The reason we don’t build & distribute binaries for every SVN revision is that the code in the SVN isn’t always stable or things are often half-implemented and not reliable.

In the meantime, the stable (but outdated) releases can be found at:

Wii64/Cube64 Downloads @ Google Code

WiiSX/CubeSX Downloads @ Google Code

Brief FAQ about our releases:

Q. If the downloads are outdated, why not make new ones?
A. We consider those builds more stable (but more limited) than the current code.

Q. Why not just release them anyway and people can report bugs?
A. We’re fed up with getting 100′s of bug reports for versions which we’ve moved on from in the SVN.

Q. Ok, I have a valid bug or feature request, where can I post it?
A. Post it here and make it detailed.

Q. I obtained a unofficial build of the emulator with feature X added, why isn’t it in the official builds?
A. It’s more than likely we are going to add it in at some point, but a quick fix usually isn’t the best way of implementing it. You may submit your patches to the Googlecode page.

Q. When will it be finished or a stable version released?
A. We have our internal milestones we all want to reach before a stable release is done, this might be one month, it might be several. Just be patient for the end result to be of good quality.

3 thoughts on “Downloads

    • 2 years ago but many “unofficial” mods have popped up including one with usb2 support many r(insert numbers here) mods and one from extremes

  1. Hey guys are you all still working on Wii64? I haven’t seen an update in forever but I’ve heard there were unofficial updates. If so, are they safe to try? And can you link me to the most recent one? I really respect & appreciate what you guys take the free time to do for us. Hoping your project comes back in full swing with another official update. Doesn’t matter if it’s 2 years from now I will be waiting for it lol.

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