new releases. I only found out about your post because I have your feed in my reader.
    I’m glad to hear you guys are still motivated in working on the emulator and look forward to any releases you may post in the future. As a family man, I can relate to your lack of time to pursue these interests.

    Thanks for your sharing your thoughts and your progress on the emulator and best regards to you all.

  2. (Sorry for my English)-
    I´m glad to see you uptated your blog, I have been visiting this website everyday looking for updates!!! I understand that real life might stop projects (that maybe aren´t priorities today…) but I see that even with those real life problems, you guys keep on working… so thank you guys!!! I can´t wait to play these old games (i mean a better emulation and Rareware games) and bring my childhood memories!!!
    Thank you very much, I hope it´s done soon!!!
    Greetings from Mexico.

  3. “Wow, 2012, who would’ve thought we’d still be updating Wii64 nearly 5 years after its inception.”
    Lol, except you AREN’T updating it. :p

    Sorry, couldn’t help it. I’m glad to see that this project is semi-alive. Have you thought about just releasing the stable features in a new release now, then adding the rest once/if you get the bugs fixed in the other features?

  4. Keep up the good work guys, good to see an official update after a long time. Can’t wait to see an updated and more polished version. :)

    • Oh crap, i completely forgot about that.. Only a couple months now.
      Funny how the end of the world can slip your mind.. I blame borderlands 2.

  5. I hope the next release at least in chritmas. So, I wiil be happy with: blast corps, dk64, banjo and other rare games. I’m with you guys! Thansk a lot!!!

  6. thanks for the update

    I really wish the wii64 team could just release a slightly better version of 1.1 to hold us over until the next release (when or if that ever happens)

    emukidid you rock

  7. Since you guys own this site, could you please make it so that I’ll receive emails when you post updates? That way I won’t have to keep coming back here periodically. It’ll also cut down on dissenting comments.

  8. Wow, ok, so not really an update, no ETA no real update on how far along you guys are and no update on the PS3 version, this is beyond ridiculous.

  9. Great to hear from you guys! Now let’s hope people stop bitching about this project being dead. The URA Zelda team gave up on you time ago, glad to see they were wrong!

  10. anything on the ps3 we should know about?

    that’s my main concern, well, i guess only concern. the ps3 is in dire need of a N64 emu

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  12. please guys can tell me if there are still possibilities of a new wiisx or just have wii64 thanks for everithing = )

  13. WOW an update.
    I was just sarcastically looking up crap on the internet, and thought i would update some things… Then thought “i’ll do the usually check for updates of sites too” doom 4 – nothing, new zelda game – nothing – emulatemii… NO WAY!

    Sure, it was really nothing, but isn’t it nice to get updated on whats happening, even if nothing is happening?

    Personally i’d be happy even if you told us monthly that you haven’t done anything.

  14. OMG THANKS GOD YOURE STILL ALIVE AND WORKING D,: i am waiting for a better version, i want to play and enjoy Banjo Kazooie and discover why so many people love it :) and also i wanna play DK64 :)

  15. Hey, nice to hear from you guys. Back when you first started was when i began my interest in computers, converted to linux and hacked my wii. i was just a 17 year old apprentice diesel mechanic. i’ve since completed my apprenticeship and decided to start studying mechanical engineering at uni.
    i guess, what im saying is you guys were part of the inspiration for my learning and i have since done few programming eourses and such.
    Thanks guys, really appreciate it

  16. Glad the project is still be worked on. Will the new compiler increase compatibility? I really want to play Banjo Kazooie and Tooie without glitches.

  17. in the next release wiisx and wii64 beta still? I would like so much to play blast corps, banjo and the most games of rare. Give us some information about the next release? thanks fo attention!!!

  18. If only softdev was still around he’d have got this out the door two years ago. And whatever happened to Flubba? He was an emulator coding beast. Guess people move on… like you guys have :D

  19. [quote]
    and real life doesn’t have a time slot in the day labelled “Wii64 development” on most days/weeks/months. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the drive to get Wii64 to a nice and polished version, but it is taking its time now due to real life really hampering down on everything.

    Then make your ‘private repo’ ‘public’ so others can get the job done, OKthnx. It’s all well and good saying ‘we have moved on, blablabla’ – it’s another thing to pretend you are an open source outfit when you really aren’t and deny others the right to keep continuing to develop public domain sotware when you guys clearly aren’t willing to do the heavy duty work anymore.

    I see this a lot in these ‘underground console scenes’ – preach open source but yet keep either the repo private or keep the source closed.

    • Yeah, you tell ‘em! I’m sick of the whole situation myself, so we wait a year for a long-awaited update only to have them s**t on us with an update that isn’t really an update. Talk about a major letdown.

      • actually, the only person i see constantly shitting on emu authors, everywhere i go on the internet, is YOU

        really, people, you do not desserve good things, please have some respect for other people life, nobody is telling you what you should do with your own life and that you should maybe do something more useful than waiting every day for a n64 emulator update, so please give them a break

  20. Oh good. It’s going to take a year or so for another release or no release at all but I just wanted to say that with Not64 Pokemon Stadium 1′s sound works fully ^_^

    • I bet anything Not64 will surpass Wii64 in a few months in terms of stability, compatibility and overall progress. If they don’t have time to update the emulator, then how the bloody hell did they manage to update the front page?

  21. I admit it, I’ve been driven to the point of wanting to give up on Wii64 and WiiSX, especially with the advent of Wii U and the team’s refusal to release an UPDATED source code as open source. Closed-source, where have I heard that, oh, I know! Project 64! Up until recently, it was closed, but thanks to some people, version 1.6 is public ever since PJ64 was killed off. Yeah, that’s right, Wii64/WiiSX is a sick old person on life support wanting to be euthanized.

    • Read the post again. They haven’t checked anything in because then you won’t be able to compile the solution. It is broken..

  22. at least you guys have some sort of emu…us ps3 users relied on them are still with nothing at all. nothing.
    just be happy you have something i guess while a more advanced and capable system is still kinda trailing you guys. we have to wait for certain emulators to work on your wii before we get it. i’m still waiting on cd audio support for sega cd so i can play sonic cd the way it was intended.

    • I don’t know if you know this or not, but Genesis Plus GX on Wii doesn’t have CD audio support right now either.

      It’s all up to ekeeke if/when that gets emulated – it’s not the fault of my libretro port.

      • that’s what i said. we have to have to wait for the emu to work on your wii before ps3.
        libretro is great, i just wish there was more dedicated teams to unlocking the potential of the ps3 instead of starting at the bottom and working up.

  23. Look, these guys put in a whole lot of work to make any 64 emu possible on wii, if it weren’t for them nobody would have had any N64 on wii, so leave them alone and stop complaining about updates, if you want a new version make it from scratch your self.
    If they still want to make it great, but if they don’t have time, thanks for the hard work and giving us n64 emulation on wii.

  24. Make your bets, guys!

    Who bets on the 32x add-on for the Genesis Plus GX to be released before the Wii64 next beta?

    We already have almost complete Sega CD emulation with audio tracks working now, and looks like the next step will be the 32x. Although it might be hard to do, but one can hope.

  25. Emulator Kid has been pimping GC-Forever so he won’t reply here. Go to those forums for answers. But expect the usual BS.

    I think its time to pack it all in guys. It’s been a good ride (even though we didn’t get an update this year).

  26. You stated that in the past, you only worked on Wii64 when you felt like it, and now you just don’t have time anymore. It’s fine if you only work on it when you want to, but if you had been more dedicated back then, you could’ve had this thing done a long time ago. I say this not as a complaint (because Wii64 doesn’t belong to us), but as a statement of fact.

      • and why should they do that ? they owe you something ?

        “if you have worked more on it before, you could have it done sooner”
        thank you captain obvious
        do you realize how stupid what you are saying is ? they didn’t worked more on it before because their spare time was ALREADY limited, just that now it’s even more limited because life changes.
        some people seem to spend their time on message boards rambling about what other people should do, how they should do it, when they should do it, etc…. without doing ANYTHING useful to community themselves ! see how pathetics you are ?

        • Alan I appreciate you (and some others) being a voice of reason on this whole thing. Apart from the obvious, “They don’t owe us anything,” aspect of the whole situation I think people don’t take into account the technical difficulty of what they are attempting to do with some pretty limited hardware specs.

          I’m a software developer and it’s always funny when people ask, “Well, couldn’t you just do X and Y,” like I should be able to whip it out in an hour or two when in reality what they’re asking for is aking to making cars fly or just “knowing” what you want for lunch, where you’re going to go eat it, and have it ordered and prepared for just when you arrive with no thought or effort on your part.

          The whole project is pretty amazing and to be honest I miss the technical updates about things like the dynarec more than I miss updates to the application itself. Even so, if they’ve got wives and kids to worry about it shouldn’t surprise anyone that their priorities have changed. As a father of 3 I would hope they would change! Congrats to you guys (devs on this project) for knowing how to balance your life and be there for your family.

          This post contributed basically nothing to the conversation, but I certain feel better about life. [-8

          Thanks Wii64 team for the cool project. It’s been fun to follow and if you release any updates I’ll try and keep up on it.

        • They made it sound like (in the beginning) they only worked on it if they felt like it, which is fine; again, I would like to reiterate that that was not a complaint. I’ll be happy just to have Wii64. And I didn’t say “sooner”, I said “a long time ago”.

    • We can’t complain, though – it’s not like they’re gaining anything from us by doing this! I mean, seriously… You’re just making they feel disgusted with the classic “These buncha guys want us to do shit for them for FREE”, I know, I’m not happy that there’s been no updates for almost half a freaking decade now, but still you can’t complain.

  27. Oh God, if Wii64 is taking this long, can you imagine how long it’s going to take until PS364, WiiSX, and the mystery emulator are finished?

    • Those are but mere myths now.
      Nothing can make those things any closer to reality, they are but simple echoes of what could have been…

  28. I feel bad for bringing it up, but try not to leave PS3 players out in the cold. I still really want your PS3 version of this emulator :)

  29. Wow. I did not realize there were this many spoiled brats. Everything is “Now, Now, Now” and “Me, Me, Me.” Get a life people. If you want it bad enough then learn how to do it yourself. Otherwise shut up and be thankful for the releases of Wii64 and WiiSX that we already have, which last I checked is still pretty good for not having a price tag. This message isn’t pointed at everybody, just the ones complaining that they have been waiting too long for a free product.

  30. Glad to see that work is continuing on Wii64. It’s a shame so many people are griping about the lack of updates, but I suppose the next release will be noticeably better.

    I have a question though, if anyone’s interested in answering. I know that you can run Linux on Wii. I also know that there’s a Linux n64 emulator. What, if any, would the results be if you ran a game on the emulator through linux through the wii?

    Would it be slower or faster than running Wii64 outright?

  31. Thanks guys! My son loves Mario and I buy as much stuff as I can afford, but this will open a whole new world to him. Just know that your free-time work is making kids around the world happy.

  32. I have homebrew in my wii. pimp my wii download all the cios to work all emulates and games. I play wii64 1.1 in it but only not64 didn’t work! when I launch it say: this is not an aplication for wii. Works only in gamecube?

  33. Jeez, is it just me or it seems like the Wii community has stopped working on any hacks or apps?

    Every site I know hasn’t been updated for like a month or so, not even a single update since the last GenPlusGX one.

    I think this is it for the Wii…

    • then get your hands out of your… keyboard and start coding since it’s so easy.

      i just love when people have nothing else to offer but complaints and seems to think coding or releasing homebrew is a given thing or some kind of human right they desserve.

      sometimes i think people like you do not even appreciate the hard work coders are doing and apps they are releasing without asking anything in return…you are basically just waiting for “new stuff” to try out in order to get some distractions in your boredom life for a few days… then wait for the next “cool thing” to come out and go whinning if there is no more toys for you to play with. A bunch of ungrateful and spoiled kids, that’s what you are.

      • The dude is only making a statement on the Wii scene, bro.

        I don’t see why you need to get so riled up about it. And why do people like yourself really need to come up here and throw the usual “code it yourself” lecture?

        It’s kind of boring, yo.

        It makes you look like a minion of the EmulateMii team. You know, wannabe friend, trying to be the defender, a failed developer etc.***

        They don’t even read these comments, bro.

        I only come here because maybe one day they’ll tell us what this third emulator was. I thought everything was done and dusted on the Wii.

        ***(that last part was a low blow, I don’t even know you, sry bro)

      • Its just a disappointment it dosent seem it may go further. Not the end of the world. Things like family and friends are what are most important to me. Not material items like this. They have done a very nice job with what is been done already and I thank them for that.

        So don’t go around verbally lashing people and acting like a righteous parent type because someone dosen’t see it your way. Relax, you can’t change people.

      • If I get my hands out of my keyboard, how am I going to write any code?

        I wasn’t complaining, I was just stating the fact that it’s sad to see that the Wii is in its last few weeks of life and that can be seen reflected in the lack of homebrew for the Wii lately.

        Was good while it lasted, and certainly made my Wii the most used console I had due to the hacks and apps.

        I do know how to code, but not at the point of creating homebrew apps. I am not that advanced in programming, but I do know what it takes and I appreciate the effort and work that all the developers put in their apps.

      • O RLY? If coding is so “easy”, why don’t people like you contribute to the scene? Or how about coding Wii64 yourself?

  34. A lot people are some of -the- whiniest bitches I have ever had the displeasure of seeing, Online or otherwise. Put simply, The Wii64 team is of -NO obligation- to even think about working on Wii64/Anything else, you should Thank whatever God you believe in that they do and They don’t even need to consider posting a Status update unless they want to. And before I even see one of you say “Well, I donated–”, You -Donated-, which means you gave up your Money to them freely and should consider yourself lucky that they continue to get any work into the Emulator at all. Most of the people Commenting that I had the patience to actually read act like the Developers owe you something, when in reality they don’t owe you jack. Stop complaining about the Lack of progress/status updates unless you can and have done a better job developing an Emulator this well. When it’s ready to be released, it will be released, be it tomorrow or in 2145 when Demon’s have taken over Mars.

    • You don’t. Could make a post tomorrow saying that their done with it (Pretty unlikely). If it continues, fantastic and I hope DK64 will be beatable . If not, Oh well, hope and pray they release the Source.

        • what emulation “community” ?
          a bunch of N64 emulation fanboys that think emu developers should do whatever they want when they need it, that’s all i see

          seriously, you keep posting the same shit everywhere, ranting against emu coders not updating their stuff often enough in your opinion, don’t you feel like beating a dead horse ? do you really think the more you cry, the bigger chances you have to get something ? i am no emu coder but i am pretty sure it’s the opposite and certainly is the most annoying thing with the (so called) emulation “community”

        • I agree, I think it would be wise to release it as is (Kinda like Dolphin, the Gamecube/Wii emulator) that way anyone competent with Coding can lend a helping hand.

        • I agree.

          If they decide not to go on with this project due to their rhythm of life, they should at least release the source code so others could continue working on it.

  35. I, for one, am looking forward to any update to Wii64. The N64 was an awesome system and it is great to be able to play the games on the Wii.

  36. For anyone who is looking for an update to Not64, here is one:

    Extrems updated the version this past November 9th, and seems to give some games a little speed and some graphical updates (DK64 intro now can be seen, as well for the Rare and N64 logo like they should be seen)

    Test some games and if you have the time, share the compatibility of your own in here.

    PS: Castlevania and Castlevania LoD should be started in Pure Interpreter, once you enter real gameplay, change to Dynarec, that should give the game a major hi-speed and high playabilty.

  37. Shadow. But this link is only for gamecube. On the wii doesn’t work. When I go to homebrew says “this is not a valid wii application”. What’s the problem? I think this is not the link of the wii.

  38. Ok there is a SERIOUS issue with Donkey Kong 64 in Wii64/Not64


    I tried this with both the official Wii64 Honey Beta and the last Not64, tried with almost every DK64 rom in existence. (U, E, !, f1, f2, f3, save fix, boot&save)
    With both the E and U releases, the game plays fine (that weird camera bug is still annoying), but with the others I get a code dump.

    The game doesn’t save automatically nor manually, you can only do save states and this have to be done in such precise places, otherwise the save state won’t load due to the low FPS where you last saved it.

    If anyone has solved this, please let me know.
    I really want to play DK 64 with a working-save feature.

  39. I believe the camera issue goes away in interpreter mode, but that kills the framerate since you’re emulating the N64 at more accurate state. That indicates there is a major bug in the Mupen64 port itself, as Hybrid Heaven has the same issue when climbing ladders, but it can be bypassed in the interpreter mode.

    • I can live with the camera issue, it’s the saving that bothers me.
      And being DK64 such a huge game, I can’t get anyway without saving.
      (And making savestates is a pain in the ass)

  40. Those who refuse to wait any longer but still want to play n64 games on an actual console might want to look into n64 flash carts. Provided you have a n64 you’ll get close to, if not perfect emulation from them . I’m actually looking around myself for one who’s cost isn’t in the 100 USDs because it shouldn’t be worth that much.

  41. I’ve been playing not64 and I can say. The emulate is very good. I’ve finished blast corps 100%. and banjo works very well. Donkey kong 64 still impossible to play but goldeneye is great. in my opinion in the next release this emulate will be the best of all emulates. I’m still waiting. Extrems, please help us!!!

  42. wii64 1.1 honey was released in February 2010. hum! wii64 1.2 will come in February 2013? Let’s go emukid! We’re waiting for you guys!

  43. Here’s what REALLY happened:

    User: Bring out yer dead.
    [a man puts a body on the cart]
    Developer: Here’s one.
    User: That’ll be ninepence.
    Wii64: I’m not dead.
    Developer: Nothing. There’s your ninepence.
    Wii64: I’m not dead.
    User: ‘Ere, he says he’s not dead.
    Developer: Yes he is.
    Wii64: I’m not.
    User: He isn’t.
    Developer: Well, he will be soon, he’s very ill.
    Wii64: I’m getting better.
    Developer: No you’re not, you’ll be stone dead in a moment.
    User: Well, I can’t take him like that. It’s against regulations.
    Wii64: I don’t want to go on the cart.
    Developer: Oh, don’t be such a baby.
    User: I can’t take him.
    Wii64: I feel fine.
    Developer: Oh, do me a favor.
    User: I can’t.
    Developer: Well, can you hang around for a couple of minutes? He won’t be long.
    User: I promised I’d be at the Robinsons’. They’ve lost nine today.
    Developer: Well, when’s your next round?
    User: Thursday.
    Wii64: I think I’ll go for a walk.
    Developer: You’re not fooling anyone, you know. Isn’t there anything you could do?
    Wii64: I feel happy. I feel happy.
    [the User glances up and down the street furtively, then silences the Body with his a whack of his club]
    Developer: Ah, thank you very much.
    User: Not at all. See you on Thursday.
    Developer: Right.

  44. Really.. what is there left to talk about here. Either we’re all suprised with a update at some random point in the future or….. we’re not. Wii64 currently works, somewhat. And no ones else has taken on the project themselves otherwise, so be thankful you got what you got. Sure I’d like to see Goldeneye run at fullspeed on Wii64 but thats probably not going to happen. I’m over it, I have my N64 in the other room. Go on and live life, get outta here, nothing to see.

    • “And no ones else has taken on the project themselves otherwise…”

      Errr… You make Extrems sad.

      Althought, he has been the only one KNOWN for working on Not64 in some form at the lack of updates in here.

      Well, all we have left is either wait for a miracle or wait for a minority of douches to go and whine to Extrems about updates.

      My prophecy has been written, let time flow and this words prevail until such event undergoes its way.

    • lol dude.
      Chill the fuck down.

      Seeing how much time it’s taking them to release a second beta of an emulator which last update was almost 3 years ago, I doubt we might even see light on the “secret project” in which they were working.

      Having hope on Wii64 Beta 2 is the only thing you can do for now, forget about the other emulators.

  45. I tried conker bad fur day in not64 but is unplayable. to be sure the best game of nintendo64. In the next release I believe that I will play it.

  46. @chuck
    I’ve got an interesting repository full of Wii emulators.

    You can find there under Emuladores/Sega/SegaSaturn folder what you are looking for.

    Sorry, but some folders names are in spanish: (it’s my mediafire account)

  47. I’ve been playing in not64 banjo, blast corps and killer instinct gold and I can say. Works very well. Just only problems in sounds. But playable!
    If wii64 1.2 will come to us all the games will work very well. Thanks for not64 20121206. Now I want not64 “20131216″ who knows!

  48. Well I actually was able to get a 64Drive . I thought I had my old N64 but I couldn’t find it . So total with extra controllers came out to be ~$250 . Every game I’ve played works flawlessly ! It really is a good alternative to those of you waiting for Wii64 .

  49. While we all are in a long wait for the next release of the upcoming Wii64 Beta 2, I have started to research for some texture packs for the games I care the most.

    Not only have I been downloading packs, but I myself have been making some textures on my own, quite satisfied with the results.

    I suggest that all of those that are waiting for the beta, should do the same in the meantime. It’s quite a good thing to burn time and you could also benefit from it once the Beta 2 with the textures options is released. =)

  50. The wii console has power to emulate wii64 and wiisx in final version? there is wiisx for pc and wii64 too. but the version of wii is better? till psp has an emulate of nintendo 64. What’s the problem with the wii emulator? in case wii64 and wiisx…

  51. Is it just me or has everything really gone the bad way?
    I mean, none of the autors have responded to the official EmulateMii site, and emukid’s blog hasn’t been updated since the last release of Snex9xGX and FceuGx, which really makes me wonder…

    What happened to them?
    It looks like they just… Disappeared without any word or notice.

    I’m not trying to sound like a douche or anything, but I think that if the emulator is not going to be updated in any means by now, they should just tell us.
    If they are really still working on it, then they should just release Beta 2 and release the source code along with it along with a GoodBye post, since they all are nowhere to be seen by now.

    Yeah, we all have lives, family, relationships, etc, but like I always say:
    “Never tell about a plan or something you’ll do without the will to finish it completely”
    And yeah, by that I mean both Wii64 Beta 2 AND the “secret” emulator (which I pretty much just gave hope to that one and another WiiSX beta)

    Just my opinions, ideas and suggestions.
    Don’t make it personal, and I’m not bitching about anything.

    Just really hope the autors are doing okay with their lives and nothing serious has happened.

    • No, we all feel your pain. The devs have seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth, either that or they pulled a Martin Korth (the guy who developed no$gba) and disappeared only to abruptly reappear out of nowhere four years later. Seriously, they probably don’t give a damn about their fan base or about doing something nice for others, but instead they bugger off to oblivion. It’s mind-boggling.

  52. any improvements in this release 20130204? I played Killer instinct gold and didn’t see nothing better. Somebody tested other games like banjo and goldeneye?

  53. solo queria comentar unas palabras ya que no lo ago desde hace anos,gracias Extrems por todo lo que has hecho con not64

    just wanted to say a few words because not many years ago, Extrems thanks for everything you’ve done with not64
    sorry use google translate

  54. I wouldn’t believe anything Emulator Kid says.

    Fool me once, shame on … shame on you… fool me… you can’t get fooled again!

  55. emukidid, In this next release Will we play Conker’s bad fur day? Please, answer my question. This game is amazing! others games that I would like to play too. Goldeneye 007, Banjo 1 and 2, Donkey Kong 64 and so on… Is it impossible or I’m very, very excited?

    • They had it running Conker’s Bad Fur Day over a year ago, albeit at a really shitty frame rate. I am certain that after all this time, Wii64 will be able to run it perfectly.

  56. ATTENTION GOLDENEYE FANS!!!!!! Want to say… First off, sry the random plug. Second, I am no way affiliated with this project, only followed it for years.

    Goldeneye64 has had a special place in my heart for many moons. If you have Steam and you love the Goldeneye franchise too… You need to check this out. Most epic —->

    If you don’t know, now you know…..
    Your’e welcome. XD

  57. By the way he said the graphics will be better the Nintendo 64 hardware! I think so! This next release will be better than others to be sure!!!

  58. I believe will be in September. cause the last release here was in september last year. but to be sure the extrems will release not64 now and then. I think so!

  59. I’ve been playing some games in not64 and saw improvements. Donkey kong 64 is a little bit better. Blast corps is playable and goldeneye is the same way. dark rift freezes in title screen and star wars too. wii64 1.2 will fixex all he problems to be sure!

  60. Chuck Norris. It is futile to speculate about release dates, let alone one at all.

    It would be better if the Wii64 team just came out and said they’ve retired and put an end to this charade. But they always leave some hope by dick teasing us every 6 months with a status update.

    • Dude, just leave this site if you can’t bear it, Therese more patient people here than you and we don’t won’t you to deteriorate it with your intolerance. As I said before “let those who know how to make this make it and if you don’t like it make it yourself”.

      • You don’t need to worry about me deteriorating anything, Count Dracula. The team is doing a good enough job of that.

        As for your comment about making it myself, you kids still say things like that?

        • This team has done the least to say their alive but asking for anything more would be harassment and discouragement. This is chargeless and checking only takes 30secs to a minute. ✌Peace out old timer, you’ve finally expired. Thank you…

          • NewFag, what is your problem? You’re missing the entire point here, they’re too busy to make updates. They said it themselves! I can’t blame them really.

            I am sure one will come soon.

  61. I was playing yesterday “turok” and and it was very good the game but when I died for the first time a strange beep and gave black screen. This happens with some games too. like as Star wars, war gods and others. In Mortal kombat mithologies sub zero you didn’t see the game, just the sound game. And I am going to post here, because I have hope that one day all my favorite games will runs perfectly. Counting with you wii64 team and the extrems! Thanks a lot for the last updates!

  62. September 2013. I wait for you. If nothing happens here in September I say good-bye!
    Or who knows “Extrems can do something for us!

      • may i ask you where you live? :p

        i’m glad the ps3 scene has really picked up at least, i don’t follow the wii scene. we get to play ps2 games now, so my time is pretty occupied.

  63. 2001: Three posts

    2002: One Post

    2003: Zero posts.

    In 923 days we have exactly four posts.

    Nothing. Not a thing released or anything.

    I doubt they even come here to look anymore.

    I’d say they should release the latest progress they did and let someone else finish it. I doubt they made progress though and think it was lip service.

    Hope they used that donation money well.

    • I understand you but I don’t understand why you put:
      2001, 2002, and 2003, when the Wii was released in 2006.
      I bet you meant 2011, 2012, and 2013. I lost hope in this being released anytime soon but it’s worth the wait since it’s free and has grown to be so valuable. Everyday “-1hope +1day +1rarity”. Once they release this thing everyone is going to have a change of heart in 1sec…

      • Lol, he might really lose motivation if more people were like you, constantly complaining. But…not all of us can remain patient I suppose. I remember visiting this page every day, and you were one of the biggest opponents of the people who bitched. It’s kinda weird seeing how you’ve up and joined them. Just be patient, man! Just think of Wii64 as Duke Nukem Forever. It’ll EVENTUALLY be out.

    • My words of wisdom have come to life.

      Now there are people begging for Extrems to release another update instead of Team EmulateMii.

      Even though, the lack of information is intriguing to me.
      Killing me slowly XD

  64. He is coming back this month. These are his words. So, who knows a new release is possoble! By the way. The last version of Snes9x gx is 4.2.3. Is this the limit, or the emulate could improve? There are others emulaters too. FCU ultragx and genesis plus gx, Visual boy advanced. New releases for them?

  65. Hi guys lets kill some more time! LMBO!
    Search Theses Things:
    - Slow Kill Holocaust
    - Project Blue Beam
    - Gas Hole
    - Twinki Vs. Torch
    - The price$ of Apple I
    - Chemtrails
    - Illuminati Cards
    - Kabalarians ( ) It tells a lot about your name.
    That’s about it…

  66. Jet Force Gemini works quite fine, graphics used to looks weird, but it gets fixed when you put “FB textures” on, but if you pause the game while “FB textures” are on, it will freeze. It gets fixed when you go to Settings and turn “FB textures” off then you need to go back to the game (graphics will be weird again) and then you´ll need to go to Settings again and turn on “FB textures” on. I also noticed that when you are about to get into your spaceship, you need to turn “FB textures” off, because if it is on a black error screen will appear and you´ll need to start the game again, from the last time you saved it. I save my game turning off the FB thing so i can pause it without problems. I hope this may help!!! I´m enjoying the game as when I was a child. Sorry if my english is not good enough, I need to improve it.

  67. Hoping he says something about wii64 1.2 beta and the secret project. And also some changes to others emulatores. I’m counting on you emu kid.

  68. Can you tell me why you dont install project 64 on your PC and connect the wiimote and nunchuck to the Emulator with Toshiba blutooth stack and Billard controller-plugin? Works really good on most games.

      • The genius is playing Conker’s bad fur day with wiimote and nunchuch on PC right now and did not spend any money on an adapter :-)

        • Kinda hard to connected one without a PC Bluetooth adapter. Proove that Wiimotes can connect without one of GTFO

          • I have built-in Bluetooth of course. Playing Castlevania 64 now!!

  69. Emukidid doesn’t have the balls to interject and say something about it. Nope, sure doesn’t. DID YOU HEAR THAT? YOU DON’T HAVE THE BALLS TO SHOW YOUR FACE AROUND HERE.

  70. Emu_kidid, have you seen his friends in the last days? I’m talking about tehpola and sepp256. I believe this emulater needs these guys too.

  71. This project sure is taking a lot of time to come out…Years of waiting, reading assholish comments and checking regularly like twice a week. I still hope to see a new post from the devs, giving some clue on how much of it is actually done. I had to prepare the exams of high school when it started, now I am about to undergraduate.

    • I some-what just got here, and since my waiting, I’m about to join the military. All I can say is that the Dev’s update the site “extremely” at the most random times giving birth to a user called “the_randomizer” who torches the site with demands. Extrems’ another main character in this tale, has done wonders to make up for the Dev’s absents here. Me, I just add more energy to the fire. ~_-/\///\////\-_~

        • His myth(tale) doesn’t mean he owes you anything.
          Once we get This*, nothing is going to happen with EmuKiddid. Your abilities, “Demand”, “Whimper”, and “Random” are disturbing. ~_/\//\//\_~

          • So are you. Don’t like it, don’t read my posts. He hates anyone who asks him and he shouldn’t say he’s going to release it and then decide not to

  72. I remember how Wii 64 1.1 came out my senior year of high school . then what i started my freshman year of college i thought another version would come out at the end of the school year…nope. So I thought it would be released over the summer…nope. Thought it would be released end of sophomore year…nope. Again over the summer…nope.

    So instead of complaining I took manners into my own hands.

    I don’t get on here much so idk what are the new updates (I’ll have to read them) but like I’ve suggested a few months ago. You all should invest in a N64 Flash Cart for those of you who simply must play n64 games on a console. You’ll be spending around $100 if you get the cart with the shell but hey it’s worth it. Pretty much can play the entire n64 library at full speed. :-)

    • Flash carts are very convenient, and they finally decrypted the Banjo Tooie ROM so it works on such devices.

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