Status Update: Future Releases

As its been a while since our last binary release, we wanted to clarify why its been so long and what we’re waiting for for our next release.  Early on in development we were making relatively big changes which significantly improved the emulator; however, we’ve gotten to the point where a lot of the big things have been done, and only need perfecting (with the exception of the dynarec).  Thus, we haven’t felt the need to make several binary releases as most of the users who aren’t interested in compiling the source themselves are mostly uninterested in the kinds of changes that have been made.  We do indeed have a milestone for our next release planned: a working, stable dynarec.  Most of the work that has gone into the emulator since our last release has been focusing on the dynarec, and since we still don’t have a completely working dynarec, there haven’t been many noticeable changes.  So we’re holding out for a dynarec which supports at least most games without crashing before we make our next release.  After getting it running initially, there will likely be more room for optimization if there are still any performance issues.  In that case, we will likely have frequent releases once again as there will be noticeable improvements with each optimization that is made.  As always, please be patient.  We’re working hard to make the next release something worth the wait.

On an unrelated technical note, we have managed to free up 1.75MB in RAM by consolidating the various memory LUTs (look-up tables) into a single LUT for all memory operations.  In Mupen64, there are 8 different memory LUTs which are used to determine how to handle memory accesses at different addresses.  These 8 are split up by read/write byte/half-word/word/double.  Instead of having 8 large LUTs, I created one LUT for all memory operations which points to smaller LUTs which handle the different memory operations in the specified segment.  Memory operations only require an additional load for the second level LUT so there is no performance impact by this change.  We are still looking into other ways to further reduce our memory usage to make sure that we have plenty of room in memory for recompiled code produced by the dynarec.

34 thoughts on “Status Update: Future Releases

  1. Thanks for the update! Since the last post was in January, it’s nice to know whats going on. You guys are doing a really good job with this. Take your time and keep on coding towards the next stable release!

  2. Thanks for the news. It’s great to hear more about what’s going on behind the scenes on this issue, but I guess that’s partially because the subject of recompilation is very interesting to me.

    Take your time, we’re all certain it will be a great contribution to society and the cure for at least 3 types of cancer. After all, you’re the best. ^_^

  3. Good to see that this is still going strong, out of most emulators this one will be sought after the most. if you guys manage good comp+good speed you’ll be legends across the coding scene!! Keep up the hard work

  4. It’s nice to hear the progress on the emu. It would be nice if you can post some screens? I will be patiently waiting for this :D

  5. I guess I’m the only one that finds their working pace absolutely absurd…It was exactly 9 months ago today that the last release was given. Sorry, one release every 9 months says either you don’t care, or you should release more builds so that more people can work on it. Either way…everyone loses

  6. T:
    Our code is in a public svn; anyone who wants to work on it can access our current work anytime they want. As for us not caring… I think we’re all spending a substantial amount of our own time working on this for nothing so I’ll leave you to decide that one.

  7. Great work guys – I know the dynarec has been a trouble spot for a while now. Get on through! Nevermind ignorant comments, there’s never a shortage of those. Looking forward to a complete dynarec, and the next release.

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  9. What about WiiSX? I’m much more interested in that then Wii64; gotta play Super Puzzle Fighter on Wii :)

  10. Have you guys seen the new classic controller? That thing was made for WiiSX! :) But I am a bit puzzled as to why they made it, considering no games on the VC or otherwise need four shoulder buttons…

  11. Wow I have been keeping up with Emukidds Youtube videos and Fzero is looking Very much a tease! Here is to Killer Instinct Gold matches on the wii!

    To team wii64 Thanks for the time and the commitment you put into this project with such a reputable team we are truly blessed in the homebrew scene to have the chance to participate in such an awesomely coveted project. As a avid homebrew user and scene contributor, I am very excited to see a little feedback and some good up to date, inside info to share with other fans and fellow brewers alike!

    Best of luck and Kudos on the gr8 news!
    regards, VettaCossX

  12. Great work guys, I just tried out the new revision, your making great progress everything almost running perfectly barr the FPS and the sound (personally sound is the least of my worries

    BTW emukidid ive been trying to contact u on wiibrew but ive always missed u, can u check my analysis of testing bomberman 64 on the forums in the wii 64 topic.

    I really want to help u guys but i know close to nothing bout coding, but i can put my time into accurately analysing every action n every result the dev kit tool shows on the screen. check out my post ull understand

  13. How is possible to try the new revisions?
    I am personally interested in it.I have the May 2008 version still…

  14. OMG I saw the video, and I founded it exciting! If I remember previous videos where most of the textures where out of place, among other little issues. I know that they showcase only one game, but man I call this an IMPROVEMENT and done over 9 months it’s awesome. Keep up the good work guys.

  15. How is it possible to run the code?
    I downloaded from the youtube link the code,placed it inside the SD card apps file,but the HC does not even recognize it. :-(

  16. You downloaded the link that provides you with a folder with Wii64? The folder (not the rar) should contain a boot.dol. You can either replace your entire wii64 folder with the one you downloaded or you can just replace the boot.dol with the boot.dol that you originally had in your wii64 folder (on your SD card). That should do it. Make sure you are placing it in your apps folder which is in the root of your SD card.

  17. Thanks Z for the help!
    I managed to run the code and I am currently very excited about the project.Surely,the Wii64 team has made big steps from their last release but I am afraid that there is still a ot work to be done in order this emulator to be playable.I would like also to ask the team to implement the Z N64 button to the L trigger in the GC controller and not the Z trigger as it feels very aqward.

  18. Another month almost without a sign of the slightest update.
    I know that you have other things to do and the Wii64 is a side-project for you,but 2-3 months ago we had regular updates often twice a week.
    I am worried a lot… :-(

  19. I’ m sure they’ re fixing a lot of mess in the Dynarec…their next update could be a big one! Big changes need a lot of time…At least, I’ m trying to be optimistic XD

  20. +1 HCK
    i’m sure that damien, you can understand why the wii64 team don’t make an update for every new line of code they produce….
    La team a surement son taff/vie privée à coté à gérer en plus de ce magnifique projet, donc on va pas leur demander de ce casser le cul à faire une update à la moindre petite modification du code qui pour nous, non-développeur (enfin moi tout du moins xD), signifierait pas grand chose ^^

  21. Ce ne pas vrai … ne dit pas

    anyways i would like to thank the Wii64 team and again i would like to say that those guys have lifes aswell and they are more commited to their life give them the time they need and by 2010 we should have a decent release

    its like an upcoming game we wait for it for 2 years and we cant wait for an emulater for 2 years o.O

    keep this alive please


  22. Thank you for your time.

    I think that, if that’s not so much, you could keep us informed about the project.

    Thank You

    PD. No irony was used during the writting of this post.

  23. great news…. please update soon again, im currently very impatient about the release…. good efforts so far though, keep up the good work

  24. Hey the beta 1 works great but two things I noticed, I dukeNukem 64′s Character Graphics are invisible making the game impossible and Perfect Dark’s Menu Options Don’t show at all I really like these games but can’t play them with these errors If anything can be done please fix it in 1.1