April 1st Tiizer is Real & General Update

First off, the April 1st Tiizer video is actual gameplay using a recent dev build of Wii64. As you can tell, tehpola has made tremendous progress in debugging and optimizing the dynamic recompiling core. However, there are still a handful of showstopping bugs that we need to work through before we can make a public release. Also, you should be aware that not all of your favorite games will run on the initial release because of a variety of reasons. We are not planning on initially supporting the Expansion Pak because of memory limitations. After further optimizations, tweaks, and profiling to reduce our memory consumption, then we hope to add Expansion Pak support. We may not initially support games that execute code directly from the cart or that use virtual memory (i.e. Goldeneye) because this requires more investigation and significant code changes in the dynarec to implement. Also, some graphics microcodes aren’t supported in glN64, so a few games such as Conkers BFD won’t work just yet. But, sit tight and we’ll continue to work on more features for Wii64 after the initial release.

A complete re-code of the Wii64 gui is underway, so you’ll be able to enjoy using the wii-mote for navigation and also some sleek new graphics. We’ll have a new look for the initial release, but we also plan on adding more features to the gui over time for your enjoyment.

If you have watched any of the recent gameplay videos, then you know that the accuracy of the glN64 port has increased substantially since the Wii64 Tiizer release we made for the Homebrew Channel. Because GX is not 1:1 with openGL, there was a lot of investigation and tweaking required for me to get the behavior on GC/Wii close to what glN64 looks like on PC. There are still a variety of bugs for different games, so don’t expect everything to look perfect, yet. Emu_kidid is a great tester, and he is maintaining an internal graphical issue list to work on. I hope to add a couple more features to glN64 prior to release, including glN64′s primitive framebuffer texture support as well as 2xSaI scaling for textures. The plan is, of course, to continue hunting down bugs and adding features after the upcoming release.

As for the other graphics plugins, glN64_GX is much faster than both soft_gfx and GX_gfx, so we may only release a build with glN64_GX. The only drawback is that currently glN64_GX won’t render graphics for demos that only directly manipulate the framebuffer with the CPU. However, when I have time I’ll add a feature into glN64_GX that will allow it to render the N64′s framebuffer rather than rendering primitives passed through the N64′s graphics pipeline. Then, you can just flip an option in the menu when you are running homebrew N64 games and demos that write directly to the framebuffer. Also, I have already done some work on porting Rice’s video plugin to Wii64. Rice supports more microcodes than glN64, including the one that Conkers BFD uses, and it should be faster than glN64. We have a vision of supporting custom texture packs in Wii64, so we will implement that feature as well. We hope that you, our users, will contribute your creative talents in developing texture packs to share with the Wii64 community. We can’t say when custom texture pack support will be finished, but expect it sometime in the future.

Some of you have been asking for an update on WiiSX. We are planning on working on a release of WiiSX after the upcoming Wii64 release. The reason we have not done a release yet is because there were some serious bugs in SVN last fall, and we also wanted to focus on completing Wii64. We have since resolved some WiiSX issues, internally, and so once Wii64 is out the door, we feel that we can also follow up with a WiiSX release relatively soon afterwards.

Finally, we’d continue to ask that if you enjoy using Wii64 when it’s out that you consider donating to the project. Right now, most of the donations we receive go toward hosting costs. However, there are also some small accessories like component cables and classic controllers that we are considering purchasing with donation funds to aid in development.

120 thoughts on “April 1st Tiizer is Real & General Update

  1. Great Work!

    Do you by chance have an estimate of when the next release will be?

  2. Fantastic news! I can’t wait to check it out. Hopefully Goldeneye will be playable sooner than later. :) Great work!

  3. GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!!!!!

    seriously guys this is the best news ive heard all week, I will be looking forward to the release

  4. This is indeed fantastic!I have no words to thank you enough for your great work and your dedication!!!
    But please guys,don’t ignore the expansion pack.We can’t wait to play again Perferct Dark,Dokney Kong 64 and so many other games with expansion pack supported that it would be tragic to not implement support for this.
    I am totally excited!!!
    Can we expect a release in April?

  5. If there was a release in April, I would consider them Gods. [Hinting that you really should] I’m not too fussed about not being able to play some of the games that require an expansion pack. Not really bothered about waiting on Goldeneye alot longer. Just want to get back into the 64 gaming age.

    Thankyou so much guys for your hard work and effort!!!

  6. i want to play again conker BFD, can i in the wii64? maeby on the next rev :/

  7. Yesss! Fantastic news! I just hope that when time comes, you will release both Wii and GC version at the same time – my GC needs some love :o )

    Also, just curious – since a Wii release is named Wii64, would it not be appropriate to dub a GC release GC64? Just for consistency, and to avoid confusion :o P Mupen64 can be just referenced somewhere in the credits… And yes, I will also donate to the project as soon as I can – you guys are doing a fantastic job :o D

  8. Fennec:
    We’re definitely planning on releasing a GC version along with the Wii version. The GC version may not match the Wii version feature-to-feature because of memory constraints though.

    And sorry, still no estimates, but we are getting closer to reaching our beta milestone (which isn’t that well defined actually :) ).

  9. Amazing ! Congratulations guys.

    Take the time you need to finish this great project :)

  10. How come the google code hasn’t been updated with the changes seen in the video?

    Besides that: FANTASTIC JOB!!!

  11. Absolutely Awesome!!! I cant wait for the release, keep up the good work, and most importantly, continue to keep us informed :)

  12. Guys, awesome dedication and can’t thank you enough. Quick question, is there any other method to donating other than paypal?

  13. Yeah i was wondering that myself, why isn’t SVN being updated with new source changes? is it the fact you don’t want people building and distributing builds to cause a flame of chaos like you will have seen before.
    Anyway, sounds great, good work guys, hope to have more updates, +Respect!

  14. Great news – I can’t wait! I just wish I new more about how to compile the revs – seems like a quiet topic everywhere I look. I know what’s needed, I just can’t make a successful build. Hmmm – oh well. Anyway – looking forward to official build soon. I will concider making a nice donation when the official build is released. Thanks Wii64 team!

  15. First off, thanks to all of you for working hard on this project! I hope that soon the homebrew community will be able to see it come to fruition. (P.S. Whether it takes another year or more, ill still wait patiently for this.) I will consider a donation once a better working build is released. Keep up the good work!

  16. Wow, great works guys. I’m truly impressed, I almost thought this project was dead. I assume most of the work has been going on outside of the SVN? Or are you just pending a commit until the major bugs are stamped out?

    In either case, it’s *fantastic* that you finally got the Dynamic Recompiler working, that’s a great feat to have achieved. *proud* Show me that paypal donate button and I’ll have at least a $20 coming your way.

  17. I can certainly say, if you help me put away my N64 and have one less set of wires in my living room, you will absolutely have $20 coming your way. I know that doesn’t buy too many drugs these days, but.


  18. Thanks for the update, especially for wiisx (thought you guys might have abondened it :P ) Looking forward to a release; great work!

  19. I hope you can finish with wii64 early so you can work on wiiSX

    I think (And it is) that you all are doing a great work.

  20. Is it safe to assume that the official release will have USB/DVD/Network ROM loading support?

  21. It’s looking fantastic. Keep up the tremendous work, guys!

    I hope that it’ll be ready for an official release by June. *fingers crossed*

    …I’ll see if I can make a small donation, too!

  22. I have one BIIIIIIG Question, which I have to give you ‘cuz of my mental stability:

    Will Banjo-Kazooie and/or Banjo-Tooie run on Wii64 in the Version showed on the ‘April Fools Teaser’-Video?
    I just can’t wait anymore till Nintendo releases a VC-Game which can be used to inject BK or BT successfully!!!

    Please, answer as fast as you guyys can!!!

  23. Phenomenal progress! Kudos to you for such a great job. Here is to hope that one day I’ll be able to run 007 with High-Def texture pack on my GC… In 16:9 widescreen… And Progressive scan… Or “Battle for Naboo”… Or “Conker Bad Fur Day”… (pipe dream :o p ) Thanks again and I’ll have a 20 coming your way after the release :)

  24. Oh guys,please,PLEASE, release the current version.
    We have waited so many months!Again,PLEASE…

  25. Guys do you now when this is coming out because its been so long since you updated Wii 64. Almost a year its been. If You don’t know when it’s coming out then you give us a estimate! Please reply to this comment, REALLY!

  26. If they release it as the Tiizer video’ s state, people would enjoy that for, let’ s see…two hours? Then, they’ ll start complaining about the audio issues, the slowdown problem and such. They’ re hunting down every Dynarec bug to allow even faster speed: I’ m sure that when the emu is running (almost) perfectly some games (read: Super Mario 64) they’ ll release it ;)

  27. True HCK but if you think about we have given them lots of time to improve wii 64 they should have released this update a long time ago.

  28. This is some pretty good progress you guys are making. Keep it up! If You Guys can get either Blast Corps or Hybrid Heaven up and running I would gladly donate $5-$10

    either way, keep up the great work!

  29. Beae Hah… Keep in mind they don’t HAVE to release anything. They are doing this on their own time at their own cost. If this was their job, then yes, we should be expecting an update sooner.. however, it is not, and we should be greatful that they are putting ANY of their own valuable time into it. …

    That said, I am looking forward to the release, and when you get Goldeneye working down the line, you can expect a donation of at least $50, probably more, from yours truly.

  30. Don’t hurry and release a unstable version, give this baby the time it needs.

  31. Give the baby what it needs, what a stupid comment, you should have said give the car gasoline so the motor can run.

  32. Hi. I’m from venezuela and not speak much English so I use google translator if there are flaws in the writing Excuse me, that either the video is real, are doing a fantastic job, I hope you have the early release I’m expecting a good version of the emulator since they started to do so. whether you own your time but they would appreciate it if you finish early. or at least rise to the version of the emulator used in the video, to play at least mario64, and the rampage. a greeting and good bye

  33. If the release is still a ways off, could you upload another progress vid with other games being played like banjo/tooie,golden eye (if it works) and others.

    looking forward to the release and keep up the awesome work.

  34. Can we get a new post? I’m not rushing the emulator, its just nice to know any new things you’ve accomplished within the past few weeks, I get excited reading about progress or ideas you have. Just any info!

  35. I would like specifically about how good run Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.
    Please,give us more info… :-)

  36. Geez, some of you guys are impatient. Just wait. It’ll be done when it’s done. I’d rather a stable [and fast] release than a buggy one. Either way, I’m sure it will be ready soon.

  37. I’m thinking May 5th is going to be the release date. Who’s with me?

  38. Why May 5th? If you are going to throw random dates around, tie them to something of interest… For example – “Next release will be on Star Wars Day (May 4th) with playable Rogue Squadron / Battle for Naboo” or something along these lines :)

  39. Well, I can wait nfor the next built of Wii64.
    …as long as it doesn’t get released at Duke Nukem Forever’s Release Day! (Which would be right after the 31st February is officially a real date ;) )

    No, srsly, if you can’t wait to play un-injectable N64-Games with a Classic Controller on a TV, just hook up your WiiMote via BlueTooth to your PC, connect it to your TV, run GlovePIE and a emulator of your choise until the next build is avaible. ;)

  40. As I can see,the expectations are pretty big for Wii64.All of us are waiting not only for the release but also for a slight bit of information.You have not updated your google page for aeons and also you keep ignoring this site you created in order to communicate with us.But,what is the purpose of this site when noone among you cares about posting here and informing your fanbase?Please,you must understand that we are starving for some news or even better about actual information about the project’s progress…:-)

  41. @Chris94:
    If they do release a buggy version (sooner), it won’t stop them from being able to release a stable & fast version (later).

    So please be quiet. ;)

  42. They COULD release the actual build but people would start bitching because their favourite game runs like crap. If I were a dev I’ d be really pissed if people started complaining about my software, which is made for fun, during free time.

    Yeah, I think we’ ve been waiting a lot of time, and personally I wouldn’ t annoy them with (obvious) bug reports, but a lot of people would. So I’ ll wait til they decide that the build is fast enough and/or audio-fixed.

  43. Stupid people. ;_;

    …I guess we should be grateful that they’re do anything at all.

  44. (BTW, when I said ‘people’ I was referring to ‘the consumers’, not the devs!)

  45. I agree with some of you that were impatient for wii 64 but some of us including me wan to know the release date so we when it comes out so we don’t start bitching about when is wii 64 is coming out. P.S. Tehpola and Sepp 256 where have you guys been it seems that you have lost track on your work

  46. Wow, lots off errors before any of you comment on my crappy grammar I’ll fix my comment. I agree with some of you that we are impatient but some of us including me want to the know the release date of wii 64 dynamic so we don’t complain.

  47. Well I think they should just release a version soon. Even if it is a little buggy. It will still be 100x less buggy than the previous. Why would people complain if we got something better than the piece of poo Wii64 we have now. Sure we’d get some dicks saying “it nt workin :O” but we have that anyway.

  48. you people need to stop complaining there is no set release date this is a project being done in the devs spare time. it will be here when its here!

  49. Really you should at least give us an update on what’s going on. I’m ready to donate but ONLY when you do release the emulator.

  50. It has been almost one month since your last update on what’s going on. At least you’ve accomplished one thing:(

  51. You guys need to ether be patient, or get a N64.

    I couldn’t wait any more and instead of bugging these hard workers on emulators that will never be 100% perfect on EVERY game, I just went ahead and got the REAL thing. And now I’m playing all three San Francisco Rush games and Majora’s Mask on my N64. So ether calm down, be patient, or suck it up, quit complaining about waiting and get a N64 on ebay.

  52. seriously, and i’m completely honest, i will donate $1000 to the development team if they release a build this weekend.

  53. Witty,the reason we are complaining is the actual lack of information.It is over a month now that this site is not updated.We were guided to believe that an actual release is pretty close one month ago and from then we have zero news.I know for sure that I can wait for the latest build but I can’t afford that they are keeping us in the dark.And this site is for actual news for their fans…

  54. Everyone should chill out. Everyone knows waiting sucks and patience is a virtue.

    I don’t think the majority of end-users understand how daunting this project probably is. The N64 is cart based, and that means it’s hardware. Each game has a different kind of cart.

    So on top of emulating the N64 hardware, they have to get the emulator to properly respond to each kind of cart, and not screw up the other games. I find the complexity of the subject absolutely insane and beyond my ability to understand: Nintendo is even having trouble with this.

    The community is very lucky to have what it has already: Open Source. That way, even if the project becomes too overwhelming, Someone else can give it a shot. So a huge thanks to Tephola, EmuKidd and everyone else involved in Wii Research.

    P.S. While waiting, Learn to code, read a book, take a walk. Just a thought.

  55. It’s been one day, you’re chance is leaving slowly…

    By the way, has anyone thought that maybe the reason they didn’t put Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie on the video is that they run really, REALLY bad now? You never know, a leap forward for some games may be a fall backwards for others…

  56. You guys probably visit this site more then the actual devs themselves…. Just be patient, they will release it when its ready. Stop complaining.

  57. Well this concludes this debate and know lets just wait for the release of wii 64.

  58. Is this still up guys? The last release was a year ago! Im starting to feel that the project is not going so well :(

  59. I know I come here more then the dev’s! I probably visit at least 2 times a day. I can’t wait for it to be finished, or at least released. I tried compiling on my own, but couldn’t get the gx dol out right. I got one out okay but the other tow just died, and the one I got working threw up an error in the HBC. So I guess I’ll just have to wait patiently for the release :) . YOU CON DEWIT! GUYSE!

  60. Guys,please,give us a sign of life.
    We are starting to afraid that you quitly abandoned the project altogether…

  61. Wow, looking at the first post almost 40 days ago! You guys have the most anticipated homebrew right now = lot’s of excited people in anticipation. But take your time making it perfect cause once it’s out it’s out till the next release so make it count!

    On a more personal note Emu_kidd who are you looking forward to fighting again in the new Punch Out!! coming out on Monday?

  62. Wow, it’s a good thing I didn’t see this article till just today. Or else I would have been waiting 44 days!!! I’ve only been technically waiting for a few hours compared to most of you :)

    Good luck on your project. This emulator looks promising!

  63. it all sounds really exciting. You will truely be kings and deserve the upmost respect! good luck

  64. Haha, I’ve got another offer this weekend. Release a build this time and I’ll give you a billiob dollars! ($1,000,000,000) Do I have that kind of money? No. Will you release a build this week? No. How predictable.

    Oh well, we should all be thankfull that we have a 64 emulator at this point, even if it is crappy. We should all just wait for a new release, even if we are impaitient.

    For all those REALLY impaitient types (*ahem* that OF COURSE doesn’t include me), just focus on a different thing. Go “legally buy and backup” some games on USB Loader, or play Super Mario War. Just do something to get your mind off of this for a while.

    Well, I guess my speach is done. Peace.


  65. If you all want to get tehpola and sepp256′s attention fake an issue or ask a suggestion to improvee wii64 and post at codegoogle mupen64gc and ask a question about the release date with it.

  66. @Yomigami:
    Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Spellcheck, I didn’t know I was still on MS Word… Everyone makes a little spelling mistake every once in a while. As you, I, and most other people that can read know, I meant to type “billion.”

    P.S. At least I put “($1,000,000,000)” next to it, but I guess SOME PEOPLE can’t read numbers.

  67. Yomigami, You’re so damn focused on English, you don’t know your math… $1,000,000,000 is a billion, if you were smart you’d see the the ‘b’ key is right next to the ‘n’ key. Thus, he made a typo. Btw using your logic, you wouldn’t even need to ask that question :)

    Some people just don’t have any common sense… Sad.

    Anyways, it’s May the 18th… So far no update. I’ve only been waiting a few days :D

  68. As any one taken my suggestion into hand! Who cares about the billion typo. P.S. Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask came out on VC today in NA as the 300th VC game:)

  69. I can’t wait to play Donkey Kong 64 on my Wii, so I’m going to try to inject it into Majora’s Mask (thanks, Brae Hah!) because it supports the 8MB Pack. I’ll try a billiob times if I have to!

    Anyway, I’ll announce the results later. Stay tuned.

  70. Wow, this is pretty awesome! I’m gonna try some of my other personal ROMs now:

    Bomberman 64
    Diddy Kong Racing
    Killer Instinct Gold
    Mario Tennis

    And if someone says this is unrelated to the topic, what else is there to talk about at this point?

  71. I bought MM. Two times :( And I dumped it. I won’ t pay again using the VC. I’ d rather wait for a functional release of Wii64.

  72. I’m waiting for wii64.

    Majora’s Mask is hard to beat without savestates :)

    (I’ve done it before on regular n64 with a lot of stress though like you have to redo an entire temple if you don’t defeat the boss in time and you can’t save without restoring time)

  73. It’s really not that hard without savestates. Play the song of inverted time and you can take SO much time.

  74. Ignore all the whiny fucktards who keep bitching about shit. After your done developing it, take a week before releasing it because these idiots haven’t shown the respect worthy of your project. Id like to promise id donate but at 20 I’m inheriting a house soon without the means to pay the bills, so I’m quite strapped for cash.

    I eagerly not only await the day I can use your emulator(s), but to the day I’m able to donate.

    Thank you for all your hard work involved with this project, and I am ashamed you have to deal with retarded, spoiled ingrates like the fucking inbred pieces of shit that haven’t shown you complete appreciation.

    Good luck with this and all future endeavors, much respect.

  75. Don’t listen to Z.Tanner, he funded Nazi Terrorism.
    Work Faster a release it already!

  76. I agree take your time and make sure you gusy are pleased with the result. Maybe its taking longer because of the release of bootmii? Adding features etc. Good work so far guys cant wait^^

  77. Oh yeah comment 101

    Damn! i wish i woulda saved my 5 bucks i donated to you guys and bought a gba flashcart… assholes

  78. excuse me? brae hah you think your in any position to try and get his attention?

    If he actually does check these comments, then theres no chance we will see this emulator soon because I sure as hell wouldent want to give the emulator out to people who are bitching. Oh, and to the fucktard who was bitching about 5$. YOU CHOSE TO DONATE IT, you think they are gonna see a measily 5$ and drop all real life responsibilitys so some kid can play pirated games on his wii? Go kill yourself or destroy your keyboard. Either Or.

  79. lol geeze guys settle the fuck down, no one is gonna kill themselves and fuck…… most of these people are joking, yet some people are threatening other people over jokes so *facepalm* to you guys taking bait, and a slap to you guys who are impatient.

    / topic and just wait for the next update or heres a tip


  80. I have a theory… The emulator is finished, but isn’t released until this website remains free from posts for one whole day.

  81. Not being shitty, but can you guys update more than every month or month and a half? Even if it’s like “Hey, not done, but here’s what we are doing”, or “Hey people, how are you?”

  82. So lets get this straight…the entire point of this web-site as stated in the developers 1st post is:

    “We’ve created this site in hopes of improving our communicates with the public”

    Wow has there ever been a bigger fail?
    In 170 days they have managed 6 blog entries….so 1 blog entry every 28 days…how terribly disappointing!

    I don’t think that asking for weekly updates is too much to ask. Don’t tell me that you don’t have 10 minutes sometime during the week to write a blog entry. This seems like the bare minimum to me.

  83. now this I agree with, even a little bit of info would keep us happy but *shrugs* I don’t think there is a good excuse for the whole update every month.

    maybe inform us on your testing updates, emulator improvements on specific games or what you hope to achieve in a specified time limit?

  84. I wish dborth from SNES9X-GX fceugc, vba-gx did this project. Then it would easily be done 1- 2 weeks. On code google many people have issues with wii64 and tehpola gives answers that don’t help. But the real answer is wii64 is an alpha release dborth knows what he’s talking about but tehpola doesn’t. Also dborth acknowledges the person’s comment or suggestion but tehpola doesn’t. Any ways GIVE US SOME NEWS AND RELEASE THE NEXT UPDATE ALREADY!

  85. Dude, why not just release it already? I mean you could:

    A. Ignore posts about unofficial builds of your program (I’m assuming you’re not going to Google it just to piss yourself off…)

    B. Change your e-mail address or put a fake one you won’t check on here and Google Code

    C. All of the above!

    Seriously, man. People are waiting anxiously and angrily for you to release Wii64, and the people waiting for WiiSX are even more pissed because they have to wait even longer. I don’t understand why you don’t just release it now and perfect it later. Besides, isn’t it more beneficial for you guys? Let’s take a look:

    “I will concider making a nice donation when the official build is released.”
    “I too will consider making a small donation once a build is released.”

  86. wow, some people here seriously need to …

    GET A LIFE !

    @Brae Hah: go on and ask dborth what he think about the idea, I bet he’s going to laugh at you, just as I do now… ahahaha
    I know it’s hard to understand for you but there is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between doing emulator menu modifications (even at a compulsory rate) and writing a dynarec or optimizing an emulator from scratch