54 thoughts on “April 1st Tiizer

  1. WOW! I really really hope that this is real and if it is the progress on this emulator has been nothing short of amazing. Congrats and great work!

    I’m curious though. Is the bit of sound garble because the emulator isn’t quite yet able to sync to 30 or 60 fps all the time?

  2. You guys have made some really great progress especially with the frame rates and sound. Can’t wait for the release (someday).

  3. Isn’t this fake. I thought u need at least 60fp/s to run smoothly. This shows its running at 30.

  4. No, it depends on the game.
    Some games run at 60fps (like F-zero and Smash Brothers)
    and others run at 30fpd (like super mario 64)

  5. I mean it says.. April 1st Tiizer. Am i the only one who things this is a joke. There hasn’t been much development on the google code page to merit this kind of development. I may be completely wrong though =P.

  6. Looks like the dynarec works very well for many games. Hopefully its stable enough; i smell a release coming ;)

    Great job guys!

  7. It’s April 1st.
    If the emulator was anywhere in a so advanced state we would have seen a release or an update in the site.
    It’s clearly fake.

  8. I’m not sure it’s an april joke. Do you think the team could take the risk to be hated by releasing distort enjoyment ?
    We can see that OOT is running at 9fps, for a good april joke, they would have put the fps a little higher ^^

  9. I’ m pretty much convinced this is real…that’ d be harder to fake than to optimize dynarec that way XD

  10. Hey hope it’s real…. Now wait for the next release/news to see if it was a joke or not :)

  11. I hope it’s real. If it was fake that would be just mean…

    Then again, isn’t development/debugging of Wii64/Mupen64gc done on a PS3 with Linux installed, and the PS3 is a hell of a lot faster then the Wii.

  12. I’ m going to sleep now…Tomorrow, when I’ ll be back home, I’ m expecting to find a new release on google code….don’ t delude me ;)

  13. Chris94:
    That’s true that the dynarec development and debugging has been recently done on the PS3 and that the PS3 is significantly faster than the Wii. However, because we don’t have access to the PS3′s accelerated graphics under linux, software rendering becomes a huge bottleneck on the PS3, and is an order of magnitude slower than the Wii.

  14. @tehpola
    Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if you guys are joking or not. I hope it’s real because this is the emulator I’ve been looking forward to the most. Only time will tell, I guess…

  15. I dont know. The last video they posted in January had mostly te same games running at a good speed. It could go either way although I think it is quite hard to make the sound in the game sound bad. I think its real.

  16. i will say the sound didn’t sound exact so maybe its real…. Or just sounded bad through my PC speakers… Am i right to assume that the Audio and Video will need to be dealt with differently?

    Is it possible to see how the Wii is running the Purchased programs of N64 through Wii shop?? Are the WiiShop Programers just rewriting the roms in a new format which can be read by the Wii? Better put… How is Mariocart 64 purchased on the Wii different then my Rom Version made off my old N64 cartridge? Is there a reason that a game like Golden Eye is not available off Wii shop?

    I may have missed earlier posts that addressed this….

  17. Hank:

    I don’t know much about the way Virtual Console runs its games, although I think it is emulation rather than porting (“rewriting”), since it would be far more cost-effective and easy for them to code an emulator and then release the games as unaltered roms, rather than putting a lot of effort in to porting each release.

    As regards the unavailability of certain games, in most cases it’s just meanness, but in the case of GoldenEye 007 and other Rare games, there are certain legal reasons for the lack of release. Namely, that Rare is owned by Microsoft now, and MGM own the Bond rights.

  18. @Hank
    N64 games on the Wii are ran through an emulator developed by Nintendo.
    Goldeneye isn’t on the Wiishop due to licensing/copyright conflicts. (Microsoft now owns Rare, and the James Bond license belongs to another developer now)

  19. Be it an April Fools joke, or the progress of the actual emulator, fantastic job anyways :o P ! Would be nice to see if “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron I”, or some of the more advanced Factor5 N64 games run at least at 10 fps (or even can be loaded) at this stage of development…

  20. This looks like a major improvement . Great work guys..
    Everyone is waiting anxiously for a release….
    I don’t think it’s a joke because there is still a few graphical issues with the games on the video.
    Would like to see other videos with different games running with a good speed.

    Besides improving the wii64 emulator, has there been any updates on the WiiSX emulator?

  21. I was just wondering if there was any news on how Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Conker’s Bad Fur Day were running..? Those 3 games are top of the list for me, and there’s no chance of them being released by Nintendo on the VC.

    Keep up the good work anyway, it’s very much appreciated ;o)

  22. I compiled the source not too long ago, and this looks to be on par with what I’ve seen, so no joke. Sound is still garbled, but most of the outrageous texture-distorting bugs from the last official release are gone, and it does run much faster. Mario Kart, in particular, looks great except for freezing when I finish a race. Excellent work, gentlemen, and good luck on finishing the dynarec.

  23. Source is here:


    Anyway, the source I used was from about a little over a month ago, so it was probably r473 or 474. I just tried it out again, and it’s much slower than what’s shown in the video. I’ll try downloading and compiling again and see if I get better results. Then again, the googlecode page might not be up to date…

  24. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. The newest rev doesn’t add the changes seen in the video (I think).

  25. i hope there not a wind up about this, and as i dont know where to request this, but usb support would be great if the emulator is as far along as the video make out it is

  26. I’ m sure that tehpola is fixing some more bugs in Dynarec at the moment…he probably found a way to run it and is now fixing some bugs which are now evident…I’ m soooo looking forward to this :D

  27. Bad choice of games for the preview lol, most of them are already runnable on the vc, would have been nice to see games, never run on the wii before, running :)

  28. Dejaskater,you have a really good point.
    Anyway,I would like to hear an official confirmation about this video and I certainly hope that it is not an April 1st joke.
    And I hope for a release already…

  29. I don’ t care about VC, they ran those games in the preview just because they were popular.

  30. Hey could we be informed if the video is true or not.
    We would so like a release soon.

  31. @Xander: This HAS to be true. sepp256 was being ironic and if it was an april fools they would have declared it at this point ;)

  32. I don’t think it’s fake based on the choppy sound alone.

    Though honestly, I’d like to be able to play Mischief Makers and Blast Corps anyway.

  33. That’ s definitely real…but they’ d better keep us informed, they kinda disappeared O.O

  34. Well im puting trust into these guys…I asume they know what they are doing
    and would not post a fake video…or maby the whole emulator is a joke …hahah jokes..but ya these guys aint lying, I just know it..I just cant wait for the day were i can once play shadowgate 64 on the wii..dont like emulators for the pc much..

  35. hey tizer mupen64 emulator for wii is lame im working on one that even runs pokemon stadium 1’2’3 {120 fps } depending zelda majoras mask run’s very great !!! those are example of heavy games so you’ll note that it will run any ligth games (like tizers one) and 56% all the heavy one and it still improving (emulator name is bushido64) the name’s bushido cuz it slashes other lame mupen64 rotfalol XD

  36. when the f**k is going this to come out its more than a month now ( i think )